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A Typical Saturday Night Watching Movies

[5/20/17, 7:52:01 PM] Keith Hundser: Joey runs screaming through the house, "AAAAHHHHH! Bwue Meanies awe addacking Peppewwand!"
[5/20/17, 7:52:45 PM] Jeff: You got me... Peppewwand?
[5/20/17, 7:52:57 PM] Keith Hundser: Pepperland
[5/20/17, 7:53:44 PM] Jeff: I guess as long as it's not Pickland
[5/20/17, 7:54:01 PM] Jeff: Pickelland I mean
[5/20/17, 7:55:38 PM] Keith Hundser: Appwe Bonkews, Fewocious Fwying Gwove! AAAAAHHHHHH! Dhey god the Lowd Mayow!

[5/20/17, 8:00:17 PM] Keith Hundser: Don' pwess dhad buddon, Wingo!
[5/20/17, 8:00:49 PM] Keith Hundser: Oh, no, dhewe goes Wingo, indo dhe Sea Of Monsdews.
[5/20/17, 8:01:04 PM] Jeff: Wingo Sdaw?
[5/20/17, 8:01:17 PM] Keith Hundser: DHAD'S DHE ONE!
[5/20/17, 8:01:29 PM] Jeff: I wove dhad guy!
[5/20/17, 8:02:52 PM] Keith Hundser: Uncah Mawc's bad pwogwammin'! Dahdy's a kid GENIOUS!
[5/20/17, 8:04:04 PM] Jeff: Hehehe, he's wicked smaht
[5/20/17, 8:06:10 PM] Keith Hundser: heeheee, we'we hangin' ouw pwanes do dwy!
[5/20/17, 8:06:41 PM] Jeff: was dhey wed?
[5/20/17, 8:07:14 PM] Keith Hundser: dhey fwew off dhe cawwiew! SPWASH!
[5/20/17, 8:07:38 PM] Jeff: oh noooo...
[5/20/17, 8:07:57 PM] Keith Hundser: swim, piwod, swim!!
[5/20/17, 8:08:09 PM] Jeff: Wewe dhe peopwe sdiww in dhem?
[5/20/17, 8:08:41 PM] Jeff: Dwown piwod, dwown :O
[5/20/17, 8:09:19 PM] Keith Hundser: MAN OVEWBOAWD!
[5/20/17, 8:09:48 PM] Jeff: Wevews engines Misdew Engine wevesew guy
[5/20/17, 8:09:59 PM] Jeff: < giggwe >
[5/20/17, 8:10:08 PM] Jeff: Dhads siwwy
[5/20/17, 8:10:13 PM] Keith Hundser: do dhey dwifd vewy faw?
[5/20/17, 8:10:22 PM] Jeff: I hope nod
[5/20/17, 8:10:58 PM] Keith Hundser: ged dhe hewicopdews do pwuck 'em oud of dhe wadew!
[5/20/17, 8:11:06 PM] Jeff: Cause dhen dhey wouwd have winkwy fingews
[5/20/17, 8:11:50 PM] Keith Hundser: NO SPAGHEDDI DIME WOOPS!
[5/20/17, 8:12:15 PM] Keith Hundser: unwess dhewe awe meadbawws
[5/20/17, 8:12:31 PM] Jeff: Ad weasd nod widhoud gawlic bwead
[5/20/17, 8:12:50 PM] Jeff: mmmm

[5/20/17, 8:13:04 PM] Jeff: I can, Uncah Cowy can'd
[5/20/17, 8:13:23 PM] TSL-Writing: No Garlic Bread Unca Cory can't eat it and it might hurt cousin Brandt
[5/20/17, 8:14:48 PM] Jeff: Uncah ACFan, who's Dawwin?
[5/20/17, 8:15:47 PM] Jeff: He HAS!!??!!
[5/20/17, 8:16:19 PM] Jeff: CASEY!!! I wanna know who Dawwin is an why you god do meed him
[5/20/17, 8:17:01 PM] Keith Hundser: KC climbs down off the cliff
[5/20/17, 8:17:47 PM] Jeff: And who he is dhad he geds do give oud awawds
[5/20/17, 8:19:12 PM] Keith Hundser: Runs away gliggling, "And we'ww caww Uncah Pwez soze you can waise youw pewiscope!"
[5/20/17, 8:19:28 PM] Jeff: < giggwe >
[5/20/17, 8:23:01 PM] Keith Hundser: FUZZY! PUD DHAD GUN DOWN!

[5/20/17, 8:25:04 PM] Jeff: Dhad kiddy is scawy
[5/20/17, 8:27:16 PM] Keith Hundser: Bweak dhe gwass onion! WHAD?!?! NODHING IS BEADWE-PWOOF! Dhis movie is siwwy!
[5/20/17, 8:29:25 PM] Keith Hundser: Wingo's howe in his pocket saves dhe day! WOVE, WOVE, WOVE, AWW YOU NEED IS WOVE!
[5/20/17, 8:32:23 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhose bad owd Bwue Meanies awe wunnin' away! YAAAA!
[5/20/17, 8:32:52 PM] Keith Hundser: DHE GWOVE IS WOSING IDS DOUCH! Yippeeeeee!
[5/20/17, 8:37:34 PM] Keith Hundser: HEY! Dhewe awe newew and bwuew meanies? GASP!!! Uncah Danny, who's Guy Wimbawdo?
[5/20/17, 8:38:33 PM] Timmy Short: Timmy Short pulls out the "Illustrated Guide To The 14th Century" - that's Uncle Danny's timeframe
[5/20/17, 8:39:21 PM] Keith Hundser: Uncah Danny's geddin' his chainsaw! WUN, DIMMY!
[5/20/17, 8:40:01 PM] Keith Hundser: Duke Of Ewwingdon, Cound Of Basie
[5/20/17, 8:40:05 PM] Timmy Short: It's the version from when he was born - it's steam powered, so I'm not worried
[5/20/17, 8:40:25 PM] TSL-Writing: He is a friend of DuKe Ellington and Tommie Dorsey, Count Basie, Benny Goodman
[5/20/17, 8:43:24 PM] Keith Hundser: pud anodhew movie in
[5/20/17, 8:43:40 PM] TSL-Writing: Blazing Saddles
[5/20/17, 8:43:59 PM] TSL-Writing: or Zorro the Gay Blade
[5/20/17, 8:44:25 PM] Keith Hundser: nope, Eighd Awms Do Howd You
[5/20/17, 8:46:08 PM] Keith Hundser: HEWP! I need somebody! HEWP! Nod jusd anybody! HEWP! You know I need someone! HEWP!
[5/20/17, 8:47:39 PM] Keith Hundser: DHE WING! Oh no, Wingo's weawin' dhe dweaded wing! Dhis can'd be good.
[5/20/17, 8:49:57 PM] Keith Hundser: Chapdew Jive, HAHAHAHHAHHHAAAA! no, we'we jusd jivin' you!
[5/20/17, 8:50:15 PM] TSL-Writing: No Jiive
[5/20/17, 8:51:18 PM] Keith Hundser: WAID! Pause dhe movie, we'we oudda popcown!

[5/20/17, 9:08:04 PM] Keith Hundser: DHE WING! We musd make immediade pwans fow ouw immediade depawduwe! Widhoud dhe wing, dhewe can be no sacwifice; widhoud dhe sacwifice, dhewe can be no congwegadion; widhoud dhe congwegadion, dhewe can be no, mowe... me. WAAAH! you bad owd wewigious wacko! No MOWE YOU!
[5/20/17, 9:12:14 PM] Keith Hundser: SSSSSHHHHH! Dhe Beadwes awe sweepin'.
[5/20/17, 9:14:42 PM] Keith Hundser: OH NO! Dhewe goin afdew Wingo's wing widh a fishing wod, in dhe middwe of dhe nighd! He's snoozin'! Weave him awone, you bad wewigious wackos!

[5/20/17, 9:18:48 PM] Keith Hundser: Id's nod pwocwasdinading if I have no indendion of doing id! GED OUDDA MY POPCOWN, WIWWY!
[5/20/17, 9:20:47 PM] Keith Hundser: In dhe weeks dhad fowwed, dhewe wewe five mowe addempds do ged dhe wing.
[5/20/17, 9:26:34 PM] Keith Hundser: OH MY GOD! Dhey dwied do ged dhe wing in an ewecdwified ewevadow! And dhen when posdin' a weddew! And dhen dhey awmosd chopped his fingew off!! MY GOODNESS, and dhen dhew dwied to suck dhe wing off Wingo's fingew! Dhey dodawwy dwashed dhe washwoom, bud didn' ged dhe wing! WHEW! Dha boys aww god weawwy wed!

[5/20/17, 9:29:50 PM] Keith Hundser: "I am nod whad I seem?" WHAD DHE HECK DOES DHAT MEAN? You'we a bad wewgious wacko wady! You awe doo whad you seem! A WACKO!
[5/20/17, 9:31:20 PM] Keith Hundser: Hey, my skins soaked wighd dhwough do dhe skin!
John's a widdwe miffed. giggles
[5/20/17, 9:31:52 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhewe
[5/20/17, 9:32:37 PM] Keith Hundser: dhewe's mowe hewe dhan meeds dhe eye! HAAAHAAA Wingo made a funny!
[5/20/17, 9:33:51 PM] Keith Hundser: evewyone waughs ad Wingo's sudden appweheansion - HO! HO! HOHO! HOOOO! giggles
[5/20/17, 9:34:31 PM] Keith Hundser: DHE BEADWES AWE WECOWDING!
[5/20/17, 9:37:36 PM] Keith Hundser: BOYS! Awe you buzzing?

[5/20/17, 9:38:00 PM] Keith Hundser: HAHAHAA! Id was Wingo buzzing! You naudy boy!
[5/20/17, 9:41:01 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhis movie is wike James Bond, by dhe way

[5/20/17, 9:44:05 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhe Easdewn guy sdandin' on his head fweaked out when he saw dhe wing! HAHHAAA! He's wayin' on a bed of naiws! giggles
[5/20/17, 9:44:43 PM] Keith Hundser: vewy wewaxing, dhem naiws giggles
[5/20/17, 9:45:11 PM] Timmy Short: We need to get onna those for Unca Danny and Unca Marc!
[5/20/17, 9:46:54 PM] Keith Hundser: dhey dwoaned dhe chef in his soup! wewigious wackos!
[5/20/17, 9:47:14 PM] Timmy Short: SOUP ABUSE!
[5/20/17, 9:47:54 PM] Keith Hundser: John's god a season dicked in his soup!

HAHHAAA! "I wike a wodda seasoning in me soup!"
[5/20/17, 9:48:29 PM] Timmy Short: LOL
[5/20/17, 9:50:59 PM] Timmy Short: Bluetooth keyboard? Why would someone want a keyboard with blue teeth???
[5/20/17, 9:51:35 PM] Keith Hundser: Youw fweind is in mowdaw dangew. I can say no mowe.
Pwease, say no mowe.
he has dhwee days do wive. I can say no mowe.
Pwease say no mowe.
Id is dhe dweaded sacwificiaw wing of dhe dwead Kahili.
Pwease, say no mowe.
[5/20/17, 9:53:51 PM] Timmy Short: Timmy Short passes the buck to Joey - since Joey needs more deer in his collection
[5/20/17, 9:54:13 PM] Keith Hundser: dhewe awe gwasses in John's soup!
and dhey awmost chopped Wingo's fingew off!
Don' wowwy, dhe wegious wackos missed, dhey onwy cud dhe dabwe in hawf.
[5/20/17, 9:54:21 PM] Keith Hundser: Deaw nuds
[5/20/17, 9:54:36 PM] Timmy Short: GIGGLE
[5/20/17, 9:55:00 PM] Keith Hundser: D&B is wowwing in his gwave, dhank you vewy much!
[5/20/17, 9:55:11 PM] Keith Hundser: Pwease, SAY NO MOWE!

[5/20/17, 9:55:26 PM] Timmy Short: No Mowe! (giggle)
[5/20/17, 9:56:41 PM] Timmy Short: Timmy Short passes Joey messages written in Juvenile Android: ƒ∆†† …˚∆ ∑˜¶ ∂ƒ. ®ˆ¬˚ Ó˚ll˙¬˙˚∆˚∆.
[5/20/17, 9:57:01 PM] Keith Hundser: WHAD?!?! Dhe wackos godda paid Wingo wed?!?!
[5/20/17, 9:57:19 PM] Keith Hundser: ©º∞∫∫∫∫††††˚ø˚ø˚ø˚
[5/20/17, 9:58:04 PM] Timmy Short: Î˚˚ƒ® ˚˙ƒ∫∫˚ ≤µ¨˜ ¬¥¥ ⁄⁄⁄¡
[5/20/17, 9:58:31 PM] Keith Hundser: –≠∫¥•¶§∞∫∫å
[5/20/17, 9:58:32 PM] Jeff: WDF?
[5/20/17, 9:58:58 PM] Timmy Short: ¨˜ç¬´ Ô´ƒƒ ˆß çø˜ƒ¨ΩΩ¬´∂⁄
[5/20/17, 10:00:06 PM] Keith Hundser: Wingo's gonna be swaughdewed, jowwy, widh a knife! OMFG! WHAD IS JOWWY ABOUD ID?!?!
[5/20/17, 10:00:53 PM] Timmy Short: Brits speak funny!
[5/20/17, 10:00:57 PM] Keith Hundser: WUN AWAY, BEADWES!
[5/20/17, 10:02:47 PM] Timmy Short: å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω
[5/20/17, 10:03:06 PM] TSL-Writing: On 5/20/17, at 9:58 PM, Keith Hundser wrote:
> §
Fancy Ampersand?
[5/20/17, 10:03:13 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhe Beadwes go do a jewwew do ged wid of dhe wing! YAAAA
[5/20/17, 10:03:19 PM] Timmy Short: ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸
[5/20/17, 10:03:36 PM] Jeff: Bwah bwah bwah Uncah ACFan
[5/20/17, 10:03:46 PM] Keith Hundser: œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«æ……¬˚∆˙©ƒ∂ßåΩ≈çç≈Ω
[5/20/17, 10:03:54 PM] Timmy Short: ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº
[5/20/17, 10:04:09 PM] Timmy Short: ⁄€‹›fifl‡°·‚
[5/20/17, 10:04:11 PM] Jeff: You doo Uncah Eggy
[5/20/17, 10:04:34 PM] Keith Hundser: Dhe jewwew has FAIWED! YOU'VE FAIWED, JEWWEW!
[5/20/17, 10:04:55 PM] Timmy Short: ¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!
[5/20/17, 10:05:20 PM] Keith Hundser: ÷≥÷≥÷≤µ˜∫ºª¶§∫
[5/20/17, 10:06:07 PM] Timmy Short: ?÷¿=¡!¡/€
[5/20/17, 10:06:38 PM] Timmy Short: (Trinary Android Advanced Math)
[5/20/17, 10:17:22 PM] Keith Hundser: ged me dhe home office, dhey'we wecking my home! HAHAHAHHAAA
[5/20/17, 10:17:52 PM] Timmy Short: ≤≥÷…æ[‘«≠–¯˘¿ÚÆ”’»±—
[5/20/17, 10:18:20 PM] Keith Hundser: who's snowding a chaiw? how does a chaiw ged snowded?
[5/20/17, 10:18:42 PM] Keith Hundser: scwadches head in confusion
[5/20/17, 10:19:15 PM] Timmy Short: Timmy Short giggles - "Joey, you're 'posed to scratch the OTHER head!!!
[5/20/17, 10:19:22 PM] Keith Hundser: musd have a weawwy big nose
[5/20/17, 10:20:04 PM] Keith Hundser: dhad's okay, dhe odhew head sdiww isn'd big enuff do snowd a chaiw
[5/20/17, 10:20:23 PM] Timmy Short: (giggle) (drunk)
[5/20/17, 10:20:49 PM] Keith Hundser: id fewws good doo! GRINS WIDEWY!
[5/20/17, 10:21:12 PM] Timmy Short: yeppers!
[5/20/17, 10:23:42 PM] Keith Hundser: Wingo's god a big nose... nod big enuff do snowd a chaiw, dhough