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Introduce Them To Us

"OOFF! What are you doing, Elf?" Sean chuckled as Joel picked him up and dumped him onto the bed.

Kevin laughed and answered for his husband as he and Levi helped hold Sean down, "He said he named all your pubes, so Levi asked him to introduce them to us by name... sooo..."

"No you don... mmmhphmmmmm!" Sean exclaimed as he tried to struggle away, but Kevin sat on his face briefly to silence him.

Cory had been sitting on the bed, but at the antics had fallen off and was laughing uproarusly, his feet kicking the air.

"Now," Joel said, after de-pantsing Sean, "this is Joel... yes, I named the first for me... and this is Simon," he continued.

Levi was looking on in facination, while Kevin moved enough so that Sean didn't die of asphyxiation.

Cory continued howling with laughter, and Sean joined in, also. Neither of them had known that Joel had actually named all of Sean's pubic hairs!