Mayfield Magic

Chapter 36-Ups and Downs

<Miller House>
“It was nice of you boys to dress alike this morning,” Larry told the two naked boys sitting at the dining room table.
“I read somewhere that gays can be very fashion conscious,” Nolan said.
“That does sound like us. Although Nolan does have a different pattern down near the pubic region of the outfit he’s wearing,” Aiden pointed out.
Nolan kissed his boyfriend on the cheek. “All it means is that my clothing reflects my physical maturity,” Nolan said matter-of-factly. “I suspect that within the next year, our outfits will be nearly identical.”
“And on that note, how does French toast and bacon sound for breakfast?” Larry asked.
“It sounds delectable,” Nolan said.
“Damn, Nolan, why do you always have to sound like a lawyer and use big words?” Aiden asked.
“It prepares me for speaking in the courtroom.”
“Oh, I agree with my Saccharo Ursa—the breakfast sounds good, pop.”
“You talk about me using big words,” Nolan grinned.
“Google and are my friends, especially since I’m practicing to be a teacher.” 
“Since when did you want to be a teacher?” Larry asked.
“Since I decided I wanted to be a coach. It’s an idea that came to me at the Brawl,” Aiden responded.
“I was joking about the courtroom,” Nolan said. "But it sounds like Mr. Miller, here, is being serious.”
“Damn straight I am. But for now, my stomach says I want to be a naked chef and help my coaching role model cook a tasty breakfast.”
Larry and Aiden disappeared into the kitchen. “Are you serious about wanting to be a teacher?” Larry asked Aiden as he tied his blue apron on.
“I know I want to be a coach. I’ve kinda thought so for a while now, but down at the Brawl I found I loved showing and teaching guys about the game and helping guys who needed help.”
“And you probably knew from hanging around your dad and me that coaching is simply a form of teaching.”
“Yeah. And I know if I want to teach, I’ll need to figure out what I want to teach. But I’ve got a long way to go before I need to decide. And I know one thing that will help me all the way is that I have the two best dads a son could ask for.”
“Well, thank you son. Flattery will get you everywhere. Now, let’s get to work on the French toast  before your boyfriend invades the kitchen and raids the refrigerator.”
The two had more father/son talk as they prepared what they needed for the French toast and went busily to work placing everything on the electric skillet.
Nolan went into the newspaper room and grabbed the sports page of the daily paper. He wanted to read about the Mariners’ exciting win of the night before and check all of the scores.
After breakfast, the boys did the cleanup and then went downstairs to take a shower in the spacious shower area. They followed that up with an erotic soak in the hot tub. They were careful to shoot their emissions into each other’s mouth to keep it out of the hot tub water.
When Gordy showed up just before eleven, he found Aiden and Nolan playing H-O-R-S-E on the backyard basketball court, naked except for their trainers. “Hey guys,” he called out.
“Hey Gordy! What a nice surprise this is,” Aiden grinned. “Are you off to see the girly girl?”
“Maybe later.  Right now, I just want to chill with my two best friends.”
“Sounds like a plan to me, what about you, Ursa?”
“I’m good with it. I assume Gordy will be removing…or, never mind, his clothes are coming off fast.” Gordy was naked within seconds and grinned at his two friends as he proudly displayed his four- and three-quarter inch erection.
“It looks like Gordy is ready for some kind of action,” Aiden said.
“I guess I am. But first I want to know what Ursa is?”
“It’s a Latin word that means bear; it is also the scientific name for the bear family,” Nolan told him.
“I should have figured as much. I mean we’ve got Ursa Major and Minor up there in the sky.” Gordy was slowly jerking his teen meat as Nolan and Aiden busily got themselves hard.
The boys left the basketball court and wandered over to the pool. They sat at the edge of the pool, dangling their legs in the water. “How did it go with the girly girl yesterday?”
“The lunch was great. So was the dessert. But the after-lunch entertainment on the big rock by the pond was the best,” Gordy answered.
“Oh, you stud you,” Aiden grinned. “Do you mind if my mouth samples the conquering penis?”
“Go ahead, but I showered this morning, which removed her sexy smell and the smell of my jerk off before I went to sleep.”
Aiden slid into the pool and stood in front of Gordy. He placed his lips around what he considered to be one of the most beautiful cocks at Mayfield Middle School and started sucking.
“Gordy, you are a big-time stud for sure,” Nolan added.
As Aiden sucked Gordy’s cock, Gordy reached over and placed his right hand around Nolan’s erect cock. He kept his ministrations closely timed to Aiden’s sucking.
Larry glanced out of the sliding glass door and happened to catch sight of the goings on at the edge the pool. He wondered why they hadn’t sat on the other side of the pool where they would have been impossible to see from the spy room. Seeing his twelve-year-old son madly sucking Gordy’s cock turned him on instantly. He backed away from the door, both to give the boys their privacy and to take care of his suddenly throbbing cock.
It didn’t take long for Aiden’s talented mouth to get his best friend to fill his mouth with his young teen cum. Gordy stopped masturbating Nolan as he enjoyed his orgasm, but turned and stuck Nolan’s cock in his mouth as soon as Aiden pulled off his cock. Nolan had been so close to his climax that it only took a few seconds for him to shoot his nearly mature cum into Gordy’s mouth.
“Sit up on the edge,” Gordy told Aiden. As soon as Aiden did so, Gordy proceeded to suck off his best friend. Up in the masturbation room, Larry took a quick look outside and a wave of erotic hot flashes jolted his body. That was followed by a flash of guilt for spying on the young boys. But as his man cum shot out and coated the door’s glass he figured that they knew which side was hidden from the upstairs windows so they probably wouldn’t be too upset if they knew he had been watching their fun.
“Damn, Gordy, for a straight boy you are sure into cock sucking,” Nolan chuckled.
“Only when I’m with my best friends,” Gordy said.
The trio went into the basement to piss and get some bottles of water out of the fridge. After taking care of their business, they went back outside and sat in the hot tub. “Do you have anything left for Kalie?” Aiden asked.
“I gave it all to my bros. I’m sure I’ll see her tomorrow. But now that we all got the sex out of our system, I did find out something kinda sad, when I read my email this morning,” Gordy said.
“What’s that?” Aiden was certain he knew the answer.
“You two won’t be coming to my birthday party on Saturday because of your train trip. I forgot all about that when I set the day of the party with my mom. If I’d remembered I would have figured out a different day.”
“I’m sorry, Gordy. This trip was set up a long time ago and I guess we never thought about your thirteenth birthday. We didn’t mean to make you feel sorry.”
“It’s cool. Saying I was sad was probably the wrong thing to say. It’s just that I’ll miss you guys on Saturday.”
“We’ll be missing you, too,” Nolan said.
“We’ll figure out something the three of us can do after we get back,” Aiden said.
“But your party will be coming up not long after you get back,” Gordy pointed out.
“No worries. It might not be right away, but we’ll figure out something special. And you forgot somebody else who will be missing your party.”
“Yeah, Mason.”
“So, whatever we do should include him too. We have four brains to figure out something fun and special.”
“Speaking of special, I just want to say that I think Gordy is somebody special,” Nolan said. “Which means that whatever we do together is going to be special.”
“You guys are the best,” Gordy told his friends sincerely.
“Let’s get some lunch.”
“Naked lunch?”
“You don’t have to be naked in front of my pop, which I know makes you nervous,” Aiden said.
“It’s cool. I can do it. I mean it isn’t like he’s watching us having sex or anything.”
The trio went upstairs into the main house where they were soon enjoying a lunch of hot dogs and chips. Larry enjoyed their young naked bodies which he had clandestinely watched having oral sex with each other. Gordy, Aiden, and Nolan ate and chatted away with Larry, happy that he didn’t catch them having sex.
‘Or did he?’ Aiden wondered. ‘For some reason we were sitting on the wrong side of the pool where he could have seen us. Oh, well, that would be our fault and I know he’ll never say a word about it to us if he did watch it. It wouldn’t bother Nolan and me if he saw something, but poor Gordy would have a heart attack. But I totally trust my pop no matter what.’
Gordy got dressed and left for home not long after lunch and Nolan prepared to head home where he would spend the night with his family. One thing they discussed before Nolan left was their pledge to fuck on the balcony before the week was over. But it was too late for that, since they would be catching their train the next day.
“Since we won’t get it done, what happens now?” Nolan asked.
“Simple.  We change the script and do it after we get back. In fact, that might be better since my dad will be at work and my pop will be doing work at the high school. We’d have the run of the house with no worries about packing and shit like that since our trip is over.”
“Deal.” The boys high fived each other to make their new plan official and went up to Aiden’s room to dress.
<Calvin and Carla>
“Mom and dad aren’t home,” Carla said as Calvin came out of his bedroom after ending his phone call with Todd, one of his two best friends. Both of them were wearing nothing but their underpants, green and yellow flowered panties for Carla and red and green striped boxer briefs for Cal.
“So, I’ve noticed,” Cal responded.
“Calvin, why are you being so mean to me?”
“How am I being mean to you?”
“You won’t mess around with me. I know you don’t want to do me because you don’t have condoms, but you could at least let me suck you. And why did talking to Todd give you a boner?” Carla said as she pointed to the bulge in her brother’s underwear.
“It’s because we talked about jerking off together tomorrow.”
“So why can’t you do something with me now? You won’t need your cum until tomorrow, and I want some now.”
Calvin sat down on the sofa. “Yeah, I guess I’ve been kinda mean.” He patted the space to his left. “So, sit down here and you can feel up my boner and I’ll feel up your boobs. How does that sound?”
“It sounds like it’s a start. What I want to do is suck you like we did before you left for California and became mean to me.”
“I guess all the things guys did there made me wonder if I should be messing around with my sister.”
“We aren’t fucking, so who cares? And besides, with all those boys playing baseball I bet a couple of them messed around with their sisters just like you and me do. I mean my friends Lindie and Rhonda both get fucked by their brothers. Lindie was by her fifteen-year-old brother, Ward, and Rhonda by her ten-year-old brother, Neil.
“There was somebody on the team who not only messes around with his sister, but even fucks her.”
“They would fit right in here in Clark Pass,” Carla said. “You know I really want to do it, but I’m okay if we don’t. But, still, I want to…”
“…suck my dick,” Cal concluded. He yanked down his boxer briefs, revealing his four inches of tween boyhood. “Go for it, sis.”
Carla took off her panties, joining her twin brother in nudity. She got between his spread legs, knelt down, and placed her lips around his hard cock. Cal had to admit that Carla was a good cock sucker, plus his sibling love for his twin sister was strong.
Cal moaned as his twin sister enthusiastically sucked his cock. As good as his sister was, he could tell that she didn’t have the cock sucking skill of Mason. Still, her skills were good enough to get him off and she took his entire load and swallowed it. Cal knew from his friends that a lot of girls weren’t willing to do that.
After Carla finished, she lay supine on the floor and begged Cal to lick her pussy and eat her out. While he did like playing with cocks better, he didn’t mind a bit of muff diving. But first he did what he really enjoyed, and that was suckling his sister’s immature breasts. Breasts were the thing he liked most about girls and the reason he didn’t mind making out with them. He finger fucked Carla while he sucked her breasts, and only went “down under” after she said she was getting close. He scooted down and tongued her pussy and massaged her breasts at the same time.
When Carla moaned, “Fuck me, Calvin,” he happily removed his head from her crotch and finger fucked her to orgasm. Considering the talk they’d had about intercourse, he was certain that was the kind of fucking she meant. He put his mouth around her right breast just before she started shaking with an intense orgasm. Cal wondered if his twin noticed that he hadn’t gotten hard again after cumming in her mouth.
The siblings rose from the floor and sat next to each other on the couch. “That was good,” Carla said. “You’re as good as Gina.”
“I thought you only did it with Lindie and Rhonda. When did you start messing around with Gina?” Cal asked.
“Since you went to Cali for the tournament. I did it with Gina twice. And me, Gina, Lindie, and Rhonda, all did it together once.”
“Cool. The only guys I mess around with are Donnie and Todd.” ‘Although I wouldn’t mind doing it with Aiden and Nolan and especially Gordy,’ he thought. “Have you done anything with Ward or Neil?”
“Not this time, but we were talking about them when we all messed around.”
“Damn, girl, you’re getting more sex than I am.” Cal was determined to do something about it and from what he’d heard about Aiden’s birthday parties, that might be the place for it to happen.
<Lenny and Lance>
“So, now that we’ve slept on it, what did you think of what we did with Wendy yesterday?” Lenny asked as he and Lance lay cuddled in Lance’s bed.
“I think it got me off,” Lance replied. “How about you?”
“I like what we did last night better. No girl in the world could be as good a fuck as you were last night. On a messing around scale of one to ten, with ten being ultra mega sexy and one being sexy enough to get you off, I rank Wendy as a two. Plain old jerking off would be a one. And before you ask, you were a nine last night.”
“Oh really? Then what do I have to do to be a ten?”
“You have to be twins named Conner and Cooper,” Lenny grinned.
“I can’t argue with that. But, hey, you remember that just before school was out Nicky Buckner told us his dog licked his cock and made him cum.”
“Yeah, you told me even though I tried to forget you said anything. Since that is totally perverted, I’d rank it a minus five. And there is no way I’d ever suck his cock even if he begged for it.”
“I’ll tell you who aren’t pervs and are totally wicked,” Lance said.
“Wait! Don’t tell me! I think I know.”
“Then tell me, perv!”
“The Kendall twins!”
“TWIN POWER!” Lance called out.
“TWIN POWER!” Lenny echoed.
“Not meaning to change the subject, but who do you think the Brat slept with last night?”
“I think she slept with Wendy but snuck into Emmett’s room for their second round.”
“And they say boys are horndogs,” Lance said. “The Brat is the biggest horn dog in the Hazen family. Now, let’s get breakfast and get on our bikes to see if we can be horny with our boyfriends and see if they can go swimming at the park pool.”
Since their mom had left for work the twins scarfed down cereal with sliced bananas for breakfast. After cleaning the kitchen, they showered together and went to their room to dress.
“Hey, dude, we’ve got a text,” Lenny said. The twins shared a phone so what was on it had to do with both of them. “We miss you. Hope you’re having fun with ur friends and you know what we mean by fun. now, get yurselves down to cali. TWIN POWER. Cooper n Conner.”
After Lenny and Lance discussed their reply, Lenny wrote: “yep. we had the kind of fun u meant. we hope u guys are getting it too. TWIN POWER. luv Lenny n Lance.”
<Aiden and Nolan>
Aiden and Nolan had lunch at Nolan’s house. Nolan’s mother had taken the day off work to pack and to help the boys start their packing. Aiden halfway listened to what she had to say. She was repeating things he had learned from traveling with his dads, but he tried his best to look completely interested.  
After Vivian’s talk and demonstration, the boys biked to Aiden’s house where Nolan helped Aiden with his packing. “No way I’m packing for twelve days,” Aiden groused.
“Who says you have to?” Nolan asked. “Have you been sleeping through what my mom had to say about packing?”
“Kind of. I mean I know about rolling clothes because it takes up less space and that kind of shit. Most of it is stuff my dads have told me. But I gotta admit it helped that she showed us some tricks. But what does that have to do with packing for twelve days?”
“Because you don’t have to pack for that long.”
“Um…no offense Mr. Ursa, but the trip is twelve days long.”
“Damn, if this is indicative of how much you pay attention in school, it makes me wonder how you get almost straight A’s. I guess it must mean that Mayfield Middle School is an easy school,” Nolan smirked.
“Okay, so she said something about laundromats. What does that have to do with the length of dicks in the eighth grade?”
“Nothing, except she said that the most days we have to pack for is five. She’ll take things to the laundromat in Chicago and LA and wash them for us.”
“Isn’t she gonna do sightseeing and shit with us?” Aiden asked.
“She says she’s been there and done that and she wants for the two of us to have some good father and son time, because in the end that’s what this trip is about.”
“Your mom keeps surprising me. She’s gone from being the Wicked Witch of Meadow Park to being a really great person. She’s even kinda accepted us as boyfriends. I maybe need to make amends to her for the way I shut her out.”
“Don’t worry about it, sweets. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”
“What about her and the dads? Is she doing all of that washing too?”
“Well, obviously she’s doing her own,” Nolan answered. “I’m not totally sure how the dads are going to work things out.”
As they were talking, the boys had been packing. Aiden soon had all of the clothes he needed, plus a couple of books. He even had room in his suitcase for a couple of souvenir t-shirts if he found something he wanted. He planned on taking his backpack to carry his toilet kit and other useful items. He would be carrying his camera bag separately, but he would leave room in his backpack for it if he needed it.
With his packing finished except for a couple of items for his travel kit, Aiden sat on his bed. Nolan sat next to him and said, “Damn dude, I don’t know how it happened, but you’re pretty much all packed, and we leave Friday. That gives us a day to chill before bon voyage day.”
“I won’t be chilling, I can tell you that. I’ll keep wondering if I packed the shirts I really wanted to pack and packed my best underpants. And it looks to me that when your mom was giving us her enlightening lecture on packing, she pretty much finished all of your packing for you,” Aiden said.
“No shit, Sherlock. And you didn’t hear me complaining about that either, did you?”
“Not a word. If somebody was packing my stuff, I sure wouldn’t protest.”
“But I can guarantee you this; there’s no way she kept packing after we left. And I can tell you this girly boy, I’m not going to worry about if I have the exact right undies in my suitcase. I mean, really?”
“Yeah. What if I packed a pair with a hole somewhere?”
“It would just give me some nice sneaky peeks at your beautiful skin. Anyway, we’d better head over to my house and check how much my mom actually packed. And I might have to change a couple of things, especially if she packed my t-shirts. There’s a couple that I want to be sure to bring with me, like you did with your ‘California Zephyr’ shirt.
Aiden had received a t-shirt with the original ‘California Zephyr’ on it as an early birthday present from his dads that they purchased online from Daylight Sales. He knew that he was expected to pack it for the trip and wear it on the Zephyr cars. That didn’t bother him a bit, since he loved the tee the instant he saw it. What Aiden didn’t know is that Nolan had received a similar shirt from his parents as an early birthday present as well. Nolan planned on surprising Aiden by wearing it for the first time on the train.
When the boys arrived at Nolan’s house, they were not surprised that Vivian hadn’t finished Nolan’s packing. But they also understood why she didn’t, since she wanted Nolan to be self-sufficient. The fact that Nolan understood, didn’t mean that he liked it.
“I mean, think about it,” Nolan said as he and Aiden completed Nolan’s packing, “every now and then she could do something extra for me.” Nolan handed Aiden the clothes he wanted packed and was able to keep his new t-shirt out of Aiden’s sight.
“She did. She packed about a third of your stuff while giving us her lecture.”
“That’s one of the zillion plus reasons I love you, Sweet Cakes. You always have a positive look at stuff.”
“Except for when I’m pitching.”
“Even when you’re pitching, and you know that’s true. It’s just that you often go about it the wrong way.”
After finishing the packing, they went to the model railroad room and ran the trains for a while. First, they stripped down to their underwear, and then Aiden took charge of the “California Zephyr” model. Nolan put together a fifteen car BNSF freight and they operated the two together.
“We’ll be passing a few BNSF freights from Chicago to the Twin Cities,” Nolan said, “so we may as well get in shape for it.”
“Hey, we’ll be seeing a few between Chicago and Denver, too,” Aiden pointed out.
“Good call.”
The day ended on a positive note with Aiden staying for dinner. Of course, they were fully dressed for dinner.  After dinner, Aiden and Nolan ran trains with Nolan’s dad.          
It was inevitable that Aiden would spend the night, just as it was inevitable that Nolan would fuck Aiden on his bed. It was a great evening that was made even better because everything from the model trains, to dinner, to sleeping naked together, to the sex was spontaneous. It was the first time since the Moyer family’s move to Mayfield that Aiden and Nolan fully appreciated what that move had meant.
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