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Mikyvis Are Hug Powered!

"Is that why he seems friendly like this? Then goes back to his normal self?" Harry asked, his heart sinking.

"Now that is the question, isn't it?" Dumbledore smiled, yet his eyes remained serious. "Is the Draco we have grown to know the real Draco or not?"

"I know, but I ain't tellin!" Peter giggles as he pops in, gives everyone a hug, then pops out.

"Mikyvis," Dumbledore smiled, shaking his head slowly.

"And they say WE are strange!" Draco giggled.

"Accio Mikyvis!" Harry said, waving his wand. His lap was suddenly filled by six boys, and the very nearly squashed him.

"Why?" Draco giggled as he tried to pull Harry out from under the giggling mass of bodies.

"I like hugs, and the "Magic's guide to Mystical Beings," says that Mikyvis are hug powered!" Harry responded as he picked the brown-haired Mikyvis and started cuddling.