Project New Horizon

Chapter 24


Alex Walker and his brother were taken into an underground bunker by their father, unbeknown to them Aliens had attacked heard. After six months, they were able to get out to a changing world. Soon after they were released, they rescued a group of young adults, then had another group of Teens join them in the Mountain. They discovered two traitors within their midst after several were poisoned, but both traitors were captured. After the death of one, the other traitor was asked for by the Aliens in exchange for one of the Mountain's Recon groups.

Unfortunately, the exchange went wrong, and several people were killed in the ensuing battle, now Alex and his group of teens and children have to look to the future to eliminate the Aliens or live in hiding from them.


Three days after the fight, I was sat in my office going over a bit of paperwork when there was a knock at my door.

“Come in,” I shouted, looking to see who entered; I had not seen Tobi in a while, we were like ships in the night at this point. The door opened to reveal Noah was poking his head through the door. He entered almost timidly with a folder in his hand.

“You available?” He asked, reverting back to how he used to be when we first came into the Mountain.

“Actually, yes, come on in,” I told him, stretching my limbs. I made my way over to the comfortable sofas and offered him a seat, “So you lost the bet?”

“What?” He looked at me startled.

“I’m not blind, you lot have been arguing about who is going to give me the bad news. I’ve been waiting to hear what happened,” I told him point blanc, he seemed to deflate on his own.

“I, erm, yeah. So we lost the entirety of Delta team except for Artyom, Amanda was killed in the same explosion. We also lost Benji as you know,” Noah hung his head.

“You know it wasn’t your fault, right?”

“But I feel like it’s my fault,” Noah returned.

“We didn’t know they would capture you, nothing you did was wrong. I would have rescued any of the teams, the outcome still would have been the same,” I reassured him, “Now what about Ravenscroft?”

“All of our children were rescued with Miss Ashley,” he replied, “But nearly twenty were killed before we arrived, Mac tells me three girls were also raped,”

“Fucking bastards, did we at least kill the ones who did it?” I growled. Noah looked at my use of swear words.

“Two were killed when they raised their weapons, while another was discovered in Davistown,” He gave me a feral grin, which meant something had been done about the rapist.

“Are we renaming Davis town? I don’t want to be reminded of him every time I visit,” I looked at him curiously.

“From what I understand it was called Fordham some fifty years ago, but Rod Davis father pretty much owned the town, so it’s been called Davis town for the last few decades,” Noah explained,

“It’s up to the people, but I’ll be calling it Fordham going forth,” I told him, “Now tell me what the situation is there?”

“Mac and a medical team went over there, mostly the kids were lacking food. Their supplies were starting to dwindle, King Rod was hoarding it for his own people,” Noah looked over the folder, “Our engineers have shored up their defences and set up some new lookout posts. Brett has already started creating a group of people to do different jobs, he’s also taken the remaining lot from the school, housing them there,”

“That’s a good idea, it will make for a better base of operations,” I considered.

“Our little village has just started seeding some of the crops ready for the winter/spring harvests. Ben tells me they’ve got several different seeds to plant,” Noah reported.

“Have any of the Ravenscroft lot stayed?” I asked curiously.

“I think we’ve had a few people deciding to stay, Ashley moved into the village and is trying to set up a village school,”

“That’s really good,” I told him, then looked at him, “How are you feeling, though? I know you're blaming yourself, but how else are you feeling?”

“Angry, really,” he was reluctant to talk, “Wishing I could have done more, but deep down I know it’s not my fault,”

“Larry’s organising everything with Mac. Seems to think it’s his duty after his little brother died,” Noah shifted around.

“What about Kelly? Has anything been done about her body?” I was reluctant to ask but felt I had to.

“They are planning on burying her just outside Dav-Fordham I think, whereas the rest of them will be buried in a small cemetery in our little village,”

“That’s good, we’ll have to organise everyone to be there, but I’m sure Larry and Mac have got that well in hand,” I commented, “Is there anything you wanted to talk about?”

“Not really, we’ve just got to talk about the placement of the Orion, is it going to stay outside of Walker Village or is it going elsewhere?”

“Walker Village?” Noah looked sheepish.

“That’s what everyone is taken to call it,” he laughed when I did, “We’ve got a few requests from people in the Mountain wishing to move into the village,”

“We’ll go over who in a meeting, but I can’t see it being a problem. We’ll have to set up a security check somewhere so they can get in and out of the Mountain easily,” I stared at my screen thinking.

“We’ll check with Nate, I’m sure his security teams are well aware of anywhere now we could put in an entrance or re-use an entrance,” Noah suggested.

“You’ve done your duty now, the rest can breathe easy,” I told him, “I’m upset by the death’s, but I think we’ll have more unless we can get rid of the Aliens, I hope Kelvedon Hatch manages to destroy the aliens. If not we’re going to be here for the long haul,”

“I haven't even thought about the future. I’ve been trying to think about day to day rather than a week from now,” he answered with a laugh.

“I know what you mean, but unfortunately I do have to plan ahead, though I have administrators now I still have to approve of a lot of things like supply runs, the food we need, engineering checks, the list goes on and on,”

“I really don’t envy you,” the boy grinned, “It’s no wonder you wanted to go out on the Recon runs,”

“I’ve got to stay in now, I’m not likely to be going out, plus we have to start looking at what everyone can do, whether we rotate through Fordham, as we’re going to have to rotate teams through Walker Village,” I told him with a smirk, “Also we need to re-look at the recon teams again now that we’ve lost a couple of people,”

“I’ll repeat it, I don’t envy you,” He stood stretching, “Now my other duty was to get you out of your office, Mac told me you had to meet them at the Lagoon,”

“I dunno,” I looked at the paperwork on my desk.

“Doctor’s orders,”

“Fine,” I gave up arguing locking the paperwork I had away. I closed the door behind us, following him up the stairs. We both giggled as we acted like little children going up to the VIP suites. I’m not sure what I found so funny, but I felt giddy for some reason. We split up on level four; him going to the Lagoon and me going to the VIP suites to get my swimming stuff.


Ten minutes later, I entered the Lagoon to shouts of joy, I rounded the corner of the beach to see several of the OpGrowth group, not to mention most of the original group. I saw my boyfriend already in the water playing with a few of the younger boys but saw Mac seated on the beach in just a bikini, so I made my way over to her with my stuff.

“Finally pulled yourself out of the office,” she commented as I settled in next to her.

“I was under orders from the Head of Medical, apparently,” I grinned at her.

“Too right, you’ve been in that office too long, it does not do well to dwell,”

“I was going over reports and seeing if anything could have been done differently,” I replied.

“You know it’s not your fault they died,” she psychoanalysed me as I had done with Noah earlier.

“I said the same things to Noah, this morning,”

“Then you should listen to your own advice. Unfortunately, we are at war, and there will be casualties,”

“Since when did you become a therapist,”

“Since I became your best friend,” she laughed.

“Whatever!” I nudged her, laughing, “So tell me what’s going on with you? We haven’t caught up in a while,”

“Whose fault is that!” she gave me one of her patented looks, “There’s no one really in the Med Bay, we get a few colds and sniffles, but we’ve had no real injuries recently,”

“What about boyfriends? Last time I spoke you seemed to be getting on quite well with Big Tom? Is it big like his name?” I wiggled my eyebrows getting a laugh out of her.

“I like him, but we have not really had the time to talk, what with everything going on,” she answered, “No, I have not seen him naked, have you seen Tobi naked?”

“Well, that’s a rude thing to ask your little brothers’ boyfriend,” I sniffed sticking my nose in the air like I was posh, but couldn’t hold it and laughed.

“You’re such a boob sometimes,”

“I’m hurt by that,”

“I’ll hurt you in a minute,” she laughed at me, then turned serious, “I think it’s time Tobi moved in with you,”

“You what?” my jaw dropped.

“You barely see each other as it is and I think you’d be much more comfortable than having secret meetings,”

“We haven't had secret meetings,” I denied.

“Exactly, I can see that you love each other so I know you would never hurt him,” she explained.

“If Tobi agrees, then I’ll be happy,” I told her tentatively, “But this means we’re telling the world I’m dating Tobi,”

“No, it doesn’t, we can hide the fact he’s moved in,” she replied, “Give it ten minutes then you and Tobi can go move his stuff into your room,”

“Erm, all right,” I was a bit surprised she was pushing this on me, I looked at her trying to decide if she had ulterior motives. I chatted with her for a little longer before going for a swim, she got up herself and swam over to Tobi talking to him. I made my way over to my little brother, who was playing with Ben and a few others.

“Matty, you got a minute,”

“Yeah, sure,” he returned, coming over to me.

“Can you do me a favour and disappear with Ben tonight?” I asked him.

“You got a hot date?” his eyes wiggled comically.

“If you must know, I do,” I glared at him.

“That’s no issue, Ben and I had been invited down to the Dorms anyway,”

“Good, thanks for this,”

“Just don’t go in my room with your beau,” he joked.

“Eww,” I shuddered theatrically, “Erm, just to let you know Tobi might be moving in,”

“It’s about time,” he replied cheekily, then went off with his friends. I shook my head at him, then decided to go back upstairs wading back through the water to the little beach. I gave Mac a quick wave, speaking to people as I went past before making my way upstairs. I unlocked my door, going straight through to my bedroom, dumping my bag down as I did and slipping my boardies off. I scrambled through my bag, looking for my towel, ready to rub down my wet legs, as my top half had not got that wet. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.

“Shit!” I exclaimed loudly, before tying my towel around waist. Answering the door, I found Tobi in front of me, wearing a towel with a duffel bag over his shoulder. His blond hair was plastered to his head, but he had a bright grin on his face. Water streaks were dripping down his chest, where his delightful nipples were.

“Well, aren’t you going to invite me in, or shall I just stand here for all to see me, half-naked,” his grin was infectious.

“Come in you cheeky little bugger,” I grinned back at him, allowing him entry into the apartment. He sauntered straight past me and into my bedroom. By the time I had closed the door and entered my bedroom, he was entirely naked. I could feel myself beginning to rise beneath my towel. He had his back to me, but his delightful bum was beckoning me over. I dropped my towel, taking the half a dozen steps until my hard penis touched him. I stroked down his arms as I kissed his neck lightly.

“Have you come here to seduce me, you little minx?” I asked him huskily, kissing his earlobe as my penis was enveloped by his tight buns.

“I came here for a shower,” he replied, his voice deepening slightly as he grabbed my hands, slowly drawing them down his stomach until I reach three inches of pure boy. The twelve-year-old knew what he wanted, “Alex, I want you to make love to me,”

“What?” I stepped back, surprised. He turned to look at me with heated auburn eyes.

“I know I’m only twelve, but I do know what gay guys do. You’ve touched me there before, and I want to feel like to have you inside me,” he replied earnestly. I looked at him gobsmacked, but my penis was harder than ever. I gently touched his face, leaning down to kiss his lips. Our tongues met, the kissing becoming even more passionate. I slowly walked Tobi back towards the bed where he lay down, looking at me. I was spellbound by Tobi’s beauty, his blond hair spread around his head like a halo, his burnished gold eyes were heated with lust. His small nipples were as erect as his three inches, standing out from Tobi’s milky white groin. I lay on my side, retaking his mouth as stroked his silky body, barely touching his small, soft marbles. 


Leaning over, I opened my bedside cabinet, taking out a pot of Vaseline, which was the only thing I had to hand. Tipping my finger’s in the greasy substance, I began kissing Tobi again as I stroked around the bum, slowly introducing my fingers to his hole. Tobi latched onto my tongue as my fingers penetrated, moaning in heat. I spent the next ten minutes, gradually stretching him out.

“Oh god, please, I’m ready for you,”  Tobi moaned, his penis was harder than a diamond. I grabbed a pillow putting it under his buttocks, I had been reading as well. My penis was hard too as I stroked myself with the Vaseline. I was really sensitive with anticipation, so I had to quickly stop. Shuffling into place, looking down at his beautiful face. 

“If it gets too painful, tell me,” He nodded, but refused to say anything hell. I’m not a big guy, only five and a half inches and not very thick. I placed the head at his entrance pushing forward. Slowly I fell his butt take my penis like they were meant to be together. IT snapped over the head of my penis as Tobi grimaced, “Are you OK?” 

“Give me a minute,” He panted for a few moments, but I knew the worse was over, from reading in books. After his nod, I slowly began to move within him. I felt a glove had enveloped my penis, a hot, wet and wonderfully tight glove.

“This is amazing,” I groaned to my boyfriend as my pubes touched his bum, bottoming out. I leaned down to kiss him, slowly beginning to find a rhythm as he cried out loud again. 

“I love you, Lexy,” he shouted between kisses. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and very soon, my orgasm hit me as I felt his insides tighten around my shaft.  I looked down to see a glob of semen spit from his penis as I erupted in his depths. I pulsed several times before my body began to calm, a sense of euphoria coming over me. With my penis still in him, I lat atop of Tobi, trying not to put too much weight on him as I gently kissed his neck.

“You were fantastic,” I told him as we both become sleepy.



“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters,” the fourteen-year-old spoke gravely, “He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

            I looked around at the two dozen or so people standing in front of the graves. One of the boys from Fordham (Davistown) had been an altar boy and had been to many funerals, so we had asked him to preside of this funeral. I looked over at the half-built church in our little valley, already the hastily constructed graveyard had nearly thirty people, all kids, occupying it. My attention was drawn back to the funeral as the boy-priest spoke again.

“From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust. You’ll rise again, in this I’ll trust. You’re in our hearts, ‘till the end. We will meet again, depart my friend. You may be gone, but I know you’re near. In my heart, I hold you, dear. My only hope, in peace, you’ll rest.
I still miss you, I bet you guessed. I’ll see you soon, it’s a must. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” The boy’s voice was melodic as he read out the poem by Kev Elmer, “We now lay you to rest,”


After that, everyone dispersed, forming little groups to chat. Some I barely recognised as children we had rescued, while some were from the OpGrowth group. I found a group with Mac, Tobi, Noah, Larry and Tom.

“It’s so sad, I barely knew these kids now they have been buried,” Mac spoke first, wiping her eyes.

“We’ve put the bastards down that did this,” Larry said fiercely. Tom, meanwhile, put his arm around Mac, holding her comfortingly. I raised my eyebrow at that but knew I would speak to her later on, possibly tease her.

“Is anyone going to talk about the elephant in the room?” she asked.

“Well considering we’re not inside,” Larry tried to joke, but he fell short.

“You’re so funny,” Mac returned sarcastically, then turned to look at me, “Amanda and Benji were killed,”

“I’m upset as everyone, but we can’t constantly be thinking what if’s,” Noah spoke up, surprisingly wise.

“I know,” she replied sadly.

“We move forward in life, we have to, we tried to make the world better for the children and the new children that will come one day,” I told her looking at my best friend.

“When did you become so wise?” she asked, returning my look.

“That’s a government secret,” I said lightly.

“You’re a clone!” Larry suggested finally getting the laugh he wanted.

“I want to head back to the Mountain, I’ve got some paperwork that needs filling in,” I told them.

“The life of a leader,” Tobi nudged me slipping his hand into mine. It was comforting to me, so I smiled at him appreciatively. I was quite surprised he would be that bold, but the others never said anything.

“I never knew leader’s had to do so much paperwork, I thought we had underlings for that,” my weak joke raised equally soft laughs, but we were all still distracted from the funeral as we headed back to the Mountain. I observed the emerging village, some houses had been completed while others were yet being built. They were not ultra-modern houses but simple wooden structures. We had almost reverted back to a medieval society, as none of us really knew how to build homes and we were all still young. About ten minutes later, we slipped through the door’s we had entered when we first arrived, I typed the code in, and the circular door opened. I followed the rest down, making sure the door closed behind me, as we walked through the tunnels talking about this and that, nothing of real substance until we reached the large door. I looked it remembering the day it closed as the others began to pass through the security checkpoint.


Finally, I was the last one there, I didn’t recognise the girl on security, but she was watching me with a hawk eye. I scanned my card and walked through the sensor, which immediately turned red.

“Sir, can you please just stand there,” the security guard told me.

“I’m sorry, I completely forgot I had my gun on me,” I told her reaching under my jacket.

“Keep your hands up,” she said fiercely, I realised she had her hand on a gun. I stopped moving, knowing this girl was serious. The others stood watching for a few moments, Mac had a small smile on her face, watching me sweat a little.

“Renata, you can stand down. That’s Commander Walker,” Mac finally called out. The girl, Renata, looked shocked before she immediately put her weapon away.

“I’m so sorry, Commander,” she stuttered.

“No worries, you were just being careful and a good job you were doing,” I told her gently and passed through into the main section of the base. The other’s were all trying not to laugh, but I could hear them giggling at me, “you can laugh at me all you want, but go do some work!”

“I thought I heard your voice,” my little assistant greeted me as I passed into my receptionist's office. Eleven-year-old Donny had become my receptionist and assistant, but he was barely taller than his desk, “Jing has told me to grab you as soon as you walk in, Kelvedon Hatch urgently need to speak to you,”

“Thank you, Donny,” I reversed my course heading back into the corridor, “Guys, something is up, Kelvedon Hatch has contacted us,”

“What’s going on?” Tobi asked. I trotted up to them and then passed the group quickly moving towards the Operations Room. I passed through the doors with the others right on my heel. I nipped into the Watch Commander’s Office and grabbed a headset.

“OK, Jing, what’s going on?” I asked, stepping into the Ops Room. She had agreed to be Watch Commander while Tobi was at the funerals.

“About twenty-five minutes ago we got an urgent communication from Kelvedon Hatch,” She replied, “But they wouldn’t talk until they could speak to you. Oli, get them on the line,”

“Yes, Ma’am,” came the reply then the boy was on the headset trying to get a hold of Kelvedon. A few minutes later he turned to us, “We have visual and sound,”

“Kelvedon Hatch, this is Commander Walker,” I looked at the screen as it turned from a map of the United Kingdom to a view of Kelvedon Hatch’s Control Room.  It looked like chaos, people were moving around putting things into boxes and generally packing up the control room. General Forsythe and Dr Cauldwell were stood in the centre of the room.

“Commander Walker, Alex, thank god you got back to us,” Forsythe looked harassed.

“Sorry, Sir, we were at a funeral,” I tried to remain calm to not stress out the rest of my people.

“We’re bugging out of Kelvedon Hatch, it’s been compromised,” he let the first bomb drop, then, “Our Special forces group were unable to get on the mothership, they were captured, and we expect to be attacked within hours,”

“Is there anything we can do to help?”

“No, we’ll try contact you when we reach our Beta site,” Forsythe replied as the screen suddenly cut off.

“General Forsythe,” I said calmly, but all I got was a static hiss. I looked over to Oli.

“I’ve lost all communication with Kelvedon Hatch,”