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...and so do my jeans!

Cain wasn't paying much attention to Adam. Nor to his brothers. Nor to Logan, for that matter. "Now they are some fine, edible looking boys!" he grinned, his moodiness vanishing instantly as he beheld the Chipmonks.

Seth and Abel looked at them as well.

The Chipmonks looked right on back.

Six tents had now been set up.

Logan sighed and pulled out a notepad. "Three extra cases of BBQ sauce," he said to himself as he tapped in the details. "Each," he added as he noticed the tents in the six boys' pants.

"I saw them first!" Cain snapped at his two brothers.

Abel, as calm as ever, simply said, "Share and share alike, bro... that middle one looks yummy!"

Simon gulped, but the grin hadn't left his face one iota.

"Okay!" Seth bounced. "Forget fighting this Chang - sounds like a wuss anyhow - bare naked mud wrestling with that one on the left for me!"

Theadore beamed at him. Obviously, the same thought had crossed his mind as well.

Cain sighed. "If I can't have all three, then I'm just glad you've left the best for me! You... on the right... yes, you... my room - we do get a room, yes, Joel?"

"Yes," Joel managed through his tears of laughter.

"... good... you, my room. Now!"

Alvin couldn't wait.

Adam looked over to Logan with a grin. "Hey what can I say... my genes have good taste... and so do my jeans!"

"I have already ordered six supertankers of BBQ sauce," Daileass added. "You want me to get the same for them?"