Mayfield Magic

Chapter 35-The Great Outdoors

Greetings and welcome back. The Goats are happy to be home and have no problem showing it.
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The Goat players who had gone to Mason’s house to tell him good-bye, wish him luck, and exchange hugs with him, left as soon as they finished their impromptu ceremony. Larry dropped the twins off at their duplex apartment and then drove Aiden, Nolan, Riley and Gordy back to the Miller residence.
Nolan texted his mother he was ready to go visiting. Nolan said his farewells to Riley and Gordy with quick hugs, kissed his farewell to Aiden, and was standing next to the driveway when his mother showed up a couple of minutes later. They quickly drove off to Meadow Park.
The four boys remaining headed to the family room and grabbed seats on the couch and love seat. “How come you and Grant didn’t stay with the twins?” Aiden asked Riley.
“Because they promised The Brat they’d go to Emmett’s with her,” Riley replied.  “It’s all kind of last minute. I think it’s going to get kind of wild. During the hug session they asked us if we wanted to join them, but me and Grant didn’t want anything to do with girls, especially The Brat.”
“Makes sense to me,” Aiden said. “My Phil Dad made mac and cheese for lunch before he went to work and it’s in the fridge ready to be nuked.”
“And as you guys know I don’t see girls the same way that Riley does and I’ve got a lunch date with one,” Gordy grinned.
“Who just happens to be your girlfriend,” Aiden said.
“Well, while you’re having fun with a girl think about me and Aiden and Nolan having fun in the pool when the temp gets to eighty,” Riley said.
“Just remember, Riley, that Nolan and Aiden, gay as they are, have messed around with girls, just like I’ve messed around with guys,” Gordy reminded everybody. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”
“But they haven’t gone all the way, right guys?”
“Nope, and I know I probably never will,” Aiden replied. “And trust me, there’s three girls after me to do it who are going to be disappointed.” The three girls were Kalie, Brittany, and Heather, two of whom he liked. Christy Cain had admitted to having a crush on Aiden before seventh grade ended but assured him she wasn’t going after him. But she thought he should know how she felt. He had assured her he understood. ‘I just realized I haven’t seen her all summer,’ he thought.
“Maybe I will like them and maybe I won’t, all I know is right now I don’t want to mess around with any of them,” Riley said.
“Sounds good to me,” Aiden said.
“And I gotta go,” Gordy said.
“Too bad you can’t ride your bike naked to Kalie’s house,” Aiden grinned. “Show off your boner to all the cars that pass you by.”
“Which wouldn’t be many since the road to the farm isn’t that far away. I am thinking of taking off my shorts once I get up their road far enough to be hidden from Lakeshore Drive.”
“Just your shorts?”
“Well, my t-shirt too. But just my shorts below the waist, since her mom or dad, or maybe a farm worker or her brother might be able to see me before I get into the house. I’ve got black boxer shorts on, so it will be hard to tell I’m just wearing underpants. Although I don’t care if her brother sees me since it wouldn’t be anything new for us.” Aiden wondered how Gordy could make such a seemingly simple situation so complicated.      
Gordy rose from the couch and gave his best friend a hug. “Have a great birthday lunch and I hope you two are able to do it again,” Aiden told him.
“We’ll find a way, even if we have to go down to the pond. If she’s as horny as I am, we might not make it out of her back yard,” Gordy giggled. “You guys have fun skinny dipping in the pool.”
Aiden saw him to the door and watched him ride off. He truly did hope Gordy and Kalie could do it again that afternoon. Aiden was pretty sure Gordy felt the same way about Kalie as he felt about Nolan and in the end, he knew those two would find a way.  
Gordy crossed Lakeshore Drive and pedaled along the bike trail as hard as he could. When he reached the farm road to Kalie’s house, he turned left onto the road, which went into the woods until a couple of hundred yards from the Carter house. As soon as he was out of sight of Lakeshore Drive, he dismounted his bike. He took one more look to make sure he couldn’t be seen from the main road before pulling off his t-shirt and stuffing it into his saddle bag before pulling out his Yard Goats cap. He took off his helmet and hung it from his handlebars and replaced it with his cap. He then pulled off his shorts and was now wearing just shoes, socks, black boxer briefs, and his Yard Goats baseball cap.
If Kalie answered the front doorbell wearing just girls’ boxers or panties, and sometimes a bra, Gordy stripped down to his underpants. Usually when Kalie answered the front doorbell wearing just girls’ boxers or panties, and sometimes a bra, Gordy would then strip down to his underpants.  This time he decided to be daring and show up at the door in his underpants before the door even opened. The shoes were necessary for pedaling the bike, of course. He was tempted to take off his boxer briefs as well before deciding that would be pushing his luck.
Gordy rode up to the front porch of the house and dismounted. He was about to grab his saddle bag and then decided to leave it. He walked up onto the big front porch his cock almost stretched to its full four and three-quarter inch length.  He rang the doorbell and was pleased when Kalie answered. It would have been beyond embarrassing had Kalie’s mother answered. He knew she would be seeing him in his underpants soon enough since she always did; he just didn’t want her to see him before Kalie did.
Kalie was wearing exactly what Gordy thought she would be wearing—girls’ boxers and nothing else. Kalie grinned when she saw that Gordy had stripped down before coming to the door. Her grin widened when she saw the bulge pushing out the front of his underpants.
They traded a quick kiss, knowing there would be much more kissing after lunch. They then went to the kitchen where Anne Carter was fixing a lunch of fish and chips with coleslaw.
“Hey, Gordy, Happy Birthday,” she said. She wasn’t surprised Gordy was sexually excited. She knew the two teens were sexually active with each other. While she didn’t encourage it, she also didn’t discourage it. Kalie was on the pill and was safe.
Her husband, Bud, wasn’t quite as liberal about the affair but realized he might as well accept the inevitable. After all he and Anne had lost their virginity to each other when he was fourteen and she was a few days short of her fourteenth birthday. ‘Yes, we were sexually active,’ Anne thought, ‘but we were smart about it. When I became pregnant with Travis it was after Bud and I were married, and we made a decision to have a child. I can only hope that Bud and I along with Gordy’s parents have given our children the proper message about safe sex and consensual sex. They are good kids and I’m sure they’ll do their best. But the question I keep dealing with is, will that be good enough?’
The newly minted teenager scarfed down his lunch, which he thought was delicious. He knew the vegetables in the coleslaw were fresh because Kalie had told him she’d picked the cabbage herself.
After eating, Anne set out three frosted cupcakes, each with a candle in the middle. She lit the candles and then she and Kalie sang Happy Birthday to Gordy. Gordy totally enjoyed the chocolate cupcake. Kalie and her mom couldn’t have chosen a better flavor.
“Thanks for the great lunch, Mrs. Carter.”
“You’re welcome, Gordy. And you can feel free to call me Anne.”
 “That’s not what my mom says.”
“Then if I were you, I’d do exactly what your mom says.”
Gordy nodded. Seeing that Kalie had just finished eating, he excused himself from the table and Kalie followed suit.
“We’re going to the pond,” Kalie told her mom.
“Have fun. I thought you might go there, and I have two towels laid out on the dryer as well as a cushioned blanket to lay on the big rock,” Anne said.
“Thanks mom. You’re always so good to us. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”
“Be careful and remember you won’t be totally private there. Travis might be lurking around there and…”
Kalie didn’t hesitate to interrupt her mother. “Travis promised he’d leave us alone. And I know what you were going to say next. I’ve never seen any of the farmhands going into the woods to sneak a look. Believe it or not, they really do work hard out there in the fields.”
“I know, but you just never know these days.”
“You don’t need to worry, Mrs. Carter,” Gordy said. “Kalie and I know how to look out for ourselves out there.”
“I’m sure you do. So, have fun and be careful.”
Kalie grabbed the towels, Gordy took the blanket, and they headed out to the pond where the water was clean, but cold. They didn’t take off their underpants until they were in the woods and could no longer see the house. They didn’t look to go into the water first. Their plan was to lay out the cushioned blanket and make love to each other first.
<Aiden, Riley, and Skip>
“Shall we strip down and jump into the pool?” Aiden asked after he and Riley ate a lunch of hot dogs and chips.
Before Riley could answer, Aiden’s phone rang. The caller’s name made him smile. “Hey, Skip. What’s going on?” He turned on the speaker phone setting.
“Oh, nothing much. I was wondering if I could ride my bike out to your place and swim with you guys?”
“Hang on.”
“I’m good with it,” Riley said as if he had anticipated Skip’s question. “Besides, it’s your house.”
“Come on over. Riley and I will be in the pool so just park your bike behind the garage and come around back. See ya soon,” Aiden said.
Aiden disconnected his phone and then said, “I know it’s my house, Riley, but you’re my guest so I wanted to make sure you were good with a third guy here.”
“Don’t forget that we’re all Goats and we’re a team together even if the baseball season is over.”
“Damn, that’s really wise of you Riley. You’re still right on top of stuff. And the way I see it, Skip coming over doesn’t mean we have to wait to strip and dip into the pool.”
“Now you’re the wise one,” Riley giggled. The two friends were naked and in the pool in an instant. “The water is exactly the right temperature.”
“Glad you like it,” Aiden said as he took a couple strokes Riley’s way and then proceeded to dunk him.
Aiden and Riley were hitting a beach ball back and forth when Skip came around the back side of the house. “Hey, Skip, welcome to the fun,” Aiden said.
“Are you guys naked?” Skip asked.
“I’ll give you three guesses and the first one better be right or we’ll dunk you with all your clothes on.”
“Then my first guess is yes.” Without waiting for Aiden or Riley to say anything, he quickly stripped off his clothes and jumped feet first into the deep end. Instead of being dunked with all his clothes on, Skip was dunked in the raw, which was a lot more fun for everyone concerned.
The boys finally swam to the shallow end where they leaned against the deck and caught their breath. “That was like a ton of fun, even if you guys were picking on me,” Skip said after he got his breath back. “Two against one is no fair, especially when you’re bigger than me.”
“Hey, big strong dude like you are, we had to work together to get you dunked,” Aiden told the smaller boy.
“Well, my grandma says I’m growing like a weed, so maybe it will really take two of you soon.” Eleven-year-old Skip looked over the bodies of Riley and Aiden. Riley had just turned thirteen less than a week ago and Aiden would be thirteen in just over a month, and they were both taller, heavier, and a bit more developed than he was, but not by a lot.
“And is your cock growing to keep pace with the rest of you?” Aiden asked.
“Good question, Aiden,” Riley said. “How about we get out of the pool and do some comparing.”
“Sounds like a plan to me.  Let’s get ourselves hard and then check each other out.”
“And that sounds like a mega plan to me,” Skip said.
The three friends lay out on three of the deck chairs on the patio and gave each other a close look. Skip was the first to start masturbating. He was excited  that the two older boys wanted to mess around some with him.
Riley and Aiden followed suit. It didn’t take long for all three of the tweens to bone up. “No doubt that Aiden is the biggest and I’m the littlest,” Skip said.
“And that puts me in the middle,” Riley said as he started jerking off in earnest.
“How about we measure before we blow our wads,” Aiden suggested. “I’ve got a ruler in the basement.” Before anyone could object, he hopped out of his chair, went down the steps into the basement, and disappeared inside. He was back with a tape measure in less than a minute.
Since he had the ruler, Aiden took the first measurement. “Four and a half with a hint of a couple of teensy hairs somewhere on me according to a certain boyfriend. I sure haven’t seen them yet.” He handed the tape measure to Skip.
“Three inches and no hints of hair, but I got skin.” Skip was the only one of the three who was uncut. The tape measure then went to Riley.
“Four inches, and maybe a hint of two hairs if you have a high-powered microscope.”
“So, what are we going to do with these boners now that we’ve created them?” Aiden asked.
“Let’s suck each other,” Skip suggested.
“Dang, Skip, you’re really getting ready to be a middle school stud,” Riley observed.
“I’m getting to like this sex stuff. I want to do as much as I can with the Goats. I mean, I plan on being a full-time Goat in the spring, so I should do my best to fit in.”
“Are you saying we’re a bunch of sex fiends?” Aiden asked.
“Yep, and I want to be one with you.”
“Then let’s do a three-way suck on the pool deck.”
After some negotiating, they decided that Aiden would suck Skip since Skip was dry. That way Skip and Riley would get to taste some cum. “I have a pretty good cum fountain as a neighbor,” Aiden pointed out.
“As a boyfriend you mean,” Riley said.
“I mean both.”
Skip would suck Riley and Riley would suck Aiden to complete the circle.
“What about your dads? Won’t they come home while we’re doing it?” Skip asked.
“My papa Larry is at some kind of high school coaches meeting in Olympia and won’t be home until after four. My Phil dad is working, and he won’t be home until around five. So, I think we’re good. Oh, and Nolan is in Meadow Park, but who cares if he catches us. He’ll just want to join in.”
With that the three smooth young boys lay in a circle and took their partner’s cock into their mouths. It didn’t take Skip long to get to taste Riley’s cum. Within seconds, Riley had cum in his mouth as listening to Riley’s orgasm sent Aiden over the edge. Skip took almost another two minutes, but the older boys totally enjoyed his high-pitched squeals and spasming body as his dry orgasm was as powerful as any he had experienced in his still new sexual life.
The boys sat silently in lounge chairs recovering their breath and admiring each other’s smooth, naked bodies. Skip remembered that Aiden had promised to fuck him before he started sixth grade. He knew this wasn’t the time to do it, but wondered if he should remind Aiden of the promise. He then decided to wait for a time when he and Aiden were alone.
Aiden finally broke the silence by asking Skip a question. “I’ve been wondering about your friend Gage. I haven’t seen him most of the summer.”
“Oh, we still hang out together when he’s here. But he spent most of July in Kansas City at his relative’s house with his aunt and uncle and cousins. Part of that was going to a two-week summer camp with his cousin who is the same age.  We’ve been texting a lot and he says he’s having a good time. And since I know you’re gonna ask me about it, he spent the night at my house just before he left, and we sucked each other off three times. And, yeah, he and his cousin Corey, who’s eleven, suck each other off as much as they can. And he’s sucked his cousin Raymond who’s thirteen and cums a lot. Corey is really, really horny.”
“He texts all that to you?” Riley asked.
“How old is Corey’s other cousin,” Aiden asked.
“He’s sixteen. Gage says he’s totally stuck up and thinks him, Corey, and Raymond are, like babies, and he either ignores them or gives them a lot of shit. Mostly he ignores them.”
The boys decided the water of the pool was too tempting for them to just be looking at it. Jumping in and playing and messing around was the reason that pool was there. They were playing keep away in the pool when Larry arrived home. He stepped out onto the patio and greeted the three boys. “I’m willing to bet the three of you are enjoying a bodacious skinny dip,” he grinned.
Aiden did a handstand, displaying his bare ass for his pop to see. Riley and Skip jumped up and down they were laughing so hard.
“Are either of you staying for dinner?” Larry asked after everybody settled down, figuratively and literally.
“I gotta dress and ride my bike home at four-thirty,” Skip answered.
“Why do you have to dress?” Aiden asked.
“Because Coach Sanders will make me if I don’t, right coach?” Skip asked Larry.
“You hit the nail on the head, Skipper. And is it okay if I call you Skipper?”
“It don’t bother me none.” Correcting the English of a naked boy in a swimming pool was not Larry’s idea of a good teaching moment. Besides, he had a pretty good idea that Skip’s grandmother Rita held his grammar to a higher standard and that Skip was simply relaxing around his peers.   
“I’d have to call home,” Riley said. “But I probably shouldn’t spend the night if Nolan is gonna be here.”
“Hey, he won’t bite you, Riley. There’s really a nice guy hiding in that big body of his,” Aiden said.
“I know. I was thinking more of this is your first good chance to spend a night alone together in, like, over a week.”
Aiden slid over and gave Riley a big hug. Since they were standing nipple deep in the water, he included a grope of Riley’s penis, which netted him a similar grope from his friend.
“I’ll leave you guys alone for the next twenty minutes or so,” Larry said. He headed up the stairs to the deck. Judging from Aiden’s arm motions and Riley’s look of surprise, he surmised that Aiden had fondled his friend and Riley had returned the favor. He never ceased to be surprised by the audacity of Aiden and his friends.
After Larry entered the house, Riley climbed out of the pool, grabbed his shorts, fished his phone out of a pocket, and called his mother. She gave her consent to Riley staying for dinner and told him he should be home by eight o’clock.
Skip was dressed and riding his bike across Lakeshore Drive at four-thirty. He had thanked Aiden for the fun afternoon and Larry for the dinner invitation and was looking forward to one of his grandmother’s home cooked meals.
He thought about being naked and messing around with Aiden and Riley outdoors. He couldn’t think of anything sexier than what he had done with his two friends.
Gordy and Kalie lay naked on the blanket laid out on big rock next to the pond in the woods. They used their towels to protect their white private parts from the afternoon sun.
“That was nice, Kalie,” Gordy said. “It was a great birthday present.”
“I hope you want to do it on more than your birthday,” Kalie grinned.
“You know what I mean. It was special. And way better than our first time.”
“I think it helped that we’d done it before. I mean you almost had a cum thinking about what you were going to do before you poked your cock into me the first time.”
“Yeah. We both lasted longer. I’m ready to do it again.”
“We can do back-to-back some other time,” Kalie said. “Or maybe even more than that. But the sun is getting to me.”
“Yeah, it’s pretty brutal. And the pond won’t be in the shade for a couple hours or so. So, I’m on your side and let’s go back to your house.” Gordy put his right arm around his girlfriend and gave her a long, wet kiss.
“That was nice,” Kalie said.
“Do you think you’ll ever do Aiden?” Gordy asked. He had told Kalie that he was okay with her fucking Aiden or Nolan since they were his best friends and were gay. Kalie could have sex with them without everybody getting all gaga about going out together.
“I doubt it. Nolan is more likely than Aiden. But I think I’ll get Aiden off again somewhere, sometime.”
The two young teens stood up. After folding the blanket, donning their underwear, and draping their towels around their shoulders, they trekked back to the house.
“I mean I got him off a couple of times on the bus to school, but that’s different than going all the way,” Kalie said.
Anne grinned to herself when she saw the young teens come out of the woods holding hands. To her, they made a beautiful young couple, even if her husband sensed trouble. But she had managed to calm him down after his early objections to the kind of relationship the pair had. It certainly helped that Gordy was a great kid, an honor roll student, and a star athlete. It had made Bud much more willing to accept the relationship.
Gordy thanked Anne again for the lunch. Anne admired the beautiful athletic teen bodies, each one covered only by a pair of underpants. The two young teens had no problem with being half naked in front of Kalie’s mother. They had learned to be proud of their bodies rather than ashamed of them.
After Gordy dressed, he stepped out onto the front porch with Kalie, who was still dressed only in her girl boxers. “I guess I’ll see you at my party on Saturday,” Gordy said.
“Unless we see each other before then.”
“Your house is a nice bike ride away from my house. I could be talked into coming back, like, really soon. And maybe get my best exercise after I get here.”
“And even if you don’t get that much, you’ll definitely get this.” She leaned in and kissed Gordy hard on his mouth and felt his growing erection through his shorts. Gordy felt up Kalie’s breasts. He then slid his right hand inside her boxers and fingered her vagina, sending an orgasmic shiver through her.
“Yep, I think that will be plenty all by itself,” Gordy giggled after they broke the kiss.
He hopped on his bike and rode onto the driveway that went through the woods to Lakeshore Drive, thinking how wonderful it was to have a real girlfriend. When he rode past Aiden’s house, he thought about stopping in. He slowed down, saw a bicycle parked by the garage, and decided to let his best friend have fun with whoever the owner of the bike was. He sped up and headed home wondering if he’d could find a way to jerk off as soon as he arrived.
Lenny woke up ahead of Lance. He shook his twin awake. “You’re still in my bed,” Lenny said matter-of-factly as Lance blinked his eyes open.
“It was the only bed that had you sleeping in it,” Lance pointed out. “I needed some twin power from my twin.”
“Twin Power,” Lenny muttered in a quiet voice. “I miss Conner and Cooper really bad.”
“So do I. We gotta find a way for us all to get together.”
“All we gotta do is find the money.”
“Like that’s going to happen. Which reminds me—I’d still like to know how mom got the money to come down to the Brawl and watch us play.”
“Maybe if we ask her at breakfast,” Lenny said.
Before Lance could comment, Brenda barged into the room. Lenny and Lance weren’t surprised that she was naked.
“Did you ever hear of knocking?” Lenny asked harshly.
“Why should I? I was going to sleep in Lenny’s bed last night until he kicked me out of the room,” Brenda responded.
“Correction—WE kicked you out of OUR room.”
“Yeah, whatever. You guys are mean. I shouldn’t let you come with me to see Emmett and Wendy.”
“Who’s going to stop us?” Lance asked.
“Mom will when I tell her you slept together last night.”
“Big deal…,” Lenny started, “…mom knows we sleep together a lot of the time,” Lance finished.
“Just remember, little sister, we know you aren’t a virgin. You can tell mom anything you want, but after you do, we’ll let her know about that,” Lenny said.
“Okay, okay, you can come with me to see Emmett and Wendy,” Brenda said as if they needed her permission. “But I still want to sleep with you and have sex like Emmett and Wendy do.”
“How about you be happy doing it with Emmett and leave us out of your sex life. And before you ask, we’re not gonna do it with Wendy. So there.”
“You’re both the meanest twin brothers in the world,” Brenda growled as she stomped out of the room.
“Let’s shower and get breakfast,” Lance said to Lenny.
“I got a better idea. Let’s get breakfast then shower. My stomach is saying FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”
“I’m good with it.”
They each slipped on a pair of boxers and headed to the kitchen to say good morning to their mother and enjoy breakfast. And they did enjoy breakfast, even after their naked sister came to the table. The twins weren’t sure how she got away with that, but kept their mouths shut. They also didn’t ask about who paid their mother’s way to California. That would have to wait for the right time, whenever that happened to be.
After they finished eating breakfast, the three children helped clean the kitchen and their mother left for work. They then rejected Brenda’s request to join them in their shower. As they washed each other, the twins discussed their sister. “We really should do something with her some time,” Lenny said.
“Why? She’s a pain in the ass brat,” Lance said.
“Because maybe she’ll leave us alone for a while.”
“Or she’ll get even worse because she got her way once.”
“Hey, it’s us catchers who are supposed to be right all the time, not you pitchers.”
“What can I say?”
“Say that if the Brat wasn’t home, you’d let me fuck you right here in the shower.” Lenny said.
“Yeah that. We could do it anyway.”
“Let’s save it for later. Maybe Emmett will be tired of girls and want to get his ass fucked for the first time.”
“Like that’s going to happen,” Lance said. “But if it did happen, then maybe the Brat and Wendy could mess around while we fucked Emmett.”
xxxxxx<Emmett’s House>
Emmett and his sister Wendy lay on blankets in the back yard reading. Emmett was wearing just a pair of shorts while Wendy was dressed in a bikini. Like almost all of the houses in Mayfield, theirs didn’t have a swimming pool. Emmett was fine with it. The swimming pool in the downtown park was open every day during the summer. As residents of the town, he and his sister could use the pool for free. If minors were in sixth through twelfth grade, they didn’t need parental supervision. This was the first summer Wendy and her best friend Brenda could use the pool without a parent. It was the second summer for Emmett.
But they weren’t planning on going to the pool. They were expecting company soon and since their parents were both working and it was Emmett’s first day home in a week, they wanted to take advantage of the situation and have fun at home. The Hazens--Brenda, Lenny, and Lance-- were the expected company. Brenda, who was Wendy’s best friend, also laid claim to being Emmett’s girlfriend.         
Lenny and Lance were two of Emmett’s best friends, but nothing like boyfriends. He knew that the twins each had a boyfriend. Plus, he didn’t consider himself to be gay and was happy that their sister was his girlfriend, even if she wasn’t always easy to get along with. Wendy had a boyfriend in sixth grade named Randy Morris.
She and Emmett also enjoyed sexual relations with each other. Both Brenda and Wendy had lost their virginity to Emmett. The only boy Emmett had done anal sex with was Lenny, who had bottomed for him.
It was close to lunch time and Emmett was hungry. Their mom had left PB&J sandwiches and chips for the five of them to munch on.
“They should be here real soon,” Wendy said.
“Good, because I’m hungry,” Emmett said.
“We should have done something while we had time.”
“We did. We cleaned our rooms like she wanted and then we lay on the blankets and read.”
Emmett looked up when he heard the squeaky gate between the front and back yards open. The three Hazens popped into the yard, Lenny and Lance screeching their greeting and Brenda working to maintain her dignity.
“Hey, guys, long time no see,” Emmett grinned as he rose to his feet.
“Not since yesterday,” Lenny said. “How come you aren’t naked?”
“Do ya think it’s maybe because the neighbors can see into our yard?”
“It wouldn’t bother us if we were your neighbors.”
“I wish.”
Emmett gave each twin a quick hug followed by a much longer hug and kiss for Brenda. Wendy stared with a look of disgust that said hugging boys and kissing Brenda wasn’t cool at all.
The five sat on the lawn and chatted. Most of the chat was by the boys as they traded stories about their big championship. Brenda finally became bored and pulled off her shorts, leaving her in a t-shirt and panties. She then stood up and tugged on Emmett’s arm. Emmett got the message, stood up, and the two went into the house.
“They’re going to do the nasty,” Wendy said.
“Ya think?” Lance chuckled.
Wendy took Brenda’s example a step further by pulling off her bikini bottoms, revealing her hairless pubic region.
“Aren’t the neighbors going to see you?” Lance asked.
“We’ve got a high fence behind us, so they can’t see us, the neighbors on our right side are at work and on our left side are retired. Won’t be the first time the retired neighbors have seen me and they don’t say anything about it. Emmett’s the one who doesn’t like being seen. So, you can take off your pants if you want. You got underpants on so who cares?”
“I like us the way we are, right Lance?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Lance had already opened the top button on his shorts. He quickly closed it up again.
“It’s okay. We can go to my bedroom and you can both do me while Emmett does your sister.”
“It sounds like you’re horny,” Lenny said.
Wendy shrugged. “Emmett ain’t done it to me since before he went to California. I wanted it really bad this morning, but he wanted your sister. So, how about you do me, then I get to do it two times.”
“We can’t.”
“Why not? I’m prettier than your sister and I bet you do her.”
“Nope, we do our boyfriends, but not her. And we couldn’t do her even if we wanted to because we both make sperm.”
“Oh.” Wendy sounded like the wind had been knocked out of her. “Emmett doesn’t make any yet.” The she perked up and said, “Can I see you make it?”
Lance looked at Lenny, who gave him their secret nod. “Okay, we can do that.”
“Let’s go to my bedroom.” Wendy removed her bikini bra, leaving her naked. The twins decided not to push their luck with the retired neighbors and dashed into the kitchen where they removed their shorts, their hard cocks pushing out the front of their underpants, a sight that impressed Wendy. They were soon in Wendy’s bedroom where the twins stripped naked.
Wendy sat on her bed between Lenny and Lance and watched them masturbate furiously. They liked Wendy and wanted to make her happy while at the same time wanting to get the affair over with so could find someplace more comfortable for them. Wendy thought about jerking both twins off at once, but she didn’t want any distractions. She wanted all of her attention focused on the twins squirting their spermies.
“You’re the first boys I’ve seen with hair on their dicks. Randy, my boyfriend, doesn’t have any and Emmett doesn’t either.”
The process was a quick one and she squealed with delight as she watched Lance and Lenny shoot on their bellies and into their sparse pubic hair. She touched the watery cum on Lance and emitted the proper, “Ewwwwwwwwwwww, it’s sticky.” She then followed the twins into the bathroom where they cleaned up.
“Can we have more fun, like kiss, or something?” Wendy asked when they returned to her bedroom.
“We’d like to, but we got somewhere to be,” Lenny said as he started pulling on his baby blue briefs.
“Maybe some other time?”
“Yeah, maybe.”
As soon as the twins were dressed Wendy, who remained naked, walked with them to the front door. As they passed Emmett’s bedroom, they heard Brenda squeal with delight. The twins correctly surmised she was having an orgasm, which they thought was one of the grossest things they’d ever heard.
“Remember, you promised to do this again,” Wendy said as the twins stepped out of the door.
“No, we didn’t promise anything. We said maybe we’d do it some other time,” Lance said.
Wendy breathed out another deflated, “Oh,” and closed the door.
“She’s become almost as big of a brat as The Brat,” Lance said.
“Maybe that’s part of being a girl,” Lenny said.
“Where are Connor and Cooper when you need some…,” Lance looked at Lenny, who nodded.
“TWIN POWER!” they screamed out before hopping on their bikes and riding home where they planned to grab their swimming trunks and go to the Mayfield Community Pool.
Nolan’s mother dropped him off at Aiden’s house a half-hour after Skip had left. Aiden knew who it was as soon as he heard the car in the driveway and was at the door waiting to greet him. Aiden was wearing a Mariner t-shirt, red gym shorts, and orange crocs. Nolan was wearing shorts and a Meadow Park Middle School t-shirt.
The boyfriends shared a long, wet kiss on the front porch before entering the house. Both of them could feel the effects of the kiss in their crotches. They went to the family room where Larry and Phil were watching the Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers at T-Mobile Park. The game was between innings and a commercial was playing.
“Is it still six to four?” Nolan asked. The game had been on the car radio on the ride from Meadow Park.
“Yep, Mariners up six to four going into the bottom of the eighth,” Larry responded. “And hello to you too, Nolan.”
“Oh, sorry and hi Larry and Phil.” Nolan stepped over to Phil’s recliner and fist bumped him, then went to the love seat and did the same with Larry. “Mom had the game on the radio, but the Brewers had a couple of runners on so I wanted to make sure nothing happened.”
“We’re going up to my room and we’ll have fun watching the finish of the game there,” Aiden said.
“Have fun,” Larry said with a grin that said he knew exactly what kind of fun Aiden was talking about.
The boys quickly went up the stairs and to Aiden’s room. Aiden picked up his remote, turned on the television, and also started his California Zephyr model train on its route around the room. He and Nolan quickly stripped naked and then plopped down on Aiden’s bed to watch the game—at least when they weren’t ogling each other.  
“How come you weren’t naked in the Mariner watching room?” Nolan asked.
“I was until you texted that you were on your way. Then I decided I’d better put something on in case your mom decided to come to the house with you.”
“When you undressed, I saw that you were commando.”
“Only because I didn’t have any undies downstairs. Otherwise, I would have just had undies on,” Aiden said. “So, tell me how things went with you and Carter.” Carter had been Nolan’s best friend when he lived in Meadow Park.
“Carter said he didn’t want to fuck any more, but he was still fun in bed. The dude is an epic cock sucker. Not quite up to your accomplished level, but it was still a great pleasure sticking my cock in his mouth and his cum was very sweet when he shot into mine.”
“You mean you didn’t sixty-nine?”
“We did, but our orgasm timing was a couple of minutes different with him cumming first. But what do we do now, watch the game or start making out?”
“Since Marty is on deck, I say we watch the game,” Aiden replied. “Besides, it’s close to finished and a win puts them a game behind the Angels and keeps them a game ahead of the A’s.” Both teams were playing in Texas and Aiden had seen the final scores.
After Lucas Jones flied out to left, Marty came up to the plate with two outs and nobody on base. He was one-for-four with a double and a run scored for the game.
“GO MARTY!” Aiden yelled.
“Do you think he can hear you?” Nolan asked.
“No, but he can feel my psychic vibes.”
“Whatever you say Sweet Cakes.”
They didn’t have to wait long for something to happen. The count was one and one when Angel pitcher Brad Coburn served up fat fast ball that Marty took care of, slamming his twenty-fifth home run off the left field scoreboard to give the Mariners a 7-4 lead, which remained the score at the end of the eighth.
Nolan and Aiden shared a two minute make out session during the between innings commercial break. Closer Mario Diaz came in to save the game. He did just that, earning his eighteenth save with a 1-2-3 inning. The Mariners had a nice 7-4 win. Aiden clicked off the television, set the remote on his nightstand, rolled on top of Nolan, and kissed him passionately.
“I want you to fuck me,” Aiden whispered.
Nolan rolled over and was now above Aiden, who was lying on his back. Nolan spit on his left hand, rubbed the saliva over his six-and-a-quarter inch teen cock, shoved it into his boyfriend’s tight ass, then went to work fucking him hard.
“Oh, yeah, fuck me hard and fucking harder…I’ve been waiting since we left for Cali for just you and me and I’m loving it.”
“Ditto to all that,” Nolan said as he kept hammering the smaller boy under him until he screeched with the painful pleasure of a mega-orgasm. Nolan hit Aiden’s sweet spot with his final thrusts which sent the twelve-year-old into orgasmic ecstasy, his lighter emission squirting over Nolan and himself.
“That was one of our best ever,” Nolan said after they recovered.
“Yeah, it was epic for sure. Thanks for going at it hard.”
“When are we doing it on your balcony?”  
“Today is Tuesday and we’ve got until Saturday,” Aiden said. “Let’s take a day to recover and then go for it.”
“If we end up recovering,” Nolan chuckled.
“You are such a dirty minded Sugar Bear.”
“And proud of it.”
The boyfriends rose from the bed and cleaned up in the bathroom. When they returned to the bedroom, Aiden shut down the train and then they went back to bed, shared a kiss, snuggled, and quickly fell into a sound sleep.
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