You & I


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You & I


By D.K. Daniels


To: Sherlock

Okay, okay, okay… You may call me Watson. It looks to be a topic of discussion for every single one of our conversations as so far. Plus, it makes essential sense that you have a Watson considering your Sherlock, can I possibly be the next best candidate. So, you tell me where and when I sign up for this test or whatever you call it. I'll be ready for it. And it is good to know that you got my package without it having further repercussions. Although I am sorry that no user guidebook came with the product, I'm afraid to inform you, no such employment has been created. Therefore, you will have to contact customer support which, I might sadly have to say has never existed either so, follow that up by a quick Google search.

Furthermore, of course, there is some sense to what I'm saying sleep is sleep… There is no denying that it holds more beneficial value than anything else that a teacher can say and correct, I have nothing against teachers. Although I do have a little bit of the cold stigma at the moment for Mr. Murphy because he's the one that got me into trouble and well… No offense but I wouldn't have to sit down and do this. Not that the time spent talking to you has been bad. If anything, I am enjoying our letters. Every day when I come into school, the box at the top of the class is the first place I go to see if I've received a reply. I have to say you respond quite quickly added; I'm finding it hard to keep up. I apologize if my responses are sluggish, but as I've probably mentioned, I do have a lot on my plate. Now why did I say anything about a dish, it's almost lunch currently, and now I'm hungry.

Anyhow, beds, on the other hand, are fantastic but I don't believe I'd warrant enough willpower to go and kiss someone's feet. I find this weird for some particular reason because perhaps I don't think I'm one for showing public displays of affection quite easily.

I understand what you mean by putting work and effort in, and I do I put a lot of effort into past times I am passionate about, although from what you have mentioned I suppose I could put some more time into developing myself outside of those areas. I admire what you said about what classwork means to you, as sports means to me. I believe it's like one of those things when you do it so much it becomes as rational as breathing and you can't cease without it. I never said the school is a waste of time; I'd happily applaud every teacher who has tried to better me, applied effort in coaching me and has stuck around with me even though I may not be the brightest student in the class.

The realm would surely be boring if everybody were the same, so, I'll agree with you on that. I suppose since everybody is different that is how we have so much option, if everybody were identical then I don't think there would be many options. Tom, Dick, and Harry… lol, you seem to have a way with one-liners which I like oddly because they're quite blunt.

And okay, I think I am going to keep my distance now considering you said that you could bend spoons. It's even weirder now since you noted, you don't probe humans. It makes it sound very alien and sci-fi cheesy.

Phew… Good to know. I tend to curse quite a bit but it's not for the act of being macho or lit, it's mainly due to being honest. To be honest, my mom doesn't like me swearing either, but sometimes it just comes out, and I can't help it. It sounds like your mom knows what she's talking about and while I figure my mom has the same temperament; except I don't really listen to her all that much when it comes to my language. Although when I do curse, it's not usually for the lack of being frustrated I typically curse about everything because it adds emphasis to everything. For instance, I'll give you an example because I think it makes me sound more you know like me. Instead of saying, the road is long, I'll say, it's one long ass road. Still, it's not that much of a swear word, except sometimes mom gets crabby about me using such exemplifies.

So, you feel the same way too when it comes to technology and the way human development is going. It's scary to think that when I was younger I would go missing for hours playing out in the sunshine and then when I look at my little brother playing on an iPad it's sad. The little dude spends all day when he comes in from school on the Ipad, occasionally breaking to do his homework, followed by dinner, where he will disappear back to the device, only to have a shower before bedtime.

I believe we're going to get along just fine if you think John Carpenter's movies is lit. Do you think he's the best horror director there is? The new director James Wan is a pretty cool guy as well, he has revamped the face of horror, and I am pleasantly awaiting the new productions he puts his hand to.

And yeah, I apologize about the crappy cop thing. I wasn't thinking when I was composing it, but I didn't want to scribble it out because it would look messy and, I didn't have all that much time to rewrite the letter. I'm relieved you took it in a light spirit and didn't get upset by it. I didn't mean for it to come off as harsh as I did it's just as I said I'm pretty honest and I don't think that fits well some people.

Question… Do jocks have the traditional sense? I'm not sure what you imply just because I get on well with people and have friends. I'm traditionally a jock. I reckon anybody who has friends and plays sports can equally, not be considered as a jock. Although, I suppose I could say that I'm heading in that direction which I guess is okay but, if I want to fit in I have to lead in that direction if you get my drift. Plus, I promise that not every person who plays physically is not a psycho, so you're in safe hands. I'm not sure if you're trying to elude me in understanding that I'm going to probably be more popular than I am now but that is not my primary concern. I don't aspire to quote and have everybody know me or have whoever' chase after me; I want to play for the fun of it.

When I started feeling more tired and weaker, that is when I took my step back, but I'm glad I did it now when I think about it because I feel a lot better. I remember every day when I got in from school when I did not have practice; I'd sleep for two hours when I got home. When I came back from training when I did have to stay out after school hours, by the time I got home I literally had no energy left. I was missing days when my friends wanted to hang out, and all I could tell them was that I was too tired all the time. It was not fair on anyone, and of all people, it was not for me. I think for most of my sports teams my coaches expected me to perform well, and my team members did so too. Most will say something if I have a crappy record or if on that feeling if it has consequences. Sometimes it's incredibly hard to live up to other people's expectations; furthermore, I feel like that's what I'm doing most of the time. Although I do like what I do I'm not complaining here it's just sometimes it would be nice to be able to take a step back and relax for a minute. Of all the coaches I've met, my lacrosse coach is the best. After this season with my track in basketball, might go back to Lacrosse because I'm itching to get back on the field.

You're not saying what I think you're saying though are you? That would be incredibly weird if you are the kid sitting across from me with the braces who placed a clarinet. I never considered it before when you said clarinet because you said you left and right… There was a kid who split from the band as well who also played clarinet, but that was last year, and I'm not sure if that was you, but I can't honestly remember the kid. I'm sorry if that was you… Although from what I recollect the dude was pretty cool actually. Or perhaps it could be the fact that you are in the other band class which I've never set foot in so what's the odds that another piano player who looks or seems similar to me is on a piano next door.

I never said this to anyone before, but the reason I joined the marching band was that I liked music; can I feel the same way as you do about music. Touching things that cannot be provoked when doing other hobbies makes music special, and it conveys a lot of understanding and emotion. I have heard that some people go without listening to music; I don't believe how there life is any interesting, sure you can have a bit of both worlds, but no music means you're not a happy person and considering every person nearly listens to music, they understand how extraordinary it is. Except for the small minority, only a select few will truly understand what music is.

I'm sorry to hear you don't have many friends, and I'd be happy to be your friend here or in real life if you want to. I'm not saying it just for pity either you not because you genuinely sound like a cool person; therefore I'm open to making a new friend. I don't think I have many virtual friends, in fact, I think everyone I play with online I know, so there's that. Second, I don't hate you or anything like that, or there's no weird stigma because you like games and films, I love video games and movies also so, no pressure.

May I ask why you like being a lone wolf. You mention it, what does it entail. Do you ever get lonely, find it hard express yourself when no one is there to listen? If I pried too much and I'm sorry, and I hope this doesn't make things weird.

Anyway, see you

From: Watson… Agent 007 has terminated.


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A special thanks to my patrons: Samuel Roe (Cynus), Thomas Tallis, Don Jr., Joen, Ozzy,

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Its the fourth of July, sweltering heat, patties on the grill, fun, and laughter to be had with close-ones. All is well for sixteen-year-old Taylor, who has a crush on his best friend. Every summer, the families get together to celebrate by lake Chebacco. Only this 4th of July, Jackson, Taylors best friend has a secret of his own. As the endless day of wonder, dips into the cool evening, will Jackson and Taylor speak of their rattled nerves for each other? Perhaps make their own Fourth of July fireworks.

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