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No One Can Understand Them

"Yub yub!"

"Ohtam haeya!"


"What the fuck are these three arguing about?!" Sean exclaimed in annoyance.

"I don't have a fucking clue," Kyle gripped. "No one can understand them... except for him!"

"Beep bop bop!"

"Oh, fuck this," Adam sighed as he turned away from Artoo.

"Understand them, I do," said the creature next to Timmy, who didn't even stand as tall as the small boy's shoulders. "Listen, you must."

"Master Yondi, please... you're not helping my headache," Cory nearly cried.

"Chaaa drik!"

"Happy, the Ewok is," the small Jedi Master smiled.

"I'm not," JJ mumbled. Then he smiled as the small furry creature started purring into his neck. "He IS cute, though."

"Chak," it purred in responce.

"A beton nya mombay m'bwa!!"

"What has that robed thing found now?!" Kevin shouted as he chased the little Jawa down.

Joel giggled. "My cookie bag..."

"All his, he says. Good, those cookies are."

Cory sighed. And gave up. "I'm going to go have an intelligent vocal conversation with Jorge down in Alligator Alley"

Cory felt a tap on his shoulder. "Huwaa muaa mumwa?"

"Pardon me?" he asked mutely as he looked up at the incredibly big, tall and hairy wookie.

She repeated herself, abate a bit more slowly.


Somehow, Cory could understand the astromech droid perfectly. "Oh! uh, yes please. Coffee. Three sugers, and a quart of whiskey..."


"Bee boopbee."

"Oh, okay. Forget the whiskey..."


Somehow, Cory understood that one. A mother is a mother, no matter the species...


Cory glanced over at his son, slightly concerned by the weird, almost plaintive whine in his boy's voice. "What's wrong?"

"It's following me!"

"It's not nice to call Vann an 'it', Timmy."

"But Vann's not a boy nor a girl and it's following me! Its slimy, and grinning and freaking me out!"

"Sorry am I, Patriarch," Master Yondi said seriously. "Bad sense of humor, the hutt has."

"Uss a no batta," Vann said, smiling widely as he/she/it pawed Timmy's bare arm with his/her/its almost slimy hand.

There was a sudden and long speach from the Hutt, which frankly not even the astromech could keep up with, but the small Jedi Master did. "To Hawaii the Hutt wishes to go," Yondi explained. "Of Prez Hundser, good things he has heard..."

Over the comm came an instant scream. High pitched. Almost girlish. Piercing. Then came yells for an immediate relocate to QonoS... The Rimmers had quit... There were many things they could deal with, but a small Hutt child was pushing all limits.

In response, the Hutt grinned. Evilly.


"Oh, God... what has Juan gone and done now!" the patriarch sighed.


"FUCK NO!!!!" shouted everyone... funnily enough, those in Orlando could even hear Adam Casey yelling the same... and he was still in Russia; and not on the comms!