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CSU Chat Gone Mad!

[08/10/2008 23:59:28] Peter Lambert says: Well, whenever One Door Closes, A New Door Opens
[08/10/2008 23:59:46] Joel says: *groan*
[08/10/2008 23:59:54] Joel says: but very good tho
[00:00:05] Joel says: "You never know what's going to happen when a New Day Dawns!"
[00:00:25] Peter Lambert says: What a concept: a whole conversation conductged in CSU story titles
[00:00:44] Joel says: It's what memories are made of :P
[00:00:49] Peter Lambert says: (Punctuated by a dog saying :Ark! Ark!"
[00:01:12] Joel says: "AC thinks the canversation has Fallen
[00:01:24] Joel says: and he doesn't know the origins of it
[00:01:38] Peter Lambert says: Tell him if he keeps it up he'll be Sentenced to Life
[00:02:07] Joel says: If that happens he'll beat you over the head with a silver dragon
[00:02:33] Peter Lambert says: If he does that, I'll have to put my copy of Memories down under
[00:02:52] Joel says: "You're about to have a rude Awakening"
[00:03:53] Peter Lambert says: Just think, it al;l startyed with A Chance Encounter
[00:04:23] Joel says: yeah, but what's the Unit of measure?
[00:05:01] Peter Lambert says: Ask him if he's read the CSU story set in a nudist camp: A Nude Day Dawns?
[00:05:22] Joel says: (rofl)
[00:05:57] Joel says: you'll have to go to distant frontiers to do better than that :P
[00:06:23] Peter Lambert says: Oh, I'll just play some Okudai Variations :P
[00:06:45] Joel says: did you pull that one out of the past?
[00:07:52] Peter Lambert says: It's a smple matter of electrical engineering: Before Watt comes Y
[00:09:41] Peter Lambert says: Does Power keep a deer diary?
[00:10:27] Joel says: Dear Diary, I have been on a Dark Vacation but now my Life Renewed when I Engaged in a Chance Encounter with a Silver Dragon called Sa'ren coming from an Ark named Gallifrey. Since it all happened in Australia, I have fond Memories Down Under of a place called Camp Little Eagle. Now I have a New Life, so Be Careful What You Ask For, 'cos you might be Sentenced To Life with a cell mate named Eric382.
[00:11:02] Joel says: ^^ from AC
[00:11:48] Peter Lambert says: Tell him he wins an Enterpirse Tour
[00:12:13] Peter Lambert says: Who's a member of the Jaycees
[00:12:34] Joel says: ... just wait til you see "Who" AC sends back to your story