Chapter 2

The next day went very well, all things considered.  There were a couple of grouchy old men waiting for the door to open when Keagan got downstairs.  A little later, a very well dressed woman in her seventies or eighties pinched him on the butt as he was leaning over a table to clean it.  Another woman insisted on giving him a hug as she was leaving and said that he reminded her of her son who had died in the war.  Since classes had not started yet, he was able to work the whole day with Chay and learned a lot about the business.  By the time the shop closed that afternoon, Keagan was thoroughly tired and fairly embarrassed by all the attention he had gotten from the customers all day, especially the pinch to his butt.  

Keagan raced upstairs to the bathroom where he stripped quickly and put the robe on.  He then started back downstairs with his dirty clothes to throw them in the washer.  As he was going down the stairs, he met Chay coming up from the living room.  The baker's eyes flew open wide as he looked up the stairs, then he quickly turned his head to the side.

"Hey, slow down, Chipper, where's the fire?" Chay teased, but his voice sounded odd to Keagan.  It was like he was really nervous about something.

"I have to get ready for the party," Keagan answered.

"Oh, you're still going to that?" Chay frowned.  "Keagan, please be careful.  I wish you wouldn't go at all, but at least promise me that if you feel uncomfortable at all, you will call me to come and get you.  No matter what time it is.  Ok, promise me?"

"I promise," Keagan said with a big grin as he hugged his boss tight.  Chay made another one of those moans that worried Keagan, but the teen was shooed down the stairs to the laundry machine as Chay quickly went upstairs.  It was only when he reached the bottom of the stairs that Keagan realized that his hastily tied robe had come untied at some point on his journey.  He almost passed out as he realized he had probably just exposed himself to his new friend and employer.

Chay was in his room when Keagan got back upstairs, so he got into the shower and cleaned up quickly.  He thought he would apologize to the man after he got out, but the baker was still behind closed doors and Keagan was nervous about going into the man's bedroom wearing nothing but the same robe that had already failed to keep him covered once.  He went downstairs more carefully this time and switched his clothes over to the dryer, and then went back upstairs to his own room.  He started reading in one of his textbooks as he waited for the machine to finish with his clothes.  A little later he was startled to hear a knock from the hallway outside his room.

"Hey, Chipper, I brought your clothes up for you," Chay called out from the doorway.  He had the small bundle in his arms.  "I was down in the bakery… umm… checking on… stuff.  I heard the machine go off so I thought I would bring them up for you."

"Thank you, Chay," Keagan said quietly.  "Chay… about the stairs… umm… well, I didn't know that….  I mean I didn't mean to….  God, I'm so embarrassed now."  The teen buried his face in the pillows on his bed.

"Hey, you were in a hurry, and I didn't….  Umm… It's okay, really.  No harm done, I swear," Chay assured him.  "We are two men sharing an apartment with one bathroom.  I hope it won't be the last ….  Errr… I mean I am sure at some point one of us will see the other with less than my old robe on.  So, umm yeah, I will get out of here now so you can get dressed and go to your party.  Maybe some of the other guys in the frat will be nicer than… I mean nice too."

"Chay, I don't get why you don't want me to go to this party, but I swear to you I will call you if anything happens that I don't like," Keagan told him sincerely.  "Oh, if it makes you feel any better, I would never drink any beer.  I can't stand the smell of the stuff.  I never have understood how people can put something that smells that bad that close to their nose, much less in their mouth."

"And just how do you know what beer smells like, young man?" Chay said with his best mock stern voice.

"The kids at the home have to go out Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons to pick up the trash along the road in front of the home.  Those cans smelled awful.  I hated it more than anything else we did at the home.  I think all the kids did," Keagan explained as he turned away from the man and dropped the robe then bent over and pulled up his tight little white underwear.  Keagan heard another of those strange, almost painful moans from Chay and turned to face him as he tugged his t-shirt over his head.

"I…uhh… I'll see you in the morning, I guess," Chay said suddenly.  "Remember to call…."

"If I need you to pick me up," Keagan finished for him.  He started to say something more, but when his head popped free of the neck of the shirt, Chay was already gone.  Keagan finished dressing and took the robe to put it back in the bathroom, but when he got there he could hear the water running.  He ran back upstairs, left the robe on his bed, and then started out for the campus.

He walked up to the open door of the frat house a little nervously.  Music was blaring so loud he had heard it half a block away.  Just as he got to the entrance, a guy came running out of the house and threw up in the bushes in the front yard.  Macon was following the guy, and actually bumped into Keagan on the steps.

"Hey!  You made it, blondie!" Macon called out over the music.  "Come on in.  Join the party."  Keagan looked apprehensively at the guy who was still hanging over the bushing puking.  "Oh, don't worry about Frank.  He'll be fine tomorrow."

Macon pulled Keagan into the house by his arm.  There was a quick tour of the main room where a bunch of guys were dancing, then into the dining room where another group of guys was standing around eating brownies and chips and dip.  Macon pointed out the kitchen and told Keagan that the drinks were in there.

"If you want a beer, stay out of sight of the big crowds with it," Macon leaned in and said in Keagan's ear.

"I don't like beer," Keagan told him.  "It smells awful.  If you spill any on your clothes, it just hangs on you forever."

"I know what you mean," Macon agreed.  "I used to have that trouble when I was a kid too.  I can get you some Kool-Aid though.  That won't smell on you, and it will help you get started quicker anyway.  You are going to be really popular, I can already tell.  I'll be right back with a cup for you."  Macon disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Keagan on his own in the dining room.

"Hey little chicken, do you want some rock candy to go with your Kool-Aid?" one of the guys in the room called out.

Keagan blinked back tears of shame as he thought that the guy was making fun of him.  He started to storm out of the room, but just at that moment, several people from the hallway came into the room, blocking the door.  Just then Macon came back into the dining room from the kitchen with a cup in his hand, holding it out to Keagan.  He reached over and rubbed his hand up and down Keagan's shoulder lightly.

"Hey, you weren't trying to sneak out on me, were you?" Macon asked.

"I didn't come here to be made fun of," Keagan said harshly.  He jerked his arm away from Macon's touch.

"Hey! Nobody is making fun of you, blondie," Macon responded.  "If they do, I will kick their butt."

"I am not a chicken, and I'm not a little kid, either, so I don't need candy to go with my Kool-Aid," Keagan told him.

"I wasn't picking on you, little dude, I swear," the guy that had been across the table said, making Keagan notice that he was now standing next to him with a paper plate with what looked like little rocks or bits of broken glass on it.  "See, Rock Candy," he offered the plate to Keagan.

"Wow, you guys broke this up way too small," Keagan said looking at the plate.  He took the cup from Macon and took a big swallow and then made a face.  "What did you do to your Kool-Aid?  This tastes like it's going bad or something."

"My god, how cherry can you be?" the guy holding the plate of rock candy asked.  "The Kool-Aid has v… OW!" Macon had smacked him on the back of the head.

"It has what?" Keagan asked.

"Vitamins…. We added the Kool-Aid packet to vitamin and mineral enhanced water," Macon answered.  "We've got a lot of science guys in the frat always experimenting with chemicals."

"Yeah, that ain't all we experiment with," the other guy said with a laugh, and a few guys around them laughed as well.  "Well, how about it little man?  You want some of my rock candy or not?"

"No thanks, I will just stick to the Kool-Aid for now," Keagan told him.  After a few more sips of his drink, Keagan was starting to feel rather warm in the crowded room.  He had tried one of the brownies, but it tasted a bit off just like the Kool-Aid did.  If these frat guys were so inept in the kitchen that they couldn't make brownies or even decent tasting Kool-Aid, he was definitely not going to try the candy they had made.  The funny thing was his Kool-Aid glass never seemed to get any emptier.  Every time he took a sip, it appeared to be full, but the color was getting lighter and lighter it seemed.  "Shwarm in here," he announced to Macon and was surprised to hear the slur in his words.  He blinked and then giggled softly.

"Maybe you should take your shirt off, blondie," Macon suggested.  "We wouldn't want you to get too hot.  It's kind of crowded in here anyway.  Come on; let me help you take that shirt off."  Before Keagan could stop him, Macon was tugging at his shirt and the teen was soon bare-chested. 

From across the room, someone called out, "Hey!  Looks like the entertainment is starting!"

"Doesn't that feel better, blondie?" Macon asked.

"Sure as hell looks better," the guy with the rock candy said with a big grin.

"He still looks overdressed to me," someone else called out.

"I think we're all overdressed," Macon responded.  He yanked his own shirt off and then laughed out loud at the expression on Keagan's face.  "Looks like that got Blondie's interest, guys.  I was right; we are overdressed."

"Hey Blondie, you might like this view better than Macon's chest," Rock Candy guy said in Keagan's ear.  Keagan turned but frowned at what he saw.

"Not fuzzhy," the teen pouted.

"Oh, Blondielocks is a bear chaser," Macon announced.

"Well, I'm fuzzy down here, little buddy," Rock Candy guy told Keagan.  The teen's eyes followed the other's hand down his chest and widened in surprise as he realized he was looking at the older boy's stiff cock sticking straight out towards him.

"You's nekkid," Keagan whispered.

"So am I now, Blondie," Macon leaned in and whispered as he wrapped his arms around the teen.  He started rubbing his fingers up and down Keagan's exposed chest as Keagan watched the rock candy guy start to slowly masturbate right in front of him.  "Let's see if Blondie's carpet matches his drapes guys," Macon called out to the gathering crowd of guys.  He nibbled at Keagan's neck and had the teen squirming around as his hands slid down to the front of Keagan's pants.

Keagan was surrounded by naked guys who were pawing and tearing at his clothes.  He was vaguely aware of a voice calling out from the kitchen.  "Is this the right place?  I hope it's ok I parked my van in the alley out back.  I have a delivery courtesy of Keagan…."  Chay walked into the dining room just as Macon suddenly yanked what was left of Keagan's jeans and underwear to the floor.  "What the hell is going on in here?" Chay yelled.  "Are you ok, kid?"

"Not a kid!" Keagan pouted looking even more like a kid than his still practically hairless crotch and short stature implied.  "Birfday in…in…" His voice trailed off as he started to count on his fingers.  "Two mutts," he called out proudly.

"OOOO Kinky," Rock Candy guy grinned.  "Blondie is into bestiality."

"Yeah, and you are all into jail for sexual misconduct with a juvenile, stupid, not to mention the drug and alcohol charges.  Blondie, as you call him, isn't eighteen yet," Chay yelled back.  "Come on Keagan, we gotta get you out of here."  Just as he grabbed Keagan's hand, a siren was heard outside.

"Get him out the back door quick, dude," Macon commanded.  "We'll stall the cops until you can get down the alley.  Bring him back later."

"Like hell, I will," Chay snarled.  He tried to find Keagan's clothes and had started to reach for his jeans, but there was a pounding on the door.  He yanked Keagan through the kitchen and out the back door of the frat house into the alley.  They ran to the van as fast as Keagan could manage, and Chay hurriedly started driving, not stopping until they were back at their home.  "What did you take, Keagan?" Chay asked him.

"I didn't steal nothing from their dumb frat house," Keagan whined. 

"I didn't say you stole anything, Keagan," Chay corrected.  "I asked you what….  What did you eat and drink, kiddo?"

"I'm not a kid," Keagan pouted, "and I didn't eat anything.  I had one bite of a nasty tasting brownie, and I drank some Kool-Aid.  That's all."

"You're sure that's all you had?  How many glasses of the Kool-Aid did you drink, Keagan?"

"I don't know… they kept giving me more before I could even finish the last one."  Keagan threw his hands up in surrender.  "Stop calling me Keagan."

"But it is your name," Chay tried to point out, but Keagan was shaking his head.

"You're Sugarman and I'm Chipper the Sunshine Boy," Keagan giggled. 

"Ok, you're still drunk," Chay laughed softly.

"I am not drunk," Keagan insisted.  "I didn't have any beer at all, just Kool-Aid."

"Frat boys are well known for putting vodka in the Kool-Aid," Chay replied.


"Yes, and there was probably marijuana in the brownies," Chay told him.

"Ok that I've heard of, but I only had the one bite of the brownies.  Mine taste much better, and yours are the absolute best."

Chay got out of the van to unlock the back door of the bakery so they could go in.  He heard Keagan get out as well, but when he turned around, he couldn't see Keagan anywhere.  He called out softly, but he didn't hear a response.  He took a few steps into the alley and called again.  This time he heard a quiet little sob from further down the alley behind a trash dumpster.  "Keagan, it's all right," Chay said as he stepped closer.  There was a frightened squeak, followed by the sound of someone falling against the dumpster.  Chay rushed forward and then gasped at the sight before his eyes.  Keagan was on his hands and knees, but was swaying unsteadily, which made his very bare, very cute butt wiggle in a very provocative way.

"Go away," Keagan said somewhat loudly, and then he groaned and clutched his head with his hands.  The act of lowering his head into his hands had the unfortunate side effect of exposing himself even more to Chay's wide eyes.  "Leemeelone," Keagan whimpered.

"What was that?" Chay asked as he stood there transfixed by the sight in front of him.  "Keag…Chipper, you gotta get up.  Come on, little dude, Sugarman is here to help you."

"Sugarman, my hero," Keagan mumbled.  "Gonna be mad at me.  Didn't want me to go to dumb old party.  Shoulda listened to Sugarman."

"Yeah, well I'm just worried right now, not mad," Chay told him. 

"Not mad?" Keagan questioned blearily.  "You promise?"

"I promise, Chipper.  I will take good care of you, I swear," Chay reassured the sickly looking and smelling teen.  "I have a good mind to call and make sure those frat boys go to jail for this, but that might get you into trouble too.  You would probably have to leave the school if word got out about what was going on.  It's going to be hard enough on you, just having the rumors going around that I'm sure will start.  I know I've only just met you, but I really care about you and don't want to lose you."  He shook his head and reached out to Keagan and pulled him up from the filthy pavement.  He practically carried the teen up the stairs to the bathroom and started cleaning him up.  "I think you better stay in my room tonight.  I don't want you trying to go up and down stairs in your condition.  I will sleep up in your room."

"You stay with me," Keagan said surprisingly firmly as he locked both of his arms around Chay's arm that was closest to him.  The still inebriated teen grinned like a happy little kid and laid his head over on Chay's shoulder.  "I need Sugarman to take care of me."

"Well, I certainly can't argue that someone needs to take care of you," Chay mused.  "You are just too sweet and innocent for your own good."  He paused and thought for a moment, and then repeated, "Innocent."  He pulled Keagan onto his lap and held the boy's face in his hands looking him right in the eye.  "Keagan, did they… I mean were you….  Had they done anything to you before I got there tonight?"

"They tried to feed me rock candy, but their brownies tasted so nasty that I was afraid to try the candy," Keagan replied.

"Thank God," Chay breathed.  "But they didn't do anything… sexual… to you, except tear your clothes off?  Oh my god, what would have happened to you if I hadn't decided to check up on you, my little sunshine."  He pulled Keagan into a tight hug, and a moment later realized that the teen had fallen asleep in his arms.  He carried the sleeping boy to the bed, laid him down, and was about to leave when Keagan grabbed his arm again. 

"Stay with me," Keagan whispered.  "I'm scared.  I don't want to think about tonight, and if you leave, I know I will."  He looked up into Chay's face with tears in his eyes.  "I'm so sorry for not listening to you.  I could have been… I almost was…. How can I go to school and see those guys around campus knowing what they saw… what they did?"  He broke down sobbing then and Chay immediately climbed into the bed beside him holding him until the weeping finally stopped and Keagan was asleep once again.