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January 16, 2022: A few things from ACFan
Posted by AC

It's been a busy year already on the Cafe, and it's only January!

First off, congrats to D. K. Daniels for his publication of "As They Say" - I hope you have as much or more success with the paperback as you have had with the online copy!

Welcomes are in order for our newest author, Ruwen Rouhs, and you will be seeing his stories appearing over the next week or so.

Thank you to The Story Lover for all of his help over the last year; he's been helping me keep things going when life went into turbo-insane mode.

And now, to top things off .... NEW CHAPTER!!!

If you didn't notice, I've added a new story in the Clan Short Universe, called Brotherhood of Love. DJ and Tanner have grown as characters to the point that they deserve their own storyline, so I have given them one.

Today, Brotherhood of Love Chapter Two: Changes has gone live! Join the boys as they come back from their honeymoon only to find their own family has been plotting in their absence. You'll find visits by a few familiar faces, and quite a few surprises!

Enjoy, and I wish everyone a Safe and Happy 2022!





January 8, 2022: As They Say - Removed for editing & release in paperback
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Don't fret folks, I know As They Say is a beloved tale here on the site. I thought I'd let you know what is happening in case you missed it. I've decided to unpublish the story prior to my personal publication of the story in paperback. However, I am delighted to say I will be updating it here on Cornercafe to the latest version, I just need some time and there is a lot of moving pieces to contend with now. I plan on releasing the offical book on the 29th January 2022, so if you want more info about that you can head over to my website at - Also, don't forgot to sign up to my mailing list, I'll be giving away free paperbacks and digital version to some lucky folks. I hope to have an updated version of ATS - book 1 up not long after the release, but I'll have to see how it goes with my time constraints. Thanks for understanding, and I can't wait to share the newest version of the story with you all.

January 3, 2022: To start the CSU New Year....
Posted by AC

Happy New Year, everyone!

You'll see two new CSU posts to start the year, both in the Mikyvis Chronicles area. Honeymoon: Intermission is for those who skipped reading my Christmas 2021 Story Challenge submission; I tried to warn you, it ties in with Honeymoon: Chapter 3 and will clear a few things up. The second post, logic dictates, must then be Honeymoon Chapter 3. (Of course it is, I'm not THAT mean!) 

For Honeymoon 3, we're back in Archnanian Real Time after the Intermission, and we find out quite a few things about the effects some of the Clan family have just by being there. This chapter allows a lot of healing and bonding, something quite a few of the boys needed.

May all of you have a safe and joyous 2022!


January 2, 2022: A Belated Merry Christmas!
Posted by The Story Lover

December 31, 2021: Happy New Year
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Happy New Year guys, I hope you have a lovely evening, and you celebrate lots. Thank you for an amazing year to all the readers and authors I've had the chance to talk with this year. :) It has been an incredible journey, and I am greatful to have shared it with you all. Lets hope 2022 will be the year where things get back to normal.

December 26, 2021: Merry Christmas!
Posted by AC

D. K. Daniels beat me to posting, so don't forget to read his news post as well!

Merry Christmas from all of us on the Corner Cafe!

There are multiple Christmas posts this year, and I thank all of the authors and readers who made this year special. I'd like to extend a special "Thank you!" to D. K. Daniels for kicking everything off with his online reading of "Chasing Christmas"; I can tell you that was no easy feat, as it has been tried multiple times with Memories but never made it to first base! 

From myself, JeffP, and TSL, we have the Fort Family Admin's submissions into the Christmas Story Event. For you CSU fans out there, you might just want to read mine, because you never know what warped ideas might travel from my fingers into CSU Canon ... don't say I didn't warn you!

From all of us, to all of you, Merry Christmas and may yourself and all of your families and friends have a safe and joyous conclusion of 2021 that extends throughout 2022.


December 24, 2021: Merry Christmas Everyone!
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄 🎅 I hope you have a lovely day, and you get all the Christmas presents 🎁 you asked for from Santa. If you still haven't found out, sign up to mailing list, I'll be dropping an exclusive Christmas story 📖 called It Would Be You only for my mailing list, and my patreons. The post drops tomorrow. So, don't miss out on that, and if you still want more festive vibes, grab a copy of Chasing Christmas , and read along with me on Youtube 🖥️. I covered all 16 hours of the book, and you can still catch up if you missed the livestreams. 📹

Link Below:


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