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January 21, 2020: A new chapter of Memories now live
Posted by AC

First off, a warning -- this chapter was posted under the influence of NyQuil - so I am not responsible for any errors!

With Tommy Short in the lead, the Clan boys begin the process of acclimitizing the Schaffer family to their new home. As can be expected, Tommy uses his own style to do it, which leads to some ... interesting .... developments.

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, please let our authors know if you like their stories!


December 31, 2019: To finish off the year...
Posted by AC

D. K. Daniels, Pyro, Ted Louis, and myself are giving you one last posting on the Cafe to make the year complete! My latest addition to the Denny's Universe is a very tongue-in-cheek story just written for fun. I hope you enjoy it and all of the end-of-year postings from everyone else! 

Happy New Year,


December 31, 2019: And now for the main event....
Posted by AC

Over the last couple of days, I've posted a few of the tools that I used in developing the next chapter of Memories... and now I am proud to present the results of all of that planning!

That's right ... Memories Part 3, Chapter 38 is now LIVE!

This was a hard chapter to write in some ways, as there is a lot happening for quite a few core characters - things which are hard to write in a way that meets my expectations.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!


December 29, 2019: Ooops!
Posted by AC

We had a slight goof that was making the links on other Fort Family sites to the new movies give errors. Once we bribed JeffsFort with Pringles, it was easily fixed and everything works as intended! (Even though technically we were doing things that were not intended!)



December 29, 2019: More movies!
Posted by AC

Creston hijacked Timmy (My Mac Pro, not the redheaded Chief!) while I was asleep last night, and ran up the electric bill making more videos; I think he might like his new house!

He added another format to his first movie, and then posted two formats in two different sizes each in a new post showing off his new house. Make sure that you have munchies handy, the video runs for a full 32 minutes!

I hope that you enjoy it, now I'm going to get back to writing!


December 29, 2019: More resources from AC
Posted by AC

Hey all, I hope the holiday season is treating you all well!

As I'm writing, sometimes I have to make visual aids to make sure that i have everything the way I want it. Today, I shared some of those tools, namely the floorplans for the Schaffer house AFTER Peter got done with it! There will be a followup vid, but it will make more sense after seeing these.

On the chapter front, the fact that I'm releasing these should be a good sign, and it is ... the next chapter of Memories is close to completion, I hope to have it done by New Years day if all goes well!

Stay safe, I'll see you all soon!


December 22, 2019: Christmas Short Story Event Submissions Due Tonight
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers and Authors,

Don't forget your submissions are due tonight. 

And don't worry if you don't receive an acknowledgement right away there is a bad cold bug sweeping through the North Pole, but have no fear we will get all of the submissions posted on Chrismas Day.  (Since we may be sleeping and not watching our inbox ((hint, hint) your late entries juts might get posted.) Unfortunately, due to our bad cold, we won't be able to edit any of the submissions.

The Themes for this year's Christmas Short Story Event are as follows:  All I Want For Christmas Is, What Christmas Means To Me, and My Favourite Denny's® Christmas.

The Guidelines are very simple as usual:

  1. Stories should be between 500 and 15,000 words give or take a million words.
  2. All Submissions should have the author's initials appended to the end of the Filename.
  3. All submissions are due by Sunday, December 22nd at Midnight PST.
  4. This event is open to any reader or author that wants to enter, Non-Fort Family Authors are more than welcome.
  5. Have Fun Writing!
  6. All submissions should be sent to 2019 Christmas Short Story Event.
  7. If you need suggestions just email ACFan

As always this event is open to all readers and authors. 

Happy Writing,

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