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Jeff's Fort 

      • Home of STL and APTT
      • One of the Founding Sites of the Fort Family

Gary's Garden

      • Home of the PJD trilogy
      • One of the Founding Sites of the Fort Family
      • Archive, contains all posted works and is maintained as a live site

Brynmor's Annex

      • One of the Founding Sites of the Fort Family (Under original version as AC Annex)
      • Home of Brynmor's CSU Stories 
      • Birthplace of Boi From Aus's Oceanic Division of Clan Short

The Story Lover's Home

      • Home of the Dragon Earl Universe
      • Charter member of the Fort Family

The Padded Room

      • Home of Akeentia and Str8mayb's collection of stories
      • Charter member of the Fort Family

Bent and Twisted

      • The home of Multimapper
      • Charter Member Of The Fort family Of Sites.
      • CSU stories, fanfic, and other stories by Multimapper
      • Alternate site (With same content) Broken Bard


      • Fort Readers Event District
      • Home of all things eventy and special features.

The Mustard Jar

      • Stories by Ronyx

Shack Nation

      • The Multimedia arm of the Fort Family
      • Hosts the image galleries for the Corner Cafe authors 

Ted Louis Dot Com

      • Welcome to the Home of Stories by Ted Louis and Other Selected Authors
      • Home to Joel by Ted Louis a Golden Semicolon Award Winner.
      • Home to Felix P. of After the Game Fame.


Other sites with quality stories:


      • An extensive collection of stories from multiple authors

Gay Authors

      • Forums and stories,both new and established authors
      • Home for stories by Comicality 


      • Welcome to CRVBOY! Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and a snack and check out some great stories! I'm currently hosting stories by CRVBOY, Jeff Allen, Brew Maxwell, Richie Ryan, JET, Sara Bell, Draginacht, James Hogue, PNSKID, The Journeyman, Tim Mead, Jacob Adams, Kit, Christopher Patrick Lydon, Writer's Dream, Drew Hunt, Greg, Little Buddha TW, Jack Scribe, Jon, Mike Arram, Dark Shadow, JoJo, Luis Salazar, Mickey S, Adam Phillips, Kanseiji, Greg Bowden, JW Smith, Gabriel Morgan, Ron Robbins, Kiwi, Michael Duggan, Brian Holliday, Tinnean, Jonathan Unruh, Roy Reinikainen, BndgDawg, J.J. Janicki, Rock Lane Cooper, Jess Mercer, Etienne, G.P. Apley, Sam, Eden Winters, Cardeno C., Billy, Pete Bruno, Terry, Mark Peters, Owen Hudson, T. Audette, Marcus McNally, Nicholas Hall and Carlos A. Hazday.
      • Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back again real soon to see what else had been added.
      • Please note:The stories on this site deal with all types of relationships, including same-sex relationships, whether platonic or romantic. If this offends you or is illegal where you live, then please leave. Thank you.


      • It's Only Me from Across the Sea - IOMfAtS
      • This site has three main components: Gay Teenage Male Romantic Stories and Poems, Sexual Health Information, and Online Help and Advice.
      • There is a great deal else, all available from the left-hand margin menu. Please make yourself at home. The Site Mailing List lets you know about site updates at once. Your email address is not sold, traded or exploited in any way, and you may subscribe and unsubscribe automatically at any time.

Imagine Magazine

      • The OFFICIAL magazine of the Shack Out Back
      • Gay youth stories and articles every month (Submissions always Welcome!)
      • Created by Comicality and TurtleBoy
      • Maintained by Comicality, Jeff P. & some kid named Matt!