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February 12, 2019: Space, Music and More
Posted by dBarber1

Hello everyone, we have some great updates for you to check out.  We have chapters 10-15 of The Music in the Painting by JuJu, Chapter 15 from You and I by D. K. Daniels, Chapter 29 of Voyagers by The Voyagers Authors has also been added for y’all to check out as well as Ch 14 or the Revised edition of Can You Spare A Quarter by Tigerpaw. We also have three updates to the wonderful Hearts Across Space Series by The Story Lover, He has added a Cover Page Information about the Errata VI: The Alexander Class Dreadnought, and a New chapter titled  Activation What, Who?


February 3, 2019: INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by AC

Hey all! We've got a MAJOR operation in progress! Today marks the launch of our newest author, Darkhuntsman, and his stories "Projecr New Horizon" and "Project New Dawn". What really makes this unique is that the two stories cover the same plotline but show the different dynamics that come from changing the relationships of the characters.

To make things easy, the following stories had been posted before I started turning all of the chapters on:


Keep an eye open - I have the Extras all turned on, and am about to start on the chapters!

Let's all give Darkhuntsman a Cafe-level welcome!

I hope that you enjoy his story as much as I do, this is going to be a classic!

Welcome to the Corner Cafe, Darkhuntsman!




January 27, 2019: Thank you!
Posted by AC

Thank you to all of our awesome authors on the Cafe!

As I was posting my "State of the Cafe" address, I decided to actually count how many new chapters / new stories were posted so far in January. The list ranges from authors that have been with the Cafe for years to our newest author,  Frostbite Seth, and including the State of the Cafe address, there have been 30 chapters posted in 27 days!

Authors, thank you for sharing your awesome stories!

Readers, thank you for supporting our authors and giving them encouragement to continue their works!


January 26, 2019: Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! Update
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers and Authors,

This year's Valentine's Day Short Story Event is titled ~ Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! 

The event starts now and runs through January 31, 2018, for unedited stories and February 7th for edited stories. I will post all stories on Valentine's Day February 14th.

Please send all your submissions (yes multiple submissions are allowed) to  Elfmail <> with the subject of Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019.

If you need an idea of what this event is about check out this really cute Short Video In A Heartbeat it just may spark your muse.

 Happy Reading,

January 25, 2019: New Author!
Posted by AC

Hey all!

The Fort Family has a new author! His home site is Jeff's Fort, but he has been kind enough to allow the Cafe to co-host his first story!

Welcome to the Cafe Frostbite Seth!

You can find his first story on the Cafe at: "Chapter One: Riley" from The Robot with Human Hair - I hope that you enjoy it, I can see a lot of promise in the storyline, this one looks to be a thriller.

Enjoy the story, and if you see Boudreaux or Jeff P looking for me, you never saw me!


January 21, 2019: Voyagers Second Anniversary
Posted by Douglas DD

Voyagers 2nd Anniversary
Today, January 21, 2019, marks the 2nd anniversary of a story called "Voyager”. When I was asked by True Fan and Zarek Dragon to be part of the collaboration I had no idea of the scope of the epic story that would unfold. The story has moved in directions none of us could ever have imagined when we began.
The boys on the Sooloo have become more than just members of a crew, they have become a family, both on the starship and in the hearts of the three authors. The three of us have developed a great cooperative bond between us which helps us feed our ideas and characters into the plot.
But there is more to the family than just the three of us and the boys of the Sooloo. D&D, our fabulous editors are a key part of our family, as is The Story Lover who help in the launching of the story was invaluable. Our Beta reader has helped us in many ways with his pre-reading and his suggestions. The four of them are like Uncles to we three authors.
And then there are you, the readers, who keep inspiring us to add more to the story. You have loyally read the epic adventure of the Sooloo, reading and commenting as you watch the boys mature and grow and we thank you for that. Our family is eager to keep the exploration and adventure going to wherever the Sooloo decides to take us.    
Douglas DD 

January 21, 2019: It's that time again - Memories plus more!
Posted by AC

It's another great month on the Cafe -- there are so many recent updates that I can't list them all!

Just to add to the fun, I just posted a double-dose of Memories! This is a double-header that follows a complete story arc involving Leon Schmidt, Captain of the CSSF Iowa. I really hope you like it, as it buttons up one of the hanging storylines that needed to close before wrapping up part three. This is a really fun chapter that I enjoyed writing a lot.

Please don't forget the other stories that have been updated, as a lot of great authors have posted new stories!


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