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August 7, 2022: Just A Note!
Posted by AC

I've posted a PDF addition to the Family Tree for Brotherhood of Love, covering the new chapter. As a PDF, it gives you one file instead of three, yet you still have the three images for quick reference from Chapter Nine.

I'm confused too! I just don't think spoilers are good in family trees, so leaving older ones for new readers is a plus!



August 7, 2022: To get things rolling again ... a new chapter of Brotherhood of Love!
Posted by AC

Hey all!

I had planned on posting this literally the instant that the sites went down a couple of days ago. Now that we are as stable as we can be, I'll give you the latest in the Brotherhood of Love saga - Chapter 10: Camptown Blues!

DJ and his family are finally starting to settle in; just spending the day relaxing. When a call comes in, Finn steps up to the plate, leading a select group of his family members on a mission to invade a reprogramming camp owned by one of the former executives of Zorro Communications. Will he follow in his new family's footsteps? Chapter Ten answers this and a few more questions!

I hope that you enjoy the chapter!



August 5, 2022: Possible Stability Issue
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Fort Family!

As many of you may be unaware, on Thursday evening our service provider was one of many who experienced a complete outage that took our entire community down for a short period of time. I won't go into any details but we are not complaining about the speed in which this issue was addressed. The reason for this post is to request that any major site updates or important chapter postings should be postponed to allow for temporary fixes to receive permanent repairs. Where the work continues, I would consider all of our sites "Read Only" for a day or two. I will attempt a current backup as a "Just Incase" but, if we experience DNS issues resulting from the outage, new work could be lost.

So please join us in thanking those involved in such a speedy recovery but to be safe, do some reading and let your readers angrily stare at your newest cliffhanger one or two more days. 🤣


July 29, 2022: Dumbstruck - Part 3 - Out Now
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Dumbstruck - Part 3 is out now, folks can get paperback or ebook versions on Amazon or Google Play. I know this book has been coming from a while, and now I'm thrilled to say it has finally dropped. The book is much longer than the previous two in the franchise, and I have plans for a fourth book, so stay tuned for that too. Links found here:

July 16, 2022: New Chapter plus MORE!
Posted by AC

Hey All;

I've got a new chapter of Brotherhood of Love for you, as well as a Family Tree so that you can keep score easier!

In BoL nine, we get to see how some of the more fragile new members of Clan Wagner are adjusting, while some other members are stepping up and trying out their new capabilities.

I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it, and you'll find that there are hints at some future events!



June 28, 2022: Part 2 of Brotherhood of Love Chapter 8 now live!
Posted by AC

As I promised, the second part of what I posted yesterday is now live!

If you missed it, you'll want to read Brotherhood of Love Chapter 8A first, but now you have the conclusion to the events of Chapter 8A. Things finally come to a head as Destiny reveals the path that DJ is going to be leading his family down.





June 26, 2022: After many delays... BoL New Chapter!
Posted by AC

Hey all!

I'm about to post the first part of a two-part chapter for Brotherhood of Love! Between real life and certain characters who don't know when to slow down, the chapter became too long to post as one!

Within a few minutes, I'll be posting Brotherhood of Love Chapter 8A ... and I plan on posting 8B sometime tomorrow night.

What should you expect? Well, DJ, Tanner, and Chek are trying to regain control of the sudden changes in their lives... which could possibly happen if their sons let them! Fortunately, a few familiar faces from the other Orlando bases have noticed, and they are trying to assist in giving structure to Clan Wagner.

I have purposely picked a split point which doesn't leave you hanging, so as I verify everything in Part B is ready to post, you can read Parrt A without needing to break out pitchforks to make me hurry up!

I hope that you enjoy the new chapters!



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