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September 19, 2020: New Chapter Of Life Renewed Has Arrived.
Posted by The Story Lover

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Since ACFan is experiencing Internet difficulties at the moment, I have posted the latest chapter of Life Renewed for him and for your reading enjoyment. The chapter is a collaboration between ACFan & Jeff P. it ties up a few loose ends and brings the story back inline with the rest of the CSU Stories. The characters from Life Renewed are now free to terrorize the other CSU Stories.

I am very sorry that this News Post is written in Mid American English, my Southern English isn't up to par, and I don't think that you would enjoy trying to read Juvenile Android.

Happy reading,


August 6, 2020: Incoming Chapter Overload!
Posted by AC

Just when you thought it was safe to go back and refresh yourself on back chapters, me and our favorite Cajun, Boudreaux, decided to hit you with all barrels!

Boudreaux broke out his swamp buggy, dropping off new chapters for FOUR different stories in one day!

Not to be left out, I happened to have Memories Part III, Chapter 42 ready for the final read-through, so I gave it one last review, and set it loose! There was lots more happening at the party in the previous chapter, and this chapter follows along as Tracy and Karl prove just how much mischief they can cause if left unsupervised! I promise a few twists and turns, but you'll be smiling when it is done!




June 22, 2020: Grab your munchies, Memories 3 Chapter 41 is LIVE!
Posted by AC

Hey y'all!

The boys have been really busy, and it shows with the new chapter of Memories. The party in Orlando is still going strong, and we get to see a few families finding their spot in the Clan. Hold on, this is a fun ride!

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me through the real-life delays -- I'm trying to find writing time when I can, so you can count on me not giving up anytime soon.



PS: Thanks to DBarber for being the first to point out a name goof -- it is fixed now!


May 25, 2020: Scheduled Server Maintenance Notice!
Posted by JeffsFort

Between 2am EST and 6am EST on May 26, the wizards who provide our hosting will be casting a new integrity spell on the rack-mounted totem that contains all of our characters. This is done to ensure not too many of them escape or cause too much havoc on our realm. It may be difficult to reach the sites with your computer as they perform this ritual but if you are able to peer into ethereal realms, you shouldn’t have a problem. If not, I'd suggest you use your own wizardry and save a few chapters locally to get you through.

This ritual should take about 30 minutes for most of our sites. Maybe about a DAY for The Story Lover's Home as Dragons are much more difficult to contain and really do like messing with the wizards. <snicker> 

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, both in lost reading time and should you become overrun with the group who plans out this time of year to escape normally. Our hopes and gratitude go out to the wizards tasked with this responsibility!

May 25, 2020: Site Maintenance Alert
Posted by AC

 ** Between 2 AM EST and 6 AM EST on May 26 various Fort Family Sites will be down for about an hour for datacenter maintenance on the servers. **

May 24, 2020: Surprise! A NEW chapter of Memories!
Posted by AC

Hey all!

Sorry about being so scarce lately, but this virus thing has caused my workload to triple in real life. I've literally been putting this chapter together a paragraph at a time, which made the wait extremely longer than i wanted. The good news is that I hit a point that just screamed "STOP HERE", so after a few continuity checks I was finally able to decide it was ready for you.

A little side note... Tracy's Camaro, "Shadow", now has a real-life counterpart. He (yes, somehow I always end up with male cars!) was sitting on a lot I drove past every day, and when the government decided to give me money to spend, I took advantage of it and rescued him.

For those of you in the US, please have a safe Memorial Day; and for my fellow Vets who didn't make it home, you will never be forgotten.



May 3, 2020: Yo Myke D. Welcome to the Cafe!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Guys!

Wanted to give a quick heads up that we have a new author joining the Corner Cafe tonight! I'm giving ACFan a hand by doing his bidding this evening, hehehe! Myke D. who was the featured author in the April issue of Imagine Magazine joined my site shortly after the magazine article and for a new author, he's really giving the site software a workout so, I talked to ACFan to see if he thought you guys might be interested. He has three stories in progress and they are definitely worth the read.

As always, if you like what you see, please let him know with a quick email. A smiling author types more I hear ;) 


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