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April 24, 2024: R.I.P. to a friend
Posted by AC

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the world lost a man that served as an example for more people than he even knew.

That man was Comicality; and those of us that he extended his guidance to are still reeling from the loss. He was the ear that would listen when your past came back to haunt you, he was the first one to lend support when an author thought they were not good enough, he never stood down in the face of attempted oppression when he knew it was wrong. Most of all, he was a friend who would stand by your side.

If it wasn't for him, you would not be able to read this today, as I would have never published the story that became the CSU; I would have never took the chance at joining what became the Fort Family, and I probably would still not accept myself for the real me. I'm not alone; far from it... he had that effect on anyone he made contact with. It still doesn't seem real, and even after a week I still am at a loss as to expressing just how much he's affected my life.

If you've read his story "Gone from Daylight", you'll understand the meaning of the next line...

On April 16, 2024, the Elder Comicality went on his Sun Quest.

Rest in Peace, dear friend;


April 13, 2024: Update and more from AC...
Posted by AC

Hey everyone!

Yes, I'm still alive! Believe it or not, The Eggman and myself do have a chapter in the works; unfortunately my current medical issues and some real-life issues on his part have slowed things down considerably. While things are moving forward, I value your patience as we navigate these rough times. Good news is that by the end of this year, it looks like my medical issues will be under control!

Now, on to another topic, one that I hope you enjoy. One of the core things that has been part of the CSU since the beginning has been music. Jeffsfort was poking around one day recently, and he found something that he thought I'd be interested in. I did a little poking around, found that not only was it valid, but there was an amazing backstory, and I now want to share it with you!

Back in the day, Don Goldberg was friends with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and penned two songs with him which are now available on the "Lost Tracks" collection that was recently published. Don formed the tribute band "Surf's Up" with his sons Donny and Danny, along with his cousin Denny Hardwick. Moving on a few years, Donny gets married, and they have two sons. The oldest, Landon, starts playing drums at the tender age of one - and there is video proof of it! (Dad says he thinks Mom being at the concerts while pregnant taught Landon how to keep a beat before he was born) A year later, Lyric was born ... and by some stroke of luck, both boys were gifted with 'perfect pitch'.

Now on to today... Just like how his Dad let him get involve in music, Donny and his wife has supported both of their son's interest. That has led to the current topic, the band "Raized Wrong". Thirteen-year-old Landon is on drums and vocals, twelve-year-old Lyric is on keyboards, vocals, occasional guitar, and usually draws attention due to his antics. Dad does guitar and some vocals, but lets the boys take the lead. The best part is that the boys do all of the background work, programming Mainstage so that Lyric can use the keyboards to fill in instruments they don't have, breaking down songs so that they know what they need to play, etc. They recently put out an album on most of the streaming services called "Gen Z does Gen X", covering multiple 80's songs (with approval from the original artists, at least one done in-person).

Raized Wrong has a page on Patroen, and multiple Social Media pages. Video and special announcements can be found there. For Patroen, just search for "Raized Wrong". the other one I watch is on Facebook, which is "Raized Wrong Productions" and "Raized Wrong Momma" -- be careful on Facebook, as there are intellectual property thieves posing as them on some other pages, the two I just listed are confirmed as the real thing.

As a reminder, neither I or anyone on the sites are associated with the band, this is just sharing some very skilled youth who deserve to have their skills shared with the world!


Don't forget about the previous news post on the Cafe; we could really use the help to keep the sites running! Thank you to each and every one of you!


I hope all of you are safe and healthy, have a great week!


April 8, 2024: Donation Time
Posted by The Story Lover

Hello Readers,

It's TSL again with hat in hand, yes it is that time of year again when we ask you our loyal readers to help keep our sites up and running. You may well know our sites are run almost entirely on your generous donations! When your donations do not cover all of the cost, the difference comes out of our pockets. We have no ADs on our sites and no Premium Tiers! There is no charge to our authors for hosting their stories nor any charge for you the readers to read them. We would appreciate it if you could find a way to donate any amount to keep our sites AD-free and running. So please check between your couch cushions and under your car seats any amount will be gratefully accepted. No amount is too small. We thank you very much for all of your help over the years.

To sweeten the pot a bit, we are running the following promotion again, simply put, make a $10 USD donation get a free Joel Book.

Have you considered helping to keep these sites up and running? Are you also a fan of Ted Louis' "Joel" series? Well, Ted has informed us that he found a case of assorted Joel books. Yeah, "actual" in print books! He decided that anyone willing to make a $10 or larger donation within the US to the hosting service paying the bills for the Fort Family Community of sites, he is willing to send you your very own copy of a random book in the series, autographed by Ted Louis himself as a thank you!

What to do:

1. Click on and click on "Donate Now".

2. Make a qualifying donation of $10 or more.

3,. Email your name and mailing address to

4. Once the donation has been confirmed, Ted Louis will send a random autographed copy of one of his books to you directly.

(One book per donation. This offer will be withdrawn once the limited number of books has been sent. The early bird gets the worm! Unfortunately, only US residents due to expensive international shipping :( We'll take down the offer as soon as we confirm that no copies remain.)

January 22, 2024: A Submission Lost In Cyberspace :(
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately,  a Thanksgiving Short Story Submission by Paladin was lost in Cyberspace. It was submitted in time and processed properly, however, when the story was returned to the author it never arrived! The author contacted the indomitable TSL, who was able to get me in contact with the author.

Paladin's story is now live and available for your reading pleasure.

Keep Christmas in your hearts every day,


Fred De Elf PNG

January 6, 2024: Awesome Dude has moved!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Gang,

A real quick note to update you on our neighboring community "Awesome Dude" which many of our sites are linked to. As we all know, they recently suffered the untimely passing of their founder and leader. They are still working hard to regain control of their community and we all offer our best wishes to its team.

Today I learned that the site was offline as they were transitioning to a new domain. May be temporary but either way, I was provided this statement from their administration:

"As the acting Admin of AD, on behalf of the team of members and their work, the story site is now back online. You can find it here,"

So for the time being at least, be sure to update your bookmarks and if your site links back to their community, give them a hand and redirect that link to the .org so their visitors can still find their way in.

Thanks Everyone!

January 2, 2024: Happy New Year - and I brought presents!
Posted by AC

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Despite 2023 ending with a hard drive crash that took out all my writing projects, I managed to slip in another chapter of Brotherhood of Love for you! Chapter 14 is hot off the presses, and it goes places that we've never gone before.

As anyone who has been following Clan Short knows, there is something in the water at the Pacific Rim base that causes the most unexpected situations to arise. Today, we've been hit with two of them - and we get to watch as the boys deal with it in their natural unconventional way.

No Mikyvis were harmed in the production of this chapter, but there is a distinct possibility that a couple of Patriarchs might need to invest in scuba gear!




December 4, 2023: Mikyvis Alert!
Posted by AC

Got your attention!

Seriously, a new chapter of Mikyvis Chron. Vacation has went live ... and things are just getting started! While actual Mikyvis sightings are rare in this one, the casts of CSV-DSM and CSPRD make up for it! You'll get to see a little more about how some of the families bonded, and friendships developed.

Somehow this chapter had slipped through without getting published earlier; fortunately TheEggman found it, and after both of us made sure it was actually complete, he posted it while I was busy with other real-life things. We're trying to find Kyle now so we can tickle him for forgetting to remind us!

We both hope you enjoy the insanity!



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