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May 30, 2021: A double-shot of CSV-DSM on the Cafe
Posted by AC

Despite real life being insane, I managed to put togeter a little something for the holiday weekend in the US. For our team in Des Moines, it is the first day after the attack on Earth, and a few parents are pushing their sons to try to unwind. Also included is Colin Powell doing his best to make the entire Clan blush, which personally I think he did quite well.

Between the two chapters, one of the favorite escapades of the Clan once again rears its head - a mall trip! Hold on tight as the boys have their fun!



May 13, 2021: A sad day...
Posted by JeffsFort

I hate these posts.

Today we lost one of our youngest authors. Juju on "The Story Lover's Home", also known to us as Jbird or Julian, passed away today. As relayed to us by "Jarquafelmu", What should have been a minor head injury from a fall in the locker room at school turned into a Subarachnoid hemorrhage near his brain stem and by the time the doctors were able to stop the bleeding pretty much all brain activity was gone.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Julian's family and thank them for letting us know what happened.

We've lost many friends over the years and we have honored each and every one of them by keeping their work alive within our community, Juju's work will live on among them. Julian will be missed terribly by us all. He was taken much too soon :(

Rest in Peace Juju...

May 5, 2021: Donations update
Posted by AC

We have found another way to process donations! As of now, the Cafe and Jeff's Fort have active links to the new donation system in place. Both will open the page in a new window / tab on our main hosting portal, DSS Hosting, and the donations can be processed from there.

Other sites will be rolling this out in a few days, as each owner gets the chance to update their site.

Thank you for your patience and support!

The direct link to the donations page is:


May 4, 2021: Donations
Posted by AC

Due to actions by Paypal with absolutely no reason given, the donations system using them is permanently down with no way to dispute it. We are going to research any options we can find to replace the ability to donate to support the sites. Please be patient as we try to recover.  Any donations that are being held by them are held for 180 days, and I have emailed anyone whose donation is affected by this.

Thank you once again for all of your support.

March 24, 2021: Site Maintenance Being Performed
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

This site will be undergoing a little maintenance over the next few days. During this time a few stories will be offline and inaccessible, however, they will not be gone forever! They will be back better than ever. The site will remain up and running during this time. So don't fret or panick everything will be back to normal soon.

TSL for ACFan

March 19, 2021: Double Trouble on the Cafe!
Posted by AC

Despite real-life going insane, I've finally been able to post the latest chapters of Memories!

Yes, I said CHAPTERS!!

As you'll see, this segment, Chapters 43 A and B, were a real team effort. While it took some work, the end result cements two other stories firmly in their places in the timeline.

If you have not read Lost Souls by Myke D. or Life Renewed by me and Str8mayb, you probably will want to after you read these to get more background. Both stories are a few chapters from this point in time right now, but they are close enough to be able to be locked in.

I hope you really enjoy the chapters - and I claim no responsibility for spilled drinks!



March 17, 2021: Happy Paddy's Day
Posted by D. K. Daniels

🇮🇪😛 Happy St. Patricks to everyone from glorious Ireland. Let the celebrations begin... er... from your living room of course. 😛🇮🇪

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