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January 22, 2024: A Submission Lost In Cyberspace :(
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately,  a Thanksgiving Short Story Submission by Paladin was lost in Cyberspace. It was submitted in time and processed properly, however, when the story was returned to the author it never arrived! The author contacted the indomitable TSL, who was able to get me in contact with the author.

Paladin's story is now live and available for your reading pleasure.

Keep Christmas in your hearts every day,


Fred De Elf PNG

January 6, 2024: Awesome Dude has moved!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Gang,

A real quick note to update you on our neighboring community "Awesome Dude" which many of our sites are linked to. As we all know, they recently suffered the untimely passing of their founder and leader. They are still working hard to regain control of their community and we all offer our best wishes to its team.

Today I learned that the site was offline as they were transitioning to a new domain. May be temporary but either way, I was provided this statement from their administration:

"As the acting Admin of AD, on behalf of the team of members and their work, the story site is now back online. You can find it here,"

So for the time being at least, be sure to update your bookmarks and if your site links back to their community, give them a hand and redirect that link to the .org so their visitors can still find their way in.

Thanks Everyone!

January 2, 2024: Happy New Year - and I brought presents!
Posted by AC

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Despite 2023 ending with a hard drive crash that took out all my writing projects, I managed to slip in another chapter of Brotherhood of Love for you! Chapter 14 is hot off the presses, and it goes places that we've never gone before.

As anyone who has been following Clan Short knows, there is something in the water at the Pacific Rim base that causes the most unexpected situations to arise. Today, we've been hit with two of them - and we get to watch as the boys deal with it in their natural unconventional way.

No Mikyvis were harmed in the production of this chapter, but there is a distinct possibility that a couple of Patriarchs might need to invest in scuba gear!




December 4, 2023: Mikyvis Alert!
Posted by AC

Got your attention!

Seriously, a new chapter of Mikyvis Chron. Vacation has went live ... and things are just getting started! While actual Mikyvis sightings are rare in this one, the casts of CSV-DSM and CSPRD make up for it! You'll get to see a little more about how some of the families bonded, and friendships developed.

Somehow this chapter had slipped through without getting published earlier; fortunately TheEggman found it, and after both of us made sure it was actually complete, he posted it while I was busy with other real-life things. We're trying to find Kyle now so we can tickle him for forgetting to remind us!

We both hope you enjoy the insanity!



December 2, 2023: Oops I forgot to post the Submissions Announcement!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers and Authors,

The following authors submitted their Short Stories for this Thanksgiving Event.

ACFan submitted his migraine-inducing story called TaDaoaSMiSwtbInkIhtIfotPD-AC. The name alone gave Santa a headache. Why the extremely long title, twice as long as TSL's longest title? ACFan decided to write a Short Story that tackled all of the event's themes, and somehow he succeeded. It is worth a read.

TSL submitted another one of his alcohol-infused submissions that again featured Wild Turkey prominently. Yes, both versions of Wild Turkey. TSL swears that no Wild Turkeys were harmed during the creation of his Short Story. Oh, you want to know the title hang on a sec while I consult the Library of Congress. Oh yeah, here it is Thanksgiving At Denny's® Again! ~ TSL

I apologize for forgetting to post this on time, however, the EggNog has been flowing freely here at the North Pole.

Happy Reading,

Fred The Elf PNG

November 22, 2023: Update
Posted by AC

Hey all;

Just an update for those of you wondering about the future of the CSU.

We have NOT given up on it! Real life jobs going crazy, on top of a few of us suffering from medical issues that have had us in and out of medical care, has limited our time to write considerably. Personally, I just had circulatory issues in my leg save my life, as when I went into the ER they found that a viral infection had caused major fluid buildup around my heart - a VERY bad thing to find! I'm recovering, and they are pretty sure that I'm out of danger, but that still is affecting my stamina and how long I can sit in one place.

I have been doing my annual review of my own writings - the best way I've found to not only keep the characters fresh in my head, but to also watch for things that their later actions might cause to happen. The storyline for Brotherhood of Love is an example of that, as DJ and Tanner grew into the positions that they now hold, and they have started passing that on to their own new family.

Currently, while I do have some partial work done on multiple stories that I write, I don't have anything that is ready to call it a chapter. There are a couple that I want to wrap up the current books on before I start Memories Book Four, and a couple that I've decided can run alongside it. Brotherhood of Love is probably going to run as a companion to Memories Four, while CSV-DSM needs to close Book 2 and prepare for a Book 3 that will tie it in better with other resources in the Midwest region. there's a lot to juggle, but it is falling together in a way that makes sense in the long run.

Keep your eyes open, because there will be more coming!

Also, I did manage to write a submission for the current writing challenge, and yes, I did the one that covers ALL topics! Call Antonio for temporal tranquilizers once you've read it!



November 16, 2023: Thanksgiving 2023 Thanksgiving Short Story Event Update
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred De Elf

Dear Readers and Authors,

Due to popular demand, the Thanksgiving Short Story Deadline has been moved to Midnight Wednesday, November 22, 2023. [Actually, TSL needed more time, so his problem is now your help.]

Happy Authoring,


Fred The Elf

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