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March 24, 2021: Site Maintenance Being Performed
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

This site will be undergoing a little maintenance over the next few days. During this time a few stories will be offline and inaccessible, however, they will not be gone forever! They will be back better than ever. The site will remain up and running during this time. So don't fret or panick everything will be back to normal soon.

TSL for ACFan

March 19, 2021: Double Trouble on the Cafe!
Posted by AC

Despite real-life going insane, I've finally been able to post the latest chapters of Memories!

Yes, I said CHAPTERS!!

As you'll see, this segment, Chapters 43 A and B, were a real team effort. While it took some work, the end result cements two other stories firmly in their places in the timeline.

If you have not read Lost Souls by Myke D. or Life Renewed by me and Str8mayb, you probably will want to after you read these to get more background. Both stories are a few chapters from this point in time right now, but they are close enough to be able to be locked in.

I hope you really enjoy the chapters - and I claim no responsibility for spilled drinks!



March 17, 2021: Happy Paddy's Day
Posted by D. K. Daniels

🇮🇪😛 Happy St. Patricks to everyone from glorious Ireland. Let the celebrations begin... er... from your living room of course. 😛🇮🇪

March 14, 2021: Spring Forward Again
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Reader,

Yes, it's that time again, to Spring Forward into Daylight Saving Time, so don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour when you go to bed.

Spring Forward

While you are doing that, check the batteries in your Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. The life that saves may just be yours!

TSL for ACFan


January 18, 2021: Welcome Back Dewey
Posted by The Story Lover

The Café is very happy to announce that the author Dewey, also know as Dewey Writer has come out of retirement and is back writing.

So, stay tuned for more of his work.

TSL for ACFan who is buried under work and Real-Life!

January 1, 2021: Happy New Year!
Posted by AC

To finish off the year, I couldn't resist one last chapter!

Life Renewed, Chapter Eight: Beware the Dragon is now live for your viewing pleasure, and I promise, there are no dragons involved! (Virtual fire-breathing twins, on the other hand...)

From all of us at the Cafe, we wish each and every one of you a safe and happy New Year 2021!



December 24, 2020: A note from the Corner Cafe
Posted by AC

Merry Christmas from the staff and authors of the Corner Cafe!

Despite the best efforts of 2020, we have had amazing stories appear throughout the year, with more chapters coming in the final week of the year. Please make sure that you check out the Christmas Event stories, as TSL blackmailed me into another one (He had Fred's help) I promise, no funky pizzas this year!

For those of you that are wondering, I am managing to slip writing time in despite real life. Life Renewed is just about to the point where I can lock it into the timeline, which will then allow me to slip back over into Memories. I have not forgotten CSV-DSM either; I plan to start moving it forward again in concert with Lost Souls, so keep your eyes open.

Thank you to all of the amazing authors and readers who have kept the Cafe full of ways to escape the stress of real life, if only for a little while. When i started this, I never expected to have what is here today 18 years later, and it is all because of each of you. Thank you again, and I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.



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