A Place In My Heart

Family Ties

After that initial reunion, it seemed as if we resumed our lives right where we had left off, except that now I planned to spend more time with Justin as well.  The following Friday night I went home with Jordan to spend the weekend at his house.  Justin arrived shortly after we did and was excited that I was going to be staying there for the weekend as well.

“Great,” Justin said, “the whole family will be together again for a few days.”

“Yes, little bro,” I responded, “the prodigal son has returned.  I think the brain transplant and the transfusion of courage did the trick.”

“I hope he plans on staying a long time,” Jordan retorted.  “The idiot who scared him away has been replaced by a very loving, very understanding twin.  I hope this one is smart enough not to chase him away again.”

“That won’t ever happen,” I answered.  “I’ve come to my senses since then.  You didn’t scare or chase me away.  I just panicked.  I couldn’t admit to myself just what I felt for you and how much I loved you.  Now, I’m willing to tell the whole damn world how much I love both of you and that I plan on proving it, now that we’re all back together.”

“How about starting right now?” Justin came back.  “I’m sure we could all fit in Jordy’s bed again, this time naked.” 

“Justin, I don’t want you to take this wrong, and I’m willing to love you like a brother, but I’m not ready to make love to you,” I responded.  “Look, I had a hard enough time admitting that I was in love with Jordan and willing to do stuff with him, because I didn’t want to believe I had any gay tendencies.  I’m not saying I’m gay, because I like girls too, so I figure I’m bi-sexual, it’s just that I’m not sure I can do anything like that with anyone other than Jordan.  I still love you and all, but I’m not ready to do anything like that with you, at least not yet, especially since you’re so young.” 

“I think I’m like you too,” Justin countered, “because I think I’m at least bi too, but I still might be gay.  I’m just not sure, since I’ve never done anything with anybody else.  I’m also not a little kid either, because I’ve grown up a lot since you spent time with us after my mother’s funeral.  I’m not as young or the little boy you remember any longer.” 

After saying this, Justin quickly unsnapped and unzipped his pants and lowered them, along with his briefs, and exposed himself to me.  I had seen Justin naked before, since I had to do so much for him after his mother had died, including making sure he went to the toilet and helping him shower, but he was correct.  He had grown and matured a lot since I’d last seen him.

Justin was now thirteen and a half and it definitely appeared as if he’d begun his trek through puberty during my absence.  He actually looked a lot like Jordan had at that age, with his blond hair, blue eyes, golden tanned skin and that killer Koontz smile.  He was about 5’ 3” [160 cm] tall, had Jordan’s athletic build, although not quite as pronounced as Jordan’s was at that age, and a gorgeous circumcised cock, probably a little over 5” [12.5 cm] long, with a cute, blond, horseshoe shaped pubic patch over it.  Oh Lord, I can’t believe it.  He reminds me so much of Jordan at that age that he’s actually starting to turn me on. 

“Ok, bro, I believe you.  You’re definitely not a little kid any longer, but it doesn’t mean I can do stuff with you,” I reasoned.  “Maybe you should find someone closer to your age to do that with.” 

“Yeah, right, and then get picked on like Brian did,” Justin shot back.  “I want to experiment and see what it’s like, but I need to find someone I can trust to do it with.  I trust you, so can’t you do that for me?” 

He was now giving me a look almost identical to the one Jordan always gave me, whenever he was trying to get me to give in to want he wanted.  Damn, I’ve got two of these devils to deal with now, but I’m going to have to draw the line somewhere. 

“Jordy, can’t you help me convince Tony to help me out,” Justin whined.  “I’m sure you guys are doing stuff too and I don’t want to butt in, but I just need someone to help me discover if I really like doing this kind of stuff or not.” 

“Justy, I love you and all, but I’m not going to try to force Tony into doing something he’s not comfortable with, because that’s what scared him away and the reason we hadn’t seen him in a long time,” Jordan answered.  “I understand what you’re saying, but that’s entirely between the two of you and I don’t want to get caught in the middle.  I’m not going to do anything that might chase Tony away again.” 

Justin now looked nearly as sad as he had right after his father told him his mother had died.  I felt like I’d just hurt my best friend again, probably because Justin looked so much like Jordan, but I didn’t want Dad K to think I was only hanging around so I could take advantage of both of his sons. 

“Damn, I thought I had my other bro back,” Justin added, sarcastically. 

“You do, but brothers don’t usually have sex together,” I countered. 

“But you’re having sex with Jordy,” he spat back, “and you said we’re all brothers.” 

“Then I’ll rephrased my earlier comment,” I relented.  “Jordan and I are lovers, so that makes you my brother-in-law, sort of.  Anyway, we’ll be doing stuff that I won’t be able to do with you.” 

“Jordy and I look alike, so couldn’t you just pretend you are doing it with him when you’re doing it with me?” he wondered. 

“Damn, Justin, I love you, but you’re making this tough on me,” I confessed.  “What if I offer sort of a compromise?  I don’t want to just have sex with you, so Jordan and I aren’t going to include you on what we do either, but I might be willing to do some things with you on a limited basis.  I’ll help you out as long as it’s just so you can experience a particular activity, without opening yourself up for attack from homophobic bigots, as long as it’s ok with Jordan.” 

Justin and I now looked at Jordan to see what he had to say.  He glanced between the two of us and then finally opened his mouth to speak. 

“Look, I don’t want to chase Tony away again, but if he wants to help you out once in a while, to answer your questions and sate your curiosity, then I’m fine with that.” 

As soon as he heard his brother’s answer, Justin ran over and gave his brother a hug and then he came over to give me a kiss.  This was a little bit more passionate than just a brotherly kiss, so I looked at him after he moved away. 

“Hey, I’ve got to practice, don’t I?” he quipped, while flashing me the same sexy grin that his brother was so famous for.  Damn!  This was like being double-teamed. 

We sat around and talked for a while, as we cleared the air about a variety of topics.  Jordan filled me in about his brief friendship with Brian, Justin told me about what he’d been up to since I’d last been here, as well as the various things he’d told his father about what I’d done for the two of them.  Once he was finished, I explained my reaction to Jordan that fateful day, the various things I had done with Amber and how I kept thinking of Jordan the entire time. 

“You’ve fucked a girl too?” Justin asked, nearly as soon as I’d admitted that. 

“Yeah, little bro, I did that too,” I confirmed. 

“Great, then you can teach me all I need to know about doing things with guys and girls,” he said, gleefully.  

About that time, I happened to glance over at the clock and noticed what time it was.  That’s when I thought about something else. 

“It’s time we get cleaned up,” I suggested.  “Your dad mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to take us all out to dinner tonight, to celebrate my return into the fold.  I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t let me and said he expected us all to be dressed in a suit and tie shortly after he arrived home.” 

“Yeah, we’d better get moving then,” Jordan agreed. 

“Will you take a shower with us and help us get ready tonight, like you did before our mom’s funeral?” Justin asked.  “That was the last good memory I had of you, before you stayed away, so I think it would be nice to start back like that now.” 

I considered his proposal and realized they did have a fairly large shower in the boys’ bathroom, so we should all be able to fit in it together.  After I thought about it for a few seconds, I finally agreed we could do it, which made Justin very happy.  I thought this was an odd request on his part though, but it did seem important to him and appeared to make him happy, so what the hell.  We’d all seen each other naked before, so it wasn’t as if doing this was a big thing. 

After we got undressed and hopped into the shower, we took turns washing each other, beginning with Jordan and me washing our little brother.  Justin stood motionless as I washed his front and Jordan washed his rear.  We lathered him up and let our hands roam freely over his smooth skin, as we cleaned him off, even including his most private places.  I had to do it back when his mother died, so it didn’t seem like a big deal to do the same thing now. 

I started at the top and let my hands soap up his shoulders and his long, slender arms.  Then I moved on to his chest and allowed my hands to roam freely across his pecs, but I also paid particular attention to his cute pink nipples, before I moved down to his immature little six-pack and his groin.  When I reached his boy parts, I gently soaped and fondled his delicate nut sac before I coated his cute cock with suds and stroked it vigorously to make sure it was clean.  When I finished lathering his frontal region, I urged him to move under the spray, so I could use my hands to tenderly remove the soap residue from his skin.

While I was cleaning the parts facing forward, Justin was on the other side providing the same cleansing touch to his backside.  Jordan started with Justin’s feet, thoroughly soaping and cleaning them before he moved up his muscular calves and thighs.  When he reached Justin’s buttocks, he gingerly kneaded the cheeks of his derriere, before he let a finger slide down the crack and clean between them.  When he reached his little hole, Jordan ran his fingers around the opening and let his soapy finger trace circles around the exterior. Once his had cleaned that area, Jordan let his hands roam up his brother’s sides, across his back and around his neck.  Having done that much, he had Justin rinse off his posterior and wet down his hair so he could shampoo it. 

When Justin had been totally cleaned, Justin and I performed the same ritual on Jordan, followed by Justin and Jordan bathing me.  Once each of us had been cleaned thoroughly, we dried each other off, went into Jordan’s bedroom and laid our clothes out on his bed.  Then, we each put on our socks and underwear, as we began to get dressed. 

We heard Dad K arrive home before we were ready and listened as he entered his bathroom to shower and get ready too.  While he was cleaning up, we put on our shirts, pants and shoes, and then I tied each of their ties for them, before we put on our jackets and headed out to the living room to wait for Dad K, as he finished up his preparations. 

When he came out of his bedroom and spied us, he smiled and commented about how handsome each of us looked.  We all thanked him and told him he looked quite dapper as well.  We then headed out to the car and Justin and Jordan told me to sit in the front with Dad, seeing I was the oldest.  Although I began to protest, they jumped into the backseat and left me no other option.  Once we were all inside the vehicle, I thanked my brothers for the honor of having the front seat and told them that this little act of kindness only made me love them more.  Dad K smiled and we were on our way.

About twenty minutes later, we pulled up in front of the most elegant restaurant in the city and exited the vehicle.  A valet gave dad a claim stub for the car and then the valet parked it for him, while we moved toward the main entrance.  As soon as we were inside, Dad K told the maitre d’ his name and we were ushered to a table for four.  As we looked over the menus, I was shocked when I noticed the prices of the meals.  The total bill for four of the least expensive meals would be more than my family would spend on food for a week. 

Dad K surmised my concerns by reading the expression on my face and whispered to me that I shouldn’t worry about the cost, since it was his treat and this was a very special occasion.  He told me he would have paid much more than this just to get me back into their lives, so I shouldn’t concern myself with the minor expense he would bear for our reunion dinner.  I smiled and thanked him, before I asked my brothers what they were going to have. 

It appeared that both boys and Dad K were planning on having the surf and turf and they suggested I should do the same.  Besides the fact that it was the most expensive item on the menu, I’d never tasted lobster before, so I didn’t know if I’d like it.  They told me to give it a try, so I reluctantly took their advice.  I knew that if I suffered from indigestion later, it would probably be due to the guilt I would be feeling about the price of my meal and not a result of the food.

The waiter brought us our salads first and Dad K ordered a bottle of wine, with four glasses, to go along with our meal.  He told us that he was going to let each of us have a small glass, so we could make a toast.  When the waiter arrived with the bottle, he open it, gave Dad K the cork to sniff and then poured a small amount into Dad K’s glass.  Dad K held the glass under his nose to judge the aroma, and then took a small sip of the wine and swished it over his tongue to judge its flavor, before he told the waiter it was fine.  The waiter then filled his glass, before pouring us a third of a glass each.  Once the waiter left, Dad K told us to lift our glasses, which we all did, and then he spoke. 

“Here’s to having our family reunited and to a future of never being separated from each other again.  To my three sons,” he finished, and then we all reached out to clink our glasses together above the center of the table. 

“And to Dad,” I added, with Jordan and Justin echoing my addition to the toast. 

We all searched each other’s eyes for a few seconds and took note of the love that showed through them.  I really felt as if this actually was my biological family and not just one I’d been adopted into, more or less.  After the toast, we each had a taste of the grape.  Dad K had selected a sweet, white wine, one that he thought we’d like, and then we set our glasses back down on the table.

As I ate my meal, I realized I’d learned a lot of things today.  I learned that I had a wonderful second family, I loved Dad K as much as my own parents, I loved both of my brothers deeply – both emotionally and physically and I also learned that I liked lobster.  Maybe the last part wasn’t quite as important as the other things, but it would also be added to my long list of facts that I would remember about today.  It had truly been one I wouldn’t soon forget. 

We finished the meal off with a small sundae each and Dad K had coffee with his dessert, while each of us had a soda.  After Dad K paid the bill, the valet took our claim stub and returned with the car.  We all loaded back into the vehicle and sat where we had on the way down, before we returned home.  Yes, I said home, because I felt I belonged there as much as I did when I was with my parents. 

When we got back to the Koontz estate, well it was bigger and fancier than my parents’ house, we changed into something a little more comfortable, before we joined Dad K in the living room to watch a movie.  We were all stuffed, so we were also a little drowsy, but we all managed to stay awake until the movie ended. 

After we said goodnight to Dad K, the three of us headed toward their bedrooms, while Dad K locked up.  Before we got there, Justin pulled me aside and whispered in my ear. 

“Tony, I was hoping you could help me with something tonight, before we go to sleep,” he began, which caused me to look at him questioningly.  “Look, there’s a dance next week and I asked this girl in my class to go with me.  I’m gonna try to kiss her at some point, but I’ve never really kissed anyone that way before, at least not the way guys kiss their girlfriends.  I was hoping you’d teach me how to do it and show me what I need to know.” 

“Awww, how cute,” I joked.  “Little bro is growing up and going out on his first date.  Are you sure you want me to teach you though?” 

“I don’t have a lot of choices, but I’d rather have you teach me and kiss you,” he replied.  “I think it would be kind of weird to do it with Jordy.  I love him and all, and I have kissed him a few times, just not that way.” 

“Let me talk to Jordan and see what he has to say, because I think he might have plans for me tonight too,” I told him. 

“It’s only kissing and it won’t take very long, so tell him that for me,” Justin added.  “Tell him this is important.” 

After telling Jordan about Justin’s request, he told me he was ok with me helping Justin out with this matter.  In fact, I advised him it reminded me of the time he’d made the same request of me.  We both chuckled over that little comparison and then I headed over to Justin’s room.  He was thrilled when he saw me enter, because he felt he was going to get his way.  After a quick explanation of some basic pointers, it was time for him to practice this skill. 

Justin moved his face closer to mine until our lips met.  I let my lips glide along his and then I stuck my tongue out and licked the sweet outer covering of those ruby-red portals.  Man he tasted sweet.  Justin gasped in delight when I did this and I took advantage of this opening by thrusting my tongue forward, in an attempt to part his lips further and allow my tongued to enter his mouth.  Justin flinched briefly when my tongue met his, since he wasn’t used to being French kissed by anyone, let alone another guy, so I gave him a second to get accustomed to it.  Eventually, he thrust his oral muscle forward to meet mine. 

I groaned audibly when our tongues met and I began to savor his sweet boy flavor.  I reached up and placed a hand on each of his facial cheeks, to hold his head in place while I kissed him more firmly, and then I let my tongue explore the entire interior of that virgin orifice.  As he slowly released his inhibitions and became more of an active participant in this shared experience, I heard more and more little noises coming from Justin’s throat and his hands began to roam freely around my upper body. 

We practiced like this for a few minutes and then I pulled away so I could offer him an idea about how he could proceed from there, once he was with this girl.  Justin seemed thrilled that I had done this with him, but he wanted to practice again, but this time with him initiating all of the contact.  I told him that would be fine and let him proceed.  I did stop him a couple of times, so I could give him some additional pointers, but eventually I felt he was ready to go on his own.  I wished him luck on his upcoming date and then went back to Jordan’s room to spend time with him.  

When I walked through his bedroom door, Jordan seemed to be in a hurry to get started.  He immediately grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his bed, and then he asked me to show him exactly what I had done with Justin.  I ended up kissing him in the same fashion and he joked that Justin’s girlfriend should be very pleased. 

Jordan then pulled off my shirt, undid my pants and removed them, along with me underwear, socks and shoes.  Then he pushed me back onto his bed, while he hurriedly stripped out of his own garments.  Now that we were both naked, Jordan moved between my legs and started licking up the interior of my thighs, as he began to work his way up to my scrotum.  He was letting his tongue slide across the sensitive exterior of my ball sac and teasing my nuts by prodding them with his oral muscle. 

Seeing me squirming around in pleasure, Jordan took one of my testicles in his mouth and began to suck on it playfully.  He not only swished it around in his mouth, but he also hummed on it at the same time, which sent ripples of enjoyment shooting throughout my body, before he let it fall from his lips.  Then, he picked up the other nugget with his tongue and lips and repeated his magic on the other watery orb next.  I enjoyed equal pleasure from his manipulations on that nut, before he relinquished it as well.  Now, his focus moved upward and he began to lick up the exterior of my throbbing steel rod.

After working his way to the helmet, Jordan swallowed my cock and I rose to a new level of euphoria.  I was surprised that he was able to deep-throat my nearly eight inches [19.7 cm] of boyhood without triggering his gag-reflex, but he did it.  He then began to raise and lower his head on my shaft and allowed his lips to rub along the entire length of my plump sausage.  At the same time, he sucked on it the same way he would if he was trying to inhale ice cubes through a straw. 

He was extremely vigorous in his attack on my main vein, so before long I could feel the electrical impulses building in my scrotum, as those tender, watery orbs began to produce my boy seed.  As the churning in my loins continued to intensify, Jordan kept on nursing on my boy meat and attempted to tease from it the creamy reward he knew his ministrations would produce. 

“Yes, yes.  I’m nearly there,” I hissed.  “You are so awesome and this is so great.  Oh, Oh here it… cummms.” 

At that second, my juices exploded up my pole and filled Jordan’s mouth with the hot offering of boy semen that he had more than earned.  He refused to release my dong afterward, even when the eruption eased to a slow trickle, as he continued to drain every last drop of boy milk from my now deflating organ.  My body wilted beneath this effort and I swooned in the aftershocks of the wondrous climax I had just enjoyed.  At a pace equivalent to that of a snail at a track meet, I slowly returned to my senses.

“God, I love you,” I told him, as sincerely as I could.  “With you by my side, I don’t need to go anywhere else to enjoy all the wonders of life and sample the pleasures it holds.  Now, it’s my turn to show you that same love and affection, but I’m going to let you make love to my butt and deposit your rich load there.  I owe you at least that much for everything I put you through.”

Jordan began to object, but I quickly convinced him I wanted to do this for him, so he gave in and started to lube up and stretch my rectum until he was now working three digits in and out of my boy chute.  After I let him know that I thought I was ready, he oiled up his own erection and then lined it up for penetration.  Lovingly, he eased his penis past my sphincter and slid down my cavern, until he was firmly implanted.  Giving me a second to adjust to the diameter of his cock, Jordan began to thrust in and out of my hole. 

He worked it back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm, as his way of showing how much he loved me and I was basking in the feeling of his joystick sliding inside my bowels.  In fact, I believe I might have been receiving as much pleasure from this as Jordan was, especially when his rod brushed against my joy button, which was located just inside my channel.  With each glancing blow, sparks would fly and the fires in my belly would ignite.  Now, there was a full-fledged inferno raging in my gut that waited for a dousing from his youthful fire hose. 

I could feel my lover’s pace quicken, as he too felt the urgency for release, and Jordan was panting heavily while continuing to pound at my backdoor.  Faster and faster he pumped into my butt, until his juices came to a boil and spurted from his dick, thus quenching the flames of lust that had consuming my body.  Wave after wave of his boy spunk shot against the lining of my intestines, as the flames gradually began to be snuffed out, until they were only a smoldering collection of embers that would soon relinquish their final traces of heat.

It took us several minutes to recover from that amazing activity, but eventually we began to come down from our orgasmic highs.  As soon as I was able to speak, I was determined to tell Jordan how I felt. 

“Thanks, bro.  You have shown me a side of myself that I was never willing to accept before and it’s because of you that I’ll now be able to live my life to the fullest extent possible.”

“Tony, you’re mistaken,” Jordan countered.  “It was you who saved me.  Even though I deceived you into performing acts of love with me over a long period of time, you forgave me for my lying and deceitful ways, so I could do no less than forgiving you for reacting the way you did when you discovered what I’d been up to.  You weren’t the one who caused my pain; I did that to myself.  I drove you away, because of my dishonesty and trickery, while you were only reacting to this deception like any normal person would have done.  I appreciate the fact that you’ve given me a second chance and I will not repeat my error.  I love you Tony and I will do everything I can to show you, each and every day we’re together, the depth and sincerity of that love.”

I kissed Jordan deeply after he finished his little spiel, and then I added that I’d continue to show him my love too.  I’d finally accepted that I needed him as much as he needed me, so we’d make this work.  We fell asleep with those promises still in our minds.