Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 40 Settling In, and Getting Ready


"Oh man! They can't do that to me!" Kevin roared grabbing his cloths and heading for the door.

"Cloths on before you head to the house please," Dante told Kevin, which made me smile.

"Dante I have to go pee," Kevin told Dante. "Besides. It's crowded in here." Then he was off to the bathroom. Dante and I laughed as several of the other boys followed Kevin.

We were all dressed, and up to the patio in 20 minutes. And Kevin was happily in the kitchen helping out.

It was George who noticed I was carrying my 45-70. He tapped Bob's shoulder. Who then looked my way. He then looked around.

I motioned them and several others to join us. Dante handed me a cup of coffee. Linzie and Mr. Ashworth joined us as Dr. Jones stepped out of the Kitchen with a cup of coffee, and a smile.

"Are the boys all right?" Dr. Jones asked upon seeing the rifle.

"Justin had a bad scare last night," Dante told her. "That's why we were all sleeping together." 

"Right Linzie," I said, as she showed Dr. Jones and everyone else the picture. She smiled and nodded as she sat down.

"What happened if I may ask?" Dr. Jones asked.

"We all heard a large dog barking that set the coyotes off last night," Peter told her, having snuck up to us. "But Jessie, Shawn and Billy went out looking. While Dante stayed and comforted Justin."

I raised and eyebrow at Peter. But I also had a smile.

"Billy!?" Ethan asked his youngest with raised eyebrows. Peter looked at me. I smiled and nodded it was okay.

"Yes sir," Peter told his dad.  "I think Billy was getting tired of me calling him Marshal Billy all the time. And a lot of the other kids call him that."

"It's okay Ethan. He's right," I told him. "Besides, He's earned it."

"As long as you're okay with it," Ethan said. Grabbing his youngest for a hug and ruffled his hair.


"Hmmm," Ethan said and messing up Peter's hair again.

"Hey Kevin. Can you come to the door for a minute?" Ethan called to his middle child.

"What is it dad?" Kevin asked as he stepped to the door way.

"It looks like haircuts for all of us," Ethan told his sons.

"Not too short!" Amelia barked from the door. She immediately turned red and vanished.

"Why?" Kevin asked his dad.

"How about looking good for the weddings?" Ethan asked his sons.

You guys just need to have your hair cleaned up a little," Dante told them. Messing up Peter's hair.

"Well I think everyone could use a bite of a shape up," Linzi said eyeing Bass. Who's head snapped around. He looked at Antonia who nodded at him with a smile.

"I think we all can do this this week," I said with a smile. As I ruffed up my own mop head.

"Tyler needs a suit for something else as well," Dante said.

"And Justin," Bob added.

"Oh! For the weddings," Justin guessed.

"Actually mine's for Mr. Deluca's funeral first," Tyler told him.

"Will you go with me?" he then asked Justin.

"Of course I will," Justin told him with a hug. But I caught Bass looking around. All the kids we nodding yes.

"Tyler. If it's okay," Bass said to Tyler and getting Dr. Jones' attention. "We all want to come too? If that's okay."

"Yeah. Yes!" Tyler said as he teared up. "That would be great."

Dante got up to hug the young man. 

"I'll go get the bus ready," Jean said as she cried as well. Several of the ladies said they would help. All of them crying.

Then we talked with Dr. Jones. Dante and I filled her in on what had happened last night.

Then they started carrying food out to the buffet table. Alice and Bass grabbed some more kids to help when Jason's Peter said there was more.

They had out done themselves. There were pancakes, fruit, and yogurt. Eggs, sausage, bacon, and biscuit. Oh, and red eye gravy. So we prepared our plates. The kids went first. Justin and Tyler were relaxed and part of them now. 

"Billy. Can I say Grace?" Justin asked as we sat down. I looked around and everyone nodded yes. 

"Of course you can Justin," I told him with a smile. We went silent.

"Dear Lord. I want to thank you for many things. Getting Tyler through a terrible ordeal. And my finding the Driscolls, and all these people who care about us. Oh! and thank you for the food we are about to eat. Amen," he said with a smile and a kiss for Tyler.

"Amen!" we chorused. As we all clapped, and Justin turned red.

"Well what do you think Dr. Jones?" Sam(antha) Ashworth asked as we started to eat.

"I think Justin and Tyler have a good chance of getting over this," Barbara Jones told her while holding a fork full of eggs.

"Now what are your plans today Marshal, Dante?" she asked us. 

"Well we're going shopping as the boys still need a few things. Like suits for Mr. Deluca's funeral," Dante told her.

"An boots and hats for tonight," Amelia chirped. "We're going for cowboy karaoke."

"You're welcome to join us," I told her.

"Some of the kids are taking their instruments," Linzie told her. "Guitars, fiddles, a banjo, and even a mandolin." At which Sam nodded with a smile.

"Who plays guitar?" Tyler asked. Suddenly excited by the conversation.

"Well Bass, Charlie, Daniel and myself," Angel told him.

"Do you play?" he asked Tyler. who sniffled at the question.

"I did," Tyler told him.

"But they took my guitar and sold it to a pawn shop, here!"

"Well you can borrow one of ours if you want," Charlie told him.

"I just wish we could find mine," Tyler said. "It was my great grandfathers."

"Can we find it dad?" Daniel asked his dad unexpectedly.

"Well we can try," Bob told them. "Sam what do you think?"

"Well there are no more than 6 or 7 pawn shops that deal with musical instruments.

"But I have a C.I. that could help us," Sam informed us. "Who'd like to tag along?"

"I think I'll tag along," Ethan said. Getting peck on the cheek from Linzie.

The kids said OOO. Mr. Ashworth smiled. "I didn't see a thing," he told Linzie. While several of us chuckled.

"What type of guitar is it?" Sam asked Tyler, grabbing a pad we keep on the tables.

"It's an old Martin. It has my great grandfather's name on a piece of paper he glued inside," Tyler told him with a smile. "His name is  the same as mine."

"Tyler James Johnson," said with a grin of pride.

"We'll get on it this morning," Sam told him. "But don't expect quick results."

"Yes sir," Tyler said giving him a hug.

We ate our breakfast. Then the kids made short work of the dishes.

"Darlene. How about we get your family out here?" I asked her. "What do you think?"

"I think my boys would love it," she said amazed. "And Waylon loves to ride. But.."

"He had to sell his horse when the boys came along," she said. I looked at Dante and we smiled at each other.

"It's to bad you don't have anymore room," Sam(antha) Ashworth said. But Linzie got a funny look on her face.

"Billy! How about that trailer you first lived in?" Linzie asked.

"It needs a good cleaning," I told her.

"That'll be perfect," Dante bubbled. "And they can go to the rodeo and have dinner with us.

"I'll recruit some of the kids," Linzie replied.

"I'll pitch in," Sam Ashworth said.

"I will to," Diane said, offering her help.

"How many kids do you have?" Genevieve asked Darlene.

"Three boys," Darlene told her. "And holy terrors when they want to be."

"Alex or Alexander is 5 1/2. The 1/2 is very important," She said with a smile. "My twins are 4 as of last Sunday."

 "Well you go get them," I told her. "We're going shopping."

Jean had been in the doorway and said load up. We all split up to do what we had to.

Not only did Justin and Tyler need suits. But so did Mattie, Jeff and Tony.  Cheryle and Sonny just needed some nicer boots. 

As we shopped. Peter walked over and looked at some shirts near me. Then as low as he could.

"That man keeps looking in Billy,"  he said. I grabbed the shirt and turned. Sure enough he looked in, and turned quickly back.

"I say we send a picture to your dad," I said  taking a picture of the shirt and him as he looked in again.

Alice and Antonia checked the boys suits over. They helped them pick out a few ties. No clip on ties. Cheryl helped Mattie and Jeff. Tony had it well in hand.

"Very nice girls," Jean said as we packed up. and checking the boys.

"Thank you," an embarrassed Justin said.

"Yeah, Thanks," Tyler said. "My mom use to help me with this stuff."

"You ladies have done an excellent job," Bob told them

 On the way home. Justin and Tyler were relaxed. They were even being affectionate. Dante decided we should be the same.