Until Dawn

Chapter 9

Looking across, I saw Jimmy crouched with his hand out, waiting for me to grab hold and make haste. It was all it took for me to realize that the two boys were working together to help me out, and that Jimmy had left his cocoon after being the person who didn't want to leave it. 

Helping me up, Jimmy was able to drag me to the door. All I could do was hobble along, but the pain dissipated with each step. We avoided the main exit. Instead, Jimmy brought me to the storeroom linked to the back of the locker room and into the lobby. Inside there was a metallic smell, and it was wafting from the locker room. It had to be coming from the trail of blood that was running through the entire chamber.

Now it made sense how Bao was able to get through to the other side.

Jimmy didn't bother with the locker room door; he just went straight to the lobby exit. Yet, it appeared that the door was missing its handle while the actual door itself was buckled into the frame, making it impassable.

Jimmy panicked; he tugged on the door and banged on it. He clearly wanted to get out. Plus, I didn't blame him. Unwillingly, Jimmy just scarpered to the locker room door, and that one opened without fault. However, it appeared that he was leaving Elliot behind. He didn't turn back toward the small hallway that led upstairs; he was heading for the door that I secured with my belt.

"Come on before he realizes we are still here," Jimmy said with agitation.

Jimmy planned on leaving Elliot to the mercy of the werewolf. It didn't seem right to just abandon him, regardless of the crush. It would eat away at me for the rest of my life if I just left him to die. Sure… That may have been a lousy choice of words, but I was sick of running, and my best friend depended on me. 

"I can't leave 'em," I said, my face perplexed with disbelief.

Jimmy continued to walk at a hurried pace.

"Yes, you can," he said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

What about all those times when we were supposed to support all members of the team?

Sure, things had changed, and some of the group was now killing off the remainder of the swimmers. I didn't know about any of the other guys, but I felt a sense of commitment to make sure everyone who was still alive would make it out that way. I stopped on the spot, contemplating turning back and racing for the stairs, and a few paces ahead, Jimmy stopped, staring in disbelief. I think the look on my face said it all.

"You'll get yourself killed," Jimmy murmured.

Jimmy peered over my shoulder; he flurried up and down, fretting. In his mind, he was probably running all the worst scenarios over and over.

"Yeah, but if I don't do anything, it will be Elliot who…."

Discontented that his mind had been changed, Jimmy let out a groan then started walking toward the lobby again. I guess that meant he wouldn't help Elliot, so I began to turn back toward the door for the stairs.

Across the room, Jimmy sighed, "Are you coming or what?" 

"You’re heading in the opposite direction," I added.

"No… Elliot was going to lead it down the stairs in the lobby," Jimmy said.

I turned back to Jimmy and started walking toward him.

Okay… maybe I had been too quick to judge.

As I walked along the locker banks, Jimmy asked if I had my cell phone. I told him the truth and how it got lost. He was saddened to hear that I didn't have it on me. Though he was optimistic that we could pick it up on the way out. After all, my backpack would have been on the table just beyond those double doors. I wondered why the police were taking so long? I believed that the receptionist had called the law, and I told Jimmy that she had been gutted like a fish. 

"Shit…" Jimmy said. "She had some fine boobs."

I chuckled at his insensitive joke. Though I guess he was trying to lighten the mood considering everything else was blood, guts, and fear. Approaching the door, we automatically started looking for items to defend ourselves.

"Got any ideas…." Jimmy asked.

"Not really. How about you?"

Jimmy scoffed, "Well, not really. Why do you think I asked you? Does it look like I'm full of ideas?"

I grinned at his rebuttal, and he smirked back. I just had to say my piece, so with a laugh, I added, "Figures."

The two of us smiled. I even felt the warmth, the heart of our team coming back, even if it was just for a moment. Though it was short-lived, as Jimmy picked up a mop from the washing bucket by the door. I knew what I was going to get. There was a box with an ax just outside the door, which would come in handy to kill that monster, Bao.

Undoing the belt securing the handles of the door, I joked, "What are you going to do…? Mop him to death."

Jimmy gave me the stink eye… then the door to the lobby was open.