Mayfield Magic

Chapter 4-It's Like Everything has been Totally Baseball

Gordy, Miles, Scott, and Emmett
<Larry’s minivan>
“How did you like pitching today?” Larry asked Miles as they drove south on Interstate 5 heading toward Tacoma.
“It’s hard when you’ve only pitched a few scrimmages and a little BP in practice,” Miles replied. “Everybody here has pitched more than me except Gordy and he don’t pitch at all.”
“Why don’t you pitch, Gordy?” Emmett asked. Other than as a teammate, Emmett didn’t know Gordy well very well. One thing he did know was that, like himself, Gordy wasn’t gay.
“I never wanted to,” Gordy replied. “I always liked being out on the field ready to make plays.”
“And you’re very good at doing that,” Larry said. Gordy was an excellent fielder at both of his regular positions, shortstop and centerfield, which are considered by many to be the two toughest positions to field.
Aiden, who had been busy texting Nolan about the last two games, put his phone down. “Now it gets serious with all the league games we have this week,” he said.
“I guess we’ll see how ready Riley and Lance are,” Gordy said, pointing out that those two would be the first two pitchers Coach Hallion planned to use against Parkview.
“Parkview is due to beat somebody, so we’d better be at the top of our game,” Aiden reminded them.
Miles wanted to say that Parkview wasn’t very good, and it would be a total embarrassment if the Goats lost to them. He knew Coach Sanders and, as a result, Aiden, didn’t like it when somebody dissed their upcoming opponent by saying they were a bad team. But, as Miles saw it, Coach Hallion wouldn’t be making Riley and Lance his top two pitchers for the game unless he thought Parkview sucked. He also knew better than to voice that opinion, at least to the group sitting with him in the van.
“Always respect your opponent,” Aiden would constantly say, echoing the philosophy of his pop.
The minivan soon quieted down as the tired boys looked out the windows at the passing scenery. Gordy was the first to nod off and Aiden soon followed him. Ten minutes later Scott drifted off. Emmett didn’t feel tired enough to take a nap and played games on his phone. Even though the tournament was fun in every way imaginable, he was looking forward to league games, even if it meant he wouldn’t be playing as much as he had over the weekend. But league play was what the summer was all about, and this was the first day of summer, after all.
Aiden enjoyed having a day off from baseball. He needed some time to decompress. He had spent the first couple of hours after breakfast chatting, and jerking off with Nolan on Skype. The topics of their chat were baseball and Nolan’s upcoming move to Mayfield, at least until it turned to sex. Nolan was VERY interested in what Aiden had to say about his new Canadian friends, Tommy and Warren.
Nolan also had some interesting news about the schedule of the move. “My dad found out yesterday that the sitting Superior Court judge he will be replacing agreed to cover the court docket until the end of September. That’s going to make it easier for us to make the move, plus mom and dad can take the trip to California for the tournament—if you guys decide to pick me up, of course. And, dad and I will be able to take the train trip with you and your dads.”
Aiden knew that Nolan’s parents had decided not to put their house on the market until after they moved out. “Mom doesn’t want a bunch of strangers walking around the house until she’s totally moved out.”
After disconnecting, Aiden straightened his room and then went downstairs to complete his morning chores. He was emptying the dishwasher when Larry, who had been working in the yard, came into the kitchen.
“Wow, your clothes for the day look exactly like you in the nude,” Larry grinned.
“That should be classified as a ‘not funny’,” Aiden groused as he reached up to put away some glasses.
“And a fine second good morning to you. At least you aren’t grumpy this time.”
“Your ‘not funnies’ are getting even less funny.”
“I assume you had a nice chat with Nolan, since it certainly was a long one.”
“It was, how should I say it…it was a profitable one.” Aiden smirked as he put way two more glasses.
“It must have felt very good since it inspired you to your first humor attempt of the day. I’ll admit, I enjoyed it,” Larry said.
“That’s because you’re a dirty old man.”
“Does that put me in the same category as a sticky young boy?”
“You could always watch to find out, but I’d have to charge you admission.”
“And what would that be?”
“Dinner for two at Parker’s, and you wouldn’t be the other guest.” Aiden went to work on putting away the silverware.
“I assume you’ll be wearing more when Gordy gets here. Well, forget that, I know you’ll want him to admire your body, but you will be wearing more when you go biking with him.”
“Yep, I plan to have shoes on. It’s easier to pedal that way.” The opening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony interrupted the father/son banter. “Speaking of Gordy.”
Aiden let Gordy into the house. “I see you look ready to go,” Gordy chuckled.
“I just need to get my shoes on,” Aiden responded. “You can come up to my room with me and watch me.”
Gordy said hello to Larry and followed Aiden up the stairs. Not for the first time and certainly not for the last, Larry wondered where the shy little eight-year-old boy who had moved in with him and Phil had vanished to. On the flip side, it didn’t really matter since Larry liked the outgoing boy who was respected both by the adults in his life and by his peers.
“Is it just going to be you and me at Kalie’s?” Aiden asked as he stepped into a pair of bright red briefs with white trim.
“Miles should be here soon, if not he said he’d be at Kalie’s by lunch,” Gordy answered.
“Right. Leave it to Miles to make sure he doesn’t miss the food.”
“He’s not much different from you and me.”
“Yeah, but eating is our job. He likes to advertise it. He’s even worse about it than Mac, who’s turning into an all-time eater.” Aiden quickly dressed in shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, socks, and shoes.
“I can’t believe how awesome your room is,” Gordy said. “Have you slept out on the balcony yet?”
“No, but I’m going to. My dads said they would buy me one of those big inflatable mattresses as an early birthday present so I can sleep comfortably out there. It’s big enough for two guys if they squeeze tight and small enough to fit on the balcony if I move the soft drink table inside,” Aiden informed his friend.
“I thought it was called a coffee table?”
“It is, but since nobody will be drinking coffee out on the balcony, soft drink table works better.”
The boys heard Beethoven chime followed by Larry yelling that Miles had arrived. “Damn, I gotta pee before we go,” Gordy said.
“Me, too. Let’s do a side-by-side piss.”
“That’s cool with me. At least you won’t be pissing on me in the shower.”
“Nope, I’ll be doing it right next to the toilet,” Aiden grinned.
“I’m joking, I’m joking.”
Aiden opened his bedroom door and yelled that they would be right down. Aiden and Gordy went into the bathroom, stood next to each other facing the toilet, and dropped their pants and underpants to give their cocks plenty of wiggle room to avoid an accident. The long-time friends had pissed together countless times.
After pissing, flushing, and pulling their pants back up, the two headed downstairs, traded hugs with Miles, and started for the front door. Aiden gave Larry a quick hug, telling him he would be home for dinner.
“Call if you plan on bringing company,” Larry told him.
Aiden opened the side door to the garage, grabbed his helmet, and guided his bike through the door. As soon as everyone had his helmet fastened, the three boys headed to Kalie’s house.
“That’s where Nolan is moving to, right?” Miles asked as they approached what was the Barnes residence.
“Right,” Aiden answered before turning into Kalie’s long, gravel driveway. The three boys concentrated on staying away from rough patches. The trip up the driveway only took a couple of minutes, but it always seemed forever when they rode their bikes there.
“We could have walked our bikes up the driveway, you know,” Miles said as they stopped in front of Kalie’s house and dismounted.
“That’s the wussy way out,” Gordy said.
“Maybe, but you and me have ridden it a few times and are used to it,” Aiden said to keep Miles from feeling bad.
Gordy was about to ring the doorbell when the door opened and Kalie stood in the entryway, wearing nothing but white girl boxers decorated with red stars, and a shirt that was completely unbuttoned, revealing her maturing pubescent breasts. It wasn’t what the three boys expected to see, and they gasped in unison.
“Hi everybody,” Kalie grinned. She stepped up to Gordy and gave him a special hug. Gordy felt an electrical surge of desire flow through him.
“You’re not wearing any clothes,” he stammered as he stated the obvious.
“Yes, I am. I’ve got my boxers on, and I’ve got a shirt on. You guys are the ones who run around without any clothes on—I’m just being comfortable.”
“You being comfortable just gave me a boner.”
“Me too,” Miles piped up.
Aiden said nothing. Even though he felt a bit excited, his cock had barely shifted.
“Why don’t you come into the house. Mom will have lunch ready soon and then we can take our walk to the pond like we planned.”
“You mean your mom knows you’re dressed like this?” Gordy asked as the boys entered the living room. Kalie shut the front door as soon as all three were inside.
“It would be hard not to since I was helping her make lunch. Toasted cheese sandwiches by the way.”
“And she’s letting you do it?”
“I swear, Gordy, you ask the dumbest question sometimes. Of course, she’s letting me do it, since here I am dressed in boxers and an open shirt.” Kalie took off the shirt and tossed it on the couch.
“What would your mom say if we stripped down to our underpants?” Miles asked.
“She would say, hi boys, y’all look really good in your underwear. Come on guys, you know my mother is really cool—she says she was a boy chaser at my age and knows how it is, which is why I’m on the pill. It’s my dad, not my mom, who’s the hard ass. He thinks every boy is out to rape me and I shouldn’t encourage it.
“Where is your dad?”
“He went to Olympia for some farmers’ group meeting with some legislators and then they’re going to have dinner after. He’s staying in a hotel because he says it would be dangerous to drink and then drive, and this way we won’t have to worry about him.” Kalie looked at Aiden and gave him an evil grin. “Why don’t you be the leader and strip to your undies?”
“I guess I could, since your mom won’t be worried about the gay guy in the group being the one almost naked,” Aiden responded.
Gordy looked horrified. “You’re joking, right Aiden?”
Aiden was untying his shoes and waited until he’d kicked them off before answering his friend. “Relax, Gordy.  Just because I’m dressing down doesn’t mean you have to.” He then took off his Mariners t-shirt.
“Good. I mean, I don’t mind Kalie seeing me like that because she’s my girlfriend and everything, but I don’t want her mom seeing me.”
“Just like you don’t like getting undressed around my dads, right?”
“Except, sometimes you do it anyway,” Aiden pointed out as he pulled off his shorts. He was wearing just his red briefs with white trim. He adjusted himself since his cock was now getting out of control. He hoped to hide the fact that he was boning up from Kalie’s mother. Since he was the gay boy in the group, he couldn’t figure out why he suddenly had a pulsing, rock hard boner that wouldn’t stop growing.
“Yeah, but they’re dads,” Gordy explained. “They’re men. Kalie’s mom is a mother and she’s a woman.”
“Gordy, at least take your t-shirt off so I can admire your beautiful chest,” Kalie said.
“Yeah, then Kalie and I can both admire it,” Aiden grinned.
“Okay, I’ll at least do that much.” Gordy pulled off his Mayfield Titan t-shirt.
“What about you, Miles?” Kalie asked.
Miles was torn between supporting Gordy or supporting Aiden, who were two of his three very best friends—Mason being the other. He finally decided he’d take off his t-shirt and not worry about who was doing what. Just as he tossed it on the couch, Kalie’s mother called them to lunch.
“Kalie, Kalie, Kalie, what am I going to do with you?” Kalie’s mother, Anne, asked. “Did you make those sweet, innocent boys take their clothes off?”
“Only Aiden,” Kalie pointed out. “And he’s the gay one.”
“Which is probably why I don’t embarrass him,” Anne chuckled.
Aiden was relieved that all the chatter had helped the problem inside his underpants to lessen.
“Anyway, the sandwiches are ready, with fries to go along with them. So, dig in boys—and girl. And there’s soda in the refrigerator.
The four each grabbed a can of soda and sat at the dining room table. “Where’s your brother?” Aiden asked as he popped open his can of Coke.
“He finished his farm chores this morning, with my help, and is off visiting friends and probably won’t be back until morning.”
“Boys or girls?” Miles asked.
“Travis is gonna be twenty-one in August, so I think they’d be men and women,” Kalie pointed out. “I think he’s going to be practicing for his birthday so he’ll be ready to get totally wasted the first time he can drink legal. Just like dad, he won’t be drinking and driving.”
Aiden was disappointed he wouldn’t be seeing Travis. He had a bit of a crush on Kalie’s brother and he knew Travis was interested in him. He saw Travis as his chance to have sex with somebody older before he turned eighteen. Because of what Marty had been drilling into him, Aiden thought the age of consent was eighteen, when in fact it was sixteen. He was so positive that was correct that he never questioned the fact.
Kalie and Gordy were sitting next to each other on the other side of the table. Aiden noticed Kalie’s hand reach under the table. Miles tapped Aiden’s shoulder and nodded in their direction. There was little doubt in their minds that Kalie was fondling her boyfriend, and when they heard Gordy’s zipper being pulled down any doubt that they had was erased. Aiden was now so boned up it hurt.
Aiden tried unsuccessfully to look into the kitchen to see if Kalie’s mom was there but decided she must have left without him noticing. Miles got Aiden’s attention by squeezing the bulge in his briefs. Neither Aiden nor Miles was surprised when Gordy raised his butt and dropped his shorts to the floor. What they couldn’t see was that Gordy dropped his underpants at the same time and was now naked.
“Where’s your mom?” Aiden finally asked.
“She went to the backhouse to do a complete cleaning. She says it’s been a while and my cousins from Oregon along with my aunt and uncle are going to be coming soon, so she wants it really clean. She says we have to be sure to clean up after we’re done eating and that she’ll call me before she comes back to make sure she doesn't catch us doing something embarrassing.” Kalie stood up and took off her girl boxers, making sure Aiden saw her fully nude.
“Your mom sounds like my dads,” Aiden said. “Totally understanding as long as I follow certain simple rules. And not taking my underpants off in front of a girl isn’t one of the rules.” Feeling safer now that he knew what had happened with Kalie’s mom, Aiden stripped his undies off and was naked as well.
“Well, when at Kalie’s do as Kalie does,” Miles said and he joined in the nudity.
“Let’s go to my room,” Kalie said. The naked boys followed the naked girl up the stairs to her bedroom
Kalie started seriously masturbating Gordy while Miles was taking care of Aiden. It didn’t take long for both boys to squirt. Gordy shot over his belly as Kalie finished him off. When Aiden knew he was on the verge of orgasm, he gently pushed Miles down on Kalie’s bed, crawled on top of him, and humped him until he shot his watery cum on his friend’s torso. Aiden’s action took Miles close to the edge and as soon as Aiden came, Miles rolled them over so he was now on top and shot over Aiden, mixing their cum.
“Wow, that was really nice, all you boys squirting your stuff over yourselves,” Kalie said.
“Want me to get you off?” Gordy asked.
“I’d love it, but fucking will wait until the campout, although you can finger me or eat me out.”
Gordy already knew that and resented having Kalie remind him, but he shook it off and finger fucked his girlfriend to a quick orgasm.
“Let’s get dressed so when my mom comes in she won’t know what we did, not that she’d really care. I mean, she is okay with the campout next week.”
“Do you have any tissue?” Aiden asked.
Kalie took a box of tissues out of the drawer of her nightstand and handed it to Aiden, who then turned it over to Miles and Gordy. After everybody was cleaned up and dressed, they went downstairs and sat in the living room.
“I can’t believe your dad is okay with your campout,” Miles said.
“He is because he likes Aiden and Gordy and because Brittany is coming, whatever that has to do with anything,” Kalie responded. “If he came home today and found us in just our underwear, he, like, would’ve told mom she might need to be a little stricter. As far the campout, he likes a phrase they used to have.”
“What’s that?”
“Don’t ask, don’t tell. He talks to me a lot about sex and doing the right thing, just like mom does. But he says he knows I play around because every kid does, and that I should be extra careful to not get into trouble. I guess if I got preggers that would be telling without him even asking. But I’m on the pill so it shouldn’t be a problem.
“Are we going to take that hike to the pond?” Kalie then asked.
“I think our fun kinda took up too much of our time,” Gordy answered. “Not that I’m complaining. Maybe we can do it during the campout.”
“Or make it an all-day thing with skinny dipping and lunch and ice-cold sodas and more of the fun we just had,” Kalie said.
“I can live with that,” Miles grinned. “Maybe Brittany can join us.” Since Miles and Brittany had lost their virginity with each other, Miles would be more than happy to have fun with Brittany even if nothing more had developed from their romp in bed,
“I can live with it, too,” Gordy said.
At that point, Kalie’s mom called to say she was coming into the house. “Okay, the backhouse is cleaned. After Kalie’s cousins stay you kids can all use it again.”
The boys said they needed to go, thanked Kalie’s mom for lunch, and headed with Kalie out to their bicycles. They said their goodbyes and the boys carefully pedaled down the gravel road.
“Kalie’s parents are weird,” Miles said after they arrived at Aiden’s house. “At least my parents are always saying, ‘Don’t do it’, when it comes to sex, so I know where I stand. It’s like they say don’t do it but Kalie knows they really don’t mean it.”
“Whatever they think, they’re good with the campout. And they know we won’t be sitting next to the lantern playing Go Fish,” Aiden said.
“Speak for yourself,” Gordy said. Gordy was becoming more and more uncomfortable about the campout. The idea of intercourse was becoming less enticing. He’d had fun in Kalie’s bedroom with her, Aiden, and Miles. He just didn’t think he was ready for more.
After Gordy and Miles left for town, Aiden sat in his recliner in the tween relaxing room and thought about the campout as well. His problem was Brittany. After the fun he’d had that afternoon, he wished that Miles could be the one to share his tent with him, and not Brittany. After all Miles was his friend, and more importantly for what was being planned, he was a boy. He had no problem with him and Miles fucking while Gordy and Kalie lost their cherries in the neighboring tent. But as much as he liked Brittany, the idea of being sexual with her didn’t turn him on a bit.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Aiden and Nolan had agreed to send texts as soon as they arrived home from their games. After both had texted, they would log on to their computers and chat online. Aiden knew that their respective baseball games would be the major topic of their chat, at least to start. He hoped that after talking baseball, horniness would take over.
The Yard Goats game was so one-sided it almost quit being fun. On the other hand, even though the game was only five innings, the second-team players got plenty of playing time. The Goats pummeled the Parkview Panthers 16-2. Riley pitched two shutout innings to begin the game, but Eric reminded Coach Hallion they had tough games the next two days and Riley would be a good pitcher to have in reserve. As a result Lance pitched the next two innings, followed by Emmett in the fifth. Lance and Emmett each allowed a run in their pitching stints.
Aiden knew he wouldn’t have a lot to talk about. He only played two innings, but he did bat twice, going two for two with a double, an RBI, and two runs scored.
When Aiden arrived home from the game, he told Larry he was going up to his room to chat with Nolan. Phil was away coaching the 14 and under Dynamos at Monte. Aiden stripped naked, sent his text to Nolan, set Horace next to him, and read his current book while playing with his cock. He only got two pages read when Nolan’s text arrived. A couple of minutes later, the boyfriends were online admiring each other’s naked bodies.
“Well, how did you do?” Aiden asked after their usual greetings.
“You mean you didn’t check the website?” Nolan asked. “You knew the score would get there before I got home.” The East Centralia Scrappers had played Kentburg at Kentburg.
“You could have sent me a text, you know.”
“I know, but I wanted to tell you face-to-face, so to speak, just like we’ll be really doing in less than a month.”
“Gotcha. Now, enough chatter. How did you do?”
“We beat Kentburg 5-3,” Nolan grinned.
“Great job, Sugar Bear.”
“That keeps us tied for first with West Centralia South Division. They knocked off East Olympia 6-3.”
“And we’re tied for second with Winton in North. You guys beating Kentburg drops them to third,” Aiden said.
“Are you looking at the scores?” Nolan asked.
“You must be talking about Winton giving Clark Pass their first loss, which is the big news.”
“It moves you to only two games back of Clark Pass. There’s lots of time for you to catch them.”
“We have to beat Kentburg tomorrow before we can even begin to think that far ahead. We gotta play them a game at a time as everybody likes to say.”
“And in this case, everybody is right. I don’t mean to change the subject, but I’ve been playing with my dickie and it’s getting hard and we need to get from baseball to sex.”
“I’ve got no problem with that, cuz I have the same problem as you do,” Aiden said. “But before we start, I can’t remember if I told you this or not, but Skyler won’t be able to go to California because his team is going to a tournament in Yakima that same weekend.”
“That sucks. He’s for sure the best pitcher in our league. Who do you think your coach will look at to pick up?”
“I dunno. But if it was up to me, I’d look east to Clark Pass and Calvin Loggins. He’s really good, plus he’s a mega cutie.”
“You can’t beat the combo of good pitcher and mega cutie,” Nolan chuckled. “How about we make him our fantasy tonight. He ends up going with us to California and we fuck him back-to-back in our hotel room the first night to welcome him to the Yard Goats.”
“Let’s start jerking!” Aiden called out.
It didn’t take long for the boyfriends to squirt over themselves as they described their fantasy of how hard they’d fuck Calvin who, of course, loved every second of it.
The bleachers at Field 2 of the Kentburg baseball park were full. Mayfield and Kentburg both had good teams, but the rivalry between the towns was such that a matchup between their teams always drew a bigger crowd than usual.
There were two fields, one with a grass infield and the other with a skinned infield. The grass field could only accommodate a full-size diamond with 90-foot bases while the skin field could accommodate any size diamond.
Coach Hallion had considered starting Aiden, but after chatting with Eric and Kevin following the Parkview game, he realized Aiden’s pitch count in the tournament was such that he needed more time off. They agreed he should be ready to pitch on Thursday. Hallion was grateful that his two young assistants were so in tune with pitching, with Eric having been a pitcher, and Kevin having been a catcher. Hallion knew hitting and fielding, but he needed knowledgeable help regarding pitching. That really hit him when Trent, his pitcher son, had casually mentioned the day before that with 80+ pitches in the tournament Aiden’s pitch count was pretty high. Hallion chastised himself for being way too out of touch with the pitching part of coaching and vowed to do something about that before next summer. He was sure Larry and Phil could recommend some good coaching clinics that emphasized pitching.
Scott was going to start the game, but at Eric’s suggestion would be limited to 60 pitches. Trent would pitch next and have the same limit, which gave him more than enough pitches if he needed them. Lance and Max would finish things up since Hallion didn’t want to push things. The coach hated having to split his pitching like that in a big league game, which he had mentioned to Larry when they chatted on the phone that morning. He said he was having regrets having entered the tournament.
“Each summer almost every team worth its salt goes through the same thing you’re going through. Of course, they don’t have a rainout makeup causing the games to stack up,” Larry responded. “But let me ask you this, James—did your players have fun?”
“They had a blast—every one of them so totally into baseball and into the tournament as a whole,” Hallion replied.
“Then what else do you need to know?”
“Understood. At least for us, the tournament was about the kids and not the adults. Yeah, I got lost in myself there. Playing in that tournament was good for everyone, even the coach,” he chuckled.
Keith Barnett, who was Lenny’s one-time boyfriend, started for Kentburg. The redhead had written off that relationship as kids’ stuff and now made sure that everybody knew about his girlfriend.
The Goats, and Lenny in particular, really wanted to win the game badly, but it was not to be. Whether it was a matter of trying too hard or just being tired from too much baseball, the Goats’ bats never seemed to make good contact. Scott and Trent also pitched well, each giving up a run in three innings pitched. Lance didn’t get to pitch since the Kentburg Stingers had a 2-0 lead after six and a half innings.
Keith threw a complete game, four hit shutout, striking out 10 and walking one. As much as they hated to admit it, the Goats couldn’t help but be impressed by Keith’s pitching, which kept them off balance the entire game. The Stingers managed only five hits, but they produced the runs needed to win the game.
One gesture none of the Mayfield players failed to notice was Lenny giving Keith a big hug as they met in the handshake line. Keith had his girlfriend and Lenny had Riley. Both boys were happy about that and any hard feelings they may have had over their breakup had been erased.
Aiden and Nolan met on Skype around nine-thirty. As always, they talked baseball to start. They both had lost by two runs, Aiden the 2-0 loss to Kentburg and Nolan in a 6-4 loss to West Centralia, the team they had been tied for first with in the Mountain South division.
The Goats were tied for third in the Mountain North division with Kentburg at 7-4. Winton was second with a surprising 8-3 record and Clark Pass was first at 9-2. Clark Pass had lost to Tenino 5-4 for their second straight loss. With five games left, the race for the three playoff spots in the North was a tight four team affair. In the South, West and East Centralia along with Tenino had all but clinched a playoff spot. They were now vying for first place and the first-round bye that came with it.
Neither Aiden nor Nolan were paying much attention to the ins and outs of the two Columbia divisions other than to check the scores and the standings. They would become much more interested when the Southwest League playoffs started.
“You guys play the Broncos tomorrow,” Nolan said, referring to West Centralia. “We could use the Goats ramming their horns up their butts with a big win, and I know the Goats could sure use it.”
“We could use a break,” Aiden admitted. “We have five games left to go. Tomorrow’s is against a first-place team, plus we play Winton, Clark Pass, and Kentburg in our division. The only losing team we play is South Centralia, who haven’t won a game.”
“I feel sorry for those guys. All of the cut in Centralia players make up that team, and the results are obvious. But, I gotta say this, all their players work hard and hustle even when they’re getting their asses kicked.”
“They want to show people what they can do so maybe they won’t be cut off a good team next year,” Aiden speculated.
Aiden then told Nolan about Mason and the Canadians. Nolan commented on how Mason can find a way to get somebody horny even when he isn’t around.
“I think we should give Mason a nickname after what he did to make those two Canucks your friends,” Nolan said.
“The Diplomat.”
“I like it. And that makes me horny, and makes you horny, and so our fantasy tonight is?” Aiden asked.
“I don’t care. Did you have any ideas?” Nolan responded.
“The first guy we have a three-way with in your new house. Who do you want it to be?”
“What about Riley?”
“Riley? Why Riley?”
“Because from what I’ve heard about your little issue at the tournament, Riley is one gutsy kid. I think it would be fun to think about two studly dudes like you and me giving him a little lovin’.”
It didn’t take long for the boyfriends to shoot their loads in front of each other. “Do you guys have a move-in date yet?”
“Well, with my dad getting a leave of absence the day isn’t quite as crucial. But we’re already moving in bits and pieces. We’re looking at July 9 as moving truck day. Like I’ve told you, my days around the house have been crazy, just taking care of the train layout if nothing else. I’m glad a lot of it is modular, but there’s still a lot to do. The model railroaders are gonna help us move all that stuff on Sunday the twelfth.”
“Right at the time the league tournament starts.”
“Yeah, but there the games don’t start until the eleventh and there are no games that Sunday so it should all be good.”
“Well, you know I’ll help as much as I can,” Aiden said.
“And you know dad and I will have lots for you to do, too,” Nolan chuckled.
<Riley and Lenny>
“I’m glad we get a little time alone together,” Riley said as he and Lenny sat on the living room couch watching television.   
“I’m glad you could come over. Mom left some sandwiches and cookies for lunch. She took the Brat with her to do whatever makes the evil one happy, which for her is probably shopping. She said she’d be home around two. Lance is swimming at Aiden’s house with Grant, Mason, and Gordy. I told Lance they’d better not get all tired out in the pool because our game tonight is huge.”
With the time being just after twelve, the boys figured they would have a couple of hours together and had stripped naked, leaving their clothes strewn on Lenny’s bed. “What did he say?”
“He said that he wasn’t stupid, even if he wasn’t the alpha twin or something like that. He can get kinda snarky sometimes.”
“Are they skinny dipping?”
“They’re at Aiden’s house so what do you think?”
“I think that’s a yes,” Riley grinned. He paused and then said, “I’m glad my mom let me come over. She was kinda all over me after what happened against Burien.”
“Damn, dude, that happened way back last Saturday. And the Mayfield Goats aren’t that kind of team if that’s what she’s worried about. Your mom needs to chill out.”
“She has some,” Riley said. “Especially after you and me talked to her and your mom after yesterday’s game. I told her how you guys had my back all the way. I think she finally believed me. And to prove it, she’s the one who came up with the best idea.”
“Yep. You me and overnighting at your house tomorrow night.”
“I think your mom and my dad had a lot do with it. He told mom she had to quit babying me, or something like that.”
Lenny had his right arm wrapped about Riley’s shoulder. He turned Riley’s head and planted a long kiss, giving his boyfriend plenty of tongue. They wrapped their arms around each other and were soon rolling on the carpet. The Mariners played on without them.
“Let’s go on my bed,” Lenny suggested. “I want to do your butt and my bed would be more comfy.”
“I’m good with that. I don’t know what we’ll be able to do at my house and I want you to do my butt real bad. When I mess around with you I forget about Darryl and Tucker and those asswaffles.”
The two boys, their hairless cocks standing proudly, held hands and walked to the twins’ bedroom. They quickly dropped onto Lenny’s bed and kissed hard. Riley rubbed his hand around Lenny’s cock, feeling him thoroughly. He took a quick glance down after feeling his boyfriend’s pubic region.
“I can feel little hairs,” Riley said.
“That’s because I’ve got some, which is more than Lance can say,” Lenny responded. 
“Stick your dick in me and fuck me now, please,” Riley pleaded.
“It’s on the way.”
“Oh, I gotta say this first. If we get a chance to do it at my house, I want to do you. It’s getting time for me to top you for the first time.”
“You can do me now if you want.”
“No, because I really NEED you to do me. I really need to feel you. It’s the first time I’ve felt like this, like I need you bad, and it feels weird to think like that. Well, weird and good at the same time.”
That chatter ended then and Lenny reached into the drawer of his nightstand and pulled out his lube. He took care of business and soon was in Riley’s ass, pounding away at him as the tweens kissed and fucked and fucked and kissed, rocking on the bed, moaning, cussing, until their high-pitched voices screeched as they reached near simultaneous orgasms.
When Riley was finally able to breath normally, he held Lenny tightly and said, “Wowsers, that was the best ever. I mean the very best. Not like I’m experienced or anything, but it was still the best. I don’t feel weird anymore. All I can think of is how special you are to me.”
“I’m so happy you’re my boyfriend,” Lenny replied. “You feel special to me too.”
“Does the way we feel mean we’re, like, in love with each other?”
“What else can it mean?”
They exchanged another long kiss, told each other they were hungry, and went back to the living room to get their lunch. They were happy to see the Mariners now had a 3-1 lead over the White Sox.
“I hope we didn’t tire ourselves out by fucking,” Lenny said.
“I think all we did was make ourselves mega-hungry,” Riley said after swallowing his bite of sandwich.
After finishing lunch and straightening the kitchen, Lenny suggested they get dressed. As they walked by the television, they heard the announcer call out a two RBI double by Marty.
“Yay, for Mayfield’s finest,” Lenny said.
“I think Mayfield’s finest is you,” Riley told his boyfriend. “I love you so much.”
“And I love you.”
They just finished dressing when Lenny’s mother, Leslie, came home with The Brat, who had a softball game that evening. Since she said she would be attending the twin’s game, Leslie hoped that her lunch with her daughter would assuage any hurt feeling by Brenda. On the three other nights that there had been conflicts, Leslie had chosen Brenda’s game, so Brenda shouldn’t have much to complain about.
While Brenda wanted her mother at her game, she also knew that her mom had been fair about going to games, plus she had had a great lunch date with her. Brenda’s big disappointment was seeing that Lenny and Riley were dressed. She had really hoped to catch them naked.
Riley told Leslie and Brenda goodbye and Lenny saw him to the door. Checking to make sure Brenda wasn’t looking, Lenny gave his boyfriend a a quick kiss with a hint of tongue. “See you at the game,” Lenny told Riley.
“I’m looking forward to it, even though you’re not starting.”
“Maybe not this game, but you are, and that makes me as happy as starting would.” Riley was going to start in left field.  
“Ewwwwww, gross. Boys going kissy, kissy with each other,” Brenda the brat said with her face scrunched when Lenny walked past her.
Grrrrrrr, how did the brat see that? Lenny wondered. Lance and I really need to figure out a way to keep her out of our business and the payment she wants isn’t gonna happen.
What the brat wanted was for her brothers to fuck her, a thought that repelled them both. It just ain’t gonna happen, Lenny thought as he went into what he hoped was the privacy of his bedroom.
While Aiden’s afternoon pool party was swimsuits optional, nobody took that option as the five boys opted to swim naked. Aiden, Gordy, Lance, Grant, and Mason had sworn they would just enjoy the cool water and not wrestle, swim hard, or be sexual to conserve energy for the game. Grabbing cocks, balls, and ass was apparently not considered sexual, nor wrestling that afternoon, as a lot of that went on.
After a little more than an hour, the boys decided it was time to eat and left the pool. They dried off and went upstairs into the house where they raided the sandwiches Phil had prepared the night before for their lunch. Larry was in the boy watching room as they tromped through in all their naked glory. Even though they were used to being in the nude in front of Larry, Grant and Gordy still felt a little self-conscious when naked in front of Aiden’s pop. Mason was the opposite—he wished he had a boner for Larry to admire. While Mason had no desire to do anything sexual with a man, he still liked the idea of looking sexy in front of an adult male.
Grant and Lance knew the story of Mason and the Canadian boys and approved when Aiden proposed calling Mason “The Diplomat” for his helping international relations.
Mason liked it, too, but jokingly wondered if that meant he would now have to dress in a suit, along with fancy shoes and hat.
“Well, a baseball cap might be acceptable, after all baseball is why you met Tommy and Warren and were able to be diplomatic with them,” Aiden said. Mason liked that, and the lunch topic turned to the upcoming baseball game against West Centralia.  
<Mayfield Middle School baseball field>
Aiden was the starting pitcher for the Yard Goats and elicited a cheer from the bleachers by throwing his first pitch for a strike. The game was a big one for both teams. The Wildcats were 9-2 and had a one-game lead over the East Centralia Scrappers in the Mountain South division, while the Goats were 7-4 and tied for third in the Mountain North with Kentburg. The Wildcats had won their first meeting 7-4.
Aiden gave up a harmless two-out single in a scoreless top of the first. Gordy singled to lead off the bottom of the inning and Muddy clobbered a two-out homer to give the Goats a 2-0 lead. When Aiden returned to the mound, he realized that while his busy day had kept him from obsessing about getting into a zone his focus in the first inning had been good and he was feeling good as he took his five warmup pitches. He threw a 1-2-3 top of the second and the Goats went down in order in the bottom of the inning.
The third and fourth innings were scoreless. Aiden gave up one hit, walked one, and struck out three over the two innings. The Wildcats cut the Mayfield lead to 2-1 when Aiden gave up a run on two hits in the top of the fifth. But the Goats came roaring back with two runs of their own in the bottom of the inning when Aiden led off the inning with a single, stole second, and scored on a double by Trent. Muddy followed that up with a hard-hit single to left scoring Trent to make the score 4-1.
Riley replaced Aiden in the sixth and pitched a scoreless inning. Max pitched the seventh inning to pick up the save and the Goats had a huge 4-1 win over the powerful West Centralia team. Aiden had thrown one of his best games of the year and was the winning pitcher. The Yard Goats next game was going to be at Winton on Monday.
<Aiden and Nolan>
“Two more weeks and we’ll be neighbors,” Aiden said once he and Nolan completed their greetings after coming together on Skype.
“I know,” Nolan said. “I can’t wait. Thursday night I’ll be sleeping at your house and as soon as I’ve got my bed set up and we don’t have games and shit in the way, you’ll be sleeping in my new room.”
“With you, of course.”
“Well, duh.”
That little discourse had Aiden and Nolan bursting out in giggles.
They then talked about baseball. Aiden was surprised that the Scrappers had a close 7-4 game against South Centralia, scoring three in the bottom of the sixth to break a 4-4 tie.
“The Broncos played us tough, what can I say?” Nolan said. “If they play like that over their last four games they might win a game or two.”
“Hey, careful about what you say. One of their last four games is against us,” Aiden reminded his boyfriend.
They talked about the current standings. In the Mountain North, Kentburg, Winton, and Mayfield were in a three-way tie for second at 8-4. Clark Pass was 10-2, giving them a two-game lead. Four of the five teams in the division were going to be battling for the three playoff berths over the last four games.
In the South, East Centralia and West Centralia were tied for first with 9-3 records. Tenino was a game behind them at 8-4. Nobody else was in the running for the three playoff spots in the division, so the battle was for first place and the resulting first round bye.
The Goats would be playing Winton at home. Aiden and his photographer friend, Landon, had already been trading texts about the upcoming important game. Clark Pass would be at Kentburg and if Kentburg pulled off a win not only would the race for the two playoff spots be a three-way battle, the race for first place and its first-round bye would be a four-way affair.
The East Centralia Scrappers had a big game as well. They would be playing the Tenino Hoggers at Tenino and with the West Centralia Wildcats playing winless South Centralia, the Scrappers would most likely have to win to stay tied for first with the Wildcats.
“It’s almost like we’re Major League players and playing quadrillion games a week,” Aiden said. “It’s like we’re playing every day and every game we play is important.”
“Are you complaining?” Nolan asked.
“Kinda. I mean it is nice to have three days off. It’s a whole weekend without baseball.”
“Ask Marty sometime if he ever feels that way,” Nolan suggested.
Aiden nodded. “Okay, okay, I get your point.”
“Who’s our fantasy boy going to be tonight?” Nolan asked, feeling that he and Aiden had exhausted the topic for the night. He thought that it was weird to listen to Aiden complain about having to play baseball.
“Nobody,” Aiden answered without hesitation.
“Nobody? What do you mean nobody? You must have a pretty good fantasy using just the two of us.”
“I mean just what I said, absolutely nobody,” Aiden emphasized.
“I guess you just aren’t horny tonight.”
“Oh, I’m horny alright.” Aiden revealed his close to four and a half inches of hard boy cock. “But in just over a week from now we’re going to be neighbors and are gonna be spending our first night together as neighbors and I want us to be, like, so horny for each other our screams will shake my new windows.”
Nolan thought about that for a moment and then said, “That sounds good except that you’re going on that crazy campout tomorrow and I’m gonna spend my last night with Carter before I move, so you know we’re going to be shooting a load or two.”
“Or three of four,” Aiden added. “Yeah, I knew that. But what I meant was we’re going to be totally horny for each other that first night.”
“Gotcha. As much as I want to blow a load with you tonight using Carter as our fantasy boy, I can see being horny beyond horny for you a week from now. I mean, we’ll only have one first night and who knows how many nights together after that.”
“We’ll have as many as the ‘rents let us have.” Aiden was reminding Nolan of what they had discussed often—how often they would be able to sleep together.
“My question is, if we scream like you said, won’t your dads hear us?”
“They’ve heard us before; they just never make a big deal out of it except to tell me to have a little more self-control.”
“Do your dads scream and shit when they’re having sex?”
“I’m sure they scream, I just hope they don’t shit,” Aiden replied.
“You’re a real head case. You know that don’t you?”
“Of course, I do, and I know that’s one of the reasons you love me.”
“Yeah, one of a quadzillion reasons. Good night, Sweet Cakes.”
“Good night, Sugar Bear. Have fun with Carter.”
“And you have fun with Brittany.”
Nolan blew Aiden a kiss, which he returned, and then they both signed out.
Aiden then took care of his evening pissing and cleaning. He pulled Horace from his shelf, set him on his bed, and knelt beside the bed and said his evening gratitude prayer. He then picked up Horace and went downstairs where he knocked on his dads’ bedroom door.
“Just a minute,” Larry called out. Phil let Larry’s erection drop from his mouth and quickly found a pair of underpants for each of them. “Okay, it’s safe to come in.”
“Well, look who’s coming down to say goodnight,” Phil said. “Horace, it was nice of you to bring Aiden down with you. I must say that you are much better dressed than Young Master Aiden is.”
“Well, of course he is,” Aiden said. “I’m naked, so even a stuffed donkey should be better dressed than me. But the reason we came down is so we can sleep with you and pop tonight. We thought you two old men would be in bed already, and yep, here you are,” Aiden said.
Aiden set Horace down at the foot of the bed and crawled in between the two men he loved beyond imagining. The fact that he felt totally safe climbing naked into their bed and snuggle between them made him feel warm with love—not the kind of romantic and horny love he had for Nolan, but the kind of love that matched the unconditional love his two dads had for him.
“This is a nice treat,” Larry said. “Is there anything you want to talk about before we give you a goodnight hug and a kiss on the cheek?”
“Baseball,” Aiden answered instantly. Larry and Phil were surprised by their son’s answer while at the same time they were not surprised. Aiden always loved talking about baseball, but they thought he might bring up the Saturday campout with Gordy, Kalie, and Brittany, which was just a day away. No matter, they planned on having Larry talk with him about it in the morning, so they were ready to listen to whatever was bugging him about baseball. All these thoughts were understood between the two men who had known each other as friends and more since sixth grade.
When Aiden was younger, he slept with them often because he was lonely and scared as he learned to live in a new environment. As he grew older, his visits had become increasingly rare. Often, they happened because he was hit by a jolt of adolescent angst. No matter what the reason, he always brought Horace with him and left his underwear behind. The issue of wet dreams had been broached and it was finally decided Aiden could continue to sleep naked with his dads until the issue of the issue became a big problem or he decided on his own to at least wear underpants. Larry and Phil knew that it wasn’t unusual for boys to become shy about their bodies and nudity as they were slammed by the rapid changes that puberty brought to their bodies. Whether Aiden was hit by body shyness was something they couldn’t predict, but chances were he would be.
Another thing they had learned was that if Aiden came into their bed they would ask if he wanted to talk about something. If he did want to talk then he would pick the topic to discuss. Sometimes all he did was snuggle to one or both and fall quickly to sleep but usually he had something to say.  This was one of those nights that he had something to say.
“So, what about baseball do you want to talk about?” Phil asked.
Aiden took up the topic he had been discussing with Nolan not long ago. “I want to talk about playing a ton of baseball. We’ve played fourteen games in the last two weeks and it’s sweet to have a whole weekend off with no baseball—not even a practice.”
“I never thought I’d hear you say that you were tired of baseball,” Larry said.
“I’m not tired of baseball. I dunno, I guess I’m just plain tired. I think I know how Marty feels when he has to play every day. And even playing so much, he still loves baseball.”
“How long has it been since you’ve talked to Marty?”
“I dunno. It’s been a few days. I’ll text him tomorrow and tell him I want to talk to him. Then he’ll set up a day and a time to call me. That’s how we usually work scheduling our talks.”
“Well, make good use of your time away from the game.” Larry stuck to his decision not to have his talk about the campout until the next day. The bedtime talks were Aiden’s talks, not his talk or Phil’s talk.
“Do you think Coach Hallion did the wrong thing by putting us in the Federal Way tournament in the middle of the season? I mean it’s like everything has been totally baseball, baseball, and more baseball the last couple of weeks.”
“I’m going to answer your question with a question, if you don’t mind?”
“Just like I do to you sometimes,” Aiden grinned. “So, yeah, go ahead and ask.”
“Did you have fun being in that tournament?”
“I had a blast. The whole thing kicked ass, from the games to being with my teammates to making friends with guys like the Canucks—it was totally radical.”
“Having said that, what do you think the answer to your question is?”
Aiden considered that for a moment and then said, “I think he did the totally right thing.”
“You’re right that you’re tired. Like I said, take advantage of your time off from baseball. But while you’re doing it, remember the main reason you play baseball or any sport.”
“The main reason is to have fun. But sometimes, even when you’re having fun, you need to rest up and get your thoughts back together, kind of like I’m doing with you.”
“I’m in total agreement with your pop,” Phil said. “Now, one of us actually works for a living and has to get up early in the morning. But before we go shuteye, do you have anything more you want to say on the subject?”
“Nope, at least not now. And I can go back to my bed if you want,” Aiden replied.
“Don’t you dare leave. Your pop and I love it when you climb into bed with us, especially as you grow older, and these nights get fewer.”
“I love you guys. Thanks for being such awesome dads.”
Hugs and kisses on the cheek were exchanged between Aiden and his dads. Soon the three were sound asleep under the watchful eye of Horace the donkey.
Along with Aiden, all the Goats were ready to enjoy their weekend off. Lenny would be enjoying a sleepover at Riley’s house Friday night, something they both had been looking forward to. Saturday would be Gordy’s camping sleepover with Kalie, along with Aiden and Brittany in a separate tent. Also planned was Mason spending Saturday with his friend Freddie, Grant overnighting at Lance’s on Friday, and Trent and Mac camping in the woods southeast of Mayfield. Everyone had something planned with a friend, or with family, or with both, before baseball started up again on Monday.
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