You & I


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This is a story told in letters, each containing a correspondence from either party.

You & I


To: Watson

No worries were all cool. I didn't have time to reply back to you yesterday either. I had to leave school early for a dentist appointment oddly. I know, of all the things you have to leave school for I had to go for that. Candy is like an omen and the gift all wrapped up in one. I know I shouldn't be eating the amount of sugar necessary on a daily basis but how can you not, that stuff is addictive. I guess you can say that the best time to catch me if you wish for me to read any letters you write would be first thing in the morning. Therefore, if you leave a note for me the previous evening, I'll receive it the following morning at registration.

Yikes sounds like you had a crazy day. The name Nathan Briar sounds familiar, but I can't seem to construct a face in my mind to who you're talking about. Thankfully the little safety precaution worked, and the school did not need to be evacuated because I heard nothing about a science beaker exploding. What were you guys even conducting to cause such a chemical reaction? You know what perhaps I’ll just leave that part of the imagination… then I’ll really get the memo of how utterly clueless you might be when it comes to what chemicals you should and should not mix together according to the table of elements.

It's all right don't sweat it. To be honest, I don't think I'd have paid much attention either for the fact that the two of us got talking one afternoon. Though yeah… the guy has failing black hair and a stud of some kind in his ear. You must have a clear mind then… I remember most details, and I guess that is why I have so much in my mind all the goddamn time.

I have been suffering from headaches for a while, and I haven't told my mom. I spend a lot of time in reflection since it's what I'm good at. Living in your head too much is not healthy, and it causes a lot of inner turmoil that you don't get to see on the outside. Sometimes I get fixated on a particular problem that I can't understand and sometimes I don't give myself the proper pep talk to try and calm myself down or take a step back. I keep going and going until I have these massive head-splitting migraines to the point that light hurts.

I suppose science is my escape since I don't do anything else… yet at the same time, I am also trapped by my hobby. The world doesn't exist outside those bounds, and anytime I go to try and take a breather all I can think about is what my passion is saying, even if it is slowly driving me over the brink. I guess what you have to come to realize is that science is all mumbo-jumbo. You're doing just fine so don't put yourself down just yet. I think with anything you take on, patience always get you through the day. Plus, I believe it when you say that if you are ever to get talking to someone, it would not be of the water. I know how this must sound coming from somebody like me… I probably seem really ridiculous, but oddly it captivates me in a way that normal capacity conversations don't account for. Sometimes I often feel a little offended that someone would waste my time talking about the weather when there are more important things to talk about like what gets you up out of bed in the morning or how do you think a game of Dungeons & Dragons will end. Except don't do what you will with the information I have provided. If you do happen to run into a poor fool who is talking about carbonated water, it probably will be me… so don't make fun.

How bad do you think I really am? I said I am pretty much a Brainiac… I don't go around deliberately trying to get in trouble because it's fun to do. Moreover, I don't believe I would be getting in trouble for something considered mundane. If I were to ever get in trouble, I will assume the reason for being would be more science related. I'd probably rig the door of a teacher’s car with explosive diarrhea; that when he or she pulls the handle of their car, a boom goes off inside the compartment and smears the windows brown.

If I may ask what scenario or should I say plots did your mind concoct about me when you believe for a moment that I was in trouble? I have never been in trouble in my entire life I guess you can say I've been the goody-goody shoe type of student. I have always been on time to an appointment and for school… I've never contributed to misconduct or truancy or anything else that you can possibly imagine in my educational life. When I'm at home I'm quite centered and friendly I presume you could say and exceptionally quiet. That's me I just make a small carbon footprint, and nobody notices me. I suppose in a way I admire being able to be that way. Just sometimes I wish I had someone new to talk to: you know other than my lab partner in science.

Ms. Byrne is a pretty good teacher, but I don't think she has it in her to become an actual principal. She lacks the finesse that the school may need and I coherently believe that if this establishment were in need of a new director, I think one would be brought in, with no disrespect to the vice principal. However, your depiction about how she might reign her sails in is quite an observation. Most people don't think of it when they see a teacher or principal. Most just see what they represent on the outside, and I guarantee they were fun… some still are. Yet with time and climbing the corporate ladder sometimes you have to act more mature than you really care to admit. Being a director of a school is quite a responsibility. Just one person has to cater for hundreds of possibly thousands of students and faculty. I'd love to be able to wager the prospect that people who are in the principal's office were once carefree but as time went on, they reserved themselves for something more important. It's funny how people will say that you're climbing the ladder in life and that you are reaching new heights when realistically you're losing a part of yourself to subconsciously better yourself… now ain't that ironic.

I have not got a clue as to what I'm supposed to do for the new club. We never really spoke about what sort of roles we should undertake or outline a mission to achieve. However, it is still early days in the development, and I am confident that things will go well once we get the ball rolling. I'm not sure how I feel working with other people. On the contrary, I prefer to work alone. Although I'm honored to be given the opportunity, I can't say what the odd sensation feels like when I ponder the moment. In a sense I seem proud yet in the other I’m a little scared because it’s uncharted territories for me.

Is that your way of telling me that you know what it is like to sit in the reception area waiting for the principal to call. Are you what girls call a bad-boy.

As a matter of fact, the meeting with the vice principal the other day was my first time in her office. I could have sworn I was rattling when I was heading on inside. The way you talk about being mistreated sounds like you're quite sad about it. Have you ever told anybody else that you trust about how you feel? What about your mom… she sounds dependable and courteous. If you feel undervalued; just know that what the two of us have here right now is valued. I know it's nothing much considering our circumstances, but I just want you to know that you seem like an awesome guy. So, I can't see why not as to mention it.

Surely if you were to go to someone who'd listen; they'd probably give you better advice than I could. If you want I can go to the counselor in school and ask for guidance. Perhaps what I would be able to learn from her, I might be able to help you with. That is of course if you want me to do this, I don't want to betray your trust and go to tell anybody about your emotions and beliefs to anybody else without your say-so. Possibly you could have a discussion on peer pressure amongst your team, and say that you are supporting a change as a hint. I really don't know what to be saying here, but I'll try to find some more answers, and I'll get back to you.

Oh, right cool. When I recollect Justin Blake now my cognitive memory remembers his face about the school building. I never really take much interest in what other people do with their time, but now that you mention it is rather peculiar since I recognize some traits that Justin showcases. I thought the kid is a little feminine. Except, I never attached my conclusions to anything other than that. Now everything is coming into place; drama… a mob of girls… and well if he likes Glee well… do I really need to state the obvious? I have heard about Glee, but I've never watched it so kudos to you.

Doing the same thing day in day out regularly wears down at you. Even if sports is a great pastime for you, I am assuming after a while there are times that you like to step away and clear your mind. As much as I love science, I can't help but having to step away occasionally to refresh my perspective before rushing into something new. A lot of times people tend to rush into judgments before weighing the pros and cons of an idea. I'm speaking both from experience and inexperience here… There have been times when I have rushed into an uneducated decision, and then the annoyance thereafter of having to deal with my mistake is incredibly felt. Sometimes the simple things are often overlooked like taking a rest when you most desperately need it.

I'm glad to see that your idea worked and all. I have never watched Glee, and I don't believe I ever will; it's not my sort of TV series remember. I like anarchy and stuff like Gotham. It's rather generous that you went to the extreme to learn something about the other person before approaching them. I reckon it makes your proposition softer than coming in gruff and to the point from the start.

As you know, I tend to keep to myself, so I don't make many friends outside my home group. If it is, it is usually for complicated matters, I assure you, or I am being forced to commit to the act. However, I think I am going to enjoy working with these other people. Since I started talking to you, you have expanded my horizon in a way. It's like when I wake up in the mornings now, I want to do something new with my time and meet new people. Typically, in the mornings, I crawl out of bed and force myself to the breakfast table, then school.

Except, coinciding with you has changed the temperament. I have never bothered to make friends, I like my own company more than people. Now I see I was wrong… There are quirks and good possibilities for interacting with the folks around you rather than shutting yourself off completely. Therefore, I thank you for expanding my confidence.

I will let you know when everything goes ahead, and if I hear about what we are supposed to do, I'll also clue you in on that.

Sorry to hear that your dad doesn't make enough time for you. Do you feel disappointed when he doesn't show up to any of your games? Do you think you'd play better if he turned up to just one game? I figure I have an idea what you're talking about when you say- you try exceptionally hard and see no reward, and that becomes disheartening. The way you mentioned that you got to the highest position on the team that most boys would love to be in the place of. Whereas, you don't feel any attachment to the role and you would rather your father turned up for a game. Sometimes I often find that people are oblivious to how to treat people. Often or not you may have to voice the reasons to the individual for them to realize that they have a cause and effect from their actions.

I’ll leave you something my mom always says to me… “Don’t let anyone prevent you from doing what makes you happy.”

The Lacrosse is your happiness, therefore why should you give it up for anybody: even if your father is the one being the inferior one. Don't belittle your dream because sometimes all we have is our dream. Sometimes we believe with the one-time idea that if we work hard enough; that's where we'll be in an X amount of time, with Y being the goal.

Perhaps I'm not phrasing it correctly, but what I really mean is that the defining moment; everything is rather pointless. Sure, we have pockets of happiness, but nothing ever comes close to achieving something you're proud of… people may be proud of what you have accomplished personally, but when you want something that could not possibly happen; then you have to prepare yourself for going on without it.

It's rather funny to hear how our families are complete polar opposites. Yet, the two of us seem to be getting along swimmingly. My mother would never pick up a book, let alone a magazine. On the other hand, my father reads a little bit, but not the same ability as to what your mother probably would read a magazine.

My dad believes television decays brain cells and usually controls how many hours the family consumes content on it. In some way, I have to agree with my dad… It does not vaporize your brain cells like the statement suggests it does. Instead, I think the whole problem revolves around the distraction and how you can become consumed by it.

Therefore, my dad is always on my case about spending two hours an evening using video games or TV. In a way, I'm thankful because I get to experience a whole handful of other hobbies that lays to waste. Why would you want to be constantly sitting in front of the TV screen when you could be creating art or writing equations for the distance between two stars. A good book gets the imagination pumping better than any TV serious could possibly offer. I think in the last 25 years people have substantially gotten lazier and have resorted to the more natural options of consuming entertainment. Perhaps that is why your head feels compact all the time. Learn to get away from technology for a while. I know right… Spotify and music all day are life goals.

It’s good that you don't view your brother Jordan negatively. Nothing good will become of it. Plus, either way, it's not his fault. I am assuming the way you talk about your brother, then Jordan has no grasp on the situation between you and your father. Sometimes being the preferred one can often be a hard position to be placed in. I have seen it happen before. My mother is one of them. Her father prefers my mothers' sister Isabel over my mom, and even the stigma has been rubbed off on the grandchildren. It's like just because we're not my aunt's kids we are treated slightly different when you go visit our grandparents.

I don't think it is intended, but it does have effects on families, so I know. Staying in that temperament however and trying not to act out on it is a harder task. I hope nothing comes between you and your brother because family is all we sometimes. When you have the least bit of fate, they end up being only people to have your back. If they don't then what's the point of having trusted individuals. I suspect from what you say is that you are just envious… that particular emotion passes like the rain. I hope you don't change your mind at a later date and decide to seek out redemption for the favoritism going on. There is already enough hate in the world, so the way I look at it is, why add more.

As for what job my father has; he is a computer technician. Although I figure it's not as cool as being a lawyer where you can tell people what to do… yeah… I rushed into that statement and didn't think of the repercussions. Sorry.

Moving on how could you mention such a scandalous thing. Vanilla Oreo’s and cheesecake are mouthwateringly brilliant. In terms of what I am thinking, well… Hershey's chocolate is ewe. I like the finer things in life like… Oreos because life is not complete without Oreos. So are you saying that Johnny Rockets is better than your own mother's cooking because I have to say I prefer my mom's food than I do Johnny Rockets?

Mom's cooking is like no other and life without it well… I don't know what life would be like without it. Perhaps I should get my mom to buy more ice cream occasionally. I could make a right milkshake maker out of her yet. I wouldn't disagree with the milkshake idea and having a continuous consumption rate. Can you imagine rainy days... Netflix, ice-cream and a comforter... that's all you need. Except it would have to be Oreos every day for me and no Hershey's crap.

Perhaps with hotdogs, we could create a smaller bun so the people will finally get the memo the hot dog exteriors are too small for the actual hot dog. Proud inventors aye...

Yeah, my active pursuit has never been with directions. After all, you're a natural pioneer, so I'll leave it to you to figure out the exact location of the historic building. Do I bother giving you the coordinates instead because I'm assuming you googled it by now and well… you'll have the directions. This is going to be hilarious; I can't escape my father's voluptuous talk regarding old steam-powered trains, but now I get to regurgitate it from a fellow peer… I'm drowning in joy. I'm kidding of course… for you, I will happily parrot and listen.

Oh yeah, superhero movies are full of innuendos, and that's why people in Hollywood love them. Are you kidding… I'd never get tired of watching some dumb mass get kicked around on the silver screen. Of course, superheroes make great money, so they are going to milk it for all it's worth. Only, people like adventure and mystery… that's why a lot of superhero movies do well. According to the polls, fighting superheroes are going to be around a lot longer than us. Nonetheless, the trend we are riding right now, I don't think it's going to last much longer. Marvel and a lot of other studios have big expectations.

80s vibe… are you talking about everything that Netflix is pumping out? I have to say I rather like the 80's so they can keep that vibe going for a while.

Yes and no. As Good As It Gets is a film about a guy called Melvin Udall who has a phobia of germs, but it's more of a comedy about him overcoming the rational fear, and trying to become more of a people person. The film is hilarious, and I love it because it's my sort of sarcasm that emulates throughout the entire production.

Yeah, why do we do that sometimes… I guess when people are naturally laughing we want to be the last one to be chuckling. So, we kind of fake laugh in order to pretend we are enjoying the joke… when in reality we have no clue as to what it all meant. It's been a long time since I was on YouTube, but I do remember the guy shouting at the camera, "just do it."

I never really paid much attention to it… though yes, I do recall people making memes out of it, and that was amusing, I guess for a while, but then again, I lost interest. There's something new about me that you probably don't know. I have a short attention span, and if it doesn't fit into one of the boxes I'm interested in, I lose interest within a couple of hours.

We explored to see what we can of course gain from our troubles. You're right that not every endeavor is to profit but when profit is at the marginalization of the idea, then everything is based on the presumptuous currency that can be made. Talking is what starts the adventure and of course, with telling you also evaluate how you can make money. Everybody has needs and wants and aspirations and of course, if you can figure out a way to jumpstart in front of them before they have the chance to achieve it, then you will profit from it. As with your reference to a hill if you are eager to gain money from the knowledge you know; then know hill is to steep for you to climb. Sometimes it's the intuition we conceive. Not a lot of times: do we follow the voice in our head that tells us what if we could do this. A lot of people ignore that voice and settle for mediocrity… when you follow that voice that says what if… that's when the best interests of humans come to life.

More times than not, when people are given an incentive to explore when they are not driven, then you usually are motivated. Folks who are encouraged, but don't reach a level of fame they expect to, are indeed the ones who are talented. Everyone wants to be the first to do the beginning of everything… except there is a lot of competition out there. It brings us back to the point we made about the 1950s; how there were fewer people to compete with. Now everybody's skills are almost accustomed to each other that the sense of individuality and richness have dwindled to the point that nothing is no longer valued because the novelty value has already been set way below par before someone has even begun.

From the sounds of it I guess you are turning into a mini-me; all poetic and shit… you did not hear me cuss by the way. I reckon I am on my way to the path of treachery from talking to you. I'm kidding of course, but I'm just saying, I would have never dared use profanity so freely. It seems oddly satisfying in a way I never knew would be possible. I think I may know how you feel now; how you felt when you made the first advancements in using fancy words. The words just formulate and poof you have a new Sherlock.

Alaska is gorgeous. The ruggedness, the trees, the wetness, the greenery… or what of it that exists; let's not forget about the snow. I have never been to Alaska, but maybe someday I hope to get the chance to travel when I leave school, and that is one place I'd love to see. If you're interested, I can book you down for a ticket already? I'll need a travel partner as they say because exploring the world on your own is fun and all. However, traveling it with fellow enthusiast is the way it should be. I'll take it back… I think you are becoming more of a loner than me by the sounds of it.

You definitely are getting all poetic and shit. "Barren! Lays barren to human inhabitancy."

From the way you phrase that statement, it almost insinuates that you have life all figured out… I barely know what I want to do when I leave college, and I'm supposed to be the one that is pretty confident about where I'm heading in my future.

It sounds like your father, and you had some sort of bond when you were younger and perhaps as time went on things faded out. Maybe it started to change when your younger brother was born. Sometimes that happens that the youngest of the family always seems to get the baby treatment; as if they are fragile and you could break them by looking at them. You know what I mean… everyone is on their side and well who is ever on yours?

Maybe you should sit down with your father one evening and say, "hey' want to watch Western?"

And yes, to answer your question, I have never heard of hell in a handbasket. Except if it has some bad stigma attached to it, maybe you should refrain from using it. People don't plan for tomorrow because they believe that there is nothing worse can possibly happen to them. When in truth everything is waiting to happen. My grandfather always used to say that people are one step away from poverty, and it's quite frightening when you realize that it is inherently correct. Once you know that no matter what we own is only on loan; you start to evaluate and appreciate things that have no value applied to them. You can always replace the chair, but you can't replace a mother or father, or brother… your dreams.

Years ago, a deterrent would have controlled the population of the world and of course, weeded out all the weak people who could not stand up against the common cold. I do think we are in store for something radical that will change the world and some years to come, but I don't believe it will be in the form of an epidemic. I think we will be our own failure more than anything else. I don't think it's going to be some virus. If anything, humans are the virus and will destroy whatever it is we have created because it has been done before in many ancient civilizations.

The population is only set to grow more prominent, and of course, it will put more strain on our global demand for food and of course our natural resources are depleting. What we need right now is a world order that will fix things and try to give earth the chance to give birth to new ideas.

Simpler times called for more hospitable means and being over-educated only makes us cynical and unkind. In the past, we aspired to knowledge as if it were a cure. Yet now what do we aspire to now… I think the random act of kindness is the only thing that gets us through the day, in this day and age. Like I said before, originality used to trump everything, but now there is no such thing as originality. I think for many years of our lives as we grow up; the way society has been set up, it is a distinctive means to teach humans to behave in a specific manner. In some weird form not only in our need for knowledge we also give in to the temptation that we may be secretly be getting brainwashed. In a way, it is done so cleverly and so professionally that not even the teachers who are doing it realize they are perfecting it. We sit and regurgitate it on the other end, but do not conceive that we are being brainwashed. From a young age, we are told what to do, what to think, and what to feel. Therefore, when the time comes that we must spread our wings, we are unsure about what we are supposed to do when we have been guided all our life. For the younger years, we are told to block out the what if voice, and just listen to what people of higher-ranking officials will say.

I guess we are a little biased in that sense. Every country wants the best populous, and most will want to weed out the weak minded. Eventually, we will reach a state where we will have too many educated people and not enough to fill in the ordinary gaps. I'm not being disingenuous here… I don't judge anybody based on their lack of a former education, but we do need people who will still help to support our society we've built. Perhaps in the future, we will no longer need technicians, but farmers to continue a supply of food. People get so caught up on a piece of paper that they forget what life and experience really is. How do you really put experience down on a piece of paper… you can't just put anything like that on a piece of paper. We have gotten to the point now that we no longer even look across at our neighbor and say I wish you well… and if you have any problem don't be afraid to ever knock on our door. Sure, we give them the friendly impression they are hoping; the rest is up to them and what they make of our impact.

Good to hear that your knee is a little bit better. Yeah, perhaps you should get your leg checked out to make sure everything is okay. I know a bit regarding bone structure, and well one thing I do know is that athletes do suffer from kneecap disintegration. In a sense, you file down the bones in your knee when you use them more. I hope you don't have to wear a strap for long; it's not nice at this age having to wear the band. Losing the power of your legs is tough I guess… I guarantee anybody who has would feel pretty worthless not being able to walk to the store to buy milk. We take such a simple thing for granted. Take better care of yourself, and your body will take care of you. And I can imagine playing Lacrosse with a brace on your knee is going to be pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully, you won't have to wear one for very long and that everything will be okay before your next big game.

When you feel weightless, or the electricity you describe; that only derives from something you indeed are passionate about. Keep at it because there is not a lot of times in our life we will experience such a dominant characteristic. Sometimes we perform best when we have these magical feelings, and when they do present themselves, they can do incredible things.

Okay, you got a chuckle from me… squeaky voice. I guess my voice has gotten squeaky. I think mine has broken so I think I am on the path to recovery. I know it's weird, right. It's like when you talk sometimes you can no longer recognize who you are or the voice… the little kid voice I'm talking about. It's like one day you wake up, and it's gone… then your speech is all gravelly, then whiny, and then well now my vocals are very low. I'm assuming that's what will happen to you because I read it in a book before that happens to everybody and this seems to be the way it goes. People get it at certain inter-falls within their teenage years. For some, it can happen later in the years, and for some, it can occur earlier. Thankfully, mine occurred just before I came back to school this year. After Christmas the voice kind of disappeared and now I have this low chilled type of voice.

Oh yeah, I get the same lecture occasionally from my grandparents. If I had a dollar for every time, I heard the statement that our generation is disrespectful or to forward, I'd be a millionaire by now. Except, that burn though… I would not say that to an old person because… that is what you call a burn. Do you mind if I steal it and add it to my personal favorite sarcastic one-liner diary? I have this random collection of quotes in a small pocketbook; sometimes when I'm finding something to say as an offensive maneuver, I like to have a stockpile worth of insults ready. Every so often I rehearse the lines, but I've never actually had to implement them yet so go figure.

The plausibility of winning for any team is always in the possibility. Everything starts as a possibility, and I guess that is what drives excitement. I suppose I can say that is another form of what if. People like to see something that they wish they could do unfolding in front of their eyes. That's why we have spectators, we hope we can be doing what they're doing, but probably many don't try.

So are you taking the glory for your little brother? That if he gets to international fame are you going to come forward saying you self-taught him everything you knew. That's quite risky... What if Jordan makes a dumb move and all the limelight will come to you. I guess there is some point in what you make; some are not fortunate to try their dreams because they may lack the skill, finances or many other things. I often wonder how some people get to where to get. It's funny how there are a select few who are given a silver spoon in life; and others who do not. After all, there are many people who have fine skill but no support. You should definitely do something your heart is dedicated to. Why take a vacation if you love something? If you have to take a vacation every year from doing something that you are not passionate about then maybe the career choice you are living was never for you. You should never let the opposition of money come between you and your passion. Of course, many people want to be comfortable, and I get that, but you can always have a backup plan. Perhaps safeguard yourself, and then go after your dream.

I won't tell anyone that you like classical. I think it's pretty neat actually it adds something new to the table that is not usually brought to most people's attention. I don't know anybody else in school here that likes classical music as the way you may do. Most people love music, but many would be quite secretive about saying certain types of music that moved them to tears. If music is what you're genuinely passionate about and you like lacrosse pursue music and play lacrosse as a pastime. If you could spend the rest of your life doing what it is, you love and die happily fulfilled then let the music take you away.

I like Halloween sure. I don't feel as warmly about it anymore because I don't really do it. I tend to stay in most Halloweens. I remember there was a time I used to go trick-or-treating, and I loved all that, but I don't get to do that anymore. Plus, I love overly grotesque stuff, so I'm extra twisted. Secondly, I'd like to motion your statement that an instantaneous Popsicle may be coming very shortly. I am undecided whether I should fire you considering you broke so many civil privacy rights by placing all those boxes out on the curbside; my office phone has not stopped ringing since I left work.

I have never heard that phrase before, but it's funny… don't be salty. Yeah, I'm sorry it's just sometimes I'd like to be like a normal kid again. Things are different for me. Plus, I'm the only kid in the school that's… Yeah never mind. Just I have some reasons to be envious, and I didn't mean it that way okay. I might be knowledgeable, but that doesn't make me smart. Yet there is so much more I wish I could do than just being smart. So don't doubt what you have because when it's gone, you'll never be the same.

I remember picking out DVDs to and watching them every Wednesday and Friday with my parents. Sometimes I wish I could hit some sort of a rewind button to go back to the days when everything was… well… was.

Maybe we should make a how-to book for dummies about how to make everything in life easy. I guarantee it would sell like delicious pastries. And yeah... Nobody talks about animals having feelings. They certainly do have emotions because if a dog is running around with joy to see you then obviously they feel something. Animals can sense things you know because when they get scared, they retreat of course… when we get fearful, we withdraw too.

I know your last letter turned into a pretty lengthy one, but I think mine has put your previous note to shame. Maybe for the time being the two of us can be geeky. Having a companion who is also a weirdo like you is much better than being a lonesome weirdo. Yeah, I think I have just surpassed the original marker for a lengthily letter already… so your friend has to beat that.

Plus, don't sweat it I liked asking around to see how your team did. You're pretty awesome too, and I wouldn't say no to being friends when this is all over.

I thought as much that you'd pick music to make you smile. Me personally what makes me smile… seeing people do good. When people reach out unnecessarily, it always makes my heart flutter.

Between you and I, I will never tell you to shut up… so if you ever have anything on your mind I am willing to listen. Maybe you should ask him to back off if you don't like it, sooner or later it will get to you if you don't tell people because if they see no wrong and it, they'll keep doing it.

Oh… A mysterious name hmm… well, your name can't be too long considering it is pretty short in length so I'm assuming your name is either somewhere between 3 to 5 letters. The dot has a lot of variables. However, I am thinking that you overcompensated so that you could make your name look larger than actually, it is. So, I'm going to assume your name is 3 letters long. I guarantee without you telling me… I'll figure your name out in a couple of days without having to ask you… or without you having to say to me personally. I'll keep it between us that you may have vouched your name earlier than expected. However, if I get your name wrong when I mention it, I'll give you something very crucial about me that might be able to pinpoint you to who I am. Deal? Except, I am not giving... yet.

Oh right, a thing that makes me angry. A buffering symbol that takes forever in a video… now that is enough to infuriate someone.

Q1. What is your favorite band or singer?

A1. I don't like pop music either… I love experimental music I suppose. I adore music that speaks a lot of volume without a lot of words if you get my drift. One of my current favorite artists is a guy called Olafur Arnalds, that guy is pretty talented. My favorite song from the guy right now is called 0952. You should check out the video if you like Classical, it has a beautiful meaning. How about you what is your favorite artist?

Q2. What is my favorite childhood memory?

A2. I really liked it when my father and I used to build large structures from Lego. We don't really do it anymore because you know I've gotten older but I'd still like to do it sometimes. But of course, my dad is getting older, and preferences have changed so… that's that.

Your letter wasn’t corny at all… it went swimmingly. I guess you’ll see this letter tomorrow… and I’ll probably get mine the next because it’ll probably take you a while to reply to me if you’re going to the doctors to have your knee checked out and I don’t know what day that will be… so what day are you going to the doctors?

Until next time,

From: Sherlock

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