The Castaway Hotel: Book 4

Chapter 31: Old Man Becker Had a Farm

Friday afternoon, we loaded the van with the things we would need to take with us, as we prepared to go out to the farm. I had each boy take a sleeping bag with them, as we knew the Beckers wouldn’t have beds for all of us. The boys didn’t mind the idea of camping out on the floor, since they often slept on the floor in sleeping bags when we had sleepover parties, but I do think some of the younger ones were excited by the idea of doing this somewhere other than our home.

We had asked Mark to join us on this outing too, but he quickly informed me he already had a date for this weekend. I guess he had hooked up with one of the female tellers at the bank where he was working with his mentor, and they planned to go out to dinner and a movie. He had asked me if he could use the Grand Am while we were gone and I agreed. He had been using it off and on since he’d arrived and I wasn’t worried about him doing so again, but he was very considerate about this and always asked first. Not only that, but when he was done with it, he always filled the gas tank up before he returned it, even if it had not been full when he borrowed it.

Although I wanted to spend more time with him while he was here and thought this would be a good opportunity to do so, I was glad he had made a new friend. Anyway, he would be joining us when we went on a couple of our weekend trips, which were planned primarily for his benefit. These outings were designed to allow him to see some of the great sights this part of the country had to offer, since we weren’t sure when he might come back this way again.

As far as the rest of the boys were concerned, I was surprised at how excited they all seemed to be about going out to the farm, since I didn’t think such an activity would be as alluring to those not raised on one. Possibly, this was due to the fact that some of the boys had friends who’d lived on farms and had heard stories about them, but then again their enthusiasm may have been for reasons I was unfamiliar with. Regardless, I was glad they weren’t balking at spending the weekend in the boondocks.

Once we’d started out, the boys thought we would get there in a matter of minutes and were surprised by how long the drive was. That may have been partially due to the fact that much of the trip had to be made over narrow, country roads where you had to drive much slower than on the highways. Fortunately, the boys didn’t make a big fuss about it and kept themselves occupied by checking out the scenery and commenting about places and things we passed along the way.

We arrived at the Beckers’ homestead just before mid-afternoon and Little Ricky came charging out to greet us. Once he had welcomed each of us individually and given us hugs, he offered to show the boys where to put their things. He also informed them that he planned to take them out to the barn and show them around, just as soon as they were ready. He wanted them to see how he helped to milk their cows, something they did twice a day by hand, and my sons seemed excited about witnessing it.

Enthusiastically, the boys followed him out to the barn, like a string of ducklings waddling behind their mother. After they got there and Little Ricky demonstrated what he did, he then offered to let any of them brave enough to try it for themselves. When some of the boys volunteered to give it a shot, Little Ricky carefully instructed them how to clean the udder first, then grab a hold of the teat and gently pull and squeeze it at the same time. This action caused the milk to spurt out of the cow’s udder and into the bucket, until it had all been collected.

After everyone who wanted to try had a turn, Little Ricky explained that some of the neighbors’ farms used milking machines to do this job and suggested he might be able to take them to one of those places tomorrow, so they could see the difference. The boys agreed it was a good idea and encouraged him to see if he could set something up.

After they finished milking the cows, the boys brought the milk into the house, where Mrs. Becker ran it through their small pasteurizing machine, in order to kill the bacteria. Since they only produced enough milk for their own use, they didn’t have to worry about strictly following FDA regulations. While that was going on, Little Ricky asked if he could take the boys for a walk and show them around the farm and the Beckers and I agreed it would be fine. However, Mrs. Becker did remind them they only had about two hours before dinner and informed them she didn’t want them to be late, if they expected to eat. Remembering what a good cook she was, they all agreed they’d be back on time, before they set off.

Little Ricky took them out through the fields, but not before telling them they should watch where they stepped, as these were the pastures where the cows grazed during the day. The boys quickly understood what he meant by this, after noticing and smelling some of the cow-patties that were scattered about. Carefully, they made their way across the pasture, while trying to notice everything as they went and without stepping in any fertilizer in the process.

When they got to the other end of the huge expanse, they climbed through the barbed-wire fence to get to the open area beyond. They helped each other by grasping the wire between the barbs and pulling it far enough apart so everyone could get through and no one would get cut. Once they were safely on the other side, Little Ricky led them again and seemed to have a particular destination in mind. When they reached the crest of a small hill, Little Ricky pointed out a cluster of trees and informed them there was a small pond in the middle of that wooded area. He told them he happened to discover it one day while he was out exploring, before quickly adding that he often went swimming there. Excited by the prospect, they surged forward, so they could check the area out. My boys were quite impressed with how clean and refreshing the water looked, but their inspection was interrupted, when Little Ricky spoke to them.

“Would you guys like to go for a swim?” he asked, while looking hopeful. My boys looked at each other, not knowing how Little Ricky might respond to their casual way of dealing with their current predicament, until my Ricky took matters into his own hands.

“We don’t have our swimming trunks,” he told his little friend, “so what did you have in mind?” A twinkle appeared in Little Ricky’s eye. He figured they were going to ask him this, so he had his response prepared for them.

“I usually just take all my clothes off and go in,” he admitted, nonchalantly. “You guys can too, unless you’re too chicken to do it.” My boys just looked at each other and started laughing, which caused Little Ricky to wonder what was so humorous.

“What’s so funny?” he demanded, while suspecting they might be making fun of him.

“We go skinny-dipping in our pool all the time,” Sammy told him, “and we go around the house naked a lot too. We’re not afraid to take our clothes off in front of other people.”

“Yeah,” Ricky added, “we just weren’t sure how you’d react to it, that’s all. We didn’t want you to be uncomfortable if we suggested it or be shy about being naked in front of us.”

“I don’t mind. I got used to it at the group home,” he replied. “We had to go naked in the showers with each other all the time. I don’t care if you see me without my clothes on. We’re all boys, aren’t we? We’ve all got the same things, so it’s no big deal.”

“I don’t know about that,” Nicky added with a laugh, “since some of these guys have pretty big deals.” After making his comment, he pointed toward Dion and Danny, and all the other boys knew what he was referring to. My boys were nodding and chuckling about this, but Little Ricky looked very puzzled.

Eventually Big Ricky explained, “You’ll see what he means after we’re all undressed.”

“I can’t wait then,” Little Ricky added, in between giggles.

The boys quickly stripped out of their clothes and then jumped into the water, but not before Little Ricky had checked each of them out and got an eyeful of what they had to offer. Little Ricky pulled Big Ricky aside after that, to ask him a question.

“Why do some of the boys’ things look so funny? I mean, I’ve seen other boys who had peters that looked like that, but I never knew why. I just thought it was like they were born with a deformed arm or a club-foot or something.” Ricky didn’t immediately catch on to what his friend meant at first, until Little Ricky pointed out the boys he was referring to. At that point, Big Ricky suddenly understood.

“It’s just that they weren’t circumcised like we were,” he informed him, “but that’s what yours looked like when you were born. Your parents had the doctor cut the extra skin off when you were a baby, so it would look like it does now.”

“Ouch! That must have hurt,” Little Ricky shot back, while both of his hands instinctively shot in front of his crotch, as if he was trying to protect his genitals from harm.

“It probably did a little, but you wouldn’t remember that now,” Big Ricky explained.

“I think it looks better with the extra skin cut off though,” Little Ricky told him. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I do, but they’re really not that different,” Big Ricky continued. “The boys who weren’t cut can pull the skin back to expose the head, and then their dicks look pretty much the same as ours.”

“Really? I want to see that,” Little Ricky squealed, excited by the prospect of witnessing it for himself.

Ricky thought for a minute and then called Graham to join them. Slowly, Graham walked over to where the other two stood and Ricky explained what he wanted Graham to do. “Graham, Little Ricky’s never seen an uncut dick before and he’d like to see how it looks when you pull the skin back. Would you mind showing him?” Graham shrugged, reached down and slid his foreskin back, exposing his shiny glans. Little Ricky’s mouth dropped open and he squealed again, but this time in surprise.

“That’s neat,” he gushed. “Will you do it again?” Graham smiled at him, before sliding the skin back to its natural place and then withdrew it again. Little Ricky was enthralled by the change. “It’s almost like magic, isn’t it?” he shrieked.

“Not quite, but it does change how his dick looks,” his idol told him.

Seeing how intrigued Little Ricky was by this, Graham decided to do something for him. “You can try it with me too, if you want?” Graham informed him. “I don’t mind.”

“You mean you’d let me touch your peter?” Little Ricky asked, surprised that Graham would make him such an offer.

“If you want, I don’t care,” Graham confirmed. “Some of the other boys have done the same thing at different times, to see how it works.”

“Really?” He looked over at Ricky as he said this. “Have you ever done that?”

“Yeah, I’ve played with Graham’s dick before. He really doesn’t mind,” Big Ricky informed him. “You can do it too, if you want. I think the rest of us have done it at least once with one of the uncut boys.”

“If you’re both sure it’s okay,” he told them, excited about the prospect, yet scared about getting in trouble for doing it. “Don’t you think we should go someplace where the other boys can’t see what we’re doing?”

“Nah, they won’t care either,” Ricky told him. “We do a lot of things with each other, as long as everyone doing it agrees it’s okay.”

“You mean like we did?” Little Ricky asked quickly, but then he began to blush when he realized he had exposed their secret in front of someone else. Big Ricky looked at him in a reassuring manner and smiled.

“Yeah, like we did,” he agreed. “We all kind of help each other out like that from time to time.”

“When did you guys do something together?” Graham wanted to know, having picked up on the slip-of-the-tongue. Little Ricky blushed again, knowing he had let the cat out of the bag, but after hearing what Ricky had said, it didn’t bother him as much as it would have before he learned what the boys do together.

“When you had my birthday party at your house,” he told Graham. “We went up to Ricky’s bedroom for a while and did some things together.”

“Well, you can play with mine too. It’s really okay,” Graham told him again, so Little Ricky reached out and starting drawing Graham’s foreskin back and forth, getting a thrill as he watched the bulbous head pop in and out of sight. Unfortunately for him, this activity caused Graham to get hard and made it difficult for him to keep sliding the foreskin back and forth so easily, which made Little Ricky stop what he was doing. When this happened, Graham encouraged him to continue, since it felt so good. “Don’t stop now,” Graham urged him, “keep going until I shoot.”

Little Ricky knew what this meant, as he remembered his encounter with Big Ricky, so he moved off to the side and continued to pump on Graham’s erection. Graham was breathing heavier now, enjoying the feel of Little Ricky’s tiny hand wrapped around his shaft, and slowly he felt his body begin to tingle. He started to thrust his hips to meet Little Ricky’s hand movements, and soon his penis erupted, spewing his thin strands of cum all over the ground. When this began to happen, the boys in the pond began to applaud, which caused Little Ricky to become instantly embarrassed.

“They saw what we were doing,” he told Ricky, like it was going to be a problem.

“So, it’s no big deal,” Big Ricky assured him.

“But they’ll tell Mom and Dad, and then I’ll be in big trouble,” he announced.

“No, they won’t,” his idol told him. “They were just teasing you by clapping. They really don’t care. We’ve all done things like that with each other before.”

“Really, and Uncle Pop doesn’t mind?” Little Ricky asked, dumbfounded.

“Nah, not as long as both guys agree to it,” he was told. “He doesn’t want anyone forced into doing sex things, but he doesn’t mind if they want to do it.”

“Well, Graham said I could do it,” Little Ricky offered in his own defense.

“I know and no one will know about this except for those of us here,” Big Ricky confirmed. “Don’t worry about it. Nothing will be said about it, once we leave here.”

This seemed to placate Little Ricky and soon the three of them joined the others in the pond. Dion quickly swam over to them and spoke to Little Ricky. “You know, you can do that for me too, if you want.”

Little Ricky looked confused. “Do what?” he asked him.

“What you did for Graham,” Dion explained. “You can play with mine too, and you might have fun with it, seeing it’s so much bigger.” Little Ricky blushed, and then tried to look through the water to see Dion’s monster again.

“Well, I guess I could, if you wanted me to,” he replied, shyly.

“Yeah, it sounds like fun,” Dion responded, and the two boys swam over to the far end of the pond and sprawled out along the edge of the bank. With a little encouragement from Dion, Little Ricky reached over and began to fondle his cock. He looked on in awe as it began to stir to life, having never seen one that long before.

“Wow, it’s huge,” Little Ricky squealed, as Dion’s penis began to stiffen and expand to its full dimensions. Dion just leaned back and grinned, reveling in the small compliment.

Once it was fully inflated, Little Ricky placed his small hand around Dion’s firm pole and began to stroke it up and down, so Dion leaned back and closed his eyes, focusing on the pleasurable sensations he was receiving from his little friend. Little Ricky didn’t realize he could do this slowly and jerked on Dion’s meat like a man on a mission. His hasty actions soon brought his well-endowed partner to the brink and it wasn’t very long before Dion began to moan and his body began to stiffen. Little Ricky felt the penis get even harder in his palm and then Dion arched his back, groaned and ribbons of cum spewed from the tiny slit at the end.

The first stream shot to Dion’s left shoulder and trailed back toward his navel, and the second strand hit him mid-chest and tapered back to about the same place as the first. Then there were smaller spurts, which pooled between his navel and his pubes, forming a small puddle of jizz there. Little Ricky just kept on pumping, even after the last of the semen had oozed from Dion’s dick, so Dion was forced to reach out and stop his young friend’s efforts, before the skin on his penis became completely raw. Little Ricky just smiled at him, as Dion grasped his wrist.

“That was fun. I’ve never touched one that big before,” he gushed. “Did I do okay?”

“You did great, and you can do it again, anytime you want,” Dion agreed.

“Really, you’d let me do it to you again?” Little Ricky asked, not believing his ears.

“Sure, you were great, and I think you could probably do it with any of my brothers too,” Dion informed him. “We all like to get off, especially when the person doing it is as good at it as you are.”

Little Ricky just beamed, due to the compliment, but then suggested they had better start back for dinner. Dion said he wanted to clean off in the pond first, so the two of them jumped in and swam back to where the others were still horsing around. After they informed the other boys about the need to head back soon, everyone got out of the pond, grabbed their clothing and went through the trees to the field beyond, where they could lay in the sunshine and let the warm rays of the sun help dry them off. When most of the water had either rolled off of their bodies or evaporated from the heat, they dressed and headed back to the house.

They were a bit late when they got there, but no one was particularly upset; so they quickly sat down to eat. As the boys gobbled down the delicious meal Mrs. Becker had prepared for them, the Beckers asked what they thought of the farm so far. The boys told them what a good time they were having here and looked forward to what they’d be able to do tomorrow. The Beckers seemed pleased by their response, so we continued eating.

The meal was fantastic! Mrs. Becker had prepared a huge pot roast with tons of potatoes and carrots, and we each had a small salad and some homemade bread to go with it. All the vegetables came from their garden and Mrs. Becker had made the bread from scratch. She was a truly remarkable lady and a first-rate cook.

After dinner Little Ricky took the boys out to the barn, where they climbed up into the loft and jumped into a loose pile of hay that Mr. Becker had put there primarily for Little Ricky to use to amuse himself when he was alone. The Beckers were just getting ready to do their first cut of hay for the summer, so there wasn’t much in the mow besides the pile of loose hay that had been left there intentionally. Even the older boys were getting a thrill diving into the prickly grasses, as it was almost the same rush you get in a free fall or a bungee jump, just not as far.

The boys continued this and a few other activities until dark, and then they came into the house where the adults were. The Beckers didn’t let them stay there for very long, however, as they had other experiences in store for them to try. Mr. Becker asked the boys to join him outdoors, which they did quite readily, and then he had them help stack wood for a bonfire in the wide part of the driveway, where he usually turned the tractors and other equipment around. Once there was a sufficient quantity of wood for a good blaze, Mr. Becker got the fire started. Soon, there was a decent size bonfire, which lit up the immediate area, and Mrs. Becker came out of the house lugging a couple of bags full of supplies.

Over the next hour or so, we roasted marshmallows and made Smores, as Mr. Becker told them what it was like to live on the farm. As they devoured their snacks, he explained that tomorrow they were going to get a chance to experience more of the types of things Little Ricky did on the farm, because he wanted them to get a good idea what it was like for them. They boys seemed fairly excited about the prospect, although they also understood it meant work, but they wanted to give it a try and see what a farmer’s life was really like.

We had a wonderful time that first day, but their biggest shock was yet to come. Brent asked what time they’d be getting up in the morning, and this caused all the Beckers to stifle chuckles. Eventually, Mrs. Becker then informed him they’d all get up when the alarm clock went off, but the boys didn’t understand why they thought that was so funny, since most of us got up with an alarm clock at home. However, I guessed we’d all find out later why they felt this idea was so humorous.

We sat around and talked about things for a while longer, and then the Beckers advised us it was time to get some sleep. They apologized for not having the same accommodations for us that we had had for them, but no one was fazed by this fact. The boys told them they had brought their sleeping bags and had planned to use them before they even got there, so it was no big deal. Eventually, it was decided they would spread them out in their living room to sleep, including Little Ricky, and I was given the use of Little Ricky’s bed for the evening. After we all said good night, we went to our sleeping areas to turn in. I knew the boys would probably talk for a while, as this was very early for them, especially during the summer, but I nodded off almost immediately. I guess the fresh country air had that kind of effect on me.