Mental Games

Boys in Trouble

Adam and Mike said goodbye to Dave and Judy and drove directly to the Georgetown campus.  Their classes were starting about the same time again this year, so Adam was only planning to help Mike carry his things to his room and then he would spend the night.  He'd leave for Baltimore the following morning, after they had breakfast together. 

On the way there, Mike asked Adam if he wanted him to leave the two accounts deactivated, since Adam had said many times how difficult this semester was going to be for him, but Adam refused.  He told Mike to activate both accounts and said he would make the decision on an individual basis after he saw the request, before deciding if he was going to help the person or not.  Mike said that was fine, as long as he didn't jeopardize his grades. 

When they reached Georgetown, Mike checked in, got his room key and the boys unloaded Mike's belongings from the car and took them to his room.  After Mike had arranged everything and got it set the way he wanted, the boys went out to grab a bite to eat.  When they returned, they decided to make love, since they knew they wouldn't be seeing each other again for quite a while. 

The next morning, Mike and Adam kissed goodbye and then Adam drove to Johns Hopkins.  After he checked in, he took his belongings to his room and then got things organized as well.  Once he had done that, he decided to take a walk around the campus and see who else he could find.  He ran into a lot of people he knew over the next few hours and they caught up on what each other had done over the summer.  After that, Adam made his way over to the dining hall to have dinner. 

When he finished eating, Adam went back to his room and checked his computer to see if Mike had remembered to activate the various accounts.  He had, so Adam checked to see if he had any emails or messages and there were none.  Then, he decided to check his personal email account and discovered he had another email from Jack. 

'Adam, I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you about this, but taking care of my problem was a real pain in the ass.  I didn't want to shave my pubes off, so I had to use this funny looking comb to comb the hair around my cock before and after I used that stuff.  I also told Megan about my problem like you told me, just in case she had the same thing, but it turned out that she didn't think she had them too.  She still wanted to use that stuff though, just in case she just hadn't noticed them yet.  That's when I realized she couldn't do that, because the directions said not to use it around the vagina.

'Megan was upset when I told her that, because she wanted to do something in case they were there, so I told her she could use the baby powder and shave her pubes off, because that's what the lice and eggs stick to.  She was ok with the idea of shaving that area, because she didn't think anyone else would see her naked, but even if they did, she was still young enough that they probably wouldn't think anything about it.  She was also ok about using the baby powder, but she was afraid of cutting herself if she tried to shave that area, so she asked me to do it for her.  She knew I used a disposable razor and Dad's shaving cream once in a while to shave, because I wanted to make my moustache come in faster, but I told her I wasn't sure about shaving her, because she was my sister.  That's when she said we had already seen each other naked in the woods that day, so it wouldn't be any different.  I still thought it would be kinda weird touching my sister down there, but then I decided it wouldn't be like I had touched Rachel, so I did it for her. 

'We also washed our clothes and other stuff together, so mom just thought we were being helpful and it worked out.  Now, I think my problem is all cleared up and Megan doesn't have those things either.  We really owe you big time for helping us and for telling me what I had to do.  We both also know better than to do something like we did that day in the woods, so we won't mess around with anyone we don't know really good.  I'm not sure about Megan, but I know I don't ever want to go through this again.  Thank you very much for helping us.  Your little brother, Jack.'

Although Jack's email made Adam visualize him shaving off Megan's pubes, he also discovered it brought back memories of the day he and Mike had caught the kids in the woods.  This caused him to think about Jack, Paul and Ken's penises, which made him very horny and he stayed that way for the rest of the evening.  Adam even ended up dreaming about those events after he fell asleep.  In fact, the images were so vivid that they caused him to wake up in the middle of the night when he felt a sensation in his gut and knew he was about to cum.  This prompted him to get up and masturbate to relieve his problem, because he didn't want to end up having a wet dream instead. 

The fact that he had become so sexually aroused from thinking about that day and seeing the other boys naked again bothered Adam quite a bit.  He had never fantasized about seeing naked young boys since he was the same age, at least until he'd received Jack's first email.  It seemed as if Jack's simple note had somehow caused Adam's mind to suddenly overload on images from that day.  He hoped this was merely just the lingering result of the reminder that had triggered those thoughts to pop up again and nothing more.  Adam knew he would never act on any urges for someone as young as that, because he truly loved Mike and would never risk losing him over a fling with some young hottie.  Eventually, Adam did everything he could to think about other things and forced those thoughts out of his mind. 

Once his classes started, Adam had absolutely no problem avoiding those thoughts.  He was so busy with his assignments and his courses were so demanding that he didn't have any time left to think about anything else, not even Mike.  This worked out really well until just before the Thanksgiving break.  That's when Adam got his first request on the Baltimore account. 

'Hi, I hope you can help me with this.  Me and my best friend Chris go to Southside Middle School and I am really worried about him.  I think something is happening at his home, because Chris isn't very happy most of the time and he doesn't want to go home after school. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope you can help me find out.  I don't want nothin bad to happen to him.  Travis'

Adam had no idea what the problem was or even if Chris needed or wanted his help, but he felt he should respond.  He knew he wouldn't have time to do anything to help out this week, but next week he started his Thanksgiving break and he had the entire week off.  He wasn't planning to go home either, because Mike only had off from Thursday to Sunday.  Rather than spending a lot of hours on the highway driving home and then back again during Mike's four-day weekend, Adam decided he would stay in D.C. instead.  He had told Mike he'd just drive over to Georgetown and then they could spend the time together.  They would go out to eat on Thanksgiving Day, but they would also be able to spend some of the time working on their coursework so they wouldn't fall behind.

This meant Adam had the start of the week free, but he had planned on using some of that time to contact the people and businesses about the donations for the Homeless Shelter and the Mission.  Even so, he felt he would still be able to use some of the time to help the boys too, so he dashed off a quick email to Travis, to make sure those days would be all right with them. 

'Travis, I can meet with you and Chris next Monday or Tuesday after you get out of school.  Let me know which day would be best for both of you, but also send me a photo of you and Chris, or a couple if possible, so I'll be able to recognize you.  Use the back entrance to the school when you leave that day and I'll meet you there. Adam'

Adam was able to tell him this, because he was already familiar with the school.  It was the same one where he went to check on Jeremy, the kid that was being bullied by some of the other boys.  This also meant Adam already knew how to get there and how long it would take, but seeing he wouldn't have any classes then, he also wouldn't have the usual time constraints.  Adam also signed the email this time, since he was dealing with a young kid and didn't want the boy to be scared off if his email didn't contain a name.  Now, he just had to wait for Travis' answer.  It came a few hours later.

'Monday would be great.  I'll make sure I bring Chris with me, but I won't tell him why.  I'm afraid he won't come if I do, because he won't even tell me what's wrong, so I doubt he would want to tell someone he doesn't know.  It's just that I'm sure something is wrong and Chris needs our help.  Thank you for helping us.  Travis'

During the rest of the week, Adam concentrated on his studies, but from time to time he would also wonder what sort of problem the kid had.  He also wondered if he could convince Chris to confide in him about whatever it was?  If Chris did tell him, would he be able to do something to help out?  Although Adam imagined many scenarios of what the problem might involve, such as financial or health problems for someone living with Chris, Adam concluded it would probably be best if he just waited to find out what the problem was and not speculate about it. 

Adam went out and partied with some of his friends on Friday night, after they decided to wait and leave on Saturday to go home, rather than making the trip at night.  Since none of them were busy and they were all looking to have some fun, they went over to the Drinkery.  Adam even volunteered to be the designated driver, since he felt he wouldn't have a good time without Mike being there.  He had a couple of beers when they first arrived, but then he switched over to soda, in case he got stopped on the way back.  He also danced with a couple of the other guys, although nothing too intimate, but it was still fun. 

Adam was pretty much alone for the rest of the weekend though, since nearly everyone else had gone home.  He was tempted to go over and spend time with Mike, but then he realized that Mike would probably be busy studying, since he had classes for the first three days of the following week.  It didn't really make sense for Adam to drive there and then back again if Mike wouldn't have any time to spend with him, because he still had to return to Baltimore on Monday so he could meet with the kids.  Therefore, Adam drove around for a while to see what else was going on, but he also decided to go over to the mall so he could check out the Christmas decorations. 

The weekend seemed to last forever, since he didn't have a lot to do, but he did receive an email back from Travis with a bunch of pictures attached.  Adam thought the one boy looked vaguely familiar, but he felt he might have just seen the boy during his trips around the city or while he was at the mall.  Putting this out of his mind, Adam tried to find something else to occupy his time. 

Adam didn't want to call the places on his lists over the weekend, because he knew most of them would either be closed or very busy, so he'd do that during the week.  However, his mind kept drifting back to the situation Travis had alluded to and Adam wondered again what the problem would turn out to be and if he would be able to find a way to help Chris. 

Sunday night, Adam was on pins and needles as he waited for the next day.  He spent the morning and early afternoon making phone calls, and then in the late afternoon he drove down to the Southside Middle School to meet with Travis and Chris.  He got there early and parked in the same place as before.  Then, he watched the back entrance to see if he could spot either boy. 

When Adam noticed Travis and Chris walking down the sidewalk toward him, it suddenly dawned on him where he had seen Chris before.  Chris was the small boy who was part of the group picking on Jeremy and the one who'd admitted that his mother still gave him his bath.  Now, Adam wondered if that was Chris' problem, but he put that thought aside, as he mentally communicated with the two boys. 

'Travis and Chris, come over to the red Honda across the street and get in the passenger side so we can talk.'

After a very brief pause, possibly while Chris was thinking that this was eerily similar to when he'd been forced to make his confession, the boys walked over to the car.  They both got in the backseat, but Travis had to coax Chris to do it, since he had no idea why they were getting into a stranger's car.  After they were seated inside, Adam turned toward the backseat and spoke. 

"Hi, Travis and Chris.  I'm glad to meet both of you, but I think we should get right to the point.  Chris, I've heard something is bothering you and I want you to tell me what it is, so I can see if I can help you." 

Chris appeared totally shocked by this statement and turned to look at Travis, so he could see how his friend was reacting.  Feeling guilty, Travis looked over at Chris and admitted what he'd done.  "I told him that I thought something was bothering you at home, but I only did it to help you because you seem so sad lately.  I just wanted to make sure you felt better again." 

Chris' mouth dropped open and it looked as if he felt he'd just been betrayed.  Trying to relieve Chris' concerns, Adam did what he could to calm him down. 

"Chris, we both want to help you and I want you to let us do that.  Just tell us what makes you so sad.  Is there a problem at home?"  Chris looked at Adam and then at Travis before he spoke. 

"I don't want to tell you in front of Travis," he offered.  "It's too embarrassing." 

"Fair enough," Adam responded as he looked over at the other boy.  "Travis, would you please wait across the street, next to the fence, while I talk this over with Chris?  And Chris, why don't you move up to the front seat, so I don't have to sit like this." 

"Um, ok," Travis muttered, looking confused and a little hurt.  He couldn't understand why his best friend wouldn't tell him what was wrong, but he would tell a stranger.  Still, Travis did what he was asked, although he kept shaking his head and staring back at the car.  Chris also got out and moved to the front seat, but Adam let him get comfortable first, before he spoke. 

"Ok, Chris.  I want you to tell me the truth and let me know everything that is troubling you."  Chris swallowed hard before speaking. 

"Last year I kinda told some of my friends that my mom still made me let her give me a bath, but that's not all.  It's just all I told them." 

"Is she still giving you a bath?" Adam wanted to know. 

"Yeah, mom makes all of us let her give us our baths, but she's not really our mom.  We just live with her and she makes us call her that," Chris admitted while looking down at his lap.  "And that's not all she does to us either.  She jacks us boys off or sucks on our dicks when she washes us, but she also fingers the girls and puts other stuff in them too.  And she sucks on their titties and licks them down there too," he added while pointing at his crotch.  Adam did his best not to show his surprise or disgust at this revelation. 

"So is she your foster mother then?" Adam asked, in order to clarify the situation. 

"Yeah.  I came there to live with her six years ago and the rest came later," Chris told him.  "Last year there was just us three boys and Amy, but then two more girls moved in this summer." 

"And how old are all of you?" Adam followed, wondering how bad this was. 

"Me and Lester are thirteen and Bruce is fourteen," Chris told him.  "Amy's thirteen too, but Miranda is twelve and Katie is eleven." 

"I see, so what else happens there?" Adam pressed, since he wanted to get all of the facts. 

"Our mom and dad make us do stuff with each other too," Chris answered.  "I've had to suck off the other boys and let them put their dicks in my butt, but they've had to do that too.  The girls suck us off sometimes too, and we have to lick them down there and suck on their titties, but sometimes we have to put our dicks in them too, both front and back." 

"Do you have to do this a lot?" Adam continued, since he wanted to discover how bad this problem was, not that it wasn't bad already. 

"Yeah, and most times our dad takes pictures or videos of us doin' it," Chris admitted.  "I think he makes extra money selling that stuff to others online." 

"That's really awful, so I'm going to see what I can do to help you," Adam told him.  "Would you be willing to tell this to the police?" 

"No!  Not if I'm the only one," Chris answered, looking scared.  "Bruce likes doing this stuff and I think he even does some other stuff with mom when they're alone.  He'd kill me if I ruined it for him." 

"So do you have to do stuff with your mom too?" Adam wondered. 

"I've done it a couple of times, but I think I'm too small down there yet to make her want to do it with me," Chris replied.  "Bruce's dick is a lot bigger than mine and it really hurt when they had him stick it in my butt.  I know he's done it to everyone else too.  I think Dad has done it to the girls and maybe even to Bruce, and that scares me.  His dick is way bigger than Bruce's, so that would really hurt.  I know he's gonna want to do it with me and Lester soon and I'm really scared."

"I'm sure you are," Adam told him soothingly, as he reached out and pulled Chris toward him in a hug.  "Just give me your foster parents' names and tell me where you live."  Chris did that and Adam wrote everything down so he wouldn't forget it.

"I'll see what I can do to stop this for you, so you hang in there for a little while longer.  Ok?" Adam asked, and Chris nodded his head slightly.   

"Yeah, I'll try, just don't tell Travis about it," Chris pleaded.  "He won't like me if he finds out about this stuff." 

"I think you're wrong about that, but I won't tell him," Adam agreed.  "Ok, you can go join Travis again." 

Chris nodded and then started to get out of the car.  When Chris looked back at Adam while opening the door, Adam noticed that Chris' face was streaked with tears.  Adam hadn't observed this before, because Chris had kept his head bent down most of the time.  Another reason Adam might have missed it could have been due to the fact that he was so horrified by what he had heard that he was oblivious to what was right in front of him.  Now, however, Chris was looking back in Adam's direction and hurriedly wiping away the tears, as he prepared to cross the street to join his friend.  Adam then watched both boys as they walked down the sidewalk together and headed toward home. 

This had been a great deal for Adam to process, so it took a little while before he began to think about how he was going to expose the situation without putting Chris in a position where he'd become the brunt of even more abuse.  Adam was afraid that if it wasn't done in a way that would keep Chris' involvement hidden, then Chris might get abused even worse by his foster parents, and Bruce might also take shots at Chris too. 

In between when he was working on that, Adam was busy calling the various places to plant the seed that they were to donate as much as they could when his or Mike's parents came to collect.  It also helped to take Adam's mind off Chris' situation temporarily, so when he focused on it again he saw things with fresh eyes.

Eventually, Adam decided to report this problem to the State Police, rather than notifying the city police or the sheriff's department.  Then, he realized the next problem he would have to overcome.  Adam knew he could convince the person on the phone to keep his identity private, but Adam was worried his phone number would be logged someplace and someone else could possibly access that information later.  Adam thought about using the phones at the mall, but he was concerned there were too many surveillance cameras there, so someone might be able to track him down using the recorded images later.   Therefore, he found out when the local bowling center would be busiest and then went there to use the pay phone instead.  Before he went to the phone, however, he looked around first to make sure there wasn't a camera focused on the area where the phone was located. 

"Hello, I'm calling to give you an anonymous tip about a couple involved in making and distributing child porn," Adam began, once someone answered the phone.  He was then transferred to another person to whom he gave his statement.  "I have information from very reliable sources who don't wish to be identified that some of the city's foster parents are using the children in their custody to make child porn that they then distribute.  You'd probably find plenty of evidence on the couple's computer, but you may also be able to intercept this material through their ISP." 

Adam then gave the man the names and address of the couple he had been referring to.  The man then thanked him for the information and promised to investigate the claims.  Adam then ended the call, but he walked around for a while and went to the men's room before he left, because he didn't wanted to be spotted leaving the bowling center immediately after he'd made the call.  A few minutes later, he finally went out to get in his car and drive back to campus. 

Although Adam had been watching the local news stations to see if there were any reports about the couple being busted or references to a child porn ring, but he still hadn't heard anything before he left to go spend time with Mike.  He was not only frustrated, but throughout his drive Adam's mind was flooded with images of the things Chris had told him.   These thoughts kept popping into his head and Adam was able to visualize all of the terrible things those kids were going through.  This included what the foster mother was doing when she sexually abused them, the things the kids were being forced to do to each other, as well as what the foster dad was involved in doing to them too.  Adam hoped he would hear about them being arrested soon, so he would know Chris had been rescued from that home and taken to someplace better. 

When Adam finally reached Mike's room, he kissed and hugged him first, and then they sat down to chat.  The first question Mike asked was if Adam had received any requests for help, so Adam told him all about Chris and what the kids had been forced to do.  Mike was just as shocked and appalled as Adam had been, so he also tried to help monitor the news reports from Baltimore, both online and any TV news programs they could get to watch. 

They still hadn't learned anything by the time they got back from dinner, so they quickly assumed that probably nothing would happen until the following week, since it was a holiday weekend.  Noticing this situation was still bothering Adam, Mike thought he might be able to get Adam's mind off the problem by putting him in a romantic mood.   Mike then did his best to accomplish this, and even though they went through the motions and each had a sexual release, it was obvious that Adam wasn't really into the lovemaking.  That night when they cuddled together in bed, it was more like Adam was holding on to Mike for protection, rather than out of love. 

Thanksgiving Day the boys called their parents to wish them a happy Thanksgiving and to basically check in with them.  They also let their parents know that they would be going out to eat later and then they planned on going to a movie afterward.  They also told both sets of parents that they missed and loved them before ending the call. 

A couple of hours later they went out to eat and during the meal Adam filled Mike in about the email that he got from Jack shortly after he got back to campus.  Adam had forgotten all about it each time he'd talked to Mike on the phone, as well as when he first got there, but now he thought about it and they had plenty of time to go over things like this.  After Adam finished doing that, Mike decided to share a bit of information he had just found out on Tuesday. 

"One of my law professors pulled some strings and got me an internship with one of the best law firms in D.C.," Mike started as a huge grin spread across his face.  "I'm going to be at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr.  They were originally two firms, one in D.C. and the other in Boston, but then they merged.  Now, they have their headquarters in D.C. and fourteen offices scattered throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia." 

"So are they prosecutors or defense attorneys?" Adam followed, since he wasn't up on these things.

"They're actually a General Law Practice, so they do a little bit of everything," Mike replied.  "My professor told me that I'll be spending time with different attorneys while I'm there, so I can get a look at a lot of different areas.  They have lawyers that specialize in different types of law, so I'm suppose to spend two weeks with someone in each area and that should help me decide what I'd rather do."

"Wow!  That sounds really great.  Congratulations!" Adam offered.  "Your law professor must really like you." 

"We get along pretty well," Mike modestly answered. 

"And something more for us to be thankful for," Adam pointed out.  "I just wish I could have given Chris something to be thankful for today." 

"Don't worry.  It will happen soon enough, so just be patient," Mike offered, since he knew how Adam was feeling. 

After they were done with their meal, they hung out with a few of Mike's friends who hadn't gone home for Thanksgiving.  His friends also had some beer, so the boys tossed back a couple of cold ones as they chatted about a wide variety of topics.  As it started to get late, Mike and Adam thanked their hosts and bid them goodnight, and then they headed back to Mike's room. 

Tonight, Mike had much better luck in getting Adam in a romantic mood, since they had both put the other problems out of their minds after they'd concluded nothing would happen until at least Monday.  Over the next couple of hours, Mike and Adam took turns pleasuring each other and they both experienced an explosive release.  Then, they cuddled together on Mike's bed and enjoyed a very restful and refreshing slumber.

Since they hadn't gone to see a movie after dinner on Thanksgiving, the boys decided to do it on Friday.  After having a late breakfast, they went over to the mall and decided on what movie they wanted to see.  The mall and theaters were packed, which Mike and Adam should have expected seeing schools and most offices were closed, but it didn't deter them though.  They didn't mind crowds, but seeing some of the kids walking around reminded Adam about Chris again. 

That reminder took some of the enjoyment away from the movie for Adam, but it didn't ruin the experience entirely.  Adam still managed to watch the film and was able to appreciate it, as well as the time he was spending with Mike. 

After they finished up there, the boys walked around the mall for a while and then Mike talked Adam into stopping at T.G.I. Friday's for something to eat before they went back to campus.  They were watching TV while they were eating in the bar area when a news report came on that told about a couple in Baltimore that had been arrested for running a child pornography ring.  It also stated that they had been foster parents and all of the children had been removed and sent to other homes.  After hearing this, Adam turned to Mike. 

"So they didn't wait to bust them after all!" he exclaimed, pleased that it had finally happened.  "Now, I just wonder where Chris is.  I might never be able to find that out, since his friend was the one who contacted me and he might not know either." 

"Maybe not, but I can assure you one thing," Mike countered, looking at Adam.  "Chris is in a much better place now, thanks to you." 

"I hope that's the case," Adam mumbled, but now he hoped he would find out for sure.