Oooh, Vienna

Part 4: Revelations

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I stormed uncontrollably out of the door of the institute, running on the side walk without actually noticing where I was going. After running for some minutes, and finally slowing down a bit, because I couldn't keep up the speed I was going at, I suddenly felt a hand on my arm and pulling me to an abrupt stop.

When I turned around, I saw John behind me, panting for air, he must have run after me at full speed. After a second, when he had regained some of his breath, he pulled me into a tight hug, stroking my hair for comfort. After the sudden rush of panic, the comfort of John's hug, his hand pushing my head onto his chest and stroking it, and the smell and warmth of him, just a hint through his clothing, were just too much for me. I broke down, sobbing involuntarily, pouring out the whole lot of pain and panic which I felt.

I could feel John moving, and he sat down on some stairs beside the sidewalk, and pulled me onto his lap, still hugging me tightly. I just continued sobbing there against his chest, not being able to stop for the time being.

Every time I started talking, wanting to tell him what I was feeling at the moment, only a very loud sob escaped my throat, and he just whispered meaningless words of comfort in my ear while stroking my hair and very gently rubbing my back.

After some time, I can't recall exactly how long we sat there, I regained some of my composure, and I put my arms around John, hugging him back very tightly and whispering in a barely audible voice: “Thanks for all you have done for me!” Instead of a response, I just could feel him squeezing me a little.

I lifted my head to look him in the eyes, escaping from the big wet spot I had produced on his chest, and was astonished to see that tears were running down his face as well. I looked at him questioningly, my curiosity for the situation overshadowing the things I was feeling at that moment. And if I look back at it today, I guess it was easier to give in to the curiosity than to face the demons that were haunting me at that moment.

John cleared his throat, and said, in a hoarse voice: “I think the last 3 days have been a bit too much for me as well. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ride since I picked you up at the motorway, and I guess I was just paying the price for it now.”

I smiled at him and teased him a bit: “Crybaby!”

He smiled back at me, teasing back: “Yeah, but look who started it.”

His face got serious again, and what he said instantly wiped the smile off my face again: “Do you want to tell me why you scooted away from the nurse like that?”

My voice was back to a whisper at that moment, trying to sort out the emotions I had felt back then: “Yeah, I guess you deserve an explanation. When the nurse put the rubber band on my arm and approached me with the syringe, a terrible memory emerged again that I had locked in a dark closet in the back of my mind. And that memory was just too much for me.”

Seeing the reassuring, but waiting look on John's face, I realized that I wouldn't get out of telling him what the memory was, that lightly. I would have to tell him more about what I was referring to: “You know, the boyfriend of my Mum got her hooked up to the bad drugs, and supplied her for the first weeks after he got her addicted. I got to see it getting worse and worse, and I tried to convince my Mum that she had to stop taking that stuff, to get up again from her bed, take care of the flat and to go to work again. I made some mistakes at that time, I even tried to convince her a couple of times when he was with her, when she was deep in her drug induced dreams. Seeing me, trying to convince her to stop, annoyed him big time, and at first he just would send me off, telling me that Mum needed her sleep. Later he got angry, even hitting me a couple of times, when one afternoon he just was all sweet when I approached Mum. He told me to have a seat, that I could talk with my Mum, and that he even had something for me, now that I was a 'big boy'. He told me to extend my arm, and put a rubber band around my arm, just like the nurse in the institute. He turned around and picked up a syringe lying on the bedstand, filled with a dark yellow liquid. When I saw this, I just felt the same panic I felt now in the institute, I knew something very very bad was about to happen. But luckily, my Mum moaned at that moment and got him distracted for a second. I jumped up very quickly, hit him in the nuts with all the strength I could muster, and then just fled from the flat.” I made a small pause, just realizing something.

“If I think of it now, that was the moment when I started to live more on the streets than at home. I was afraid of going back to the flat when he was there, I just slipped in there late at night and got up early, way earlier than both of them, and avoided them most of the time. When I saw him, I just headed away as fast as I could, feeling an undefined anxiety. Now I know what it was, it was the fear that he would try this again. I now guess that it was probably the only idea he had left for dealing with me, anxious that I really could convince Mum to get out of the drugs. And he basically got what he wanted, I never was around anymore, so he could meddle with her as much as he wanted.”

Having my head bowed down all of the time, I told John this, not able to stand his look at that moment, I finally looked up to see how he would react. All I could see was cold fury in his eyes, I could tell that he was really, really angry. I added anxiously: “Please don't be mad that I hit him in the nuts, and didn't stay to help Mum, but I was really afraid, and I was seeing it as the only chance I had of getting away from him.”

The voice that responded to me was equally cold as the fury in his eyes: “Oh, I think he didn't get a tenth of what he deserved, and noone can blame you for not wanting to stay around longer. Maybe you should have told the police instead of just avoiding them, but you were scared, I understand that. If I could lay my hands on that S.O.B., the last thing he would have to worry about is that little pain he was feeling back then.”

Really astounded, not having John seen this angry before, I just snuggled closer to him: “Nah, just forget him, he is in the past of my life.”

I could feel John relaxing when I snuggled up to him again, and he continued in a softer voice: “Thanks for telling me, kiddo!”And then he kissed the top of my head.

“I really think we should go back to the institute, that blood test is quite important, and it won't take long. Do you think you could handle it if I hold you all the time and comforted you? You have to trust me, no one will mess with you back there, and if they tried, they would be in real big trouble with me.”

I thought about this for a moment, and responded then: “We won't know if we don't at least try. I guess I can handle it, now that I know what the problem is. And if you hold me, I don't think anything could hurt me.”

John chuckled when he announced: “At least you haven't hit the nurse in the balls, although that would be considered a miracle.”

I joined in his chuckling half-heartedly, asking anxiously: “Do you think they will be mad back there?”

“They'd better not be. After all, we are paying customers!” He ruffled my hair and put me back on my feet, getting up after that as well.

We walked back to the institute, and I was surprised to realize just how far away from the Institute we were. I had traveled a real distance, running like that.

When we entered the building again, the nurse stood there a bit impatiently, but not saying anything, only handing each of us tissue when she saw the tear marks on our faces.

Both of us wiped the remaining evidence and blew our noses, when the nurse said: “A little needle shouldn't scare a big boy like you that bad. It only hurts a short moment.”

I turned to a pillar of salt hearing the expression. This nurse seemed to have the rare talent of saying exactly the wrong words at the wrong moment. I tried to relax, taking a deep breath, before replying calmly to her: “No Ma'am, it wasn't only the needle, there was something else which scared me at that moment, but I think I have sorted it out, now.”

“Good, let's get this finished then.”

We moved back to the small room where we were earlier, and the nurse motioned me to have a seat again. But John was faster and sat down on the chair, patting his lap gently, and motioning me to sit on his lap.

I climbed on John, and saw then the confused look of the nurse when John hugged me: “Sir, I don't think the regulations......”

At that moment she was cut off sharply by John's voice, again with a hint of that steel in it I heard earlier: “Just blow the regulations today, Lady, and get this over with. This boy needs comfort right now, he is under a lot of stress. And if you won't do it this way, then we surely will find an institute which is better suited for our needs....”, and his voice trailed off, leaving that hint of a threat hanging in the air.

The nurse considered it for a moment, then pulled up a smile on her face and said in a fake cheery voice: “I think we can stretch it that far today.”

She put the rubber band from earlier on my arm, again and turned around to get the syringe. I felt the rush of panic building up in me again, my body was tensing, but John must have sensed it, because exactly at that moment, he hugged me very tight and whispered some comforting words in my ear. I relaxed considerably, and just closed my eyes.

I suddenly felt a needle going right into my arm, but with John holding me very tightly, there was no way I could squirm my way out again, and I just breathed in a very steady rhythm, counting slowly upwards to take my mind off the needle protruding from my arm.

Just when I got to 37, I could feel the needle being pulled out, and opened my eyes again. The nurse pressed a small pad against my arm, guiding my other hand to press against it.

She announced then: “All finished, we will have the results on Monday.”

John smiled at her thankfully and told her: “Sorry for that ruckus back then, but you handled it very professionally.”

She fake-smiled back at him and said, again in her cheery voice: “Ah, I've seen worse. Just have a good day, Mister”, and then headed out of the room.

John put me down once again on the ground, and stood up as well.

As we headed out of the institute, John put his arm around my shoulder, and we walked out on the street together. Just feeling his affection for me lifted my mood a couple of levels up. But I couldn't banish the haunting demons out of my mind completely. My thoughts were still revolving around the revelations I had done to myself.

We walked as a quiet couple down the street, John's arm still put around my shoulder, me occasionally bumping into him. Surprisingly, it was only a very short walk to John's flat. The bus stop where we had descended off the bus was just one stop before the regular stop when going to John's flat, so the distance to home was quite short.

I really began to start thinking about John's flat as home. It, and he as well, were so welcoming for me, that it was easy to really look at it as my home, my place to stay.

When we entered the flat, we were greeted by the meowing of the cats as usual, but unlike before neither of them concentrated their attention only on John. Ben strolled over to John to get his usual petting, while Chloe came right to me for the first time directly after entering the flat, and demanded to be petted. I obeyed her demands with pleasure, and soon after that, she was rubbing against my leg, purring and enjoying herself.

John looked up at me from Ben, and asked: “What do you want to do now, kiddo?”

I thought for a moment, and then said: “Could we just sit down for a while and cuddle a bit? I need to think for a while, and you comforting me will just make it easier.”

He looked at me with a hint of worry in his eyes, but complied promptly: “Sure, your wish is my command!”, and smiled at me.

We headed over to the couch, and John sat down on the couch with his legs up, half-sitting, half-lying on it. I attached myself to his side and snuggled up tightly to him, bathing in his warmth and the feeling of affection he still radiated.

We sat there quietly for like ten minutes, John lazily stroking my back, while I just lay there, my head using his chest as a pillow and deeply caught in my thoughts. The more I thought about the scene back at my Mum's flat, the more I tensed up. All the thoughts of what could have happened to me, the path I would be walking down right now, if I hadn't fled from the flat. I started to breath quickly when all the things raced through my mind, and I even tensed more.

John looked down at me, again with concern in his eyes, and worry in his voice when he said: “Just don't panic, my angel, it is over now, you are safe with me here. I don't think it will do you any good if you just brood over these thoughts. I agree with you that we will have to work out these issues, but I think it is just too early right now. You need to relax, and we need to take your thoughts off that.”

He seemed to think for a moment, and when he continued he had the slightest spark of mischief in his eyes: “I know the perfect thing which will relax you!”, and he started to work himself out from under me.

I looked at him curiously, and he continued: “I will be with you in a minute. Please, strip down and lie on your belly on the couch, okay? I will be there shortly”, and with those words, he vanished into the bedroom.

I frowned, not having the slightest idea what he could mean. Then I thought about his request and what it could mean. As when a light was lit in my head, everything was clear when I thought about which regions of my body this would give him access to.

I dreaded that part of our relationship a bit, and I even was little afraid of it, but luckily Marcus had prepared me for it, and I had time to think about it. I supposed that I was ready for it, and it would just allow me to stay with John. I thought this was a small price to pay, so I quickly stripped off all my clothes, and lay there naked on my belly on the couch.

I couldn't bring myself to face the door where John would be emerging soon, so I just heard the bedroom door opening and closing, and heard how John stripped out of his clothes as well.

He climbed onto the couch again, and kind of knelt over me, each knee on one side of my hips.

I could feel how he leaned down to bring his face to my head, and kissed me on the neck before saying: “You didn't have to pull down you underwear as well, but I admit it is a very nice sight.”

Furrowing my brows, I tried to think how he would accomplish what he wanted to do to me with my underwear on, when every thought about it was eradicated from my mind by a cool liquid, hitting my shoulder blades.

I yelped, but the liquid started to warm up quickly when John started to work the slippery fluid into my shoulders and my neck. This was the moment when I realized that he never intended to fuck me, but simply wanted to give me a massage. He even still had his underwear on while sitting on the upper parts of my legs, without putting his full weight on my body.

Relaxing considerably, I let all thoughts of worry flow away, and just enjoyed the feeling of John's strong hands kneading my muscles, working the oil into them. I felt the tension in my muscles just flowing away when he rubbed my back first with circular motions of his thumbs, and then running along my spine with his index and middle finger. He applied pressure to the muscles just below my shoulder blades, and I could feel a wonderful warmth spreading throughout my back. Warmth from the friction he applied, warmth from the affection and love that seemed to flow through his arms from him to me.

Not long after he started massaging my back, I purred as loud as Ben, just basking in the affection he showed with every touch, with every movement of his hands, with every kneading of my muscles. My dick had gone stiff in a matter of seconds after the loving touches had begun.

He massaged my shoulders, my neck, my shoulder blades, the sides of my back, the upper parts of my arms, just every muscle which could have stored tension in it.

When he finally was finished, he laid his upper body on my back, and I could just feel the warmth which his body radiated, and I could feel him breathing gently on my neck.

This was the moment when I made up my mind. I loved John so much, and I would give him everything I had, he deserved it. I was just as relaxed as I would ever be.

I asked him: “John, will you fuck me?”

I could feel his breathing quickening, and I could feel his dick starting to get stiff as well. He asked me with a tremble in his voice: “Are you sure, sweetheart? Is that what you really truly want?”

Everything in my mind screamed 'Noooooo', but I ignored it, and said in a steady voice: “Yes, I am!” It was the least of the things I could do for him.

I could still feel John breathing into my neck, but more rapidly then before. He obviously seemed to really like the idea, just as Marcus had told me. His hardening dick told me that, as much as his heavy breathing.

He whispered then in my ear: “OK, if you really want it, just give me a sec, I'll be back shortly.”

He got up again from the couch, and moved once more to the bedroom. As I had made up my mind now and wasn't as anxious as before, I turned to watch the door. John came back to the living room just a couple of seconds later, and I eyed him all the way to the couch.

He had a small blue-white tube in the one hand, and a very small package in the other. He laid both down at the table, and quickly stripped off his underwear.

His dick was as hard as I had ever seen it when he lay again on the couch next to me. I was still on my belly, thinking this would be the position he would like to do it.

But first he very passionately kissed me, while lying next to me, and I frantically returned the kiss, trying to get my mind off the things which would come. Our tongues danced for some time, and he pulled me tight to his body, his erection pressing into my side.

He caught me by surprise then when he pushed me gently on my back, still not letting loose of my mouth, still kissing me.

Just as the night before, he started kissing his way down along my body, sucking on my nipples, and it felt like he kissed every part of my chest at least once.

When he started sucking on my cock once more, I let out a small moan, but I felt that my orgasm was not very far away at that point. As I had discovered the day before, some pain didn't mean very much when you were horny, so I didn't want to have an orgasm right then. Marcus told me that it would eventually hurt, so I didn't want to give away that advantage.

So I told John: “Just stop there, I'm nearly coming, and just do it.”

He looked up to me, letting my penis slide out of his mouth, and said: “There is no way of just doing it, Love. We will need to loosen you up quite a bit first, otherwise it would just hurt you way too much”, and he lowered his head once again into my pubic region, but this time not on my dick, but taking again my balls in his mouth, rolling them around gently.

But he let go of them soon, and pushed my legs gently a bit apart, now sitting between them. He pushed my knees a bit into the direction of my chest, which basically lifted up the lower part of my body.

Kissing the inner skin of my thighs and caressing my ass cheeks with both of his hands, he pulled them apart a bit, and I could feel how my bum hole was now exposed, feeling the air on it.

His next move caught me totally by surprise once more, as he directly put his tongue on my bum hole, slowly circling around the outer parts, and then moving onto the very sensitive skin on the hole.

When I felt the warm wetness of his tongue against my hole, I couldn't resist the urge to let out a loud moan. It was pleasure like I had never experienced before. Not the direct pleasure, like when he sucked on my cock, but a more sensual, indirect pleasure, but not less intense than before. I had never thought that getting touched, or licked, at the bum hole would feel so good.

When the pleasure rolled through my body, I relaxed even more, letting go of the anxiety which had again built up in me in anticipation of him fucking me. John must have felt me relaxing, because at once he pushed with his tongue against my back entrance, and I could feel the muscles there part slightly, allowing him entrance.

He moved his tongue in and out of my hole, like he was fucking me with it, and I could only moan at the sensations this created in me.

I could feel as one of his hands moved away from my ass cheek, but I couldn't care less at that moment. If getting fucked for real felt anything like this, it was well worth a bit of pain, I decided.

That was the moment when John pulled his mouth away from my rectum, and I heard the tube I saw earlier being opened. I wanted to look up, but the next thing I felt was something very cold and slippery against my bum hole once more. Now John was at work with his finger and he seemed to spread something around my hole, and soon after that, I could feel some pressure against the center of the hole.

John had obviously greased up a finger, as it felt different from his cock, and to enter my rectum with it. I made a conscious effort to relax my muscle back there, but I still yelped when I felt the finger slipping right into me.

For the first time in my life, I had something up my ass, but it didn't feel as bad as I had imagined it would before. Of course, there was a bit of pain when the initial entry was made, but that quickly subsided after only a moment and it mainly felt weird, then. It was kind of like I had to go to the toilet, but not really bad.

John had started kissing the inner skin of my thigh once more, in an obvious effort to take my thoughts off his finger in my bottom, which actually had worked its way slowly further into my body.

Soon I could feel the knuckles of John's hand, pressing against cheeks, and I knew that this was the furthest he could go. He wriggled his finger a bit inside me, which made me moan once more. Then he started to slowly pull his finger back again, until it was nearly all the way out of me, and then he started to push it in once again.

Shortly after that he had established a steady rhythm of his finger going in and out of my bottom, and I really started to get hard once more. When his finger had entered me, I had softened considerably, but soon after he started finger fucking my bottom, my cock stood to full attention once more. John even stroked it carefully with his other hand, but not with much pressure or friction, but even that let me emit a soft moan once in a while in addition to the moans which came from the sensation of my finger filled bottom.

John removed his finger fully, and opened up the tube once again. He smeared some more of the jelly around my hole, and I thought that this was the moment where he would put his dick into my bottom, but he just inserted a different finger into my bum hole, which was shortly afterwards joined by the first one.

The muscles around my hole had to stretch wider than they had ever done before to accommodate both of his fingers, but John kept up the pressure, and now the pain was back. This time it was worse than it was the first time, even after he had put both fingers in and kept them steady for a while. I yelped out every time he tried to move one of the fingers, and finally he removed the second finger, letting me feel relieved and a bit empty.

He started his steady finger fucking again, with only one finger, and this time he moved his mouth to my cock. Once more, my dick head was enveloped by the silky warmness of his mouth, while his finger still probed into my backside, driving a little bit deeper every time he pushed it in. And then he hit something inside me, and I just couldn't control myself.

That was the fastest approaching orgasm I had up to now, no anticipatory tingling in my belly, just the orgasm as it rolled through my body. I stiffened a couple of times, but John kept his mouth on my dick and his finger in my bottom.

Just when the heaviness of the afterglow started to stream through my body, I could feel that the finger in my ass still hurt. Not very much, but still a bit. I hadn't felt it before, but I knew that there was no way John could fuck me now, not if he didn't want to hurt me, that is.

I sniffled a bit when I realized that, I had to deny John, for now, what he really wanted, just because I had to have that orgasm. Hearing me sniffle, John quickly retracted the finger from my hole, and now I felt a bit empty back there.

He moved to my side, giving me a loving kiss, and he said in a very soft voice: “I'm sorry, Baby, I didn't ever want to hurt you, I'm really, really sorry.”

“No, that is not the problem, it hurt a bit, but not very much, no, I ruined this for you. I had an orgasm, and I don't think that I could take you in right now, not without crying.”

He kissed me again, and then said: “Oh my God, Kyle honey, you didn't ruin anything! When I realized that the two fingers were hurting you, I stopped every thought I had of fucking you right now. You are just too tight, and it would have hurt you way too much. Just look!”, and he held his two fingers together alongside of his dick, and I could see that his dick was considerably thicker than the two fingers put together.

“So, I just stuffed that idea, and decided that you should have a good time right now. And it looks like you had it....”, and with that, an impish grin appeared on his face.

I had to grin as well at that sight, all thoughts of disappointing him blown away in a single ray of his happiness. And right then, I decided that I really loved John. I knew how horny he must have been, Marcus had told me how much he liked to fuck, but at the first sign of me getting uncomfortable, he had just let it go and only thought about me... pleasuring me. And when I was feeling down because he couldn't fuck me, his first thought was that he had hurt me.

John deserved my love, and I was willing to give him as much of it as I could.

We snuggled there on the couch for a couple of minutes, when my curiosity got the better part of me once more: “What was all the stuff you got from your bedroom?”

John smiled at me, realizing that my curiosity was genuine, and not to tease him. At first he showed me the bigger bottle: “This, of course, is the massage oil. A massage without something like this only feels half as good, because of this, you can generate really good friction and warmth on the muscles, and your hands glide easily over the skin.”

Next, he picked up the blue-white tube: “This is KY, a water based lubricant. It is used to make your hole as well as my fingers, very slippery, so that I could put them in more easily. It is still possible to have anal sex without this, for example, by only using spit, but it hurts a whole lot more, and I just think that it is more pleasurable this way. And this”, he picked up the small package I totally couldn't figure out what it was, “is a condom. Every time you have sex, especially anal sex, but also the normal sex you might have with a woman, you have to use a condom. This is really very important! Otherwise you could easily get one of the sexually transmitted diseases, and the worst of them, like AIDS, will ultimately kill you! Do you understand that?”

“Yes, I do, I don't want to get ill. And AIDS just sounds horrible. So, I guess there will always have to be something between us while having sex....”, and I sighed low.

“Well, if you know someone well enough, and you can totally trust him, and you know that niether of you have any STDs, then it IS possible to do it without a condom. But it really needs a lot of trust between the two partners. That is one of the reasons we both had the STD exam today, so that we know if we have to be extra careful, or just normal careful”, and he smiled at me, giving me a quick kiss.

“And why do you need two things which do the same thing? I mean, the massage oil makes everything slippery, and so does the KY. Why not use one for both?”, I asked.

“Ah, that is actually quite a good question. You wouldn't want to do a massage with KY, it is water based and would dry too fast, so you use something oil based, like the massage oil. But you can't use the massage oil for anal sex with a condom, because the oil will basically destroy the rubber in the condom, making it useless. So these are the lessons for today's sex-ed: Use a condom every time, and use a water-based lubricant with it, and nothing else.”

John smiled at me, and then said, a bit apologeticly: “Sorry, I guess I sound like my Dad, he is a teacher, and my sister is on the way to becoming a teacher too, so I hear things like this quite a lot when I'm at home.”

I sniggered at his statement and said: “Gosh, that would make living at home very stressful, with two teachers around.”

“You're telling me; it's pure hell sometimes!”

Then I pushed John back from his sitting position, back into lying on the couch, and I snuggled tight to his side, again bathing in his loving warmth.

Then I asked, since I really wanted to know: “So, when do you think you're going to fuck me? I really want to know that I can stay with....” As soon as this escaped, I knew that I had made a mistake, and I quickly bit on my lower lip, trying to shut my mouth, and hoped that John hadn't noticed this lapse.

But, I had no luck with this, of course.

As soon as I had said it, his whole body stiffened up, and he asked in a confused voice: “What do you mean by 'That I can stay with you'? Haven't I made it perfectly clear to you that your stay with me is not in any way connected to the sex we have?”

“Yeah, you said that, but Marcus said...”

As soon as I said this, he cut me off sharply, and asked in a low voice: “Kyle, what did Marcus say? Did he in any way suggest that I only would let you stay with me, if you let me fuck you?”, and as he asked the question, he looked at me with very wide eyes.

I shrank back a bit from him, afraid of his intense reaction: “Ummm, yeah, kind of. He said something like 'If you really want to stay with him, let him fuck you'.”

With that, John jumped up from the couch, pacing up and down in front of the couch table, stark naked as he was. If the situation hadn't been so serious, it would have been a very funny sight.

While pacing, he muttered to himself: “How could he dare? The damn asshole! Even suggesting something like that to a kid. Oooh, he is so gonna get it.” With that, he had obviously made up his mind, and went to a cupboard next to the bedroom door.

When he picked up his mobile, I asked: “What are you going to do, now?”

“I'm gonna call him, and tell him what I think of him, and I will forbid him to ever talk to you again!”, and he started to push the buttons on his mobile, obviously intending to make the call.

I raced up from the couch and took the mobile out of his hand: “You are not going to do something stupid like that, right now! You are way too upset. Come, sit with me on the couch!”, and I took his hand and pulled him towards the couch again, trying to calm him down.

He sat down next to me, and asked, obviously a bit puzzled by my determination: “Why shouldn't I call him? I mean, how COULD he tell you something like that?”, and he started to get angry again.

I attached myself to his side, stroking his chest in an effort to calm him down, and said: “Calm down, please, you are frightening me!”

He looked at me and must have seen my big, wide eyes, looking anxiously at him, because he closed his own eyes for a second and took a deep breath. It seemed to work at calming him down, because when he spoke again, his voice was much calmer and more controlled than before: “Why didn't you tell me that he said this to you? I mean, it was just so totally WRONG to tell you something like that. And I even suggested that if you need someone to talk to, you should talk to him.....Oh my God!” , and his voice died down, realizing what the short contact I had with Marcus had done to our relationship.

And I told him, in a shaky voice, because I was afraid of his reaction: “I didn't tell you what he said, because I didn't think that he told me something bad. I thought that he told me something important, something about you, that I didn't know. I was a bit afraid of it, of course, because no one ever suggested anything like it, but I think that I could take it. And if you really wouldn't ever kick me out because I let you do it, I figured it was a small price to pay.”

I hadn't looked him in the eyes, afraid that I would see the anger in his eyes again. Before, his anger wasn't directed at me, but after this, I wasn't quite sure of it anymore. But instead of saying something angry back at me, he scooped me up and and sat me on his lap, with me facing him, and I put my legs around his belly as he hugged me tightly.

He whispered in my ear: “How could you ever think something so stupid? I let you stay here because I love you. Yes, I admit it, I'm really turned on by fucking, and I love it, fucking and getting fucked. But because I love you, I would never, ever even think of doing anything to you that you didn't want, where you just felt that you had to do it because you felt obliged to do it. If you like it, we will do it, and we will probably try it at some point in the future, but if you don't like it, we just won't do it. Because I love you too much to ever see you the least bit uncomfortable.”

With that he buried his face into my shoulder, and even hugged me tighter if that was possible.

I whispered back into his ear: “You know, I love you too, don't you? I always want to see you happy, so I probably would let you do it to me even if I don't like it that much.”

He let me loose a bit and looked me in the eyes, putting one hand under my chin to lift my eyes to his level: “That would be a bit different, I think. But don't ever feel obliged to do anything because you think you have to do it, to be able to keep staying here. I hereby swear to you, that you will never, ever have to leave here, unless you want to. You will always have a place here as long as you want it.”

When he said that, I felt tears forming in my eyes again, because I could just feel that he was totally honest with me. I gasped and I could just barely whisper: “Thanks!” and then put I my mouth onto his, kissing him frantically, lovingly, deeply.

When our kiss finally ended, I had to chuckle as I thought about the whole situation: “You know, maybe Marcus has even done something good for us by mentioning that to me.”

John looked puzzled at me: “How's that?”

“You know, I really became aware that I love you when you DIDN'T fuck me. I mean, I could just feel how totally you were turned on, and you wanted it so much, but at the slightest sign that I was feeling uncomfortable from your fingers in me, you just set the whole thought of it completely aside, and just wanted me to feel good. But, you know, it really felt good. So, when are we doing IT?”, I finished with a sheepish grin on my face.

He had a smile on his face when he responded: “We will try it again, once you feel comfortable with it, OK? As I said, you will probably need to loosen up quite a bit, before it won't hurt you too much. I won't lie to you, it will probably hurt some, when I enter you for the first time, not much can really loosen up that much. I would love to just play a little bit with your hole when you feel like having me do it, OK?”

“OK, we have a deal then. I'm really curious about how it will feel.”

He looked at me with a smile, and said: “It actually feels quite good, once you get past the first pain.” Changing the subject, he said then: “So, what are we doing then with this lovely afternoon?”

I responded: “Hmm, I really don't know. Do you have to work? I could probably keep myself busy for some time.”

He seemed to think for a moment, and then said: “No, I don't think that I have, or want to work today. How about us taking a bath together? I'm a bit sweaty, and you have all the oil on your back, and the lube on your bottom. And it will at least calm me down a bit, I think.”

“Sounds like a cool idea, but is your bathtub big enough for us both?”, I asked, not sure of this.

“It will be a bit cramped, but I think we will manage.”

“OK, then let's do it!”, and with that, I jumped off his lap and quickly headed for the bathroom.

John followed me, laughing, stating: “Oh, it will take some time until the tub is filled. How about this: You start filling the tub, with some bubble bath, and I will fix us some cereals in the meantime, which we can eat while waiting until the tub is filled. I'm actually a bit hungry, and we had no lunch.”

“Food sounds good, let's do it then!”

With that, I continued to the bathroom, fiddling around some with the controls there until I had figured out how I closed the sink and made the water coming out of the shower head. Once it had a nice temperature, I let it that way and poured a bit of the bubble bath into the water, which stood next to the bath tub.

In the meantime, I could hear John rummaging in the kitchen, and finally heard him walking again. When I turned my head to look after him, he went in the direction of the living room, and he told me, over his shoulder: “Just come in when you are finished there, you don't have to watch the water running, it can do that by itself!”

Giggling at this, I decided that everything was set up, and that the water just needed to fill the tub, so I went to the living room as well.

Once I came into there, I saw John sitting cross-legged on the couch, but not eating. “Why haven't you started already?”

“Because it would be impolite, and I knew that it wouldn't take you long, so I just waited.”

“Oh, okay”, I stated, matter-of-factly, putting this away for further reference. Even before Mum had started on the drugs, we hadn't many meals together, mostly both of us just ate in front of the TV when we were hungry, not taking care of the other one.

I picked up my bowl of cereals, and once I had started, John started as well. It wasn't very much, and I had finished it quite quickly, but just enough to stop the hunger and it just left me with a nice feeling in my tummy.

John needed a bit longer than me to finish, and once he had eaten all of it, I extended my hand in his direction, saying: “Give it to me, I will put it in the dishwasher.”

“Cool, then I'll just check if the water is already high enough in the tub.”

I went to the kitchen, and he went to the bathroom, and I could hear him splashing as he entered the bathtub. I raced after him, and found him lying with a big smile, in the tub already.

“Uhm, how would you like to have me in there?”, I asked, a bit unsure about it.

John stated: “Just lie in the same way in the tub as me, just on top of me. You are light enough that it won't be a problem.”

“OK...”, I stepped in the bath tub as well, carefully avoiding stepping onto him and I stood between his knees then. From there, I carefully lowered myself onto him, soon I was lying completely on top of him, the water just high enough in the tub that it covered both of us completely.

After running around naked in the flat for quite some time now, the hot water was very comfortable and relaxing. I started to get warmer in an instant, especially when John put both his arms around my chest, hugging me slightly. I sighed at this wonderful feeling of warmth and comfort, and just closed my eyes, relaxing.

We lay there silently for some time, maybe 10 minutes, just thoroughly soaking through, when I got a bit restless and bored. I started to wriggle on top of John, which produced a low laugh from him: “Ah, getting restless again. Just lying isn't your strength, is it?”

“Nope, I don't think so!”

“I guess then we will have to do something to keep you entertained......”

I couldn't see his face, but his voice just spoke of mischief, and I could clearly imagine the smirk on his face. Just when I thought what he could mean, his hands changed from lying motionless on my chest and just embracing me, into vicious tickling machines, which just attacked my ribs relentlessly.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”, I shrieked out, and I started to squirm very violently on top of John, trying to get my hands onto his ribcage as well, to return this unprovoked attack.

But it was no good, my position was just too awkward for that, and John was quite good in keeping it that way, effectively hindering me from seeking revenge.

I just collapsed in laughter, giggling uncontrollably, but that didn't stop me from at least thinking a bit about how I could stop him without escaping from the bathtub (which was just too comfortable to leave right now, despite the tickling).

While squirming around, I caught a glimpse of John's cock through the gap between my legs, and I just knew how to stop him.

I extended my hand towards his cock, and started stroking it very gently. It sprang to attention again like it had never been soft, and in an instant John stopped the tickling, and just began moaning lowly. Yep, that stopped him for sure, I just knew that he must have been still horny from the earlier action, as he hadn't been relieved from it before.

I effectively turned around in tub, now sitting between his legs on the other end of the top, without loosing my grip on his dick, continuing to stroke him gently.

When he raised his knees a bit, to allow me to sit between his legs, it occurred to me that I could do the same to John as he had done to me earlier. He seemed to like it the day before in the shower, so why not? I knew now that it would not hurt him, especially as I gained entry easily the day before.

So I moved my left hand, first to feel his balls, which got me another moan from him, and than moved gradually lower until my finger was circling his bum hole. Probably it wouldn't work without lube, but I knew now that the skin here was really sensitive as well, and a real source of pleasure.

But I just tried to probe it, and pushed my index finger slightly against his back muscle, and to my surprise, it slid in really easily, past the first joint on my finger. This evoked another, louder moan from John, and his dick just erupted in my hand then, his body was spasming, and so were his butt muscle around my finger.

His cock had gone limp quite quickly then, and I moved to lie again on top of him, but this time I was facing him and giving him a long kiss. Then I turned around once more, and lay now on top of him as just before.

John had closed his eyes in the meanwhile, clearly overwhelmed. I wanted to give him that break, I knew how I always felt when I had an orgasm.

Instead of trying to animate him to do something else, I traced the globs of sperm through the water. Instead of just dripping on his chest or belly, it now swam in small droplets through the water, which I idly chased with a finger all around.

Just when I wanted to ask John what to do now, as I grew restless again, I heard a soft snoring from beside my head. He had just gone to sleep now!

Carefully I turned my head, and he looked quite sweet there, lying with his head resting on the edge of the bath tub. I had to chuckle when I saw this, but decided that I would let him get a nap, and just go out of the tub, keeping me entertained by myself for some time.

I climbed out of the bathtub, drying quickly with my towel which lay at the side of the tub, and then checked the water temperature again. I didn't want John to get cold, and as the water had cooled down a bit, and with me moving out of the tub John's body wasn't covered completely by hot water anymore, I turned on the tap to let in more water.

John didn't stir a bit while I did that, he was passed out for good. This day had been as exhausting for him as it had been for me, and I mean, he was like...old, he probably needed some rest.

I moved back to the living room where my clothes still were, and put my underwear back on, but decided to now put on my tracksuit once more, as it was just more comfortable. Taking my other clothes back with me to the bedroom, I put on my tracksuit and went back to the living room, thinking about what I could do to entertain myself.

I didn't feel like reading, when my gaze fell onto the X-Box. John had told me that I could use it if I wanted, and as it didn't seem to be all that complicated when John did it the night before, I could give it a try.

Browsing through the games which lay in a cupboard on top of the TV, I took out one where the description read like an adventure-style game, and I wanted to give it a try.

Trying the different buttons on the front of the machine, I quickly found the power button, inserted the DVD and started the game. It was called something like "Prince of Persia", and it was easy in the beginning, having a tutorial at the start. I was rather fascinated by it, and quickly became hooked by it. Chloe made herself comfortable in my lap, and seemed to fall asleep, just like John had in the bath tub.

About half an hour later, I could hear movement from the bathroom, and I paused the game and moved towards the bathroom.

When I entered it, John looked groggily at me: “Oh, kiddo, what happened? One second you were kissing me, and in the next second you were gone.”

I had to giggle at this statement, and responded: “Guess what happened. You fell asleep, old man! But you looked so sweet there, I just decided to let you sleep for a bit and I played something on the X-Box.”

“I fell asleep? OK, that explains it. Oh, I'm getting cold now!”, and he quickly left the tub.

“I'm in the living room, I guess you can dry yourself alone. I mean, you are old, so I know that you forget things sometimes, but this skill should still be possible for you to figure out!”, I teased him with a wink.

He looked at me, astounded for a moment, and then laughed: “Oh, you will get it for that comment!”

“It was just retaliation for the unprovoked tickling attack, back there!”

He chuckled, stating: “OK, I will let it slide this time”, and winked at me as well.

I moved back to the living room, resuming the game. A couple of minutes later John came to the living room as well, went into the bedroom and emerged quickly after that, wearing his tracksuit like me.

I paused the game again, looking at him in question: “So, what now? Any ideas?”

“How about you just continuing the game, and you can cuddle up to me, and I'll just watch you playing.”

“You don't mind if I continue to play?”

“No, not at all. I can cuddle up to you, while you are busy with game playing and you won't grow restless; that way I won't have to tickle you again,” and he smirked again.

We did as he suggested, and he watched me playing the game, only occasionally giving me some small hints when I got stuck, he had obviously played the game as well.

When I had enough of playing the game, we started to watch a DVD together again, this time "Terminator 2", which was really entertaining, and I hadn't seen it before.

Just about half an hour into the movie, my eyelids started to get heavy, and I fought hard to stay awake. But John cuddling me again under the blanket didn't help, it was just too warm and comfortable to stay awake, so after about five minutes of fighting the urge, I just gave in to it, and fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, John was lifting me up from the couch, and carrying me to the bedroom. I only awoke halfway, and asked sleepily: “What time is it?”

“Sshhhh, just continue sleeping, it is well past midnight, you already slept a couple of hours on the couch.”

He undressed me quickly, without meeting resistance from me, and steered me into the bed, just with my underwear on. I lay down, and he quickly embraced me from behind, in our favorite sleeping position, and in a matter of seconds, I was out again....

Editor's Notes:

This was a very good chapter. We seem to have resolved what made Kyle panic when he saw that syringe. Kyle told John about what Marcus had told him, or at least he paraphrased it, and John got pretty upset. Luckily Kyle had the sense to step in and calm John down before he got too angry with Marcus. It also seem that the sex between Kyle and John won't include any penetration, because John doesn't want to do anything that might hurt his loving boy. The two of them are really bonding and the love that is building between them is a wonderful thing. John wants, with all his heart to protect Kyle from harm of any kind, even the harm that might come from the love that almost caused him to hurt Kyle. This story is going to evolve and grow. John and Kyle both have a lot to learn about each other and about life and love. Together, I think they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher