Voyagers Book II

Chapter Twenty-Three: Excerpt

A Collaboration of TrueFan, Zarek Dragon and Douglas DD

Fifth Anniversary of Voyagers - 21 January 2022


Fleet Admiral William Mirah"I think recent events have proven that the Explorer Program is a vital and necessary addition to Space Fleet.

"Today marks a very auspicious day. Not only has an Explorer found and rescued the crew of a ship that had been missing, but they also solved another disappearance. One that occurred before any of them had been born.

"Twenty-plus years ago, a mission left Earth to explore space very distant from Earth. Errors of Space flight caused that mission to go awry. That mission was led by a man named Robinson. That man happens to be the father of Admiral Gregory Robinson and the grandfather of Commander Kyle Robinson.

"Not only has the crew of the Sooloo found and rescued the missing ship, the lost Captain Robinson, and most of his crew, but they happened to do them on the fifth anniversary of the inception of the Explorer Program.

"The many accomplishments of the Sooloo and all of the other ships crewed by 'Children' have far exceeded the hopes and dreams of those who developed and supported the program. I want to congratulate those crews. Space Fleet is enriched by your participation."

Authors' Note:

As Admiral Mirah stated, this is the fifth Anniversary of Voyagers. It's hard to believe that we started writing this over five years and posted the first chapter on this date in 2017, but it's true. Voyagers is still going strong thanks to all of our readers, especially our beta readers, and our editors, who we think are the best.

We had hoped to have Chapter Twenty-Three ready to post today, but it's still in the writing phase, so we posted an excerpt from it. No matter how much we desired to have the chapter out, we refuse to put out something unworthy of your time and effort you read it. You are too important to us.

And as a side note, you get to see, Will Robinson will no longer be lost in space. We look forward to completing Chapter Twenty-Three and hope that you enjoy it once it's ready.

Thank you,

True Fan, Zarek Dragon and Douglas DD


End Notes:

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