Mayfield Titans

Chapter 21-Ages

After dinner on Wednesday, Aiden, Larry, and Phil retired to the family discussion room. Aiden plopped his naked body on his favorite recliner, sitting next to Phil who was clad in a t-shirt and a pair of rainbow-colored lounge pants.
“I got this invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago,” Aiden said after taking a deep breath. “Plus, I got a call saying the party has been changed to next Saturday because everybody has soccer. I need your help on how to say I don’t want to come.” Phil read it and handed it to Larry, who sat on the love seat and read it. Aiden asked them for their thoughts.
“My first thought is why did it take you this long to ask us about it?” Larry wondered. “You received the invitation over a week ago, and now with the party three days away you suddenly want our opinion?”
“I kept forgetting about asking and then suddenly it became almost time,” Aiden fumbled.
“Ahh, yes, the infamous adolescent ‘I forgot’ excuse rises again.” Aiden glanced away from his pop’s glare. He noted that Phil didn’t look any happier. “Now, to answer your question, your dad and I have questions of our own, starting with have you run all the reasons why you shouldn’t go through your head?”
“Yep. Sure did.”
“And the way you saw it they were all excellent reasons, right?”
“Yep. Sure were.”
“Of course, you went through all of the reasons why you should go as well.”
Being a tween, Aiden was already starting to feel like the discussion had gone on too long and his dads were laying a guilt trip on him. “Nope.”
“Why not?”
Aiden thought for a moment and then replied, “Because I can’t think of any.”
“Hmm. How about giving me your reasons for not going.”
“I’m twelve and he’s only going to be ten. Plus, I’m in the seventh grade in middle school and he’s only in the fourth grade in elementary school. Think about it, I’m going to be in high school before he even starts middle school.”
Larry looked at Phil who knew exactly what his husband was thinking. Many of the school districts in Lewis County had been discussing moving from the middle school model to the junior high model and the Mayfield district was one of them. While discussions regarding that topic had been ongoing since the start of the current school year, the administrators and faculty of those districts agreed that the time had come to bring the topic to the school boards for an official discussion regarding the proposed change. But that had nothing to do with Aiden’s dilemma and Larry refocused his mind on the topic at hand.
“So, you have one reason not to go,” Phil said. The regular discussion MO for Larry and Phil was for one of them to carry the discussion with the other popping in a comment or two as a reminder they were part of the discussion even if they didn’t contribute much.
“That’s two reasons,” Aiden insisted.
“It’s all about the age difference, which sounds like one reason to me,” Larry said.
“Okay, one and a half reasons. But I have one more, and it’s the most important one. Nolan’s coming over to spend Saturday night.”
Larry said nothing to that, waiting until later to make his comment. Instead, he asked. “What are the reasons you should go?”
Aiden paused again before saying, “What about Nolan coming over?”
“I’ll get to that. Right now, I want you to answer my question.”
Aiden wasn’t happy and was ready to argue. He paused for a moment and responded to Larry. “Me and Gage and Skip have kinda become friends and I’ve invited them to some of my parties?” Aiden’s reply was more of a question than a statement. Larry could tell Aiden was flustered because he replied in kidspeak.
“I take it you like Gage and Skip.”
“Yes, but I don’t even know most of the other kids who will be there.”
“Since when have you had a problem getting to know people?”
“But those people aren’t little kids like the ones at this party.”
“Let’s get back on topic,” Larry said. “You’re getting back into reasons not to go when I was asking for reasons to go.”
“Well, Gage’s mom is, like, our family lawyer and Skip’s grandma drives my school bus and works in the lunchroom and is cool. So, since Gage’s mom does things to help us, even if she does get paid for it, and I guess I should do something for her and come to Gage’s party. That’s all the reasons I can think of.”
“What about it being the right thing to do?”
“Pop, it’s just a birthday party. There is no rule that says the right thing to do is go to a birthday party. Besides, I invited Nolan to come spend the night before I got the invitation, so I think the right thing to do is not to go to the party since I invited my boyfriend here and we hardly ever get to spend the night together.”
“You seem to be forgetting the handwritten note at the bottom of the invitation.”
“I didn’t read that,” Aiden confessed, his face turning red.
“Oh, really. And why not?”
“Since I decided I wasn’t going to go, I didn’t think I needed to read it.”
“Let me ask you something,” Phil interjected. “If you were so sure you weren’t going to the party, why did you decide to ask us about it? You could have just tossed the invitation away and never told us. We would have never known.”
Aiden had already considered that question and was ready to answer. “I asked you guys for two reasons. The big one was that I wasn’t sure how to say I wasn’t coming, and I figured you guys would help me instead of making me think I should go. And the other was if Gage’s mom asked you why I didn’t come you might ask me why I didn’t talk about it first. Now you can answer her if she asks you.”
“And what if Gage asks you why you couldn’t come? Did you think about that?”
“I thought I could just tell him I couldn’t come because Nolan was coming to spend the night, even if the party is in the afternoon.” As soon as he finished his reply Aiden knew his reason sounded pretty dumb.
Larry figured it was time for him to come back into the discussion. “Okay, back to the note Mrs. Polk wrote to you at the bottom of the invitation. Now that you’re a bit more focused, take a look at it and see what it says.”
Before looking at the note, Aiden took a long, exaggerated sigh. He talked to his dads about not going to the party because he knew that Nolan would be his Get Out of Jail Free card. The conversation was not working at all like he planned. He could feel an explosion coming up and scanned the brief note quickly so he could escape before he talked himself into really deep shit. When he finished his brief scan, he looked up at his dads.
“Well, what does it say?” Larry asked.
“It says, ‘Feel free to bring a friend. Gage really likes your friends. The two of you are welcome to stay for a special dinner with Gage and Skip after the party.’”
“The party starts at one. Do you see a solution here?”
“Yeah. I could see if Nolan wants to come to the party with me. We don’t have to stay for the dinner and can have the whole night to ourselves.”
“Or, we could stay for dinner and then leave after and still have the whole night to ourselves.”
“Did you learn anything from this?”
“I learned to read everything on an invitation and to think about making a compromise.” Aiden thought about Mrs. Emerson telling him how much Skip liked him and how Skip wanted his help solving a problem. He thought about the fact that even though Skip and now Gage were two years younger than him, he liked them as friends. “And I learned that sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy.”
“Good job, son.”
Aiden got out of the recliner, sat next to Larry and gave him a hug from the side. He then went back to the recliner, gently flopped on top of Phil and semi-hugged him. “Thanks dads, you’re the best,” he said as he rose back  out of the chair. It didn’t seem that long ago that his dads wouldn’t hug him when he was naked, and now it was almost routine. “Anybody want to get his ass kicked at ping pong?”
“Give it a half hour and I’ll make you eat those words,” Phil grinned.
“See you then,” Aiden responded as he headed downstairs to the basement.
Phil watched his son’s bare ass disappear, turned to Larry, and said, “If we don’t have the most beautiful boy in Mayfield as a son, I’d sure like to meet the person who thinks he does and tell him he’s wrong.”
“No need to say a word,” Larry responded, “because the evidence is irrefutable.”
<Mac’s House>
Mac was disappointed with the turnout at what he had billed as his Cobra team party. The only kids there were Roger, Russell, Yonder, Brody, Jared Finn, Muddy, and, of course, Mac. Muddy came because Mac had told him that Mason, Miles, and Aiden had assured him they would be there, even though Muddy had heard differently from Mason. Muddy left when none of the three showed and Brody left with him because he was finding out he didn’t like anyone else at the party.
Brody had started hanging around with Mac and his gang because they kept telling him how cool he was and how he would be even cooler if he hung out with them and learned to drink and smoke weed. He felt like he didn’t fit in with Aiden and his group because he was shy and didn’t say much and seemed to be ignored by them at lunch. When Mac told him that Aiden would be joining his group and becoming a party animal, Brody thought hanging with Mac might be his way to get noticed again.
After Brody left with Muddy he was pleased when Muddy invited him to spend the night at his house. Since Brody had lied to his mom about who he was spending the night with, he figured spending it with Muddy was no different than learning how to drink and get high at Mac’s party. What Brody ended up learning that night was what fucking was about when he watched Muddy fuck his fifteen-year-old brother Josif.
“I cannot do you,” Muddy explained, “because I am very big and you are very small and you might be hurt. I show you how, then you talk to Mason who will tell you that Muddy fucks him a lot because his hole is now stretched out. He will show you what to do and I think he will do it with you. Now, I will do my brother and my brother will suck you and you learn more about sex.”
Brody was more than happy to get the attention from the two older boys. When he finally fell asleep with Muddy, he thought this had been one of his best overnights ever.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Nolan had readily agreed to attend Gage’s birthday party with Aiden. He didn’t care that Gage would only be ten; Gage was a friend of Aiden’s and that was good enough for him. He had liked Gage and his friend Skip when he’d seen them at a party at Aiden’s.
After he agreed to go, Aiden told him about his argument with his dads. He fully expected Nolan to be on his side and was terribly disappointed when that ended up not being the case.
“Jeez, Aiden. You can sure be a stubborn ass sometimes. Using me as your excuse was kind of lame since you never asked me what I thought. Think about it. We get cake and ice cream and games and then everybody goes home and we get whatever dinner is going to be. When it’s all over we get to go home and have sex. Can it get any better than that?”
“I’m sorry. I guess I’m a bad boyfriend,” Aiden responded glumly.
“Bullshit. Aiden, you’re the world’s best boyfriend. You just need to quit being stubborn about some stuff. Being stubborn rocks when you’re playing sports but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.”
“That’s what Sammy and Marty keep telling me and what some guys at the meeting say. Acceptance is the answer, or something like that. Anyway, what time are you coming here?”
“I’ll be there at noon. Now, let’s talk dirty on the phone and get each other off.”
And now it was ten to twelve and Aiden was sitting in his viewing chair watching for his boyfriend to arrive. At five to, Nolan’s father drove into the driveway. Aiden was bouncing out the front door to greet Nolan before the SUV had come to a complete stop. Paul Moyer watched as the two pubescent boys exchanged a long and obviously deep kiss as soon as they met up. Paul looked at Larry standing at the door, smiled, and shook his head. Larry grinned and gave him a thumbs up, which Paul returned.
Paul opened the car window. “Hey, boys, I hear Aiden has a nice bedroom to do that in.”
The boys broke their kiss and blushed. They were so overwhelmed at seeing each other they had forgotten the presence of the two dads. “Sorry, dad, I just got excited,” Nolan said.
“Obviously.” And in more ways than one, Paul thought as he noted the bulge in the front of his thirteen-year-old son’s jeans. The boys passed Larry, who was walking down the steps to talk to Paul, as they raced into the house. Paul had been surprised that Aiden had come outside fully dressed. He noted that Nolan was missing something. “Nolan, you forgot your overnight bag”, Paul called out too late.
“I’ll get it to him,” Larry grinned. “I don’t think the two of them are very rational at the moment.”
“They are truly quite a sight to see,” Paul said.
The boys dashed into Aiden’s bedroom and shut the door. “We have about an hour before we have to go,” Aiden told Nolan.
Nolan replied by planting another kiss on Aiden’s lips; a kiss deeper and longer and wetter than the one in the driveway. Nolan unbuckled Aiden’s belt as they kissed, then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his zipper. He pushed his hand straight inside his boyfriend’s red and blue striped boxers and wrapped his fingers around Aiden’s hot, throbbing erection. Aiden moaned with pleasure and shoved his tongue deep inside Nolan’s mouth.
Aiden fell onto the bed and Nolan dropped on top of him. He opened his jeans and pulled them down below his hips. Somehow, Aiden managed to shove his jeans down so that the boys’ pubescent cocks were now pushing against each other through two layers of underwear.
They started frantically humping and within a couple of minutes they had their underwear pulled down and it was now bare cock against bare cock. That went on only a couple more minutes before Nolan emptied his adolescent balls over Aiden’s cock and bare pubic region. The feel of his lover’s hot cum squirting on him sent Aiden over the edge and his seed mixed with Nolan’s.
They tried to keep their voices down, but Nolan’s loud grunt and Aiden’s sudden orgasmic squeal managed to carry through the closed bedroom door. “It sounds like the boys were happy to see each other,” Phil observed, his adult cock now rock hard.
“Ah, the passion of young love,” Larry responded. “I hope they appreciate what they have.”
“I know you and I did at that age.”
“And I know we will appreciate it today after we drop the young lovers off at the party.” Larry opened his zipper and pulled out his seven inches of precum leaking adult cock. “It misses you,” he smirked.
“Oh, gawd that’s a beautiful work of art. It has been ever since I first saw you with a boner as a sexy boy, and it only got better you sexy man.”
“Let’s stop at the Burger Barn and get lunch first. I have a feeling we’re going to need the energy.” Larry quickly put his cock away as they heard the boys’ voices on the landing. “I am ready for some HOT sex with you, my love.”
“And you’re going to get it, sweetheart.” Aiden and Nolan entered the living room, ending the erotic chatter between Larry and Phil.
“Are you hungry?” Phil asked the boys. Hot dogs, along with Birthday cake and ice cream, was being served at the party. Aiden and Nolan would also be staying there for dinner.
“Yes, but we can last another hour,” Aiden replied.
Phil was ready to make a snarky comment about afternoon exercise when he detected a glaring look from Larry, who was good at reading his husband’s mind. Phil gave Larry a slight nod. He was right; the comment would totally embarrass the two boys. While there were times to yank their chains regarding their relationship, this was not one of them; he would probably be yanking a bit too hard.
Phil quickly changed his direction. “And then you’ll eat the poor Polks out of house and home instead of us.”
Aiden let out a sigh of relief and said, “Hey, in two years Gage will be twelve. They need to start learning now how much a growing boy can eat.” He had been worried that his dads had heard him and Nolan getting off and that Phil was ready to give them some friendly shit about it. Friendly or not, Aiden wasn’t in the mood for hearing comments about what had just happened. He and Nolan were mega-horny for each other and that was all his dads needed to know. If they couldn’t figure that out on their own, then they were denser than he thought.
<Gage Polk’s House>
Aiden and Nolan arrived right at one for the party. Gage opened the door and grinned when he saw Aiden and Nolan. He had been worried that Aiden wouldn’t come because he was only turning ten, but he really wanted Aiden to be at his party. Gage and Skip had talked about it when they made up the invitation list. They both liked Aiden—he made them feel very grown up when he had invited them to a couple of his parties. 
Gage was extra happy that Aiden’s boyfriend had come as well. He had insisted that his mom include Nolan in the invitation and was disappointed when she made it sound like he could bring any friend when it was Aiden’s boyfriend that he and Skip wanted to see. Gage and Skip had talked a great deal about asking Aiden and Nolan to tell them how to become boyfriends. Plus, Skip wanted to learn how to give a really good blow job. Since Gage had also asked his mom to invite the older boys to dinner, he and Skip were certain they would find a way to seriously mess around and learn about being gay and being boyfriends.
When Gage led Aiden and Nolan into the kitchen, he told them that his sister was at her friend Mary’s house. Aiden hadn’t even remembered that Gage had a sister. They found Gage’s mom and Skip’s mom cooking up hot dogs and doing other prep work for lunch. “Mom, Aiden and Nolan are here.”
Mary Polk was pleased to see the boys. She knew how worried Gage had been that Aiden wouldn’t accept the invitation. Then Gage fretted over whether he would bring a friend, in particular Nolan. She didn’t understand why Nolan was more important to have at the party than one of Aiden’s other friends like Miles or Gordy—Mayfield boys, who Gage already knew. But she was becoming very aware of the fact that Gage was approaching puberty with all of the fickleness that went along with it.
“Hello, Aiden, and welcome to you and your friend,” Mary said with a broad smile.
“Hello Mrs. Polk,” Aiden replied. “This is my boyfriend, Nolan Moyer.” Aiden and Nolan had discussed how they would deal with Gage’s mother, it looked as though they would be dealing with Skip’s mother the same way.
“The worst thing that could happen to us is that she sends us home,” Aiden had speculated, “so let’s do it.” Nolan agreed, especially since Mary Polk practiced family law and often appeared as an attorney in his father’s court room. His father was the family court judge for Lewis County.
“I believe Paul Moyer is your father,” Mary said, ignoring Aiden’s revelation of his relationship with Nolan. If the son of Paul Moyer felt confident enough to have his sexuality revealed by his ‘boyfriend’, then who was she to pass judgement on the two boys. Besides, she had been doing a lot of reading on pubescent boys and sexuality and learned that boy/boy crushes were not uncommon in young adolescents. She was certain she saw the signs in the close friendship of Gage and Skip. If anybody asked about why she chose to ignore Aiden’s statement, she could always say she misunderstood him to say “best friend” rather than “boyfriend”. 
“Yes, ma’am.”
She held out her hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, young man. I’ve heard many good things about you.”
Nolan shook her hand and thanked her for the compliment.  Aiden then introduced Nolan to Skip’s mother. Aiden knew that Skip’s mother was aware that he was gay and probably wouldn’t comment on what he had said—and she didn’t. They walked out of the kitchen to the living room where Gage was waiting for them. Nolan asked Aiden what he thought of that whole business in the kitchen.
“You mean about both moms not saying anything when I said we were boyfriends?”
“Skip’s mom already knew. I have no idea what Gage’s mom knows. I’ll ask Gage.”
“Ask me what?” Gage asked.
“Ask you if your mom knows that me and Nolan are gay and are boyfriends.”
“I don’t think so. Skip’s mom knows, though.”
Aiden shrugged. “Maybe she thought I said best friend instead of boyfriend,” he speculated.
“Whatever. Let’s let Gage introduce us to his friends and then get our stomachs in shape for lunch.”
Aiden and Nolan found that, other than themselves, a mix of eight boys and four girls were at the party. There was only one boy they knew and that was Emmett Haskins, who was a friend of the twins and who The Brat claimed was her boyfriend. Aiden had messed around with Emmett and liked him as a friend, even if he was only a fifth grader.
The older boys had much more fun than they thought they would. There was, of course, plenty to eat: hot dogs, with all the right fixings available, and potato chips for lunch.
After eating lunch, they played the Heads-up game. The partiers were divided into two teams of eight each. A word was drawn out of a box which was shown to everybody on the team but one—that person has     to guess the word as his or her teammates shouted out clues. Each person had a minute-and-a-half to guess as many words as he or she could. The game went on until all eight players had a chance to be a word guesser. The team with the most correct guesses was the winning team.
That got the group to dessert time. Gage’s father lit the candles, everybody sang Happy Birthday, Gage blew out his ten candles in one big breath, opened his cards, and showed off the presents he had received from his parents, from relatives, and from his best friend, Skip. Then came the cake and ice cream on paper plates as well as a lot of loud chatter and laughter.
Emmett came over to where Skip, Aiden, and Nolan were sitting. “Skip said you might be coming,” Emmett said to Aiden and Nolan. “I’m glad to see you guys here. Except for you two and Skip and me, everybody here is a fourth grader. Which is okay, I guess. I know a couple of the guys and one girl and they’re all pretty cool, even the girl.”
“Where’s your girlfriend?” Aiden asked.
Emmett glared at him. “If you mean Brenda The Brat, first she is NOT my girlfriend. And second, she wasn’t invited because she isn’t Gage’s friend.”
“The twins keep telling me that Brenda says you two have done the dirty deed.”
“The Brat is such a liar. No, I’m not her boyfriend, and yes we’ve messed around naked together, and no we haven’t gone all the way and never will, and yes I did it with one of her brothers last night.”
“For real?” Aiden put his mouth next to Emmett’s ear and whispered. “You mean you, like, did butt sex?”
“Yeah, with Lenny. He didn’t do me, I just did it to him. He said it was my reward for not sneaking into the slumber party The Brat went to last week. My friend Taylor went and said it was so lame having girls playing with his dickie when they didn’t even know what they were doing. I was happy I didn’t have to do any of that, and Lenny was happy I made his sister mad.”
“Still that’s going all the way, and now you aren’t a virgin—well, I guess you half-way are. I’ve never been sure how all this virginity shit works.”
“You’ll be the bottom pretty soon,” Nolan assured his new friend.
“That’s what Lenny said, too. I told him I didn’t think so and he said he’d show me what to do whenever I wanted to try it.”
“Where were Lance and The Brat?” Aiden asked.
“She was at some girly slumber party and Lance was spending the night with Grant, who’s a seventh grader so you probably know him. Him and Lance are really BFF right now.”
“Yeah, me and Grant are friends. And you spent the night at Lenny’s right?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“Well, I’m glad you had fun.”
The official end to the party arrived at five. By ten after five the chaos of a house full of kids had calmed down to just four: Gage, Skip, Aiden, and Nolan.
“Dinner will be at six,” Gage’s mother said. “I want everybody seated at the table at six with their hands washed ready to say grace.”
“It sure smells good,” Nolan said as the aroma of the spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove wafted into the living room. Gage had requested spaghetti and meat balls for his birthday dinner, which convinced Aiden that Gage had good taste in birthday dinners.
The boys retired to Gage’s room. Aiden and Nolan both noted the neatness of the room. Nothing seemed out of place, including the three stuffed animals on the shelf above the twin bed. Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh graced the shelf along with a collection of Winnie the Pooh books between book ends on the far end of the shelf. Aiden was pleased to see that Gage was still willing to have stuffed animals in his room. He wondered if Gage still talked to them and slept with them.
“So, what was it you guys wanted to talk about?” Aiden asked.
“Well, it’s mostly Skip’s idea, so I’ll let him tell you,” Gage responded.
“Me and Gage want to learn how to become gay plus I want to learn how to suck a dick that makes spermy thingies,” Skip said.
“Do you want to answer that?” Aiden asked Nolan.
“I think you should since you know them better. But if I get any ideas, I’ll throw them in,” Nolan replied.
“First, you can’t become gay, you’re born gay,” Aiden explained.
“So, if me and Gage mess around with each other or some other boy like Emmett, that doesn’t make us gay?”
“Nope. It just means you like messing around with your friends.”
“But what if you want to be gay, how do you do it?”
“You don’t. You just have fun and don’t worry about it.” Which is easier said than done, Aiden thought, remembering all of his doubts when he was Skip’s age. I sure wasn’t all wanting to be gay like Skip and Gage are. “And I sure didn’t know what I was when I was ten,” Aiden muttered more to himself than to his friends.
“Oh.” Skip sounded unconvinced. “What about the other thing I wanted you to show me?” he asked a bit more perkily.
“That’s all about messing around. I can show you how to do that.”
“Isn’t messing around kinda like the same thing as sex?”
“It IS the same thing as sex,” Nolan smirked.
“Cool, then we want you to show us how to do sex, right Gage?”
“Yeah, right. Let’s learn sex,” Gage said. Aiden and Nolan detected a lack of enthusiasm from Gage and both could tell that Skip was the alpha male of the friendship between him and Gage. The older boys promised to themselves to make sure Skip didn’t talk Gage into doing something he didn’t want to do.   
“So, you guys want to learn how to give blow jobs, right?” Aiden asked.
“Yeah, kinda,” Gage replied.
“How do you kinda give a blow job?” Nolan asked.
“Well, we’ve, like, already given each other blow jobs and Skip has sucked Emmett, too. Like what Skip said, we want to learn how to give blow jobs to somebody who shoots spermies.” Gage’s enthusiasm had suddenly stepped up. It was like the boring preliminaries had been dispensed with and he and Skip would be moving from “been there, done that” to “doing this with older kids who can make sperm is gonna be real sex.” It was apparent that Gage was now fully on board, which made Aiden feel better about what they were about to do.
“Mason sucked me at your house at your skinny dipping party, too,” Skip added.
“If you got sucked my Mason, then you got sucked by a master cock sucker. You do it the same way you guys have already done it,” Aiden said.
“But you haven’t seen how we do it, so how do you know it’s the same?” Skip protested.  
“Then I guess you’ll have to show us how you do it, so we know what to tell you,” Nolan said.
“How did you figure it out to start with?” Aiden asked.
“At your house when we came to your parties,” Skip grinned. “We saw guys do it a couple of times. And they kissed each other, too.”
Aiden had figured as much. “Okay, how about you show us how you do it before we eat and then after dinner me and Nolan will be your teachers. Does that sound like a plan?”
“Yep,” Skip and Gage said in unison.
“But we want to see your dicks, too,” Skip said. “We want to see your dick hair.”
Nolan rose from the chair he was sitting on and opened his pants, revealing a pair of light blue boxer shorts with dark blue trim. Gage and Skip stared at him wide-eyed with their mouths agape as he pulled his pants down to his ankles. The two ten-year-olds, as well as Aiden, couldn’t fail to notice the nice-sized bulge pushing out the front of his boxer shorts.
“Are you ready for the big show?” Nolan grinned. Simultaneous head nodding by the younger boys was all the encouragement he needed, and he shoved his underpants down to his knees, his nearly five inches of young teen cock standing proudly at attention.
While Skip and Gage had seen boys’ pubic hair before, it had never been in the ultra-charged environment of Gage’s bedroom. “Holy crappola, you got a lot of hair,” Gage marveled.
“Not really. I’ve seen kids with a lot more hair than me, but it’s a lot more than I had a few months ago and I keep getting more.”
“Can we touch it?”
“Sure, but it’s just hair.”
“No, it’s pubic hair and that’s way different,” Skip explained as if he’d suddenly become an expert on the subject. He and Gage stood on either side of Nolan. Skip started running his fingers through the hair on Nolan’s right side while Gage stroked the hair on Nolan’s left side.
Aiden looked on in amusement, his presence all but forgotten in the younger boys’ fascination with Nolan’s growing sexual maturity. He didn’t feel bad about being ignored since he had the same amount of hair as the ten-year-olds, which was none. He was surprised to find himself feeling embarrassed by that fact. Nolan felt his penis stiffen as the young boys continued to play with his hair. Suddenly a small droplet appeared at the tip of his penis - but the young boys were so involved with Nolan’s pubes they did not notice the precum.
“Wow, that feels really soft,” Gage cooed. Nolan was glad that he and Aiden had gotten off at Aiden’s house or the bumping of the hands petting his pubes could have easily caused him to blow his wad.
“Can we see yours, Aiden?” Skip asked.
“Not much to see,” Aiden said.
“We don’t care,” Gage said. “We know you got a bigger dick and bigger balls than we do, so we still want to see what you have.”
As Aiden yanked his pants and dark green briefs with gold trim down to his knees, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had been this eager for sex when he was a little kid like Skip and Gage. For Aiden, being ten seemed so long ago it was almost unreal.
“You look like me and Skip,” Gage said. “You got no hair at all.”
“Yes, he does if you look real close,” Nolan said with an evil grin as he rubbed what looked like a barren area and felt what he was looking for. He gave a short, thin blond hair a tug, causing Aiden to yelp. “See, he’s got hair,” he giggled.
Skip looked in closely and could make out the tiny hair Nolan had yanked. “Ain’t much there.”
“Maybe not, but Nolan and me counted six of them a couple of weeks ago,” Aiden said proudly. He felt less embarrassed when he realized he had something Skip and Gage didn’t have. Also, he could shoot cum, which he knew they couldn’t do. “Now, let us see how you guys do each other so we can tell you how to do us.”
Skip gave Gage a look that said, what do we do next? Gage answered by being the next one to pull his pants down. Aiden noted that he was wearing tight white briefs, which he thought was a turn-on. Skip followed his lead; except he became the first to pull his pants and underpants all the way off. His choice of underwear was a pair of green, blue, and red plaid boxers. Nolan and Aiden weren’t surprised that both boys were hard. Aiden had forgotten that they were also uncut. Gage followed his friend’s lead and pulled his pants and briefs all the way off.
“Aren’t you worried about a parent invasion?” Nolan asked.
“Nah. If they want us, they’ll call for us to come out and me and Skip are experts at putting our pants on fast,” Gage replied.
“The secret is not putting your undies back on,” Skip giggled.
“Commando works many wonders,” Nolan grinned.
Skip dropped to his knees, pulled back Gage’s foreskin, and put his lips around his best friend’s cock head. He wasted no time sucking him in earnest.
“Nice. Looks like you keep your teeth out of the way, which is good,” Aiden said.
“Now I’ll do Skip,” Gage declared. Skip let go of Gage’s three inches and the two switched places. Gage was now on his knees servicing Skip’s two and three-quarters inches. Skip let out a slow, low moan.
While the four boys were enjoying some erotic fun, Mary Polk commented on how quiet the boys were. “I get very worried when a group of boys gets so quiet,” she explained. “Lloyd, maybe you should look in on them.”
“They’re fine,” Nina Emerson, Skip’s mom, said. “Those two are almost always quiet when they’re at our house. You usually wouldn’t know they were there. And the older boys seem to be nice quiet boys.”
“I agree with Nina,” Lloyd Polk said. “They’re probably entranced by some game on Gage’s laptop.”
“Okay, but if we find the room has been taken apart piece-by-piece you’ll wish you had heeded my warning,” Mary said.
“Warning? What warning?”
“My warning that boys that age are not supposed to be so quiet and if they are it has to mean they are planning mischief.”
“Well, I’d love to see what they’ve been planning then. With all the time they’ve been putting into it, their escapade is going to be a real doozy.”
As the parents chatted about quiet boys, Skip and Gage couldn’t say much since they were now on phase three of their blow job demonstration—the time-honored sixty-nine. “I watched Mason and Miles do it at Aiden’s house at the same party. Emmett told us about it,” Skip said as he and Gage set themselves up, “but we never did it yet. He said it’s the very bestest way to suck each other.”
“Quiet or not, the food is ready,” Mary said out in the kitchen. “Time to call the boys for some help setting the table.”
“Hey boys, the moms need your help,” Lloyd called out.
“Shit,” Nolan said when he heard Lloyd’s voice. “This was getting good.”
“I was getting close,” Skip grinned as he picked up his underpants and then tossed them on the floor. He was going commando just like they had talked about.
“Maybe we can all go out in just our underpants,” Gage suggested.
“You know you can’t do that here,” Skip reminded his friend.
“I know, but I can dream. I mean it’s cool at your house and I know Aiden does it. Can you run around your house in just your underpants?” Gage asked Nolan.
“Sometimes, but usually not. Shit, at Aiden’s house you can run around naked a lot of the time. Now THAT’S living.”
“The lesson on sucking wet cocks will start after dinner,” Aiden proclaimed.
“Sounds excellent,” Skip acknowledged.
The chatter ended when all four boys were dressed, with Gage going commando, too. They set the table. They ate their salads. They wolfed their spaghetti and meatballs. They complained because all the cake was gone and then were pleased that there was enough ice cream for each of them to get two scoops. After helping with the cleanup, the boys excused themselves and headed back to Gage’s room.
“I’d sure like to know what is so fascinating in Gage’s room,” Mary said.
Having had a boy crush on a fourteen-year-old when he was eleven, Lloyd liked to think that maybe there might be some sex education happening in the bedroom. Nina Emerson, who knew Skip and Gage pranced around Skip’s grandmother’s house in their underwear or less, trusted her husband when he told her that boys were boys and that the best thing they could do is allow them to be boys.
Her only concern was whether boys being boys with older boys was a good idea. But her mother-in-law had told her in strictest confidence that her husband, Norm, who was Lloyd’s father, had learned a great deal from his older brother and his brother’s friend. “He was nine and they were thirteen. Everyone seemed to survive. As long as no one is forced, I can’t see where the harm is.”
The boys had no idea that their educational session in Gage’s bedroom was something Skip’s and Gage’s parents were discussing as very possibly happening. All Nolan and Aiden thought was that they were very horny and that Skip and Gage were very eager to suck something bigger than their own little cocks.
Gage assured Aiden and Nolan that they wouldn’t be caught as the four boys stripped their pants and underpants off again. The shirts and socks stayed on just in case.
“Now, who wants who?” Aiden asked.
“Aren’t you going to tell us who gets who?” Gage responded.
“You guys wanted to try sucking an older kid, plus it was Gage’s birthday party today. So, you pick.” Aiden then wished hard that Skip would pick him. He had a crush on Skip; what he didn’t know was that the feeling was mutual.
His heartbeat went up a few notches when Skip said, “I want Aiden.” He sat next to Aiden on Gage’s bed and Gage sat next to Nolan. It was obvious that Gage had a big boy crush on Nolan and that Nolan didn’t have a problem with it. The result was that everybody was happy with the choices.
“Okay, we’re not that much bigger than you guys,” Nolan said.
“Yet,” Aiden smirked.
“At least not yet. Anyway, we’re about an inch longer and we’re thicker and our balls are bigger and dropping down and I’ve got hair that sometimes gets into your teeth if you’re not careful. So, go for it, guys.”
That was all the urging the younger boys needed. For all their bravado, they were nervous. They wanted the two seventh graders to think of them as more grown up than they really were. They had discussed what they wanted to do, from Skip having Aiden as his partner, to swallowing cum. They hoped cum didn’t taste “yucky” and decided it couldn’t be too yucky because big boys didn’t mind eating it. They weren’t sure if girls ate it and thought they probably didn’t because they wouldn’t like it the way boys did.
Once they got started, Skip and Gage were eager cocksuckers. Aiden was impressed by Skip’s skills. His young friend had learned a lot from Emmett, whose teachers had been Lenny and Lance. On top of that they had obviously gotten in a lot of practice on each other.
It didn’t take long until Nolan warned Gage that he was about to shoot. Gage stopped sucking for a moment and then went at it with great vigor, much to Nolan’s delight. When Nolan blasted his wad, Gage swallowed around half and lost the other half down his chin.
Gage pulled off Nolan with a big grin on his face.  “Did I do good?”
“You kicked ass,” Nolan said as he leaned in and licked his sperm off Gage’s chin. He could see that Gage was going to have to put on a fresh shirt.
Aiden blew his wad a minute later, almost biting his tongue to keep from screaming out. Skip had done a great job with his lips and tongue.  Because Aiden’s crude was thinner than Nolan’s and he didn’t shoot as much, Skip was able to swallow Aiden’s entire load. Nolan made sure Gage didn’t feel bad when Gage noted that Skip didn’t lose anything, telling him about the difference in what he and Aiden shot.
“Then we need to watch you guys shoot sometimes so we can see the difference,” Skip said.
The older boys agreed that would be something to think about soon. As far as the present was concerned, Skip and Gage had received a lesson in cock sucking. They learned how much extra the tongue could add to their feelings. They learned how having your balls fondled while being sucked made things feel even better. They learned that it’s okay to lick somebody’s balls. They learned how good having one’s ass rubbed could feel. What they didn’t learn was the wonders of having one’s crack and asshole fingered—at least not that time.
Gage laid even more groundwork while the four of them dressed. “And then after we watch you and Nolan trade sucks, maybe we can learn about butt sex.”
Aiden wanted to say they were too young for that but decided to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t like it when he heard that line when he was ten, even though he had no desire to stick his dick up somebody’s butt. As far as he was concerned, he would go as far with Skip and Gage as they wanted him to go.
Later, as Aiden and Nolan waited for Phil to pick them up, Mrs. Polk thanked them for being so nice to the younger boys. “I was pleased you agreed to come to the party, let alone stay so long with younger boys.”
“We had a good time,” Aiden told her. “Skip and Gage act older than ten and we had a ton of fun with them.”
Mary Polk liked the older boys a great deal. Nolan had been a credit to his father the entire day. Aiden was friendly and respectful. He was wonderfully patient with Gage and Skip, who obviously worshiped him. Someday, when she had some alone time with him, she would have to tell him how much being invited to one of his parties with the “grown up boys in middle school” meant to her son and to Skip. Not only had they been invited, but Aiden’s friends had readily accepted the two.
Phil arrived in the Odyssey. Nolan and Aiden climbed into the backseat. As Phil drove them home, he commented on how surprised he and Larry were that Aiden and Nolan had stayed so long after dinner was over. “You obviously had more fun than you thought you’d have.”
“We had a great time, Mr. Miller,” Nolan responded.
“It’s Phil.”
“Yes sir, Mr. Miller,” Nolan smirked.
“They had a lot of questions about middle school and sports and whatever else came up,” Aiden added. “They even want us to come back sometime.”
“Will you?”
“Will I what?”
“Go back.”
“Oh, sorry. I wasn’t listening real close.” The fact that Nolan was squeezing Aiden’s cock and balls through his jeans was the prime cause of Aiden being distracted. “Yeah,” squeeze, “um...we’ll go,” squeeze, “back and have even more,” squeeze, “eek…I mean…fun.”
After Phil stopped in the driveway, he had the boys exit the car before he drove it into the garage. As he watched the two young adolescents dash through the garage and into the house, he got his own little jolt wondering what Nolan was doing to Aiden in the backseat as well as wondering what kind of fun the two of them had with the younger boys.
The boys stripped down to their underpants in Aiden’s room, shared a passionate kiss, and went downstairs to watch a college football game in the sports viewing room. Their reason for not stripping naked was that they were each rock hard. They figured they if they covered themselves some Larry and Phil wouldn’t notice as much. They were wrong, of course, but if they really didn’t want to be noticed they could easily have worn more clothes.
After UCLA knocked off Oklahoma State 24-16 in a non-conference game, the boys said they were going upstairs for the night. After the exchange of hugs, they stripped off their underpants, took care of their nightly business, and flopped down on the bed.
“Damn, it’s hard to believe Skip and Gage are ten,” Nolan commented. “I don’t remember being that hung up on sex when I was ten, though I did start thinking about it.”
“I messed around a lot when I was ten,” Aiden said. “But the way I remember it, I thought butt fucking was totally gross and would never do it. Thinking of sucking a dick that shot cum was gross enough.”
“And those two look so sweet and innocent. Who would ever think of them as being junior horn dogs?”
“Well, we look sweet and innocent, too,” Aiden shrugged.
“Speak for yourself. Right now, I look like a sex fiend.”
“That’s because you ARE a sex fiend. I’m the cute and innocent one.” Nolan snorted as he fought back a laugh. “And I want my sex fiendish boyfriend’s gigantic cock way up in my ass.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Nolan grinned.
The boys seriously made out on the bed, took care of lubing themselves, getting into position for Aiden to bottom, and working their way to their third and best orgasms of the day.
The boyfriends thought it was very special that they were able to overnight two straight weekends. If they could only figure a way to get together in the middle of the week, other than doing phone sex, life would be perfect.
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