Mayfield Titans

Chapter 6-Twelve (Side Notes)

TWELVE (Side Notes)


<Sammy and Friends>
As sexy as the younger boys were, the teens were happy to get away from Aiden’s party and have some fun of their own at Sammy’s house. They congregated in the pool house, which had been Marty’s home when he lived with the Bednarzyk family.
“Anybody for sitting in the hot tub for a while?” Sammy asked his friends.
“As opposed to doing what?” Peter Astor asked. Peter, Drake, David Fitzgerald, Jackson Hallion, Todd Morris, John Gomez, Bryce Ludlow, and Zane Davidson had been invited by Sammy. All of them showed except for Zane, who elected to go to a big party to celebrate the three-day weekend and mourn the approaching start of school.
Zane’s choice didn’t surprise anyone, especially Peter and Sammy, who had witnessed his spotty attempts at sobriety during their time in the Fourth Dimension. Zane, who was fifteen and an incoming sophomore, claimed he could outdrink anyone in the high school, a boast a couple of the upperclassmen attending the party hoped to put to the test.
“Um, was anybody other than Peter listening to my question?” Sammy asked.
“We were waiting for you to answer Peter’s question,” David said.
“Did you ask a question, Peter?”
“Yeah, are you sure this is a sober party?” Peter responded. “I mean nobody seems to be on the same wavelength right now.”
“All the more reason for the hot tub,” Sammy said. “It will relax us.”
“I’ll tell you what doesn’t need relaxing, and that’s this!” Drake pulled down his shorts and boxer shorts, revealing a throbbing teen erection.
“You mean you came here with sex on your mind?” John Gomez asked. “Which reminds me—was my little brother behaving himself?” Miles was his little brother.
“He pretty much got naked with three girls,” Drake told him.
“Girls? Fuck, dude, you got my little brother mixed up with some other kid!” setting off a wave of laughter.
“Can all eight of us fit in the hot tub at once?” Jackson asked.
“If we squeeze in close,” Sammy replied. “Oh, and before you ask, the hot tub is clothing optional.”
“What about your parents?”
“My mom won’t look and my dad doesn’t give a shit about me and my friends being naked in the hot tub as long as we don’t leave a, you know, a mess behind.” That brought on another round of laughter.
Soon all eight teens were naked and cozily sitting in the warm waters of the hot tub. Of course, they battled over who got to sit in front of one of the jets before settling in. The talk was mostly about sex, and the state of all eight penises varied between hard and harder.
“I know we aren’t supposed to get off in the hot tub, but is anybody going to get off after we get out?” Drake asked.
“Fuck, Drake, do you ever think about anything other than sex?” Peter asked.
“Yeah, when I’m thinking about food.”
“Who here is a virgin?” Sammy asked. “And I mean, with boys.” Nobody raised his hand. “So how about we have a fuck-a-thon?”
“Say what?” Jackson asked.
“I think what he wants is a fuck orgy,” David explained. “He’s been talking about having one forever.”
“How would it work?”
“We form four couples. One person from each couple is bottom, one is top, and off we go until we get off.”
“Do we switch along the way?” John asked.
David shrugged. “That’s up to you guys. We could switch along the way, or switch for round two.”
That led to a ten-minute discussion in the hot tub which ended up getting everyone so horny they had to get out and create some action. They decided they would go with the same partner all the way, and switch if anybody wanted to do a second round. They would pick their partner with a random drawing for those who couldn’t decide. They agreed the idea was to have an orgy (or a fuck-a-thon as Sammy described it) not a race. It didn’t matter who came first or who came last as long as everybody got to shoot his load.
The pairings were Drake and Peter, Todd and Sammy, John and Jackson, and Bryce and David. The naked, horny teens spread themselves around the floor of the pool house. After some minimal foreplay, the tops went to work on the bottoms. Peter, Sammy, John, and David were the tops. The positions varied, from Sammy doing Todd doggie style to Drake riding Peter’s pole.
After twenty minutes of grunting, groaning, sweat, and cursing, all eight had enjoyed an orgasm, depositing their teen sperm in or on somebody (in the case of Bryce, the somebody was himself. For the record, John and Jackson lasted the longest.
Round two found Sammy topping Drake, Peter topping Jackson, and Bryce topping John. David and Todd decided one round of fucking was enough for them. They lay back on the couch and jerked off as they watched the action in front of them. Just before cumming, they scooted close together and jerked each other off as once again teen cum squirted in and on the teens, who were all drenched in sweat.
Everyone then admitted it was a good orgy, not that they had much experience with orgies. Sammy and Peter remembered some from their drinking days. Many of Sammy’s orgies involved girls. John and Bryce had enjoyed some relatively tame gay orgies. They were sober for most and stoned for a few of them.
If Jeffery’s bed was included, there was enough space for everyone to sleep on a bed, but they all wanted to sleep together, so it was sleeping bags on the floor except for Drake and Peter, who won a draw to sleep in the pool house bed.
The night was one the boys would remember and talk about for a long time. It was a night that made Drake wish, not for the first time, that he lived in Mayfield. He said to Peter, as they snuggled in the bed, “It’s unreal. I can get more sex in your little burg than in the entire city of Seattle.”
<The Miller Brothers>
“Have you ever thought of installing a video camera in the basement?” Keegan asked Phil and Larry.
“Daily,” Phil laughed.
“Not that we would need it daily,” Larry pointed out.
“But it’s getting closer and closer to daily.”
“Try having one boy well into puberty and another on the cusp,” Troy said. “The stories I could tell…”
“The stories you’ve told already are wild enough,” Phil chuckled.
“Wait until Aiden masturbates in the back seat of your car thinking he’s getting away with something while you’re whizzing down the highway.”
“I’d be fighting my own hard-on, which I have to do quite often as it is.”
“Like right now, knowing that those aren’t innocent little boys playing Go Fish downstairs?”
“Since Drake came into my life, I know exactly what you guys are talking about,” Keegan told them. “And there is one thing he does that I know your sons don’t do.”
“Which is?” Larry asked.
“He comes on to me. That was tough to fight in my using days. Now I can fight it, but I still have to battle to come out on top.”
“You actually battle to be the top?” Larry asked with a leer.
“Give your mind a little more altitude buddy,” Keegan said with a laugh. “I didn’t mean it that way and you know it.”
Larry gave Keegan a friendly punch on the shoulder. “I just wanted to be sure, that’s all.”
“I can’t help but feel that Chase has wanted to see if I’d ever go from telling him to put his cock in his pants to telling him I’d love to see him strut his stuff,” Troy told them. “And now I have to deal with a boy who has had sexual experiences with men.”
“True, but he was doing it for money, not for pleasure,” Phil pointed out.
“Even though there had to be some pleasure in it for him at times.”
“Have you asked him that?” Keegan asked.
“I leave that stuff up to the psychologist he’s seeing. If he ever wants to bring the topic up, I’ll listen, but I won’t broach it.”
“Were we devious little horn dogs when we were growing up together?” Larry asked.
“Yes!” the three Miller brothers replied in unison.
“I do have something I need to ask Keegan,” Phil said.
“Yes?” Keegan asked.
“Has Aiden brought up the topic of alcohol with you?”
“Only on our ocean trip. Why, is he having a problem?”
“Let me put it this way, he’s been attending the youth AA group here for the past couple of months.”
“Because of when I pretty much got him drunk?”
Phil shook his head. “It has more to do with the times he got drunk in the foster home he lived in.”
“Fuck, he was only, what, eight? How did he get drunk there?”
“A teen named Parker who lived there got him drunk at least once. He told us he found a way to get drunk one other time. Larry and I suspect it happened more than twice. He had a real desire to drink a couple of times this summer, to the point where he almost sneaked away to a kegger. We feel that he managed to bury a lot from the time he moved here until the hormones started to burn in him this summer.”
“Do you think he may have been a regular drinker?”
“He only admits to twice, but I’d be interested to see what he says as he goes through the steps with his sponsor. Who is Sammy, by the way.”
Keegan was silent for a moment as he processed the information Phil had shared with him. “It appears he is one of us. Anything you’d like me to do to help?”
“Just listen to him if you need to. And don’t break any confidences unless you feel his safety and well-being are at stake.”
“Like unless I act and talk to you he might go out and drink.”
“I feel fortunate that I haven’t had that problem yet,” Troy said. “Chase is fourteen and actually broke off with two friends because of their getting involved in booze and drugs. If I were to worry about someone it would be Logan. As sweet as he is, he’s often felt outside of the mainstream. I think he could be influenced to try something. I doubt very much that is true of Chase.”
“Drake is pretty serious about his recovery,” Keegan said.
“Aiden has been good about attending the meeting when he can and his friends aren’t part of the party crowd. I think Sammy has been doing a good job as his sponsor, too,” Larry said.
“I keep finding there is more to Sammy than it sometimes appears,” Phil added.
“I agree to that. I feel comfortable with Drake hanging out with Sammy. That wasn’t always the case, and I know Sammy’s father felt the same thing about Drake.”
The discussion was interrupted when the basement door opened, and three naked boys entered the living room.
“Well, the naked wood elves arrive,” Phil grinned.
“I think we’ve been through this before,” Chase pointed out.
“The truth is the truth,” Phil chuckled.
Chase flexed his still developing arm. “Then I remind you yet again who the hunk here is.”
“Anyway, we came up to say goodnight for everybody,” Aiden told them. “We’ll see you all in the morning.”
The four men couldn’t help but admire the naked beauty in front of them. There was Chase, tall, athletic, his body no longer a boy’s, but not yet a man’s. Larry had been naked in front of his father, but not that much after he hit his teens. Larry and Phil were impressed that unlike some teens, Chase was not afraid to show off his body. Chase’s self-image and confidence were unshakeable.
There was Logan. His body was slim and hairless, His genitals were those of a little boy still not into puberty although he was right on the edge. His shyness at being naked in front of his father and uncles was apparent, but he also didn’t try to hide that nakedness by covering his genitals with his hands.
Finally, there was Aiden. He would be twelve the day after tomorrow and the budding puberty was showing on his smooth, naked body, which was arguably the most beautiful of the three. While he didn’t have a sign of any pubic hair, his penis was that of a young adolescent and his testicles were starting to descend. Even Chase couldn’t disagree that Aiden had the best-looking ass in the room. And Chase certainly was not going to admit to anybody that Aiden’s fine-looking ass had given him one of the best fucks of his young life.
After watching the three smooth asses exit the room, the men looked at each other and smiled. “What I wouldn’t give to be thirteen again,” Keegan said wistfully. “Only this time, I’d try to do a better job of living it.”
“I’m surprised they came upstairs without Eddie and Curt,” Troy said. “I would’ve thought that Chase would have dragged them upstairs.”
“Maybe they didn’t want to be naked in front of us, or maybe the Millers didn’t want to dress,” Larry speculated. “Who knows what goes on the heads of adolescent boys.”
A half hour later Troy and Keegan left for the Mayfield Inn. Once they left, Larry and Phil prepared for bed. “Since the kids are having their fun downstairs, I think the old men should try keeping up with them,” Larry said.
“No argument from me,” Phil grinned. “I’ll take bottom.”
“And there will be no argument from me,” Larry told him as the two husbands started into some heavy making out.
On the short ride to the Mayfield Inn, Troy and Keegan talked about how much things had changed for them recently as the result of the boys who had entered their lives. Keegan thought that Drake’s presence may have helped save his.
“I was on the verge of drinking myself to death,” Keegan admitted. “I could see myself being just like dad and having a teen drinking partner, ruining his life as well as mine. Thankfully it didn’t come to that. The realization that I didn’t want to be like that as well as Aiden becoming a positive part of my life helped me become serious about my sobriety.”
“I assume Natalie was a help, too,” Troy said.
“She was, and still is, the glue that holds things together. I don’t know if Natalie on her own would have turned my life around, but I also know my life would not have turned around without Natalie, if that makes sense.”
“You needed her steadiness and sobriety to, as you said, hold you together in the way the boys couldn’t.”
“Exactly. What about you and the newbies in your family?”
“The last six weeks or so has been quite a whirlwind. Whenever I doubt it was the right decision, I see the happiness in the sad boy that Curt was and the leaps of improvement in the mess that Eddie was and often still is. Susan has been marvelous with them and I couldn’t ask more of Chase and Logan. Those two have accepted Curt and Eddie like they really were long lost brothers destined to be in their lives.”
They arrived at the Inn and went to their room. When they talked about staying overnight in Mayfield, they could see no reason why they couldn’t share a room. Yes, they could each afford a single room, but they were brothers, and they had let a lot of years slip by in which they had little or nothing to do with each other.
“Remember those days when we were kids and learning about our bodies?” Keegan chuckled.
“Not to mention booze and pot,” Troy reminded him.
“Yeah, I was the only one who flunked that lesson. Now we’re straight and sober and have apparently passed the sex lessons. And I include Phil in all of this. Sober and gay or sober and straight, we’re sober. Of course, as I’ve said before, Drake has this thing about us being in bed together, not because he needs some fatherly comforting but so he can be sexual. I was close to flunking that, too, but I think we have an understanding now. He can yak and talk about it and I can turn him down and it’s all good,” Keegan laughed. “Not that things didn’t get close to the edge when we were drinking together—I’m sure we could do a report on each other’s masturbation techniques.”
“That’s something I don’t have to worry about with the four boys living with me. I know they’re sexually active with each other and with other boys, something they think they’re successfully keeping secret from me. Not that Chase hasn’t been pretty forward at times when it comes to masturbation.”
“I had quite a bit of gay sex after reaching adulthood. Sometimes to the point I wondered if I might be gay. I’m not, but I am pretty convinced I’m bi.”
Troy was now stripped down to his boxer briefs. Keegan looked over at him and couldn’t help but be impressed with his body. It was obvious his big brother worked out diligently. Troy could see that Keegan had managed to get into much better physical shape since he got sober. He had let himself go and was soft and flabby for a long time.
“Would it surprise you that I had some gay sex a couple of years ago?” Troy asked.
“Whoa. With who and does Susan know?”
“She does. She has no problem with me doing it with someone I’ve known for a long time. She has a special friend, too. But sex with someone from the opposite sex is a no-no.”
Keegan surprised Troy with a kiss. “She wouldn’t freak over a little brotherly love?”
“The rule is, no fucking and no secrets.”
“I don’t know if I want my sister-in-law knowing I had sex with her sexy husband; she might end up hating me.”
Troy returned his brother’s kiss and said, “She’ll love you even more for it. She has wanted to, um, kiss and make up for a long time.”
Troy and Keegan then enjoyed the kissing that turned into humping that turned into a sixty-nine as they cemented the bond between them that had been broken for much too long.
Aiden loved the way his birthday was on Labor Day. It meant he would be able to have a weekend long celebration with the swim party on Saturday, his birthday dinner at Parker’s Steak House on Sunday, and his actual birthday on Monday.
Since some boys, like Gordy and Mason, had to go to church everyone was awake by eight-thirty. The two showers in the basement were busy, often with two boys to a shower head. Nobody was surprised when Eddie and Chase pissed on each other before stepping into their shower. What was surprising was that Grant and Lance, who watched the two older boys do their thing, pissed on each other while in the shower.
“That was kinda weird,” Grant admitted.
“Tell me about it,” Lance responded. “I’d do it again, though.”
“With your brother, maybe?”
“Yeah, or for sure with you.”
“Only if you don’t mind us being weird together.”
“Well, that’s what we just were,” Lance giggled, “so why not be weird again?”
Some of the boys enjoyed breakfast in the kitchen and dining room, in the nude. Scott, Trent, and Grant ate on the deck. While it was sunny, the temperature was a bit cool, so they wore sweatshirts or jackets while they were outside.
As soon as they finished eating, Gordy, Mason, Scott, and the twins got dressed and were ready in time to be picked up by their parents for church. Troy arrived not long after. He felt good about what he and Keegan had done the night before and was glad that his younger brother felt the same way. With Keegan’s approval, he told Phil and Larry about the experience. They were pleased that the two were bonding so tightly.
“I wish it had happened a long time ago,” Troy said ruefully. “But I guess it happened at the right time, which was last night.” He stepped from the master bedroom, where the chat had taken place, and observed that his sons and Darnell were still naked.
“I am not taking any naked boys,” he announced.
“Oh, good, that means I get to stay here in Mayfield,” Curt grinned.
“No, it means you’ll be getting dressed, whether you like it or not.”
“Can we at least open our pants in the car?” Eddie asked. “You know, so we can get comfortable.”
“Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want me to see,” Troy said, giving them an open-ended answer. He wanted to see if anyone would take advantage of it.
When everyone was dressed and the SUV was loaded, Eddie and Chase sat in the back seat. As soon as they got on the highway, they pulled off their pants and sat in t-shirts and boxers. They thought about going farther, but Chase figured they had gone as far as they dared go. At least we’re comfortable, he thought. Eddie was getting to be quite the co-conspirator, which Chase loved.
Curt did and didn’t push the envelope. His pants remained fastened, but he played pocket pool and surprised himself, and Logan who was watching closely, by cumming in his pants. Even with the little pushes, the ride may have been much calmer than if Troy had given Eddie’s question a stern NO and everyone collaborated to see what they could get away with.
Aiden enjoyed the afternoon with his dads. They spent time in the pool, listening to the Mariner game on the radio while enjoying some naturist swimming. Aiden was pleased when his dads said they were okay with him swimming naked with them, providing he was okay with them swimming naked as well. All talk and action stopped the two times Marty came to bat. He struck out on a 2-2 count his first time up and lined out hard to left his second time. When they tired of swimming, Aiden and his dads spent some time in the hot tub, washed off in the basement shower, dried, and sat in the nudist room watching the game on television.
“Does this mean we’re nudists now?” Aiden asked his dads hopefully.
“When the situation is right, then the answer is yes,” Larry replied.
“How do I know when it’s right?”
“You might try asking, you silly goofball,” Phil laughed.
Aiden stuck his tongue out at his dad and said, “If we were in the pool right now, I’d be dunking you.”
“Lots of luck succeeding at that.”
“Just wait until text time,” Aiden smirked.
Marty singled and scored his third time up tying the score at 3-3 in the seventh. The Mariners scored one again in the eighth and ended up with a 4-3 win over the Athletics.
A half-hour later, they were dressed and heading for Centralia for Aiden’s birthday dinner at Parker’s Steak House. Nolan and his mother and father had arrived a few minutes earlier and were sitting at the table reserved for the group. The table was filled when Sammy arrived with his parents five minutes later. Sammy’s mother wanted to finish up school shopping at the outlet stores so the Bednarzyk family rode from Mayfield separately from the Millers. Sammy and his family had been invited at Aiden’s insistence because Sammy was his AA sponsor.
Rich’s brother Mikey was their waiter. He was working full-time but would be going to part-time once classes started at Centralia College. In a sudden change of fortune, Annette Woodring, who had been the head manager at the Centralia Parker’s’, asked Parker’s management if she could open the new restaurant in Vancouver. Parker’s’ management, recognizing her as a prized long-term employee, said they would accommodate her providing Peter would be willing to move up to the head manager position in Centralia. As far as Peter was concerned, the decision was a no-brainer. He was close to getting his college degree and it would be easier for him to do so at Centralia College.
After Mikey took the drink orders, Peter came out of his office looking sharp in a dress-shirt, slacks, and tie. “Happy Birthday, Aiden. You keep getting bigger every time you come here.” Peter did not say what was at the front of his mind; that Aiden was looking sexier every time he came.
“Thanks,” Aiden responded with a hint of shyness. “I’m glad you’re still here. I would have missed you if you left.”
“EVERYBODY would have missed you,” Paul Moyer chimed in.
George Bednarzyk added his agreement and said, “Congratulations on your new position—the promotion was well-deserved. Now that your life is stabilized, have you and Mikey made any plans?”
“That was my next reason after YMA to come out and greet all of you fine people. The question has been popped, the answer was yes, the wedding date will be January 14th at the Congregational Church here in Centralia,” Peter announced proudly.
“I would have thought the two of you would have closed things quick once you made up your mind,” Vivian Moyer commented.
“Mikey starts school in a couple of weeks and doesn’t want to miss time,” Peter answered patiently. “I can’t get time off during the Christmas Holidays since that is a busy time in our business. We decided the soonest we could tie the knot and get some time for a honeymoon was the next holiday. We get married Wednesday, fly out to Cabo San Lucas Thursday morning, and enjoy the next four days in sunny Cabo before we return on Tuesday. The college has scheduled a four-day weekend, so Mikey will only miss two days of school.”
“Nice to see you boys have planned everything out.”
“Just the basics, Mrs. Moyer. Now comes the time for detail. Mikey’s mother is going to be our detail planner.”
“I’m sure that puts you in good hands.”
Peter made sure to have something to say to every person at the table, especially the three boys, and headed out of the dining room. Mikey was just coming out of the kitchen area, stopping Peter. “Did you tell them?” he asked.
“Yep. They all seemed pleased. Surprisingly, Mrs. Moyer seemed to be the most interested seeing as she has the reputation of being a conservative lady.”
“I’m going to have a problem serving their table.”
“Oh? What’s the problem?”
“Those three boys are so sexy cute I’m going to have a problem keeping the pecker tamed.”
“Now you know the problem I ran into, especially with Marty, Eric, Noah, and now Aiden. It doesn’t get much better.” Peter gave Mikey a quick kiss on the lips. “Now, cool that tool and go give those cuties and their parents the best service possible.”
Mikey went into the dining area and took the table’s orders. When Aiden saw chicken and spaghetti on the menu, he knew what he wanted. He knew he made a good choice from the first bite. As they ate, Aiden noted that Sammy, who was sitting on his left, kept pushing his knee against his leg. He was certain that the contact was accidental, just as he was certain that Nolan’s contact on the other side was intentional.
Aiden was right about Nolan, but only half right about Sammy. The teen’s first two touches were accidental but the next five were intentional. Sammy apologized after the third touch, hoping to convince Aiden that the close quarters made it difficult for him to not bump his leg. Sammy was horny. He figured this was as close as he would ever get to making out with his AA sponsee and he wanted to take advantage of the situation. And, if he didn’t know better, he could swear that Aiden had returned a couple of his nudges.
Nolan was pushed against Aiden’s right leg with his left leg while at the same time rubbing Aiden’s thigh with his left hand. Aiden was rock hard and wished he could open his pants to relieve the pressure in more ways than one. Aiden knew that particular dessert would just have to wait.
The real dessert for Aiden was a piece of lemon cake with a lit candle pushed into the icing. The wait staff, along with Peter, sang happy birthday to Aiden, and he dug into his cake with a wide grin. So far, his birthday weekend had been perfect. 
That night, Aiden parked Horace next to him on his bed and got ready to jerk off. “Who should my fantasy be about, Horace?” The stuffed donkey looked at the boy with his usual silent grin. “You say Sammy?” The same silence. “I thought so. It makes sense, because Nolan will be here tomorrow night for the real thing. As usual, you’re totally right—Sammy it is.”
Aiden lubed his erection, the middle finger of his right hand, closed his eyes, and proceeded to stroke his almost four inches of boy cock, thinking of what it would be like to have Sammy’s teen cock in his ass. The only teen to fuck him so far had been Chase, who, at fourteen, was a year younger than Sammy. Acknowledging that neither one would be as good as Nolan, he wondered who would be the better between the two teens. As he fantasized about Sammy driving his huge teen rod deep into his ass, Aiden jerked off with his left hand while tickling his prostate with his right just like Sammy’s cock would be doing and shot his load of clear cum over his chest and belly. At that moment, Aiden had no doubt that Sammy would be better than Chase.


Labor Day Monday was Aiden’s official birthday. In line with what had happened the day before, Aiden was not surprised that dress code for breakfast was birthday suits. Larry played Naked Chef as he cooked up breakfast.
After eating, Aiden received special presents from his dads, including a new tablet and an Amtrak gift card. “You can now travel as an unaccompanied minor,” Phil told him. “The card should be a round-trip to Seattle for a visit to your cousins.”
“At least as long as they don’t change the rules again,” Larry chuckled. Amtrak never seemed to be satisfied with the lower age limit for unaccompanied minors. For the last year it had been twelve years old after being thirteen for two years after having been twelve. While the gift card wouldn’t expire, Aiden was determined to take a solo train trip before the age got raised again.
Marty called just as Aiden finished breakfast. Aiden was certain Marty would call sometime during the morning and had his phone sitting on the kitchen table.
Aiden picked up his phone and greeted his big brother. “Hey, bro.”
“Howdy, Sport,” Marty said. “Happy Birthday. I hope it’s been a good weekend for you.”
“Thanks, and yeah, it was great. Swimming and games and a big overnight and dinner at Parker’s and lots of presents. Mikey was our waiter.” Mikey was Rich’s younger brother.
“You deserve only the best. Did you get my present?”
“No.” Aiden was wondering if Marty was going to send him something.
“Well, check your email. You should have an Amazon gift card in there.”
“I will. I found out Mikey’s going to get married.” Aiden was sure Marty knew that bit of news, but he was stalling for time as he went to his email app. The fourth email was from Marty and he opened it. The actual EGC wasn’t there, of course, he would have to log on to the website to get it, but the amount was in the email—$100.
“Yeah, I know. Rich and I were going to be wintering in Arizona, but now we’ll be staying until the wedding after our holiday visit. I was going be working out at our spring training facility, so I’m going to have to work extra hard since I’ll be coming back here in November.
“And wow, awesome present. Thanks Marty, you’re the best big bro in the world.”
“Only because I have the best little bro in the world.”
“Are you in your hotel?” The Mariners were playing a three-game series against the Padres in San Diego starting that afternoon.
“I am and I have to get going. Missing the team bus would not be a good idea.”
“Thanks for the present and thanks for calling and kick some Padre ass. I want a Mariner present for my birthday.  I love you.”
“I love you, too sport. We’ll see what we can do.”     
Aiden received a lot of Happy Birthday texts, emails, and online congratulations. The only calls he received from friends were from Gordy, Mason, and Kalie, who called even though Aiden had requested texts.
“Some us of just have to tell you in person that we love you,” Kalie informed him.
Even though it was his official birthday, there was work to be done around the house, mainly in the yard. Aiden knew he would have to mow the front and west side yards while one of his dads used the rider mower to cut the back and east side yards. Aiden was pleasantly surprised by a change in that plan.
“Now that you’re twelve and in your second year of middle school, your pop and I feel you’re now old enough, mature enough, and physically big enough to operate the rider mower,” Phil told him.
Aiden made no attempt to hide his enthusiasm for the idea. “For real?”
“Yes, for real. But first we need to adjust the seat and steering wheel. While you’re a little small for a twelve-year-old, you fit within the parameters in the manual. Plus, you’re going to be doing some growing over the next year as well. Now, sit on the seat and let me get you set.”
Aiden literally leaped onto the seat. Larry had to laugh—it was the first time he had ever seen his son eager to mow the grass.  Phil took the next half hour to give Aiden driving lessons, followed by mowing lessons, like lining up the mower with a landmark to keep it moving straight, as well as the best pattern to use on a parcel of land that was not rectangular.
“I will be right next to you today. It may be a time or two before your pop and I think you’re ready to solo, but you are going to do the entire job this time.” While Aiden started mowing under Phil’s supervision, Larry did what Aiden used to do which was mow the front and west side yards with the push mower.
Aiden was almost eighty percent finished when Nolan and his mother came out on the deck. “Whoa, look, it’s Farmer Aiden on his tractor,” Nolan shouted.
Aiden stopped and waved. He wasn’t ready to take a hand off the steering wheel while the mower was moving. “Hey, Nolan, I’m almost done,” he shouted out before putting the mower back into gear and placing his free hand back on the steering wheel. After finishing the mowing job, he drove the mower to the shed where it was stored. He stopped short of the door. 
Phil had told Aiden during his lesson that he would park the mower in the shed. “That lesson will be for another day,” he told his son. He looked over at Nolan. “Unless, Nolan wants to use the weed whacker, your chores are over for the day. Happy Birthday, son.”  He gave Aiden a hug for a job well done as well as one for his birthday. Since it was a special day, Aiden managed to not be too embarrassed by the hugs.
Nolan’s mother wished Aiden Happy Birthday. She had brought a cake she baked. Aiden was amazed when he looked at it. The icing was in Mayfield blue and gold with a baseball, a glove, and a bat, as well as a soccer ball and basketball and basketball hoop.
“Wow, thank you Mrs. Moyer. That is an awesome birthday cake. I’ve gotta get my camera and get pictures of it.” He surprised Nolan’s mother by giving her a quick hug. Vivian Moyer told Phil good-bye and Nolan escorted her to the front door. She waved to Larry who was doing some trimming in the front yard. As she started down the road, she thought about how she was becoming more convinced that the relationship between her son and Aiden was a good and healthy one.
Aiden and Nolan set up Aiden’s tent on the freshly cut grass. After it was up, they went into the basement, stripped naked, and enjoyed skinny dipping, hot tubbing, and naked ping pong, as well as checking on the Mariner score.  Aiden was glad that Nolan was the only friend at the house for his real birthday. After all, he thought, Nolan is more than just a friend, or a best friend, he is my boyfriend.
Kalie rode her bike to the house a little after lunch, which was a ham sandwich and an apple. Larry warned her before she went into the house that the boys were skinny dipping.
“That’s cool. I’ve seen them naked before,” she said without shame. Larry wasn’t at all surprised by her bold confession and had to work hard not to laugh. “And don’t worry, I won’t get naked and join them.”
“Who was worrying?” Larry grinned.
Kalie then walked out on the deck and looked down at the two naked boys on the patio. “Happy Birthday, Aiden,” she called out.
Aiden and Nolan both shrieked and jumped into the pool. It was one thing for her to see them naked when it was agreed on in advance, but something else entirely to be surprised while skinny dipping together. Larry and Phil both laughed at the sudden leaps into the pool as they were once again amused by the inconsistencies of pubescent boys.
Larry invited Kalie to stay and eat with them, but she said she had to be back home. “Maybe some other time when I can stay and swim naked, too,” she said. 
“Who knows, maybe someday,” Larry told her.
“I guess,” she said noncommittally, and left for her bike.
The boys went into the basement and watched the Mariner game on the TV in the games room as they played foosball. After the Mariner game was over, Aiden sent Marty the picture of his birthday cake and texted him thanks for the 7-2 win on his birthday. Marty had gone one-for-four with an RBI double and had an error at third along with three assists. He and the Mariners had come through with a win for Aiden’s birthday.
Dinner was barbecued hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw, and, of course, birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. The boys stayed naked through dinner, but Larry and Phil were not in naturist mode in deference to Nolan’s presence.
Aiden and Nolan knew only one sleeping bag would be needed. Larry and Phil noted that was all the boys carried into the tent, along with two pillows, water bottles, and other paraphernalia they deemed necessary.
It was time for the main event. Aiden wanted Nolan to top him, which Nolan did, both varying his pace from slow to fast and hard. For Aiden what Nolan did to him felt much better than whatever it was he had imagined the night before. This was the real thing, Aiden was in love with the boy on top of him, and it was his birthday. After Nolan filled Aiden’s gut and Aiden squirted on the two of them, Aiden suggested they say one thing they were grateful for before squeezing into the sleeping bag.
Aiden said he was grateful to have Nolan as his boyfriend. It was no surprise when Nolan wished Aiden Happy Birthday and then said he was grateful to have Aiden as his boyfriend. Once again, Aiden had his best birthday ever.
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