These are the various words or phrases not common in the English language. If you discover a foreign or alien word or phrase (Not counting the Sinocardian phrases) in the story that isn't listed here, please report it.


Draconian Words and phrases

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Abuchino: A red root vegetable much like a carrot

Agejaga: Draconian style French fries

Akage: Redhead

Asupara: A blue vegetable similar to asparagus.Blue vegetable similar to Asparagus


Bakuei: Camping

BurutaigasBurutaigas: Blue Royal Tigers


Chidrag: Wyvern or baby dragonChidrag


Daar: King

Daburu Chiizubaagaa: Double Cheeseburger

Dachou:Dachou A type of Draconian Bird

Darastix: Dragons or Draconia

Darastixian: Draconian

Dekachin: Male body part, "penis"

Dekiaki: Dry Season, from mid-Juuichigatsu to mid-Gogatsu

Donichi: Eighth day of the week – No Terran Equivalent

Doubutsuen: Zoo

Doyoubi: Seventh day of the week – Saturday

Drot: Drot is Draconian for boy or male child under the age of thirteen, especially for those ten or younger.


Einen: Many Years

Enujiiwaado: Draconian profane version of the word "no," as in "HELL NO!!!" or "FUCK NO!!!"


Fairu: File

Fundoshi: the traditional style of underwear worn by Draconian or Japanese males, made from a length of cotton. It is formed when the cloth is wound around the hips so that there is an excess of apron, which is brought back again between the legs and twisted around the belt-cloth in back. The fundoshi is often twisted to create a thong effect at the back. It was also the standard male bathing suit.


Gensui: Fleet Admiral - Military Only - Position held by the Princes when they are in the military. If more than one Prince is in the military, it is the oldest.

Getsu: Second Day of the Week – Monday

Glalkat: A Draconian Greeting

Gogatsu: Third Month of the year

Gokugetsu: Tenth month of the year

Gunbaisha: Admiral - Military Only - Position held by other Princes when they are in the military if more than one is.

Gunsotsu: Non-Officer Military Personnel

Guyyas: A two-headed bearGuyya


Hachigatsu: Sixth month of the year

Haimono Jaku: Actually jakuhaimono means young, inexperienced, green horn.

Harapenero Chiizu: Spicy cheese

Hashu: Planting Season, from mid-Gogatsu to mid-Juuichigatsu

HastrasHastras: Draconian mustached monkey.

Hiretsukan: means mean Bastard; a despicable person

Hosayaku: Lieutenant


Ichigatsu: Eleventh month of the year


Jinzouningen: Android

Jippu: Natural or Birth Father

Juivend'veh: Draconian word meaning naked.

Juugatsu: Eighth month of the year

Juuichigatsu: Ninth month of the year


Ka: Third day of the week – Tuesday

KaisokusenKage: Shadow

Kaisokusen: Draconian Vessel, it's name means "fast ship."

Kalbu: means loving father

Kaldaka (Plural - Kaldakai):Kaldaka Draconian animal similar to a Wolf, but has two tails.

Kashe: (Draconian noun) The occupation of being an Ambassador

Kelfu: means one you think of as you would your father. A very close older male.

Kiga: A blue PenguinKiga

Kiiren: Slang for the Male Body Part, Cock

Kin: Sixth day of the week – Friday

Kiroguramujuu: Unit of measure similar to a kilogram.

Kliiss:  Draconian term for the act of procreating, or sex.

Kojaku: Orphan

Kojako ga atarashī chichioya o mitsuketa toki, sonotoki wa mōsuguda: When the Orphan finds his new daddy, the time is nigh.

Koji: Little One or Little Blessing

Kouken: A guardian

Kugatsu: Seventh month of the year

Kunniku: Draconian style of bacon

Kuwabarakuwabara: Heaven forbid

KyozouKyozous: A Draconian Elephant


Letthalar: Starlight

Letthalar Doubutsuen: Starlight Zoo


Meagear: Commander

Mikannoshiru: Fruit Juice like Orange Juice

Moku: Fifth day of the week – Thursday


Nichi: First Day of the Week – Sunday

Niedhousen Sea: An island sea with a mysterious creature few have seen and even fewer have lived to tell about it.

Nigatsu: Twelveth Month of the year

Niguntiki: Genitals


Opsola: Father or Dad


Pankekis: Pancake


Reshpoto: Spice similar to garlic

Rokugatsu: Fourth month of the year

Remonsui: Draconian fruit drink similar to lemonade.


Sangatsu: First Month of the year

Seizen: Organized

Shasho: A neat or organized man or boy

Shichigatsu: Fifth month of the year

Shigatsu: Second Month of the year

Shikikan: Lt Commander

Shimasukanku (Shimmy):Shimmy Draconian version of a skunk

Shoruidana: a filing cabinet

Shoui: Ensign - Lowest Ranking Officer in the Draconian Military

Shouryou: Dragon

Silnesa: a Draconian variation of the snail.Silnesa

Sono basho ni aru subete no mono to subete no mono no tame no basho: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Sui: Fourth day of the week – Wednesday

Sukidoushi: Sukidoushi means true love; boyfriend/girlfriend; soulmate


Tei: Younger brother

Tomo: Twin

Toth: means Worm; larva; worthless person

Tou: Katana or Sword


Vobit: Draconian word for shit or crap

Vs'shtakvi: Courageous or brave

vyklade: A type of snakeVyklade


French Phrases

Bonsoir, Maître Rivers. Voulez-vous la table habituelle de vos parents?: "Good evening, Master Rivers. Would you like your parents' usual table?"

Je ne savais pas que tu parlais Français: "I didn't know you spoke French."

Je pense qu'il aimerait cela: I think he would like that.


Italian Words and Phrases

Pollo FrancaisePollo Francaise: An Italian dish consisting of chicken breast, usually cut into strips but may be left whole, cooked in a lemony-butter and white wine sauce. It is usually served over pasta.


Norwegian Words and Phrases

Knask eller knep: Trick or Treat

Landsbyboere: Villagers

Vi er takknemlige for at du tok vare på situasjonen. Alt er tilgitt. Jeg er glad for at personen ikke gjorde deg vondt mer enn han gjorde: I am thankful that you took care of the situation, and all is forgiven. I am also glad that you weren't harmed any more than what was done.

Stor leder, disse to mennene er kaptein Bowman og kaptein Garcia. De fører de to skipene vi har i bane. De har bedt meg om unnskyldning for handlinger begått av et av våre folk. Great leader, these two men are Captain Bowman and Captain Garcia. They lead the two ships we have in orbit. They have asked me to apologize for the acts committed by one of our people.



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