You & I


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You & I

By D.K. Daniels


Hi, I guess. I’m not too sure what to write here other than hi… It’s weird you know because I have been assigned a pen-pal, which is obviously outdated dude or girl or whatever. I’m a dude, well, I'm fourteen, and since I have no idea who the anonymous friend I have been forced to write to for the next three months, I don't know what to say. For the next couple of weeks are we supposed to be super simple and not get much into things in order to pass class? I'm not going to lie I need to make an effort, my grades are superbad, so if you make an effort, I'll make an effort. I’ll confess it is weird to talk to another person without saying my name. I’ve been told it has to be secret, and that seems odd, due to the fact the first thing I have been conditioned to do is state my name the first time I meet someone new. Our teacher told us today we were supposed to write the note and the box at the front of the classroom is to be used to distribute the letters to and from you. So, to state for the record, and from what number I picked on the form, I choose candidate 37, which is you whoever you are. I don't feel like calling you candidate 37. Despite, it seems impersonal, and I don't know it seems wrong to call another human by a number, but whatever. Perhaps call me Bond… James Bond.

I wrote the letter your reading three times. I am sorry if it is cringy and you are already dreading the coming days and contact with me. I ran out of time to write anything because I had to start over so many times, I get nervous sometimes; I don't know why I guess it is in my nature. At least I have the comfort in knowing the teachers won’t read what we are writing, and it is going to be funny building a conversation with someone I have probably or probably have not met. The chance and probability, however, are quite high considering we are in the same school.

Anyway, it's almost home time, and I have basketball practice to do so; I hope you have a nice day.

From Bond… James Bond.


To: Mr. James Bond,

Ello, to you too. Your snarkasm is duly noted and I find it amusing, plus don’t be afraid, I believe I am as nervous about writing what I am writing as of this moment as you were when you were sending me the letter. I am boy too, 14 also, at least I got another guy to talk to. I don't talk to many guys because not to many take notice.

Personally, I presume I would have fallen out of my chair if I received a girl. I have been wondering all day who I have been assigned to and I know I can't say any kind of thank you for picking me because chances are you have no idea who I am.

I agree a number is impersonal and I am glad you have chosen to point it out in our first letter. I guess it would be hard to communicate calling each other Candidate(A) and Candidate(B.)

Anyhow, I'll help you out no problem, I'm not bad off when it comes to grades so I guess I can relax a little, but not too much. My parents would kill me if I fail any exams and I don't want to live through it. I'll write to you as long as you write to me, plus I guess it indicates the two of us have to keep on lettering if we want to advance. I'll get by, but extra credits are always welcome. The letter was fine; personally, I did not find it awkward so you can cool it. From what I can tell, and with the tone of your voice coming through the letter, you seem like a nice person, who wants to be honest. I try to be frank except it doesn't help me all the same.

It sounds like you are famous or something, well you must be if you are on the basketball team. I would never sign up for it. I can’t imagine myself being flung around the court like some dogs waterlogged stick. I am little skinny so I suppose I am not one for sports. Combine it with the fact I have no interest in the concept, then it makes sense. I belong elsewhere, commonly where folks don’t see me or where I can’t hear them.

I have a mountain of homework to do when I get home. Send help…. Let me know how basketball goes I guess.

Until next time,



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A special thanks to my patrons: Samuel Roe (Cynus), Thomas Tallis, Don Jr., Joen, Ozzy,

You, Me & Them Synopsis:

Its the fourth of July, sweltering heat, patties on the grill, fun, and laughter to be had with close-ones. All is well for sixteen-year-old Taylor, who has a crush on his best friend. Every summer, the families get together to celebrate by lake Chebacco. Only this 4th of July, Jackson, Taylors best friend has a secret of his own. As the endless day of wonder, dips into the cool evening, will Jackson and Taylor speak of their rattled nerves for each other? Perhaps make their own Fourth of July fireworks.

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