Frangol's Flight: A Dragon Earl Universe Short Story

Frangol's Flight

Frangol was sitting under his favourite tree, leaning against the trunk trying to figure out why the bills of lading weren't matching up to his father's orders. Soon the numbers began to double, and then blur, so Frangol closed his eyes to see if that would help. His mind must have known more than his body, and soon he was snoring gently.

Once he was asleep, his mind took him on a dream flight of fancy. He was on the back of a beautiful bronze dragon soaring majestically and gracefully over the dales, meadows, and creeks outside of his small village. While he was relaxed and becoming one with his dragon, a series of numbers flashed in front of his eyes. Frangol suddenly realized the answer had been right in front of his eyes the whole time. What he had thought was a sloppily written three was actually a five. Once that was out of the way, he leaned forward and patted the neck of that which was giving him the flight of his life. He was revelling in the feel of the cool air flowing past his face and the feeling of being totally alive. He hadn't felt like that since hearing Brion singing in Potters Village as he and his dad had passed through. He thought that his heart and soul were soaring through the sky on the wings of Brion's song.

Frangol had just sighted what he thought was another dragon flying toward them when something nudged him, and when he kept staring at the approaching dragon, he was nudged again. The third time that he was nudged, he opened his eyes, and nearly was in the arms of Draconis. For what had nudged him was the very same bronze dragon from his dream.

'It's not your time to join Draconis, yet, Frangol. Although Draconis did send me, she says that you are a distressed soul, in the wrong place at this time of your life. According to Draconis, I am yours and you are mine, and I am to fly you to the place where you can fulfill all of your dreams, including those that you won't admit to yourself!'

When Frangol, heard the word fly, he nearly passed out in shock, joy, or both. When he finally understood that he was hearing the dragon in his head, he jumped up so quickly, that he nearly collapsed from the blood rushing out of his head. Luckily for him, the dragon caught him with his snout, and gently lowered him to the ground. Once Frangol was sure that he wasn't going to fall over, he slowly stood up, very carefully keeping his back against the trunk of the tree. Once he was solidly upright, he began speaking to the dragon, and without even thinking about it, he was speaking mind to mind.

'I can't go flying off to anywhere, I need to give my dad the answer to his problem. Plus, he needs me, and I don't even know your name...'

'If your dad desperately needed that answer, why did he give you the afternoon off; and why did he tell you to take your time? You know as well as I do, that your brothers are more of a help to your dad than you are. Besides, you don't really like working with numbers, or unloading and putting away stock. You really want to help more people than just your family, and you're only helping your father out of familial duty. Draconis needs you and you need to live your dreams. My name is MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias) in Olde Folke...'

'Which means 'Gift'...' Frangol's interruption was cut short as MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  continued speaking.

'I have a leather satchel attached to your saddle, climb up and put your papers in the satchel after you write the answer to the problem. Also, write a short note stating that you are flying to Highmont for Draconis. You can drop the satchel as we fly over your village on the way to Highmont. Seeing you flying on a dragon will stop a lot of questions from your family.'

When MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  finished his instructions, he lowered his body so that Frangol could easily climb aboard.

Frangol quickly wrote what he needed, and then carefully climbed aboard his dragon. 'Hmm, that will take a bit of getting used to', thought Frangol as he carefully placed his papers in the satchel. Before he could decide what to do next, he heard MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias) ,

'Move back a little bit, and then fasten the blue belt across your lap, then grab my neck and hold on tight.'

Frangol looked to his right and then to his left and sure enough, there were two halves to a belt. Before he had completely cinched the belt, MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  had raised himself off of the ground. He had raised up until only his legs were on the ground. The second that Frangol, leaned forward MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  lunged a few steps forward and then with several mighty beats of his wings they were airborne. Minutes, later Frangol dropped the satchel, hoping that it would land in front of his family's hitching post, or in one of the wagons parked in there. As soon as Frangol had let go of the pouch, MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  increased the beating of his wings, and soon they were climbing swiftly higher. Frangol was totally amazed as this flight was even better than his dreams. Not only could he feel the air rushing past his face, but he could also feel it. As he began to relax and take in the amazing colours of the patchwork quilt below him, he heard a new voice,

'Frangol, I have a very important job for you, MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  will land you in front of Highmont Cathedral, the Arch Prelate will then take you under his wing and with Artur's help teach you everything you need to know to serve me. Once that has been accomplished you will become an itinerant cleric serving quite a few of the small towns and villages that have no Cleric now. MâttyâzMâttyâz (Mattias)  will always be with you flying you wherever you need to go. You will be the first Dragon Riding Cleric in the history of Erehwon. Now relax; this is what you have been waiting for all your life, now you can help the people that need help and live all of your dreams.' Draconis left behind a shocked young man when she stopped speaking.

Frangol's heart and soul began to soar like Brion's voice as he realized that he was truly living all of his dreams.


The End!!!

Dragon GifAuthor's End Note:

I had a lot of fun writing this short piece, I hope that this Short Story shows what can happen when you email an author.

Frank thank you for the suggestion, even though this wasn't what you intended!


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Dragon GifEditor's Notes:

A very good story, TSL, can you manage to add another chapter or two, to it?

I can attest to the fact that TSL really does pay attention to correspondence. After hearing me ask for a sequel to a powerful short story, he wrote a continuation of the short story and it turned out to be a wonderful full-length story.

Darryl AKA  The Radio Rancher

Dragon GifAuthor's Addendum:

There won't be any more added to this story, these are all of the words that were created in my brain. Also, it isn't my dream. 

Jeff P. told me it wasn't really The End unless it had three !!! wink