Who Is He?


Chris turned onto his back and groaned as he woke up. He tried to stretch and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move easily. He tried to lift his arms over his head to stretch and spread his legs out and stretch them. Nothing felt right. He couldn’t seem to move around freely and he didn’t understand. He tried to yawn and his mouth didn’t move either. He opened his eyes to see what was confining him and figured he needed to untangle the sheets on his bed so that he could stretch since he felt so stiff. When he blinked his eyes open he noticed that something seemed wrong. The walls of his room looked strange. They had some kind of puffy material on them. He tried to move again and then he remembered everything and tears once again flowed down his cheeks.

He rolled off his hands that were taped behind him and started to struggle to try to free himself. He realized quickly that he was still as secure as he had been the night before. Next he started to realize something else, he needed to pee…bad. He would have crossed his legs if he could have, but the tape was still binding him tightly. He squirmed around but couldn’t seem to stop what inevitably happened and he could no longer hold it. He felt the warmth between his legs as his pee flowed out. He felt some shame to this as his briefs and jeans soaked up the pee, but he also felt the relief of his emptying bladder and he almost sighed in relief from it.

After a little while his soaked crotch started to get uncomfortable as the pee cooled down. Outside the door he heard the sound of footsteps and then the locks on the door were unlocked and he looked at the door as it was opened. He saw the man who had handed the "Lost Dog" paper to him and Travis the other day. Behind him was the other guy who had carried him in here last night. Hal saw that Chris was awake and the pretty, bound boy turned him on and he felt a tightening in his pants. The two men came further into the room when Hal stopped by the bed and looked down on the boy.

Hal made a mock gesture of holding his nose when he looked over at George, "Whew, do you smell that George. I think our boy had a little accident. Think we should help him out."

George smiled in answer, "Yeah we wouldn’t want him to stay wet. Let’s help him get cleaned up."

Hal chuckled and elbowed George,"That sounds like fun."

George pulled a buck knife out of his pocket and advanced on Chris. Chris’ eyes opened wide and he tried to squirm away as the men advanced. George took Chris’ shoes and socks off and then grabbed the tape that was around Chris’ legs and quickly cut the tape holding his legs together. When Chris felt his legs were free, he tried to stretch the stiffness out of his legs. They were suddenly grabbed and he saw Hal reach for the button of his jeans. He awkwardly started to buck and kick out at the men. He caught George a glancing blow to the balls and George pulled back for a moment with a small groan. George quickly grabbed Chris’ ankles and held them as Hal reached over and unbuttoned and unzipped Chris’ jeans before pulling them down his legs. When he got them down to his ankles, George let go of his ankles since the pants didn’t let Chris kick his legs around as much and Hal pulled his pants off and threw them to the floor. George quickly grabbed his legs again. The men looked at the boy in his yellow stained briefs. Hal held his hand out to George and George pulled the buck knife out of his pocket again and handed it to Hal. Hal opened it and turned back to Chris.

"Now boy, it might not be a good idea to squirm around right now. You wouldn’t want me to accidently cut anything important off would you." Hal smirked at him and Chris froze. Hal carefully slid the knife up the leg hole on the side and cut the material. He repeated it on the other side and then closed the knife, slipped it into his pocket and pulled the front of the briefs down and then out from underneath Chris’ butt, before he threw them toward the wet jeans.

"That’s much better. I’m sure that was a getting a little uncomfortable. We don’t want you to get a rash so we’re going to help you get cleaned up," he said with a smirk.

Chris was crying in shame now as he laid there exposed from the waist down to the two men. They then turned him over on his stomach and Hal took the knife out and cut his hands free but kept a grip on them. He handed the knife back to George who closed it and put it back in his pocket.

"George, I’ll hold him and you move him onto his back," Hal said to George getting a nod in acknowledgment from him.

Hal got up on the bed and knelt over Chris with his knees on either side of Chris’ legs and sat back a little keeping him from doing much moving, especially kicking. He held his arms as George rolled Chris onto his back. Hal let go of Chris’ left arm for a moment, but he quickly trapped the loose arm under Chris’ body so that he couldn’t move, until he could grab it and secure his arm again. Once Chris was on his back, Hal sat back on his upper thighs using his weight to keep Chris from kicking. George moved up and he and Hal lifted his arms but keep a grip on them as they stripped his t shirt off of him. Hal then reached down and grabbed Chris’ dick and balls in his hand and gave them a quick hard squeeze. Chris screamed through the tape. Hal loosened his grip a little but held on to them as he leaned down toward Chris. "That’s just a little taste of what I’ll do if you give us any trouble. We’re going to cut the tape from your mouth and if you want to scream go ahead. No one will hear you. You know why, look at the walls in here." Chris looked around the room as Hal continued, "That padding you see is soundproofing. That means that no sound leaves this room. Now don’t move while George cuts the tape, we don’t want to cut your pretty face."

George pulled the knife out again, pulled the tape away from Chris’s neck a little and he carefully slid the knife between Chris’ skin and the tape and quickly cut it. He returned the knife to his pocket and yanked the tape from Chris’s face and off the back of his neck. Some of Chris’ hair came with it and he cried out and then started yelling, "OWWW! HELP, HELP ME SOMEBODY. PLEASE HELP ME!"

The men just sat there and watched him yell. Even in the room Chris could tell that no one could hear him, it even sounded a little muffled in here. He had been in rooms before that were kind of empty like this and they had a little echo when you said anything. There was no echo in here, so he stopped yelling.

"See I told ya. The room is soundproofed. Now we are going to let you up so you can get cleaned up. If you cooperate, you won’t get any more of this," Hal grabbed him and squeezed again causing Chris to scream again. "Understand?"

Chris nodded through his tears. Hal got up, and gestured for Chris to get up. He gripped Chris’ shoulder and led him over to the other door in the room and opened it. There was a bathroom and shower inside and Hal led him over to the shower. Chris saw that the bathroom was also soundproofed and he could see where the window had been boarded up. Hal turned on the shower and pulled Chris over to his side. Once Hal had the temperature just right, he let go of him and pushed Chris into it, "Get cleaned up, I’ll wait right here." He called out to the bedroom, "George why don’t you take Marcus to the doc and get his knee looked at."

George walked over and glanced in the bathroom, "Sounds good. Don’t start without us." Hal nodded, "Of course not. We’ll see you when you get back. Why don’t you drop the collar off in the room before you leave?" George nodded "Sure. See you guys later. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do."

Hal never took his eyes off Chris as he cleaned up. He just kind of waved his acknowledgment when George left the room. Once Chris was finished, Hal handed him a towel and watched as he dried off. Hal put his hand on Chris’ shoulder once again and led him back into the room. On the bed there was something made of leather and chain, Chris couldn’t tell what it was. Hal made him lay down on his back on the bed and he straddled him before he let go of his grip. He reached to the contraption and Chris could see that it was a thick leather strap. Hal put the collar behind Chris’ head. Chris tried to move his head away, but Hal once again grabbed him and squeezed hard, eliciting a scream from Chris. Hal then pulled the thick leather collar around Chris’ neck and then picked up a lock that Chris had not seen earlier and locked the collar closed. He then took the chain that hung from the collar and locked it to an eye bolt in the wall above the bed.

He got up off of Chris and stood back smiling, "Now my little slave boy. You look perfect. Why don’t you rest now and I’ll visit you later."

Chris looked at him and pleaded, "Please let me go."

Hal looked at him and then put his hand on his chin as if thinking about it, "Hmmm…no…I don’t think so. But if you’re good and do what we tell you, we’ll let you go later."

Chris continued to plead, "Please, I swear I won’t tell anyone, just let me go. I wanna go home."

Hal shook his head, "Later. We want to have some fun first. Bye now."

Hal left the room and locked the door behind him. Inside the room, Chris tried to pull on the collar and the chain but they were strongly locked. He sat back against the headboard and pulled his knees up to his chest, wrapped his arms around his knees and dropped his forehead on his arms and cried.



Travis woke up next morning and didn’t really have much of an appetite. He was really worried about Chris. He cleaned up and went to the living room to watch TV. He just stared at the TV, not really watching it.

Troy walked in the room and looked at his little brother. He could tell that Travis was not the normal happy boy that he usually was. He knew it was because his best friend was missing and he was scared. Troy could see it in his face and they way he sat staring at the TV. He walked over and sat down next to Travis.

Travis glanced at him with that sad expression and Troy lifted his arm up and put it around his shoulder. That was all it took and Travis leaned against Troy’s chest and started crying. Troy just held him and stroked his head and back, rocking him a little to try to soothe him. Their parents came in a little while later and saw Troy and Travis together on the couch and gave Troy a sad smile before they went to the kitchen.

Travis finally calmed down. Troy got him up and convinced him to get something to eat. When they were done, Troy had to leave to go meet with some friends so Travis was alone again. He went back in his room and lay down, eventually he fell asleep. He felt someone shaking him and he woke up to Bryce standing over him, "Travis, your mom said to come wake you up."

Travis groaned and put his head under the pillow to get away. Bryce grabbed it out of his hands, "C’mon Travis. Your mom wants you to get up. She has something for you to eat and she invited me to eat with you. Afterwards, let’s get out of here for a little while," Bryce pleaded with him.

Travis shook his head and his voice came out muffled, "I don’t know…."

Bryce interrupted him, "I already asked your mom, she said you’ve been in the house all day and you need to get outside. I thought maybe we could swim for a little while."

Travis’ voice was still muffled under the pillow, "I don’t really feel like it much."

Bryce snatched the pillow away and looked at him, "C’mon man, go swimming with me. Maybe we’ll both feel a little better."

Travis scowled at Bryce but relented when he could see how bad Bryce felt as well, "Ooookaaay, I’ll go. Sheesh."

Bryce smiled, "Cool, your mom wants you to come out there and have something to eat and then we’ll go to my house."

Travis nodded and followed Bryce to the kitchen. His mom had grilled cheese sandwiches ready for them. They thanked her and sat down to eat. When he sat down, Travis realized he was hungrier than he thought.

Once they were finished, Travis went to the garage to get his bike and when he saw the mangled front wheel, he realized he had forgotten about what had happened. He went back outside to Bryce, "I forgot, my bike’s broken. It, ah happened last night, the front wheel’s all busted up."

Bryce nodded, "Yeah I know."

Travis’ eyes teared up as he looked down, "Yeah, I’m scared for him Bry."

Bryce put his arm across Travis’ shoulder and nodded, "I know Trav, me too. Do you think they’ll find him soon?"

Travis shrugged, "I hope so, I miss him a lot. He’s always been my best friend."

Bryce removed his arm and went to stand his bike up from where he had left it in the yard, "I know. We can walk, it’s not far. I’ll push my bike and walk with you."

Travis looked at him, "You sure?"

Bryce smiled, "Yeah man, I wanna go swimming."

He got a tentative smile from Travis, "Alright, let’s go."

The two boys started walking. It didn’t take long to walk the few blocks to Bryce’s house. When they neared the halfway point, Travis slowed down a little. Bryce was a few steps ahead when he realized Travis wasn’t next to him anymore. He looked back and saw the sad look on Travis’ face. He slowed down until Travis caught up with him. He looked around and glanced at Travis, "Is that where it happened?"

Travis could only nod as he tried to hold in the tears. Once they were past the spot, he walked a little faster and they soon arrived at Bryce’s house. Once there, they quickly changed into their shorts and went out back to go swimming. Robin joined them. Soon Travis started to feel better as the three kids had a great time swimming. After a couple of hours, they got out and Travis went to Bryce’s room to play video games. By the time he needed to go home, Travis was feeling a little better. In his mind he trusted that the police would find Chris soon and would bring him home safely. Bryce’s dad offered him a ride home and because of what had happened he accepted the ride. Once he got home he thanked Mr. Sanders and went inside to tell his mom that he was home.

He went to his room for a few minutes and grabbed a book that he was reading. He brought it to the front porch and sat on the bench that was there and started reading. Troy came home and smiled at him. His dad came home and sat down next to him.

Travis closed the book and put it on his lap, "How are you holding up, Son?"

Travis shrugged, "Okay Dad. Has anyone heard anything about Chris yet?"

Richard shook his head, "No, not that I know of. I’ll check with Chris’ parents after dinner and see if they have heard anything yet, okay?"

Travis smiled his thanks, "Yeah thanks Dad."

Richard gave him a one armed hug, "Sure sport. Dinner’ll probably be ready soon. So, why don’t you come in and wash up?"

Travis nodded, "Kay Dad."

Mr. Grayson stood up and waited for Travis and they went inside. He had been right, dinner was soon ready. They ate and after helping clean up, Travis went back outside to read for awhile again. As the afternoon sun started to get lower, he suddenly felt like he was being watched. He closed the book and looked up.

Standing on the sidewalk was an older teenager who looked like he was about the same age as Troy or maybe a year or two older. The boy was kind of tall, wearing jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt over a dark red t shirt. He had black hair and was wearing sunglasses.

When Travis looked up the boy smiled and without thinking Travis smiled back. The boy waved and Travis waved back. It seemed that the boy took that as an invitation, he glanced over at Chris’ house and then he walked up the walkway to the front porch. Travis watched him as he approached and although he didn’t know this boy, he felt safe. He figured it was one of Troy’s friends.

Travis smiled at him, "Hi, are you one of Troy’s friends? I don’t think I’ve met you before."

The teen shrugged, "Uh, yeah…yeah I am. I just met him this summer when I first came here."

Travis motioned with his head toward the door, "Well he’s inside, probably in his room."

The teen smiled and nodded, "Uh, okay thanks."

The boy hesitated for a moment and then sat down next to Travis, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

Travis looked at with a puzzled expression, "Uh, no, that’s okay I guess."

The teen looked away from Travis before he said anything, "Sorry, I know it sounds weird, but I really came here to talk to you and see how you’re doing?"

Travis was surprised, "Me, why?"

The teen smiled a little, "I heard what happened to your friend. Care to talk about it?"

Travis swallowed, "I, uh, why?"

The teen smiled reassuringly, "I know how you feel."

"You know how I feel?" Travis asks in a surprised voice.

The teen shrugged, "Yeah."

Travis looked at the teen with a confused look. He appeared to be trying to gather his thoughts.

The teen glanced over at the Hale house again before he turned back to Travis, "A few years ago, I lost a close friend and I thought since your friend was missing that maybe I can help you talk about it. It helped me. So if you…ya know…want to talk about it. I’d be willing to listen."

Travis looked at him for a few moments and this sense of safety and sympathy seemed to radiate from the teen and Travis smiled at him. The boy took off his sunglasses and Travis started to get lost in the teens bright blue eyes that seemed to almost glow. That seemed to become the focus of the feelings of safety, protection and sympathy. He sensed that this teen would never hurt him, but would protect him. There was something about his eyes that was familiar and comforting. Travis smiled and nodded, "Yeah, maybe that would help."

The teen gave him an answering smile and said, "Good, you can trust me. I’m a friend."

For the next few minutes they talked about what had happened to Chris and Travis. He asked questions that helped Travis remember a few details that he had forgotten about. The teen laughed and congratulated Travis when he told him about hitting the one guy with the bat. Finally the story was done and Travis felt a little better. While they were talking the sun had sunk to the horizon. The teen stood up and held out his hand. Travis took it and they shook hands. The teen waved and walked back down the walkway. As he walked by the Hale house he stopped for a moment and glanced at it, before continuing down the street. Travis stood and watched him walk down the block and out of sight. He then stood up and went inside.



Chris woke up late the next morning and rolled over. He felt something cold against his back and he jerked away from it. He opened his eyes and reached for it and felt the heavy chain that was attached to the leather collar he was wearing. He scowled and jerked on the chain end that was attached to the wall. Before he was scared, now he started to get angry. He was still scared, but he was a little pissed now. He turned to the sound of the opening door.

Hal entered followed by George and Marcus, who was now using crutches to get around. He had a brace covering his entire left leg. Marcus closed the door behind him once they were all in the room. George was carrying a TV tray with some food on it. Hal walked over to the wall and took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the chain from the wall. George put the tray down by the bed.

Marcus leaned on the crutches near the closed door and scowled at the naked boy, "See what your little bastard friend did to me. He broke my knee. But don’t worry, that won’t stop me from having some fun. I plan to have a lot of fun with you."

Chris tried to keep his face neutral but inwardly he grinned, [Good for you Travis. Too bad you didn’t break his head.]

Hal gathered up the chain as he neared Chris. He gave it a little tug to get Chris’ attention, "Good morning sunshine. Come along, you probably need to pee and we don’t want you peeing on the bed."

He tugged again a little harder this time and Chris reluctantly let himself be led to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet and blushed red as he saw the men watching him go to the bathroom.

After he had used the toilet and washed his hands, Hal came up behind him and pushed his shoulders forward, "Bend over slave boy."

Chris resisted a little and Hal pushed him harder so that he was almost lying on the sink top, "Grab your butt cheeks and spread ‘em."

Chris hesitated and Hal yanked on the chain, "Now, or you’re gonna get hurt! Trust me, you don’t want to be hurt they way I’d hurt you."

Tears started down his face as he hesitantly reached back and grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart. He felt something slippery being rubbed on his butthole and then something hard was pressed against it. His hole resisted it for a few moments and then the hard thing entered him and he felt his hole burning. It kept going in for a little bit and then it stopped and he felt a wide part against his butt and the rest of it was inside him.

Hal grunted with satisfaction, "There, much better. You will leave that in there and don’t touch it. Again you’ll have to trust me. This will make things a lot easier. We want you to enjoy the fun too. Come along."

The two other men chuckled at him as Hal tugged the chain again to lead him back into the room. He directed Chris to sit on the edge of the bed near the food.

When he sat down the thing in his butt didn’t really hurt anymore, but it did feel weird.

Hal pointed at the tray, "Eat some food and then we’re going to let you rest some more. You leave that plug in your butt and don’t touch it. If it is not in there when we come back later, I’m gonna hurt you. Understand?"

Chris nodded numbly as he wiped his face. Hal locked the chain up to the wall once again. The men stood there and watched while he ate. They made him feel self-conscious with the way they kept looking at him and whispering among themselves. Sitting and eating breakfast naked with a bunch of men watching him made him nervous. He eventually finished what he could and George picked the tray up again. Marcus opened the door for him and he left.

Hal went over to Chris and stroked his hair smiling at him, "There now slave boy. Now you have a full tummy isn’t that better? We’ll come back later and then we’ll all have a bunch of fun. Remember what I told you about the plug, hands off."

Chris watched them leave and close the door behind them. He rolled onto his side and curled up. He stared at a wall as tears dripped down his face. He was scared, [Please God, help me. I don’t know what they’re going to do to me, but I know I won’t like it. So help my Dad and Mom find me soon and save me.]

Chris eventually cried himself to sleep. Chris woke up later when he felt someone touching his back. He could feel someone stroking his back gently and he smiled as he turned over. He shied away in surprise when he saw Hal was sitting on the bed near him. Looking around he saw the other two men were sitting in chairs nearby.

Hal smiled at him, "Ah good you’re awake. How are you feeling?"

Chris frowned, "I want to go home."

Hal looked over at the other two, "Yes I’m sure you do and you will be allowed to go home soon."

Chris was hopeful, "Really when?"

Hal gently rubbed his shoulder and gave him a predatory smile, "Soon. You’ll go home soon. But now it’s time for some fun."

Hal stood up and Chris saw that he was wearing a robe. George stood up as well. They started to remove their robes until they were naked as well. Marcus did not get up from the chair, but he opened his robe, he was naked underneath as well.

Chris was a little fascinated at first, because he had seen his friends Travis and Bryce naked many times when they changed into their swim trunks when they went swimming at Bryce’s house, but he had never seen a naked man. He saw that the men had hair around their stuff, unlike his smooth hairless body.

Hal grinned lasciviously at Chris, "You like what you see slave boy?"

Chris blushed and looked down, "N…no, I, uh wasn’t look….looking at anything."

Hal stood there with his arms spread wide like he was on exhibition, "That’s okay. You can look all you want, we don’t mind at all."

Chris kept his gaze down while his blush deepened.

Hal sat down on the bed next to him and started touching him again. Chris shied away, but Hal grabbed him tightly with one hand. He looked at George and nodded. George came and joined them on the bed. Both of them started to touch him everywhere. Chris couldn’t help giggling a little because they touched some of his ticklish spots and he couldn’t stop himself. The men smiled.

He also started to feel something else he had never felt before. He had noticed that on some mornings lately when he woke up, his wiener was hard. Now he felt it starting to get hard from the touching of these men and he was confused. They weren’t hurting him and as he felt one of them massaging his shoulders he closed his eyes and forgot where he was as he melted in the feelings he was getting. His eyes shot open as he felt one of them gently hold his wiener and move up and down on it. It gave him a weird sort of tickle and he squirmed around a little. He felt the hand go down below his balls and touch that plug thing in his butt. The hand pushed it and moved it around a little and he felt something like a shock inside his body that caused him to jerk around a little.

The men laughed when he did that, "Did you like that? Trust me it will get better."

Hal got up from the bed and George continued his stroking and massaging which kept Chris occupied in the good feelings he was having.

Chris felt a tug on the collar and he opened his eyes and saw that Hal had unlocked the chain from the wall.

George stopped what he was doing and helped guide Chris from the bed until he was standing in front of Marcus.

He saw that Marcus’ wiener was stiff and looked bigger than it had been before, "Kneel down between his legs slave boy."

Chris felt Hal pushing down on his shoulders forcing him to his knees until he was facing Marcus’ crotch, "Because your little friend messed up Marcus’ knee, he can’t join us on the bed for some fun right now, but you are going to make him feel good. Lick it slave boy."

Chris quickly looked around at Hal in surprise, but he saw something in Hal’s face that scared him. So he turned back to Marcus and leaned forward a little. As he got closer he smelled something that caused him to wrinkle his nose a little. He tentatively reached out with his tongue and licked the end. Marcus groaned when he did that.

Hal pushed him forward, "Open your mouth and suck it, slave boy. Like a tootsie pop."

Chris looked at it again and then leaned down and slowly opened his mouth and put it around the end and sucked on it a little. Marcus groaned again. Chris stopped and started to pull back, but he felt Marcus hands hold on to his hair and push his head down a little more until more of it was in his mouth. The hands wouldn’t let him move away. He started to get a kind of salty sour taste in his mouth. The hands started moving his head up and down a little. Chris’ jaw started to ache a bit. Marcus was groaning louder now and started to push Chris’ head down farther until he gagged when he felt it hit the back of his throat and some of the pressure was released. At first he had a hard time breathing until he figured out to breathe through his nose. He felt Marcus start to push his wiener in and out of Chris’ mouth and his jaw really started to ache. Marcus suddenly stiffened as he pushed up into Chris’ mouth, "Oh god, uhhhnnnnn."

Chris’ mouth started fill up, [Ewww, he’s peeing in my mouth.]

He tried to pull away but Marcus had a strong hold on his head and wouldn’t let him go. He had no choice except to swallow as much as he could. Finally Marcus let go and Chris was able to take the wiener out of his mouth. He started coughing and spitting the salty and sour tasting stuff onto the floor. He saw that the stuff looked white, not yellow like pee.

He felt a slap on the side of his ear and he yelled in pain, "Owww!"

Hal was looking down at him in anger, "Next time slave boy, you swallow it. You don’t spit it out."

"But it tastes nasty," Chris complained.

Hal scowled at him, "You’ll learn to like it or else."

He gulped as he looked up at Hal. Hal tugged on the chain again and Chris got up off his knees. Hal led him to the bed until he was standing with his back to the bed facing Hal. Hal gave him a little push and he fell back against the bed. Behind him George grabbed his shoulders and pulled him across the bed until he was lying with his head hanging over the other side of the bed looking at George upside down. He felt the weight of Hal’s body get up on the bed. Hal pushed his legs apart and reached between his legs and pulled the plug out of his butt.

Chris felt some relief for a few moments until he felt something else going inside him. This moved around and he realized that it was Hal’s finger going inside him as he moved it around. Chris felt it pulled out and some more of that slippery stuff was rubbed on the outside and then it was pushed in. Then he felt something bigger and he could tell it was two fingers and they were moving in and out. He felt the fingers rub against something inside which caused him to jump up and squirm around some more. He suddenly felt that tickle come back and he started to feel like he needed to pee, "Let me up, I gotta pee!" he said.

Hal laughed, "No you don’t, it just feels that way. Just enjoy it."

Hal continued what he was doing and George was rubbing his chest. Chris’ suddenly arched his back up and his whole body went stiff. He relaxed and a warm feeling went through his body. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths as he recovered. He felt sleepy and actually started to doze off. He felt the bed shift as Hal repositioned himself and lifted Chris’ hips up a little as he pulled his fingers out and then forced his wiener into Chris’ butt.

All thought of sleep left Chris as he lifted his head up and screamed, "OWWWWW! STOP, PLEASE STOP, IT HURTS. OW OW, OWWWW, PLEASE DON’T! STOOOOOOP! PLEASE?"

Hal looked up at George, "Shut him up George."

George grabbed Chris’ head and held it hanging upside down over the side of the bed, and put his wiener against Chris’ mouth, "Open up boy."

Chris was gritting his teeth against the pain. George slapped him and Hal grabbed his balls and squeezed. Chris’ mouth shot open and George pushed his wiener into Chris’ mouth and his screams were muffled. He started to close his mouth and got slapped, "You bite and I’ll beat the shit out of you boy."

Chris stopped and tears of pain, anger, and humiliation flowed. His body was rocking back and forth from the Hal’s thrusting attack. Soon he felt Hal thrust hard against him and he felt something wet inside his butt, just as his mouth filled up with that nasty taste and some of it dribbled out around the wiener in his mouth.

George and Hal pulled out of either end of Chris. They let go of him and Chris turned on his side and his body shook with his sobs. He felt the collar being messed with and then Hal’s weight left the bed. He heard the door close as if from a distance. He looked around and saw that he was alone again. He got up from the bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Once he got to the bathroom, he dropped down in front of the toilet and threw up until only bile was left, and then he sat on the toilet and let the other stuff out of his butt into the toilet. He got up and flushed it and then went into the shower and washed. He kept sniffling the entire time. When he washed his butt, he whimpered at how tender it was. He dried himself off and went back to the bed. He realized at that moment that he was not chained up any longer. He had been in a kind of shock and had just gone through the motions of cleaning up without realizing that the chain was missing. The collar was still locked around his neck, but the chain was not attached to the collar. He investigated the room and tried the security bars and the door. He saw that there was no way out, he was stuck here. He went back to the bed and laid down again, turning on his side, he silently stared at the wall until he fell asleep.

Chris was awakened by someone shaking him. He stretched and opened his eyes to see Hal standing next to the bed, "Rise and shine, slave boy. Time to get up and have some breakfast," Hal said merrily.

Chris got up and went to the bathroom first. He came back and sat down on the bed to eat the breakfast that was on the tray. He was grateful to see that at least Hank was fully dressed.

The man silently watched Chris as he ate. Once he was done, the man continued to watch the boy. Chris started to feel sleepy and crawled up on the bed to lie down. Hal watched as Chris’ eyes got a little glassy before he fell asleep. Hal smiled when he went to pick up the tray, "Worked like a charm. That should keep you out until we get back. Then we’ll have some more fun. Bye slave boy." Hal left the room with the tray in his hands.



Chris’ mouth was very dry, like he had been sucking on a towel. He got up and went to the bathroom to get some water from the tap. After drinking, the dry taste went away and his stomach rumbled, awakening him to the hunger that he felt. Back in the bedroom he noticed that what little light that he could see through cracks from outside, was fading away. [Did I sleep all day?], he thought.

He went and lay on the bed with his hands behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling. He started to get real bored when he heard someone at the door and it was soon opened. The three men walked in again, all of them dressed in robes. Chris sat up quickly against the headboard of the bed and didn’t look at them.

Hal once again smiled as he walked over to the bed, "Well good evening slave boy. I hope you’re all rested up. We plan on having a bunch of fun tonight. I hope you’ll enjoy it too, but no matter, we know that we will. Well let’s get started. Okay slave boy, lie down on your back", Chris numbly did as he was told and laid down.

The three men removed their robes and as before they were naked underneath. Hal and George sat on either side of him and started gently stroking his body. It had its desired effect, even as Chris tried to fight the feelings he was getting from the gentle touches. He closed his eyes to try and shut everything out. He tried to suppress it, but a little whimper came out when he felt something wet on his wiener. He opened his eyes and saw that Hal was sucking on it.

He squirmed around until he got that feeling of needing to pee again. His body once again got stiff and then he relaxed. He laid there taking some deep breaths. He felt some shifting around on the bed and he was made to sit up. When he completely recovered, he saw that Marcus was now lying on his back in the bed. Marcus leered at Chris, "Okay, slave boy. My turn tonight. Since your friend messed up my knee, you’re going to have to do the work. Start sucking until I tell you to stop."

Chris hesitated, but Hal gave him a shove from behind and Chris slowly moved next to Marcus and looked down distastefully, remembering the taste from the night before. Another hard shove and he bent over to repeat what he did last night. Marcus’ wiener was only partly stiff, but soon Chris could feel it get bigger and harder as it stretched his lips. Tears came to his eyes in anticipation of having to taste that nasty taste again. Marcus gasped, "Okay….uh, stop now…that’s enough."

Marcus pushed Chris back.

George made Chris lean forward and the same greasy stuff was pushed into his butt. After George had worked on him for a little while, he stopped and pulled his fingers out of Chris.

Marcus gave him an evil grin, "Okay, slave boy, you’re gonna take my dick and sit down so it goes inside of you."

Chris started to tear up and try to pull back, "No…please don’t make me do that. It hurts too much. My butt still hurts. I’ll do anything else, but not that. Please let me go home, please," he whined.

"Shut the fu…" Hal cut him off with a curse.

The three men looked at the door. George looked at the other two, "Did you guys hear that?"

Marcus nodded, "Yeah, it sounded like a thump, like something fell over and hit the ground."

Hal bent down and came up with the chain that he picked up off the floor and handed it to George, "Grab the kid and put the chain back on him and lock it to the wall. Once you’re done George, come out here and join me, let’s see what’s going on. Marcus wait here and watch the kid."

Hal put his robe on and went to the door while George secured Chris. Hal cautiously opened the door and looked out. Not seeing anything he turned down the hall of the house toward his room. He went inside and grabbed his pistol and made his way back to the hall, just as George came out of the kid’s room. He motioned for George to get his gun and waited until George had gotten his from the bedroom. They slowly crept down the hall, their guns ready. When they got to the end Hal carefully looked around the corner into the living room. He didn’t see anything, so he motioned with his gun for George to follow him and they moved into the room swinging their guns back and forth as they scanned the room. He felt a breeze coming from the kitchen. He could hear noises from the outside as if the back door was open. He motioned for George to go out the front and circle to the back door. George nodded and eased the front door open. Hal crouched down keeping his gun pointed toward the kitchen entrance.

Outside George crept around the side of the house watching where he put his feet. He got to the edge of the house and looked toward the back door. He saw that it was wide open and he started to sneak forward with his gun pointed ahead of him. Suddenly a dark shape jumped down from the roof, grabbed his arm and twisted. George cried out as he heard his wrist crack and the gun fell from his nerveless fingers. He sucked in his breath, "Ahh, son of a bitch. What the hell?"

The dark shape moved again and George found himself with his arm twisted behind his back. He could feel the bones in his wrist grating as the unknown attacker twisted. He felt the breath from the attacker’s mouth near his ear. He tried to struggle but he found himself firmly held unable to move without causing extreme pain in his wrist, arm and shoulder. He heard Hal yell from inside the house, "GEORGE! YOU OKAY?"

The feral voice whispered near his ear, "Don’t say anything asshole. One word and you die."

George trembled at the menace that sounded in the voice.

The voice whispered again, "Good. Now where is the boy? I know he’s here. I'll know if you lie and if you do, you die."

George gritted his teeth against the pain in his hand and arm, "I…in the hou…house."

Hal yelled from inside once again, "GEORGE WHAT’S GOING ON OUT THERE? DID YOU FIND ANYTHING?"

The voice whispered again, "Where in the house?"

George gasped out his answer, "Bed…bedroom, se…second on the…the right."

The voice sounded satisfied, "Thank you George. Now for your payment."

George felt the person let go of his arm. George took a chance and tried to swing his good arm back at his attacker. He felt his attacker grab the back of his head and chin and twist sharply. George heard the crack just before everything went black and George Higgins was no more.

The dark shape guided the body to the ground and crept to the side of the open door.

Inside Hal was nervously moving toward the kitchen entrance.

The shape crouched down low and peered around the edge of the backdoor. He watched as a dark shape looked in the kitchen.

Hal was silhouetted in the doorway to the living room and sounded nervous, "George? C’mon, man, where are you? What’s going on? Answer me damnit!"

The figure was about to move, but froze as Hal backed away from kitchen. Once he was gone, the figure slipped into the house silently. It glided forward with catlike grace. At the entryway to the living room, it carefully peered around the corner. There was a flash, the report of a gun and a chunk of the doorway over the figure’s head exploded. The figured ducked. When it looked up, Hal was nowhere in sight. The figure moved quickly and silently forward until it reached the hall. It heard a door being slammed and then the sound of locks being engaged.

Under the dark hoodie it wore, a feral grin appeared on its hidden features. The figure moved silently forward. It came to the second door, just like George mentioned. It placed its ear against the door and listened for a few minutes.

In the room, Marcus looked up at Hal as he ran in the room and locked the door behind him.

Chris cowered away from Hal when he saw the gun.

Marcus started asking questions, "What the fuck’s going on Hal? Where’s George? Who’s shooting?"

Hal turned to Marcus and slashed his hand across his throat, "Shut the fuck up Marcus. I don’t know where he is. I sent him through the front door around to the back door and I heard him cry out. He didn’t answer my calls so I backed away. I thought I saw a head at the kitchen entranceway and I fired. I don’t know if I hit it or not, but I ran back here. If we don’t hear anything after awhile, I’ll go out and check. Maybe I scared whoever it was off."

Chris was whimpering in fear.

Hal looked at him and scowled when he turned to him. He pointed the gun at Chris and whispered loudly, "Shut the fuck up, or I’ll kill you right now."

He motioned to Marcus, "Marcus keep him quiet."

Chris swallowed his cries and he trembled. Marcus grabbed him and clamped his hand over Chris’ mouth. Hal moved behind the bed and pointed his gun at the door.

The figure outside smiled again and slowly got up. The figure stood in front of the door and cocked his foot up and kicked forward. The door ripped free of the hinges, taking part of the door jamb with it. Inside the room, Hal fired when he saw the dark shape fill the doorway. The figure staggered back for a second and then it charged straight at Hal and leaped over the bed at him. Hal fired again as the figure reached him. Hal was slammed against the wall that was behind him. He tried to swing the gun to pistol whip the intruder. His hand was caught in a vise like grip and held. The hand on his arm increased the pressure until he felt one of the intruders fingers press on a spot on his wrist and he felt numbness in his hand and it opened of its own accord and the gun dropped to the floor.

Hal kicked out and the intruder fell back. Hal started groping around for the gun when the intruder jumped back on him and they started rolling around on the floor. Marcus spied the gun and once the grappling pair had rolled away, he hobbled off the bed to try and pick it up.

By this time, Chris was huddled on the floor near the side of the bed screaming in fear. Marcus was trying to get a good shot at the figure. Suddenly Hal went flying and Marcus took his shot. Chris screamed louder when he heard the shot. The shot hit the wall behind the figure. The figure turned and leaped at Marcus from the floor and knocked him down. The figure’s hand shot forward and struck Marcus in the throat. Marcus dropped the gun and put his hands up to his neck and started clawing at his throat trying to open it so he could get air down his destroyed windpipe.

He fell to the ground and thrashed around gasping out his last breaths. The figure turned his attention to Hal, who was shaking his head trying to clear it. The figure grabbed Hal and hit him a couple of times until he was stunned and then he leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "I know what you’ve done and this boy is the last of them. Your days as a killer of innocent children is over. I’m sure you’ll enjoy eternity where you belong."

Hal tried to scream as he felt pressure starting to crush his neck. His vision went red as he struggled. His struggles started to taper off until there were none left and his career as a serial child rapist and murderer ended.

The figure let the lifeless body drop to the ground and turned to where the now whimpering and trembling boy was huddled facing the wall near the side of the bed. His head pushed into the corner where the bed was against the wall. The figure moved quietly forward and reached for the boy. He scowled when he saw the locked collar. He looked around and saw a set of keys lying next to Marcus. He picked them up and tried a couple of keys until he found the one that fit the lock and removed the collar. Chris was oblivious to this until the figure reached out and gently touched Chris on the back. He jerked away. "It’s okay buddy. You’re safe now. I’m here to take you home," the figure said gently.

The word ‘home’ seemed to reach into his consciousness and Chris slowly turned to look at the figure before him. "Home?" he asked hopefully.

The figure’s voice sounded friendly when he answered, "Yeah buddy. Home."

In the distance sirens could be heard getting nearer. The figure motioned for the boy to come to him. "Come on, I need to get you out of here. It’s not safe right now."

Chris slowly turned toward the figure and looked at him. He couldn’t make out much of the features underneath the hood, but something in the voice made him want to trust him. So he slowly moved forward and the figure wrapped his arms around him and hugged him. At that moment he truly felt safe and protected and he smiled at the guy holding him for he could tell it was a guy, a young guy, like an older teenager or something. He could feel the muscles tighten that held him close. The guy reached up and gently stroked Chris’ cheek and then hugged him tight. Chris could make out the flash of a smile, "Hold on buddy, we’re outta here."

Chris felt himself lifted up and a robe was wrapped around him. The guy quickly left the room and ran outside. Once outside he could see the lights from the police cars that were nearing the location and he sprinted in the opposite direction. When he turned the corner the door on a parked van opened and a hand waved to him. He jumped inside and the door closed behind him. The young guy sat down in the back of the van and gently rocked Chris. Chris quickly fell into an exhausted sleep clutching onto his savior. The van drove for about an hour as it made its way to a large manor house surrounded by a tall stone fence. The gate to the property opened and the van drove up to the front door. Once the van door was open, the figure left the van and went to the door which opened as he approached. Another young man ushered him inside and Chris was carried upstairs to a bedroom where he was gently laid down so as not to awaken him. The figure stood back up and looked down at the boy for a few moments. He turned to the door of the room as an older man who looked to be in his late thirties entered the room. The man came up and stood beside the younger guy.

The figure lowered his hood as the older man approached. He was now revealed to be a teenage boy who looked to be around sixteen or seventeen with black hair and blue eyes. The man put his arm around the teen’s shoulder and nodded towards Chris, "I see you were successful. And those wastes of human flesh?" he queried.

"They are where they belong."

The man smiled with satisfaction, "Excellent, well done."

They both gazed at the boy. Tears came to the teenager’s eyes, "He’s beautiful isn’t he?"

The older man agreed, "Yes he is. His parent’s should be proud to have a son like him. Why don’t you go rest my boy, and I’ll get to work," he said as he patted the teen on the back.

"Can I stay?" the teen asked.

The man nodded after a moment’s thought, "No harm in that."

The teenager, who had rescued Chris, sat on the bed next to him and brushed the boy’s dark hair from his forehead and took one of Chris’ hands in his.

The older man sat down on the other side of Chris and placed his hand on Chris’ chest and the other on his head and looked down at the boy. The teenager only had eyes for the vulnerable boy on the bed as the man closed his eyes and concentrated.