Mikyvis Chronicles

Musical Interlude: Chapter 1

"Universe Theta tau 17"

Never fear, the purple patrol is here!!

Hey everyone, this is Dylan. Hey now, stop trying to hide; I'm not gonna pull any pranks on you! Me, Bryce, and Quint decided to help out Uncle Cory's family some when they decided to show their Dad and Pop how much they care. I think you're gonna like what we came up with; I think we'll keep it!

Come on, lets go check it out! Don't worry, we made sure everything is safe for ya!


"Hey, it's got purple skies... I love it!" Dylan giggled as he looked around him in wonder. "You sure about aging here, Quint?"

Quint couldn't help but giggle as well as he watched the two young Mikyvis inspect the area around them in awe. "Yes; I'm sure. This plane is at a unique spot; the natives all age normally, but there is enough of what humans term as 'Magic' that Alpha Prime residents end up aging like your Vifers. It's like the environment restores cellular damage that normally happens when lower races age if they are not from around this range of Universes. There are only three of these according to Galli; I'm betting it's just only three he's found."

Bryce nodded, still wide-eyed at the new sights he was seeing. "How you planning on dealing with time passing, though? Levi can take them back to where we pull them out at, but Dad has not unlocked us for that. He says that we need to grow up more before he lets us do time travel without someone watching."

Quint shook his head. "He worries too much. I've got that covered; I'll take care of making sure nobody misses something they should be there to do."

Dylan nodded. "Okay. How we gonna set up for our cousins? Are the people who live here gonna like hearing guys learning how to play?"

"Ask them yourself." Quint chuckled as he motioned for the two Mikyvis to turn around.

Dylan was the first to turn. Standing patiently behind him were ten natives, all but one just slightly taller than him. Once he was facing them, he took in a good look at them. They were almost exact copies of normal humans, with the exceptions being their height and the bright yellow hair that topped their head.

One of the group walked forward and tilted his head in greeting. "Welcome home to Archnania, Prince Dylan. I am known as Uraninan. Your visit was foretold long in our past; our legends state that you and your family will make this a home to seek peace from the events of your true home."

Quint giggled as both Dylan and Bryce tilted their heads. "I love time paradoxes... they make life more interesting."

"Uhhh... thanks! How did you know my name, Uraninan?" Dylan asked.

"I believe purple-haired anti-energy beings are still considered quite rare in all of the Universes. A visitor hundreds of our years ago left a device that he said would signal the arrival of a visitor who would choose to share his family with our world. The names of our visitors were given as Prince Dylan, Prince Bryce, and Quint, Duke of Dimension."

"...or was that Dementia?" Dylan giggled.

"Duke? I'm the son of a prince! I deserve a better title, damnit!" Quint giggled.

Bryce giggled at Quint. "Hey, that's better than what you were called a son of when you turned Harry's clothes into a pink tutu!"

"He was insulting my dad, not me..." Quint giggled more. Then he looked thoughtful, "Maybe Harry is right, though..."

"Not going there...." Bryce giggled.

Dylan shook his head. "I'm gonna get Uncle Galli for this! What else did he tell you, Uraninan?"

"Just that we were to keep the planet pristine so that the natural wonders of our world could be shared with your family, Prince." Uraninan said, smiling at the comedy that the side conversations were providing.

"How come you speak like we do?" Bryce asked. "I thought everywhere had their own languages."

"You can blame the one Prince Dylan called 'Galli'." Uraninan replied. "Our language was similar to yours; he gave us the information we needed to slowly adapt our language to match yours for when you arrived. While we obviously have our own lives and priorities, we also are looking forward to sharing the experiences of both of our worlds for the betterment of all of our families."

"Can you show us around?" Dylan asked; his natural curiosity coming back to the surface.

"What would you like to see first? We have cookie trees, and ...."

"Are you joking?!" Quint asked in shock. "You'd better be, or there'd be a Lil'elf here to eat you out of planet!"

Uraninan chuckled, "The one called Galli left the message that we should say that..."

"That Brat!" Dylan giggled. "Okay, you know the sights, so we'll follow your lead."

Uraninan nodded, and motioned for the boys to follow him to a canoe-shaped vehicle. As they began to follow him, the young Archnanian that had been with the group dropped back and shyly took Dylan's hand. Dylan looked down and smiled at the young boy, who's face broke into a huge grin at the response.

As they found seats in the transport, the young boy immediately took up residence on Dylan's lap, pulling Dylan's arms around him to hold him in place. "Looks like you've made a friend, bro!" Bryce giggled as he watched with amusement.

"Yeah; he should be an honorary Mikyvis with the way he cuddles!" Dylan replied, causing his new friend to giggle softly.

The 'canoe' lifted about a foot off of the ground, then with a soft hum headed towards a group of domed structures in the distance. "What's your name, little guy?" Dylan asked softly as he watched the passing landscape.

The young boy giggled softly. "I'm Chance. My Daddy is King."

Uraninan chuckled as he sensed the confusion from behind him. "Every generation, the second born son is named Chance. It is a name which our ancient visitor said would make sense to those coming in the future. I am not able to say more on that, it is our King's place to discuss the rest of the instructions that have been passed down with you."

Bryce giggled. "Uncle Galli taught you guys really good!"

Uraninan chuckled as he slowed the vehicle for a herd of deer-like creatures which were congregated directly in the path to the town. As he entered the herd, he was forced to stop as they formed a ring around the vehicle, all seemingly keenly interested in the new occupants.

"I think the Darrmies want to meet you!" Chance giggled as the boys found themselves being sniffed. "They're nice; they even let us ride them sometimes."

As Chance said that, the obvious 'elder' of the pack nudged Quint's hand then put his head down in a position which clearly meant "pet me".

Quint's eyes were wide as he reached up and began stroking just behind the Darmi's massive antlers. "Not a word to anyone!" Quint said with a small grin. "Dad would NEVER let me live this down!"

"Don't worry." Dylan giggled as his face was licked by a nearby doe. "We know about some of the stuff you and Leev go out and do; your Dad will never know!"

"Yeah, your 'rep' is safe with us!" Bryce added as he reached out and stroked the ears of a curious fawn that had somehow managed to climb inside with them.

After a few minutes of 'greeting', The Darmi herd backed away from the vehicle. As Bryce watched the elder Darmi nudge Uraninan to proceed, he asked "What about this little guy who is sitting on Quint and me?"

"I believe you've been adopted." Uraninan chuckled. "It is not uncommon."

"Not a word, Dilly...." Quint announced as he stroked the fawn's back. "I'll have to make sure Timmy finds out this little guy's name...." he added in a soft tone.

"Since he adopted us, does that mean we have to call him 'dad'?" Bryce giggled as he gave the fawn a hug around the neck.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're weird, bro?" Dylan giggled.

"You're just jealous." Bryce replied.

"You're both weird, I think it's genetic." Quint piped up, obviously allowing himself to enjoy the common pleasure of learning about a new planet a little at a time.

Chance leaned up and whispered to Dylan. "Is Timmy a King? Only Kings can talk to animals."

Dylan tilted his head as he thought that statement over. "I think you could call him a kind of King... he has his own Tribe."

"Wow! You got to be special to call a King by his name!" Chance replied, admiration and awe overflowing from his voice.

"He's my little cousin; and he is the special one." Dylan replied, a blush slightly coloring his face.

"You blush purple! Wow!" Chance giggled as he shifted around to get a better look at the spreading blush on Dylan's face.

"I'm glad Q don't puke... Dylan's cuteness level right now would make a lesser being sick." Quint quipped with a giggle, obviously trying to egg on the blush even further.

"I'll tell Thomas on you!" Dylan whined, as he blushed so hard he had a three inch glow radiating off all around him.

"He'd help!" Quint and Bryce replied in unison.

"The scary part is, you're right!" Dylan giggled as he managed to get his blush under control.

Just then, Bryce noticed that they were about to enter the city. "Whoa; that's awesome!" Bryce exclaimed as he caught his first glimpse of the huge crystal arch over the main entry.

"The Shiny Squad would love it!" Dylan added with a giggle. "I can just see them trying to fit the entire arch into Uncle Joel's cookie bag!"

"It would fit... just," Quint giggled, "but the logistics of getting it in and out I'd like to see!"

"That's what we're around for!" Bryce giggled, absently scratching the fawn's ears.

Chance giggled softly as he asked Dylan "Are they always that weird?"

Dylan nodded after making sure he was out of striking distance. "Yep; some days they're worse!"

"You want a little brother... cheap?" Bryce deadpanned to Quint.

Quint shook his head. "I really think your parents should have waited more than ten nanoseconds between you two... you're too much alike!"

"Hey!!" both Mikyvis boys exclaimed, their grins giving away the fact they were enjoying the banter.

"I'm older and wiser!" Bryce added.

"Wise what, bro? I'm cuter!" Dylan giggled.

Their conversation was cut short as they entered the city proper. The domed houses were immaculate, their polished stone walls gleaming in the sunlight. They quickly made their way to the center of the city, where what could only be described as a castle stood in the central park square. As they came to a stop, they were greeted by an older version of Chance, adorned in a flowing teal robe.

"Greetings, esteemed visitors." the man started. "I am King Harroldo the 25th. We have been expecting you for the last 10 generations. I will say that the Ancient One was quite right when he stated that you were the cute one, Prince Dylan."

"He's sooooooooooooo dead!" Dylan grumbled as his blush reappeared full-force. 

"I'll second that ... I'm MUCH cuter than you, Dylan!" Quint grumbled.

"You're all cute!" Chance giggled. "Tell them, Daddy!"

"You are correct, Son." Harroldo replied with a smile. "Would you gentlemen grant me the honor of joining me in a meal? I can explain more of how we came to expect you then." He noticed the fawn on Quint and Bryce's laps. "You may bring Jessup with you, since he has obviously adopted you."

"What about me, Daddy?" Chance asked, his tone implying his distaste at being left out.

"Destiny has drawn your name, Son." Harroldo replied, still smiling. "You are in need of knowing the history as well as our visitors."

Uraninan smiled as his charges excitedly began to exit from the vehicle, once Chance showed them how to open the door. "Shall I pass word to expect a proclamation, Your Highness?"

"No, pass word to expect a celebration. It is not often that we get to welcome visitors." King Harroldo replied as he helped the boys lift Jessup out of the vehicle.

"As you wish, Sire."

"Your Highness... " Dylan started, before being interrupted.

"I believe 'Grandfather' or another of your words that are similar is more appropriate, Prince Dylan." Harroldo said with a smile. "All will make sense soon."

Dylan smiled back. "Granddad? Why does everyone seem to know more about us than we do?"

"You shall learn soon, little one. The Ancient One had..."

"Psst! Dad! They call him Galli," Chance whispered loudly.

"Really? Galli... okay, the one you call Galli had confidence in our unique mental structure, as he himself put it. More will come to light as we discuss things inside."

"Okay." Dylan replied as he found Chance pulling on his hand urgently.

"Come on!" Chance exclaimed. "You HAVE to see all of the pictures we have inside!"

"Go, before Chance wets himself in excitement!" Harroldo said with a laugh. "I will await you in the Great Hall once he wears himself out."

"You're silly, Dad!" Chance giggled as he began leading 'his' charges inside.

King Harroldo waited until the boys were out of hearing, then turned to Uraninan. "By the ancient message that has been passed down through generations, I believe that things are about to become interesting. Go to my son Ezraka; tell him destiny's bell has sounded."

"I don't understand the reference, Sire." Uraninan stated.

"As you shouldn't; some parts of the message are only for the knowledge of the Royal Line. Ezraka will know."

"Understood, Sire. I will personally ensure he gets the message. I assume he is leading his youth group on their normal camping trip?"

"Of course; he loves spending time with the younger subjects. I believe they were planning on hiking the lower hills this week." Harroldo replied with pride in his voice.

"I know his favorite area in that region, so I'll check there first. You do realize that his companions will insist on tagging along; there are times I think he has his own private fan club."

Harroldo laughed. "I expect nothing less. He will insist on it, I am sure. They are all welcome to join; at this time I believe their presence would be quite helpful."

Dylan, Bryce, and Quint were totally enjoying the tour being given them by Chance. Their first stop had been the kitchen, where Chance managed to wheedle the cook into giving up some pastries which melted in their mouths and a drink which was quite similar to chocolate milk. After that, the mandatory stop in the game room was made, with Chance explaining the rules of his favorite games in detail. The next stop was Chance's bedroom, where the boys took a break and just sat down comparing notes about being kids. Naturally Dylan and Bryce had to use the memories given them at birth, something which they stated up front, which led to them having to explain the Mikyvis race to Chance. Once Chance was suitably recharged enough to resume the tour, he snuck them into his Dad's library to show off all of the books that had been gathered, proudly pointing out 'his' section that he insisted nobody else was allowed to touch.

"You guys ready to see the Great Hall?" Chance asked as he finished showing off his section of the Library.

"Sure!" Dylan giggled as he reached out and touched one of the books on the shelf.

"Why did you just touch that book?" Chance asked as he tilted his head.

"You said nobody could touch them; I wanted to see what would happen!" Dylan replied.

"You're goofy! I think I like you!" Chance giggled. "Let's go look at the hall!"

They started out of the library, but stopped when Jessup took a detour into one of the many short doorways that were common throughout the building.

"Where is he going?" Bryce asked curiously.

"The Darmi restroom." Chance replied. "Since Darmi like becoming friends with us, we have restrooms for them in all the buildings. Even the Darmi who have not made friends with someone come into town a lot, so the young ones learn early where to go when they need to use the bathroom. I think the leaders of the herd mark it so that they can tell by smell where it is safe to go at."

Quint giggled. "Timmy is universal! He's gonna love it here!"

"He sounds nice; do you think he'll let me meet him?" Chance asked.

Quint nodded. "Unless a major miracle occurs, I'm certain that you'll be invited to join his Tribe within five minutes of him arriving here. Ten minutes if a Darmi catches him first."

"You really think it'll take him that long?" Bryce giggled.

"I was allowing four minutes to check out the sky before he realizes there are people." Quint replied with a smile.

"Are they making fun of me?" Chance asked Dylan.

"No." Dylan replied seriously. "Timmy has a way of knowing who is special; I'll bet you are the first person on the planet that he becomes friends with."

Chance smiled. "Okay!"

Just then, Jessup re-joined them and nudged Chance to start moving again. Chance pointed out various rooms as they made their way through the halls, finally coming to a stop at a huge set of ornate doors twenty feet tall. "This is the Great Hall." Chance stated, awe in his voice. "Only the Royal Family is allowed to enter here freely; otherwise only the King himself can invite a non-Royal-Family member in. Ezraka is allowed to bring his schoolmates in for tours once a year, but otherwise nobody usually sees what is in here but us." Chance paused, then looked at his guests. "You are the first people I have ever heard of being invited to eat with the Royal family in here that I have ever heard of... usually even we don't eat here except for special holidays." Chance finished as he pulled open one of the huge doors.

Dylan was about to ask a question when a giggle echoed from another doorway further along the Great Hall. A remarkably familiar giggle.

"There goes the neighborhood...." Quint quipped as they chased Chance towards the alcove the giggle had come from.

Chance skidded to a halt as soon as he had entered the new room, and just stood there gaping at the two boys who were seated in the middle of the floor playing...

"Uno! Deal me in, Galli!" Dylan crowed happily as he slid over on his rump to end up cuddled into the Doctor's side.

Bryce noticed that Chance was about over his shock, and quickly stopped him from yelling for security. "They're kinda with us, Chance. Don't ask me how, but they're with us."

"WHO did you say he was?" Chance asked.

Bryce and Quint giggled. "Sorry Chance!" Bryce explained. "Inside joke from our home planet. The auburn-haired kid is Jay, and the ginger-haired kid is Galli."

"That can't be Galli... THAT is Galli!" Chance stated as he pointed at the statue looking over the Uno game. "That's the Ancient One!" The statue was of an old, OLD man.

The Doctor looked up at it, then back and Chance and smiled. "My first life. N'ri mal de'ir navoz, Chance. For it was by Chance I found your world, and Chance that led you to me. Had you not waited in your room as long as you did, you would have missed me. Welcome to your destiny, Prince of Archnania!"

"Oh crap.... here we go again...." Quint commented as he took a seat and motioned for Chance and Bryce to join them. "Deal us in, Gramps... we might as well have fun before things go insane... again."

"What do you mean, 'insane'?" Chance trembled.

The Doctor smiled, "Do not worry about what cannot be altered. What Will Be, Will, with or without our worry."

"Yeaah, that's calmed him down, Galli. Brilliant one," Jay sighed as Chance began to looked even more freaked out.

It was Bryce who noticed it first. A light building behind Chance's eyes, reflecting his fear.

"Chance - you must focus on my voice," the Doctor said softly, his voice echoing through Time... and all through the planet of Archnania. "What is about to happen is as good or as bad as you will it to be. Had you missed me, you and you alone would have made this transition - and loneliness is never a good thing. But I was right all those ages ago."

"Wha... what's going to happen?" Chance whimpered, his voice gaining a timber and a cadence that was completely foreign to any from his world.

"You are changing, Chance," the Doctor said as he moved to stand between Chance and the other High Races behind him. With a subtle move of his hand, he instructed Quint to do what all Q knew to do, but would never action - without orders from Time's Lord.

The young Q's eyes burst into brilliance, and a bubble formed around himself and the others - only the Lord of Time stood outside of it.

"Not all races," the Doctor said again so that the entire world could hear, "ever make it thus far. Even less do so as One - at a moment's notice. Your lives as they have been is now over. Welcome to your Destiny - Lords of Knowledge. Welcome to the Council of High Races!"

And with that, Chance burst into brilliance, and his light was caught by both the Doctor and Quint... and refracted instantly to encompass the entire world... their five moons - and their twin suns.

The sky shimmered, and the purple color lightened. Those who were on the night side stopped seeing stars, and saw a deep velvet instead...

The World of Archnania was no longer in their home Universe.

It was in the Great White.

And a new High Race was born.

//Welcome to Forever. Welcome to the Council of Time. Welcome, Lords of Knowledge, and above all - Welcome, Chance; Prince of Knowledge...//

King Harroldo came running into the alcove, followed by a pre-teen older version of Chance and a mob of local kids. He came to a stop and looked over Chance with a smile on his face. "My Son, I only wish that I had been present to see Destiny run its course."

Chance looked up from where he was cuddled against Dylan. "You knew?"

King Harroldo nodded. "The Ancient One known as Galli made it known that when the time was right, we would be visited by a purple one who would be known as Dylan. The instrument he left behind is part of the statue behind you. The glowing of the eyes foretold the arrival of our guests; it was told that they would be made of a force called anti-energy that would activate the instrument. At that time, the royal child named Chance would lead our people to our destiny as a race. On the day the prophecy was given, the second child of the King was born and was named Chance. From that day forward, the second child has been named Chance as a tribute and reminder of the prophecy that was left. The only sad part is that the Ancient One was correct in that he was not able to witness the completion of the process he foretold."

"Um, what am I - cottage cheese?!" the Doctor giggled.

"That CAN be arranged...." Quint replied with an evil grin.

"And it CAN be arranged for me to fundamentally alter you by going back and making you a female," the Doctor said just as evilly. Then he looked up at the King. "Hi! I'm the Ancient One... or Gallifrey. Or the Doctor. I have many names..."

"Dick head one of them?" Quint stage whispered.

"... and I have many abilities, like making irritating Qs into quince," the Doctor finished with a sunny smile, booting Quint lightly in the leg.

Jessup moved between Galli and Quint, making it quite clear that he was protecting HIS boy from the evil Time Lord.

"You are ... him??" Harroldo asked incredulously. "How can one so old be so young now?"

"That," explained the Doctor pointing back over his shoulder at the statue, "was thirteen lifetimes ago - nearly a billion years from my count." He smiled and tickled the faun-like creature behind it's ears, "I'm the same, yet different."

"I think 'different' fits...." Quint giggled from his safe position behind Jessup.

"I think that will take me a while to understand fully." Harroldo commented. "Am I correct in assuming that the one Chance is cuddled with is the one who shall teach him his new place in the scheme of life?"

"OH CRAP!" both Quint and Bryce exclaimed in mock horror.

"You can BOTH bite me!" Dylan giggled.

"I think you misunderstand, Lord King," the Doctor grinned. "Your entire species is now High Race. It's back to school for the lot of you - and I'm your first teacher..."

"Can we go back to Dylan doing it?" Quint asked in a worried tone.

The Doctor's eyes flashed briefly as he turned to Quint, "As I taught your species, so I've taught them all. Only one species decided to ignore me - yours. They learnt better not long after. There was one other who listened, then rebelled - and only two races survived. I would advise you to hold your tongue - The Time Directives must be taught."

"Jeeeze...." Quint pouted. "You old geezers have no sense of humor."

"There is a time and a place for everything, nephew," the Doctor said more gently. "And I find it passing strange that a person who has experienced 4 billion 3 hundred million and 54 years worth of time would call me old!"

"Galactic time, Grandpa Galli. You know, that big clock that runs everything?" Quint giggled.

"Hush you," the Doctor grinned before turning back to the King, who was looking at them as if both had grown a new head. "Yes, Harroldo," the Doctor giggled, "just think - you'll be as nuts as us once you're up to speed!"

"I think I'll retire and let Ezraka sort that out!" Harroldo laughed.

"No way Dad, you are not getting out of it that easy!" the pre-teen version of Chance exclaimed. "And I've got my friends to back me up!"

Dylan giggled. "It's not that bad. Galli actually is a good teacher about that kinda stuff."

The Doctor grinned, "I've been a teacher long enough - I sure hope... soo... oh! A name! The Guide..."

"What, Unk?" Quint asked curiously.

"I know all the Real Names of those who are destined for the Council of Time, and now I have a new one pop in there. The Guide," the Doctor explained.

"Kewl, when do I get to meet him, Uncle Galli?" Dylan asked excitedly, unconsciously giving Chance a Timmy-Quality hug in his exuberance. 

The Doctor shrugged, "When he reveals himself."

"You know EVERYTHING Uncle Galli; tell us when!" Bryce whined.

Ezraka rolled his eyes and giggled, "Are we meant to become as impatient as you guys?"

"No," the Doctor grinned as he reached and patted Ezraka on the shoulder. "They're just very young... oh!"

Ezraka's brow furrowed as he stared at the Doctor's forehead. "What's that symbol?" he asked softly, "And why'd it just appear like that?"

"Well, it's the Seal of Time, and it just appeared on your forehead, Guide," the Doctor giggled as he glanced around at the group of children that had been following Ezraka. "Fitting name too, my friend."

"Sweeeeeeeet! Your big brother is on the Time Council!" Dylan blubbered as he gave Chance a cuddle that would make Joel proud.

"And that means what?" Harroldo asked with concern.

"One Time Bubble coming up!" Quint sighed as he looked around the room. "This could take eons...."

"Once I have brought my homeworld back into it's home universe," the Doctor started, while producing a large apple from nothing and jamming it into Quint's mouth, "and once all the remaining Councillors are found, the old Council of Time will reform. Your eldest son is on it representing your High Race."

"All High Races have a member," Quint said after spitting out the apple, "the Middle Races get one representative - and the Younger Races will have three, cos they need the most help - most numerous."

The Doctor jammed the apple back into Quint's mouth and continued, "The head of the Council is The Guardian of Forever, and it was his voice you heard welcoming you earlier."

"Guardian??" Harroldo asked. "Who... and where ... is he?"

The Doctor opened his mouth to answer, but then closed it quickly. He tilted his head to the side as if listening, and then nodded. He glanced at the group of kids around Ezraka and said to them, "You guys want to go into the Main Hall and feast on some cookies for a while? And jelly babies? They're a new sweet I brought with me!"

Well, that got the entire group shifting, and it was only Quint tackling Bryce to the ground that stopped the jelly-baby-addicted Mikyvis from following them.

The Doctor turned and regarded the King. "I think that both the Prince of your people, their Councillor and their Leader need to see what really Is for yourselves. Old Friend? We need a nice smooth transport, please."

//When have I ever given a transport that was not smooth, Gallifrey?//

"I'm sure Bones, Spock and Kirk would argue that point," the Doctor giggled as the group suddenly found themselves on an alien world under a clear night sky. A ruined city surrounded them, and before them was the solitary oneness of the Guardian of Forever - pulsing with power and energy.

//Welcome to Forever. The smelling salts are to your left, young Chance. Your father is in need of them//

Chance closed his mouth, then noticed that his dad, the King, was lying on the ground next to him. Out cold.

"Old people..." Chance giggled as he worked to awaken his dad. "They just can't handle a little fun!"

"I heard that," Harroldo muttered as he came around and caught his youngest in a bear hug. Then he blinked at the Guardian, "Sorry."

//Understandable, and expected which was why you received no injury from your fall. I caught you//

"I didn't see you do that, Guardian," Jay stated softly.

//He landed on the ground. The world is me. I caught him and prevented injury//

"You gotta teach me to do that Unca G!!" Bryce giggled. "When your boyfriend can fly, it'd come in handy!"

"Then you'd be a fat ass as well as a big head!" Dylan giggled.

"I'm telling Daddy that you're calling me names!" Bryce pouted.

"You big baby!" Jay giggled.

"Too true, he's only - what? - six days old?" the Doctor teased playfully.

"Meanie!" Bryce moaned, his grin giving away the fact he was having fun.

"And they call you some of the most powerful beings in the Universe? Why do I suddenly feel a chill?" Harroldo asked.

//Those with power have a flaw, and a blessing. There is little that will make them grow up. Eternal children... I get a headache often//

"You like it and you know it, Uncle Guardian." Quint giggled. "Why else would you invite me to visit whenever I want?"

Silence. A silence as deep as when the whale swallowed Jonah.

"Gotcha, Uncle Guardian!" Quint laughed.

"Hey Chance!!" Dylan stage whispered. "Quint gives lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays on how to keep adults in their place!"

"Awesome!" Chance and Ezraka chorused.

"Over my dead body!" Harroldo said, reaching out to rustle the hair of his sons.

Quint giggled. "No, the first lesson involves NOT killing your parents... resurrection is such a pain in the neck."

The Doctor rolled his eyes before turning to look at the softly pulsing Guardian. He knew his Old Friend was laughing in his own way, and also knew that having this group of children here had made the Guardian happy. And he counted himself as one of the children - how could he compete with Forever?

"Guardian," the Doctor asked seriously, "We have a large work ahead of us - akin to when you taught my race."

//I have placed all on Archnania into a linked-state. What is said here and taught here shall be relayed to them all. Do not worry about questions, for they are not the Lords of Knowledge needlessly. They will understand, Time's Lord//

"Now all I have to do is get this pile of goofs to sit still and pay attention," the Doctor grinned before turning around - and promptly started to laugh.

The group were all seated at old style school desks, even Harroldo, and all were grinning at him cheekily.

"Why me?!" the Doctor howled as he rolled around in the dust of Forever World, clutching his ribs.

Dylan suddenly had a Padd in his hands. He quickly did something on it, then passed it to Bryce.

"What are you doing?" the Doctor asked through his giggles.

"Taking up a collection ... you SAID that we needed to pay Attention!" Dylan grinned.

Once the Doctor had finally finished laughing, he clicked his fingers and a chair appeared for him to sit on. "I won't be going over all of this alone, I'll tell you now. First, I'll cover Time, then Quint can explain Matter. Life and the Binding, well... for that I'd call Kyle, but he's on holiday... so instead, I'll ask Levi to..."

"No," Dylan said quickly, shaking his head seriously. "Not Levi. He's... ah, busy."

The Doctor tilted his head, and caught a look from both Mikyvis and the young Q... he did not like what he saw. "Okay... you'll have to explain why Levi couldn't come here for less than a nanosecond later," he murmured.

"I'll explain Life," Bryce offered. "Levi really can't... and I don't think we can explain to you, Galli... you'll do something rash if you knew..."

Now the Doctor was really worried, but he did nod. "Okay then... well, anyone have anything to ask or say first?"

They all shook their heads, but the Guardian did speak before the Doctor could start, //I must first explain your situation, Chance, Ezraka, Harroldo. You are High Race, and that would normally mean completely anti-energy. However, you are, due to the way you ascended, fully matter as well. You are like the Time Lords. Anti-Energy inside Neutral matter bodies. You will learn what your full powers are in time, and how to use them. For now, listen close to these three, for they shall set your path straight//

A little while later ... wait, it was only a nanosecond ... (you know, Temporal Mechanics are a real headache!)

The Doctor leaned over and picked up the Uno cards that had been left on the floor. "I'm really impressed with how much you have learned from Levi, guys."

Bryce and Dylan both smiled. "He's our Big Brother;" Dylan replied, "if he thinks it's important we don't question it."

Bryce nodded. "Dad and Pop gave him the best part of themselves. He's the best big brother anyone could EVER have!"

The Doctor grinned, "I know." Then his eyes fell on Quint. "You and I need to talk, nephew," he said seriously.

"What? Why!? What did I do?" Quint protested.

It did little good, for the Doctor Folded away, taking Quint with him.

"Why'd they go?" Chance asked from his father's shoulders where he was having a ride.

"To talk about our uncle, Joel," Dylan said sadly.

Chance climbed down and came over to give Dylan a hug, innocently trying to help his new friend improve his mood. Chance wrapped his arms around Dylan's waist, and Dylan placed his arms around Chance's shoulders. A minute later, Galli and Quint reappeared, Galli looking confused and muttering about things not being as they happened.

Chance held out one of his arms, inviting the two returnees to join the hug. What happened next amazed even Bryce; first a small series of sparks seemed to jump back and forth between the hugging boys, then it quickly built into a whirlwind of lightning circling them. Amid the audible crackling of the energy being released by the hugging group, another sound could be heard; a sound unlike any heard by any High Race member in billions of years... the sound of Time itself straining to conform to the will of those given the power to command it. Bryce could feel the heat from the energy of the Universes being tapped and funneled through the boys as they restructured that which is not meant to change except through the Hand of Fate.

With an explosion of light and sound, the ball of energy surrounding the boys dispersed itself over the entire planetary system. Bryce groaned out loud as he physically felt Time shift to it's commanded configuration.

//It is done. The Four Pointed Star of Time is almost complete. Joining Gateway and the Dream Haven, the Refuge is no longer tied to Time's progression. All that remains is the Return of the Jewel of the Heavens...//

The boys separated, both Dylan and Chance giving Galli confused looks. Quint rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Galli, you BETTER back me up when I try to tell Dad that this is not my fault! Dilly, Chance... you just took part in an event that no one of us could do ourselves. We have brought this system into it's own Time Bubble... Time no longer means anything to anyone here. I KNOW Dad's gonna blame me, too!"

"Well, for getting the information wrong I should let you tell your dad all on your lonesome... I could have done this... I did with my homeworld... but I slept for a fucking year afterwards! Guardian, old Friend? WARN me next time... It's not like I don't have enough surprises to deal with... I've got to go, guys. Once Joel reaches the time that I first met him, I'm going to be in agony... I need to prepare..." the Doctor grumbled before writing a note and handing it to Quint. Then he vanished with Jay.

Quint, his jaw on his chest, glanced at the note.

'Q. Don't blame your son. Blame the Mis-shaped Doughnut. Regards, Doc.'

Quint shrugged, "Short, sweet and mercifully to the point." He then took a closer look at Dylan and Chance. "Oh Crap... what the heck did the Guardian do THIS time? How in the HELL did you two get linked as Family?"

Harroldo grinned. "I don't think you need to worry about being blamed this time, Quint. Galli had told us long ago that when the Time came for our race to move forward, the one known as Chance would be bonded as a child to the the Purple One."

"Good, YOU can explain that to him..." Quint whined. "I'm in so much trouble by now that anything I say would go in one ear and out the other."

Jessup came over and nuzzled Quint until Quint got the hint and gently wrapped his arms around Jessup's neck. "What do you say to the two of us hanging out for a few eons until my Dad cools off, Jessup?" Quint whispered softly.

Jessup twisted his head and gave Quint's cheek a lick of acceptance. Quint smiled and kissed the side of Jessup's face. "Looks like we got a deal!"

Bryce giggled. "I think me and Dilly better join you... we'll get our boyfriends and hang out here. Dad's not gonna be happy either; he left our abilities locked to keep us from doing stuff like this."

Dylan grinned at Bryce and Quint. "Y'all are a bunch of chickens! What you worried 'bout; our Dads know about making Destiny work! I want Thomas here to meet our adopted son... as long as you are okay with him being adopted, Sire."

Harroldo came over and pulled Dylan and Chance into a hug. "Prince Dylan, the only way I would object is if I felt Chance was in danger. It is an honor that Destiny has taken from our hands. Chance, you know things that only those who carry your name are allowed to know. Only you can say if this is what is to happen."

Chance nodded seriously, then as his eyes glowed slightly he began reciting words unheard by anyone not of the Chance line since the day they were first uttered.

The future of Archnania lies in the heart of the Prince named Chance. Heed these words, for the keys to understanding shall only be passed from Chance to Chance until the Time of Change is upon the Archnanian race. Know that there shall be legend and truth; the Legend shall be allowed but the Truth shall be kept in confidence until the Time has come to reveal it. In the Time of Change, when the people of Archnania realize their Destiny, a Prince shall come with hair the color of the sky. The young Purple Prince shall be the key which unlocks the full potential of the Prince called Chance. With the change of the sky, there will come a change that none can foresee yet Chance shall know by the action that the time has come. At this time a bond shall form; a bond that shall tie the Family of Archnania to the Family of the Purple Prince until Time ends. At the Time, Chance shall become of Two families yet of One; he shall carry the titles Son of Hearts and Prince of Knowledge. Chance shall become both Student and Teacher; as he learns from the Heart he shall pass to the Knowledge and as he learns from Knowledge he shall teach the Heart."

"Okay, remind me to tell Galli he needs to stay out of the Prophet business." Bryce giggled as he noticed the looks on Harroldo and Ezraka's faces. "I thought that details were supposed to be left out in case the future changes."

Quint nodded, still cuddling Jessup. "Yeah, that's Uncle Galli for you. He was feeling kinda omnipotent in that life; good news is that he's learned better since then. While I know you think you have all of the details, you have just been lucky that what he said was still right. From this point on, don't go by what you were told; follow your hearts to decide what is the right thing to do. Fate is in your hands."

Harroldo nodded his head. "Wiser words have not been spoken, Quint. I would hate to make a mistake based on something that no longer applies."

Quint smiled. "I think my Dad would say there is hope for you; even though I ruined his fun. Teaching people that fate is their choice is kinda a hobby of his."

Chance giggled as he broke the hug. "You mean I'm not the only one that doesn't go word by word as to what is supposed to happen? I didn't cuddle with you because I was supposed to, Dylan. I wasn't going to, I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't do what I was supposed to. You were just so funny and nice that I couldn't resist taking your hand when we were walking. Dad, you don't know this, but there are a lot of things that didn't happen that were supposed to. I could spend a couple of days telling you everything that I was taught but it don't mean anything because it either didn't happen or it can't happen because of things that happened instead. Uncle Chance keeps telling me that if this ever happens I'm supposed to do everything just like it was told to me. I can't wait to tell him 'I told ya so' next time I see him, since he's chewed me out for telling him I wasn't gonna do stuff like that. He thought I was supposed to bow down and kiss Dylan's feet when I met him!!!"

Dylan removed a shoe and a sock, "What's wrong with my feet? They're kissable!"

Chance looked down and found that Dylan was right. So he did. Then he made a face. "You tricked me!"

Quint laughed. "That don't count... out of sequence!"

The Doctor's voice jumped in from out of no-where, "Time is a river and flows one way. Only the Time Lords see it as a piece of string all mashed together. So it's out of sequence... it's still on the day they met. So bite me, Q-Tip!"

"I'll leave the biting to Jay, Grandpa... I don't want to catch Old Age from you!" Quint shot back. "Besides, he has already met him, so admit that you were wrong ... again!"

Quint found himself covered in icy cold water that was attuned to his natural energy state... meaning he was suddenly freezing his bits off.

"Hey, it's a Q-cicle!" Bryce giggled.

Dylan laughed and put his hand on Chance's shoulder. "I didn't have instructions from Uncle Galli to go by, and I still like you Chance. Levi says that our job is to do what is best for the future of everybody everywhere, not what someone has told us we are supposed to do. Uncle Galli told you guys in the past what you needed to be told to get ready for today. Now things have happened that make the future different from what he expected way back then. Uncle Cory always says to only plan ahead enough to cover the stuff that you know will happen, and even then be ready to change your plans. He doesn't know how to look at Time, but it even works for us who can to do it that way; one choice can change stuff and make things happen in a way that we didn't look at."

Chance tilted his head. "Does that mean me telling Uncle Chance that he was full of crap was a good thing?"

Dylan nodded. "I think so; I don't think I would have been able to be friends with you if you were just following a script. I couldn't see in your head like I can do back home, but I could still feel your emotions a little. I knew that you were not faking."

Harroldo chuckled as he took in the lesson that Dylan was unknowingly giving to himself and Ezraka. "I think I'll be having a little fun myself. Chance, I'm not sure if you know this, but until he determined that you were ready, your Uncle Chance was required to keep me up-to-date on your progress. Him and I have never seen eye-to-eye ever since we were kids, so his insistence that you were an insolent brat and that you were not to be sent out if the signal went off meant nothing to me. I'm sure that he's on his way here now considering what has just happened; I'm glad I listened to my heart and not him when I decided to send you anyway."

Dylan read between the words, and all humor was gone from his voice as he interrupted. "If he starts any trouble, he's gonna regret it. Uncle Galli says we ain't supposed to be judges of anyone that's not a High Race, but that we gotta take care of each other between the High Races so bad stuff does not happen."

A finally-thawed Quint interrupted the interruption. "Screw it; if he causes any trouble you'll see what a pissed-off Q can do. I've seen what rogue High Races can do; it only takes one person to start it, and I'm not gonna allow that kind of crap to start again."

Harroldo's eyebrows raised as he realized that the boys were not just venting. "I hope it does not come to that; you do not need that on your conscience."

Bryce leaned over and put an arm over Quint's shoulder. "Do you need me to explain what a 'conscience' is, bro?"

"Just because our race outgrew the need for one doesn't mean that we don't know what that flaw means in you 'lesser' races." Quint shot back with a grin.

Bryce giggled. "At least you didn't lose your ego!"

"Guilty as charged, when you're as good as me you need an ego!" Quint replied, reaching over and tickling Bryce.

Harroldo laughed. "Nothing wrong with knowing that you're good!"

Chance giggled. "Get ready Dad; I think I hear Uncle Chance running down the hall."

Dylan looked at Quint. "Phase-shift? That way we can see what he really says."

Quint nodded. "Sneaky... you sure we're not related?" Almost immediately, the three of them became invisible to the room.

A few seconds later, a grey-haired man came running into the room. As soon as he saw Chance there, he pointed at the young Prince and exclaimed "Leave here Child, you are not to be in this room."

Chance looked over at his father, and felt his resolve increase at the glare that he was directing towards the new arrival. "I no longer answer to you, Elder." Chance replied. "Your Time is done and I have relieved you. The Ancient One has come and gone and your Prophecy is no longer needed."

The elder man looked at Chance with disdain. "You are a liar and an insolent brat. I will not allow such as you to ever meet the Prince to come."

Dylan had heard enough, between the words of the man and the hatred he was feeling from him, Dylan decided that enough was enough. "SILENCE!" Dylan exclaimed as he phased back into the room. "I have heard enough!"

"Chance, leave here NOW; you are not to be in the presence of The Prince!" The elder man exclaimed, ignoring Dylan's orders.

Quint and Bryce had phased back in at the same time. Quint waved his hand, silencing the man. "I hope that you failed to hear Dylan." Quint exclaimed as he walked up to the elder Chance. "No, on second thought, it is apparent that you are a pompous son of a bitch who is not worthy of the name Chance. In fact, unlike the Mikyvis, I can look into that grain of sand that you call a mind if I really want to. I'm sure Ezraka will do fine helping the child that you were seducing overcome the damage that you were causing. Now as far as you go, while I find the laws of this planet quite adequate for proper punishment, I kind of like young Chance and I don't think having his name dragged through the mud by you in public is a nice thing to do to a friend. As JJ would say... 'Later, asshole'."

Quint theatrically clapped his hands, and the elder man vanished. He turned and bowed to the group who had watched him in action. "That was your lesson in High Race criminal dispersal for today, I expect a ten page report, single spaced, on my desk tomorrow. Class dismissed."


To Be Continued.....