Mayfield Magic

Chapter 12-Let's Go Yard Goats

<Aiden and Nolan>
Aiden called Nolan after finishing breakfast. Nolan answered instantly.
“You must have been sitting around expecting my call,” Aiden said after hearing his boyfriend’s voice.
“Not quite. I had my phone sitting on a layout table so I could answer it quickly. I guess my plan worked,” Nolan told him.
“How’s the setup coming along?”
“Great. Dad and I have plenty of help. Two members of the club are here and we’re almost ready to start up the first train.”
“Don’t these guys have jobs?”
“It’s called being retired. I guess you must still be naked.”
“Nope. I’m dressed and ready to come over if you want me to.”
“Super. You know lots more about Legos than Ray and Jonathan. I’ll have my table ready even quicker than I planned.”
“I’m heading for the garage now to get my bike,” Aiden said. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“Wow. You don’t know how good it is hearing you say, ‘I’ll be there in a few minutes’”.
“Oh, I’ve got a pretty good idea. Okay, got my bike—see you soon.”
A few minutes later Aiden rode into the Moyer’s driveway. Soon he was busy helping Nolan finish setting up his table as they placed the Lego structures in position. Some of them had been split into sections to make them easier to pack, but Nolan knew exactly how to fit them back together. He also had pictures of his table along with a map, which helped Aiden fit the structures into place. By lunch time the system was ready to operate.
Nolan’s mother fixed up lunch for the group and served it in the dining room. It was her first time acting as hostess in her new home. She still had a lot of work to complete to get all the pictures hung and knickknacks placed, but she was using personal leave to take the week off from work just as she had done the week before. She hoped to have the house the way she wanted by the middle of the week.
“Landon would love to see how the layout looks,” Aiden told Nolan as they ate their French dip sandwiches.
“It’s not much different since everything fits together the same way it did in my old house,” Nolan said. “But, like we saw when we toured the house, there’s room for expansion. Dad says adding to what we have will take time and work, but it will be fun and worth it.”
“I’m going to take a few pictures of it to send to him if you don’t mind.”
“Go for it.”
After lunch, Paul and his friends, along with Nolan, put the layout through a full workout, including running Nolan’s train on the main layout. Aiden didn’t feel confident enough yet to operate a train on the busy layout even with all the fail-safes in effect.
Paul’s helpers left around three o’clock and Aiden left not long after. He had to be at practice at five-thirty and wanted to get some food before practice. Nolan had practice at six. His dad would drive him there. This would be one of Nolan’s last practices with his old Meadow Park teammates and his new East Centralia teammates. In a couple of weeks or less his sports life would be as a Mayfield athlete.               
<Mayfield Middle School baseball field>
Coach Hallion held a brief meeting after the players finished warming up. “I don’t have to tell you the importance of this weekend’s game. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trent will be starting for us.” Max raised his hand. “Yes Max?”
“I still think it’s bogus we have a one game playoff when everything else is, like, a best of three. It’s totally lame and I don’t get it. It means the team that’s the luckiest could win the game instead of the team that’s the best, and it sucks. Can’t you do anything about it?”
“All I can do is tell you that it was the decision of the league and it’s been this way for the last few years. Your job is to take care of what you can control, namely yourself, do your best, and let the rest fall into place.
“That said, after we beat the Scrappers we’ll be playing the Columbia Division champion next Wednesday and Thursday in a best of three series. Scott is going to start the Wednesday game and Trent will start Thursday’s first game. Should the IF game be needed, it will be played right after the first game and Aiden will be the starter.
“As for the rest of you pitchers, be ready to be called on to pitch at any time. Coaches Simmons and Corcoran will give you all a bullpen session during practice. Max, I want you to go first so you can get some work in at first base. Speaking of positions, we haven’t decided on a starting lineup for Wednesday yet. I probably won’t announce one until we meet before the game, but I will say it will be pretty close to the ones we’ve had for the tournament so far.”
The Goats practiced with zeal and when practice ended, they felt good about what they had accomplished. Coach Hallion held a two-minute meeting and announced there would be an hour practice on Thursday, which would be mostly a batting practice. Gordy and Miles approached Aiden as he put his glove into his equipment bag.
“Saturday could be Nolan’s last game with his team,” Miles said as if Aiden didn’t know it.
“There is no could be about it,” Aiden said. “Saturday WILL be his last game. I think we’re all totally ready to win.”
“How does he feel about maybe playing his last game with the Scrappers?” Gordy asked.
“Not happy. He’s played with some of those guys for a long time, plus he’s made new friends with the Centralia kids on the team. But the biggest thing for him is, he wants to finish there with a championship.”
“How do you feel about what’s happening?”
“I feel like the championship is ours to win. He’s my boyfriend and I love him, but I hope he has to wait to win his championship since we’re going to win it. Because, I want this championship and all my friends want it and he’ll have to wait to win next year when he will win it with Mayfield.”
“Or in California this summer,” Miles grinned.
“Well, there is that,” Aiden said. “It won’t be the same as a league championship that you work a long time for, but it would be something really special beating a bunch of big-time California teams.”
“We’ll show we can brawl out on the baseball field just like they can,” Miles said confidently.
“You said that so perfect. Now, I gotta get home so I can get my boyfriend in shape to accept losing on Saturday.”
“Are you spending the night with him?”
“Yep. We’ve gotta get used to living so close to each other,” Aiden said.
“Miles is spending the night with me,” Gordy informed Aiden.
“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Aiden grinned as he picked up his bag and walked to the parking lot where Larry was waiting for him.
<Aiden and Nolan>
After arriving home from practice Aiden showered and dressed. His backpack was ready to go, and he would hop on his bike as soon as Nolan arrived home from his practice. Aiden estimated that would be in about a half hour.
He sat on his bed, picked up his phone and called Marty. “I wondered if you would call,” Marty said after they exchanged greetings.
“Sorry to call so late,” Aiden said. It was almost nine-thirty in Minneapolis where Marty was. “But you had stuff to do during the day and I just had practice. I just wanted to wish you a ton of good luck tomorrow and say congratulations again to my big bro the All-Star.” Marty had been picked as a substitute for the All-Star game which would be played the next day in Minneapolis. He was one of three Mariners on the American League team.
“I’ve got a big game on Tuesday, and you’ve got a bigger one on Saturday,” Marty said.
“How could my game be bigger than playing in the Major League All-Star Game?”
“Because I’m a substitute who may or may not play in what is essentially an exhibition game. You, on the other hand, are playing for a league championship. What I have is a huge honor. What you have is something your whole team has fought and worked hard for over the last couple of months. Not only that, but you’re going up against your boyfriend. Trust me, bro, there’s going to be a lot more pressure in your game on Saturday than in the All-Star Game tomorrow. If I play, I’m going to be ready to have fun every second of my time in the game. Every breath is going to be special.”
“Well, good luck tomorrow and kick some NL fanny.”
“And good luck to you. And don’t forget to give your boyfriend an extra special hug and kiss after you beat him. Are you gonna see him much before the game?”
“I’m spending the night with him tonight.”
“I figured you’d probably do it up right,” Marty laughed. “Oh, and one more thing, little bro,” Marty said.
“No matter what happens Saturday, remember to have the same goal I have for tomorrow.”
Aiden thought for a few seconds. “To have fun?” he finally asked.
“I’d better get off the phone so I’m ready when Sweet Bear calls and so you can get to bed.”
“Oh, I’ll get to bed alright, but I have a feeling Rich isn’t going to let me get to sleep right away. I think the two of us will be matching you and Nolan thrust for thrust.”
“You’ve got such a dirty mind,” Aiden giggled.
“Takes one to know one. Later, bro.”
“Later and night night.”
Nolan called two minutes later. Aiden grabbed his backpack and gave each dad a hug and a kiss on a whiskery cheek. He then headed to the garage to don his helmet and grab his bike. It was time to christen Nolan’s new bedroom.
When Aiden pulled into the Moyer driveway, Nolan was waiting for him. He was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of gym shorts, and his Crocs. The boys exchanged kisses and then Nolan led Aiden into the garage where he parked his bike next to Nolan’s.
“Mom’s cooking up a couple of BLTs for us,” Nolan announced.
“Sounds good.” The boys had arranged that morning to have dinner at Nolan’s house after their practices were over. After eating, the boys talked about their upcoming game with Nolan’s parents. Paul deftly got them to discuss their conflicting emotions and he and Vivian worked to get them to feel comfortable about the situation. The parents were pleased at the maturity shown by the two young adolescents and at the same time were not surprised by the adolescent angst that would grab them at times.
Paul and Vivian realized that not only would the dynamics of the game be interesting but so would the postgame emotions. After the boys left for bed Paul and Vivian agreed they'd call Larry and Phil the next day to discuss how they planned to handle the post-game situation.
While Nolan’s parents were getting themselves worked up about helping Aiden and Nolan through their turmoil, the boys took off their clothes and exchanged a long, naked hug and some deep, wet kisses.
“You’re going to be the top, right?” Nolan asked.
“That was the plan, but how about this—how about we don’t do tops and bottoms tonight. We’ll save it for next time we have sex in your room,” Aiden replied.
“What you’re saying is, that with the game coming up and all the shit involved with it, we should do something where we’re equals instead of top and bottom.”
“Dang, I’ve got the world’s smartest boyfriend. That is exactly what I was thinking.”
“What did you have in mind? Jerk each other off? Sixty-nine? What?”
“I want us to do what used to be a huge turn on for us—humping,” Aiden replied.
“Sounds wicked. We roll around on my bed, or the floor, or both, cum over ourselves and each other, and mix our cum by rubbing it all around each other.”
Aiden nodded. “I love you, my genius Sugar Bear.”
“And I love you, Sweet Cakes.”
And with that the teen and the tween dropped on Nolan’s bed and pushed their throbbing, rock-hard cocks to together, leaking precum on each other as they did so. They were soon doing exactly as Nolan had described, rolling on the bed as they switched from top, to bottom, to side-by-side, their kisses feeling as if they were unending, their fingers feeling each other’s cracks, sometimes slipping into their partner’s hot ass.  They moaned and grunted as quietly as they could to keep from being overheard, even though Nolan’s bedroom was a long way from his parents’ room.
They were so sexually excited their bodies felt flushed with heat. It took a little under ten minutes for Nolan to squirt his thick, teen cum over his boyfriend’s chest and belly. Right after, Aiden’s watery cum squirted between them.
Without hesitating they combined their cums and rubbed the sticky substance over each other’s bodies and faces. It was one of the most satisfying sexual experiences they’d had with each other in the past month.
After they caught their breath, they pulled the covers over themselves, kissed and rubbed each other, the smell of their emissions almost exciting them again. But as much as they would have liked to have had a second round of fun, they silently agreed that the sex they had just experienced was as perfect as could be before their big faceoff on Saturday.
<Scott and Ronnie>
“Happy Birthday, cuz,” Ronnie Keller whispered into his cousin’s ear.
Scott shook the sleep out of his head and grinned when he saw his younger cousin’s smiling face. “Thanks, cuz. I’m glad I could spend the night before with my favorite cousin.”
“And I’m glad you did what you did with me, because I know it was special for you and a special treat for me.”
It was Scott’s fourteenth birthday. The special treat Scott’s twelve-year-old cousin was referring to was Scott making love to him not once but twice the night before. It was the first time they’d done a back-to-back. Scott was surprised he did it and that his cousin liked it so much. Ever since Ronnie’s recovery from cancer, Scott had tended to treat him like he was a fragile creature. That hadn’t been the case the night before.
“You get to do it to me on your birthday,” Scott told his cousin. Ronnie wouldn’t be turning thirteen until March.
“I want to do it before then. And don’t say no, cuz I’m serious. And I want to do it next time we spend the night together.” Ronnie looked directly at his cousin. He was prepared to object when Scott said he wouldn’t do what he wanted.
Instead, Scott surprised him by taking his hand. “Deal, cuz. Next time you’re the top. Now, let’s get out of bed and see what my mom’s cooking up for my birthday breakfast.”
“Well, we know what your birthday dinner will be,” Ronnie grinned. “And since my baseball season is over, I talked dad into taking me to your game Saturday. I want to be there to watch the Goats win.” 
Scott’s birthday dinner would be Bear Pizza being served at the Mayfield High School auditorium. Larry had arranged with Coach Fitzgerald, the athletic director, and Mr. Donovan, the principal, to open the auditorium and cafeteria to the middle school and high school baseball and softball players to enjoy pizza and watch the All-Star Game on the big screen in the auditorium. The Mayfield Baseball Club and fledgling Mayfield Softball Club would split the cost of the pizza with the help of a 50% off discount by The Bear. Larry, Coach Fitz, Mr. Donovan, Coach Ecklund, Eric, and Cindy Barnes, the girls’ softball coach, would take care of the organizing and supervising. Parents were invited to attend but had to pay for their own food and drink.
<Mayfield High School>
The All-Star game started promptly at 4:30. All five boys’ baseball teams and four girls’ softball teams had players at the showing. The Goats were the only team who had everyone show, both because many had connections to Marty through Aiden and because the Goats had become a very close-knit group as they battled their way through their league playoffs. Almost everyone on the Goats knew Ronnie. Scott introduced Ronnie to all the adults and to some of the players on other teams. Ronnie was an outgoing boy and had no problem fitting into the group.
It was a very successful evening. The kids were well-behaved, as they were expected to be. There was plenty of pizza and soda, and the game was a close one. The players ate in the cafeteria, which had three smaller televisions tuned to the game. Once they finished eating, they sat in the auditorium with a big screen television. Everyone hoped Marty would make an appearance. He was one of just three rookies on the rosters of the two teams.
At the end of the third inning, everyone sang happy birthday to Scott, much to his embarrassment. But after blowing out all fourteen candles on the chocolate cake he felt better. Four cakes were cut for everyone to eat. Scott’s parents paid for two cakes, Larry and Phil paid for one, and Eric paid for the fourth.
The roar in the auditorium was deafening when the American League took the field in the top of the sixth and it was announced that Marty would be playing third base. Aiden felt chills shoot through him he was so excited. He wished he could share it with Nolan, but they agreed that considering the upcoming game it would be best that Nolan didn’t come to the All-Star Party. He did receive a text from Nolan, however, with YEAHHHHHHHHH FOR MARTY written in all caps.
A cheer went up again when the camera focused on Marty for a few seconds before the first pitch. And when he fielded a ground ball from the second National League batter and threw him out at first, the cheers got even louder.
Marty was scheduled to be the third batter in the bottom of the inning. Everyone was on the edge of their seat, wanting to hear every word the broadcasting crew had to say about the Mayfield icon. Ronnie’s father arrived at the high school just as the half-inning started. He purchased two slices of pizza and a soda then sat with Scott’s parents in the seats where the parents had gathered.
The cheer became even louder than it had been when the camera focused on Marty at the plate facing the pitcher. This was a huge moment for the rookie. He watched a pitch go by for a strike, took a ball, fouled the next pitch off, and finally lofted a fly ball to left which the left fielder caught routinely. Nobody cared though—it was all about Marty Carlson, who had once walked the halls of the school they were sitting in at that moment and had played baseball on its field, batting in the Major League All-Star game. Everyone agreed that he would be in more All-Star games to come.
Marty returned to the field in the bottom of the seventh but didn’t have anything hit to him. Aiden left his seat at the end of the inning to use the boys’ room. Heather came up to Aiden as he returned and asked him why Nolan hadn’t come. Aiden was surprised that Heather acted almost human and told her that he and Nolan agreed that since Nolan would be playing against the Yard Goats on Saturday everyone would feel more comfortable if he stayed home.
“Once he’s played his last game for the Scrappers, he’ll be a Mayfield dude and will come to all the parties and stuff,” Aiden said.
“I think he is SO FINE. I can hardly wait to date him,” Heather said, behaving more like the Heather she’d become since sixth grade. Aiden was having too much fun to get into a discussion with her. That would have to wait until later—probably after school started.
“Yep, he is fine alright,” Aiden said. He then walked away to a row of seats where Gordy, Scott, Trent, Miles, and Mac were sitting and Aiden joined them.
“Was Heather her usual bitchy self?” Miles asked.
“You know it,” Aiden said.
Darryl Raymond of the Rays replaced Marty at third in the bottom of the eighth and a lot of the players left for home. They had been more interested in Marty than the game. The fact that the National League had a 6-2 lead was a factor in the early exits as well. That ended up being the final score. Ronnie and his father joined the exodus. Ronnie gave Scott a big hug, wished him Happy Birthday again, and reminded him not to forget his promise.
Aiden walked up to Ronnie and gave him a gentle punch on his right arm, Ronnie turned and saw it was Aiden who had tapped him and grinned.
“It’s great to see you, Ronnie. You look great.”
“Thanks, Aiden. And you look great, too,” Ronnie grinned. “I gotta go, mom and dad are waiting for me.” He started to walk away, then turned around. “I’m pretty sure I’ll get to go to California with my dad to watch you guys play.”
Ronnie gave Aiden a hard hug. “See ya soon,” he said and then ran off to meet his parents. 
Aiden rode home with his dads. He hugged his dads good night, took care of his nightly cleaning, and said his gratitude prayer, thankful that he had a special person like Marty as his big bro.
After finishing his breakfast, Aiden showered and straightened his room. He then sat on his balcony and looked out at Mayfield Lake. It was just after ten o’clock and the day was already warm. The forecast was for temperatures in the high eighties. Aiden enjoyed sitting outside in the nude, confident that nobody could see him.  He picked his phone up off the patio table and dialed Marty.
“Hey, bro,” Marty answered.
“Hey. It was really cool watching you play yesterday,” Aiden said.
“I can assure you it was even cooler playing, even if the AL lost. I can’t talk long right now because Rich and I are leaving for the airport real soon.”
“The Mayfield Baseball Club sponsored a pizza feed at the high school and a bunch of players from the Mayfield baseball and softball teams watched the game on the big screen in the auditorium. It was fun and everybody cheered for our hometown hero.”
“Wow, that’s, like, totally awesome. You make sure to thank the Mayfield Baseball Club for me.” Marty took a deep breath. “I’m choking up a little. Who’s the president of the club?”
“Jackson Hallion.”
“Your coach’s son?”
“Yep, and so is Trent Hallion, our ace.”
“Do you have his phone number or email address, or both?”
“Yep, since I’m on the board I have the officers’ roster. I just have to check my list.” Aiden gave Marty the information. “I have one question for you before you go. Do you think it’s okay if I talk to Nolan the next couple of days before our game?”
“I don’t see any problem until game day—then it’s time to put on your game faces. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a good idea to do an overnight on Friday. Or even dinner. Between lunch and dinner, you guys work it out. But like I said, Friday night and Saturday until after the game, I’d say stay away from each other as tough as it sounds.”
“I’ll talk to him about it today,” Aiden said.
“Just remember it sounds good in practice but might be harder in reality.”
“Just like playing baseball.”
“Exactly,” Marty said. “It’s going to be an emotional time for you two no matter what you do. And since it could be Nolan’s last game with his buddies, it will be extra emotional for him. Remember that in something like this, no matter what you do it will be the wrong decision. So, do what you’re doing, let it all play out, and then, no matter what happens, you two should love the shit out of each other—and I don’t mean in bed.”
“Okay and thanks, Marty. You’re off tomorrow, right?”
“Right. The regular season restarts on Friday. Okay, I see Rich is signaling that it’s time to go. Kick ass on Saturday and now you know where I stand.”
“Thanks, and later, bro.”
Aiden disconnected, feeling better about the decision. He thought about Marty’s words; no matter what he did it would be the wrong decision. He figured those words meant that he had to accept the outcome of the decision no matter what and concentrate on being ready to play the baseball he was capable of playing. He decided to call Nolan and see if he wanted to come over for the afternoon for a swim.
Nolan was happy to come over for a swim after hearing Aiden propose it. “I know we’ve been looking forward to all this time we’ve got together, but maybe we could get some of your Goat friends over to join us. It will help me to start becoming a regular part of the group. I want to get them to be good friends I can invite to my house sometimes, too.”
Aiden was hit by a wave of disappointment at first and then realized what Nolan had said made sense. Being a part of the Goats and of Aiden’s group of friends was going to be way different than being a visitor at Aiden’s house. He needed to spend lots of times with guys like Gordy, Miles, Mason, the twins, Riley, Grant, just to name some of the guys who were regulars at Aiden’s house.
By the time Aiden finished talking on the phone with his friends, he had a nice little group coming over after lunch. While there wasn’t enough time to plan and make lunch, Aiden was prepared to talk his pop into ordering pizza for dinner for those who could stay. Gordy, Miles, Mason, Lance, Lenny, Riley, Grant, Trent, and Emmett all said they could come. Skip was the only boy Aiden couldn’t get hold of.
Aiden wondered if inviting Trent over was a good idea since he and Nolan would be the starting pitchers in Saturday's game. On the other hand, the two knew each other, liked each other, and most importantly, they respected each other.
Miles, Mason, and Gordy were playing wiffle ball in Gordy’s backyard when Gordy’s phone rang. “Let me check with my mom and I’ll call you back. Oh, and Miles and Mason are here with me.” He nodded. “I’ll let them know.” A few minutes later they had all received permission to ride out to Aiden’s for the afternoon.
Trent told Aiden that Mac and his dad were up in the mountains fishing, but he’d be out at Aiden’s house in a few minutes unless his mom said no—which he knew wasn’t going to happen.
Lenny, Lance, Grant, Riley, and Emmett had been planning to play with a soccer ball in the town park. The twins were happy that Emmett had made the twins’ sister Brenda, the brat, upset by saying he wanted to go with the twins and their friends to the park instead of playing with her. The twins suggested Brenda play with Emmett’s sister since they were best friends.
“But I wanted to make out with Emmett. Making out with me is more fun than soccer, right Emmett?” Brenda was wearing just a pair of panties as she addressed the boys. The boys were all dressed in t-shirts and shorts.
“Soccer sounds like fun. So maybe next time,” Emmett said.
“She makes me mad a lot of the time,” Emmett said as they took their bikes out of the twins’ garage.
“Same with me and Lenny,” Lance said.
“She thinks about sex all the time.”
“And you don’t?” Lenny asked.
“Not like she does. I like being with my homeys, too.”
Lenny wanted to ask if Brenda was telling the truth about Emmett and her going all the way, but decided it was none of his business. From what she said, Lenny was pretty sure they’d done it once, but decided it was up to Emmett to tell them when he felt the time was right.
Just as they were getting ready to leave for the park, the twins’ phone rang. Lenny saw the call was from Aiden—he answered and then told the others what Aiden’s idea was. They were all for it. Lance tossed the soccer ball into the garage and then closed and locked the side door. The boys hopped on their bikes and rode to Lakeshore Drive and then along the bike path to Aiden’s house. None of the boys was surprised by Aiden being naked when he answered the door.
“I should have told you to just go around the house to the back,” Aiden said.
“Who all is here?” Lenny asked.
“Lots of guys and all of them wearing what I am. Let’s go down to the pool and you can see for yourself who’s here.” 
“This sounds like so much fun!” Emmett said. Emmett’s lone foray into boy sex had been topping Lenny, which was one fewer time than he had topped Brenda. Comparing the two, he preferred his session with Lenny twice as much as his two sessions with Brenda, if for no other reason than the entire affair had been much less complicated. And now he was going to see a whole group of his teammates in the nude. It almost made the amount of time he had spent sitting on the bench worth it.
As soon as they got to the pool, the newcomers, except for Emmett, started stripping. Emmett was embarrassed by the fact that he had a boner. But as soon as Lenny and Grant pulled off their pants and undies, he saw that they were boned up, too. Seeing that those two weren’t embarrassed, Emmett yanked off his pants and briefs and proudly displayed his hairless three inches of tween cock.
When Nolan came over from the hot tub to greet everyone, Emmett became very impressed by the teen’s tool. The uncut, five-and-a-half-inch erection was on full display. What impressed Emmett the most was the bush of hair covering Nolan’s pubic area. It wasn’t the first time he had seen a boy with pubic hair, but it was certainly the most pubic hair he had seen. He felt his cock throb as he scanned the sights around the swimming pool.
He went to the picnic table which had a snack plate to get his mind on something else. Mason sidled up to him as he chomped on an oatmeal raisin cookie. “Hey, Emmett. I didn’t know you’d be here,” Mason said.
“I didn’t know either until a little while ago, but here I am,” Emmett said. He was fully aware of Mason’s horndog reputation and wondered where this discussion might lead. The thought of what might happen caused his cock to throb harder.
“You’ve got a nice boner,” Mason said as he grabbed a chocolate chip cookie.
“Thanks, I guess.”
“Serious. It’s, like, seriously hard and ready to go. Can I feel it for a moment?”
Emmett knew that this moment would be coming, but he still sputtered his answer. “I guess.”
“Hey, Emmett, don’t let Mason talk you into anything you don’t want to do,” Aiden said as he walked up to the pair.
“Hey, I thought you were my friend,” Mason said.
“I am, but I’m Emmett’s friend, too. He’s kinda new to all this.”
“But I’m kinda liking this being naked with my teammates and seeing guys with boners and nobody being bothered by me having a boner and somebody even liking my boner, even if it’s Mason who likes it,” Emmett said.
“Hey, is this pick on Mason day or what?” Mason asked.
“Not from me, it’s just you’ve got a rep about liking cocks is all.”
“That’s because I DO like cocks. But so does Aiden and so do all of the guys here, even the ones who like girls.”
“I like girls, but this is already more fun than getting naked with my sister and her friends or with Brenda. So, yeah, I want you to touch my boner because I’m hornier than I’ve ever been.”
Mason reached out and wrapped his fingers around Emmett’s erection, causing the younger boy to stiffen and softly moan with pleasure.
“Hey, Mason, you know the rules,” Aiden said. Watching Mason seduce Emmett had given Aiden an instant hardon.
“I was just feeling him up, which is supposed to be okay,” Mason said.
“You know you aren’t going to stop at just feeling up his dick.”
“He’s not?” Emmett asked happily when he heard that Mason might want to do more than just feel his dick.
“Mason likes to do a lot more than feeling a guy up. My dads’ rule at my parties is naked is okay, boners are okay since they can’t be helped, groping and feeling up is okay, but anything else has to be done in the basement or upstairs in a bedroom.”
“Can we go to the basement?” Emmett asked cheerily.
“I think you got him hooked,” Nolan said. He had been watching what was going on at the snack table, stroking his hard dick while observing Mason at work. Emmett noted that Nolan had the biggest, hairiest cock of the group of boys.
“Let’s go,” Mason said. “The backroom is the best place to be.”
When they got to the door to the backroom, Mason opened it and stepped into the room with Emmett behind him. Since Mason had taken a head count of the boys around the pool, he wasn’t surprised to find two of them having sex on the old couch. What they saw was Grant bent over the seat of the couch, using his arms to hold himself off the cushions, and Lance fucking him hard.
Emmett stood in the middle of the room with his mouth agape as he watched the boy he once fucked busily fucking another boy. Mason treated it like it was business as usual. Grant and Lance kept going as if nobody had walked into the room—it wasn’t an unusual occurrence at an Aiden party. Within two minutes after Emmett and Mason came into room Lance shot his pubescent cum into Grant’s ass and pulled out. Grant dropped on his back and jerked himself off to a quick cum, shooting his watery emission over his torso.
“Hey, sorry we bothered you,” Emmett said. “We didn’t know you were in here and all of a sudden we were watching and I…”
“Don’t worry about it, Emmett,” Lance said. “If we wanted privacy, we would have gone up to the guest room. Nobody bothers you in that room. If you do it in this room, then you figure somebody might come in. And it’s not like you and Mason haven’t seen me having sex. Now, Grant, on the other hand, well, I warned him what might happen and where it would be private.”
“And I was cool with it. Aiden’s house isn’t the place for shy people,” Grant grinned.
“We’d better get to the shower so Grant can get cleaned up inside and out.” Grant hopped off the bed and he and Lance left the room.
“I guess that means somebody might come in while you’re sucking my dick,” Emmett said to Mason.
“Yep. We could go upstairs if you want,” Mason responded.
“Nah. I mean if we go upstairs everybody would know we’re going upstairs to do something, maybe even Aiden’s dad. So, we might as well do it here and then go jump in the pool.”
“Sit on the couch and spread your legs.” Emmett did so and Mason knelt between his legs. “Have you ever had your dick sucked before?”
“By a couple of girls,” Emmett answered. He knew that everybody knew he did sex things with Brenda, but he played the role of a gentleman and didn’t say her name. The other girl who sucked him was his sister, Wendy, who had turned 11 at the beginning of June. They had been enjoying oral sex together once a week or so since spring break. Carla, a friend of Brenda and Wendy, had licked his dick once a couple of weeks ago and decided she didn’t like it.
“Do you cum?” Mason asked.
“Not yet. But Lance and Lenny said I should be starting soon since I’m twelve.”
“Well, at least you can’t get any girls preggers. So, fuck my mouth hard when you’re cumming to let me know you had an orgasm. Oh, and one more thing?”
“I want you to tell me the first time you shoot because I want to be one of the first to suck it out of you.”
“You’re on. I’ll…ohhhhh, shit, that feels good.” Mason had placed his lips around Emmett’s cut cock and started using his best fellatio technique.
It wasn’t long before Emmett placed his hands on Mason’s shoulders and started fucking the older boy’s mouth. “Shit, you’re making me cum fast.” Mason could feel Emmett’s cock spasm as it tried fruitlessly to shoot out semen that wasn’t there. “Oh, wow, that was the best ever. I wish you could give the girls cock sucking lessons because they weren’t near this epic.”
Mason stood up in front Emmett, his hard cock leaking precum. “I don’t do nothing with girls,” Mason stated adamantly.
“It’s cool. Do you want me to suck you or something?” Emmett asked as he stared at Mason’s pulsating four-and-a-half-inch cock. “You’ve got hairs and that’s precum coming out, right?” Emmett rambled without waiting for Mason to answer.
“Yes, to both. And just sit still for a moment.” Mason started rubbing his cock along Emmett’s smooth cheeks. “If you don’t like this, tell me and I’ll stop. You’re gonna get cum over your face if you say I can keep going.”
“Keep going.”
Mason did so and was soon shooting his tween cum over Emmett’s left cheek, with some getting in his hair, and some on his left shoulder. After Mason finished, the boys went into the shower area and turned on two showers. Emmett wasn’t sure what to make of Mason shooting cum on his face, but he realized if somebody asked him to, he would let it happen again. Maybe if there was a next time, he would actually give Mason a blow job. After showering the boys went back to the pool. Even though everyone knew they had gone into the backroom to mess around, nobody asked them what they did. It was considered bad form to ask, but it was okay for someone to volunteer to tell what happened.
The afternoon had been Emmett’s biggest boy sex lesson, even bigger than when he fucked Lance. Emmett now felt like a real part of the group—a true member of the team. As much as he liked girls, he wanted to do more with the boys who were his friends.
The only other sexual activity that led to orgasm that afternoon was Lenny and Riley having a sixty-nine on the old couch in the back room and Trent and Nolan sampling each other’s hairy cocks by jerking each other off in the hot tub. Sex in the hot tub was okay as long as everyone’s gonads were under water since the hot tub couldn’t be seen from the deck.
Larry wasn’t surprised that all the boys wanted to stay for pizza after they were asked. They all received permission after calling home. When Phil arrived home from work, he was surprised and pleased to see the house and patio invaded by naked adolescents. Around seven everyone except Nolan dressed and headed home.
Nolan spent the night. He and Aiden agreed this would be their last night together until after Saturday's game. They decided that even though they were sleeping together that night their sex would be limited to mutual masturbation. Nolan got Aiden excited by telling him about getting off with Trent and their climax, which meant shooting on the patio floor since shooting cum in the tub was a giant no-no. Even though they were afraid that sleeping naked and snuggling might get them horny for more, they did it anyway and managed to fight temptation. They knew they weren’t going to be able to do that very often.
Aiden, Gordy, Scott, Trent, Mac, Riley, Lance, Lenny, Peter Astor, Sammy, and Jackson were doing volunteer work for City Parks. The recreation director had arranged a clinic for the t-ball players. Larry and Coach Ecklund were the chief organizers. Part of the plan was to use a few middle school and high school players to demonstrate the skills being taught and to help the six- and seven-year-olds at the practice stations. Since lunch was thrown into the mix, it was a difficult gig to pass up.
The day was sunny and warm and the boys, both big and small, had fun working on baseball skills. The clinic ended at two o’clock giving Aiden and Gordy time to get back and have a quick skinny dip before eating sandwiches and going to practice.
Following a light, hour long, practice, Aiden rode home with Phil. After dropping off his gear, he ran to Nolan’s house and ran the trains with Nolan and his dad.
“We really do have to get Landon over here to see the layout,” Aiden said.
“We will, but probably not until after our big train trip,” Nolan said. “I don’t want to accidentally talk about the trip and have him feel bad because he’s not going.”
“I think Landon is tougher than that. Sure, he’ll be envious, but I think he knows how to deal with stuff like that. I mean if he could deal with the Goats ending the game early because they ten-runned his team in the playoff game, he should be able to deal with not having a private train car trip. It’s not like he and his dad don’t ride trains a lot.”
Nolan agreed and said he’d see what they could do after the league playoffs were over.
Friday was a tough day for Nolan and Aiden. They were so close and yet so far, but they stuck to their guns. Until after Saturday’s game, they were totally on different teams. Aiden, Gordy, Miles, Skip, and Mason spent the day swimming. And swimming was all they did, outside of eating. Just because they were skinny dipping didn’t mean they had to have sex. Mason and Skip didn’t agree, but they went along with the flow—this time.
And suddenly it was Saturday, which meant it was game day. Or to phrase it differently, it was Big Game Day.
<Centralia Baseball Complex, Field 1>
The Mayfield Yard Goats and the East Centralia Scrappers were warmed up and ready to play. Ronnie arrived as the players ran to their dugouts at the end of their warmups. He called out Scott’s name, giving his cousin a wave when he saw Scott look his way. Scott grinned and return the wave.
After the teams had finished taking infield the three umpires came to home plate for the pregame meeting with the coaches. The captains for both teams accompanied their coaches. Scott came out with Coach Hallion since Trent was warming up with Mac. Dominic Ward, the Scrapper captain, came out with his coaches.
The plate umpire received his copy of the lineup cards and then went over the ground rules and some administrative items. He then took a quarter out of his pocket for the coin toss to determine the home team. Since Mayfield had come the farthest for the game, they would make the call on the coin toss.
“Who’s going to make the call for you?” the plate umpire asked Hallion. The coach pointed to Scott who called, “Tails which never fails.”
The umpire flipped the coin and let it land on the ground. In this case, tails did fail as the flip came up heads. The Scrappers’ coach said they’d be home and then told his team to take the field. Scott shook his head when his call had failed for the first time all season.
“How did your call fail?” Max asked Scott.
“It was a bogus coin,” Scott answered. “I’m sure it had two heads.”
“Sounds freaky,” Mason said.
“What happened was the math caught up with Scott,” Aiden said. “Now, let’s get ready to play ball.” He grabbed his bat and stepped out of the dugout. He was batting second which made him the on-deck hitter.
The umpire called Gordy to the plate after Nolan got his eight warmup pitches in. As soon as Gordy was set, the ump pointed at Nolan, called out “Play!” and the game was ready to start.
Gordy quickly grounded out to second which brought Aiden to the plate. Aiden and Nolan were now going to start their big game duel. Nolan’s first pitch was a fastball which Aiden took for a strike. Aiden fouled off a changeup for the second strike, took ball one, and then Nolan uncorked a curve that Aiden took for a called strike three as it caught the outside corner of the plate. Aiden nodded to Nolan and carried his bat to the dugout. Trent struck out swinging for the third out and it looked like Nolan was on top of his game.
Trent looked keyed in as well as he struck out the first two Scrapper batters. Nolan was the number three hitter for the Scrappers. Trent fell behind 3-1 then threw a fat fastball which Nolan caught in the sweet spot of his bat sending the ball sailing over the chain link fence in left for a home run. Trent struck out the number four hitter ending the first ending with the Scrappers holding a 1-0 lead.
To no one’s surprise the game was quickly turning into a pitchers’ duel. Nolan set down the side in the second and third innings and Trent gave up a harmless two out single in the bottom of the third.
Aiden faced Nolan for the second time with one out in the top of the fourth. Nolan had put down the first ten Goat hitters after Gordy hit an easy fly ball to center. He struck out the side in the top of the third, which gave him six strikeouts. In the second battle between the two boyfriends, who did their best not to acknowledge each other, Aiden came out the winner when he hit a line drive single to left.
Nolan broke the ice between the two when, before engaging the rubber, he looked over to first and gave Aiden a ‘good job’ nod. Aiden returned the gesture as the two admitted to each other they could be competitive and still acknowledge their relationship. It wasn’t like this was the first game they had played against each other.
Aiden took off for second on the second pitch to Trent and slid safely into the base for a successful steal. He died there when Nolan struck out Trent and Muddy.
Scott started the fifth with a grounder between first and second, but Nolan put down the next three batters to end the inning without a score.
At the end of the fifth inning, with the game moving quickly, the Scrappers still led 1-0.   Trent had given up one hit and a walk while Nolan had given up only the hits by Aiden and Scott and had struck out 10 batters. Both teams had played errorless ball.
In the top of the sixth, Lance pinch hit for Riley and grounded the first pitch between the shortstop and the third baseman for a single. The hit brought the Mayfield fans to life. Ronnie started a chant like he’d heard and taken part in at Rainier and Mariner games.
“Let’s go Yard Goats…Let’s go Yard Goats…Let’s go Yard Goats….” The Mayfield parents, family, and friends quickly followed his lead.
Gordy then walked on a full count, and the crowd quieted down some. The Goats were threatening with runners on first and second and no outs with Aiden coming to bat.
The crowd started chanting again until Aiden got set in the batter’s box. He was now one-for-two in the game with this being his biggest at bat ever against his boyfriend. Nolan’s first pitch was high and his second was outside. Coach Bradley, the Scrappers’ coach, asked for time and went out to the mound with the catcher to talk to Nolan.
“Getting tired?” the coach asked.
“I’m fine,” Nolan said, even though he felt he was tired. Like starting pitchers everywhere, he had no intention of coming out of the game.
“You look tired. What do you think, Greg?” he asked Greg Barton, the Scrappers’ catcher.
“He’s good to get through the inning,” Greg replied since Coach Bradley had nobody warming up. ‘What else can I say,’ he wondered. Game management wasn’t one of the coach’s strong points.
Bradley gave Nolan a pat on the back. “Let’s get this guy. Throw strikes and you’ll be fine, tired or not.” He turned and started back to the dugout. The plate umpire told him he still had four mound visits left.
Nolan’s next pitch was a fastball down the middle which Aiden hit hard, but right at the shortstop, who fielded it cleanly and shoveled it to the second baseman for one out. The second baseman pivoted and fired the ball to first to complete the double play. The play wasn’t completed, however, when his throw went over the first baseman’s reach. Coach Hallion saw the ball hit the fence and roll out toward the outfield. He waved Lance home as the first baseman retrieved the ball and threw home, but the catcher had to reach for it and couldn’t make a play on Lance who slid safely home to tie the score at 1-1. Aiden made it safely to second on the play.
The next batter was Trent, who hit Nolan’s first pitch to him into the right field gap between the center and right fielders for a run scoring double. The Goats now had a 2-1 lead. Much to the chagrin of the second-guessing parents and fans in the Scrappers’ bleachers, Coach Bradley left Nolan in the game. They did not second guess his decision to intentionally walk Muddy, however.
Scott followed Muddy. He hit a line drive right at the third baseman for the second out. Mac then struck out on a 2-2 pitch to end the inning. Despite some shaky defense behind him, Nolan had limited the damage to two runs. They were two huge runs, however.
Trent put the Scrappers down in order in the bottom of the sixth and the game went into the seventh inning with the Goats leading 2-1. Jorge Garcia replaced Nolan on the mound with Nolan shifting to left field. Jorge would be facing Miles, Max, and Riley. The Mayfield fans started their chant as soon as the umpire signaled that the ball was in play. Miles grounded out to short and Max struck out, but the fans continued their noise. Emmett pinch hit for Riley and hit a blooper between the second baseman, who was running out to catch it, and the right fielder who was running in. Unfortunately for the Scrappers, the ball landed in “no man’s land” for a single. That got the crowd going louder as Gordy dug in at the plate. Gordy took care of business by hitting a 2-0 pitch off the left field fence for a triple, scoring Emmett. The Yard Goats had picked up a much-needed insurance run and now led 3-1. Aiden couldn’t bring in Gordy, however, and flied out to center.
Coach Hallion replaced Trent with Max to start the seventh. Trent took over at first. Max struck out the first batter which brough Nolan to the plate. Max got ahead in the count 1-2 and threw a breaking ball in the dirt that Nolan didn’t fish for. Mac then called for a high strike on the outside corner, but Max’s pitch ended up being a center cut fastball that Nolan sent over the fence for his second home run of the game. The Mayfield lead was now 3-2 and that insurance run at the top of the inning looked bigger than ever. The next hitter was Dominic Ward, whose strength was hitting the ball a long way—when he made contact. Max pitched a bit too carefully to Dom and fell behind 3-1. Mac called for the next pitch to be outside, off the plate, rather than give the big kid a fat pitch to hit. Max threw ball four, which prompted a mound visit from Eric in his role as the pitching coach. He was joined on the mound by Mac and Scott.
Eric could tell that Max was brooding. “That home run was nothing,” Eric said. “The only thing that can bring you down is not commanding your pitches. Let’s keep the ball low to this guy—he’s not fast and we might be able to get him to ground into a twin killing. You can’t fix the past so forget it. Focus on this guy at the plate and give him your best stuff.” Eric, who had been working on a sinker ball with Max, knew that he had used it in the last game he pitched. The hitter in question was Greg Barton, the catcher, who was not noted for his speed, and would be easy to double up if they could entice him to hit a grounder.
Max’s first pitch was high for a ball. Mac signaled him to lower his pitches before tossing the ball back to Max. Mac then called for a sinker. Even though he’d used it a couple of times in his last game, Max wasn’t sure he was ready to throw it in a tough situation. Then he remembered Eric saying to forget the past and give the hitter his best stuff. ‘Well, that fucking sinker looks good when I’m throwing it in the bullpen so maybe that’s what he means by my best stuff,’ Max thought.
The crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Goats” as Max looked in for the sign from Mac. The pitch he threw looked like a fat fastball to Greg until he realized that it wasn’t when the bottom dropped out of it. He swung and missed, making the count 1-1. Mac signaled for another one. Max liked the results of the previous pitch and was ready to throw it again. He nodded and threw another sinker. Greg got enough of the pitch to hit a bouncing grounder to Gordy at short. Gordy fielded it and snapped the ball to Aiden at second. Aiden made a perfect pivot and fired a bullet to Trent at first to complete the double play and end the game. The Yard Goats won the game and the Mountain Division championship.
The Mayfield players rushed the field exchanging low fives, high fives, fist bumps, and hugs. They then created a handshake line and accepted the congratulations of the East Centralia Scrappers. When Aiden reached Nolan in the line, he gave his boyfriend a hug and looked into his eyes. He could read the sadness in Nolan’s eyes. Aiden knew that Nolan would be riding home with him and would wait until then to talk to him about how he felt.
After the postgame celebrating and congratulating calmed down, the Goats cleared their gear out of the dugout and sat in the first rows of the third base bleachers for the postgame meeting.
“I’ll make this quick,” Coach Hallion said. “We’ll have a quick workout on Monday to go over final details. Tonight, all I want to say is you guys are amazing in so many ways I can’t list them. You played hard, you played smart, and you played to win. While that doesn’t guarantee you will win, it does put you in a position to win when the opportunity arises.
“You all know we play the Columbia Division winner Wednesday and Thursday in a best of three series. You all know you’re good enough to win the league if you do what you do best. Scott will start Wednesday’s game to give Trent some extra rest. Trent will start Thursday’s first game and if needed, Aiden the second game, which is the IF game. Get plenty of rest, eat well, and I’ll see you all at five on Monday at the middle school.”
<Nolan and Aiden>
Aiden met Nolan at the main entrance to the complex. He was waiting with Phil, Larry, and his dad. “Did you have a good meeting?” Larry asked.
“Geez, pop, you coach baseball and you ask a question like that?” Aiden responded. “We just won a big game so what kind of a meeting do you think we had?”
“I asked the question as a clueless parent, not as a coach. I wanted the evaluation to come from a player on the receiving end.”
Before Aiden could say anything else Coach Hallion, who was accompanied by Trent and Jackson, came up to them. He gave Nolan a quick hug and said, “Great game, Nolan. You stopped us from the mound and almost beat us at the plate.”
“Yeah, you did,” Trent agreed. “Especially when one of those home runs was off of me.”
“I can’t believe I hit two off anybody,” Nolan said. “I only hit two home runs all year and one of those was an inside-the-park shot and then I get two in one game in the playoffs.”
“Sorry your last game with your friends ended in a loss, but not horribly sorry if you get what I mean.”
“I totally get it, and I would have felt the same as you the other way around.”
Suddenly a thought popped into Aiden’s head. “Coach, do you think Nolan can practice with us on Monday? He lives in Mayfield and he’s going to be playing with us in the big brawl. It would be wicked if he could get to know the team better as a player.”
Coach Hallion saw Nolan’s face light up after hearing Aiden’s question. “I take it you’re okay with it, Nolan.”
“Oh, yeah, totally.”
“And what about you, Mr. Moyer? I’m asking because this is an unexpected request by the boys.”
The legal part of Paul’s mind immediately took hold. “I know I’ve signed all the paperwork for the tournament but has his spot on the roster been approved by the tournament organizers? I have to ask because his insurance won’t take effect until they have approved of the addition.”
“I received an email from the organizers that Nolan has been placed on our roster,” Coach Hallion said. “Something for Aiden to know, Cal has not been officially placed on our roster yet. I will call the tournament committee chair about that tomorrow and then Cal and let him know that once he’s been approved, he can practice with us.”
“How about if I call him and tell him what you said?” Aiden asked.
“I think the message should come from me as the coach. But I’ll text you after I’ve contacted him, and you can feel free to tell him you look forward to practicing with him as soon as he’s eligible. Oh, will your wife okay the practice Monday, Mr. Moyer?”
“You can call me Paul and I know she will. She’s talking with a couple of the mothers and…oh, well, speaking of Vivian, here she comes.”
As they talked, the stragglers from the Scrappers and Yard Goats were passing by and offering congratulations or condolences to Nolan and Aiden depending on who was talking to whom. Aiden’s phone notified him of an incoming text message, one of many he’d received since the game ended. He checked his phone and saw that this one was from Cal congratulating him on the win. “congrats. that was huge. wish i cudda seen it but i’m on a trip with dad and ill c u soon.”
Aiden turned his attention to the adults in time to hear Nolan’s mother say the family had no specific plans on Monday, so she had no problem with Nolan going to the Yard Dog practice. “I’m happy he still has baseball left to play,” she told him. Nolan checked who was looking before hugging his mom and dad and picking up his equipment bag and bat. He followed Aiden and his dads into the parking lot. 
“Yard Dog?” Aiden asked Nolan.
“Not to worry,” Nolan responded. “She’ll learn.”
Aiden and Nolan were soon sitting in the Odyssey with Larry and Phil. Nolan was checking his phone to see if the Monte Bulldogs/Washtucna Knights score had been posted on the league website. “It’s there and looks like it was a game like ours,” Nolan said.
“One run game?” Phil asked just before Aiden asked who won.
“Yes, and Monte won 5-4,” Nolan answered.
“That means we’re going to have to see Skyler for at least one game,” Aiden said.
“Well, he went all the way today, so who knows? The Knights do have a pretty good hitting team.”
“Don’t forget that we do, too.”
As soon as they arrived at Aiden’s house, Aiden called Marty to give him the news about the game. He was surprised that Marty answered figuring he would be busy with pregame protocols.
“I just have a couple of minutes,” Marty said. “Give me the skinny.”
“We won 3-2 and Monte won in their game 5-4,” Aiden said.
“How’s Nolan taking it?”
“He’s taking it okay. And since he’s ready to be a Goat, he will be coming to our Monday practice.”
“I love it. He loses a playoff game to you on Saturday, goes to your practice on Monday, will root for you in the finals, and then play for you in California.”
“He’s my man,” Aiden said half seriously.
“That he is. I gotta go. I’ll talk to you before Wednesday.”
“Sounds great. Kick ass tonight.” The Mariners were playing the Giants at home.
Since neither Larry nor Phil wanted to spend time cooking up dinner, they asked the boys if they wanted to go to The Bear for pizza. The dads were not surprised by the boys’ loud, synchronized, “YES!”
Baseball was the chief topic as the group consumed their pizza. They also talked about Nolan’s reaction to losing the big game to the Goats and how both boys were adjusting to living within a mile of each other. Aiden and Nolan agreed that being neighbors was great, but they knew they would have to do a lot of adjusting in their schedules and outlook, especially after school started.
“We’re here to help whenever you need somebody to talk to,” Larry said.
“Thanks,” Aiden said.
“My dad has pretty much said the same thing. For now, I think mom will follow his lead, but, knowing my mom, once she’s gets settled into our new home, she’ll be giving us her…um…’advice’.”
After returning home they watched the Mariners beat the Giants 6-5. Marty went one-for-four with a single. After the game, the boys said goodnight to Phil and Larry and headed upstairs to Aiden’s bedroom.
“I have a feeling they won’t be going right to sleep,” Phil chuckled.
“Two young adolescent boyfriends wanting to stay up late for some extracurricular activity? Really? I never would have thought it,” Larry said.
“As usual, you’re totally full of shit. And to think you teach school and yet you don’t understand kids.”
“Let’s head to our bedroom and I’ll show you exactly what I’m full of. In fact, I might even deposit some of it in you.”
“This, I’ve gotta see,” Phil grinned as the husbands went to their bedroom.
Upstairs, Aiden and Nolan had stripped naked, taken care of their evening business, and dropped onto Aiden’s bed where they kissed madly. They had silently agreed not to bring up their baseball game until the next day.
“I want you inside me,” Nolan said.
“We can sixty-nine,” Aiden said.
“I didn’t mean oral. I meant I want you INSIDE me.”
“For real?”
“For real. I know that no matter how much you shoot into me something will stick for a while for me to carry with me to practice on Monday.”
“That’s sounds so romantic,” Aiden cooed.
Nolan shook his head. “I think it almost sounds perverted, but I can go with romantic.”
“How do you want to do it?”
“Standing up with my hands on the balcony railing and bending my ass for you to drill.”
“Whoa, you want to do it out on the balcony? Sweet Bear, this will be the first fuck on the balcony.”
“And I know you’ve been waiting to do it with me.”
“You got that right,” Aiden said. “For sure, you got that right.”
Aiden lubed up his dick and Nolan’s ass and then the boys rose from the bed. He kept the lube in his hand in case they needed a recharge once they started humping.
Aiden pulled open the drapes and the sliding glass door and stepped outside into the warm summer night. Nolan followed him out and then stepped out with him. He bent over so his athletic ass was sticking out and placed his hands on the railing, letting his strong arms support him. He stared out at the black lake and the lights of the houses on the opposite shore.
He had never wanted Aiden to fuck him more than he did right then. He wanted his boyfriend to dominate him because his boyfriend was a winner. He also knew, deep in his heart, that if the score had been the other way around, Aiden would want him to do the same thing—dominate.
“Fuck me, Sweet Cakes. Fuck me hard and fast and deep, like you’ve never fucked anybody before,” Nolan breathed. “Make me scream,” he commanded in a dominant tone of voice. He realized that while he wanted Aiden to dominate him bodily, he wanted to show some assertiveness as well.
The two traded a hard kiss and then Aiden scooted behind Nolan and pushed his cock into his boyfriend’s ass. He set right to work fucking him. Nolan leaned on the railing with his two hands and Aiden leaned on him with his two hands.
Aiden thrusted hard and fast, his body slapping against Nolan’s. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck me harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me, yeah…”. Aiden slammed as hard as he could and hit his lover’s sweet spot perfectly. Nolan’s scream was loud and long and, to Aiden, extremely sexy.
Downstairs the scream was heard and noted. “Damn, they’re doing it out on the balcony.” Phil knew he was stating the obvious, but it had to be said.
“Want to go up and quiet them down?” Larry said.
“Oh, hell no. After what those two have been through the last couple of days—shit, over the last week, they need to totally blow off steam. We can talk to them about it tomorrow.”
“And embarrass the hell out of them,” Larry chuckled.
“They can handle it, especially since they know they’d earned the embarrassment. I don’t want to think of what the neighbors across the lake will think.”
“Or the neighbors down the street. Vivian might freak.”
“I doubt that will be a problem—too many trees between them and us.”
Another scream from the balcony had the husbands looking at each other and grinning in the dark.
“Aiden or Nolan?” Larry asked.
“Nolan—Aiden would be higher pitched.”
“Shall we see who cums first between us?” Larry asked.
“I’m sure they will, but it doesn't matter. Let’s fuck like we’re their age.”
“Whatever. I’m game to try.”
Up on the balcony the boys were close to orgasm. Aiden screeched as he shoved his cock as deep as he could and started firing his clear tween cum into Nolan’s ass causing Nolan let out a quick, lower pitched, scream of his own as he shot his thicker cum on the clear plastic barrier below the railing. Aiden leaned against Nolan, breathing hard. Nolan gently turned and planted a kiss on Aiden’s lips.
The lovers knew they had experienced their best lovemaking ever. They understood that Nolan was more than a visitor on Aiden’s balcony. He was now a Mayfield boy who was where he belonged. What happened on Aiden’s balcony verified what they had been thinking—Nolan’s move to Mayfield had moved them up to a new level of friendship and of love. They also felt they had farther to go and were ready for what promised to be an amazing ride.
Next: T.E.A.M.
JULY 18. East Centralia Scrappers vs Mayfield Yard Goats. Southwest Washington 13 and Under League Mountain Division Championship Game at Centralia Baseball Complex, Field 1.
  1. Gordy-SS (6)
  2. Aiden-2B (4)
  3. Trent-P (1)
  4. Muddy-DH batting for Rusty-RF (9)
  5. Scott-3B (5)
  6. Mac-C (2)
  7. Miles-LF (9)
  8. 8.) Max-1B (3)
  9. 9.) Riley-CF (8)