A Tragic Love

We’ll Have These Moments to Remember

As our second Anniversary date drew near, we still hadn’t figured out a way we could get together.  This made us realize that we would, in all probability, only be able to get together on a few of our special days.  We’d have to choose just one or two of them to celebrate and suffer the others alone, in silence, as we had done during the past year.  Right now I’d be happy to celebrate any of these days with David and didn’t care which one, as long as it was all quality time.  What I preferred was the sort of time where we could give each other small injections of love, siphoned out of those vast repositories which were housed deep in our souls. 

Then one day it happened.  The phone rang and Joe called out that it was for me.

“Hello,” I answered, after taking the receiver from him. 

“Billy, it’s me.  I’ve figured out how we’re going to get together and you’re going to love this,” he announced, and I held my breath as David continued.  “My dad has agreed to let me go on an overnight camping trip during Labor Day weekend.  The recreation department is sponsoring the trip and they/re taking us to the Boy Scout camp on Owasco Lake, which is only twenty minutes from where you live now.  I went on another trip like this before, with a group from where I used to live, and they don’t supervise these overnighters very well.  I’ve talked to some of the boy scouts who have gone there for the scouting summer camp and they tell me there are a lot more cabins there than our rec. group will use.  If you can go there, we can sneak into one of the empty cabins and celebrate our anniversary together.  Well what do you think?”

“I think you’re a damn genius,” I rapidly agreed.  “God, it sounds too good to be true.  Look, I’m not sure where that lake is from here, but I’m sure Patrick will know and I can get him to tell me how to get there.  Oh wow, we’re finally going to be able to spend some time alone.”

“I love you, Billy, and I told you I would find a way for us to be together,” David replied.  “Remember what I’ve always told you.  You’ve got to trust me, dude.”

“I remember and I do,” I agreed.  “You don’t need to remind me and I love you too, so I’ll see you then.  I can’t wait.  I’ll go ask Patrick about it immediately.  By the way, which day do you leave?”

“We go on Saturday and come back Sunday, but that will give us Saturday night to ourselves,” he answered.  “I’ll find a way to disappear, but I’ll also leave a note in the boathouse for you that will give you all the little details, once I find out what is planned for the group.  See you then, lover, and rest up, because you’re going to need all of your strength.”

“Don’t worry.  I’m on complete bed rest until then,” I assured him.  “I love you.  Bye.”

I went looking for Patrick and found him sitting on the front steps.

“Hey, Patrick.  Let’s go for a walk,” I urged. 

“Sure.  There’s nothing doing around here,” he concurred. 

We walked down the street for some privacy, and once we were away from the house, I explained the reason for this little excursion. 

“I wanted to get you get you away from the house so I could ask you some questions without taking the chance of anyone else overhearing,” I began.  “David just called and told me he’s going on a campout over Labor Day weekend, so I’m planning to go meet him there.  Do you know how to get to the Boy Scout camp on Owasco Lake?” 

“Yeah, sure.  It’s easy,” he confirmed.  “I’ll go with you and show you the way there.”

“Uh, we kind of wanted to be alone, if you don’t mind,” I explained, hoping he’d understand. 

“Why?  What do you have planned?” he demanded. 

Now, I was backed into a corner and had to make another quick decision.  Do I try to make up a story and hope he believes it or do I tell him the truth?  After all, Pat and I were fairly close and he’s been really cool so far, so I really hated to lie to him.  I decided to take a chance. 

“Well, David’s my boyfriend and we want to be alone,” I pretty much blurted out. 

“I kind of figured that from our trips to see him,” Pat confirmed.  “I knew you two had to be more than just best friends for you to keep making that trip.”

“Then you don’t hate us for being gay?” I asked directly. 

“Hell, no,” he answered.  “Whatever floats your boat, dude.”

“Are you gay?” I followed, as I tried to judge his reaction. 

“No, but I’ve tried some things with friends at different times,” he explained.  “It’s okay, but it’s just not my thing.  I don’t care what other people do though, so whatever you two are up to is ok with me.”

“Thanks and I’ll sleep on the floor from now on, so you don’t have to worry about anything,” I offered. 

“Why?  Just because I know about you now doesn’t mean we have to change things,” he countered.  “Hell, I’ve suspected this about you since our second trip to see David and didn’t ask you to stop sleeping on the same bed with me then.  Damn, guy, we’re friends and that isn’t going to change.  I’ll draw you a map, if that’s what you need, because I want you guys to have a good time.  You won’t need to fill me in on the details when you get back, as long as you can assure me it was worth it.”

“Thanks, I’ll remember that,” I agreed.  “You truly are a good friend.”

As we continued walking, I decided to tell Pat that our being gay was the reason David’s father didn’t want us to see each other.  I didn’t tell him, however, that he’d caught us doing the wild thing together, just that he found out we were boyfriends.  I felt relieved to finally be able to share this with him and even more relieved that he didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

The next few days were spent totally concentrating on my trip.  Pat gave me the map, I packed up my things and Pat said he’d cover for me if anyone noticed that I was gone, but he doubted that would happen.  When Saturday arrived, I took the bike and started out to meet my lover.  I got to the camp after David’s group arrived and walked the entire perimeter of the camp, while making sure I stayed out of sight.  What I was doing was taking time to familiarize myself with the camp’s layout, so I could find my way around, even in the dark.  I spotted the mess hall, the counselors’ cabin, and made a mental note of which cabins had campers staying in them.  I also located the infirmary and the boathouse, but I waited until everyone was at lunch before I went there to look for David’s note.

When I didn’t find anything there, I merely assumed David hadn’t had a chance to leave his note, so I walked back into the woods and waited.  I made sure to hide from anyone else who might be there, but as I sat in the woods waiting, I noticed there was a lot of activity going on around the lake, besides this particular set of campers.  Seeing this, I understood I could move around a little more freely and still not be noticed.  I waited until late afternoon before I worked my way to the boathouse again, and sure enough there was something waiting there for me.

Beside the note, David had left me some food from the mess hall and had wrapped it up in one of his shirts, to protect it.  Damn, is he thoughtful or what?  I read his letter and it looked as if he had everything planned out, right down to the cabin name where we were going to meet.  He said he would go there just before the others went to the big bonfire, because he was sure they wouldn’t miss him with all the things they had planned to do while they were there.  We would then spend the night together and he would rejoin his group again at breakfast.  I was more psyched than ever just thinking about it.  I decided to go directly to the cabin now and spend my remaining time there, while waiting for David to show up.

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day, so I propped the window flaps open slightly, but not enough to be noticed, so I could get some air circulation going on in the cabin.  It was early evening when I heard a faint knock and David entered the flimsy door.  In his hand, he was carrying a small collection of wild flowers that he must have picked on his way over.  He held them out to me and smiled.  I took them from him, wrapped my arms around his chest and smothered him with the most passionate kiss I could muster.

The sky was clear, and the pale, silver light that reflected off of the waning moon and filtered into the cabin gave us enough light to see each other by.  When we broke our kiss, David held out another package that contained food from dinner, wrapped in another of his shirts.

“I don’t need food, I need you,” I said, while looking into those dark brown pools that sucked me deeply into his soul.

“You’re going to need your strength, so eat up while I make a few preparations,” he suggested. 

While I ate, David pulled a little box out of his pocket and set it on the table.  It was an unwrapped jewelry box and he announced it was for me.  I told him he shouldn’t have gone to such trouble, because I didn’t have anything for him, but he explained this was just to make up for all of the trips I had made to see him.  I pulled open the lid and there was another charm inside, but this one was a little gold number two.

“It’s so you’ll remember how we spent our second anniversary,” he explained. 

“Hell, if I put too many more charms on this chain, then I won’t be able to lift my head,” I teased. 

“You’ll manage, if you truly love me,” he countered. 

Obviously, that ended my protestations.  When I finished eating, David took a small container out of the same pocket from which he had pulled the charm.  This time he removed a small cylinder that he opened and sprayed into each corner of the cabin.  I’m not sure if it was an air freshener, a perfume or a breath spray, but it sure made the musty cabin smell better. 

Now, he walked in my direction and started to kiss me again, as he slowly removed my clothes.  I decided to do the same to him, so we were soon naked, lying on an unmade cot in our hideaway of love.  We kissed one another from one end to the other and made sure we completely re-familiarized ourselves with each other’s anatomy.  We were very energetic and happily continued this mutual exploration until David spoke.

“Do you want to pick up where we left off the day my father caught us?” he asked with a smirk. 

“Do you mean…?” I stammered, unable to finish my thought. 

“Exactly,” David confirmed, and with that he handed me a small bottle of baby oil, although I didn’t see where he came up with it.

“Maybe that one is bad luck for us,” I reasoned, before we began. 

“Nonsense, so get over here,” he ordered.  “It’s your turn to do the work.”

We energetically oiled each other up and David placed himself on the bed, so I could lower my body onto his firm pole.  Then, I rode him for all I was worth.  It was wonderful to feel my lover’s magic wand inside me again and I tried to concentrate on everything we did, so I could burn each wonderful second of this session into my brain.  I didn’t want to forget any part of this magical and loving time together and plan on using it to tide me over until we could get back together again.  After raising and lowering my body up and down on his shaft for several minutes, I let him know how much I was enjoying this.

“This is terrific, David,” I said in between pants.  “I’ve never enjoyed anything more.  I love what we’re doing and I love you.  I wish this could last forever, but I know it will soon end.  I just want you to know that you can share your love with me like this any time you wish.”

I could see David smile in between the various contortions that were flashing across his face, as I continued to ride his organ.  This time, there would be no interruption and I would give my lover the greatest effort I had to offer.  After many minutes of hectic gyrations, I felt David fire his first spurt up my boy hole, and that was followed by several more.  We then collapsed beside each other, as we struggled to find our lover’s lips, so we could kiss our way into oblivion.

“See.  I told you that it wasn’t bad luck,” David teased.  “In fact, it was better than I remembered it on the day my father so rudely interrupted us.  I guess I’ll have to teach him some manners and get him to knock first, before he enters my room.”

We both laughed, breaking the little tension that had filled my body with the mention of his father again.  Once we finished giggling over his little joke, we went back to kissing and holding each other again.

“As soon as you get your strength back,” I said, while looking at David’s handsome face, “you’ll have to return the favor.”

“Do you want me to do the same thing to you?” he asked. 

“What goes around must come around,” I advised, with a grin.  “Besides, it’s time you did a little bit of the work.”

“Fair enough,” he agreed. 

When David informed me that he was ready, he repeated the same loving act on me.  I thought it was the most fantastic experience I’d ever known, but I guess I would have thought anything David did to me or with me was fantastic.  I shuddered as he lowered himself down my mast and was sent on a rocket ship into the depths of euphoria, as he lovingly glided his body up and down on my pole until my cannon fired. 

Considering all of the time that I had to wait to be able to do this, I unloaded the most voluminous and forceful geyser into his hole that I’d ever had the pleasure of producing before.  I was almost afraid that I might drown him with the quantity of liquid that my body produced and flooded into his bowels, but quickly realized that wouldn’t be possible.  It took a great deal of time for me to return from the mind-blowing high that I’d just experienced from our coupling and it took many more minutes before I was more than a babbling idiot.

Once I’d regained my composure, we continued to love each other throughout the night, until the meal bell was rung the next morning.  David dressed quickly, kissed me one final time and left to rejoin his group, but not before he told me that we’d make other plans later.  I hated to see him go, but I knew we couldn’t remain together any longer, at least not without running the risk of being discovered.  That was definitely one thing neither of us wanted to happen.  There was no way we were about to take the chance that his father would discover we had been seeing each other in secret, just so he could pull us apart again.

I dressed, cleaned up the cabin and then closed it up the same way I had found it.  I then went to where I had hidden the bike and rode back to my foster home.  I found Pat out in front of the house when I returned and he smiled, as he followed me to the back to put the bike away.

“Well?  Did it go as you planned?” he asked. 

“And better,” I told him, while attempting to remember each wonderful minute we had enjoyed.

“I’m glad,” was all that he replied, as he helped me into the house and up to our room.

David and I weren’t able to get together over Thanksgiving, Christmas or for our fifteenth birthdays, but David had informed me he was devising a way we could see each other over the spring break.  Unfortunately, that particular week would also mark the second anniversary of when our troubles began.  We briefly discussed this fact, but we determined it would be best if we didn’t dwell on that part of our lives.  Instead, I promised David I would meet him wherever he chose and he promised to call me with the details. 

It was mid-March when my lover boy finally called with the details.  It seemed that David’s freshman class was going to Disney World over the spring break and David had booked his own room, a single, but he had also purchased an airline ticket and a week-long pass to Disney World for me, so I could join him.  He said he would send the plane ticket in the mail, so I could fly down to Orlando and then I would stay with him in his room and we’d do Disney World thing together.

I asked if he was afraid of getting caught and he told me no.  He said he’d heard from a bunch of upper classmen that the faculty doesn’t supervise these trips very closely and everyone forms their own groups and goes their own way.  With that kind of freedom, we would form our own group and do our own thing without any of his other classmates.  He thought if we wore hats and sunglasses, we could pull this off without anyone suspecting a thing. 

Once more. I told Patrick about our plans and he advised me to tell Sally I was going to go camping with a bunch of friends from school.  He knew she’d buy it, because she really didn’t care, and it would cover me for the entire time I was gone.  I thanked him again and told him that David and I owed him big time.  Even though he insisted we didn’t owe him a thing, I promised we’d find a way to pay him back.

The day finally arrived when it was time for me to leave and my heart soared, along with the plane, because I was about to go on my first flight.  David met me at the airport and arranged for our ride to the hotel.  We then went up to our room, and while I got settled in, David explained our itinerary for the week.  I really wasn’t concerned about what we were going to do, as long as we did it together, but he had it all planned out.  David had paid for everything on his father’s credit card - if only he knew - and we had a wonderful week.  We loved each other every evening and ran around and tried out every ride during the day.  We also had three very romantic dinners together during the week, while our other meals were all impromptu. 

Our final night together was spent exchanging our love for each other.  We had eaten on our way back from the park and decided to take a shower next, before we did anything else.  We stripped down, climbed into the shower together and then spent the next hour enjoying each other’s body.   I washed David’s gorgeous frame first and lathered up every inch of adorable skin, as I lovingly removed all of the dirt and sweat that the day’s activities had produced.  When I finished cleaning his genitals and let the water rinse off the remaining residue of soap, I began to stroke his penis until it was rigid and then took him into my mouth. 

I worked on David’s woody with my tongue and lips, while gently pumping my mouth up and down on his shaft.  I continued doing this until his gonads exploded and flooded my mouth with his sweet boy nectar.  I felt his knees buckle slightly as he was filling me with his cream, so I helped to support his body until he had recovered.  When he was once again able to stand under his own power, we switched positions and he did all of the same things to me that I had just done to him.  When we had completely finished with each other in the shower, we toweled our lover’s body dry before we went out and hopped into the bed.

I immediately grabbed the remote off of the nightstand and flicked the television on for background noise, which I hoped would cover the sounds that I imagined would soon follow.  I then pulled David toward me and started to cover his face and neck with kisses.  Finally, I zeroed in on his luscious lips and we exchanged the most passionate and loving kiss that two people had ever shared.  Our tongues dueled with each other as we each tried to explore and examine the lining of our lover’s mouth, while sampling his unique flavor.  We continued to kiss for nearly half an hour, before I kissed and sucked my way down to David’s groin. 

Once again, I moved toward his obelisk of love and soon had it in my mouth.  As I began to suck on it, I also started to bob my head up and down, in order to bring him to climax, David told me to swing my body around so he could do the same thing to me and I readily agreed.  I hastily swung my groin around and placed it over his head, as I gave him access to my boyhood.  Then, we worked at bringing each other off, while applying as much suction and stimulation as our oral cavities could deliver. 

I was also using my hands to fondle and tug at David’s scrotum while he did the same thing to mine.  After several minutes of this intense stimulation, I felt David’s testicles begin to pull up toward his body, his penis expanded in my mouth and I could feel him moan on my sausage as he unleashed a torrent of his seed into my throat.  I barely had a chance to savor the sweet taste of his love sauce before I felt my own juices bubbling over and spilling into David’s gullet.  After he sucked my hose dry, we snuggled up together and fell asleep.

We must have slept about an hour before I awoke first.  Once I was awake, I rolled onto my side and began staring at David’s sleeping form.   I did this for about five minutes before his eyes fluttered open and he started to shake the last vestiges of sleep from his body.  He smiled at me, before he leaned up to give me a quick kiss, and then he pulled my head down, onto his chest.  We cuddled like that for a brief time, before I told him what I wanted next.

“David, all of the time that I was in the juvenile center and being raped by my dorm mates, I just prayed that I would have another chance to make love with you.  Even though we’ve done it several times since we’ve been back together, I need you inside me again.  Will you please, make love to me and remind me what it feels like to have my lover’s shaft sliding in and out of my hot, hungry hole?”

David immediately agreed, kissed me again and got up to get his bottle of baby oil, before he returned to the foot of the bed.  I had been busy placing a pillow, folded in half, under my butt and then I pulled my knees up to my chest as he got into position.  He lubed us both up quickly and was soon ready to push his erect love muscle into me.  I felt every inch of his joystick as it slid into my chute and enjoyed each thrust he made into me, especially when his cock brushed against my prostate and sent tingling sensations coursing throughout my body.  He continued to give me this pleasure until his body stiffened and he deposited his load into by interior.  Once he’d finished, we kissed some more and then swapped positions.

I took it a lot slower with David, because he wasn’t accustomed to taking a dick up his butt, such as I was.  I mean for an entire year I was getting several dicks shoved up my ass nightly, but over that same year David had been celibate.  For that reason, I tenderly eased my way into his tight, smooth channel and built up a nice, gentle, steady rhythm to make sure he received as much enjoyment as I could give him.  I even made certain that I was using the right angle, so I could hit his prostate as often as possible. 

David moaned audibly each and every time I hit my target and before long I felt that familiar tingling in my groin.  It wasn’t long after that happened before old faithful erupted and coated David’s bowels with my thick, creamy treasure.  As soon as the last blast of my semen had been deposited, I bent forward and kissed my soulmate amorously, as my prick deflated and slipped out of his cavity.  Then, I lowered my body next to his and we stayed like that, wrapped in each other’s arms, for the rest of the evening.

The next morning we got up, showered, dressed and ate.  Our week together had ended and it was now time for us to depart.  Neither of us wanted this magical week to end, but we knew we were out of options.  David escorted me to the airport to catch my flight back, before he returned to the hotel, so he could leave with his class.  My eyes filled with tears as I watched him ride off in the taxi to rejoin the others, since I didn’t know, at least not with any certainty, when we would next share some more quality time together.

The entire week had gone off without a hitch and the memories of our time together would have to sustain us through the long, dry spells ahead.  When I returned to my foster home, Patrick and I discussed the trip, sans the evenings, and I thanked him several times for each of us concerning everything he had done to help make the trip possible. 

David and I had already started planning our surprise gift for Patrick as well, so we could show him how grateful we were for his help and support through this time.  We didn’t have all of the details ironed out yet, but we were fairly certain he would both love it and know the depth of our gratitude.  Now, all we had to do was to make all the pieces come together.

Let the preparations begin!