Mayfield Titans

Chapter 62-Dealing

<Yard Goats>
The Yard Goats’ practice started on time as everyone knew it would. Coach Hallion had scheduled it for an hour and a half. He told the players he would end it sooner if everyone worked hard and moved quickly.
“Right now, you boys get a good workout at school practice,” Coach Hallion said. “What I am doing here is getting to know you as a coach. The league jamboree is in two weeks and I need to have the roster in before then. Right now, we have fifteen players turning out. Since the roster maximum is fifteen, it looks like all of you will be playing for the Yard Goats.”
Since the boys could all count, they weren’t surprised by the announcement. But that didn’t stop them from letting out a loud cheer after the announcement.
Eric Simmons was there to help, which kept things moving. Because the Titans had played a Friday game and would be playing a Monday game with no school practice in between, Coach Ecklund had asked Coach Hallion and Eric if they would be willing to run a couple of special infield drills for him. The Yard Goat coaches told him they would be more than happy to.
Coach Hallion ended practice at eleven-ten. He called the players together, complimented them on their hard work and positive attitude, and told them he would contact everybody on the seventh of the month regarding their roster status. He reminded them that the Southwest League Jamboree was Saturday at the Centralia sports complex.
“The Jamboree is in two weeks. I should be receiving the final Jamboree schedule by Wednesday,” Coach Hallion told them. “I will be texting or emailing all of you with the times and fields. I have already talked with your parents about keeping that Saturday free, but I’m going to leave it up to you to inform them of the schedule. You are a responsible group of boys and I’m sure you will all follow through—but, it is my duty to remind you that if I receive a phone call from your parents asking about the Jamboree schedule, I will not be a happy camper.”
“What if my mom calls you on Sunday because I told her I don’t know the schedule?” Mason asked.
“Well, Mason, in that case I will make sure to clear you of any wrongdoing.”
Aiden had invited Gordy, Miles, Mason, Grant, Riley, Emmett, and the twins to his house after practice for lunch, games, and a lot of baseball talk. No mention was made of messing around with each other. It was understood that messing around was not something that was scheduled—if it happened, it would happen spontaneously.
Aiden, Riley, Grant, and the twins rode with Larry in the Honda Odyssey, the other four boys rode with Gordy’s dad. Phil was home preparing lunch. Larry loved Aiden’s friends; he couldn’t imagine his son having a better circle of friends. He enjoyed their enthusiastic chat about practice, how everyone who turned out would be on the roster and would the second place Mariners move ahead of the first place Athletics.
The afternoon was the pinnacle of a  pleasant spring day. The locals like to say that in Lewis County April showers bring May showers, but so far it had been a dry spring with only three days since March where baseball had been rained out. The weather beckoned most of the boys to sit outside on the deck to eat their lunch, which consisted of freshly grilled burgers, chips, coleslaw, and oatmeal raisin cookies with ice cream for dessert. And, of course, there was plenty of Phil’s famous freshly squeezed lemonade.
Larry was drawn into one conversation by Aiden. “Pop, you remember last week when we were going to Seattle to see Keegan and Drake and meet the baby, I wondered why Mayfield didn’t have enough players for a twelve and under team?” Drake actually lived in Kirkland, but Larry didn’t quibble since just about everybody heading from Southwest Washington to the Seattle region used Seattle as their go-to name no matter which city they were visiting in the area.
“Yes, I do. I remember us going through the ups and downs of small towns and their athletic programs,” Larry said.
“Well, I was talking with Gordy, Grant, and Miles, and we came up with this number for the Goats. We had fifteen players turn out for the Goats and it looks like all fifteen will make the roster. Now, get this--nine of the fifteen players are twelve and none of them turns thirteen until Grant does at the end of May. No wonder there aren’t enough for a twelve and under team, almost all of us who play baseball are on the thirteen and under team.”
“I knew you guys were going to be young, but I didn’t realize you would be that young.”
“Grant is the only twelve-year-old of the bunch who can’t play twelve and under because of when his birthday is.”
Since the conversation at the main picnic table was with the head coach at the high school and involved baseball, Mason and Riley wandered over to listen in. “Does that mean we’re going to suck?” Mason asked.
“Thanks to you, Mason, I think we already suck,” Miles said. Larry and Phil had to fight hard not to break out in loud laughter.
“Ha, ha, very funny. Seriously, aren’t most teams going to have a lot of thirteen-year-olds?”
“Most likely,” Phil replied. “But remember, the Titans are playing against a lot of the same kids and are in first place.”
“But the Titans have Barry and Everett, who start every game and who can’t play for the Goats because they’re already fourteen,” Aiden pointed out. “And we’re lucky Muddy didn’t do what he threatened to do and play for Dad on the Dynamos.”
“I didn’t know he was thinking of doing that,” Phil interjected.
“Well, he was, but Trent and Scott helped change his mind really quick. And here’s one more thing about our team: four of our twelves will be seventh graders and only four of our thirteens will be ninth graders. So, eleven players will only be seventh or eighth graders.”
“Do I hear a bit of whining kicking in?” Larry asked. “Probably every team in the league will have its share of younger players—that’s part of playing in a small town.”
“I’m not whining, I’m just saying what’s true. But I know one other thing that’s true. We’re ready to…no, I think the word I want is committed. Yeah, we’re committed to doing everything we can to win every game we play, because we know what we’re playing for.”
“Mayfield’s got talent!” Mason shouted out.
The lunch ended up being a productive time for the boys who, along with Larry and Phil, discussed where the Goats were as far as age and experience went. But they also talked about how together they were as a team.
“Look at the guys here for lunch today,” Gordy said. “Aiden, Miles, Mason, and I have all been best friends since the beginning of fourth grade and now we’ll be going into eighth grade. Grant, Riley, and the twins are right there as best friends, too, and Riley’s brand new to Mayfield.”
“And the four eighth graders don’t think they’re better than the rest of us,” Lenny added. “Trent is an awesome team captain and is, like, friends with everybody. Scott has got to be one of the nicest dudes at Mayfield Middle School. Max kind of keeps to himself, but he’s still friendly with everyone. And Mac—well you all know how much Mac has changed since the Titans started playing. He’s one of reasons we’re tied for first, even if he did take my catching spot.”
“What about us playing in California?” Grant asked. “Aren’t the teams down there all supposed to be awesome?”
Aiden responded to the question. “I can answer that.” His reply drew on his knowledge of Mayfield baseball history. “When Marty and Eric and Kevin and all those guys on the ‘Go to State’ club went to California, they were in high school. Marty told me they weren’t sure how good they were, but they ended up surprising people and winning the tournament.”
“Awesome,” Miles squeaked as his changing voice disobeyed his order.
“Just remember what we’re about. We are going to do everything we can to be State Champions two times in a row, just like they were, when we hit high school. And to do that we have to win one of them when we’re a team with a lot of juniors, meaning we’d be a young team just like now. California is going to teach us a lot about ourselves. And then we can go down there again a year or so later and kick some serious ass.”
Larry and Phil continued to be amazed by what an articulate young boy Aiden had become. His ability to express his thoughts was as good or better than most high school students. With the confidence their son had in himself, they were certain he had the leadership ability to take him and others a long way.
The lunch had been like a business lunch. Other than Mason’s double entendre there was no talk of sex and no thoughts of sex. Their focus was on serious Yard Goat business. There were some fun games in the back yard for an hour or so before the gathering broke up, but everybody kept their clothes on.
That didn’t mean the boys weren’t starting to get horny. The sexy byplay and chatter started to crank up once the boys left the deck, but nothing came of it other than a lot of sexual innuendo and a couple of erections. Those problems would be taken care of that night in various locales.
Gordy remained at Aiden’s house after everyone else had gone home. He and Aiden enjoyed playing games, chatting with Larry and Phil, eating a Phil beef goulash dinner, and watching the Mariners. Well, maybe they didn’t enjoy the Mariners as much as the rest since their heroes lost to the Twins 7-4.
That night the long-time best friends slept naked together in Aiden’s bed as they had so often. The result was Gordy fucking Aiden, which hadn’t happened often. “I’m getting in shape for the campout we’re having soon,” Gordy told Aiden, as if his comment was necessary. It was almost a given that Gordy and Kalie were going to fuck in Kalie’s tent the night they camped out.
Grant spent the night with the twins. Riley’s parents were okay with him sleeping over at the twins’ but not that night. They were invited to dinner in Centralia at the home of someone Riley’s mother worked with. They had two daughters, age eight and eleven, making the night a big family affair. Riley knew that as far has his mother was concerned, family always came first.
Lenny was disappointed Riley couldn’t come to spend the night but was confident that night was close. Getting involved in a three way with Grant and Lance wasn’t a bad consolation prize, however. The grand finale came with Grant sucking Lenny to orgasm while getting his ass fucked by Lance. As usual, the twins’ mother ignored the grunts and moans wafting out of their bedroom. Brenda, the Brat, and her friend Wendy, who was Emmett’s sister, listened to the noises when they could and fingered each other as they discussed what kinds of nasty things the boys must be doing.
Mason spent the night with Miles and enjoyed sating himself on teen cum. He sucked Miles’ brother John and John’s friend Bryce, and Miles twice after the teens left Miles’ room happy.
Even when there wasn’t a big sex fest at Aiden’s, the horny boys at the lunch found plenty of satisfaction later.
<Mackenzie Dixon>
Mac was eating a rushed breakfast with his father, who had to work that day. “Are you going to be able to make it to any more games?” Mac asked hopefully.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve had that kind of fun. You guys really cleaned their clocks,” Arnold Dixon grinned. “And you seem to be turning into a hell of a catcher.”
“I love catching more than I ever thought I would.”
“To answer your question, the answer is yes. The nice thing about my job is that while it’s usually a Monday through Friday gig, I can set my own schedule for each week as long as I run it by Dennis the week before.” Dennis Simmons was the general manager of the Mayfield Hydroelectric Dam where Arnold worked. He was also the father of Eric Simmons and a huge supporter of the Mayfield High School baseball program.
“That said, the schedule I submitted on Friday just happens to have me getting off work two hours early on Monday. I tacked those hours onto my Thursday schedule, which is a big scheduled maintenance day, so I’ll miss that game.”
“I’m just happy you came yesterday,” Mac said.
“Son, I am happy you’re happy and proud of you for standing up for yourself when I put myself ahead of you when dealing with that contract.”
“It’s okay, dad. It all worked out. Thanks for, well, I don’t know how to say it right, but for being a good dad.”
“Have a good practice and I guess I won’t be seeing you until tomorrow.”
“Being a real member of the team is getting me a lot of friends.” Mac would be going to Trent’s after practice and spending the night there.
“I love you, son,” Arnold said as he left the table.
“I love you, too, dad.”
Mac tried to remember the last time he and his father said those words to each other but couldn’t. Oh, well, I guess it doesn’t matter, he thought. What matters is that we said them today.
After practice, Mac rode to Trent’s house with Trent, Scott, and Trent’s father. It seemed weird that he was going to be spending the night at the home of the Yard Goats’ coach. After he gave it some thought he realized it wasn’t weird at all. He wasn’t spending the night with the coach, he was spending it with Trent, his teammate and friend.
Scott would not be spending the night, but he would be staying for lunch. He had to be home by four-thirty since his family and his cousin Ronnie’s family were meeting for dinner at a restaurant in Olympia. Scott would have liked spending the night with Trent and Mac but he didn’t feel disappointment. Any time the cousins could spend time together was special for both Scott and Ronnie.
The three boys enjoyed playing games, chatting baseball with Coach Hallion, harassing Trent’s older brother, Jackson, watching some of the Braves at the Mets on TV, and cementing their relationship as friends.
After lunch, the sunny day looked inviting. They went outside and shot baskets at the hoop set up in the driveway. They were soon stripped down to their gym shorts and shoes. Their good-natured kidding got them involved in a game of chase and soon they were rolling around in the grass in the backyard screaming and laughing as they shed their adolescent pseudosophistication and let the little kid still residing in them take over.
They weren’t sure who did it first, but their wrestling match soon included ass and crotch grabbing and all three eventually losing their gym shorts. “I think somebody has a boner,” Trent said as he managed to grab a good-sized piece of Mac’s junk through his boxers.
“I’m a catcher—I’m supposed to lead the way,” Mac giggled. “But you might want to let go of the wares before I think about creaming my boxers.”
“There is a way for us pitchers to keep that from happening. What do you say, Scott?”
Scott had no doubt what Trent was hinting at and before Mac knew it, his two friends had pulled his boxers down to his ankles, leaving him practically naked. Scott sat on Mac’s chest keeping him from pulling his boxers back up.
“Yikes!” Mac hollered. “What if somebody sees me?”
“There’s nobody home,” Trent pointed out.
“What about your neighbors?”
“As he so often does, our catcher makes a good point,” Scott said. “But, with a big one like he’s got you’d think he would want to show it off.”
“The neighbors on our right can be sensitive bastards—the old man would probably get jealous,” Trent said. He stood and let Mac pull up his boxers.
The teens were ready for a break. Mac and Scott sat at the table on the patio while Trent went into the house to get some water. He came back with three bottles, his boxer shorts displaying an obvious bulge. He set the bottles down and then sat at the table.
“Well, I’ve got a boner, I can see that Trent has a boner, so what does Scott have in those grass-stained white briefs of his?” Mac asked.
Scott pulled out the waistband of his Fruits and took a look at what was inside. “I appear to have a hardon as well. Interesting—all I did was run around Trent’s back yard in my underpants wrestling other boys in their underpants. Why should that make me hard?”
“It must be our awesome bodies,” Trent proffered.
“I bet your dad is happy that he didn’t have to cut anybody to put the Goats’ roster together,” Mac said.
“That’s for sure,” Trent responded. He reached down, wiggled his ass on the chair, and sat back up, displaying his boxer shorts in his right hand. “No way the neighbors can see onto the patio. Dad made it as private as he could.”
Mac and Scott took the hint and within seconds three pairs of underpants were on the table.
“Back to the roster. Everybody likes to talk about all the gay boys in Mayfield, but out of the fifteen boys on the roster, don’t you wonder which ones are really gay and which ones just like to mess around with other guys because it’s easier than messing around with girls?” Mac asked. “I never thought about this much before, but right now I think I’m one of the mess-around-with-dudes kind of guys. We can worry about girls when we start high school.”
“Which is just four months away,” Trent reminded him.
“Which means it’s not today.”
Scott and Trent agreed with Mac that sex with guys was the easy way to go. “You don’t have to worry about some girl deciding she wants to fall in love,” Trent said. “And when I mess around, I don’t mind going all the way. Being gay to me means having a boyfriend—not a best friend bed buddy type dude, but a real live boyfriend who they love like they would a girlfriend. But just having sex with a guy means the same thing to everybody—it’s all about sex and getting off. That’s all stuff I learned from Jackson.”
“I guess that puts the three of us in the messing around camp,” Scott said. “I think we all can say there is no doubt Aiden is gay.”
“He’s a big-time gay and proud of it and I love the dude,” Trent agreed.
“I agree with you today. I used to hate him, but now that I know him—yeah, he’s a great friend,” Mac said.
“Miles is into more than messing around with guys. I’d say he’s bi,” Scott speculated.
“Grant is gay and it’s looking like Riley is too,” Mac said. The other two agreed.
“What about the twins?” Trent asked.
“They’re only in sixth grade, but I’m thinking gay,” Scott replied. “Ask me again in two years and I might see them differently. I’d put them in the maybe gay category.”
“Rusty and Collin are straight and pretty much stick to each other when it comes to messing around,” Trent said. “But if what they say about what they do in that nudist camp is true, they’ve dipped their wicks in more than one twat.”
“Mason is straight, of course,” Mac said with a straight face.
“Say what?” Scott cried out. “He makes Aiden look like a straight boy.”
Mac broke out laughing. “Gotcha!”
“You need to have Mason suck your cock, dude. That would erase any doubts, not that you had any,” Trent said.
“What is your left-hand doing Trent,” Scott asked knowing full well what the answer was going to be.
“Little Trent needs a little loving,” Trent smirked.
“Muddy is bi and really kinky the way he fucks his boy and girl cousins and his brothers and sisters. He’s like a sex machine,” Scott said. “Have you seen the dick on that dude? Fucker’s huge—it even challenges Mason, although he says he can get half of it in.”
“Max is straight. We have to beg him just to jerk off with us on a bus trip or in the gym showers,” Trent said.
“And, truth be told, I don’t know Emmett or Warren enough to say what they are,” Mac said.
“They both pitch on the Titan JVs and the way the summer teams schedules are, I bet they pitch some for the Goats even if they are only sixth graders,” Trent pointed out. He leered at Mac. “Maybe you need to get to know them better. Tell them you have a big, warm bed that’s perfect for catcher and pitcher bonding.”
“Your mind sure gets dirty when you’re sitting outside in the nude jerking off.”
“Maybe you should try it and see what happens.”
“I’d rather do it where we can watch each other.”
“That’s what the big swing couch is for,” Trent told him.
He didn’t have to say anything more as the three teens moved to the couch, all the while admiring each other’s bodies and junk: Mac with five and a half inches, lots of pubic hair including on his balls, and the start of a treasure trail; Trent with five inches and a smooth body except for a thick patch of pubic hair at the base of his cock; Scott with four and a half inches and smooth except for wisps or hair in his pubic region.
“Before I seriously get into jerking off, what’s the final count?” Mac asked.
Trent answered the question. “My final count says that the Yard Goats have two bi boys, four real gay boys, two maybe gay boys, three straight boys who love having gay sex, two just about totally straight boys, and two unknowns. And right now, since we happen to be the three straight gay boys who love having gay sex, I’m going to enjoy jerking off with you and watching you guys do the same.”
The trio then went from idly stroking themselves to serious masturbation. All three enjoyed watching the others as they hammered their own throbbing teen cocks. Mac shot the first load, his first shots hitting up to his nipples, Trent then blew his load, hitting his chin with shot number one, and Scott came a minute after Trent, his lighter crude hitting from his belly down.
“That totally rocked,” Trent said. “Since you’re newer at this, Mac, do you agree?”
“Totally,” Mac grinned.
“Nice show,” came a voice behind them as Jackson walked onto the porch. “That’s a great surprise to come home to. Anybody in the mood to get me off?”
“I’m more in the mood to clean up and get dressed before mom and dad sneak home,” Trent replied.
“At least you’ll hear their car drive up. Before I leave you guys alone to take care of the problem in my pants, I have to say it’s great to see how the pitchers bond with the new catcher of the Yard Goats. You guys are gonna rock.”
Jackson returned to the house and the three Goats followed him so they could wash themselves off. When Trent’s parents came home a half-hour later, Trent and Mac were sparkling clean and wearing jeans and fresh t-shirts. Scott had left for home as soon as he dressed after their crowded three-person shower was finished.
Mac had brought a change of clothes in his gym bag knowing what Trent’s parents’ dress code was for dinner. Coach Hallion and his wife Martha were impressed by Mac’s manners and his willingness to converse. The coach had heard a lot of negative talk about Mac, almost all of which he had been able to confirm. But he had seen none of that during the few Titan games he had been able to watch and Coach Ecklund had nothing but good things to say about how well he was fitting in with his teammates and about the improvement he had shown as a catcher.
Most importantly, his son Trent thought highly of Mac. James Hallion knew his son took sportsmanship, hustle, and being a positive member of the team seriously in himself and in his teammates. The fact that Trent was the Titans’ captain added even more clout to his recommendation. James knew about the visit Trent and some of the Titan players had made to Mac’s house to straighten things out with him. That visit had obviously been a success.
After dinner, Mac and Trent enjoyed watching the Mariners game with Jackson and James, although they didn’t care much for the final score. The two teammates played some video games. Jackson joined them a couple of times, but mostly left the younger teens alone. He understood that the two were bonding as friends. He knew from his own middle school experiences how important that friendship would be as the two negotiated their way through high school and the world of high school sports. And he also understood how important the relationship between a pitcher and a catcher was in baseball and was pleased to see the two boys who he knew hadn’t cared much for each other working to become serious friends.
After the boys said their good nights to Trent’s parents, Jackson followed them up to Trent’s bedroom. “I’m only going to bug you for a couple of secs,” Jackson said. “Just keep the moaning and groaning and screaming down, okay?”
“Whatever you say bro,” Trent replied.
“And since I’ve seen Mac’s nice-looking bone along with it shooting a nice quantity of cum I won’t ask for anything more—at least not tonight.”
“Whatever you say, bro. Good night.”
“No wonder your brother got elected president of the baseball club. He’s a pushy, take charge kind of guy,” Mac said after Jackson left. “And he’s not even a catcher.”
“First base, outfield, and pitcher. And really, he is a great brother. Everybody should have a big brother like Jackson. He was just having a bit of fun tonight.” And maybe prepping us for a future three-way, Trent thought. “Since you were probably wondering, I’ll just say we like making brotherly love together.”
Mac felt a jolt of energy shoot through his groin on hearing Trent’s words. “I guess that brings us to the question of what we’re going to do in bed tonight,” Mac said.
“I’ll leave that up to you. We could kiss and hump again, or we could move it up a step and give each other a blow job.”
“I’m good with the blow job as long as I don’t have to let you shoot in my mouth.”
“That sounds fair for a rookie,” Trent grinned. “You can go first so you don’t end up having to do it after dropping down from a sex high. But let’s take care of pre bed stuff first.”
Trent surprised Mac by stripping to his boxer shorts. Mac followed his lead and did the same. The boys brushed their teeth, Trent flossed, Mac washed his face, and they took turns pissing.
When they returned to Trent’s room the two thirteen-year-olds were rock hard and leaking precum.
“Looks like I’ll have to taste a little bit of something the way you’re dripping precum,” Mac said.
“Are you sure you still want to do it?”
“Yeah, I’ll live.”
“Have you ever had a cock in your mouth before?”
“Yeah, when I was drunk. I can’t remember whether or not I dealt with precum, but I know I never had cum shoot in my mouth.”
“Let’s do it,” Trent stated assertively. He gave Mac some pointers on giving a good blow job and they got into position on Trent’s bed; Trent sitting with his feet on the ground, Mac kneeling between his legs.
Mac licked Trent’s glans as instructed and got a strong taste of precum. He stopped licking for a moment and said, “Hm, not bad. Now I’m sure I’ll live.”
He soon was actively sucking Trent, keeping his teeth covered, working his tongue, getting as much of Trent’s cock as he could comfortably handle, fondling his friend’s smooth balls. Trent’s increasing excitement told Mac he must be doing a good job.
“Okay, dude, you can pull off—I’m ready to blow,” Trent moaned. Mac continued his blow job and when Trent blew his load, he felt the teen cum fill his mouth and started quickly swallowing. He managed to get most of it down, losing some out of the corners of his mouth. 
“That shit’s not bad,” Mac grinned after pulling off Trent’s sensitive cock.
“Damn, you done really good. I’m serious—that was a really good BJ,” Trent said. “I had a feeling when the time came you’d take my cock all the way to the end.”
“Yep. You’re what they call a competitor, and you weren’t going to let a mouth full of protein keep you from doing your best. And I’m ready to return the favor.
“I guess that now makes me an official cocksucker.”
Even though Trent had just had an intense orgasm, he was thirteen and in quick recovery mode and gave Mac the best blow job of his life, which wasn’t saying much since it was the first one he’d had sober. It didn’t take Mac long to fill Trent’s mouth. Trent swallowed every drop and enjoyed the strong but sweetish tasting cum. “Damn, you shot almost as much as Jackson, but yours is sweeter,” Trent said after he gulped everything down. “We are now official cocksuckers together.”
“Have you ever fucked somebody’s butt or had yours fucked?” Mac asked.
“That would be a yes to both. And I’ve fucked a pussy, just so you know it all.”
“Did you like it?”
“I liked both and I don’t have a problem being a bottom. Why, are you interested?”
“Not really. Just curious.”  
“Since neither one of us is gay, I won’t try to talk you into it,” Trent said. “But if you ever want to try it, I’ll be happy to do it with you.”
The boys sat quietly for a minute until Mac broke the silence. “I don’t know if I do or not. I kinda messed around with it at some parties but never really did it. It was more fingering assholes and humping a guy’s crack. What I do want right now, is to rinse out my mouth.” Mac stood up and took three steps toward the door before stopping. “How about we make a deal, Mr. Pitcher?”
“What kind of deal, Mr. Catcher?”
“If you throw a complete game shutout against Monte, I’ll let you fuck me.”
“Not just beat them, but shut them out?”
“Yep. I figure you beating them is a given but shutting out a good team like that…it’s worth giving up my virginity for.”
“You’re on.” The boys high fived each other and headed to the bathroom.
After they climbed into Trent’s bed and got comfortable, Mac learned how soothing it was to be cozy in bed with a friend. He’d slept with a couple of guys and a couple of girls at his parties, but this was different. This was sharing with a friend, a friend who was rapidly becoming a best friend. Before falling asleep Mac found himself hoping that Trent came through and shut out the Bulldogs. His last waking thought was that he must want Trent’s cock up his ass more than he thought.
Gordy and Aiden were awake earlier than Aiden would have liked (and Gordy, too, for that matter) but Gordy needed to be showered and fed in time for his mother to pick him up for Sunday school.
“You’re still going to be camping with Kalie, Brittany, and me, right?” Gordy asked as he and Aiden showered together.
“That’s what I planned, but May weekends are full of things to do. I told you when you planned the campout that I would try to keep a weekend open, but the month has gotten crazy.”
“Is that your way of telling me you have other plans?”
“The 4449 is coming through Centralia on the thirtieth.” The 4449 was the ex-Southern Pacific Railroad Daylight steam engine that would be pulling an excursion train from Portland to Bellingham. It was scheduled to go through Centralia in the early afternoon of Saturday the thirtieth and return south the following Wednesday afternoon.
Aiden wanted desperately to get pictures of the big locomotive steaming past his favorite train lookout spot, and he would have to do it on Saturday since Wednesday was a school day. He knew that Gordy was depending on him for support when he tried taking Kalie’s cherry, but had no idea when an opportunity like the 4449 would happen again. As much as he loved Gordy, when the choice was between foaming over a classic steam locomotive or keeping his best friend’s spirits and dick up while Gordy fucked Kalie whileBrittany pawed him in his tent, he simply had to go train watching.
“We can’t have the campout on the sixteenth because of the Jamboree. I love you Gordy, but the thirtieth isn’t going to work for me. And Memorial Day weekend is out for everybody, it looks like. You can change days if you need to, but I have to go foaming to see that locomotive when I can.”
“And why is it called foaming again?” Gordy asked. “Your hand feels good in my crack.”
Aiden tickled Gordy’s grommet. “I’ve told you this before—some railroad employees call rail fans foamers because they foam at the mouth every time they see a train.”
“Don’t stop tickling that spot,” Gordy purred. He wanted to be mad at Aiden, which was almost impossible under normal conditions, but with his best friend tickling his butthole it was completely impossible.
“Change the day to summer after school is out which gives us more choices. And as much as I want to finger fuck you, we gotta get out of the shower and dress so you can eat before your mother gets here.”
After Gordy rinsed his ass Aiden shut off the shower. “I’ll ask Kalie about doing it after school’s out,” Gordy told Aiden as the boys dried themselves. 
“Thanks, Gordy. You’re a way better friend than I am. But, hey, if you do change days, you can come foaming with me.”
“I might come to watch because it’s a historic locomotive, but I won’t drool over it.”
“Fair enough, since when we have the campout, I won’t be cumming around Brittany, which will make things even.”
“You’ve been crazy since we first met and were wrestling naked on the floor. But I love having a crazy best friend,” Gordy chuckled.
Five minutes later the boys were downstairs saying good morning to Phil and Larry. Breakfast would be homemade waffles, fried eggs, and ham. The breakfast talk was baseball, with the topic switching from the next day’s game against Monte, to the upcoming Southwest League jamboree, to the Mustangs battling for first place, to the Mariners.
Gordy and Aiden took care of the cleanup. Gordy’s mother arrived after they finished loading the dishwasher.
“Well, kiddo, are you ready to discuss the final decision on the remodel,” Larry asked Aiden. Larry and Phil had proposed giving Aiden’s bedroom a complete remodel, almost a rebuild, to make it a special place as Aiden progressed through middle school and high school.
“Don’t we need to see the final drawings first?” Aiden asked.
“They came on Friday,” Phil said.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I just did.”
“You guys are going to give me gray hair before I get to high school,” Aiden moaned.
“But while you’re still young and hardy enough to get something out of this, let’s lay everything out on the table and see what we have.”
What they had was almost exactly what the family had discussed. Aiden’s bedroom was on the south side of the house and had four windows affording a view of Mayfield Lake. The plan they came up with was to build a balcony outside of his bedroom and replace two windows with a larger triple pane glass window, and the other two with a sliding glass door opening to the balcony. The balcony would be furnished a with two-person settee, two chairs, and a small table. Aiden could either sit outside in the sun or crank a retractable awning out of its holder, which would allow him to sit in the shade. When he was no longer sitting out on the deck the awning could be cranked back into the holder.
“Wow, that is so perfect,” Aiden gushed. “I think I might decide to live here a while longer.”
“You mean you had plans to move?” Phil asked.
“I’ve been thinking of running away to sea as a cabin boy on a sailing ship. I’d come back in twenty years after I’d become an admiral and see how you two old men were doing.”
“I think you’ve been reading way too many seafaring stories,” Larry laughed.
“You won’t be laughing when I come back in my uniform full of gold braid.”
“Do you have any idea where that shy, quiet, polite eight-year-old who moved in here has disappeared to?” Larry asked Aiden.
“Oh, I tossed him into the lake a long time ago so the Lake Monster could have a sweet, tasty lunch. This is what he spit back out.”
“I suspected something like that.”
“Do you have any questions about what you see on the table?” Phil asked.
“Yeah, when do they start?”
“Since we haven’t approved of the design yet, the contractor can’t give us a firm date. He did say there was a good chance he could have the project finished before school is out for the summer. If you approve of the plan, and it looks like you do, I’ll call him on Monday and get the ball rolling.” 
“How long will it take?”
“He said if they get going on a Monday it should be done by that Friday.”
“One more question,” Aiden said. “I’ll be sleeping in the guest room, right?”
“Well, the opening in the wall will be covered by tarps at night, but so will most of the stuff you don’t move into the guest room. I wouldn’t recommend using the room at all until the project is finished.”
“It looks like you will have a great place to enjoy a romantic evening with a certain young man from Meadow Park,” Larry grinned.
“Yeah, it’s going to be perfect for making out,” Aiden said. “Are you happy?”
“Happy about what?”
“That you could get Nolan and me out on the deck, sitting on the sofa, watching the lake turn colors in the sunset, telling each other how much we love each other, kissing like mad…”
“Yes, I’m happy about all of that. And happy that you feel so free talking about it.”
“Well, Dads, you know I love you. And thank you for coming up with this great idea. I mean, I never thought about asking to have a balcony added to my room, but it’s one of the best ideas you guys ever had. So, yeah, I’ll say it again—I love you both.”
“Then I guess our family meeting is officially over,” Phil said.
“Oh, one more question first,” Aiden exclaimed.
“Fire away.”
“The awning and the seat cushions will be blue, right?”
“Dark blue, as ordered,” Larry answered.
“Thanks. I’ve got to call Nolan and tell him.”
“Won’t he be in church?”
“Probably, but he’ll return my call as soon as he can. Now I gotta go upstairs and check out the baseball scores.”
<Mayfield Middle School>
“Good morning, Aiden,” Mrs. Emerson said with her usual grandmotherly smile as Aiden boarded the school bus.
“Good morning, Mrs. Emerson. Or at least it will be when I wake up.”
“I’m sure your girlfriend will let you nap until we arrive at school.” Mrs. Emerson chuckled.
“Mrs. Emerson, she’s Gordy’s girlfriend, not mine.”
“Except in the mornings on the way to school. Now, get to your seat since I have to get this machine moving.”
“Hey, Aiden, are you all zoned in for your big game?” Kalie said as Aiden slid into the seat next to her.
“Yeah, I’m sure I’m ready.”
“Every game you guys play seems to be a big game lately.”
“I know, and it’s a lot of fun. Oh, my balcony is going to be built—we all like the plans.”
“Awesome. You’re going to be my only friend with a scenic view balcony as part of his bedroom. Do I get to see it as soon as it’s done and not, like, six months later?”
“I’ll do it as soon as possible,” Aiden hedged.
“Pinky promise!” Aiden held out the appropriate digit on his left hand and the two friends clasped pinkies to complete the sacred vow.
“Monte girls have a pretty good team, too,” Aiden pointed out.
“Pretty good? How about awesomely good. They’re undefeated.”
“Well, you only have one loss, so it’s just like our baseball game. It’s humongous.”
“Gordy said your weekends are too busy for camping out this month,” Kalie said.
“Sorry, but I just have too much going on. Did he tell you what I thought we could do?”
“Yep. I told him it was cool and that as soon as we have our baseball and softball schedules, we could see about doing it in June. It wouldn’t even have to be on a weekend.”
“Thanks for being so understanding.” Aiden had secretly wished she had decided to be stubborn and say it was either going to be in May or not at all. While camping with Gordy sounded like a ton of fun, having two girls thrown into the campout didn’t excite him. He could easily never see Gordy and be stuck with Brittany the whole time, and that was not a particularly good option.
Aiden’s morning went smoothly, even though his mind was on baseball more than on his lessons. Still, he knew the subject matter well enough to make it look like he had a clue about what was going on.
The topic then switched to that afternoon’s game against Monte. Skyler had texted Aiden Saturday night that he would be starting the game and Aiden had dutifully passed the word on to their teammates, as well as Coach Ecklund. With two first place teams going against each other, nobody was surprised that the starting pitchers would be the teams’ aces—in this case Skyler and Trent. The Titans were prepared for another tough game and were sure the Monte Bulldogs would be ready for them.
Aiden heard a text message arrive on his phone. He saw that it was from Skyler. It read “cya this afternoon. bulldogs rule. greg says hi” Aiden showed it to Gordy and Miles.
“In your dreams, Skyler, in your fucking dreams,” Miles snorted. 
<Mayfield Middle School baseball field>
As was the custom in baseball, Mayfield, as the home team, took infield first. They were midway through their routine when Monte’s bus arrived. When the Bulldogs took the field for infield, the Titan players, except for Trent and Mac, who were completing Trent’s warmups in the bullpen area, sat in the dugout and watched the Bulldogs execute their infield practice. The chatter in the dugout was minimal as most of the players worked on getting into their zones.
As soon as the lineup cards were exchanged and the home plate conference was completed, the Titans took the field. While Trent threw his eight warmup pitches, the infielders threw the ball around the infield in an organized routine. In the outfield, Barry, the center fielder, played catch with Miles, who was in right. Everett, the left fielder, played catch with Warren, who was on the sideline between the foul line and the first-place dugout.
Just before Trent’s eighth pitch, Mac yelled, “Balls in!” and the infield balls were immediately thrown in the direction of the Titan dugout. The outfield balls were thrown to Jared and Muddy, who had come out of the dugout to handle the infield ball. The umpire yelled,”Batter!” and the Monte leadoff hitter strode to the plate. The big game was ready to begin.
Trent started the game with a strikeout and went on to pitch a 1-2-3 inning, striking out the side on 12 pitches. Skyler looked just as sharp for the Bulldogs. Although he didn’t strike anybody out, nobody hit the ball hard; Gordy hit a weak fly ball to left, Aiden grounded routinely to short, and Scott fouled out to the first baseman.
Trent struck out the first two batters in the second before Greg hit the first fair ball against Trent, a two bouncer to Aiden at second. Muddy led off the second for the Titans. He made sure the game wouldn’t be scoreless for long by launching a 1-1 pitch over the left field fence, giving the Titans a 1-0 lead. Skyler had a look on his face that said, I didn’t know somebody in eighth grade could hit a ball that hard and that far. The ball cleared the fence by at least 15 feet at the 310 feet sign.
As Muddy ran around the bases the Titan players stood at the dugout screen hollering and cheering and greeted their teammate with high fives and hugs as he entered the dugout. But Skyler wasn’t the kind of person to let a moment of adversity get him down. He battled back and struck out the next two batters before giving up a single to Trent. Mac then grounded out to end the inning.
Trent gave up his first hit, a harmless single, with two outs in the third before picking up his sixth strikeout. The game remained 1-0 until the bottom of the sixth when Everett led off the inning with a walk. It was the first walk of the game for either pitcher. That brought Gordy to the plate. John Parker, the Monte catcher, yelled to the infield to be prepared for a bunt. They were positioned properly, but it didn’t make any difference as Gordy dropped a perfect bunt that eluded the third base man and ended up being a single. That put runners on first and second. Aiden knocked them both in with a ringing double, giving the Titans a 3-0 lead.
Scott then lined out to the first baseman for the first out. Skyler got a quick strike on Muddy before putting a fastball in the DH’s wheelhouse. It wasn’t the monster home run that his first one had been, barely clearing the fence, but it was still a home run. Skyler struck out Barry, Max flied   out to center, and the sixth inning was over. The Titans had a 5-0 lead.
Coach Ecklund had considered having Aiden pitch the seventh inning. “How are you feeling?” he asked Trent when he came into the dugout after the top of the sixth.
“I feel good. Don’t take me out, Coach, I can finish this thing,” Trent replied.
“I agree—leave him in,” Mac agreed. “Serious, the dude is dealing and so unless he’s not good on his pitch count, leave him in.” At the time neither one of them was thinking about Mac’s deal—their minds were on baseball. With a five-run lead and Trent’s pitch count under control, Ecklund allowed Trent to move to the mound. He did take Aiden out of the game to warm up as a precaution and had Mason replace him at second.
Trent pitched a scoreless seventh inning and finished with a complete game, two hit shutout when Barry ran down a hard-hit fly ball in right center for the final out. He had walked one and struck out 11 in pitching the most dominating game of his young life. As soon as the umpire signaled the out, Mac ran out from behind the plate and leaped on Trent, giving him a big hug and the Titan players flooded out of the dugout and swamped Trent with hugs, pats on the back, and friendly punches. 
“I guess I owe you something,” Mac told Trent as they lined up in the handshake line.
“It’s up to you—you made the deal,” Trent grinned. “I’ll be ready when you are.”
“Great game,” Skyler told Trent when they met in the line. “Everybody says I’m the stud pitcher in the league, but it looks like it’s you. You were dealing today.”
“Today was my day is all,” Trent said humbly.
When Skyler met Aiden all either one could do was fist bump and utter the customary “Good game”. Later Skyler texted Aiden telling him the Titans were a great team and Trent and Muddy were total studs.
That evening Aiden spent a lot of time communicating with his teammates, Nolan, and with Skyler and Greg. All were amazed to learn that the East Division won all six crossover games against the West. Even as high as the Titan players were after their big win over Monte, they weren’t about to say that the East dominated the West although their 10-2 record in crossover play said otherwise. As Larry told Aiden, “It’s just one of those things.”
One big win that day was Gardner winning its first game of the season, an 8-5 victory over Chinook. “It’s not just Gardner winning a game,” Aiden told Nolan, “it’s that they also scored a lot of runs.”
Mayfield’s next game was against Gardner on Wednesday. In his postgame talk, Coach Ecklund announced that Aiden would be the starting pitcher and would probably be pitching the first three innings. “I want to keep Aiden sharp for our stretch run,” the coach said. “Scott will come in for a couple of innings after that. I’ll play the sixth and seventh innings by ear.”
“Nice that you get to pitch,” Nolan told Aiden when he heard the news.
“It makes me happy. But a bunch of us had to laugh after the meeting about Coach keeping the last two innings open like the game will go longer than five innings.”
“It sounds like even he doesn’t think it will if he’s not planning the last two innings. So, you know what I smell don’t you?”
“Yep. You smell a team that might be getting overconfident if even the coach makes a slip like that.” Aiden thought for a moment and said, “I’m gonna talk to Trent about it in school tomorrow. Wouldn’t hurt to have a team meeting to remind everybody what happened to us when our heads got big against Evans.”
“Good idea. And that said, what we going to jerk off over tonight?” Nolan asked.
“Tomorrow is Skip’s eleventh birthday.”
“And in our fantasy we show up there after school and surprise him. We plug him at both ends—you take his cherry while he sucks my cock. Let’s get jerking.”
For the record, Nolan shot his load first.
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