Mayfield Magic

Chapter 1-Riley

Aiden opened the drapes covering the sliding glass door to his balcony and looked out at Lake Mayfield. He was happy to see that, as predicted, the rain had stopped. The sky was blue with a scattering of white fluffy clouds. He was certain that Trent was even happier since it appeared the weather was going to be perfect for his afternoon pool party.
“Too bad you can’t go swimming, Horace,” Aiden said as he lifted his stuffed donkey off the bed. “It would be a perfect day for a donkey dip.” He turned to his desk and set the stuffed animal on its usual perch on the middle bookshelf. “I gotta go shower, so you be good, Horace, ya hear?”
Aiden interpreted the look on Horace’s face as saying, “Have I ever been anything else?”
After showering, he went downstairs without bothering to dress. Larry was reading a book in the reading room. “Morning, dad.”
“Good morning, son. I see you’re keeping your laundry pile small,” Larry said.
“I do it to save on water and electricity. What are you reading?”
“It’s ‘The Eagle’s Claw’ by Jeff Shaara. It’s a novelized version of The Battle of Midway, the battle that was the turning point of the war in the Pacific.”
“Well, it’s good to know that you read books other than math books.”
“I try to be diversified,” Larry chuckled. “It’s a great read. You like reading about history—I’m sure you’d like this one. Surprisingly, it’s a real page turner.”
“Put it on my shelf after you finish it, please.” As always, Aiden was pleased to have a book written for adults recommended to him. On top of that, he enjoyed reading historical fiction.
One of the walls of the library room had built in bookshelves made of oak. Part of the bottom shelf was reserved for Aiden. Some of the books were titles brought down from his own collection for him to read when he wanted to enjoy reading and listening to classical music while sitting in his recliner. It gave him a sense of feeling cultured. Since his friends didn’t always understand why he liked what he liked, Aiden wasn’t sure if that sense of the culture was a good thing. 
Whenever one of his dads recommended a book that sounded good to him, he asked his dad to put it on his shelf. While he started each one, he didn’t finish each book. He followed the 50-page rule Larry had given him. It said that if he didn’t care for a book after giving it a 50-page read he should put it away and start another.
“Life’s too short to waste time reading what you don’t like when you don’t have to do it,” Larry had told him. The rule did not apply to assigned school material as much as Aiden wished it did.
“Are you riding your bike to Trent’s party, or do you want a ride?” Larry asked.
“Dad, the weather is good and this is Mayfield. Even with us living out of town, things in town still aren’t that far away and the bike path makes riding safe. End of my rant. I’m riding.”
“You’re on your own for breakfast, by the way.”
“I figured as much.” Aiden pulled the book he was currently reading off his shelf. The title was “The Journey of Little Charlie” by Christopher Paul Curtis. It was a Newberry Award winning book that was set in the 1850’s. He normally would have skimmed the newspaper when eating a solo breakfast, concentrating on the sports and comics pages, but talking to his pop put him in the mood to read a few more pages of his book.
After finishing his breakfast, he cleared the table, then went up to his room and sent Nolan an email. “Sorry you can’t come to Trent’s party, but I understand why you can’t. I’ll cya tomorrow on the field that will be your home field next year when the Scrappers and Yard Goats have there big showdown. I love you and hope we get together tonight. luv, ur Sweet Cakes, Aiden.” Aiden clicked send and screamed unsuccessfully for the email to stop sending when he saw he had typed “there” instead of “their”. It was a brain fart since he knew better, which made him even angrier with himself. Oh well, he knew his Sugar Bear would forgive him.
Just as Aiden started down the stairs to the garage his phone rang. He was pleased to see it was Nolan.
“Hey, Sweet Cakes. Have you left for the party yet?” Nolan said.
“I was just heading out the door. Are you sure you don’t want to go? I bet I could talk my pop into picking you up,” Aiden responded.
“Look, he would have done it earlier this morning but asking him to do it now would be a good way to piss him off. I made up my mind not to go and so I’m not going to go.”
“But Nolan…”
“Like I said, if the Scrappers weren’t playing you guys tomorrow, no big deal. Or if the party was after the game, no big deal. But we are playing each other tomorrow. It will probably be our last game as rivals and, well, I just want it to be…
“I gotcha. You want it to be us against each other. Period. I don’t agree with you, but I get it. So, I’ll see you tomorrow with a snarl on my face.”
“And I’ll have a bigger snarl.”
“Won’t happen. I’m a champion snarler. Just ask my dads.”
“Maybe we should have a snarling contest before the game. But, no matter. Since I’m spending the night with you tomorrow, and since I’ve heard you have the world’s best snarl remover in your bed, I think it will all be cool.”
“I can’t wait to remove your snarl,” Aiden said.
“Oh, and Sweet Cakes. If you get the chance to get off with somebody at the party this afternoon, DO IT! Remember Carter is spending the night with me.”
“Just remember to save some snarl remover for tomorrow night.”
“Will do. Now go have fun and tell Trent I said happy birthday again.”
<Trent and Mac>
“Damn, dude, for a guy who hasn’t bottomed much you were pretty fucking awesome,” Mac told Trent as they headed for the bathroom to shower. “Not that I have that much experience fucking guys, of course.”
“Yeah, I know. I’m the only one you’ve done it with. You need to branch out a little bro—get some experience before you go totally straight and don’t want your ass fucked anymore,” Trent said as he started up the shower water.
“Hey, I’m gonna be fucking around with that one guy until the end of your senior season. I’ll be your catcher and you’ll be my pitcher, and I’m gonna fuck you like crazy before every game we start all the way through high school.”
“Yeah, but you’ll be thinking like a straight dude and won’t want to do it with anybody but me.”
“Well, that ain’t no crime,” Mac pointed out.
“I dare you to go all the way with somebody at the party this afternoon.”
The teens stepped into the shower, wrapped their arms around each other’s naked body, scrunched their once-again hard cocks together, and traded a long, deep kiss with plenty of tongue. “How did we get so horny all of a sudden?” Mac asked as he broke off their kiss.
“Must be us talking about sex and me daring you to get some ass,” Trent replied.
“It sure isn’t because you’re pissing all over my belly,” Mac said as he felt the warm liquid cover him.
“Hey, I had to piss, and your body is stuck against mine—what was I gonna do?”
“You’re such a perv. You could have told me you needed to piss—I would’ve stepped away and watched. But the perv in you had to take over. Anyway, if your party was at Aiden’s house I’d do your dare because anything can and does happen in his basement. You’ve got no place to do it.”
“I have a bedroom. Find the guy you want to do it with and we’ll figure something out,” Trent assured his friend.
“So, am I supposed to be the top, the bottom, or does it matter.”
“It doesn’t matter. Just do it.”
The boys broke apart and washed each other, paying particular attention to each other’s throbbing erection. Trent pulled his hand off Mac’s erection. “Stop it, you bitch, or you’re gonna make me cum, and I need extra horniness for this afternoon.”
The boys rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. They dressed in shorts and t-shirts for breakfast and then set to work with Jackson helping Troy’s mom set up the party.
<Trent’s party>
Everyone who was coming to the party arrived by one o’clock. Trent had invited all of the players on the Goats. Ten of his teammates came to the party. Trent’s best friends were the jocks he played sports with and almost all of them played for the Goats. But he also invited seven good friends from school. Five of them, were at the party. Frank and Jeromy, who were both eighth graders, and three girls: Kalie, Brittany, and Diane North, who was Trent’s girlfriend. Sammy was also there. His role was to give Jackson some company. His job was to make sure the house and yard survived the onslaught of pubescent boys and girls.
The mid-June day had turned out sunny but cool. Everyone came prepared to swim in the pool, but not all the partiers did so. The high temperature of 63 along with the small size of the pool convinced many of the party goers to not put on their swimwear.
The party atmosphere was different from an Aiden Party. There was no nudity, no hot tub, and very little ass grabbing by those who decided to get into the pool. That didn’t stop everyone from having fun. They spent their time snacking, chatting, playing games, or taking in a movie playing on the TV in the house.
Another big difference between the two parties was the amount of sexual activity. Outside of Trent’s room, there really wasn’t a space for anything to happen. The utility room and the rec room were more private than any space in the house. Everybody knew that Trent’s mother and Jackson were watching them. They weren’t worried about Jackson since his job was to make sure nobody got hurt not that nobody got fucked. Trent’s mother, on the other hand, was a mother, which meant nobody wanted to get caught in a compromising position by her.
Nevertheless, there was a bit of contact. Gordy and Kalie managed to get a few good kisses in, a couple of them with tongue. Gordy got a couple of feels of Kalie’s breasts, which was special when she was stripped down to her swimsuit, since it was easy to get inside of the bra. Kalie was able to grope Gordy four times, two of those skin on skin.
Mac was able to talk Mason into going up to Trent’s room with him. The trick was to get in and out without Martha seeing them. Trent was able to run interference for them going both ways by engaging his mother in some inane conversation.  
“Is it true you like being fucked?” Mac asked Mason after they closed the door to the bedroom. Mason knew Mac wanted to talk about having sex, but he was thinking more in terms of giving the older boy a blow job.
“I love it,” Mason said, “but we need a place to get naked and have a long time alone. If you want to fuck me some other time, I’m okay with it. But we could get a quick BJ in. We don’t need to get naked for that and I bet I can get you off really quick if you just let go.”
 Mac pulled down his shorts and Mason knelt in front of him. As Mac received his first blow job from Mac quickly learned what all the fuss was about when it came to Mason’s blow jobs—the little dude had a talented mouth. In less than five minutes, Mac was filling Mason’s mouth with his teen boy cum.
“Yum. You taste good, Mac. I can’t taste anybody when they come up my butt, and this was a real treat,” Mason grinned.
“That blow job was totally sick,” Mac said. “You can suck me off anytime. Want me to get you off?”
“Next time. Right now, we’d better get out of here before we’re missed.” 
Mac texted Trent that he and Mason were leaving the room. Trent texted “go” and then asked his mother a question. He hit send as soon as he had his mother’s attention. Mac and Mason were out the door as soon as Mac received the text.
Only three other boys had orgasms before the party ended: Miles, Gordy, and Aiden. All three were jerked off in the pool. Brittany got Miles off, and Gordy and Aiden were able to get their hands into each other’s swim trunks at the same time. They shot their tween cum into their waterfilled trunks within thirty seconds of each other, with Gordy cumming first.
While Jackson and Trent’s mom was preparing the dessert to serve, Riley went to James Hallion’s den. The door was open, and James was sitting at his desk entering something into his computer. He had told the boys where he would be and that he was available to anyone who wanted to talk to him. Riley decided to take advantage of the invitation.
“Hello there, Riley,” Coach Hallion grinned. “Are you having a good time?”
“I’m having a great time, thank you,” Riley answered with his usual politeness.
“What can I do for you?”
“I just have a question for you. I know we’re playing the Everett Dawgs in our first tournament game. I just wanted to know if the Burien Bisons are in the tournament. They’re the team I played for last year before I moved to Mayfield.”
“Yes, they are, and as I recall we’re in the same bracket.” The coach opened a notebook that was in the center of his desk. “Yes, we are in the same bracket. They’re playing in Game 1 and we’re in Game 2. If we both win or lose our first game, we’ll be playing each other in our second game. Otherwise, who knows when or if we play each other.”
“Thanks coach. I’ll see you at the game tomorrow.”
“You know you’ll pitching an inning or two, right?”
“Yes sir, and I’m ready for it,” Riley grinned.
Trent’s birthday cake was sitting on the dining room table. It was decorated with a baseball theme and fourteen candles had been poked into the icing. A serving bowl of fruit punch was on the table as well.
Just before two o’clock the candles were lit, and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy. Trent proceeded to blow out all fourteen candles and cut the first slice of cake.
The cake and ice cream were then served. Most of the partiers ate indoors but a few went outside and ate on the patio. Trent opened his cards, some of which had money inside. Miles, Gordy, Lance, Scott, and Barry went back into the pool for a final dip after the cake eating and card opening, but the rest were dressed, mostly in t-shirts and shorts. Riley and Lenny approached Trent and asked if they could talk about something with him.
“It sounds like something important,” Trent said.
“It is,” Riley told him. “But I don’t want to mess up your party. We can talk after everybody leaves if that’s okay.”
“Whatever works for you. Is it about baseball?”
“Yeah. Since you’re the captain, I thought you should know something about the team I played on last year because we might be playing them in the tournament. That’s all Lenny knows but since he’s my boyfriend I thought he should learn the whole story since I’ve been keeping it secret from him.” Lenny had been wondering what had happened the year before, but Riley had been closed mouthed. If the upcoming tournament was the reason he wanted to talk, it must be pretty serious, he reasoned.
“It’s fine with me. Scott’s the co-captain, so maybe he should be there too,” Trent said.
“And maybe Mac and Aiden, too. They’re kinda like leaders on the team.”
“The way this is sounding maybe my dad should be in on it.”
Riley shook his head. “I don’t want to tell an adult about it. I don’t think anything is gonna happen, but I just wanted you to know a couple of things in case you hear somebody say anything.” Riley didn’t think anything would happen, but he did want somebody on the team to know that there were some players on the Bisons who had treated him badly when he played ball with them the year before. He thought somebody on the team should know why he might get all emotional.
After everyone else Sammy joined Jackson in the pool and Riley, Lenny, Aiden, Mac, Scott, and Trent took seats in the den. Each of them had a glass of fruit punch to drink.
Riley looked over the group and said, “Thanks for staying, guys. You staying after an awesome party to listen to me means…means…well, it means I’m, you know, playing on the best team a guy can play on. Right now, this is just for you guys, okay?” The other five boys in the room could see that Riley was struggling to control his emotions.
“Whatever you say stays with us unless something happens at the game,” Trent assured Riley.
“I don’t think anything’s gonna happen. I just wanted you guys to know why I might get all emotional.”
Lenny, who was sitting next to Riley on the couch, scooted over until their bodies touched and then put his right arm around Riley’s shoulder. Riley scooted tightly against his boyfriend. “Some of the guys on the Bisons aren’t very nice guys. They saw me sucking a friend where I thought we were safe and, well, you can guess how things went.”
“Lots of name calling, right?” Lenny asked.
“Worse? You mean worse than name calling?”
“They…they…made me…made me,” Riley started sniffling, “…made me do stuff.”
“Like giving them blow jobs?” Aiden asked.
“That and sometimes one of them would try to stick his dick up my butt and the other ones would hold me down.”
“How many guys were doing this?” Trent asked.
“Sometimes three and sometimes four. Darren and Tucker were always there, and Jon and Akeem were usually there. Darren was the meanest one and he was the one who tried to fuck me, and it hurt so much. I hated them totally.”
“So, he never fucked you?” Mac asked.
“He’d get his dick all the way in my butt and didn’t do much but sometimes he’d cum in me and so I guess it was rape but I said I was a virgin and I’m so sorry Lenny and don’t hate me.” At that point Riley lost all control and sobbed on Lenny’s shoulder.
“I love you Riley and I would never hate you, but I hate those four guys. I hope we play them in the tournament so we can kick their asses,” Lenny said as he stroked Riley’s back.
The boys were quiet for a few minutes until Riley was able to pull himself together. “Thanks, I feel better now.” He wiped his eyes. “Sorry to mess up your birthday party, Trent.”
“Hey, the party’s been over for a while and my birthday was almost two weeks ago. I’m glad you trusted me—no, make that trusted all of us—enough to tell us what really happened with that bunch of asswaffles. Do all four of those guys still play for the Bisons?”
“I think so since they were all starters when I played with them last year, but I don’t know about their ages and other stuff.”
“Why didn’t you just quit?” Mac asked.
“Well, my mom and dad wouldn’t let me. They knew I was being bullied some, but I couldn’t tell them how bad it was. The four guys said they’d beat me up so bad I’d have to go to the hospital if I told. Plus, really bad stuff only happened like four times, the rest of the time it was just the usual name calling shit and maybe a blow job or something. A couple of other guys got into that part of it a couple of times. But I love playing baseball so much and most days they left me alone. I just didn’t know when they wouldn’t.”
“Well, we’re happy you’re on our team, Riley, and we’re happy you moved to Mayfield and became our teammate and our friend,” Aiden said.
“And I’m happy you moved here and became my boyfriend,” Lenny said before planting a long kiss on Riley’s lips.
“Scott, you haven’t said anything,” Trent said.
“Sorry. You guys were saying everything I wanted to say. Almost,” Scott said.
“Well, you’ve always been the strong, silent type, as my dad says. But what do you mean by almost everything?”
“I think Riley is one of the bravest kids I know. My cousin Ronnie had to fight cancer and now I hear about you having to deal with guys who are worse than assholes—I mean, they’re like criminals because raping people is a crime. I don’t know if I could be as brave as you and Ronnie, but I know I’m proud to know you both.”
“Thanks, Scott,” Riley said with quiet sincerity.
Trent decided to make a suggestion. “If it’s okay with you, Riley, I’ll let Jackson know to keep an eye on you at the games. He has a game Saturday afternoon, but he’ll be around for most of the ones we play. He won’t let any of those asswaffles from your old team give you any shit.”
“I thought Jackson wasn’t a fighter,” Aiden said.
“He’s not, but he is big. My guess is those dudes are like most bullies and a bunch of cowards. Don’t worry Riley, it’s all gonna be cool.”
The boys chatted a little more. As everyone got ready to head home, Trent, Mac, Aiden, Lenny, and Scott swore that if anybody pulled any shit, they’d have Riley’s back all the way.
A half hour later everyone except Mac had left. Scott was the last one out the door having spent the last ten minutes getting assurances from Trent and Mac that everything would be all right at the tournament. As soon as Scott was gone, Trent and Mac headed for Trent’s bedroom.
“What’re you gonna tell Jackson?” Mac asked. “You gonna tell him that Riley was raped?”
Trent shook his head. “No, no way. I’ll just tell him that Riley said that a couple of guys on the Bisons had called him a faggot when he played for them and shoved him around a little. We’re not looking for trouble. We just want to keep an eye out for any shit going on.”
“That works.”
“Yeah. Jackson will know how to handle it.”
“It sure would be nice to know who tomorrow’s starting pitcher is,” Mac said.
“I am, but I don’t think it will make much difference,” Trent replied. “We were supposed to be doing the bullpen thing against Kentwood, yesterday, so we have fresh pitching for the tournament. Since I happen to know the coach pretty well, I can tell you that he told me that he’s going to do it tomorrow.” The bullpen thing Trent was referring to was scheduling the pitching so nobody would throw more than two innings. This would mean all of their pitchers would be eligible to pitch in the weekend tournament. “This actually works out better for us since without the rainout we would have ended up with a pitcher or two who would be ineligible to pitch because of the innings rule. Oh, and my source says I’ll be the opener and pitch the first two innings.”
“Thanks for the info. I guess it pays to know people in high places. Looks like we’re properly prepped for your start tomorrow.
“I’m the opener, not the starter. That’s what the guy who is starting the game but only going the first couple of innings is called in the pros.”
“Whatever you say, bro, You’re the baseball geek. Now, I better be getting my ass home since dad said it would be nice if I came around to visit on occasion. When he gets snarky like that it’s a good idea to do what he wants.”
“Sounds just like my dad, as you have learned. It must be something that is taught in the graduate school for dads.” Trent surprised Mac by kissing his lips for almost ten seconds. When the kiss ended, both boys understood that the kiss was different from a kiss during sex. They weren’t sure what it meant and weren’t sure if they wanted to talk about it. Mac decided the kiss was just one of those things but also wished it had lasted longer. Trent wasn’t sure why he did it. One thing he did know was that even though it was different it made him feel good.
When Aiden got home, he stripped naked and sat at his desk where he did some writing on his computer. He wrote a couple of pages of his story and stopped when Phil called him down for dinner. Knowing Aiden had stuffed himself at the party, Phil had put together a light dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and a mixed salad.
After dinner Aiden played ping pong against his dads, who switched off each time one of them won the serve from Aiden. At Aiden’s instance, they played in the nude. “Naked ping pong is the only way to go,” he maintained. Larry and Phil saw no harm in it.  They were playing a best of five series with games going to eleven points. Aiden won three games to eleven by scores of 11-9, 11-13, 11-5, and 11-9.
“Next time we play with clothes on,” Larry said as the three settled into the hot tub.
“Why? What’s wrong with being naked?”
“Nothing, except you seem to be quicker without any clothes on. It gave you an unfair advantage.”
“That’s bogus. You guys were naked too.”
“We’re old and slow,” Phil said as he picked up on the flow. “Having no clothes on doesn’t help us like it helps you because you’ve got a streamlined body.”
“I don’t think you guys believe that for a second. But, yeah, being young makes me better.”
“And having clothes on makes us smarter. And smarter beats younger,” Larry said.
“How about we just relax in the hot tub and not worry about smarter and younger and naked and dressed and just admit that I’m a better player than you guys.”
“Oh, no, we would never admit something like that,” Phil said.
“I’ll just say that you guys are totally whacked. Now let me relax and get my insides warmed up.”
Phil and Larry shared a few chuckles, causing Aiden to splash water their way, which made them laugh harder. The little family then settled down and spent the next fifteen minutes relaxing in the warm water.
When he got back to his room, Aiden thought about contacting Nolan, but he knew that Carter was spending the night, and he didn’t want to bother them in case they were having fun messing around. Aiden and Nolan had a deal that they would not bother each other if they had company unless they set something up ahead of time.
Aiden took Horace off his perch and set him on the bed. He then went to the bathroom and took care of his nightly ritual. When he came back he said a quick gratitude prayer then dropped down on his bed, lubed his cock, and went to work beating his meat, his thoughts being on Nolan pounding hard on Carter’s ass.
As Aiden masturbated, Nolan was doing what Aiden was fantasizing. Carter fought to grunt quietly since what he really wanted to do was scream loudly. Keeping control of his voice was not an easy task, but he managed to be reasonably successful.
About the time Aiden shot his clear, watery cum over his belly, Nolan filled Carter’s anus with his thicker cum. Nolan pulled his cock out and turned his friend over. He placed his lips around Carter’s four-inch hairless erection and worked his tongue and lips around the glans. Carter shot in an instant and Nolan savored the twelve-year-old’s sweet tween cum.
“Wow, dude, that was too awesome,” Carter panted after Nolan finished.
“You’ve gotten to be a pretty good bottom and your cum has gotta be the sweetest in Meadow Park,” Nolan said.
“How do you know, dude? Have you sucked everybody in town?”
“Not yet, but I can’t imagine anybody being sweeter.”
“Is mine sweeter than Aiden’s?”
“Remember, we agreed on not making comparisons between you two ,” Nolan reminded his friend.
“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.”
The boys went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and then snuggled in Nolan’s bed. “I’m gonna miss doing this when you move,” Carter said. “Our last time will be coming up soon, if this wasn’t it already.”
“Dude, I’m moving a half-hour or so up the road not to the other side of the country.”
“Yeah, a half-hour if I was driving a car or something.”
Nolan could tell that Carter was battling tears. “Look, I’ve told you this before and just because I’m gonna be moving to Mayfield doesn’t change anything. Aiden and I are boyfriends, we love each other tons but we’re not married and we have what’s called an open relationship. Our rule is that we be totally honest with each other about what we do. You’ll have your chance to see my new bedroom and help break it in. Plus, think about it this way: you, me, and Aiden can do a three-way, or you can have fun with one of his bed buddies.”
“But I want to do it with a friend from around here.”
“What about Adam? You guys have messed around some, right?” Nolan asked.
“Yeah, jerking each other off is as much as we’ve done.” Adam would be turning 14 soon and would be attending Meadow Park high school.  “Besides, it’s his brother Rollie who really I like. Him and me were sitting together at lunch a lot the last couple of months.” Rollie was eleven and had just finished sixth grade.
“So why don’t you ask him to spend the night or something?”
“Because what if he says no? I know he jerks off with Adam, so he doesn’t mind messing around. But, it’s probably different doing it with a brother than with a friend,” Carter said.
“Carter, back when we started doing stuff together, I was afraid you’d say no to me, but I just kinda kept going a little bit farther until one day we were sucking dick.”
“You were afraid of me? Nolan, I didn’t think you were afraid of anything.”
Nolan shrugged and said, “Sex things can be, you know, tricky, especially since I knew I was gay. I’ve messed around with a lot of guys but except for you, and Jamie a couple of times, they’ve all been Mayfield guys. And you remember how I got shit at school from guys because they thought I was gay.”
“Yeah, you’re right. But all I want to do with Rollie is jerk off with him and maybe even him and Adam. You’re the only guy I’ve sucked and fucked.”
“I promise you we’ll do it at least one more time before I move and that we’ll be doing stuff even after I move. It just won’t be as often. And besides, once Rollie falls in love with you, you’ll forget all about me.”
“Dude, me and Rollie and Adam are not gay.”
“Still, you just gotta go do stuff while you can. Cuz pretty soon some girl will have you by the balls and then you’re fucked when it comes to guys.”
“I’ll think about Rollie. He is cute. For a boy that is. And let’s get to sleep. We need the most we can get so we’re ready to kick some Mayfield butt tomorrow.”
“Those poor Goats won’t know what hit them.” Nolan wanted to kiss Carter goodnight, but his friend had made it plain that kissing a little when they’re messing around might happen, but otherwise he was not into kissing boys. Nolan respected Carter’s position even if he thought Carter needed to loosen up a bit.
In Mayfield, Aiden fell asleep thinking of winning the big game against Meadow Park the next day. In Meadow Park, Nolan and Carter fell asleep thinking of winning the big game against Mayfield the next day.”
<Mayfield Middle School baseball field>
Nolan hopped out of his dad’s car as soon as it stopped in the Mayfield Middle School parking lot. He grabbed his equipment bag out of the trunk and took off for the field, hoping to see Aiden before everybody got busy with warmups. He saw a half dozen Mayfield players standing outside the third base dugout, but Aiden wasn’t among them. Then he saw Carter, Tristan, Greg, and Lucas in front of the first base dugout. Without Aiden there, Nolan saw no reason to go to the Mayfield dugout. Nolan saw Coach Bradley, Vince, and Adam setting equipment up in the dugout.
“Hey, Nolan,” Carter grinned when he saw his friend approaching. “Are you ready to kick Mayfield ass?”
“Those dudes are gonna be your teammates next year, right?” Greg asked.
“Right. And the reason I’m more than ready to kick their asses, is that the East Centralia Scrappers are my team right now,” Nolan proclaimed.
“Right on, Mr. Pitcher. How about we start loosening up,” Greg said.
“Good idea, Mr. Catcher.”
When Aiden arrived, he saw that some of the Scrappers had already started warming up. Gordy, Miles, Mason, Lenny, and Lance were waiting for Coach Hallion to arrive with the baseball. It wasn’t a long wait as the coach arrived with Trent and Mac a couple of minutes after Aiden. Soon all the players for both teams had arrived at the field and the teams were engaged in their full warmups.
After the teams had taken infield, the umpires called the coaches to home plate for the pregame meeting. Since Scott was a co-captain, he accompanied Coach Hallion to the plate. When Trent was the starting pitcher, he didn’t participate in the meeting. Coach Bradley attended the meeting by himself. Greg was the acknowledged team leader, but Bradley didn’t believe a baseball team needed a captain and didn’t see the need for a player to participate in the meeting. The players were only kids, after all.
Since Trent knew he would only be pitching the first two innings he saw no reason to save himself. Mac and his dad agreed and encouraged him to air it out from the start, which is what he did.
Nolan was on top of his game, as well. While he wasn’t holding back anything, he also was saving his extra effort for when it might be needed. Nothing extra was needed in the first two innings as he put down all six batters he faced, matching what Nolan had done.
Riley pitched the third inning. He gave up two hits but held the Scrappers scoreless. Nolan allowed his first baserunner, a two-out walk to Mac, but the runner died on first.
Aiden pitched the fourth inning. A leadoff single by Vince Bradley was followed by a soft fly caught by Rusty in left. Aiden struck out the next batter which brought Nolan to the plate. Nolan won the duel between the two boyfriends when he laced a line drive up the left field line that landed on the foul line and scooted into the left field corner for a run scoring double. Greg then hit a soft liner to Gordy at short to end the top of the fourth.
The Yard Goats answered the Scrappers with a run of their own in the bottom of the inning. Gordy hit a one-out single, stole second, and scored on long single by Muddy. The fourth inning ended with the score tied at 1-1.
Scott then pitched a scoreless fifth as did Nolan. Max started the sixth, but control issues got him in trouble. Two walks and a soft looping single loaded the bases with no outs. Max struck out the next batter but after that wasn’t able to hold the Scrappers. A single, a walk, and a bases loaded double gave the Scrappers a 4-1 lead. Max walked the next batter and Coach Hallion had seen enough. He brought in Lance, who started warming up after Max had loaded the bases. Lance gave up a triple, making the score 5-1 before a ground out to Aiden at second mercifully ended the inning.
At that point the game had pretty much been decided. Rusty pitched the seventh, giving up another run. Nolan, who was 15 pitches under the 86-pitch limit, came out of the dugout to pitch the seventh and finish the game. He was still strong, and it took him just nine pitches to throw a 1-2-3 inning for a 6-1 Scrappers win. Nolan left no doubt that this season he was without question the East Centralia Scrappers were his team and he was their ace pitcher.
The teams went through the handshaking line ritual. When Aiden and Nolan met, more passed between them than handshakes or high fives. A long heartfelt hug was exchanged, punctuated by Aiden giving Nolan a kiss on his left cheek. The action caused some spectators, as well as Coach Bradley and a couple of the Scrapper players, to wonder what that had been about. The Yard Goats knew exactly what the hug was about and smiled, both because of the love shared by their two friends, and because Nolan would be their teammate in the not-too-distant future.
“Awesome game,” Aiden whispered in Nolan’s ear. “I just wish it had been against somebody else.”
“Me too,” Nolan said. “I’ll see you soon.” Since Nolan was already in Mayfield, it stood to reason that he would be spending the night with Aiden. Nolan rode with his parents to Aiden’s house. Paul thought it was the prudent thing to do to keep a lid on the gossip machine.
Paul drove into the driveway. Nolan hopped out of the car as soon as the engine was shut off carrying his overnight bag. Aiden met him at the bottom of the steps where the two shared a quick hug. Paul and Vivian followed them into the house to chat with Phil and Larry.
The boys went up to Aiden’s room, changed into sweats and a t-shirt, and came down to eat a late supper that Phil had heated up for them. Larry had turned the Mariner game on the TV in the baseball watching room. The M’s were playing the Cleveland Guardians in Seattle.
Aiden and Nolan wolfed down their meal, said their good nights to Paul and Vivian, who were getting ready to leave, and headed upstairs to Aiden’s room, where they stripped naked. The Mariner game was on Aiden’s television, but the sound was muted. Aiden booted up his computer and headed to the Southwest League website. All the scores had been reported.
“Clark Pass 12-1 over South Centralia. No surprise there,” Aiden said.
“When you have a team that’s 8-0 going against a team that is 0-8 it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win,” Nolan said. “That game was actually closer than I thought it would be.”
“The fight for the second and third in my division is brutal. Kentburg won, Winton won, and we lost and all three of us are 6-3.”
“We’re tied for first with West Centralia in our division. We’re both 7-2. Tenino is 6-3 and the next team after that is East Olympia who is 3- 6. With seven games left, I think the three of us have the three playoff spots wrapped up, so it’s just a question of what the order of finish will be.”
“First place gets you the first-round bye, so I think it’s a good place to be. I can’t believe East Olympia is 3-6. Everybody thought they were one of the best teams in the league.”
“I guess that’s why we play the games,” Nolan mused. “Bring up the schedule.”
There were no league games scheduled for the upcoming weekend. The league left the weekend open to make it easy for teams to enter a tournament without having to get their schedule changed. The Scrappers would be playing in a tournament, but it would be over the July Fourth weekend.
“You guys play Parkview at home on Tuesday. That should be a piece of cake,” Nolan said. The Panthers were 1-8.
“Probably, but like you said, you gotta play the game first. You guys are at Kentburg. We both need you to win that one.”
“We beat them by a run the first time we played them and this time we’re on their field. It’s gonna be a tough one.”
The boys talked some more baseball, watched the Mariners go up 10-2 in the seventh and turned off the game. Still naked, they went downstairs to say goodnight to Larry and Phil.
“No hugs tonight?” Aiden asked after some good night fist bumps.
“You know the rule. Only you get naked hugs,” Larry reminded him. “We love Nolan like a son, but he’s not our son. End of discussion.”
“Okay. I was just checking.”
“What if my dad says it’s okay?” Nolan asked.
“A better question would be what if your mom said it was okay?” Phil chuckled. “Your mom’s changed her attitudes a lot, but I don’t think you getting naked hugs from us is something she’s going to accept.”
“Well, I know who CAN give me a naked hug,” Nolan smirked as he and Aiden grabbed each other’s hands and rushed to Aiden’s room for some nighttime fun.
Oral sex was their choice for the night. They traded blow jobs with Nolan taking on Aiden first. As soon as Aiden recovered from his bone shaking orgasm, he took Nolan’s five-and-half inch tool as deeply as he could. Nolan tried to hold out as long as he could, but he ended up filling his boyfriend’s mouth with his thick cum just under two minutes from when Aiden started sucking him.
“Well, that was quick, but still pretty radical,” Nolan said.
“I didn’t last much longer than you,” Aiden reminded him.
“Good thing we didn’t fuck. I don’t think I would have gotten ten thrusts in.”
“That many?” Aiden smirked.
“Without a doubt. Now, let’s do our bathroom stuff, come back and cuddle, and get a good night's sleep.”
“Why would I want a good night’s sleep with you when I might want to come back for seconds?”
“You’re gonna need some energy for the weekend.”
“I’ll start saving it tomorrow. Let’s get ready for bed and see what happens.”
Aiden’s hopes of getting sloppy seconds were dashed when he and Nolan fell asleep almost as fast as they had their orgasms.
<Yard Goat Practice>
Coach Hallion had scheduled a five o’clock practice in order to remind the team of some of the basics. He told the team it would go no longer than an hour and would involve mostly positioning on relay and cutoff plays and backing up bases. Larry, who was still his main mentor when it came to coaching, had told him it never hurt to review those basics a couple of times a season. Today would be the day since he would have two games for sure over weekend and potentially up to seven games.
Practice was over in just under an hour. Coach Hallion told them that every game would probably be a “bullpen” game with an opener instead of a starter. “But, out of habit, I’ll probably call the opener the starting pitcher, since that’s what he’s doing,” the coach told them. “Coach Simmons, Coach Corcoran, and I spent a lot of time after yesterday’s game going through how we wanted to handle our pitching. You guys have all played enough baseball to know that plans for pitching don’t work more often than they do. We set the parameters for the first two games. Any games we play beyond those will be decided as we move through the tournament.”
The players noted that the coach had said they would be deciding pitching AS they move the tournament, not IF they moved through the tournament. The wording gave them a boost of confidence. Nobody wanted to be knocked out in two games and they were happy to feel like their coach did: they would be around for more than two games.
“Our starter will be on a pitch count. I want as many regular pitchers available by the end of the tournament as possible. The pitch counts will vary according to who the pitcher is. But the starter can figure on being scheduled to pitch the first two or three innings. As I’ve told you before, by the end of the tournament some of you who haven’t thrown a pitch in a game since elementary school may be pitching this weekend. Everybody be prepared.”
“Riley, you’ll be our opener, starter, or starting pitcher—whatever you kids want to call it—for tomorrow’s game. Aiden will be next. From then on it will depend on how the game plays out—but there is a plan for most contingencies. Lenny and Mac will be sharing the catching. Knowing how close Lenny and Riley are, Lenny will be the starting catcher tomorrow. Any questions about pitching?”
Hearing nothing, Coach Hallion reminded the team about the logistics of the weekend. He felt fortunate that his wife, Martha, was active in helping with the organization of team ventures. She had called parents and set up a car caravan. With the help of Trent, she worked out who would be riding with whom. She also set up hotel room assignments. The place where they would be staying wasn’t far from the complex and had given the teams in the tournament a special deal on the room charges as well as in the hotel’s attached restaurant.
“Everyone should be at the school pickup area no later than one forty-five for our two o’clock departure,” Coach Hallion reminded them. “Game time is five-thirty, so we’ll have plenty of time to get checked into our rooms and get a bite to eat before heading to the complex. I’ll see you all tomorrow afternoon.”
As the players gathered up their gear, Riley sought out Aiden. “Can I talk to you for a minute, Aiden?” he asked.
“Go for it,” Aiden responded.
“I want to be, like, a little more private if that’s okay?”
“Whatever you want works for me.”
They went around the dugout and then to the back of the bleachers. The bleachers were only six rows high, so they didn’t really hide anybody, but the area was as private at it got on the field, outside of the first base dugout, which wasn’t being used.
“What can I do for you, Riley?” Aiden asked.
“I know you’re not the captain or anything, but you are my friend and I just wanted to say that I’m kinda scared,” Riley said.
“Because of the stuff you told us Tuesday?”
“Remember what we told you, Riley. We’ve got your back. Don’t go anywhere by yourself in the complex. Even if you’re going to the bathroom, get one of us to go with you. And it can be anybody on the team, not just the guys you talked to yesterday. Remember what we told you about having your back…and we meant it. And I don’t know if Trent told you, but Jackson knows what’s going down and he’s got your back too. And I know you don’t want adults to know about your problem, but it can’t hurt to have my dads keep an eye on you.”
“Everybody knows you had problems with some of the players, they just don’t know exactly what it was about. But I don’t need to tell them anything except what they already know—that you got bullied. A set of adult eyes can’t hurt. You know that my dads are cool with kids and they like you a lot.”
“They do?”
“Believe it.”
Riley stepped up to Aiden and gave him a warm hug that Aiden returned. “Thanks, Aiden. I feel way better now. You’re an awesome friend.”
“Not a problem. Helping a friend is what friends do. But one last thing. You might hear things from those asswaffles. Just remember that none of it is true—it’s just fucking stupid bullying.”
“Gotcha. My dad is waving for me to get moving, so I better go. See ya tomorrow.”
Larry was waiting for Aiden and after trading fist bumps and a couple of high fives with teammates, Aiden hopped into the backseat of the Accord.
“How was practice?” Larry asked.
“It was good. And thanks for helping with giving rides tomorrow, pop.”
“You know I’ll do anything I can do to help you and your teams.” Larry would be driving the Honda Odyssey, carrying five players, including Aiden. Phil would be unable to help since the Mayfield Dynamos were playing Winton at Mayfield Friday night. He would drive to Federal Way after his game was over and would be able to watch the games played on Saturday and Sunday.
“You know what everybody on the team is saying, right?” Aiden asked.
“I haven’t a clue,” Larry responded with mock seriousness. “So, how about you clue me in.”
“Well, this is really our first big tournament, and we’re glad we’re in it because it will let us know what a really big tournament is like. You know, a tournament that we get to fly to and will have really, really, really good teams in it. We’ll kinda know what to expect. Does that make sense?”
“It makes perfect sense to me, son. Just remember that just because you’ll be playing in a coastal city in California doesn’t mean you can play wearing nothing but Speedos and a baseball cap. Uniforms will be required.”
“Daaaaad, do I look dumb to you?”
“Not at all, but I know how you think. You can’t tell me you don’t daydream about it.”
“Okay, so it does sound kinda hot to think about, at least until I think about sliding into second wearing nothing but a Speedo. Hmmm, but yeah—it would be hot on a hot day, get it?”
“I got it. Besides, how would you get your jock and cup on under a pair of Speedos?”
“Come to think about it, why wear a Speedo? A jock and a cup are all you need. That way you can see some nice-looking butts.”
“You are incorrigible you know,” Larry said.
“I know, and you know you love me for it. Oh, and dad?”
“Yes, son?”
“Do you think Ben sells Speedos in his store?”
Larry roared with pent up laughter as he turned into the driveway.
That night, even though they all had a case of nerves, the Yard Goats slept well. Riley took the longest to fall asleep but thinking of the way his teammates had his back made him think how lucky he was to have the complete opposite situation he’d had with the Bisons. He had visions of Lenny fucking him in their hotel room before the game, which got him excited and made it harder to fall asleep. He finally managed to think of Lenny in his catcher’s gear shouting words of encouragement.
Four Goats did not sleep alone. Lenny and Lance slept together. They had sucked each other off long before getting ready for sleep. For them, just being together in bed was enough to give them the special sleep they felt they needed before a game.
Miles slept with his brother John in John’s bed. He was happy that John wasn’t stoned—in fact he hadn’t been stoned all week. They dry humped and fell asleep with their torsos and crotches coated with teen cum.
Trent received a pregame fuck, but it wasn’t from Mac; it was from Jackson. Trent found that he enjoyed being fucked before a game, whether he was pitching or not. He was pleased that his big brother had no problem taking care of his itch. Their pillow talk afterwards was about them being next to each other fucking girls on a big bed.
The next morning the boys woke up in a state of excitement—it seemed like it was going to take forever for the afternoon to arrive. Texts, phone calls, and Facetime flew among them. By the time they congregated in the middle school parking lot, the boys were more than ready for their five-thirty game against the Everett Dawgs.
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