Mayfield Magic

Chapter 8-Emerald City Boys

<Aiden’s House>
Justin, Marco, Logan, Tony, Madison, Darnell, and Aiden sat in the basement laughing about their naked dance in the yard as they enjoyed a bedtime snack of hot chocolate and oatmeal raisin cookies. The boys were tired and ready for bed. All they had to do was finalize the sleeping arrangements.
“Let’s see, from what we agreed on before we went outside, Justin will be sleeping with me tonight,” Aiden said.
“That’s because I won the drawing,” Justin said.
“That’s because your name was the only one in the bowl,” Logan pointed out. “It seemed like a good idea until we discovered your secret.”
“I know. And it was a good idea because it made it way easier for me to win.”
“I was looking over his shoulder,” Madison said. “His idea was virtually the most radical idea I’ve seen in a long time. I had to work hard not to laugh my ass off.”
“Like you’ve got much of an ass to laugh off,” Logan grinned.
“We’ll let you get away with your skullduggery once, but tonight is the only time you can sleep with me,” Aiden told Justin.
“Like in forever?”
“Just during this trip.”
“What’s skulldigging?” Marco asked.
“Skullduggery,” Aiden replied. “It means trickery or mischief. Maybe even cheating.”
“Where did you learn that word?”
“My Core teacher, Mr. Edison, liked using it.”
“You’re pretty smart,” Justin told Aiden.
“Smart enough to like you and be happy to sleep with you tonight. You guys can figure out a different way of picking if somebody wants to sleep with me tomorrow.”
“What if a Mayfield dude wants to, like, be your bed buddy tomorrow?” Madison asked.
“They can do it some other time. You guys only have three nights.” Aiden was pleasantly surprised that all the Emerald City Boys wanted to share his bed with him.
The rest of the sleeping arrangements consisted of Marco, Tony, and Logan sleeping in Aiden’s tent where they would cuddle under the warm woolen blankets. Madison would be sleeping with the boy he “totally wanted to sleep with”, Darnell, in the guest room.
Michael had been slated to sleep in the guest room. “Let a couple of boys have it. They might need the big bed,” he told Larry with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Larry grinned and nodded that he understood. “Let me borrow one of your cars and I’ll get a room down the road at the Inn.”
“No need to do that. We have a rollaway bed that we sometimes set up in my office,” Larry told him. “You’d have to share the bathroom with Aiden and whomever his sleeping party is and whoever is using the guestroom. But for your showers or whatever, you can come downstairs and use big master bathroom.”
“I will take that choice. And from what I’ve observed, I think your son and mine will be sleeping together tonight.”
“If it’s a problem we can talk to them about changing.”
“I’m good with it. Justin worships his ‘big bro’ Aiden.”
As much as the boys wanted to mess around before falling asleep, none of them, except Darnell and Madison, managed to do so. Justin told Aiden he wanted to give him a blow job and have his “big bro” be the first person to shoot cum in his mouth. Instead, the nine-year-old snuggled up to Aiden and fell instantly asleep. Aiden promised himself he would find a way to give Justin his wish before his little bro left for home.
Marco had a goal somewhat like Justin’s, to give a blow job to somebody he hadn’t sucked before and swallow his cum. The boy he wanted to suck, of course, was Logan. But he felt so comfortable snuggled between Logan and Tony, he fell asleep almost as quickly as Justin had. Tony and Logan soon followed.
Things were a little livelier in the guest room.  Darnell thought Madison was cute while Madison thought of Darnell as being something exotic that he wanted to touch and sample. The exotic quickly turned into the erotic. Darnell had sucked off Madison at the Cousin Dozen blowout, so the two had enjoyed sex together. Darnell was fascinated by Madison’s blue hair and blue toenails, which had intrigued him at the blowout. He was ready to get sexual with the younger boy.
“Have you ever kissed a boy?” Darnell asked Madison as they lay close together under the covers.
“Yeah, but I won’t say who.”
“I bet it was Curt.” Madison made a zipping motion across his lips. “Do you think we can kiss some before we go to sleep?”
“Oh, hell no.” Madison saw Darnell’s face drop and quickly went on. “I think we should do more than just kiss some, I think we should have an epic kiss, that, like sets our dicks on fire.”
“Dang, you sound like some dude in a porn movie.”
“You’ve seen porn movies?”
“Sure, haven’t you?”
“Never. But, forget porn, and let’s, like, kiss like I said and be even sexier than we were at the big party.”
“That sounds like porn to me,” Darnell giggled before getting involved in a deep passionate kiss with Madison. Darnell was thirteen and Madison was eleven, but the age difference didn’t mean anything since they were both horny pubescent boys.
When the kiss was finally broken, Darnell scooted down the bed a little and placed Madison’s cock in his mouth. Since Madison didn’t object, he went to work sucking his new friend. It didn’t take long for Madison to squirt drops of clear, sweet cum into Darnell’s eager mouth.
“Hey dude, you didn’t shoot anything when I sucked you the first time,” Darnell said after licking his lips.
“I just started. Pretty epic, huh?”
“Yep, I’ll say it is. Now, I gotta get off.”
“Then I’ll see how you taste.” And it didn’t take long for Madison to take care of Darnell’s need. The two got up to piss, went back to bed, shared a comparatively chaste kiss, snuggled, and fell asleep.
Aiden and Justin prepared the breakfast. Aiden was the naked chef, of course, and Justin his naked assistant chef. Justin had told Aiden that he sometimes helped his Papa Dawg fix breakfast and Michael confirmed that he did a good job. The breakfast was a simple one to make: pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit, and orange juice. The fruit, consisting of cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, and peaches, had already been sliced and just had to be placed into the bowls. Orange juice or milk was the drink choice. The breakfast was a big success and all the pancakes disappeared down tween gullets.
After they finished, Aiden told them about the festivities in the park the next afternoon. “The Mayfield Baseball Club will have a booth there,” Aiden told them. “Since I’m on the board I have to work there for two hours starting at ten. But you can run around with the Mayfield boys who will be coming this afternoon. If you have any problems, all three dads will be there. This is a small town, so it’s not like there’s going to be thousands of people there, but it will be busy. There will be a lot of fun things to do. Any questions?” Aiden didn’t tell them that there used to be a Fourth of July parade, but that it ended the year before he came to Mayfield to live.
The Mayfield boys were expected to arrive at Aiden’s house by noon. Only Mason would not be spending the night on the Fourth. His mother had no love for Fourth of July Fireworks and would be staying with church friends who lived in Pine Lake and wanted Mason to be with her for the holiday. She and her friends planned on attending the Mayfield celebration in the town park to listen to her son sing “America the Beautiful” to open the festivities.
Aiden and The Emerald City Boys ate breakfast at the dining room table. Nobody had dressed after getting out of bed. They agreed with Aiden that it would be a good idea that they be dressed when the Mayfield boys came and saved the nudity for later.
“I think all of us getting naked together kind of like we did yesterday would be more fun instead of us already being naked when the Mayfield boys come,” Aiden said.
“The Mayfield boys, like, need a name,” Madison pointed out, not for the first time.
“A name will come when it comes and until then they’re the Mayfield boys. Who knows, it might just stay that way.”
Skip was the first to arrive, happy not only to be partying with the big boys, but also with the boys from Seattle, especially Justin. He was disappointed to see that the Seattle boys were dressed. Aiden had told him they didn’t mind being naked together and liked to mess around. As a result, Skip couldn’t help but wonder if they might all be getting naked together after everybody arrived.
Lenny, Lance, and Riley were next.
“I thought Riley wasn’t going to be able to come,” Aiden said.
“Change of plans. ‘Rents decided to save money and stay home. We’ll go to Centralia tomorrow and watch their fireworks show,” Riley said. His family had planned to go to Seattle for their big fireworks show. Then they saw the cost of hotel rooms and changed their minds. “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but they just made up their minds Wednesday night and then I forgot to tell you. Lenny said there would be plenty of food and space for me.”
“Always. I’m glad you could come, Riley.” Aiden then looked over at Lance who was standing by himself. “And where is it that Grant went?”
“Eastern Washington. The Tri-Cities. Grant’s mom has an old college friend who lives there. No change in plans for them. Grant says they have a big fireworks show there at the Columbia River. He says she also has two cute sons for him to look at.”
Mason showed up five minutes later. “Oh, so you’re me minus the di,” Madison said after Mason was introduced.
“Then you must be Madison,” Mason said. “That makes you just like me plus the di. Aiden told me about you and how close our names are spelled. He said there’s some things you and me really like doing.”
“If Aiden said what I think he said, then he’s, like, totally right.”
Phil had lunch ready. Since the day was going to be sunny and hot, it was served outside. “Are we getting naked before we eat, or after?” Logan asked.
“Whatever you want,” Aiden said.
“I say after. Then we won’t spill food on our privates.”
Everyone agreed. After they finished eating, the boys talked, played ping pong on the patio, or dipped their feet into the pool. Mason and Madison were the last to finish eating since they had spent much of their lunch time talking each other’s ears off. It was decided to leave getting naked to the individuals. They could do it where and when they wanted as long as they weren’t naked in the “forbidden” zones that were visible from the road.
Within fifteen minutes of finishing lunch all dozen boys were naked. The Seattle and Mayfield boys gave each other’s naked bodies careful looks and they liked what they saw.
“Where’s your high school lifeguard dudes?” Lenny asked.
“You mean Sammy or Peter?” Aiden answered. “I dunno. My dads said all of us, except Justin and Marco, are in middle school and we should all know how to behave at a swim party, so he didn’t ask them to work the party.”
“Damn, they’re going to miss a good show,” Mason said as he jiggled his hips causing his cock to wag back and forth.
The afternoon was filled with games, swimming, soaking in the hot tub, grab ass in the pool, and a lot of chatter as the boys got to know each other. While nothing sexual occurred, outside of ass, cock, and balls grabbing, sex was talked about as part of the getting to know each other process. Admiring the results of those who popped a boner was also part of the process.
During the course of the afternoon, Aiden did his usual pubic hair inspection, not that he didn’t see his friends naked often. But he often saw surprises when he looked carefully. The twins, who each had straight, scattered pubes growing next to their cocks on each side were four months younger than Aiden. Aiden expected the bald space between the smattering of pubes to start filling in soon. Skip, who was eleven, was bald. Mason, who would turn thirteen two weeks after Aiden, had a smattering of pubes scattered over his pubis. Riley, who would be thirteen at the end of the month, was completely smooth. Aiden took a little bit of satisfaction in knowing he wouldn’t be the only boy in Mayfield who would be turning thirteen totally hairless. Plus, he still had two months for something to happen. He ran his right hand along his pubic region to check whether something might have happened since he woke up. Sadly, nothing was new.
Mike, Larry, and Phil came out on the deck at times for fresh air and enjoyed the view provided by the dozen naked pubescent boys. “None of those boys is embarrassed by their bodies, which is a very healthy attitude,” Mike observed.
“The Mayfield boys are used to it and the Seattle contingent is fitting right in,” Phil said. None of the three dads had heard about The Emerald City Boys yet.
“They aren’t even embarrassed about popping wood when we’re outside.”
“They’re boys who have learned it’s part of how their young bodies function. Not that they don’t razz each other about it when they bone up. Now, the sex play is another matter. They are modest enough to keep that private. Which is why the basement is off limits to us and it would be best if we don’t sneak any looks into the hot tub,” Larry said. “Anything that happens in the pool and the pool area is open for the public, namely us, to watch. That’s why you won’t see much, if anything, happening there except for some not so innocent grab ass.”
When dinner time arrived, the boys dried off and went upstairs to get their food. Lenny, Lance, Logan, and Tony ate in the dining room. Mason, Darnell, and Madison ate together in the kitchen. Aiden, Skip, Justin, Marco, and Riley ate at the picnic table on the pool patio.
After dinner, the boys crowded into the backroom in the basement for dessert, which was lemon cake with thick frosting. “Did Aiden tell you Mayfield guys that for the party us guys from Seattle are calling ourselves the Emerald City Boys?”
“Emerald City? Wasn’t that in the ‘Wizard of Oz’?” Riley asked. After Aiden and Logan, Riley was the best-read boy in the group.
“Yep,” Logan responded. “And since I know what you’re going to ask next, the official nickname for Seattle is The Emerald City.”
“Gotcha,” Riley answered. “So, what’s the official nickname for Mayfield?” he asked the group.
“How about the Rainbow City for all the gay boys here,” Mason suggested. “We could call ourselves the Rainbow Boys.”
“Not a bad idea, Mason,” Aiden said. “But not everybody in our group who is gay is out to everybody.”
“So?” Lenny asked. “It could just mean we like rainbows. I mean the rainbow stuff is for you big city boys, right? Most of the Mayfield boys won’t get the connection.”
“Yeah, maybe, but there’s one more problem with it. Not everybody in our group is gay, and here we are talking about it,” Lance pointed out.
“We could just be the GOATS,” Riley suggested. “And I don’t mean the baseball team. G-O-A-T can stand for Greatest of All Time.”
“But not everybody is a Goat,” Skip said. “Like me. But maybe I’ll be one next summer.”
After more discussion, it was decided that, for now, being called The Mayfield Boys was good enough, at least for this party. As Aiden pointed out, the name might not be creative, but it was all inclusive.
“I just hope nobody thinks of the Mayfield Dam when they call us that, or we might become those Dam Boys,” Mason giggled.
With that settled, the boys went back to games, swimming, and hot tub soaking. They also got to talking about who would sleep with whom. When snack time ended, it was decided that Lance, Lenny, Darnell, and Tony would be sleeping in the tent. Madison and Mason had the guest room where they would decide who had the sexiest spelling. Logan and Riley would be with Aiden. Justin, Marco, and Skip, the three youngest boys would be sleeping in the backroom of the basement.
It was then that the sexy talk turned into sex. The four boys in the tent enjoyed an oral sex party. Lenny paired with Darnell and Lance with Tony until all four boys had shot their watery cum into their partner’s mouth. After recovering for a few minutes, Darnell and Tony switched twins and they went through the same routine.
“Nice thing about blow jobs is they don’t leave a mess in the blankets,” Tony chuckled.
“It’s weird how cousins and brothers and the like don’t mind having sex with each other,” Riley mused as he watched Aiden lube Logan’s ass and then his own hard cock.
“Some do and some don’t,” Aiden said. “Since Lenny is your boyfriend you know the twins do each other a lot. Logan and I have been doing stuff since he started being a horny tween. I’ve fucked him before and I told him he could do me this time, but he wanted to be bottom and suck you off while I fucked him.”
“That makes me double sexy. I get plugged at both ends by sexy dudes,” Logan explained. “And if you want to get fucked by somebody, Riley, I can do it if I don’t fall asleep first, or I’ll get you tomorrow before we go do the Fourth of July stuff.”
“Let’s see what happens tomorrow,” Riley said. “I think one cum tonight will be plenty for me. We’ve been running and swimming around all day.” Riley liked the idea of somebody he had just met that day thinking him sexy enough to want to fuck him. And it wasn’t in the bad way like his ex-teammates, it was in a totally sexy way; or at least what Riley perceived to be sexy.
Aiden loved fucking his Seattle cousin and Logan loved being fucked by his Mayfield cousin and sucking Riley at the same time, and Riley loved watching the action while being sucked off by Logan. Logan was the first to cum as he spontaneously shot his clear tween cum over his belly, Aiden came seconds after, and orgasms of the cousins set Riley off. As he came down from his sexual high, Riley knew he needed to tell Lenny and Lance about his three way and let them know he wanted more like it—even four ways with Grant.
Justin, Marco, and Skip had the choice of sleeping separately with one of them on the couch and the other two on cots that had been set up or sleeping on the floor with blankets to cover them. They didn’t care much for either choice and elected to mess around on the couch and sleep separately.  The three young boys happily played around with each other’s hard little cocks to start. Somehow, they found themselves rolling around on the rug, humping each other, kissing each other, jerking each other, until they all completed their dry orgasms.
Justin loved what they did and wished he could have done it the night before with Logan and Tony and been able to experience all of their cum. But, messing around with his boyfriend Marco and with Skip was a decent substitution. He decided messing around with lots of boys was a lot more fun than he had thought and couldn’t wait to be older and do the stuff the big boys did.
Mason and Madison knew right away what they wanted to do. The only question was who would be the top and who would be the bottom. Even that didn’t take much of a debate. Mason loved bottoming. Being a virgin, Madison had done neither. The boys kissed deeply to get warmed up and then Mason showed Madison the art of lubing cock and ass and the two were soon ready to go. Madison was so excited about actually fucking, he was shaking. Mason decided doggy style would be best for Madison’s first fuck.
Neither of the two horny boys lasted long. Once Madison figured out how to do his thrusts without popping out of Mason’s ass, he got a pretty good rhythm. It didn’t take him long to have an intense cum in Mason’s ass. Mason, who had been masturbating as Madison fucked him, came seconds after Madison had slammed his cock as deep as he could into Mason’s ass.
“Wow, that was epic,” Madison gasped as he lay on his back reveling in the glow.
“You did good for a rookie,” Mason said.
“You said you’d be here overnight tomorrow, right?”
“I want to be with you again. What we did was totally sick, and I want more. Maybe you doing me next time.”
“Sounds like a plan to me,” Mason said. “Now let’s take our pisses and then cuddle and get to sleep.”
Madison fell asleep realizing in his young mind that Mason had introduced him to REAL sex, and he was hooked.
Meanwhile, in the tent, Lenny, Lance, Tony, and Darnell made out on the floor to get their sexual juices flowing again. They boned up quickly and were ready to complete their trade. Lenny and Tony shifted so they could engage in a sixty-nine while Lance and Darnell did the same. The rolled around to start but kept bumping into each other. As a result, they stayed in position except the movement of their heads as they sucked their partners’ cocks. It didn’t take long for the four tweens to start filling mouths again.
“Which one of us you think was the better cock sucker?” Lenny asked Tony as they settled down from their sexual highs.
“Well since you two are identical twins, it figures you’d do an equal job on my ass. I call it an exact tie,” Tony said.
“Wuss. You know it was me since I’m older than Lance,” Lenny insisted.
“I ain’t wussing. Both of you shot in my mouth and both of you made me cum. That sounds equal to me.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re probably right.”
“No, Tony is exactly right,” Lance insisted. “We were equal.”
“What do you think, Darnell?” Lenny asked.
“I agree with Tony—it was a tie and a wickedly fun tie,” Darnell responded.
“Okay, I’ll concede,” Lenny said. “Good job being great friends, Darnell and Tony. And for being sexy fun friends, too.”
“And thanks for being the sexiest twins I ever met,” Tony said.
“What other sexy twins do you know?”
“The Parker twins, but they’re girls so they don’t count.”
Lance gave his brother a deep, tongue filled, kiss and then said, “Their being girls makes it automatic. Woohoo for the Hazen twins, the sexiest ones in Mayfield, Seattle, and…um…”
“Bellingham,” Darnell reminded him.
“Yeah, Bellingham.”
“Let’s go outside and piss off the dock and then get to sleep,” Lenny suggested. Lance, Tony, and Darnell agreed to Lenny’s suggestion. After they took satisfying pisses into the lake, they returned to the tent. The four naked tweens cuddled closely, with Darnell and Tony sleeping in between the twins.
<Mayfield Town Park>
Because the boys would be having a busy morning, Larry cooked up their breakfast. He was pleased to see that the Mayfield boys and the Emerald City boys had no problem coming to breakfast in the nude. He had learned close to bedtime the night before that his nephew Logan and his mates had decided to call themselves the Emerald City boys. He and Phil loved the designation and wondered if the Mayfield boys could match it.
The festival started at ten. Aiden would be working the ten to twelve shift in the Mayfield Baseball Club’s booth. His partners would be Trent and Jackson. Because the Mayfield Festival Organizing Committee required any booth handling money to have an adult supervisor eighteen or older to be in the booth. George Bednarzyk had volunteered to play the role. All three boys called George “Mr. B” and loved talking Mayfield baseball with him.
The festival was a high point of service for the Mayfield Baseball Club, who shared part of their profits with the younger teams whose members were not yet old enough to participate in the Club. Teams had to be at least fifth grade level or 10 and under to participate in Club activities. The Club used to sell items representing the girls’ sports as well, but the fledgling Girls Softball Club was taking their first try at working their own booth. The clubs had talked about combining their efforts in one booth, but there wasn’t enough room in a booth to accommodate all the merchandise. A larger booth would have to be built to replace the two booths the clubs were renting from Mayfield Parks, a project the clubs would investigate.
Aiden knocked on the door situated at the back of the booth and George let him in. Phil and Ben Cook, the owner of Ben’s Hardware and Sporting Goods, were aided by three players off Phil’s 14 and under Mayfield Dynamos team, in bringing in the boxes of items to be sold in the booth.
Meanwhile, hats and shirts representing most of the Mayfield youth baseball and softball teams, as well as the high school and middle school teams, were being set out on display shelves along the windows by Leslie Hazen, the twins’ mother, and Flo Lansing, Gordy’s mother. They would also be selling shirts and hats representing Seattle’s four major league teams (Seattle Kraken, hockey; Seattle Mariners, baseball; Seattle Seahawks; football; Seattle Supersonics, basketball).
Ben gave the Club a deep discount on the local items and the Seattle Team Store sold all the professional team items to the Club at the wholesale price. All profits would go to the Mayfield Baseball Club. The club manned the booth as a community project as well as a fund-raising enterprise.
Things went slowly to start. Aiden, Trent, and Jackson managed to talk a lot of baseball and discussed club business as well. George told them that people didn’t start arriving until closer to eleven, especially the celebrants coming from out of town. It was right around eleven when the high school band arrived and set up on the temporary stage that had been erected in front of the community center. Mason did his part to open the fest by singing “America the Beautiful” on the stage, with many in the audience singing along with him. There would be various groups entertaining from the stage during the afternoon before people started to head for the Centralia fireworks show. Even with the big show in Centralia, quite a few people, mostly Mayfield residents, stayed for the more modest Mayfield fireworks.
Aiden finished selling two Seahawks t-shirts to a man who was at the booth with his two young sons when he noticed Coach Hallion and Ben Cook engaged in conversation. Ben called George Bednarzyk over and the three of them continued the chat for a few minutes. Aiden lost track of how long the three men were talking after he heard his name called out by a familiar voice.
He turned and saw Justin, who had called his name, Marco, and Mike the Donkey with Marco and Justin at one of the windows. “Hey, Mr. Donkey, what can I do for you guys?” he asked.
“Ask those two, I’m just the donkey with the money,” Mike answered.
“Okay, what can I do for you, little bro?” Aiden asked Justin.
“Marco and me want t-shirts,” Justin replied.
“Marco and I,” Aiden reminded him, which earned him an approving nod from Mike.
“But we’re here for fun today, so grammar doesn’t count. And I said doesn’t instead of don’t.”
“You’re right, we’re here for fun, and I’m gonna have fun saying that ask the question the right way and I’ll sell you a t-shirt.”
“You’re meaner than my Donkey Dad,” Justin said. “Papa Dawg is even meaner, but he’s not here. He’s at a barbeque thingy with the peeps at his work. So, here it is the right way; Marco and I want t-shirts,” Justin said with exaggerated precision. Then, with his hands planted firmly on his hips, he tacked on an embellished, “Please!”
“Very good, bro, right Mr. Donkey?”
“It was perfection itself,” Mike agreed. “You must be practicing to become a teacher someday.”
“Nah, I was being a strict big bro, like my big bro Marty is to me. Now, what kind of t-shirts do you want? Mariners? Seahawks? Sounders? Super…”
“Yard Goats,” Justin and Marco shouted out together.
“Yard Goats? But you dudes are from the Emerald City, and the Yard Goats are in Mayfield,” Aiden pointed out.
“We know, but I want to wear the shirt for my big bro’s team and Marco wants one because his boyfriend is getting one.”
As soon as Aiden heard Justin’s answer, he felt like a total asswaffle for getting on his little bro’s case. He thought he was doing it mostly in fun, but the whole thing ended up being serious. “Even after I got all pissy about your mistake?”
“Sure. When peeps ask me about the shirt, I can say it’s my big bro’s team and he makes me do things right, so I wear his shirt because it reminds me what he makes me do.”
“Sounds good to me,” Aiden said feeling a bit relieved. Aiden picked out two t-shirts which were the boys’ sizes. They immediately took off their shirts and donned their Goat shirts, grinning at Aiden as they did so. Mike handed Aiden a credit card, which he gave to George to process. In an ironic twist, the boys could handle a complete cash transaction, but credit cards had to be processed by an adult. While George took care of the card, Aiden placed the boys’ old t-shirts into a bag and handed it to Mike. The boys took off proudly wearing their Mayfield Yard Goats shirts.
After his shift, Aiden found Justin and Marco and started walking around the park with them. They were quickly joined by Darnell, Logan, Tony, Madison, and Mason. Their first stop was at the food trucks, where lunch was taken care of. The group looked at other booths, played games, listened to a rock band made up of a quartet of high school boys, and simply enjoyed themselves.
As the boys were listening to the rock band, Mason’s mother joined the group.
“We need to be going Mason,” she said.
Mason reluctantly said good-bye to his friends, thanked Aiden for letting him stay at the house Friday night, and left for Pine Lake with his mother.
Highlights of the afternoon were Justin winning his age group sack and Aiden and Logan winning the three-legged race. Skip, who had joined a couple of his teammates and his best friend Gage soon after his arrival at the festival, won the balloon toss with Gage as his partner.
As Peter Astor handed the Justin his plastic trophy and stuffed animal for winning, he complimented Justin on his classy shirt. “You must know somebody on the Goats,” Peter speculated.
“Aiden is my big bro,” Justin responded proudly.
“Ahh, it figures Aiden would be involved somehow,” Peter chuckled. “The Goats are a good team.”
“They’re the best. And so are the Jammers. They’re my team. We’re both gonna be our league champions.” He pointed to Marco, who was standing next him. “And this is my boyfriend Marco, and he plays on the Jammers. We both pitch and play in the infield.” He held up the stuffed animal.
“And you must be a couple of the Seattle boys visiting Aiden.”
“We’re not the Seattle boys we’re the Emerald City Boys and that makes us the best.”
“Whatever you say. Are you okay with the stuffed animal you got? You don’t think you’re too old for it or something?”
“This is a stuffed kangaroo and he’s gonna live at Marco’s house to start and then he will be the friend of Donkey, who’s my stuffed Donkey, only Marco doesn’t know it yet.”
“Yes, he does,” Marco grinned, and he grabbed onto the kangaroo after Justin handed it to him.
“See, that’s why he’s my boyfriend because he’s so cool. Now he gets to give the kangaroo a name. My donkey is called Donkey because he’s a donkey and that’s the best name a donkey can have,” Justin chattered happily.
“And I’m sure he’ll give it a good one, and congrats again on winning.” Peter turned and walked away before the little pepper pot talked his ears off. His excitement at winning a stuffed animal as well as a trophy azs well talking about the other little kid being his boyfriend had him shaking his head.
Before the boys knew it, they were on their way to Centralia for the big fireworks show. The fireworks were shot off from the big field at the County Fairgrounds where Larry had reserved ten seats in the grandstand; Larry, Phil, Donkey Mike, Marco, Justin, Logan, Tony, Madison, Darnell, and Aiden occupied the seats. All the seats in the grandstand were bleacher seats except for the pricey box seats close to field level. Larry did not purchase the pricey seats.
On their way from the parking lot onto the Fairgrounds, Aiden saw Landon. The boys stopped and exchanged greetings, some quick baseball chat, and Landon bragging about getting a “perfect” picture of an Amtrak Cascades passing the Giant Egg. They promised each other they would get together before Aiden left for California and then raced to catch up with their families.
The fireworks show drew the long, loud oohs and aahs it was designed to do. As late as it was when the show ended, the boys agreed that the show hadn’t been long enough. Between the Accord and the Odyssey, there was enough room for everyone to ride comfortably back to Mayfield. Both cars filled with the nonstop chatter of excited young boys,
When Aiden and the Emerald City boys finally arrived at Aiden’s house, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this would be a quiet night. The boys had enjoyed a very long, exciting evening. It had been decided in advance who would be sleeping with whom. Justin and Marco were happy they would be able to sleep with Aiden.
Justin had convinced Aiden that Marco should be his little bro as well. He accepted the new role the instant Marco accepted him as his big bro. Justin was hoping he and Marco could have some fun with their mutual big bro, but Marco fell asleep the instant his head rested on Aiden’s chest. Justin scooched up behind Aiden and fell asleep as almost as quickly as Marco. Aiden, soothed by the smoothness and warmth the younger boys’ bodies, fell into slumberland seconds after his little bros.
Darnell and Madison also fell asleep quickly. Both boys were naked. They softly groped each other and said they were ready for action. But their actions could not match their desires, and even with their groping and a bit of body rubbing, fatigue, brought on by the long day, overtook their young bodies and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Logan and Tony would be sleeping on the pullout couch in the basement. They agreed on the ride home that sex could wait until after they returned to the Emerald City. The two had hoped for a romp in the bed with Aiden but realized it would have to wait for another visit. They liked the thought of that visit involving just them, Aiden, and, they hoped, Nolan. 
Larry and Mike had a pretty good idea that the boys were so tired they would most likely be crashing as soon as they went to bed. They had promised Aiden, Justin, and Marco good night hugs, but when they opened the door to Aiden’s bedroom and saw the three boys tangled together and sleeping soundly, they looked at each other and grinned. Larry turned out the light and closed the door. Hearing no sound from the guest room, the two dads went downstairs and checked the boys in the basement. Hearing no noise from the backroom, they went upstairs to their own bedrooms for a good night's sleep.
The next morning the boys were awakened at seven thirty. They all complained about the early wake up time, even though they knew it was going to happen. Joint showers were taken by Darnell and Madison, Marco and Justin, and Aiden, Tony and Logan. The three oldest boys took care of their tween hormonal needs in Aiden’s bathroom when Logan started jerking off as Aiden set the temperature in his shower. As soon as the boys were wet and soapy, they rubbed their cocks over each other and quickly shot their loads; Aiden on Logan after which Logan and Tony came simultaneously on Aiden. Their thin pubescent cum quickly washed down the drain.
Other than a couple of obligatory gropes, the rest of the boys concentrated on washing each other. All the boys were dressed for breakfast, which was cooked up by Larry and Phil. Larry and Phil left the house with a carload of boys at nine. They were at the Centralia Amtrak station at nine forty in plenty of time to catch the 10 am Amtrak Cascades.
There were kisses, hugs, and promises to do this again soon. Justin gave his dad the honor of carrying Kangaroo and he carried his own overnight bag. The train arrived on time and left on time.
Aiden, Larry, and Phil waved as the train disappeared into the distance. They were all aware that in its own way, Aiden’s party for the Emerald City Boys had been a huge success.
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