Boy For Hire

Ironing Out the Wrinkles

A few days later, there was a knock on my door.  I was hoping to find Jeremy when I opened it, but it wasn’t him there.

“Hello,” I greeted the person on the other side. 

“Hi, Trevor.  Do you remember me?” he asked. 

“Scott, right?” I responded. 

“Yeah, I’m glad you remember me from the birthday party and the other times we’ve been out together.  I’m impressed,” he stated, while flashing me a grin. 

“Come on in, Scott.  What’s up?” I offered, while stepping out of the way so he could join me. 

“I wanted to come over and talk to you,” he clarified. 

“Yeah, about what?” I wondered, since I wasn’t sure if he might want another go at having sex with me. 

“About how you helped me out,” he added, although it didn’t really answer my question. 

“I helped you out?” I reiterated, confused. 

“Yes, and you probably didn’t even know it,” he confirmed.  “Actually, you helped two of us out.”

“I did?  I guess I don’t remember that, so just how did I do it?” I wanted to know. 

“You did it at the party,” he replied.  “You helped Carlos and me realize that gay guys aren’t so bad after all.  I know you probably don’t understand, so let me explain.”

I was completely puzzled by Scott’s statement, but I had to find out what he was talking about.  I led him over to the sofa first and then got us both a drink, before I sat down to discuss this in more detail.  I couldn’t help but admire his beautiful facial features.  His skin was the color of chocolate milk, he had a great smile and was so damned attractive that I just wanted to reach out and touch his face right then and there.  However, I wanted to hear his story even more, so I resisted the temptation.

“That night, when Kirk and his brothers told us about what they had planned, Carlos and I were shocked and wanted no part of it.   At least, at first we didn’t, because we had always hated gays and made fun of them whenever we could.  Whenever we found out someone was gay, we’d make jokes about the kind of things they did with each other.  When we heard that some guy was willing to do these things with us, we didn’t know what to think, but we talked it over for a while and decided if we could get our rocks off, then why not?  We didn’t have to do anything in return and felt we might even enjoy it, but then later we could make fun of what happened.  We weren’t going to get fucked, but we might have the chance to do the fucking, so what the hell did we have to loose?”

“So because I was a joke to you, it somehow helped you out?” I asked, even more confused now than before. 

“Let me finish, Trevor, please,” he urged, this time looking slightly nervous. 

“I’m sorry.  Go ahead and continue,” I urged. 

“Well, Carlos went up first, and when he came back down, he told me you were a really nice guy and pretty cool,” Scott admitted.  “He said you let him fuck you in the ass, but it wasn’t like he thought it was going to be.  He said you were really nice and very helpful and that he actually liked you, as well as enjoyed what he did with you.  I still wasn’t sure until I came upstairs and spent time with you myself.  Besides giving me one of the best fucks I’ve ever had, you also made me realize you weren’t a bad guy.  I enjoyed talking with you and suddenly began to feel guilty about my preconceived notions of you and other gays.

“When I went back downstairs and heard some of the others ask about the scars on your back, we were told how you had run away from home because you’d been mistreated by your father,” he continued.  “That’s when I also found out that you ended up having to sell your body just to survive, so I began to feel really bad.  I guess all of us at the party realized what happened to you could have also happened to any of us, but we were just lucky enough to be born slightly better off.  We had a better start in life, but that didn’t give us any right to judge you for what you went through.  We all really liked you, Trevor, and that just didn’t fit in with Carlos and my views about gays.  After that night, we’ve had to rethink how we felt about those things now.

“The more we hung around you, like at the movies and at Derrick’s house, the more we thought you were a pretty neat guy,” Scott added.  “We began to think that maybe you weren’t gay, but that you just did those things to survive, but then we found out you really were gay and we still couldn’t hate you, not like we did all the others.  You made us realize that gays are people just like us, and not just a group we could hate.  I wish everyone who hated gays and made fun of them could meet someone like you.  I think all of them would change their minds then, just like we did.  You’re really special, Trevor, and I had to come over here and tell you that.  I had to explain this to you and wanted to let you know I am happy to consider you a friend.”

He stood up, so I instinctively stood up as well, and then moved toward me, so he could give me a hug.  I was all choked up and couldn’t speak, because that was about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.  After what seemed like an eternity, I finally regained my senses, hugged Scott back and I thanked him.  I also told him I would be honored to be his friend, and then we sat back down and finished our drinks.  We were just sitting there talking when there came another knock on the door.  I was stunned, because I’d never had a great deal of company, but I went over to see who it could be.  I had another surprise when I opened it.

“Jeremy?  Please… please… come in,” I offered, as I led Jeremy into the living area.  He looked around and spotted Scott.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know you had company,” he remarked. 

I doubted that was true, since Jeremy seemed to notice everything that went on around here, especially lately, so I assumed he came here to see what I was doing.  To be more precise, he came over to see WHO I was doing.  I figured he’d suspected I was turning tricks, so he came over to see if that was true.  Now that he had seen we were only chatting, maybe I had a chance to get him to trust me again.

“Don’t worry about it.  Scott and I were just having a nice chat,” I explained.  “Do you two know each other?”

“I think we both know who the other one is,” Jeremy answered, “but we don’t hang out with the same crowd.  He’s a little younger than me.”

“I know.  He’s more my age,” I teased. 

Jeremy looked at me and thought for a minute, before he responded to what I’d just said.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he agreed, “and it shouldn’t have made a difference.  Hi, Scott, I’m sorry we haven’t had the chance to get to know each other better.  I hope we can correct that oversight.”

We all sat down and visited for a while longer and then Scott said he had to go.  I thanked him for coming by and told him he was welcome to come back anytime he wished.  He left and I turned my attention to Jeremy.

“I’m glad you came over, Jeremy,” I stated.  “I hope this means you’ve forgiven me.”

“Maybe.  I just thought we could talk for a while,” he relented. 

“I’d love that.  You start,” I urged. 

“Ok.  So you’re making a lot of friends, now?” he asked. 

“Not a lot of friends, but some of the twins’ friends have also become my friends,” I confirmed.  “The twins are my friends too.”

“Are you really close to any of them?” he pressed, while looking worried. 

“Not like you’re thinking, but I’m closer to some than to the others,” I confessed. 

“I guess I didn’t have the right to ask that question, so I’m sorry,” he apologized. 

“No, Jeremy, don’t be sorry,” I countered.  “If we’re going to be close, then you have to be able to ask me whatever is on your mind.  It’s just that I hope you’ll learn to trust me again, so you don’t feel that you need to ask those types of questions any longer.  We’ve got to be comfortable with each other and not afraid to move or speak.  I love you, Jeremy, and I want us to be close again.

“Then you don’t just love me because of what I have and what I can do for you?” he pressed, expressing a doubt that had been buried in his mind. 

“No, Jeremy, but I could see why you might think that,” I stated, while trying to be understanding.  “If that were the case, then almost any of these new friends I’ve made could do the same for me.  Their families seem to be as well off as yours and I like them as friends, but I don’t love them like I do you.  Can you understand that?”

“I think so,” he confirmed and then paused.  “And I think I love you too.”

“I’m glad to hear that, because I really love you,” I confessed, as I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a huge hug. 

Although I couldn’t see it at the time, I knew a huge smile must have spread across my face when I said this.

“Have you really stopped doing… you know… that?” he pressed, since still he still had some doubts. 

“Yes, Jeremy, I’ve stopped turning tricks,” I confirmed.  “As long as I don’t need to support myself, I have no reason to do it any longer.  I hated having to do those things with just anyone, but I didn’t know any other way to make the kind of money I needed to survive, especially at my age.”

“Well you can live here and my parents will provide everything else,” he offered.  “I told them about you and they said whatever I decided would be fine with them.  I think they’re a little relieved that I’ll have someone here to keep me company, since they’re gone so much.  You know, it sort of relieves their guilt a little with you staying here.”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it,” I replied and then paused for a minute to gather my thoughts.  “Jeremy, we both brought a lot of baggage with us into this relationship.  Mine was from the physical abuse that my father enjoyed giving me and from the lifestyle I adopted in order to survive.  You’ve suffered through your own emotional neglect and had to live with the feelings that your parents abandoned you and maybe even didn’t love you.  We’ve both got to work through those feelings before we can truly love each other, but I would be happy to help you, if you’d be willing to help me.  There are going to be a lot of bumps along this road, but if you want this to work out as much as I do, I know we can get past all of this.”

“Trevor, I want that too and we’ll do this together,” he agreed.  “I’m going to put all of this behind me, because I’ve learned I can’t be happy without you.”

 Jeremy’s words seemed to wash away the hurt of the past couple of weeks.  I knew I wanted him more now than ever before and knew just the way to tell him how I felt.  

“Jeremy, would you please kiss me?” I asked, politely. 

He was slightly surprised by the suddenness of my request, seeing it came out of nowhere, but he got over the shock quickly. 

“I’d love to,” he replied. 

Jeremy then moved over and let his lips brush across mine, while giving me little angel kiss of love.  It’s a kiss as delicate as an angel landing on the head of a pin – soft, sweet and tender, mixed with just the right amount of passion. 

“So, are you moving in with me,” I prodded, playfully. 

“Not just yet,” he answered.  “I’m not sure how my parents would react to that, although I’m not sure they’d even notice.  I will visit you a lot though, as long as you promise to do the same.”

“I’m definitely glad to hear that and I’ll be in your bedroom as often as I dare,” I confirmed.  “Am I going to get to meet your parents sometime?”

“Yeah, sure, if I can ever pin them down long enough to make the introductions,” he responded.  “They know about you, so the next logical step would be to have all of you meet.”

“I guess I’ll have to introduce you to my family then,” I joked. 

“Your family?  I thought you only had a father and that you didn’t want to have anything to do with him any more,” he pointed out, confused. 

“That part is true, but I’ve made a new family here,” I explained.  “I’ve got a little brother named Derrick now, a couple of twin brothers, and I think you’ve just met my brother Scott…”

“I get the idea and I’d love to meet them,” he concurred, with a wink and a smile.  “If you love them that much to consider them your family, then I guess I will too.  Why don’t we plan a party where I can get to meet all of them then?  I’ll invite some of my friends too and we’ll make all of the introductions together.  We’ll even let everyone know that we’re an item now.  Does that meet with your approval?”

“Not only does it meet with my approval, it exceeds my expectations,” I gushed.  “I love you, Jeremy, and I’m going to show you, using any and every way I can.  Are you busy for the next hour or so?”

“No, love.  What did you have in mind?” he wondered. 

“Come into my web and I’ll show you,” I replied, while emitting an evil, little laugh. 

I took Jeremy over to my bed and pushed him down onto it.  I crawled on top of him and began to passionately kiss every square inch of his face.  Even though we were still fully clothed, we began to grind our hips against one another, so we were both hard within a very short time.  We each tried to adjust our erections within the confines of our pants, but it just wasn’t comfortable.  Slowly, I began to undress my lover and pulled his shirt up and over his head, while only breaking our kiss briefly, and then I began to remove the rest of his clothing.  When I had Jeremy completely naked, I quickly shed my own clothing and then I crawled back on top of him.  We resumed our kissing and then Jeremy began to thrust his pelvis into mine.

“Are you ready, big fella?” I asked him, knowing I wanted him as much as he seemed to want me.

“You don’t have to do this, Trevor,” he stated, looking confused.  “I don’t want you to feel that you ever have to do anything like that again, for any reason.”

“I know I don’t have to, you big dummy,” I teased.  “I want to do it, because I want to show you how much I love you and I want you to make love to me.”

“Are you sure?” he followed, not totally convinced. 

“I’m positive, so let’s get going,” I urged. 

I rolled off of his body, grabbed my tube of KY and then rejoined him on the bed.  After lubing both of us up, I pulled my legs back to my chest, as a signal as to what I wanted him to do.  He moved quickly and was soon poised to enter me and ready to commence with the lovemaking.  He pushed his penis steadily against my gate, until it opened up and granted him entrance.  It took only less than a minute before he was fully seated inside of me, and then he began the act of making love. 

Slowly, he pulled his penis most of the way out of my body and then eased his cock all the way back in.  He continued this steady rhythm, using long, full strokes and gently brushed against my prostate, as he scratched the itch that had begun to flare up in my bowels.  I tried to concentrate on tightening my anal muscles each time his penis tried to make its partial escape and soon his pace was quickening, as his passion was growing more fevered.  I could see his eyes were beginning to glaze over, his breathing was becoming more rapid and his heart was pounding within his chest.

While he was busy ramming my butt, my hands were roaming freely all over his upper body, as I rubbed his chest, sides and back.  I also rubbed my thumbs all around his nipples, before I tweaked them gently, and I could tell he was getting close to blowing his wad.  The perspiration created by his efforts was beginning to drip from his body and onto mine, as he began to hump my ass in short, rapid strokes, while also panting heavily.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and attempted to entice him to go even faster, when he made his final thrust and spewed his juices all over my intestines.  There were several hot volleys of his thick cream and I could feel it oozing deep within my bowels.  Jeremy remained with his penis embedded in me for quite a while after he’d filled me with his love and started to kiss me as he recovered.

“I love you, Trevor.  I really do,” he whispered in my ear.  “I’m so sorry for all the bad times I’ve put you through, but I won’t ever do that again.  I love you so very, very much, Trevor, and I hope you love me just as much.”

“I do, Jeremy.  Oh God, I do,” I agreed. 

We hugged and kissed, as he stayed inside me and never made any attempt to withdraw.  After a few more minutes, he looked down at me and spoke.

“Trevor, I want you to make love to me now,” he stated, taking me completely by surprise.

“Jeremy, I know that’s not your thing and you don’t particularly like the idea of doing it,” I countered.  “You certainly don’t have to do it for my benefit, because I’m happy just the way things are.”

“Like you said earlier, I know I don’t have to do it, but I want to do it with you and for you,” he explained.  “Please, do this for me.”

“Are you certain about this?” I countered, unconvinced. 

“I am,” he agreed. 

With that, Jeremy pulled out of my love canal and spread out on the bed next to me.  I got up and retrieved the tube of KY from my bedside table, because I knew Jeremy would definitely need it.  Tenderly I began to grease up his tight boy hole and applied lots of lube.  Gradually, I inserted one, then two and finally three fingers into his anal passage, as I pushed them in and pulled them out, while twisting them around.  I did this to loosen him up for penetration, and when I thought he was finally ready, I eased into position, lifted his calves onto my shoulders and gently pushed the tip of my dick against his sphincter.  His muscle put up some minor resistance at first, but once the head of my dick popped past the guardian, Jeremy relaxed and I slid completely into him.

The lining of Jeremy’s intestinal walls was extremely hot and his chute was satiny smooth.  I slid in easily until my pubic hairs were rubbing on those two full mounds that surrounded his boy hole.  I began my assault on his rectum as soon I felt sure he was ready, and attempted to adjust the angle of my entry so I would be sure to stimulate his prostrate as I made love to him.  Eagerly I pumped my hips back and forth, while taking long strokes at a medium pace and worked my way to the relief that I so desperately needed. 

I could feel the tightness building within my gut as I neared ejaculation, but I willingly did not increase my pace, so I could make this last as long as possible.  When I began to realize that I could hold out no longer, I began my quick bunny thrusts into his ass, until my love custard gushed from my penis and filled my lover.  After I gave a couple of final lunges, to drain the last of my seed from my balls, I kissed and caressed Jeremy with all of the love and passion I possessed.  Several minutes later, we broke our embrace and lie joined like that for a while longer, until my penis unwillingly slipped from his hole.  We then went in to shower and cleaned up after our energetic session, and then Jeremy spent the evening with me.  I can honestly say I’ve never been happier or more satisfied in my entire life.

The next day we started to plan our little party and it turned out to be very similar to the first party he held for me.  Only this time it included both sets of our friends, not just his.  It went over wonderfully and we had a great time.  We had tons of fun and lots of activities for everyone to do together, but we also spent a lot of time just talking and getting to know the others better as well.  I think little Derrick was disappointed at first, since it appeared as if he had hoped to have more time for just the two of us, but after I explained to him that he would now have two big brothers, he began to calm down. 

I also informed Derrick that we’d all be able to spend a great deal of time together from now on and he immediately began to lighten up.  After he considered this for a while, he seemed to conclude this would be a good thing, but he did make me promise that I would still make some time for just the two of us to be by ourselves as well.  I told him I’d have to explain this to Jeremy first, but it looked as if he was finally beginning to comprehend exactly what it meant to be part of this new family. 

After everyone else left, Jeremy, Derrick and I went over to my place for the rest of the evening.  Derrick put on a movie (what else?) and we all sat on the sofa together.  Jeremy was on my left with his arm around me and Derrick sat on my lap.  While we sat there together, I noticed something I had missed before.  Derrick was almost a miniature copy of Jeremy.  He had the same color hair, same color eyes, same skin coloring and the same insecure nature.  He was just a smaller version of my lover, which might explain the reason for my initial attraction to Derrick. 

Derrick stayed over with us the entire weekend, at Jeremy’s insistence, and we all slept together in my bed.  Derrick cuddled up against me on my right and Jeremy cuddled up on my left.  It may sound weird, but sex wasn’t an issue, at least not for now.  What was the issue was our love for each other, all three of us.  I could even tell that Jeremy was beginning to take to little Derrick in much the same way that I had when I first met him.  Maybe we all bonded so quickly because we were three boys that all felt unloved and were starved for affection, so this way we could fill that need for each other. 

It was a wonderful evening, especially our time alone.  I never felt more loved in my life, and if I was reading things correctly, neither did they.