Can You Spare A Quarter ~ Revised


The story you have just read was finally completed in the spring of 2016. I regret now to have to let you know that 'Jamie' of the story died on November 6, 2016 of cancer in his stomach. He was two days short of 32 years old.

The symptoms came on suddenly and without warning, and it was over before much could be done. To say that I and everyone else are shattered does not even begin to touch the matter. Any light in the world for me has gone out.

Ironically, this year had been his best. He had put behind him finally the lingering nightmares of his youth, and had even begun to try his hand at writing with impressive results in my own and the opinion of others. Sadly, the couple of works he began were not completed as none of us knew what was coming.

For those that might ask what else I have written or might write, the answer is that this is the only thing I have ever done, and now ... I shall never write again. 'Jamie' was the most wonderful, brightest, and beautiful soul I ever encountered. I was honoured beyond all measure by the title that he bestowed upon me and used until the last.

"He was a man, take him for all in all,   I shall not look upon his like again."