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I have been an avid reader of stories on several sites for over two decades. Approximately 3 years ago, I happened across some stories by an author who is quite well known. I wrote him an email and was quite surprised when he replied. Over the next two weeks, he and I traded emails almost daily. At the end of that time, he put forward a challenge... Write something. I did. It was absolute crap.

So, at that point, I was ready to quit, but this exceptional author kept after me. Well, it was given a writing prompt to write a short story based on an opening line of, "If you touch him again, I'll kill you." Well, the email I got back read:

To: TrueFan

From: Comicality


That story went on to become my feature story, "Priorities" and has been going strong for all that time. In the time that has gone since, I've put out something over 25 full-length stories, short stories, and poetry. My typical story falls into one of just a couple categories... Usually, gay teen, coming of age, coming out or romance.

I've posted on several sites over the years, but late in 2016, I found a home. I now exclusively post on the Fort Family sites and they truly have been family for me. 2017 was a big year for me and my writing. I was fortunate to make contact with two other authors who had excellent stories of their own but we decided to pool our efforts and created a collaborative effort called Voyagers. Zarek Dragon (Another Chance/Still Another Chance) and DouglasDD (Survivors, Aiden, Mayfield Trilogy) teamed up with me on this venture. We have also had a guest author. One that nobody really knows (just kidding TSL). Seriously, The Story Lover is an exceptional author and the idea of having him write a chapter (which turned into two) was a no-brainer. Thanks, TSL.

Most recently, I was further honored when I asked if I could write a Fan-Fiction for the longest running collaboration that I have ever heard of. Right after the 15th Anniversary of the first chapter of Memories Book 1 from the Clan Short Universe and once I submitted it, I was invited not to write a fanfiction... they invited me to write a story as a part of the CSU canon. FCS: Las Vegas has been one of the most fun projects yet and I hope it goes on for a long time to come.

Personally... I've had health issues, but with the support, I've received from my husband of 13 years (on February 21), and that of my friends and writing family, things are looking up. So, thank you for all of the feedback I've received from so many of you. Feedback whether saying you like what I've written or if you offer constructive criticism is the best compensation a writer of our genre could hope to receive.

TrueFan, February 12, 2018

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