You Pass This Way But Once

A Christmas to Remember

We awoke the next morning with Timmy still playing the role of creamy center in our Oreo cookie – well he was cream filled.  I had never seen a person quite this content when he first woke up to face a new day, but Timmy certainly was.  We all hugged for a while first and exchanged plenty of kisses, before we took our showers and got ready to see what today held for us.  Mom made us a big breakfast and then we took a few minutes to decide what we should do next. 

The ground was covered with a few inches of snow, so we decided to take the plastic sleds, which actually belonged to my little brothers, and slide down the big hill next the school.  When my brothers heard what we were going to do, they wanted to join us, so Timmy suggested we should take them with us.  This way, they could spend time with us now and then not take up any of our special time, which we planned to have later in the day.  We all agreed that this would probably be best, so Mom made sure the boys were bundled up.  She was thrilled that we were including them in our activities, but my little sister was still too young to go with us.

Mom drove us over and dropped us off at the school and we had just climbed the hill to make our first run when my seven-year old brother, Troy, announced that he had to pee.  I had to take him over to the tree line, undue half of his winter clothing, fish out his little penis for him and then hold it while he watered the evergreens.  When he finished, I shook it off, wrapped it back up in his layers of clothing and refastened all of his winter gear.  He thanked me, while not even thinking twice about all I had to do for him. 

Timmy and Seth went down the hill on one sled while I took Troy and my five-year old brother, Brent, with me.  The snow was hard packed and we flew down to the bottom, so my brothers were thrilled with how fast we went.  After we climbed back up the hill, Brent decided he had to pee, so I had to take him over to the tree line and do the same for him as I had done with Troy.  It’s a good thing I’m gay, because I’m not sure most straight brothers would be willing to do this for their younger siblings. 

Once we got back, my brothers rode down the hill with Timmy this time, so Seth and I doubled up.  On the next trip, Seth rode with my brothers, which gave Timmy and I a chance to be alone for a couple of minutes.  We followed this rotation over and over again, until we were all too tired to climb the hill even one more time.  We were just getting ready to walk home when my mom showed up to give us a ride.  Great timing Mom!

At home, Mom filled us up with grilled cheese sandwiches, hot soup and hot chocolate.  Both of my brothers gave the three of us hugs and thanked us for taking them, so we told them that since they had been so good we’d go again tomorrow, as long as the weather was still nice.  They whooped, hollered and raced around the room, so Mom had to coral and calm them down, before they spilled or broke something.  Once they had calmed down a little, she sent them into the other room to watch their shows on Nickelodeon, while the rest of us sat down and talked to my mom for a while.  After we’d done that for about twenty minutes, we went upstairs to get our things and then my mom took us over to Seth’s house for the night.

When we got there, we introduced Timmy to Seth’s mother, but his father wasn’t home from work yet.  It really didn’t matter though, because he had met Timmy when he picked us up from summer camp.  After we finished talking to his mom, we went up to Seth’s room to talk and listen to music, while we waited for his father to get home.  It was less than an hour later when we were summoned downstairs to have dinner with them.

Once again, Timmy charmed another set of parents and we now knew that we wouldn’t have any problem getting approval to go to his house over spring break.  All four of our parents thought Timmy was one of the sweetest boys they’d ever met, especially my mother, after he’d suggested we include my little brothers when we went sledding.  Seth and I concurred wholeheartedly with their appraisal, because we knew it increased our chances of getting together with him more often. 

After dinner, Seth got out the Aggravation and Monopoly board games and his parents joined us at the dining room table.  Seth is an only child, so there was no one else to join us, but this gave his parents a little more time to get to know Timmy better.  In fact, he won the first game of Aggravation, while Seth’s dad killed us in Monopoly. 

After we put everything away, we went back up to Seth’s room, but seeing he only had a teen bed and the cot his dad had left up for when I came over, there was a question about where Timmy was going to sleep.  Seth’s father told him he could sleep in the twin bed in the small guest room, but there was also a sleeping bag available if he wanted to sleep on the floor in Seth’s room.  This presented sort of a problem, since we wanted to stay in the same place, so Timmy told him he’d use the sleeping bag. 

After we were all in Seth’s room, we quickly forgot about the sleeping arrangements, once Timmy announced that he wanted me to do him first and then he wanted to do Seth afterward.  I asked if he was sure about this, seeing Seth had stretched his hole pretty far last night and I was even thicker, but Timmy said he was positive he could take me.  He insisted he could deal with a small amount of pain, in order to receive as much pleasure as he had experienced last night.  Seeing he was so sure of himself, Seth locked his door and we all quickly got undressed.  I then grabbed the little bottle of baby oil out of my overnight bag before I got on the bed. 

I moved up and kissed Timmy next, as a way to ignite our sexual fires, in preparation for what was to come.  Seth was busy lubing up my mast, while Timmy and I remained in a lip lock, and when Seth finished doing that, Timmy hopped up on the bed.  He then got on all fours, as I moved southward and slid into position to prepare Timmy for some serious lovemaking.  I immediately poured a generous amount of baby oil on my hand and then drew circles around Timmy’s once-used pucker, as I applied a generous coating of the fluid.  After that, I pushed my middle finger into his hole and worked it all around his interior. 

When I had done that for a short time, I pulled my finger out again, added a little more baby oil to it and then pushed my first two fingers into Timmy’s butt.  I could tell that he was feeling some discomfort by the expression on his face, since he was watching me over his shoulder, but he urged me not to stop.  After rotating that pair of digits in every direction I could, I pulled them out one more time, so I could add a third finger to the mix. 

After I squeezed another shot of baby oil onto the trio, I placed them at Timmy’s entrance and shoved them up his butt, as far as they would go.  Timmy lifted up off of the bed when I did this, which let me know there was some discomfort again, but he pleaded with me to continue.  I left my fingers in his rectum for a long time, as I twisted them slowly around, because I wanted to stretch him out as much as possible before I tried to enter him.

When I felt he was ready, I removed my fingers, added even more baby oil to my dick and fingers and then shoved the three digits into him again.  I also positioned my body so my penis was ready to take their place, once I removed my fingers.  I wanted to do this as quickly as I could, before his anal muscles had time to tighten up again.  As soon as I pulled the digits out, I lined up my cock with his wrinkled ring and pushed the head against the opening.  With only minimal effort, it popped inside of Timmy’s tunnel.  I heard him gasp when this happened, so I froze in place, because I wanted to make sure he was ok.  As soon as I stopped, Timmy insisted I keep going, so I continued to push my way into him. 

I only stopped one more time, but that was when I felt the front my thighs brush against the back of his legs.  Seeing I was now all the way in, I took some time to let Timmy adjust to my being inside him, and I think he was grateful for the opportunity to get used to my girth.  While he was doing that, I was enjoying the hot, smooth interior that was wrapped so wonderfully around my magic wand.  When he finally gave me the go ahead, I began to slide in and out of his tight tunnel, but I made my love sweeps as slowly and steadily as I could.  I did this so each of us would enjoy the maximum amount of pleasure from this effort.

Timmy was beginning to moan loudly now, because his prostate was sending wave after wave of pleasurable feelings through his body, so Seth moved up to kiss him and help muffle the sounds.  Now that Seth was successfully silencing Timmy’s love noises, I picked up the pace slightly, which increased the intensity and frequency of the bolts of pleasure that were coursing through us.  He was so incredibly tight and so unexpectedly hot that I was being brought closer and closer to my release with every thrust. 

After a minute of doing it like that, I picked up the pace again, because I could feel the impending urgency emanating from my rapidly approaching orgasm.  Timmy was also starting to push back to meet my every thrust, which let me know he was truly enjoying this as much as I was.  It also told me that he wanted more and more of the action, so I quickened the rapidity of my strokes one more time.  A few seconds later, I felt a rumbling low in my groin, as my testicles and prostate hurriedly produced the fluids that would soon be released from my love muscle. 

My strokes were now coming faster and shorter, as I edged closer and closer to my inevitable release.  Finally, I rammed my penis as deeply into Timmy as it would go, and then I sprayed his tunnel with blast after blast of my creamy boy spunk.  Even when I was nearly empty, I thrust into him a few more times, as I attempted to renew the sensations we had both enjoyed, while I drained the last of my liquids into my friend. 

As soon as my sperm gauge was registering empty, Timmy and I fell sideways onto the bed, with my penis still planted firmly inside him, as we continued our synchronous orbits of bliss.  I managed to also wrap my arms around his body, so I could give him a squeeze, but it took all of my remaining strength just to do that.  Gradually, Timmy’s breathing began to slow to a normal rate again, before he gave me a thumbs-up rating. 

“Terrific.  That was absolutely terrific,” he wheezed out with what breath he had left. 

I merely squeezed him again and we remained linked together, unable to move.  It was several minutes later before the two of us gradually started to come back to life.

“Thank you, Timmy.  That was one of the most incredible things I have ever enjoyed,” I told him.  “You were so hot and tight that you literally squeezed everything out of me that I had to offer.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I’m glad that you wanted to do this with me.”

After that, Timmy could only smile, because he was still so drained from our coupling.  The three of us just lay there and touched one another, as we waited for Timmy to recover.  When he was finally ready to go again, I grease Seth up for Timmy to enter him and then I quickly oiled up Timmy’s stiffening tool.  Seth got into position on all fours, as Timmy moved behind him.  Once he was in position, Timmy pushed into Seth easily and started off at a slightly slower pace than he had used on me the previous night, but not as slowly as he should have gone. 

While Timmy was fucking Seth’s ass, I slid under Seth’s raised belly and took his boy meat into my mouth.  I thought Seth would enjoy it more if he could cum at just about the same time as Timmy climaxed in him.  I slurped and sucked on Seth’s turgid pecker, since I knew every square millimeter of it even better than my own, until I was rewarded with his sweet boy nectar. 

Unbeknownst to me, Timmy’s body had shuddered and reached his climax in Seth’s ass at nearly the same moment that Seth had shot his load down my gullet.  As I finished sucking the last of Seth’s sweet seed and pulled out from under him, the other pair collapsed in a heap.  We were all more than satisfied after our little session, but Timmy was totally overwhelmed by the complete fulfillment he now felt.  He probably wouldn’t be coherent again for hours.

Seth and I cleaned up and put our underwear back on, before we cleaned Timmy off and help him back into his briefs.  I offered to sleep on the cot and let the other pair share the bed, but Timmy objected.  With what little strength he could manage, he insisted we could all sleep on our sides and fit on the bed together.  Since one side of the bed was against the wall, he felt we didn’t have to be so concerned about someone falling out of bed.  Seth and I glanced at each other quickly and shrugged our shoulders, since we didn’t really think his suggestion would be possible, but we decided to give it a try.  I could always move later if it didn’t work out. 

Once again, we put our cream filled twinkie between us and then cuddled together.  This time I was in front of Timmy, while Seth wrapped his arm around him from behind.  We must have looked like Siamese Triplets filling the bed, since we were forced to basically breathe as one.  We hardly moved through the entire night and made it until morning, before any of us departed the narrow bed.  We did, however, remember to mess up the cot and unroll and unzip the sleeping, so it looked as if both were used, just in case someone checked on that later. 

Sometime after lunch, we went back to my house to get my brothers and go sledding again.  Troy and Brent were thrilled and kept thanking and hugging us, until we all loaded into my mom’s car.  Once more, she drove us to the school and we spent three hours climbing up the hill, before gliding back down the slope.  It was warmer today and the snow was beginning to melt a little, which not only slowed our trips downhill, but we were drenched from the liquid slush that kicked up as we plummeted down the slope.  

Later, I saw mom waving to us from the circular driveway, so I hurriedly brought that fact to everyone’s attention.  Troy and Brent didn’t want to leave yet, so I basically ended up dragging them over to the car, even after we promised to play Chutes and Ladders with them for a while when we got home.  That placated them enough to stop their whining and we were soon back home and getting undressed. 

We were all soaked to the skin, so we decided to take a warm shower first, before we changed.  My brothers wanted to take a bath with Timmy, and even though my mother tried to talk them out of it, he graciously agreed to do it with them.  Since I didn’t think Timmy would want her to see him naked while she washed the younger ones, I told mom that I’d bathe the boys this time.  She chuckled and agreed that was probably a good idea, so we all went upstairs to the bathroom. 

Seth sat on the toilet, while I knelt beside the tub.  It was sort of comical to watch what was happening, because it was like having two lampreys trying to attach themselves to a passing fish.  My brothers were all over poor Timmy, but he was really good with the two leaches, as their little pee-pees, as Brent called them, rubbed all over and around Timmy, while they continued to abuse and assault him.  Timmy laughed and said that he wished he had a little brother at home, instead of the one older sister with whom he constantly fought.  I told him I would happily give him either or both to take home with him and the two brats heard this and began to tease Timmy to agree to do it.   

Later, I told Mom about our plan to ship the two bloodsuckers off with Timmy when he left and she gave me a dirty look, before sitting my brothers down to explain that it wouldn’t be possible.  The boys began to protest, until mom put her foot down, and they both immediately knew they had pushed her as far as they dared.  Game, set and match to Mom. 

Once that was settled, the rest of us went to play the game with my brothers, as we had promised, but they were more interested in Timmy than taking their turns.  We soon ended the game and sent the little ones off to watch Nickelodeon, but not without some more protests.  Since they weren’t about to let up, we told them we needed some time to ourselves, since Timmy had actually come to visit Seth and me, not them.  After Mom got involved again, the boys reluctantly agreed. 

We had dinner with my family later, before Mom drove us over to Robbie’s for the big sleepover there.  Timmy, Tom and Robbie were getting really close to each other as well, since they had a great deal in common, due to their ages and the fact that they were in the same grade.  It was nice to see Timmy enjoying himself with some other people as well and he even slept between that pair during the night, while Seth and I intermixed with Jeff and Kevin. 

The next day, my dad drove us all over to the college so we could swim in the pool there, while he did some work in his office.  We had an incredible time and Seth, Timmy and I were so much better swimmers than the others that we could easily dunk and play tricks on them at will.  Timmy even had the balls to pull down Tom and Robbie’s swim trunks before they could stop him, but they were only slightly embarrassed.  We had already seen each other naked when we changed and showered at the YMCA, plus we were also in the pool by ourselves.  I think Jeff and Keith wondered about him doing this, but then they wrote it off as a juvenile prank. 

When it was nearly time to go meet my dad, no one had a problem with showering together either.  While we were cleaning up, we joked about all the fun we’d had in the pool, and once we’d dried off and changed, I led them across the campus to my dad’s office.  Before long, we had loaded up in Dad’s car and were ready for the ride home.

Robbie wanted us all to stay at his house for a while longer, so my dad agreed to drop us all off there for one final go around.  I was beginning to wonder if Robbie was gay too, because he was beginning to act like he had a crush on Timmy.  It might have been that he only wanted him as a good friend, but I suspected there was more.  I think I’ll have to watch Robbie more closely in the future, to see if I can spot any other signs. 

We played video games on his TV for a while, before my dad returned to collect us for dinner.  Timmy, Seth and I hurriedly got ready to go back to my house to eat, while Robbie made sure to shake Timmy’s hand as he said goodbye.  Since he didn’t seem to want to release it when Timmy tried to follow us to the car, I whispered my suspicions to Seth.  I also told Timmy about this once we were in the backseat and he got really excited by the prospect. 

Since Timmy made such a big deal about the possibility, I told him that if Seth and I discovered Robbie was gay, then we might be able to bring him with us when we came to his house for spring break, as long as his parents allowed it.  Timmy got even more excited after hearing this and said he’d do anything to repay us if we would bring Robbie there too.  After he said this, we reminded him that we had to be sure about Robbie first, but I didn’t have the slightest idea about how we were going to find out if he might be gay, without giving ourselves away.  It was definitely going to be a tricky situation.

Seeing this was going to be our last night together, because Timmy was leaving on the bus at 2:00 tomorrow, we were all a little down.  Mom had fixed a real special dinner for Timmy’s final night with us, because she really liked him a lot, and then we played some more games with my family.  My two brothers sat as close to Timmy as they could get, although neither was involved in the games, and then Brent finally worked his way onto Timmy’s lap.  Troy immediately complained about this and I looked at my parents, to see what they were going to do about it. 

Before they had a chance to get involved, Timmy offered his own solution to the problem.  He said they could switch places after we finished this game, and although neither boy was totally satisfied with the compromise, I think they concluded it was the best they were going to get.  I say this because they both looked over at my parents and noticed the expressions on their faces, so they knew that if they didn’t accept this offer, then they’d probably be sent into the other room and away from Timmy completely. 

The boys traded places after each game and Timmy seemed thrilled with his newly found celebrity status.  He treated each of my brothers with such love and tenderness that I knew they were going to bawl their eyes out when he left to go back home.  After the final game ended, my mom took my brothers and put them to bed, so the three of us went to my room for another round of more adult entertainment.

Seth and I had already agreed to let Timmy select what he wanted to do tonight, but what we hadn’t counted on was the enormity of Timmy’s sexual appetite.  He wanted to start off by pleasing both of us orally, and being the good host, I let Seth go first.  We all removed our clothing, but only after I locked my bedroom door first, and Seth and Timmy got onto my bed, as I went to amuse myself on the computer.  I also remembered to turn on some music, to help drown out any noises that might result from our sex-capades. 

Timmy didn’t waste any time before taking Seth into his mouth and very quickly had Seth hard.  He was working him over like an expert, as his head bobbed up and down on Seth’s pecker.  At the same time, Seth’s head was snapping left and right and almost appeared as if he was having a seizure.  Seth was also making all kinds of unrecognizable noises and his hips were bouncing up and down on my mattress, like the little rubber ball attached to the paddle, which we each played with when we were younger. 

Timmy was having all he could do to stay attached to the bucking bronco beneath him, but he managed to hang in there until Seth’s jerking motions ceased.  That only happened, however, when Seth unloaded the contents of his scrotum into Timmy’s throat, and Timmy swallowed every drop, before he released Seth’s semi-hard tool and looked up at me.

“Are you ready for your turn?” he asked without pausing.

“I’m ready when you are, bud.  All you have to do is say the word,” I replied. 

“The word,” he said with a chuckle.  “Now, get over here, so I can feast on your monster.”

I hopped onto the bed and gently pushed Seth over, so I could make room for my body.  Once I was in place, Timmy moved down to where he could attack my groin and had me up and ready within seconds.  He was so aggressive that I didn’t last very long before I was shooting my salty wad into his oral cavern as well.  He slurped, sucked and swallowed, while never missing a beat, and he didn’t lose even the tiniest drop from between his lips. 

When he was sure that he had everything I could give him, Timmy sat up and asked Seth if he could cornhole him next.  Seth said that would be fine, so Timmy grabbed the lube from my nightstand and started to prepare them both.  Before I had completely recovered, Timmy was pumping into Seth’s ass with the urgency of a man who hadn’t had sex in months. 

“Dr. Frankenstein, we’ve created a monster,” I teased, while doing my best B-movie imitation.  “A monster we won’t be able to stop until he’s devoured us completely.” 

I could hear Seth chuckle, while Timmy flashed me a blood-chilling glare.  This was obviously meant to let me know that he wasn’t amused by my little comment.

Timmy continued to pump into Seth’s rectum, as his pelvis smashed against Seth’s ass cheeks.  This went on until Timmy made one final thrust and enjoyed the sensations of his release, although Seth and I still didn’t know if Timmy was having wet or dry orgasms.  We waited for him to recover, and just as soon as he did, he announced his next demand.  He wanted both of us to fuck him.  We asked if he was sure he wanted to do this and he insisted he was, so once again I let Seth go first.  Eagerly, he prepared our little friend for the next round of fun.

Once Timmy was ready, Seth moved in behind him and slid his light pole into Timmy’s chute and discovered that he didn’t meet the same resistance he had on his first anal experience with him.  Without a great deal of effort on Seth’s part and no noticeable discomfort for Timmy, Seth began to rock his prick in and out of Timmy’s butt.  Timmy was absolutely enjoying every thrust Seth made, and Seth was humping him with faster and faster strokes, until he eventually unloaded his jizm deep in Timmy’s boy butt. 

As soon as Seth pulled out and moved out of the way, I slid over and rammed my stiff member up Timmy’s well-lubed buttocks.  I was not quite as gentle with my lovemaking, because I wanted Timmy to feel every stroke as I drove my club into his tunnel.  I knew I wasn’t hurting my little friend, because he kept asking for me to give him more, while using a deeper, sexier begging tone. 

I continued to pump away at his cute little ass and watched my stiff poker move in and out between those two small melons, until I unleashed several volleys of my hot baby seed deep into his intestines.  I didn’t stop though and continued thrusting into him, as I slowly milked the last of my cream into his love canal.  The muscles in his rectum helped with that and squeezed my dick until it went flaccid again. 

It took Timmy a little longer to recover from this go around, but when he had, he announced that he was ready to fuck me.  I was mildly surprised by his stamina and eagerness for sex, but I just chalked it up to the long dry spells between when we were able to get together.  I felt he might be trying to satiate his desires, so he would remain satisfied until we traveled to his house over spring break. 

I didn’t hesitate and got into position, but I told Timmy to add a little baby oil to his sausage before he entered me.  After he did, He slid in with relative ease and was soon doing his bunny imitation on my backside.  The kid was like a rabbit on speed and was attacking me with such rapid short strokes that I was getting friction burns around my anus from the rapidity of his effort.  Thankfully, he enjoyed his release quickly and removed his horny little friend from my sore rectum.  Now, we curled up on the bed to enjoy a well-earned night’s sleep.

When we woke up in the morning, I decided to give Timmy one final blowjob before he left, because I was hoping to learn if he was producing his own cum now.  Timmy was as eager as the night before and I feigned surprised that his little dick wasn’t ready to fall off from the intense workouts it had endured over the past 24-hours.  Both he and Seth laughed about that, but then Timmy urged me to get started. 

After I licked him to a roaring erection, I took his dick into my mouth and applied so much suction that I expected gray matter to shoot from his tip.  The wild man was back and Timmy started flopping around on the bed, as he reveled in the enjoyment I was giving him.  After a couple of minutes, I felt Timmy’s rod expand, just before he sent three or four thin streams of boy juice into my mouth.  I didn’t swallow and kept it there until I had finished pleasing Timmy, because I wanted to show the others.  After I opened my mouth and showed Seth my souvenir, he leaned over Timmy and stuck his tongue into my mouth, so he could sample our young friends boy wad.  It was sweet, but watery, and we soon had devoured all that I had collected.

After a lengthy round of kissing, hugging and stroking, we all got dressed before we went down to enjoy our final breakfast together.  The morning passed by quickly and we were soon eating lunch, and then Timmy collected his things, so my dad could take him to catch the bus home.  As I expected, my little brothers were crushed when Timmy said goodbye to them and their tears fell like rain drops, as they waved farewell to him from our front door.  Seth and I rode with my dad as he drove Timmy to the bus station and then we stayed with him until his bus was called. 

When that happened, we all hugged him goodbye, including my dad, and then Seth and I told him that we’d see him again in a few months.  After he boarded, we stood and waved to him until the bus drove out of sight, and then Seth and I slipped into a slight funk on the ride home.  We actually stayed that way for the rest of the day, along with my little brothers.