You Pass This Way But Once

A New Discovery

Timmy had gone home and the holidays were nearly over.  Seth and I were trying to decide what to do for New Year’s Eve when Robbie called to invite us to his New Year’s Eve party.  His parents had agreed to let him have some friends over, since they were going out for the evening and would be staying over at a friend’s house and didn’t want him to be alone.  Robbie invited our regular group to join him for this, and as it turned out, all of the others either had other commitments or their parents had made plans for them instead.  Seth and I still decided to go, primarily because we didn’t have any better offers, but we also thought this might be our chance to learn if Robbie was gay.

Robbie was somewhat embarrassed that there were only the three of us for his little soiree, but we told him not to worry about it and we’d make the most of this situation.  Once Robbie got over his disappointment, he began to ask us about Timmy.  He wanted to know if Timmy got home ok and then asked us to give him Timmy’s phone number.  He said if we didn’t want to do that, he wondered if he could attach a message to our next email to Timmy, so he could give Timmy his phone number instead.  He also wanted to know when we thought Timmy might come to visit us again.  After hearing all of this, Seth and I just looked at each other and smiled.

“You really have it bad for Timmy, don’t you?” I teased, and this caused Robbie to blush before he responded. 

“What do you mean?” he countered, while we just stared at him.  “I like him as a friend, so is there anything wrong with that?”

“No there isn’t,” Seth answered, “but we know it’s more than that, Robbie.  Don’t worry.  You can tell us.”

“Tell you what?” he replied, but a look of horror was rapidly spreading across his face.

“Robbie, we know you have a crush on Timmy, but it’s all right.  We understand,” Seth added, as gently and reassuring as he could. 

“No, I don’t really…” he stammered, before he started crying and jumped up to run away from us.  Before he got very far though, he stopped and turned around.  “Please, don’t tell any of the other guys about this.  Please?”  His chest was heaving in spasms and he started sobbing uncontrollably.  “You can’t tell them.  Everyone will hate me and call me names.  Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t tell the others.”

“Robbie.  Robbie.  Calm down.  We’re not going to tell anyone,” I promised, before I grabbed his arm and pulled him toward me, in an effort to reassure him.  “Seth and I think it’s great about you and Timmy.” 

As soon as I said this, Seth wrapped his arms around both of us, so he could show Robbie that he cared to.  Robbie looked up and studied our faces, to see if he thought he could trust us, but it also allowed Seth and I to see the tears streaming down his cheeks and fear showing in his eyes.  He scanned our faces one more time and then looked at us confused.

“Robbie,” Seth started, “we think Timmy likes you too.  I have a feeling he was hoping for something to happen with you while he was here.  I think it was also why he pulled your swimsuit off you in the college pool, but then he did it to Tom too, so it wouldn’t be so obvious.”

“And you don’t hate him… or me because of this?” Robbie stated, bewildered. 

“Why should we?” I asked him, while grinning in his direction.  “We think it’s kind of cute that you two feel that way about each other.”

“You don’t think it’s wrong… for… you know… two boys to… well… like each other?” he followed. 

“What’s wrong with that?” Seth wanted to know.

“It’s queer… and gay… we’d be homos or something,” Robbie stammered.  “It’s sick.”

 “Some people may look at it that way, but Seth and I certainly don’t,” I responded. 

“You don’t think it’s wrong if… if I… well if I like Timmy more than… you know, just as a friend?”

“We think it’s great that one of our best friends thinks that much of another of our friends,” Seth told him, “and we have a suspicion that Timmy feels the same way about you.”

“Really?  And you guys are all right with this?” Robbie pressed, still unconvinced. 

“We are,” I assured him, “but I wouldn’t make that fact known to just anybody.  Seth and I don’t care whether you fall in love with a girl or another guy.  If you love them, you love them.  Why should that be wrong?”

“But everyone else says it’s gay and feeling that way is sick,” he pointed out.  “Most guys I know hate gays and others call them names or want to beat them up.  Why don’t you guys think like that?”

“Why should we?” I retorted.  “Just because other guys don’t understand that two boys can love each other, is that suppose to make it wrong?  Why should it be wrong for you to love Timmy, but not Tanya?”

“Who’s Tanya?” Robbie wondered, confused. 

“That’s just a girls name that I used, but I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular,” I explained.  “What I meant was why should it be wrong for you to love a boy, but not a girl.”

“Because that’s what everyone says and does,” he reasoned. 

“And just because everyone says it, does that makes it true?” I continued. 

“Well maybe not true, but that’s how most people feel,” he pointed out. 

“So because most people feel that way, then THAT makes it true?” I pressed. 

“Well, no… yes… I don’t know,” he stammered.  “I just know that I’d lose all my friends and have to move to another school if the other guys found out.  Please, don’t tell them, even if you think it’s ok.”

“Robbie,” I began, as I looked at him very sternly, “get it in your head that Seth and I aren’t going to tell anyone.  This is between the three of us.  We won’t even tell Timmy, unless you want us to.”

“Oh, god.  I don’t know.  Maybe he’d hate me too,” Robbie worried. 

“Or maybe he’d love you,” Seth countered.

“But he can’t… we’re both guys,” Robbie continued to insist. 

“Robbie, look at me,” I stated, while grabbing him by the shoulders.  “Do you or do you not love Timmy?”

He started crying again.  “I do, but I shouldn’t.”

“Do you want Timmy to love you?” I continued, and he merely nodded his head up and down, while not looking at either of us.

“And if you found out that Timmy loved you too, would you want it to become a physical relationship?” I went on and Robbie froze in place.  “Robbie it’s ok with us, if that’s what you want and we won’t tell anyone.  So would you want a physical relationship with Timmy, if he was willing?”

“Yes,” he said barely audibly, before he crumpled into a ball on the floor. 

Seth and I reached down, pulled him up and then dragged him over to the couch with us.  I pulled him onto my lap as I sat down and then cradling his body to my chest.  Seth sat beside us with his arms wrapped around Robbie too. 

“Why do I feel this way?  It’s not right,” Robbie sighed.  “Why do I think about Timmy all of the time?  Why do I want to… why?  Why do I want to… you know, do those kinds of things with him?” 

Now, he was really sobbing and let out all of the emotions that he’d been holding inside him.  We thought it best to let him get all of these feelings out, so we didn’t do anything to stop him.  After a minute, his tears began to subside and he looked at us and spoke. 

“How did you guys know?” he wanted to know, as he regained control of his emotions again.  “I haven’t told anyone.  I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my parents… especially my parents.  My dad would hate me if he knew.  He always makes fun of fags and he’d kill me, if he thought I was a fag.”

“Look, I don’t know your parents that well,” Seth said, “but I know some people feel that way.  They’re afraid of things that’s different or what they don’t understand.  If you want to love Timmy, then it’s going to be tough.  We won’t lie to you and tell you that it’s going to be easy, so you have to make up your mind about what you really want.” 

“It’s like my dad often says,” I added.  “He keeps telling me that ‘you pass this way but once.’  It means that opportunities in your life happen, but you might have only one chance to act on them.  It’s whether you seize these opportunities that counts.  If you don’t, then you might miss out on the chance of a lifetime.  If you do act, you might be taking a huge gamble, but most of the time that’s the only way you can get what you long for.  The problem is, only you can decide if the possible outcome is worth the risk.  You may not get a second chance to make this same choice, so if you want to see if there is anything between you and Timmy, then we’re willing to help you find out.  We’ll also do everything we can to help you keep it a secret from anyone else, if that’s what you want.  You just have to tell us and then we’ll help you all we can.”

Robbie sat up and stared at both of us for quite a few seconds, as he tried to look into our souls.  He was attempting to decide if this was a trick, but he also wanted to know what made us tick.  When he couldn’t tell by doing that, he asked us, straight out.

“Why are you guys so different.  Why do you want to help me like this?” he wanted to know. 

Seth and I looked at each other and Seth nodded to me.  I now had his permission to tell Robbie our secret, if I thought it was best and might help. 

“It’s because Seth and I feel the same way about each other, the same way you do about Timmy,” I informed him. 

Robbie bolted upright and his mouth hung open. 

“You two love each other?” he wondered, almost disbelieving what I’d just told him.  His mouth continued to remain open, as he studied our reactions.

“Yes but you can’t tell anyone about that either,” I added. 

“I won’t.  I promise,” he responded, “but I just never would have guessed that…  you know… you guys are gay and really love each other?”

We both grinned and nodded. 

“But you guys are football players and wrestlers and all,” he observed, as if one excluded the other.  “How can you possibly be gay then?”

“Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sports and be good at them,” I pointed out.  “Being gay doesn’t mean you’re weak, effeminate or a sissy either.  Seth and I have known for some time that we love each other and don’t have those same type of feelings for girls.”

“But I’ve seen you guys go out with girls.”

“Yes,” Seth said.  “We felt we had to cover being gay, because we agree with some of the things you’ve told us, especially about how some people might react.  There are a few out there that just wouldn’t understand and might try to make our lives miserable.  We both feel bad that we’ve been misleading those girls into thinking we cared about them, but we wanted to avoid suspicion.  We don’t feel right about doing it, but we felt we had to play the game.”

“Is Timmy gay?” Robbie demanded. 

“We can’t or won’t tell you yes or no, because it’s not our place to say,” I answered.  “We will tell you that Timmy might feel the same way about you and you might have a chance there.  We can also tell you that even if you do tell Timmy how you feel about him, Timmy won’t turn on you or tell anyone else either.  We both know him well enough so we can promise you he’ll keep everything you tell him a secret.”

“But I wouldn’t know what to say to him or what to do if he felt the same way,” Robbie confessed. 

I looked him straight in the eye, before I responded. 

“Just tell him how you feel, and if Timmy’s interested in you too, then I’m sure you two will be able to figure out what to do next,” I offered.   

“But that’s just it.” Robbie whined.  “I don’t want to take the chance that I won’t know what to do next.  What if Timmy is as dumb about these things as I am?”

“Don’t you think it would be fun to experiment and find out those things on your own?” Seth asked next.

“I don’t know,” he replied, sounding somewhat dejected.  “If neither of us knows what to do, then we might mess everything up and lose our only chance to find out if we really love each other.”

“Do you know how to kiss?” I asked him.

“Not really, at least not the way I’ve heard guys talking about kissing their girlfriends,” he admitted.  “I’ve only kissed my mom and my aunts, but I’m smart enough to know that’s not how you’d kiss someone you love… like a boyfriend or something.”

“Well, you’re right there,” Seth confirmed.  “I’m sure you’ve seen couples kiss on TV or in the movies, so just do the things you’ve seen them do.”

“I haven’t really watched those kind of things, because it made me feel guilty that I wanted to do it with a boy and not a girl,” he confessed.  “I was just too embarrassed to watch those parts.”

“Well you’d better start keeping your eyes open then,” Seth told him.  “At least if you want to learn how to do those things for yourself.”

“Can’t you guys just teach me?” he asked, catching us both by surprise.  “It would take me too long to figure it out on my own, so since you’re gay too, I’m sure you’ve kissed each other.  Can’t you just show me what to do?”

Seth and I looked at each other and tried to decide how we should approach his request.  I had a question about what he was really asking, so I thought I’d better clarify that first. 

“Let me ask you a question next, before we give you an answer,” I countered.  “Are you asking to watch us kiss each other, so you can see what we do, or are you asking to kiss one of us?” 

“Both!” he shouted.  “I want to watch and see what you do, but then I want to practice by kissing each of you, if you’d do that for me?” 

I quickly glanced over at Seth, so I could get his input.  I saw him shrug his shoulders, but he also nodded his head slightly, to let me know he’d go along with whatever I decided.  Then, I looked Robbie directly in the eyes and spoke. 

“Robbie do you really want to do these things with us, instead of having your first time be with Timmy?” I pressed, since I wanted to be certain. 

“YES.  If I’m going to make mistakes and be unsure about what I’m doing, then I’d rather that happened with you,” he confirmed.  “I want everything I do with Timmy to be perfect.”

“That’s pretty intimate stuff, so are you positive you want us to do this with you?” Seth added, since he had his doubts. 

“Yes.  You’re my friends and I trust you both,” he responded.  “Who else could I get to help me, if you won’t do this?  There is no one else.  Hell, I didn’t even know you guys could help me when we first started talking about this, but now that you know about me too, I really need you to help me out?”

“Ok, then we’ll do this for you, if you’re sure it’s what you want,” I agreed.  “You’ll just have to let us know if what we’re doing is what you want us to teach you.  You’ll also have to let us know if we do something that you don’t want to do or see.  You can stop us at any time, because you get to call the shots.  Just be sure to let us know if you can’t see what we’re doing with each other, because we’ll try to give you the best view possible.”

“Great, because I want to learn everything,” Robbie crowed.  “We can go up to my room, just in case someone comes home or somebody looks through the window.  Thanks, guys, you’re really the greatest.”

We had trouble keeping up with Robbie, because he flew up the stairs and headed toward his room.  We shut the door behind us, even though we knew no one else was there, but Robbie insisted we lock it too.  As we looked at him, we found it hard to believe that he had gone from tears to having a huge grin on his face in less than an hour, as we prepared to get started.  Sometimes it’s really hard keeping up with these emotional roller coasters. 

Anyway, since this was what he wanted, I whispered quickly into Seth’s ear, as I told him how I thought we should proceed.  We could see that Robbie was kind of bouncing around, all excited, so we felt we should get started.

“Here’s the deal,” I told him.  “Seth and I will show and explain a few things, and then you can pick one of us to practice on, to see if you’ve learned the lesson.  Does that sound all right to you?”

“More than all right.  It sounds great,” Robbie gushed.  “Thanks, guys.  I owe you big time for this one.”

Seth and I didn’t give Robbie time to say any more, as we got closer, opened our mouths and then let our lips touch.  We then pulled back far enough so he could see our tongues in action too, as they jousted with each other and we let our tongues trace around each other’s lips.  When we pulled apart, I turned toward Robbie and spoke. 

“Ok.  Do you think you’re ready to try that with one of us now?” I asked.  

“Oh, yeah.  More than ready,” Robbie agreed, his eyes still bulging from their sockets. 

“So who do you want to start with?” Seth followed. 

“I don’t care, but we can do it if you want,” Robbie replied. 

As soon as Robbie agreed, Seth walked up to him, bent forward and placed his mouth over Robbie’s.  Robbie froze momentarily, but we weren’t sure if it was just nerves or if he was actually uncertain about what to do.  Regardless of the reason for his hesitation, Seth began to run his tongue over Robbie’s closed and nearly clenched lips, in an effort to get him to loosen up.  When this didn’t work, Seth started to tickle Robbie, which got him to open his mouth.  Once that happened, Seth moved his hands up to Robbie’s head, pulled his face closer and began exploring him with his tongue. 

Robbie stood frozen, with his mouth hanging open, as Seth continued to kiss him.  It almost looked as if Robbie might fall over or collapse, since the action seemed to be overwhelming him.  Eventually, Seth pulled away and merely stared at him. 

“What’s the matter?  Why did you stop?” Robbie wanted to know. 

“You’re too stiff,” Seth told him.  “You’ve got to loose up and kiss me back.  It’s like I’m kissing a wooden soldier.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m just sooo nervous,” Robbie apologized. 

“I know, but relax a little and get involved.  I won’t hurt you,” Seth explained.  “In fact, you may start to like what I’m doing to you.” 

“I do,” Robbie replied, as he smiled at Seth. 

Seth then moved back and placed his mouth over Robbie’s again.  This time, Robbie was much more relaxed and Seth was able to slip his tongue into Robbie’s mouth and continued to explore there.  As Seth let his tongue wander around the inside of Robbie’s mouth and sample the new flavor, Robbie started to respond, although just barely, and it seemed as if he was still either a little hesitant or confused about getting directly involved. 

When Seth’s oral muscle rubbed over the surface of Robbie’s tongue, it twitched, but then abruptly went motionless again.  In an effort to jumpstart Robbie’s engine, Seth pried his tongue under Robbie’s and attempted to lift it.  Slowly, there was some movement, as Robbie began to respond to Seth’s not so subtle hint.  Finally, his tongue started to spar with Seth’s, as he began to explore with more than just his eyes. 

As their tongues flicked back and forth, Seth managed to wrap his lips around Robbie’s tongue and suckled on it briefly, before Robbie pulled it back.  Once he realized he had actually enjoyed the sensation, Robbie offered his tongue once more and Seth immediately took advantage of the situation.  He sucked and dove up and down on that pink muscle, which caused Robbie to moan appreciatively, as he extended it further.

The two continued their kiss, as Seth sucked and nibbled on Robbie’s lips, before moving to his ear lobes and then the soft underlining of his neck.  Robbie began to squirm and moan even more loudly, as Seth hit all of those sensitive spots around his face.  Satisfied with what he had done, Seth lifted Robbie’s shirt up and over his head, before he moved lower and started to work on his chest.  Seth let his tongue flick out and tease the tiny pink nub, which caused it to stiffen and Robbie began to make little animalistic noises. 

While he was alternating tonguing first one and then the other nipple, Seth was also undoing Robbie’s pants.  He unzipped them first, before he unsnapped them and they abruptly fell to the floor.  This was more than Robbie had requested, but he had said he wanted to learn it all, and since he wasn’t objecting, Seth continued.  He then let his hands roam all around and over the entire cotton-covered area, as he stroked Robbie’s penis and kneaded his supple butt cheeks.  Eventually, Seth put his hands into the waistband of Robbie’s snow-white briefs and lowered them, without any protest from Robbie.  Before long, the briefs had slid down to Robbie’s thighs, before they fell all the way down to the floor.

When this happened, Seth nudged Robbie backward, until he came in contact with the bed, and then pushed him on it, while maintaining his contact with Robbie’s nub.  At this point, he also started to massage Robbie’s cock and scrotum, as he slowly worked his mouth across his chest and over to the other nipple.  Robbie was squirming like a worm on a hook, as Seth wrapped his hand around his 4” [10 cm] cut wand and slowly started to masturbate his young partner. 

Robbie was making more and more noises, as Seth continued to pump his pole, and it was almost a scream that came from his lips, when Robbie’s body arched upward and stiffened.  At that moment, jets of a thin, clear fluid spurted from his dickhead and coated his body, from just above the navel and then trailed down to the sparse blond pubes at the base of his cock.  Once Robbie finished ejaculating, he collapsed onto the mattress, breathing heavily, as Seth moved up and covered his lips with a series of soft angel kisses.

“Man, that was wicked,” Robbie exclaimed, as he regained his voice.  “Thanks, Seth.  I learned a lot and that felt really super.”

“As soon as you’re ready,” I advised Robbie, “you can show me how much you learned by kissing me.  I won’t do anything to you unless you signal for me to respond by your actions, so it’s all up to you.  I’m just going to follow your lead.”

Robbie nodded and then took a couple minutes more to enjoy his recent climax.  I was sitting on the bed next to him, merely enjoying the view, but then he sat up and began kissing my face.  He let his lips brush lightly over mine, before he let his tongue push between my slightly parted lips, so it could enter my mouth.  His tongue was flipping around way too hard and too quickly to do much more than bruise my soft interior.  Since I figured I needed to offer him some advice, I pulled back and looked him in the eye.

“Slowly and softly,” I advised him.  “You’re not clubbing my tongue into submission.  You’re supposed to be searching, tasting and sampling it instead.  I was beginning to feel that my mouth was a bar-room and you were starting a brawl or carrying out a mugging.”

“I’m sorry,” he offered, while looking at me sadly.  “I’ll take it easy and slow down then.” 

“Good, because I want to enjoy this,” I replied, with a wink. 

Robbie began again, but this time lovingly.  He let his tongue roam my interior, so I allowed mine to parry with it.  Then, we sucked on each other’s tongue for a short time, after he finished examining my teeth, gums and the soft lining of my mouth.  He was unbuttoning my shirt and pulling the tails from my trousers, before he started to push it off of my arms.  Then he pulled my tee shirt up and over my head, but only broke his kiss long enough to tug the shirt past my head. 

Once he had accomplished this, he moved down to my boy teats, so he could lick, suck and nibble on my little brown nubs.  One of his nibble was a little too hard and caused me to flinch backward in pain, and that made him blush, apologize and rub the area with his palm, before he resumed his attention to my breast.  His right hand was fumbling with the front of my pants, as he first unzipped and then unbuttoned them.  Although it was not a smooth, flowing activity, it served its purpose and I lifted up for him, so he could slide the outer garment past my butt.

Robbie was rubbing the front of my boxer-briefs and stroking my already stiff rod, when he pulled away from me, so he could tug my underwear down and stare at my tool. 

“Damn, I’ve seen it before, but it was always soft those times.  This sucker sure gets big when it’s hard,” he observed.  “I never thought it would grow that much when it got stiff.” 

Seth and I both chuckled, although we tried not to let Robbie see us do it, because we were afraid that seeing us laughing might embarrass him.  Robbie, however, recovered quickly and went back to work, as he started to suck on my other nipple, while at the same time fondling my crotch. 

When he decided he was ready to begin stroking my boner, he wrapped his fingers around it and began pumping to bring me off.  After a couple of minutes, Robbie began to complain that his hand was starting to cramp and go numb, well before I felt any tingling in my balls, but Robbie was willing to work through the pain, just like in football.  Before long, however, I felt my simmering juices starting to rise from my loins, until they finally exploded from the tip, in six ropes of my creamy seed.  Robbie continued to pump on my dick, until he was satisfied that all of the fluids had exited my shaft.  Then, he let it fall limply onto my abdomen.

“Shit, you even shoot a ton when you cum,” he stated.  “That thing is like a damn fire hose, but I hope mine gets like that too.”

We both smiled at him, before Seth responded. 

“Give it some time, Robbie.  Just give it some time,” he urged.