Rough Edges

Chapter Two: Awakenings


This chapter is about Larry and Q and how they cement their budding friendship. It also tells of the sexual awakenings of Larry and his friends as the preteens reach the cusp of puberty.



 [Larry Sanders]

 “We should have eaten breakfast at the café,” I said as I ate my bowl of instant oatmeal.

Why?” Phil asked. “We’ll be eating at a restaurant the next two mornings.”

You’re assuming we will be playing on Sunday,” I replied.

Is that assuming too much?”

I laughed. “Oh, Phil, where would I be without you?”

Probably still sitting down for breakfast having oatmeal somewhere.”

Yep, and wishing I was having breakfast with somebody who had a monumental ego.”

Moi? With an ego? You’re referring to me?”

You’ve tempered it some,” I said. “At least you don’t have an insufferable ego.”

You mean I did at one time?”

What, you don’t remember sixth grade?”

This time it was his turn to laugh. “You have a long memory. Besides, you thought my ego was big because I had confidence in myself, and that upset your fragile world view. So, what brings up sixth grade?”

It’s just that I’ve been thinking about those days. It’s a wonder we ever became friends.”

It was all about the sex,” Phil said, a big smile brightening his face.

That didn’t come until later.”

Yeah, like the first time I was in your bedroom.”

That wasn’t real sex. It was an accident.”

The real stuff wasn’t that much later. And besides, we’d both received our sexual awakenings before we ever did anything together.”

Which was a good thing considering how we saw each other in the beginning.”

We certainly hadn’t had a great start to our friendship. The first day of school was a hint to me that the angry boy didn’t want to be friends with me, or with anybody else. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be friends with him, which didn’t stop me from trying.

Phil gave me a sweet peck on the lips—okay, it was a bit more than a peck, but you get the idea. “I’ll clear breakfast,” he said, “and you go take your shower so you can get to school.” Phil and I usually didn’t breakfast together on weekdays since he went to work much earlier than I went to school. Today he would get to school around nine-thirty and help load the bus which was scheduled to leave at ten.

He noticed my tumescent state and gave me that sexy grin of his. “Be sure to spend your shower thinking about baseball, not about sex-starved middle school boys.”

Baseball is my top priority,” I said.

That isn’t what your sub-conscious seems to be saying.”

But, I was thinking about you and me back in the day.”

Like I said, sex-starved boys.”

After setting the shower, I had to smile at Phil’s comments on the two of us being sex-starved. I suppose we were when you figure we were on the cusp of puberty with sexual feelings starting to attack us far faster than we could deal with them. Phil was right that we’d had our awakenings, but that only meant we were somewhat clueless, instead of totally clueless, when it came to the subject of sex.

My awakening came during the winter of my fifth grade year. As I’d mentioned, I had four really good friends along with a lot of secondary friends. I hope it doesn’t sound like bragging when I say that I was a popular boy, but I was a popular boy. I was good looking, active in sports, a top student, and had a friendly, outgoing personality—all the main ingredients for popularity.

Q was my absolute best friend, of course. We were close to inseparable. We had gone to the same school since Kindergarten, where we met. We were in the same class in Kindergarten, second, fourth, and fifth grades. We played on the same soccer, basketball, and baseball teams. We were allowed our first overnight Memorial Day weekend toward the end of third grade. After that we had overnights either at his house or at my house every chance we got.

That summer Jung, Perry, and Daniel got involved in our overnights, but at age nine they were benign affairs, at least sexually. We managed to expend enough energy that our parents made us suspend our group sessions for a while. After they relented, the five of us had more slumber parties, involving us and others; sometimes it was any combination of the five of us. Sex wasn’t a part of those overnights, unless you count hyped up and giggling nine-year-olds flashing and mooning each other as being something sexual.

After we entered fourth grade there were more of these overnights. We enjoyed seeing each other naked when we could, especially Jung, who was uncut and therefore much different, but we didn’t really know what to do with our nakedness. One thing that did happen on quite a few occasions was us becoming intrigued with each other’s erections, when we popped one, which became a bit more frequent as time passed. Q and I talked about those nude games frequently on our dual overnights.

The top of Jung’s wiener almost pokes through all that skin when his dick gets hard,” Q once observed.

That is really weird to watch. I wish I had a lot of skin like that instead of getting it cut off like what happened to the rest of us.”

Me too. Jung says it feels really good to rub his fingers across his wiener.”

It feels good to rub the top of my wiener, too, when it’s hard.”

Perry says Dean told him it’s called a boner when it gets hard.” Dean was Perry’s older brother. He was twelve at the time. We all thought him to be very worldly. He was not a redhead like Perry; instead his hair was jet black, but he did have a dusting of freckles on his cheeks and nose.

The whole business of show-and-tell moved up a notch in January of our fifth grade year. We were all ten and becoming more and more interested in things sexual. The person who started me to the next level was Q. Were you expecting it to be somebody else? He and I were having our first overnight since winter break. We’d had our usual fun playing games, watching a movie, wrestling, kidding each other, joking with my parents, and being energetic preteens.

Q and I played on the same basketball team and we had a game in the morning at ten. We had no problem getting to bed a bit early to be rested for our game. This was different than getting to bed early for school; we only did it then because we had to.

Q and I had long ago quit sleeping together in our pjs. Our sleeping garb was now a t-shirt and underpants or, on a warm day, just underpants. I liked sleeping without our t-shirts on. When we did that I snuggled up as close to Q as I could, just close enough not to touch, but knowing we would touch eventually. I enjoyed the feel of Q’s soft, warm skin against my bare torso. I often wondered if he felt the same those moments when we touched.

We’d both been casually dressed all evening, each wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts, socks, and underpants under our shorts. All I had to do in order to be ready for bed was strip off my shorts and my socks. Q and I stripped down, thinking nothing of it. It was something we were used to doing. It was stripping naked that gave us pause. That was something we had to be in the proper mood for. What surprised me was Q taking off his t-shirt. This was January and that was something we only did when the weather was warm.

As if reading my mind Q said, “It always gets warm when we sleep together and I keep wanting to take my T off so I figure I might as well do it now and then not have to be hot later.” What he said made sense to me. In fact, my ten-year-old mind told me that maybe this move was because Q liked it when our bodies touched as much as I did. My reply was to pull off my t-shirt, too. We were now clad in just our white briefs. I glanced in the direction of Q’s crotch, a place I really enjoyed looking at, although I wasn’t sure exactly why. There was no doubt that the bulge in his briefs was caused by him having a boner.

We went to my bathroom together and brushed our teeth. Being the well-raised boys we were, we also flossed our teeth, albeit somewhat half-heartedly. When I finished I walked over to the toilet to pee. I was aware that Q still had a boner. While that knowledge stirred my groin some, it didn’t automatically bone me up like it would in a year or so.

I pulled my briefs down below my balls and ass, exposing myself to my best friend. “Aren’t you gonna pee?” I asked. I hoped he would come over to the toilet soon. I was learning about myself well enough to know that if I didn’t pee quickly I’d be has hard as I knew Q was. My group of friends had no qualms about being together, whether in groups of two or three or, if we were outside or had the proper space to do it, all of us together.

I have a boner,” Q said.

I know, I can see it in your undies.”

It’s hard to pee when I get one. Even if I can get it out, I miss the toilet.”

Since I was now beginning to get a boner of my own, I let go with my flow while I could. “I’m getting one, too,” I said as I held my little hairless cock down in order to get my stream into the toilet bowl. I managed to pee everything out, but Q was bouncing around the little bathroom like he was Tigger or something.

I gotta pee bad,” he whined.

I ain’t stopping you.”

But I can’t pee through my boner.”

I can pee through mine, but I gotta be really careful.”

You aren’t me.”

Why don’t you try it,” I suggested. By now I was hard too. I had hoped the act of urinating would keep my dick from rising, but it had a mind of its own, which was happening more and more often. Without planning it, Q and I were standing face-to-face with our little hairless willies rock hard and almost touching.

Mine’s bigger,” I whispered, not knowing why I said what I said and why I was whispering. I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to hear us.

I think mine is,” Q whispered back. This was not the first time we’d seen each other hard. The two of us along with Perry, Jung, and Daniel had seen each other with boners quite a few times. We’d even touched each other and oohed and aahed about how naughty and nasty we were. I saw those sessions just like that—naughty and nasty. But, I never thought of them as sexual. We all had boners, which we knew had something to do with sex, we touched each other’s privates, which we knew had something to do with sex as well, but we never saw what we were doing as sex.

What Q and I were doing now, however, was different. This had a feel unlike those sessions. The atmosphere was suddenly sexually charged although neither one of us could have expressed that feeling. All we knew then was that this was something unlike what we did before.

We can compare them,” I suggested. “We can put them together to find out.” The idea of touching our dicks together was quite a radical concept for two preteens like us. It was a huge step away from simply looking at them.

Yeah, that would work, I guess,” Q said.

We stood in the middle of the bathroom as though paralyzed; two naked ten-year-olds sporting boners that had to stretch to reach three inches, both of us breathing funny. We were unsure of what to do. Looking at each other’s boners was fun, but actually touching them together—well, I don’t know what was going through Q’s head, but I was wondering if actually touching our dicks together could be construed as sex. If so did it mean we were homos? Everything we’d heard about being a homo was nasty and bad and I certainly didn’t want anybody to think I was somebody who was nasty and bad.

Still, I was drawn to the idea of us touching and comparing and doing something naughty. After all, I thought, we were best friends, so anything we did together couldn’t possibly be something that would make us homos.

I took a couple of steps toward Q, but stopped when he said, “I can’t do it, I gotta pee real bad.” He was bouncing from foot to foot.

So, go ahead and pee,” I said, somewhat frustrated that the atmosphere had suddenly changed.

I can’t. I got a boner,” he said for what seemed like the millionth time.

I know, I can see it, dummy. Just stand over the toilet, push it down, and pee through it.”

That never works for me. I can do it some, but I end up peeing on the floor or something.”

So, pee in the shower. That’s what I do when I can’t do it in the toilet.”

That sounds way too nasty,” Q protested.

Then pee on the floor, but quit complaining and do something.”

If I pee in the shower I’ll get pee on my feet or on me. It’ll be gross.”

Turn the water on.”

Your parents will think somebody’s taking a shower.”

For somebody so smart, you can be so dumb sometimes.”

Well, it doesn’t make much difference, cuz my boner’s gone now.”

Q walked over to the toilet and finally took care of business. I looked down at my member and it was looking right back up at me. My erection was still there. I watched Q take his piss, wishing he still had his boner and was doing it in the shower instead of in the toilet. I also wished he still had his boner so we could still touch dicks to see who was the biggest. I decided we could do that when we got back to my room because Q might have his boner back.

My boner disappeared as we returned to my room. We were now naked ten-year-old boys with little flaccid dicks that barely hung down over our smooth, tight balls.

The sexual charge that had been sparking between us was gone. I thought we might end up sleeping naked, but when Q pulled his briefs on I followed his lead. We crawled into my bed. I turned off the light and thought about talking about what had just happened in the bathroom, but I didn’t have the experience to know what to say. Instead, we talked about tomorrow’s basketball game and fell asleep, keeping a small, but safe, distance between us.

When I woke up the next morning, we had moved and our bodies were touching. Once again, I liked how Q’s warm, soft skin felt against mine. I had a boner, which happened on occasion in the morning. I was certain that this one was different, that it was caused by Q’s chest touching me and by his arm being wrapped around me. I wiggled my body so that my erection touched him through our underpants. That convinced me that this boner was different. Now, worse than ever, I wanted our bare erections to touch. But we didn’t have time to mess around. We had to get out of bed and get ready for our upcoming game.

We showered separately, pulled on sweats, socks, and a t-shirt, and ate the waffles my mom cooked for us. When the time came, we donned our uniforms and my parents took us to our game.

Our team, Jubilee Drive-In, won easily by a 38-15 score. It was our second league game and we were off to a 2-0 start. We had also won a pre-season tournament over Christmas break. Coach Zimmer, our coach was a stickler for fundamentals. He was teaching us a controlled offense, although we ran when we could. He was also teaching us to play an aggressive, in your face man-to-man defense, which was very intimidating. I had a great deal of respect for Coach Zimmer, as did the rest of the team, and we played hard for him.

He had coached us the year before as fourth graders in a fairly low-key league. This year the level of competition stepped up some. He was to coach us through seventh grade and had a big influence on me as a player, as a person, and later as a coach. I found I loved learning the fundamentals of the game and I loved playing hard and playing to win. He was one of the coaches who served as great role models for me.

After the game, the team met at the restaurant and had milk shakes which were provided by John, who was the owner and our sponsor. Jung, Perry, Daniel, Q, and I were all on the team and were a big part of the twelve player roster. Sometimes lunch was part of the deal, but not after this game. That didn’t stop our parents from buying us hamburgers and fries to go with our shakes.

I thought you were going to score as many points as the Trojans,” Jung said, referring to my twelve points.

He would have if coach had played him more,” Q said. “Coach has to figure out what is most important, my buddy Larry outscoring the other team, or us having good sportsmanship.”

You know Coach Zimmer doesn’t like to run up the score on teams,” I said.

That’s okay except when my best friend has a chance to make history.”

How do you know that would have made history?” Perry asked.

It has to be. Have you ever heard of somebody outscoring the other team in a game?”

I told him I’d heard of it. In fact, Jung, Perry, and I had all done it in the same game the year before when we blasted a team 42-7.

Don’t confuse things with the facts,” Q argued. “If I say Larry could have made history, then he would have made history.”

You could say this,” Jung said. “Larry would have outscored a team that scored in double figures. That has to be history.”

We argued the issue a little longer until Coach Zimmer came over and congratulated Daniel on getting ten rebounds. Like I said, Daniel is the tallest player on our team, and even though he is pretty quiet, he plays like crazy under the boards. He loves to get rebounds. I could tell he was proud of his accomplishment.

I think that is Daniel’s first ever ten rebound game,” Q said.

Today the Rookie League, tomorrow the NBA,” Jung crowed.

Ten rebounds for Daniel. Now that is what making history is about,” I said. That got Daniel to blushing, but his smile and sparkling eyes let us all know that it was a blush of pride and not of embarrassment.

We should all spend the night together,” Q suggested.

Perry quickly let us know that his family had plans and he couldn’t spend the night. Jung had the same problem. On top of that, since this was a last minute idea, nobody had bothered to arrange things with their parents. The result was Q was going to end up at my house again. We agreed to ask our parents about the following weekend and plan from there.

After our postgame gathering at Jubilee, we all went our own ways. For Q and me, going our own way meant him spending another night at my house. Our mothers kept telling us they might as well adopt us and make us official brothers since we spent so much time together. Neither Q nor I could figure out how us both being adopted by two different families was possible, but decided there must be a way for it to happen or our mothers wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. It didn’t take us too long to figure out we were having our chains yanked by our moms.

We were both smart boys and shouldn’t have fallen for their shenanigans, but our moms weren’t usually the ones to yank our chains—that task normally fell to our dads. We were always prepared for them to give us shit, but not our moms. Which is not to say our dads couldn’t get the better of us, because they did so all too often. It’s rough being preteen concrete thinkers.

When we got to my house we quickly got comfortable. That meant us stripping down to t-shirt, underpants, and sweats. We ended up playing video games, having dinner, playing cards with my parents, watching a movie, and still retiring to my room by a little after nine.

Now what do we do?” I asked.

After last night, how can you ask that?” Q questioned right back.

What happened last night?”

You don’t remember us being in the bathroom and um…you know…getting…”

Oh, you mean us getting boners,” I said.

Right. And when we had boners you wanted to put them together to see who was bigger.”

I did say that. I guess I was getting all weird.” Now that I knew what direction Q was heading, I wasn’t sure how good my idea had been. After all, it might be a gay idea. But I’d already determined in my head that Q and I weren’t homos, therefore it couldn’t be a gay idea.

So you don’t want to do it?” he asked, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

We need to take a shower,” I said. “We haven’t showered since I don’t know when.” I hadn’t showered since the day before, and I’d played a basketball game during that time along with all of the non-stop movement found in the day of an active ten-year-old boy.

Before Q could say anything there was a knock at my door. “Come in,” I said. My mother entered the room. Since I’d turned ten my mother and father had been real good about respecting my privacy. There was the expectation that I keep my room clean and reasonably straightened, but that was no big deal since I’d always been pretty neat for a boy. I was expected to change my bedding and make sure my wash made it to the laundry room. While my mom folded my laundry, I had to take it to my room and put it away. As a result my room was mine unless I gave my parents a reason to come in. At ten years old I couldn’t think of anything I could do that would make my parents suspicious. That attitude wasn’t going to last.

Hey mom, what did we do?”

It’s not what you boys did, it’s what you didn’t do.”


You both should take a shower before going to bed. You’ve managed to work up a big sweat today. If you’re going to sleep in the same bed…”

What your mom is saying is that we stink,” Q said. “Right Mrs. S?”

Well, I was just telling Q we should shower,” I informed her.

Oh, really?” my mom asked.

Serious. I did say it, didn’t I Q?”

Yes, he did. Which I think means GMTA.”

GMTA?” mom asked.

Great Minds Think Alike!” we both shouted out.

Take your showers and don’t use all of the water. I’ll hug you both good-night now.”

Mom, you don’t need to hug me tonight,” I said quickly. Apparently she’d gone deaf because she hugged me anyway and, to make it worse, gave me a kiss on my forehead. I was mortified.

Would you like a good-night hug as well, Q?”

No thanks, Mrs. S, I am really allergic to nightly hugs.”

Oh, that is really sad, Q. You are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. I hope you can overcome that handicap as you grow up.”

Right after mom left the room, Q and I both broke out laughing. I dropped on to my bed and was giggling hysterically when we heard another knock on my door. My bedroom was becoming a popular place. “Enter,” I said between giggles.

My dad opened the door and came part way in. “I just wanted to tell you two nutcases good-night. Don’t worry, there will be no hugs. I wouldn’t want Q breaking out in hives.” We both told him good-night, still spurting out bits of laughter. He closed the door and we could hear him laughing as he walked away.

Your dad calls us nutcases,” Q grinned. “Him and your mom are total nutcases.”

I know, and I gotta live with them every day of my life.”

Dibs on first shower,” Q said.

Ain’t gonna be a first shower.”

What do you mean no first shower? We’re not gonna shower after all that?”

Mom said to save hot water. The best way to do that is to shower together.”

I like how you think.”

Honestly, I was not thinking of sex, I was just thinking of being naked with Q. Maybe we’d get boners and compare them. That was another reason that putting our boners together wasn’t gay, because for it to be gay it would have to be about sex. My newest thought was that putting our dicks together was about the two of us getting information, like comparing our heights.

We stripped quickly and headed to the bathroom. I got the shower going and Q approved of my temperature setting. I stepped in and he followed.

You’re not going to pee are you?” Q asked.

What makes you think I am going to pee in the shower?”

Because you talked about it last night.”

I was just saying I do that to get rid of a boner, and we don’t have boners.”

That status was short-lived as I felt myself getting hard. I was afraid to look down and check. If I didn’t look then it might not really be there. I didn’t want Q to think I was getting a boner simply because I was naked in the shower with him.

Well, you have a boner now, so are you gonna pee?” Q asked.

I then looked down at myself saying, “Well, yeah, I guess I do have one. But, don’t worry, I’m not gonna pee in the shower.”

I’m getting a boner, too.”

Of course I looked right at him to see if it was true. It was. I watched his hairless thingy get harder with each beat of his heart. It made mine feel like it was getting harder by my watching his moving to a full erection. “Damn, you got that quick.”

Want to compare now?”

Yes, I did want to compare, but I didn’t want to seem too eager. “Let’s get washed so we don’t waste hot water and make my mom mad at us,” I suggested.

Sounds like a plan to me.”

We washed our fronts, including our balls and erect penises, something we each got a bit of a thrill over. I could tell Q liked it from the way he looked at me. Then I washed Q’s back and he washed mine. But he also washed my butt cheeks. I liked it when his soap filled hand rubbed along my crack. It never occurred to me to wash his butt and I was afraid that if I asked him to turn around so I could do so I would end up looking like a perv. Since he didn’t ask me to wash his, I didn’t do it.
After we rinsed I turned off the water. We dried our fronts then I took my towel and dried his back. I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity. I not only dried his butt cheeks, I let my towel work into his crack. I got an interior jolt in my butt as well as my penis when he spread his legs some to allow me better access. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was getting turned on by the same things as I was. I know I was as turned on as I’d ever been in my life and that included the scene in the bathroom the day before.

Are we gonna do it?” Q asked as we entered my room, shucking the towels on the floor. He seemed to be even more eager than I was this time around, which was fine with me. If he really wanted to do it, I wouldn’t seem like a gay person because I wanted to do it, too.

I guess, if you want to,” I said.

Yeah, I’ll do it if you want to.” Suddenly we were at a stand-off. We each wanted to compare our boners, but we didn’t want to confess it, even though our erections were all the confession that was necessary.

Let’s just do it.”

Without another word, I walked up to my friend, facing him, our bodies maybe six inches apart. He took a little step towards me. Our

skinny little boners were now only a couple of inches apart. I cut the distance to an inch. I could feel Q’s breath and the heat radiating from his body. The question now was which one of us would close the gap to zero.

The answer was me, the current and future gay boy, although I didn’t know it then. I took the last small step and the head of my penis touched his. I stifled a moan and shuddered and I could feel Q do the same. I didn’t realize that taking measurements could feel so good.

I think yours is a little longer,” Q whispered hoarsely, “and mine is a little bit thicker.” He pushed hard against me as if he wanted to squeeze even more feeling out of his little boy pecker.

Yours is thicker but it’s hard to tell who is longer. You’re a little taller than me so let’s lay on my bed and do it.” I backed away from him, breaking the connection. I realized immediately that I wanted that connection back. We lay side by side on the bed and I quickly turned so I was facing Q. He got the hint and turned onto his side.

We should put our dicks together from right where they start,” I said, referring to the base of our erections where they came out of the scrotum. I wasn’t yet able to name that area of the body.

You mean where they come out of our crotch?” Q asked, still speaking with a hoarse whisper.

Yeah.” We placed ourselves together again, our cocks touching, our balls touching, our chests touching as our hot bodies stuck together some from the sheen of sweat on our smooth skins. We both looked down at our genitals and came to the same conclusion as before—mine was a little bit longer.

Maybe it would have been easier to use a ruler,” I said.

This was more fun.”

Q left me the opening to say what I was truly feeling. “It was a lot more fun.”

Neither one of us tried to break the contact between us. Q pushed harder against me like he had when we were standing up. I didn’t resist and pushed back. He pushed—I pushed. He pushed—I pushed. It felt so good we both moaned some and emitted little squeaking noises.

This time I moved things up to the next level as I started humping his cock. Q responded by humping back. I put my arms around him to pull us even tighter together. He wrapped his around my shoulders. I could feel his breath as his face was virtually touching mine. We pushed and tugged and humped, saying nothing, but making noises that were our way of communicating to each other how we were both being overwhelmed by feelings we never imagined our bodies were capable of.

I didn’t remember it happening, but I found myself on my back with Q on top of me. His face was next to mine. I could feel his smooth cheek against my own. I could feel his nakedness against my own. I could feel his hard little cock grinding into by body. And I could feel his breath and hear his moans—or were those my own moans? Whatever, my body shook, my balls ached, my cock felt like it was going to explode, fear gripped me as I became overwhelmed with sensations that threatened to knock me unconscious. I had no idea what was happening to me.

Then I croaked out a grunt that was followed by a high-pitched squeal. My perineum started to spasm, my little cock shook out of control, every feeling I had was wonderful and I wanted this to never end.

I heard Q say something. I thought it was, “Holy hell, what just happened to me Larry?”

I tried to answer, but all that came out of me was a whoosh of breath as the same question raced through my mind—what the hell had just happened to me? What had happened to us? We’d just had our first orgasms is what had happened.

After we calmed down, Q and I talked about the sexual experience we’d just had. We relived it. We analyzed it. We agreed it was frightening. We agreed it was wonderful. We knew we wanted to find out more about it, but not from our parents. Whatever it was that happened, we knew it involved sex and that we did not want our parents to know we’d done something sexual together. We wanted the naughtiness to belong just to us, at least until Monday, when we planned to share everything with Perry, Jung, and Daniel. We both hoped that our friends would know things we didn’t.

It wasn’t until morning recess that we were all able to get together on the playground and talk. Our three friends hung on every word Q and I had to share as we described our experience of the night before.

You had an orgasm,” Jung said knowingly. Since Jung knew many things that I didn’t I nodded my head in agreement, even though I had no clue what an orgasm was. Jung and Perry gave us a quick education on orgasms.

Now you need to learn to jerk off,” Perry said after they finished.

What is jerking off?” I asked.

Me and Jung do it all the time. It feels really good.”

If it feels so good, how come you never told us about it?”

Cuz, I found out about it from my brother a while ago and I showed Jung a few days ago.”

It seemed we were all learning about sex at the same time.

I haven’t learned nothing about nothing,” Daniel complained.

We need a major overnight with all five of us,” Q said. “I’ll talk to my mom about using our house.”

You got lots of room,” I said.

All of us have lots of room except Perry,” Q pointed out.

That’s not my fault,” Perry said, looking a bit put out.

I put my arm around him and told him that nobody was blaming it on him. “You’d still be one of us even if you lived in a tent,” I said.

We ended up having that overnight two Saturdays later at Q’s house. We gathered there after our basketball game, which we won 28-22 in a hard-fought game. We kept our uniforms on after the game.

You boys brought a change of clothes for after you’ve showered, right?” Q’s mother asked. We answered that we had. “Then shower in the big bathroom upstairs. Be careful you don’t use up the hot water.”

We had learned that the best way to not use up the hot water was to shower together. Q and I took the first shower. It wasn’t our first one together, but it was the first one in which we washed each other’s hard little cocks, and hairless tight balls. We also washed each other’s asses. We didn’t bother to hide our boners when we paraded into Q’s room after the shower.

Perry, Daniel, and Jung were naked and ready to hit the shower next. The shower was a walk-in shower, but it would still be a tight fit for the three of them. Q and I told them not to have sex in the shower since that was for tonight. It felt strange to be talking about having sex, especially talking about it with my best friends.

The three of them were back within fifteen minutes; all but Daniel were boned up. “Looks like you all got sexy,” Q observed.

Except Daniel,” I added, pointing to his flaccid penis. Q and I had stayed naked while the other three showered, playing a game on his computer. When the showers were done we all dressed so we could go downstairs. The time for nakedness would come later.

The rest of the day was spent shooting hoops in the driveway, eating, and having fun while staying out of mischief. Even though the weather was cool, it was dry. The cool temperature didn’t stop us from working up a sweat, negating the showers we had taken earlier. Since we were all ten and eleven and just on the cusp of puberty, our sweat did not yet lead to us emanating strong body odor.

That night Q’s mother invited us to set up camp in the large family room. “Your father and I promise to stay out of your way,” she said, addressing Q, but at the same time talking to all of us. I was hoping we’d end up spending the night in Q’s bedroom which would afford us more privacy; after all we had an agenda to fulfill. We’d spent nights together in the family room before, even getting partially naked and playing grab ass along with grabbing cock and balls. But this time we were more serious—after all, the word sex had come up more than once.

At nine-thirty Q’s parents abandoned the family room. They said they’d watch television in their bedroom and reminded us that they wanted to see all of the furniture in one piece in the morning. None of us laughed at their joke; instead we loudly protested their lack of faith in us.

It’s not that we don’t trust each of you,” Q’s father said, “it’s just that we don’t trust all of you together.”

Dad,” Q protested, “we’re not that bad.”

His dad ruffled his hair, embarrassing the shit out of him and getting the rest of us to laugh at him. “At least my mother didn’t hug me,” Q said in a huff. “That would have totally sucked.”

We waited for half an hour before starting anything. We left the TV on with the sound turned down and talked about some of the girls in the fifth grade. We talked about what boys were rumored to have kissed somebody and who might have pulled somebody’s panties down, but none of us had any firsthand knowledge, just hearsay from other fifth grade boys.

A little after ten Jung got us on track, saying we needed to get things started. “How are we going to do this?” he asked.

I thought you and P were the experts on jerking off and were going to show us,” I said.

Quit calling me P,” Perry said. We all giggled at what was a new routine for us. “We are going to show you” he went on, “but we all gotta get naked and get boners and then we’re ready to do it.”

Q shrugged and stood up. He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He peeled off the shirt, looked at the door behind him as if to check if his parents were spying on us, then yanked off his boxers. “I’ve got a boner,” he said as if none of us noticed.

His hairless erection, sticking out of his crotch and pointing proudly up into the air, looked as beautiful as it did the first time I saw it. I was glad he went first because I had a boner, too, and I didn’t want to be the one to be embarrassed by showing everybody first. I decided what the hell and stood up, taking my shirt and briefs off to become the second one to be nude. I looked over at Q and wished we could mash our cocks together again, wondering if he was thinking the same thing.

Jung was the next one to strip, his light brown skin and uncut cock making him look exotic. He was followed by Perry, who stood in front of us with his unkempt red hair and pale, skinny body almost glistening in the light of the room. Both of them were rock hard. Now only Daniel was dressed, if you called a t-shirt and gym shorts being dressed. “I haven’t got a boner yet,” he confessed.

Why not?” Perry asked.

I don’t know.”

So just get naked and we’ll figure out how to get it hard,” I said as I tried to show off my newly acquired sexual wisdom. Daniel shrugged and joined the rest of us, his little cock lying softly against his ball sack. I knew he could get hard, because he had a boner when he started his shower, even if it went soft at the end. I was wondering if maybe somebody would have to take a shower with him to get him hard.

Somebody needs to help Daniel get a boner,” Q said.

Okay, since I’ve done this before, I’ll do it,” Perry said. “Sit on the couch, Daniel.”

Daniel sat down and Perry sat next to him, with the rest of us sitting on the floor watching them. Perry started fondling Daniel’s balls and we watched as his cock stirred some. I was rubbing my own little erection and I noticed that Jung and Q were doing the same to theirs. Perry now had three fingers around Daniel’s dick and started masturbating him. Daniel seemed to get harder with each stroke by Perry.

I do this all the time,” the redhead said. “My brother has lots of circle jerks with his friends and they let me do it with them if I jerk some of them off.” What Perry did sounded like a lot of fun to me, making me wish I had a thirteen-year-old brother to teach me about this kind of stuff.

Okay, I think I’m hard,” Daniel said. There was no question about that. “You can stop now.”

Don’t you like it?” Perry asked.

Yeah, it feels awesome, but I want to do what everybody else is doing.”

Perry let go of his slender prize and Daniel moved down the sectional. Jung got up and sat in the space between them. I looked at Q and we got off the floor and sat on the sectional at a right angle to the other three.

This is called a circle jerk. I do them all time,” Perry reminded us.

I think we’re getting the idea that you do sex with your brother and his friends a lot,” Q said, echoing what I was thinking.

It’s not sex, it’s a circle jerk.” Perry tried to downplay what he was doing, but I couldn’t help but think there was more to what he was doing than just jerking off. I wondered if he did stuff like Q and I had done on my bed the other day.

What you do is put your dick in your hand like this,” Jung said as he demonstrated.

We don’t have to pull down our skin like Jung is doing,” Perry told us.

Well, duh,” Q said. “It would be hard to do since we don’t have any.”

Since there wasn’t anything complex about what we were attempting, the five of us quickly set to work on ourselves. Perry mentioned ways to making our dick heads feel good and demonstrated how to play with our balls—all things that would make it feel better. We tried doing the things he showed us and it did make the feeling better.

Or you can spit on it,” Perry said.

I don’t have to spit on mine because I got my skin,” Jung said.

Perry spit a big loogie on his hand, which grossed everybody out except Jung, who’d probably seen Perry do it before. He then rubbed his spit onto his slim, pink cock. “It feels way better this way,” he said. “Or you can put lotion or Vaseline or that kind of shit on it too.”

We have some in the bathroom,” Q volunteered. “Want me to get some?”

We’ll use some next time,” Perry said. He had taken charge of the circle jerk, which was surprising since Perry and Daniel were usually the followers in our group.

Just don’t pee over your wienie to make it wet, that stinks,” Jung said, which grossed us out even more than Perry’s spit. I wondered if he had really done that.

Do you and Jung ever do it to each other like you did to Daniel?” I asked Perry.

Perry looked over at Jung for guidance. I detected a slight nod and Perry answered, “Sometimes.”

Well, I didn’t care if it was gross or not, I spit on my just over three inch erection and went back to whacking it. Perry was right, it did feel better, but it also didn’t last real long before my fingers wore the saliva off. It didn’t matter, I simply spit on myself again.

None of us was talking now; things had gotten serious. The feelings my cock was giving me were awesome, but not as good as what I received when Q had humped me. But I could tell that this jerking off business was worth the effort.

I’m getting some lotion,” Q said. “I’m tired of spitting.” He got up and started out of the room.

What if your parents catch you naked?” Daniel, ever the worrier, asked.

They’ve seen me naked before,” Q said.

But not with a boner.”

Q ignored him and kept going. We figured he thought it was easier to do a run and snatch of the lotion than it was to pull on his boxers. We all hoped he wouldn’t get caught, but just to be sure we each grabbed a couch pillow and placed it over our crotches.

He was back a minute later carrying a bottle of hand lotion. “I think my dad saw me,” he said. Daniel quickly scrambled off the couch holding his pillow in front of him and grabbed his shorts from the floor. I was about ready to follow suit until I saw that Q was unconcerned.

It was dark in the hall. Maybe he saw my butt, but I don’t think he could tell I was naked.” We all relaxed some. “And I don’t even know if he was looking in the hall. I never saw anything, I just heard it.”

Then how do you know it wasn’t your mom?” Daniel asked.

I dunno, I guess it could have been. Could have been the cat, too.”

What are you doing scaring us like that, Q?” I asked.

I wasn’t trying to, I just heard something.”

It took us a couple of minutes to shed our pillows, get some lotion on us, and get started again. We complained and griped some, but soon we were back to enjoying our little joy sticks. In fact we were enjoying them even more after spreading the lotion over them.

That was how my first time actually jerking myself off happened at a circle jerk. I remember being as fascinated watching my friends doing themselves as I was with what I was doing to myself. I know my friends all felt the same way. The way we ten-year-old boys saw it was that what we were doing on the sectional in Q’s family room was serious sex, although we would soon be modifying that outlook.

Perry was the first to have an orgasm. We all thought it was because he was the most experienced in the group. He moaned, shook, and told us how great it felt. As the rest of us continued, he told us about how his brother and most of his friends could shoot cum and how cool that was to watch.

What Perry said got Q going. His hand was flying and he became the first one of us to cuss while cumming. “Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuck, dudes, I feel it, I fucking feel it.” He twirled his hand around the head of his cock, which was covered with hand lotion, squeaked out, “Fuck,” one more time, then just made weird noises as we watched his cock twitch and his body shake.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and followed him by a few seconds. My hand was flying as my body jerked, my dick jerked, I made strange sounds, I grunted, and then fell back against the couch back with the second best orgasm of my young life.

Jung was next and he surprised himself and the rest of us. When he finished we saw that he had produced a small clear drop at the head of his penis.

Wow, guys, I think I did a cum like Perry says his brother does. Look!”

Of course we all took a close look and, except for Perry, were all suitably impressed. “That’s beginner cum, like what Marcus used to get. Dean and most of his friends shoot their stuff over themselves,” Perry said. I was getting tired of his telling us how much better the older boys were at this. I thought we could probably figure that out for ourselves.

That left Daniel. He’d had trouble getting hard to start, and now he was the only one who hadn’t had an orgasm. No matter, when he came he almost fell off the couch. It was his first time, and even after watching the rest of us he wasn’t prepared for what happened. When he sat back up he gave us a funny grin and said, “That’s the best thing ever. No wonder everybody likes sex. I wonder why my parents hate it.” Like everybody but Jung, his orgasm was dry.

The family room had its own small bathroom where we peed and brushed our teeth. Q had gone to the big bathroom earlier because that was where the lotion was. Perry and I shared the room, brushing our teeth at the same time. I walked over to the toilet after finishing my brushing and started to pee. Perry quickly stood next to me and started peeing as well.

Me and my brother and his friends like to pee…,” he started.

I know, you all like to pee together,” I finished.

Sometimes they even pee on me.”

He jerked his body toward me, but kept peeing into the bowl. “Sheesh, Red, don’t even think about it.”

Don’t call me Red.”

Your brother and his friends are totally gross,” I said ignoring his retort.

You can pee on me whenever you want to. You can do it now if you want.”

Like that will ever happen, and it sure won’t happen now; I’m all peed out. Besides, we’d have to clean it up.”

Jung, Perry, and Daniel each slept in his own sleeping bag. Q and I shared his, sleeping naked and enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies before drifting off to sleep. Perry, of course, had to tell us how his brother and his twelve and thirteen-year-old buddies often shared sleeping bags or a bed and how sometimes he got to sleep with an older kid. It wasn’t until later that we would learn what those older kids would do to him under the covers. Q and I were happy we could do what we knew the older boys did, which was sleep together. Nobody begrudged us sharing our sleeping bag—except maybe Perry who, I’m sure, would have loved to share with somebody as well.

When I woke up, I found Q’s arm wrapped around me and his body half-way onto mine. I also found myself with a rock-hard boner. I wondered if I could jerk off with Q almost hanging on to me. I put my hand on my nearly three-incher and started to work. My actions woke up Q. I looked into his bright blue eyes and whispered good-morning. He yawned and his eyes fluttered shut. I kept masturbating, going slow to try to keep Q from catching me.

I wasn’t very successful as his eyes opened again. “Are you jerking off?” he asked.

I had a boner,” I said, wanting to make sure he didn’t think I was a sex fiend because I was jerking off first thing in the morning.

I do, too,” he said.

Without asking permission I placed my hand on his erection. After all, the two of us had our first orgasms rubbing our cocks around each other, so I didn’t see a problem with me touching his boner. His erection was warm and hard and pulsing. I had one hand on his boner and one hand on mine and felt like I was in heaven. Daniel was right, how could anybody not like sex?

I had two erections in my hands for only a brief moment. Q pushed my hand away from my cock and replaced it with his own. We started stroking each other, doing what we knew Jung and Perry did together—jerking each other off. I heard a stirring and saw Perry sitting up, his skinny, pale chest and belly exposed while his sleeping bag covered him below the waist.

Are you guys jerking off?” he asked.

We’re jerking each other off,” Q told him.

Cool. That’s the best way to do it. I love it when…”

P, don’t even think about mentioning your brother and his friends.”

Don’t call me P. You know I don’t like it.” Being a little put out didn’t stop him from pulling down his sleeping bag flap to give us a glimpse of his own boner. Watching him expose himself got Q and me to jerking each other even harder. But that was as far as anyone got. We heard a noise from outside the room. Q and I let go of each other quickly and Perry ducked back under his sleeping bag.

Good morning, boys,” Q’s mother said, looking into the room through the entry. It was an open entry with no door, which shows how much we trusted Q’s parents not to bother us. I mean there we were last night, five naked little boys totally horny together for the first time, sitting on the sectional jerking ourselves for anybody to see. We were either very brave or very stupid.

Mom, can’t you let us sleep in? It’s not a school day.”

It’s past nine and it’s time for you boys to get cleaned up while I prepare breakfast.”

We all groaned, but knew we’d lost this battle before it had even begun. I wondered if she’d noticed that Q and I were in the same sleeping bag or that our underpants and t-shirts were strewn around the room.

How are going to get out of our sleeping bags?” Jung asked. “We’re all naked.”

I got my shorts with me,” Daniel said.

What, you weren’t naked?” Perry asked.

Yes, I was,” Daniel said while waving his shorts in the air. “I put them in my sleeping bag. I just wanted to be prepared.”

Just like a Boy Scout,” Jung said.

Daniel pulled on his shorts, then he gathered up our stuff. He handed our clothes to us so we could get dressed in our sleeping bags. Q and I would have to wait for another time to jerk each other off.

When breakfast was ready, the five of us seated ourselves in the dining room, clad in the bare minimum: t-shirts, underpants, and socks. “You boys and your underwear,” Q’s mom said. “You’d think it was a crime to be dressed.”

Well, you’re wearing a bathrobe and a nightgown,” Q pointed out, “so you’re barely ahead of us.”

And they are boys being boys,” Q’s dad said. “I’d be worried if they showed up in a jacket and tie, not when they show up in their underwear.” We all agreed with him as we started digging into our pancakes. I definitely liked how he thought.

The night when Q and I dry-humped each other, and the circle jerk at Q’s house, were when I awoke sexually. I was hooked. After I got home the day after the circle jerk I couldn’t get my mind off of having my fingers wrapped around Q’s cock. I wanted to do that again, only all the way to its conclusion. And of course I wanted Q’s hand back on my cock. My hand ended up giving me the third best feeling I’d ever had after my first two orgasms. I could tell that jerking off was going to be a good habit.

Between my awakening and my getting on the bus to head for my first day of middle school I discovered a little more about sex. Perry was our guide and he was more than willing to share the things he learned from his thirteen-year-old brother. Some of the things he talked about we didn’t want to do. Some of the things he did he didn’t want to share, at least not until we were older. But being friends with Perry probably made us more sexually aware than a lot of the boys in our sixth grade classes. But, as sexually sophisticated as we thought we were, in the end we were still preteen sexual bumpkins who were just scratching the surface. 

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