Rough Edges

Chapter Three: Brotherly Love

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While Larry’s sexual awakening came from his long-time friends, the source of Phil’s awakening comes from a much different source.

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[Phil Miller]

 Larry gave me a kiss and left for school. I’d be following him there in a while. I would be in charge of getting our equipment loaded on the bus, and then would help Larry herd 20 boys on board. We would be taking 15 active players, two JV players, who would be acting as bat boys, and three middle school boys who would help unload the equipment.

 I cleaned up the breakfast table and the kitchen, making sure everything was in its place and spotless. After all, who wants to return home to a mess after a weekend away? I’d take care of straightening the bedroom after taking a shower.

 After setting the shower to the desired temperature I entered the stall and took in the soothing heat of the water. My thoughts went to Larry and our talk at breakfast about how we met and what horny little boys we’d been back in middle school. Larry and I had both done some sexual experimenting with other boys, although I think for each of us it went a bit beyond experimenting. He had Q and I had Andy.

 The difference between us was that even at eleven he was beginning to realize he was infatuated with boys and that girls did little for him. If he’d been more sophisticated he would have admitted to being gay. On the other hand, I was in a state of confusion regarding my sexuality. I kept hearing other kids, including Keegan and sometimes Troy, ridiculing “faggots” even as they had sex with other boys and we three brothers enjoyed each other’s bodies. While I knew that being gay, being a faggot, was somehow wrong, I also knew that I felt things for boys that I didn’t feel for girls. My relationship with Andy solidified that and was one of many reasons for my self-loathing.

 My first real introduction to sex came when I was nine. It was a Friday night and mom and dad were going to go out, which for them meant dinner followed by drinking at a bar until closing time. While dad spent a lot of time at bars, it was rare for the two of them to go out together, partly because of the cost of a baby-sitter.

 “Troy is thirteen now,” dad told us, “and we feel he’s old enough to be responsible for watching over you.”

 None of us disagreed, especially Troy. I just hoped he wasn’t in one of his mean moods and would leave me alone and that Keegan would stay out of my way. It’s not that I couldn’t handle myself around them; I just didn’t like the hassle when they got in the mood to pick on me.

 Dad ordered us pizza which arrived just before he and mom left. Keegan, who was eleven then, pulled three cans of soda out of the refrigerator and the three of us starting digging in.

 Troy took a long swig of soda then let out a horrendous belch. “I wish I could drink some of dad’s beer,” he said before emitting a second burp.

 “You drink beer?” Keegan asked.

 “I’ve had a few with my buddies. Greg Loomis and David Ratner drink. They go to parties and everything. Their parents don’t give a fuck. As much beer as dad drinks you’d think he’d let me, instead of me having to sneak it.”

 “Did you ask him?”

 “Yes. He told me it wasn’t gonna happen. I asked him when he was drunk, too, and all he did was get mad. I thought if he was drunk he’d say yes.”

 I followed their conversation with interest. The idea of drinking beer wasn’t one that interested me, but the fact that my older brothers were talking about it made them seem even more grown up.

 “We could always take some out of his fridge,” Keegan said. “He’s got so many he wouldn’t miss them.” Dad had his own refrigerator down in the basement.

 “Did you say we?” Troy asked.

 “Well, if you’re gonna steal beers and drink them then I should help you.”

 “You’re only eleven, Keegan. Eleven-year-olds don’t drink beer.”

 “I bet most thirteen-year-olds don’t drink it either.”

 “Forget I said anything. He probably counts them and would kick the shit out of us if any were missing.”

 “You’re being a pussy.”

 “Shut-up or I’ll show you who’s a pussy.” Troy glared at Keegan who held his ground.

 “Suck my dick,” Keegan said.

 “You’d like that you little homo.”

 “I seen you suck David Ratner’s dick, so you can shut-up.”

 Troy got out of his seat and grabbed Keegan by his t-shirt. “Maybe you want me to give you a bloody nose.”

 “It’s the truth and you know it.”

 While the anger between my brothers bothered me, the topic interested me. I was listening to big boy talk—talk about drinking beer and having sex. I wasn’t real sure what sucking dick was all about, except that it meant a boy put his dick into somebody’s mouth.

 Troy let go of Keegan but kept staring at him. “When did you see me?” he asked.

 “A couple of weeks ago, when him and you were in your room.”

 “So you spied on me?”

 I could see that Keegan was starting to get a little frightened of Troy’s temper. We’d both seen him lose it and he could be as bad as dad sometimes. “I wasn’t spying,” he whined. “You left the door open.”

 “Shit, I told that dumb shit to close the door. I thought you were outside with Phil.”

 “I had to pee.”

 “Fuck. It was nothing gay. I’m no homo. We were messing around just like I mess around with some girls. It ain’t sex because we weren’t fucking. If you fuck then it’s gay.” He stopped for a moment, but I could see he quit being mad. That was one thing about Troy, he got mad quickly, and then everything was cool again, even if he might have bloodied your nose before he calmed down. “That’s if you fuck a guy,” he finally added. “It ain’t gay to fuck a girl.”

 I knew a little bit about fucking. Even fourth grade boys talk about sex. I’d even played some show and tell, so I’d seen a girl’s privates and I knew where a guy stuck his boner if he wanted sex. But, I couldn’t figure out how guys had sex. They didn’t have the pussy that a girl had.

 “So, if it ain’t gay to suck a guy, why did you get mad at me?”

 “Maybe I was pissed off. I wanted to try a beer.”

 “Dad gets pissed when he drinks beer and you get pissed when you don’t.”

 “Fuck,” Troy said, “dad don’t need no excuse to get pissed. He was born pissed.” I remember the first thought that went through my head was, just like you were.

 “Hey, Phil,” Troy said, finally noticing me, “you got anything to say?”

 “No.” Which was the truth. The conversation between my brothers was out of my league.

 “I have a boner. You got anything to say about that?”

 I shook my head, no, but I wanted to see it.

 “Prove it,” Keegan said.

 “Only if you sneak a beer with me.”

 “I thought you weren’t gonna do it. I said I’d do it and dad will never miss a couple of beers.”

 “Do you promise to drink one if I show you my dick?”

 “You’re crazy, bro. I’ll try one even if you don’t show it to me.”

 Troy pulled off his sweats and exposed his boner to us. It was probably four inches, cut, rock hard and sticking up in the air. I saw some scattered hairs along the edges of his pubic area, and his smooth balls hung down.

I am so horny. I wish we could get some girls to come over.”

Can I ask you something? I mean ask so you don’t get mad?” Keegan asked.

I’m not getting mad any more tonight.” Troy pulled his sweats all the way off. This was becoming more than show-and-tell.

Did David suck you?”

Fuck, yeah. No way I do it and not get any back. That’s another thing homos do—they suck a cock and don’t care if you suck them back.”

Did anybody else ever suck you?”

Troy grinned. “Lance Conroy did a couple of times. I think he might be a homo. He likes doing way too much. Linda Lewis done it, too.”

Wow! You did it with a girl? Was she naked? Did you fuck her?”

Yes, I did. No, she wasn’t naked, but it was close. She just had her panties on. And no, I don’t need no little baby.”

I was surprised that my little cock was hard. Looking at my brother’s boner was doing something I didn’t quite understand, but I liked it—looking at it made me feel grown up.

Hey, pipsqueak, go get two beers from dad’s fridge,” Troy ordered.

You mean me?” I asked dumbly.

Is anybody else in this room who is a little shit?” he asked.

Even more dumbly I looked around the room and realized I must be the one he was talking to. I headed down to the basement and opened the fridge. I was a bit scared. I’d seen on TV shows how the police could catch bad guys by using their fingerprints. I wonder if dad could do the same thing if he discovered he had two missing beers. I decided to chance it and took not two, but three beers out of the fridge. I shut the door with my foot and took the beers upstairs.

When I got back to the living room, I saw that Keegan was naked as well. He also had a boner, but it wasn’t nearly as long or thick as Troy’s and it didn’t have any hair, which made it a lot like mine. I handed Troy and Keegan each a beer.

Why’d you bring three?” Troy asked. “I told you to just bring two—one for me and one for Keegan.”

I want one, too.”

Fuck, no. You’re just nine. No way you drink beer. I never drunk one until I was eleven like Keegan.”

I’m old enough.”

Troy didn’t argue, he simply took the beer away from me. I wanted to kick him, but I only fought my brother if he tried to hit me first.

If I can’t drink beer, can I get naked?”

Keegan started to laugh. “Why do you want to get naked for, you ain’t got nothing to show anybody?”

Go ahead and take your clothes off,” Troy said. “It won’t hurt nothing. Being naked isn’t like drinking beer.”

He can get naked and suck my dick,” Keegan said. “Then, if I don’t suck him back, it will prove he’s a little homo.”

I’m no homo,” I protested. I wasn’t sure what I was protesting, except I knew that being a homo wasn’t good.

Troy popped open his beer and Keegan followed suit. Troy took a big swig and swallowed, and once again Keegan followed his big brother. He grimaced, but swallowed his swig of beer.

Why do people drink this shit,” he sputtered.

Took me time to get used to the taste,” Troy said, “but it don’t taste that bad after you drink one or so. Maybe you gotta be an adult to like it.”

You said you were eleven when you had your first one.”

Yeah, I had one beer and it made me all dizzy. I liked that feeling even if it tasted like shit.”

I gotta see how it makes me feel.” Keegan took another swig and grimaced again. “Hey, look at Phil, he’s all boned up.”

Damn, you got naked quick. I didn’t even notice.” He looked me over. “Fuck, you’re almost as big as Keegan.”

Ain’t no way,” Keegan squeaked as he took another swallow. “My dick’s gotta be bigger. I’m older. My head’s feeling funny.”

Who’s gonna suck my dick?” Troy asked.

Brothers don’t suck each other’s dicks. That’s worse than being a homo.”

Grant O’Day gets his dick sucked by his brother. He’s fourteen.”

How old’s his brother?” Keegan took another swallow.

I think he’s ten.” That got Keegan to looking at me.

I’m only nine,” I said, knowing what he was thinking.

Troy took a quick swallow of beer. “Keegan, you better slow down or you’re gonna get drunk. We can’t let dad know we’re drinking his beer.”

Fuck you, you can’t tell me what to do.”

I can kick the shit out of you; that will tell you something.”

I knew Troy could beat up Keegan. I’d seen him do it more than once. I was just hoping they wouldn’t break any furniture if they started fighting. But, Troy managed to diffuse the tension.

You can drink all the beer you want if you suck my dick,” Troy said.

You gotta suck mine back to keep from being a homo.”

The little shit can do it for me, and it’s all even.”

I’m no homo,” I said again.

Nobody said you were,” Troy said. “You’re doing it for me, like I said. Do you shoot cum, Keegan?”

Not yet.”

Then no reason Phil can’t suck you. If you shot I’d do it so he wouldn’t get a mouthful.”

A mouthful of what?” I asked. I had no idea what they were talking about.

You’re too young.”

I ain’t too young to suck Keegan for you, but I’m too young to drink beer and too young to know about what goes into my mouth.” I was getting tired of my brothers treating me like a baby.

Quit whining. You want to be treated like you’re grown up then you gotta act like you’re grown up.” Troy looked over at Keegan and held out his cock. “Suck me.”

Keegan took another swallow of beer and belched. “It’s tasting better.” His high pitched boy’s voice was starting to slur. “I want that other beer. I’m almost done with this one.”

Suck my dick and you got it.”

Remember, I ain’t no homo.”

Troy sat on the couch and spread his legs. “Come on, bro, suck me.” He took a swallow of his own. “I promise you ain’t no homo.”

Keegan got down on his knees and looked at Troy’s teen cock, pointing to it. “What’s that? Pee?”

It’s precum. Grown up boys make it. Don’t worry, it won’t poison you.”

You’ve tasted it?”

Can’t suck anybody without tasting it or tasting real cum, unless you’re sucking somebody too young to make it like you and Phil. Don’t worry, it don’t taste bad.”

Yeah, like beer don’t taste bad.” Keegan swallowed the last of his beer.

Suck me,” Troy said in what I thought was a really weird voice. I know now he was overcome with hormones and lust.

Keegan grimaced and put the head of Troy’s cock in his mouth.

Put it all in,” Troy pleaded. “Don’t be a wuss, put it all in.”

I want more beer.”

I told you, suck me, Keegan, and you got it. Put it all the way in.”

Keegan put Troy’s dick back in his mouth. I sat on the loveseat, naked. I put my fingers around my little boy cock and started masturbating like there was no tomorrow. I’d never gone beyond simply playing with myself, but what I did then felt beyond anything I’d ever done to myself before.

I watched Troy’s cock sink deeper into Keegan’s mouth and listened to Troy moan. I was watching my brothers having sex and it was one of the most fascinating things I had ever seen. I listened to Troy give Keegan instructions on how to suck him better and seemed to be satisfied with what Keegan was doing. I listened to everything Troy said, wondering what it would be like to do what Keegan was doing.

I decided to find out. I got off the loveseat, got on my hands and knees, and crawled to the couch. I went under Troy’s left leg and looked at Keegan’s hairless boner. It was no more than four inches long. I put my mouth around his head, worried it would taste terrible, but finding out that it tasted like my own fingers—like skin.

What the fuck are you doing, Phil?” Troy asked.

I grunted and kept sucking. Even as a nine-year-old I knew that was a stupid question. It was obvious what I was doing; I was sucking my brother’s dick just like he was sucking my other brother’s dick. I didn’t know how it was for them, but I knew, even at my tender age, that having a cock in my mouth was something special. The hard, yet soft, shaft of skin and tissue felt perfect in my mouth. I also knew that nobody could ever find out how much I liked it.

We three brothers were a tangled up mess of naked bodies on the couch, but somehow we got things done. Troy did Keegan a favor and warned him he was cumming, giving Keegan the chance to pull off, which he did. The result was my seeing what Troy and Keegan had been talking about. Well, I did more than just see it; I got whatever didn’t land on Keegan in my hair and on my back.

Eww, that stuff is nasty,” I hissed, even though I found it fascinating.

Keegan fell back on his back, cum on his face and chest. I had lost his cock, but got it back into my mouth. It didn’t take me long to bring Keegan off. I felt his cock bounce and twitch in my mouth as his body shuddered to a violent dry cum. I finally let my brother’s softening cock drop from my mouth and wondered how my brothers felt as they had their orgasms. I didn’t have one that night, but I found out soon enough how great it felt.

Fuck, Phil is a little cock hound,” Troy said. “I guess you ain’t too young after all.” I grinned at the compliment. “You and Keegan need to get in the shower and get my cum off of yourselves.”

Not until I get that other beer,” Keegan said. “I don’t care if it’s on me as long as it wasn’t in my mouth.”

Maybe Phil will lick it off of you.”

Uh,uh,” I said. “That sounds gross.”

Keegan opened the beer and guzzled some down. He’d not only sucked his first cock that night, he got drunk for the first time as he ended up drinking a third beer as well. That night was a precursor to what Keegan’s entire life would become—even at eleven he drank alcoholically.

He never did take his shower, but I did. Troy showered with me and cleaned me up pretty well.

Are we ever going to do this again?” I asked as we showered.

Do you want to?”

Yep. I had fun.”

Will you want to suck me?”

You can even fill up my mouth,” I said, not really sure about what that meant. “Can I have a beer then, too?”

Squirt, there are some things you really are too young to do, and drinking beer is one of them.”

That was my introduction to sex, but I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to make use of my new knowledge. Troy and Keegan learned something that night, too. Dad never said anything about the missing beers, so they figured he didn’t inventory them. It wasn’t like they became regular beer drinkers, at least not then. They simply didn’t have the opportunity, just like we didn’t have the opportunity to all do sexual things together.

Keegan would soon be drinking regularly. Ironically, it was not Troy who would become his drinking partner—it would be dad.

I remember dropping hints about us messing around again, but Troy said he didn’t want to do anything when mom and dad were home, which was most of the time. While dad often went out to bars, mom usually stayed at home. It was rare that they went out together.

Two months after my first experience with sex, I had another opportunity. I’d just turned ten, my birthday being kind of a non-event. I was a loner with few friends, so who was I going to invite to a party, the kids I had fights with?

Yeah, I fought a lot. I wasn’t a bully and I didn’t pick on people, but because I was small for my age the bullies saw me as a target. I had to continually remind them that they needed to find a different target. By the end of each school year, I usually wasn’t very well liked, but I was respected, and maybe even feared some. Sometimes I’d piss off one of the tough kids just so he would come after me and I could fight him.

With as much as we moved I should have been an expert at making new friends. Instead, I quickly learned that friends were ethereal, real one day and forgotten dust the next. It was easier to be a loner and make it clear I didn’t want any friends, which wasn’t really true. I did want friends, but I didn’t want to deal with the side effects.

Anyway, my birthday was a small family party, complete with a dinner of my choice (spaghetti and meat balls), a birthday cake, cards, and a couple of presents. Dad didn’t even go out drinking and was nice to me and everybody else. I thought it was a pretty good birthday.

The next day, Dad made up for being in a good mood. He didn’t come home until a couple of hours after dinner and he’d obviously been drinking. He pulled a beer out of the refrigerator and yelled at mom because she hadn’t kept his dinner warm. She put a plate of food into the microwave and he yelled for Troy to come to the kitchen.

Troy had turned fourteen a month before my birthday. He was average in height, but had a stocky build. He’d played football on the middle school team last fall and was a strong, well-built kid.

Why the fuck isn’t the lawn mowed? I asked you to mow the fucking lawn. Is that too much to fucking ask?” Dad was yelling at him just like he’d yelled at mom. I decided it was time to retire to my bedroom.

I did mow the fucking lawn,” Troy yelled back. “If you didn’t come home drunk, you might even fucking notice it.”

Don’t you be cussing at me, boy!”

I started slinking out of the kitchen when dad yelled, “And where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

Um…to the bathroom. I gotta go pee.”

Just hold it. I want you to see what happens when you boys don’t do your jobs, like maybe using my belt on your big brother’s big ass.”

The lawn got mowed,” Troy said.

You must have done a damn poor job of it if I can’t tell.”

Maybe you should look out the fucking window and find out.”

Dad took a step up to Troy and backhanded him. Troy didn’t back down or say a word. He held his ground and glared at dad like he was going to strike the next blow. Dad turned and looked out the window. “Too fucking dark to tell anything.”

You’re too fucking drunk to tell anything.”

Get the fuck in your room you little bastard. I ought to beat your ass raw.”

Troy turned to walk out and I followed right behind, only to have a big hand grab on to my jeans. “Don’t you end up being like your brothers—ungrateful bastards.” He held on to me and started spanking my ass. It stung, even through my jeans.

I didn’t do nothing,” I yelled. “What are you hitting me for?”

I’m hitting you so you don’t turn out like your brothers. Where the fuck is Keegan? Now there’s a piece of shit for you,” he said to mom as she plopped his warmed up dinner on the table. He turned back to me. “Drop your pants.”


He grabbed me and shook me, “Drop your fucking pants.”

Leave the boy alone,” mom said, “he hasn’t done a thing.”

Dad ignored her. “Drop ‘em.”

I had tears dripping down my cheeks, but I wasn’t going to start sobbing, not for him. I unbuckled my jeans and dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, standing in front of my drunken father in a t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting, off-white briefs. “Turn around and grab your ankles.” I did what he told me and he spanked my now almost bare ass three times, even harder than before. “Now go to your fucking room and don’t be like your brothers.”

I was sobbing now. I felt totally humiliated, but also somewhat grateful he at least let me keep my underpants on and didn’t spank my bare bottom, which he had done before.

Quit your crying and go to your room, you little piece of shit,” dad snarled at me.

I started out of the kitchen when he yelled at me to pick up my pants. I grabbed them off of the floor and mumbled that I hadn’t done anything. Luckily dad either didn’t hear me or elected to ignore me so he could eat. That was life with my dad. You could do your job and mow the lawn, or just be within sight of him, and you could get your face slapped or your ass spanked. Mom might protest, but she was completely ineffective. That was dad when he was drunk, but he could also be outgoing and funny when he was sober, like he was on my birthday—you just never knew what to expect.

That should have been the end of the affair, but not in my family. Troy burst into Keegan’s bedroom and pulled him off of his bed where he was looking at a magazine.

Where the fuck were you?” he yelled.

Let go of me you motherfucker.”

Answer my question first—where the fuck were you?” I heard the yelling and peeked into the room, still half-dressed.

What are you talking about? I was in my room reading. Now let go of me and get out of my room. You’re fucking crazy.”

Not until I give you what you missed by hiding from dad.” Troy backhanded Keegan across his cheek, turned him around, and then kicked him in the ass, knocking him on to his bed.

You are one fucked up asshole,” Keegan screamed, fighting back tears.

That’s what me and Phil got from dad while you were up here reading. And since when do you read anything?” He picked up the magazine and saw it was a “Playboy”. “Shit, you were beating your meat while dad was beating your brothers. You couldn’t come down and help?”

I didn’t hear nothing.”

The fuck you didn’t.” Troy tossed the magazine over to me. “You can get more out of this than Keegan,” he told me. “At least you got balls.”

I took the magazine to my room and lay down on my stomach. My butt was still stinging and being prone seemed like the best way to go. I looked through the magazine at the naked women. They were interesting and different and gave me some sexual tingling, but overall my thoughts started turning to the night I had given Keegan a blow job. That had been much more interesting.

I wondered where Keegan got the magazine. He was twelve now and just finishing sixth grade. I knew he was running around with some older kids, mostly eighth graders. He sometimes came home after being with them with beer on his breath and another smell that Troy said was pot. A couple of weekends he spent the night with his friends and came home sick the next morning. He was like dad when he had a hangover, but he never got into trouble for it. Keegan did not handle being the middle son very well.

The day ended with me in my room wondering what to do with a “Playboy” that didn’t interest me, with Keegan in his room sulking from being knocked around by Troy, and Troy somewhere sulking from being knocked around by dad. Just another day in the life of the Miller family.

Two days later dad sat us down at the table. He was sober. No mention was made of his rant. One thing about dad, he never apologized for being an asshole, although I wonder now if maybe he simply didn’t remember what he had done.

Your mom and I are going away for the weekend. I’m leaving Troy in charge.”

Why can’t we go?” Keegan asked.

Because this is an adult kind of thing is why. How about I take y’all camping later in the summer to make up for it?” Sometimes dad followed through on those promises, but usually he didn’t, so we didn’t react.

What are we going to eat?” Troy asked.

Mom will make you something before we go, and you can have the leftovers or a microwave dinner on Saturday.”

What about pizza?” I asked hopefully.

Dad looked at me and smiled. He really did have a great smile. “Okay, I’ll leave some pizza money.”

Then Dad sent me out of the room, saying he had important things to talk about with Keegan and Troy. I left, but didn’t go far. I sat next to an old vent that would let me hear everything that was being said. We often used it to keep abreast of the latest family news, usually the latest disagreements between mom and dad.

You boys are growing up,” dad said. “I feel good about leaving y’all alone for a couple of nights. Just watch Phil close, him being the baby and all. He gets his feelings hurt easy.”

Listening to that made me mad. I wanted to run into the room and say I was no baby, I was ten years old. And I wanted to yell that if I got my feelings hurt so easily why did he whip my almost bare butt for doing nothing wrong? I could handle a whipping when I fucked up, even if I didn’t like it much. But, having to take my pants off for a spanking when I hadn’t done anything wrong was still eating at me.

I got a feeling though,” dad went on, “that you boys being the age you are have been experimenting.” Whoa, I thought, did dad know about us doing sex the last time he and mom were gone?

I figure you’ve both tried some beers and shit, maybe even smoking some weed.” Oh boy, I knew they were in trouble now. “I’m okay with that as long as you don’t overdo it. Hell, I started drinking when I was just a little older than Keegan. But I don’t want no weed here in the house. The army has ways of finding out shit like that, so if you toke, do it at your friends’ houses.” I totally could not believe what I was hearing. It was like he was giving permission to smoke and drink.

I don’t smoke weed,” Keegan said defensively.

Son, if you want to lie to me, go ahead, then I’ll go taking it out of your hide. I just said it wasn’t a big deal to me and then you got to go lie about something you weren’t even asked.”

I wasn’t lying.”

Damn it, just shut up a minute or I’ll change my mind.”


Just shut up like he said, Keegan,” Troy butted in. “I want to hear what he’s gonna say. It might even be something good.”

Yeah, but…”

Shut up, Keegan.” Troy paused and then asked, “Are we gonna like it dad?”

I think you will as long as your brother shuts up until I leave the room. Otherwise, forget it.”

Dad then offered my brothers each two beers a night if they promised not to give me any. He told them he would talk to me and remind me he had no problem spanking my ass if I disobeyed. I was amazed at my dad being that good to Troy and Keegan, especially since he seemed to know they were lying to him about drinking beer and, at least as far as Keegan was concerned, smoking weed. He also let them know that none of their friends could come to the house while he and mom were gone. I thought that wouldn’t be a problem since we never had friends come here much anyway, outside of Troy’s friend, David Ratner. I had tried unsuccessfully to catch Troy sucking David’s cock.

Dad had his little talk with me later, not knowing that I already knew what was going on. He reminded me of the no friends rule as well.

Can I go to a friend’s house?” I asked in the unlikely case I made a friend tomorrow who would want me to come to his house.

Sure, but no spending the night,” he said, as if my spending the night at somebody’s house was routine.

Dad got home from work early on Friday, not long after we got off of school. Mom cooked up a dinner, as promised. It was mac and cheese, which guaranteed we’d dig in and like it. Dad left us money for Saturday night pizza.

Your beer is in the main fridge,” dad said.

Keegan took a look inside the fridge. “Dad, that’s like a half-rack. That’s more than eight.”

Where did you learn what a half case is called?” dad asked.

Kids learn stuff,” Keegan said, defensively.

Well, because you boys were good since I talked to you, you can have three a day instead of two. That should give you a decent buzz.” What he meant was that should get them a little drunk.

After dad left, Keegan expressed his unhappiness. “Three beers a night ain’t enough. I’ve done a six-pack at Marshall’s house.”

You are such a liar,” Troy told him. “You’re fucking twelve years old…drinking a six pack would knock you on your ass.”

Like you would know,” Keegan said. “I bet you never drank a six pack in one night.”

Three is my most.”

I challenge you to see who can drink the most tonight.”

We only got a half-rack.”

So? We just go raid dad’s beer fridge in the basement.”

Keegan, you’re so full of shit.”

Keegan stood up and looked down at his older brother. Troy then stood up and looked down at his younger brother. “You ready to go at it, bro?” Troy asked.

Fuck yeah, let’s do it.”

When’s the last time you won a fight against me, other than never?”

Even little old me could inflict pain on my older brother because I fought with almost uncontrolled fury, but Keegan didn’t have the kind of drive needed to fight his older brother with any kind of success. I didn’t want to see the two of them spill blood and wreck furniture, so I tried to think of some way to be the peacekeeper other than stepping in between them. I said the first thing that came to my mind.

Anybody want a blow job?”

I know that sounded lame, but I had been thinking about giving at least one of them a blow job since dad said he and mom were leaving us alone for the weekend. Well, to be honest, I’d been thinking about it since the time I sucked off Keegan. At age ten I had become fascinated with cocks. I found I loved having one in my mouth. I didn’t understand what those thoughts meant. I did know that they were wrong, but they were also delightfully naughty. I’d had Keegan’s cock in my mouth and I wanted it to happen again.

Keegan and Troy stopped glaring at each other; instead they turned to look at me. “What the fuck,” Troy said, “are you crazy, bro?”

I just wanted to stop you guys from fighting. I thought it would be fun to do, like last time we done it.”

I told you he was a little cock hound,” Troy told Keegan. “Since when did you have anything against fighting, squirt? I thought you live by those fists of yours.”

I just wanted to have fun tonight.”

What do you think, bro?” Troy asked Keegan.

I’m good with it, but I ain’t sucking you,” Keegan said. “This time you might not pull out.”

I guess that means you’re gonna suck Phil.”

Oh, yes, I thought, please do. I had wondered what it would be like to have my dick sucked. Maybe tonight I’d find out.

Keegan hesitated and Troy said, “It’s not like you haven’t had a cock in your mouth before.”

Okay, I’ll suck Phil as long as he sucks you, and I get one of your beers.”

So, I get two tonight and you get four?”

Keegan nodded.

I’d rather have a blow job than drink beer,” Troy said.

I’d rather have the beer and get the BJ from a girl instead of a brother.”

You had a girl suck your dick?” I asked incredulously.

Last week. Marilee Martin at Rory’s party. It was sweet. Everybody was cheering. She swallowed, too.”

Are you saying you shoot now?” Troy asked.

Bro, I’m twelve. I even got a couple of hairs. Fuck, where have you been?”

Not naked with you.”

You will be tonight, bro. Now, I want to start drinking those beers.”

That was how I kept the peace that night. It’s cemented in my mind how much I liked being a little cock hound, even though I would waste a lot of time fighting that thought as I started reaching puberty.

The three of us stripped down quickly, all rock hard. The atmosphere had changed from the anger that brought my brothers close to spilling blood, to one of three horny boys—one fully into puberty, one coming into puberty, and one on the cusp of puberty--ready to get off.

Troy and I both looked for pubic hairs on Keegan, but we couldn’t find a hint of one, let alone two.

You are such a liar, Keegan,” Troy said as he rubbed his open hand along Keegan’s pubic region.

Marilee said she saw them.”

Fuck, you were probably so stoned and fucked up you don’t know what she saw.”

I swear I saw two of them.”

Just shut up.”

I did what I wanted to do; I sucked off Troy. He had grown since we had our little suck fest. I don’t think it was four-and-a-half inches, but it was more than the four inches I remember from that time. We weren’t into preliminaries; this was about boys getting off. I put his cock into my mouth, at least as much of it as I could. He was longer and thicker than Keegan, but I thought I was doing pretty good to get as much into my mouth as I did.

He was leaking precum, which made him taste much different than Keegan had. Plus, he had a decent bush of pubic hairs, but no hairs on his balls. The musk of young teen permeated his groin and I loved it. I was loving this; Troy was right, I was a little cock hound.

Bro, play with my balls and the bottom of my cock while you suck me.” I did as he asked, using my right hand to stimulate him at the same time I used my mouth to do the same.

I guess I must have really turned him on. He told me what a great job I was doing, especially since I couldn’t take most of him into my mouth. He soon warned me he was ready to cum and told me I might want to remove his cock from my mouth. But, I had once told him I wanted him to fill my mouth and boy did I let him.

I could feel his balls pull up with one hand and I could feel his cock expand with the other as well as with my mouth. Troy grunted and he groaned and he shook and his cum started shooting into me in a series of spurts that overwhelmed me. I coughed and I choked and I swallowed and I let whatever I couldn’t swallow flow down my chin and onto my chest and belly and my bare pubic area and my cock and the floor. It seemed like he shot gallons, although I knew it really wasn’t that much.

Oh shit, Phil,” Troy said between pants of breath, “you’re a fucking natural.”

Keegan set down the can of beer that was in his hand and squeaked out, “Fuck dudes, somebody suck my dick. I gotta cum bad.”

You gotta suck Phil first,” Troy told him. “You know you come way down and don’t want to do shit after you cum.”

That is so much bullshit,” Keegan said.

We agreed to the order before we started.”

Keegan picked up his can and took another long swig, trying not to choke and cough it all out of his mouth. He was attempting to look more experienced at drinking beer than he actually was.

You are so fucked,” Keegan said. It seemed like he was slurring his words a little.

But, he set his beer down again and had me sit on the couch. Without another word I put my little tool into his mouth and he started giving me a blow job. And boy was it worth waiting for. He sucked me like crazy, I moaned like crazy, I know I squeaked and squealed like crazy. I fully understood why a guy getting his dick sucked was a big deal. I got it, totally and completely.

I held on to Keegan and started fucking his mouth. It was purely instinctive, and it felt so fucking good doing it.

Damn, Phil, slow the fuck down,” Keegan said.

Phil is really into this,” Troy said proudly.

Then the explosion happened. I let out a long high-pitched cry, my body shook, my dick jumped around in Keegan’s mouth as it was flooded by sensations I never before imagined as was the rest of my body. If this was sex, I wanted more of it. I fell back against the couch as Keegan let me go.

Okay, bro, your turn,” Keegan demanded of Troy.

Troy had Keegan get on the couch next to me and started in on him. Keegan swallowed more beer as his big brother gave him his blow job. I watched as he took Keegan’s entire cock in his mouth as his lips went right down to his bald pubic area. If he had two pubic hairs, I never saw them. Like Troy and me, Keegan didn’t last long, and he had a noisy orgasm as well. I could see Troy swallow as Keegan pushed his cock deep into Troy’s mouth.

Damn bro, you shot about three good gobs,” Troy told Keegan.

Mine’s still kinda watery, not all thick like yours,” Keegan slurred.

I don’t have any at all,” I added somewhat glumly.

You’re ten years old,” Troy told me. “It’ll come.” He stopped and laughed. “Get it? It’ll cum. Get it? Pretty good, huh?”

Hah, hah, hah,” Keegan snickered.

I liked it,” I said. I was not trying to kiss Troy’s ass. But, over the last year or so he’d gone from being a bullying big brother to being a cool big brother and was even a little protective of me, even though I had proved to him that I could handle myself, which might be why he felt protective.

Troy and Keegan were another story, though. Keegan didn’t get along much with Troy and he didn’t get along with me either.

The only reason I sucked you all the way is because you don’t shoot none,” Keegan said as he opened another beer.

Well, think about this, bro,” Troy told him. “I swallowed your jizz so you owe me one.”

Fuck you, you fuckin’ homo.”

Is that your third beer?”

It’s my fucking fourth but who the fuck is counting. I took Phil’s.” Keegan started giggling. “I took Phil’s and Phil don’t even drink.”

You took mine, asshole. I should kick the shit out of you now and get it over with.”

Keegan took a long swig, belched loudly, and started giggling again. “I wish we had weed here. I want to get high real bad. Maybe I can call Greg and get me some weed, but I need money. I gotta go pee.” Keegan got up off of the couch, took two steps, and fell. “Oh, shit, I didn’t fall cuz I was drunk did I? Nope, fucking Phil musta tripped me. I gotta get to the can.” Keegan tried to get up, but couldn’t. “I better crawl to the toilet or I’ll piss on the floor,” which is what he ended up doing anyway when he reached the bathroom.

As Keegan crawled awkwardly away Troy looked at me. “Keegan’s getting like dad.”

I nodded, knowing exactly what he meant.

Hey, bro, don’t worry about cum and dick size and drinking beer. You’re ten. I’ll tell you this, I sure wasn’t sucking cocks and swallowing cum when I was ten. I never even thought about it.” He looked around the room and said, “If Keegan is drinking his fourth beer and I’ve had one, there’s gotta be one left somewhere. I took out six of them.”

I reached behind a pillow and handed it to him with a shit-eating grin on my face.

You’re okay for a little shit, and don’t forget it.” He popped open the beer. “I better drink this before Keegan gets his fucking hands on it.”

He’s too drunk to drink more.”

Little twelve-year-old downing almost four beers pretty quick. From what they told us in health, yeah, he’s drunk out of his mind. I better go check on him.” He wasn’t happy when he found Keegan lying in a pool of piss on the bathroom floor.

Since this isn’t the story of my brothers and me I won’t go much farther. But I couldn’t help thinking about how I discovered what I liked sexually when I was ten. Troy taught me a lot more after that, not because he was gay, since he wasn’t, but because he was my older brother and teaching little brothers about sex and stuff is what he thought older brothers did. I learned more about giving blow jobs, about masturbation technique, and about dry humping another boy. He didn’t into anal stuff outside of rubbing my pucker when we made out and fingering until we got older. Discovering that world would end up being up to me.

That summer we moved yet again, this time to Tacoma. With Troy starting his freshman year in high school he hoped we would never have to move again. Keegan and I hoped the same thing. We were tired of bouncing around.

I ended up spending a lot of nights sleeping with Troy. We felt safe doing it since dad never checked on us at night and we were responsible for getting ourselves up. Still, if I woke up during the night I would usually go back to my own bed.

It was during this time that Troy taught me how to kiss. I loved kissing my big brother, and I think he liked it, too. He often made sure to tell me about the girls he kissed and made out with when we bedded together. One night he put his cock between my legs and humped me as we lay side-by-side and deep kissed. He told me before he started that he’d fucked his first girl the previous Saturday and gave me the details of how he got into bed naked with her and managed to go all the way. The fact that he shared this and then had sex with me and kissed me passionately was special to me.

We managed to have a couple of fights, too. I think Troy wanted to test me to make sure I could still handle him and that I would be tough enough to handle any other fifth grader when the new school year started in a new school. Troy and Keegan didn’t get along at all, and up to the start of the school year, Keegan hadn’t repaid his blow job.

Today, Troy is a college and law school graduate. He works as an attorney with the King County Prosecutor’s office and is married with two sons, ages eight and five. He accepts my being gay and truly loves Larry. The last time I saw him he gave us a challenge. “Look guys, I know Larry is a teacher in a small town, but I also know that same sex marriage is legal in Washington State. I sure would like Larry to quit being my unofficial brother-in-law and become my official brother-in-law, and Uncle Larry to the boys.”

Well, like you said, Mayfield is a small town,” Larry said.

Fuck, Larry, I’ve never known you to be a wuss. Everybody in that one-horse town knows you two are a couple, and everybody knows what a great job of teaching and coaching you do. So you guys should just go and make the whole thing official.”

We said we’d give it some serious thought. It wasn’t like we hadn’t been talking about it ever since gay marriage became legal. For now I was more willing than Larry was, but I understood where he was coming from. Still, there were a lot of people saying we should consider marriage, from Troy, to Larry’s parents, to some of Larry’s fellow faculty members. Even some of his former students and players have discussed the idea with us.

Keegan hasn’t been nearly as successful with his life. He’s a practicing alcoholic and addict, just like dad. The fact is, dad helped him on his way to his depraved lifestyle. He’s been in jail a couple of times, has trouble holding down a job, and has found himself homeless on occasion. He has one child that we know of, a son born out of wedlock, but nobody seems to know where he is, other than somewhere unknown with her mother. Keegan was a drunk and a pothead and a real mess before he left middle school. He dropped out of high school during his junior year. He usually gets in touch with Troy, mom, or me when he needs money.

My look into the past at my sexual awakening with my brothers had made me pretty damned horny, but I didn’t have time to do much about it. I needed to get to the high school and help get the equipment on the bus and then help Larry get the players on the bus.

I was excited about the upcoming weekend. I’d done my share to mold this team, just like I had Larry’s other two state tournament teams. I doubt we will be able to match the thrill of those back-to-back state titles, nor will we ever find a group of boys like the ones who made up those two teams. But this team was pretty damned good. We had a great group of kids, two of whom had played key roles in the second championship as sophomores. No matter the outcome, the thrill would be in the journey. Larry and I were ready to take that ride, and I’m sure the players on the Mayfield Mustangs were, too.

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