The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3

Preparations and Another Birthday

When we got back to the house, I decided to chat with the other adults.  Seeing they were sitting around the dining room table, I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to join them. 

“What’s up?” I asked, since they suddenly went quiet. 

“We’ve just been sharing our observations about today’s visit,” Brandon explained. 

“Anything I should be concerned about?” 

“No, we were just talking about it in general.  We thought it went fine and those three should fit in very well,” Dad answered. 

“I asked Noah what he and Holly were chatting about,” Pop followed, “and he said they were just talking about what their high schools were like and about going to college in the fall.” 

“Do you think there might be something more happening there?” I wanted to know. 

“Maybe, but I think most of it is just because they have so much in common.” 

“I hope that’s all,” I replied.  “Oh, and by the way, during the ride home I realized that we’re going to be really crowded in the SUV from now on, seeing we’re adding three more bodies.  We might have to look around for a bigger vehicle.” 

“I think the next size up is a bus,” Pop joked. 

“You don’t have to do that,” Dion interjected.  “Trey and I have been talking about this for quite a while now, and I think we’re going to shop around for an SUV too.” 

“We’ll keep our car as well, for when it’s just our family,” Trey added.  “Kind of like you guys did with keeping your car.” 

“That would help to take care of the overcrowding problem.  Instead of Wyatt riding with us, I suspect he, the twins, and possibly a couple of the other boys will want to ride with you.” 

“That would be fine, and we wouldn’t have to borrow your SUV when school starts again,” Dion continued.  “Even though Noah won’t be riding with us, we’ll be adding the twins.” 

“Then I think we’re all set as far as transportation is concerned,” I confirmed.  “When I was at their house, Holly took me to see her bedroom and explained what she’d like us to do with the room here.  She’s going to be bringing her own furniture with her, so we’ll also need to remove what’s in there already, and we’ll have to paint the room, along with putting up some shelves.” 

“We’ve still got a couple of weekends to get that done,” Brandon stated. 

“And maybe we should do it the next time Wyatt and Tristan stay with Revin.  They require our attention more than the others, so it will give us the extra time to complete everything.” 

“That’s a good idea, but I’m afraid it won’t work out as well as you think,” Dad contradicted.  “The next time they’re going to stay with Revin is the weekend of Elliot’s commencement.” 

“Damn, that slipped my mind.” 

“Are you planning to take all of the boys with you?” Dad followed. 

“I don’t want to, because we won’t get back until Monday night, but what else would we do?”

“I have a suggestion, if you want to hear it?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Seeing it’s the same weekend Tristan and Wyatt are supposed to stay with Revin, they probably won’t want to miss out on doing that, so why don’t you and Brandon go alone.”  He paused briefly while I considered his suggestion, and then he spoke again.  “On second thought, you might want to take Noah as well, but we can take care of the other boys for you.”

“Ok, I suppose that would work,” I concurred, “and we can take a video of the various events so the rest of you can see it when we get back.  I don’t think Elliot will mind, as long as Brandon and I are there.  We’ve already told our staffs not to schedule any appointments for that Monday and we’ve arranged for one of our colleagues to cover any emergencies.  Besides, we’ll just explain it’s the end of the school year and we didn’t want them to miss a day of classes.  We’ll tell him we thought it would be best if the other boys stayed home and focused on their studies instead.” 

“I agree,” Brandon added, “and Noah can take whatever he needs with him and study in the car or the hotel room.  We’ve already reserved a room with two beds for the two nights, since we felt Elliot might want to stay with us one or both nights, but now Noah can stay in the room with us instead.” 

“And if you explain to us what needs to be done, we can fix up the bedroom for you,” Trey offered. 

“Thank you.  That would be a huge help.” 

Now that those issues had been cleared up, I went to send the boys upstairs to get ready for bed, and then we went up to say goodnight.  As Brandon and I were getting ready for bed too, he looked at me and spoke. 

“Sometimes it’s a huge advantage to be part of such a large family, like now when everyone is offering to help out.”

“It certainly is, and it all leads back to Dad.  He’s the one who brought us all together and made this possible, and now we’re doing the same for our sons.  I hope they appreciate it as much as we do when they get older.”

“I’m sure they will,” Brandon confirmed as we were getting in bed and spooning together. 

The next morning, we woke up the boys so they could get ready for church, and then we did the same.  Once everyone was set, we had them load into the SUV, and we picked up Becky and the boys along the way.  While we were waiting for our Sunday school class to begin, Becky asked me a question. 

“Would you mind if Wyatt and Tristan spent some more time with us today?  They weren’t at the house very long yesterday, because I had to take them back so they would be at your place when the other kids visited.”  

“I’m sorry about that, and I’ll check with Dion and Trey to make sure they don’t have a problem with Wyatt spending more time with you this afternoon.  I’m fine with the idea, but I just want to make sure that Tristan doesn’t have any homework first.” 

“Thank you.  I had some activities planned for them, and we didn’t get to do everything in the short time they were with us, and I know Revin will enjoy it more if they’re there to do it with him.” 

“Then unless Tristan has homework or Dion and Trey have other plans, you can keep them as long as you want.  I’ll check with Dion and Trey before the church service begins, and then I’ll let you know.  If they agree, we just won’t tell the boys until brunch, because I don’t want them whopping it up in church.” 

She chuckled.  “Yes, that probably would be a wise precaution.”

We then sat through our Sunday school class, and when that ended we met up with the boys for the church service.  While they were following Brandon to a pew, I pulled Dion and Trey aside to discuss the situation with them.  They didn’t have a problem with the idea either, so I casually let Becky know everything was set before taking my seat.  When the sermon ended, we went to the diner for brunch, and after we ordered I spoke to the boys. 

“Does anyone have any homework they need to get done when we get home?”

“I do,” Noah admitted. 

“Me too,” Ryan agreed. 

“We don’t,” Benny responded for Joshie and himself. 

“Neither do I,” Tristan answered. 

“Me either,” Wyatt added. 

“In that case, Mrs. Kramer has asked if you two can spend more time with her and Revin today,” I stated as I looked at Wyatt and Tristan.  “I just wanted to be certain that you didn’t have any homework before I agreed to let you do it, and please don’t be too loud when you’re celebrating our decision.” 

Tristan and Wyatt began bouncing up and down in their seats, and Revin was soon joining them as the trio reveled in their good fortune. 

After I calmed them down so they didn’t annoy the other customers, they continued wiggling in their chairs until the food arrived.  As soon as we finished eating, we went out to the SUV and I drove to the Kramer’s house. 

“Thank you and I’ll drop them off later,” she told us as she and the boys were getting out.  “They left their bags here, so I’ll have them change first, so they don’t mess up the clothes they wore to church.”

“That will work fine then, and try to have a good time.” 

She grinned in response to my comment, since we both knew the boys could be a handful at times.  After dropping them off, I drove the rest of the crew back to our house. 

As soon as we entered, I told Noah and Ryan to get started on their homework and then I had Benny and Joshie get their finished assignments so I could check them over.  Once that had been taken care of, we went upstairs to change and then Brandon and I focused on our chores. 

Just before dinner, Wyatt and Tristan came bursting through the front door.  “Hi, guys,” I greeted them.  “Did you have a good time?” 

“Yeah, Mrs. Kramer took us to the park,” Wyatt shouted cheerily. 

“We got to do all kinda stuff,” Tristan added.  “She pushed us on the swings, spun us on the merry-go-round, and we got to go down the slides and climb on the different play areas.” 

“Yeah, we got to climb up to the small forts, and we walked across some wobbly bridges,” Wyatt continued.  “We even got to swing on rings that were tied to ropes too.” 

“It sounds like fun and I’m glad you had a good time.” 

“Can you take us there sometime?” Tristan asked. 

“I don’t see why not.  We’ll plan on doing it sometime when Revin is here as well.” 

“Yeah, let’s do that,” they both agreed. 

It wasn’t long after we ended our conversation when Dad called us to eat.  When we finished stuffing our faces, Dad reentered the dining room carrying a cake, followed by Pop holding a couple of ice cream containers.  That seemed to be the signal for everyone else to start singing Happy Birthday to me. 

“Thank you,” I said after blowing out the candles – a three and a four that announced my current age.

“Since you’re old enough to handle a knife, you get to cut the cake,” Dad said as he handed me the knife and placed a stack of small plates on the table.  “While you’re doing that, Jake and I will dish out the ice cream.” 

I cut the cake, placed a slice on one of the plates, and passed it to Dad.  He and Jake then added a scoop or two of whatever flavor of ice cream the intended recipient chose, and we continued that process until everyone had their share.

As soon as I finished my cake and ice cream, Brandon gave me his present first, and after I’d opened it the others began handing me a series of cards.  The first was from Dad, so I opened it and read the message he’d written inside while sharing it with Brandon. 

“Thank you.  This is very generous of you.” 

“You already knew what you and Brandon were getting, since I did the same thing for Dion and Trey.  However, you’re getting a little extra, since you’ll be there for Father’s Day too.” 

He was right; it was a two-night stay at the Hilton Harrisburg, not just one.  “I suggest you pack your bags and place them in the car on Thursday night, and then you can take off as soon as you get out of work on Friday.  You can stop and eat dinner along the way, but I want you to eat your other meals at the hotel, because they’ll be added to your bill and charged to my credit card.” 

“You’re very generous and we both thank you.”

“Yes, we do,” Brandon confirmed, “but why are you giving us a Father’s Day bonus?”

“It was an agreement I made with the boys.  We’re splitting the cost of the first night.”   

“Damn, we must be giving them too much allowance then,” I teased. 

“No, you’re not!” they all screamed, showing they didn’t agree.

The next card was from Pop, and Brandon and I read that too.  The message said he’d made a 6:00 dinner reservation for us at Char’s at Tracy Mansion.   “Thank you and I can’t wait to see this place, since Dion and Trey made it sound incredible.” 

“It is,” Trey confirmed. 

“And you’re to order whatever you want,” Pop added, “because it will be charged to my credit card.” 

Brandon and I thanked him for this incredible gift, and then we opened the next card.  This one was from Dion, Trey, and their sons, and after I read what was written inside, Dion made a comment. 

“I hope you’re not disappointed, but the symphony only performs from September to May.” 

“No, this is fine.  In fact it’s even better than fine.” 

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to see each of them in concert, and now I get to see both at the same time.”  They had given us tickets to an Elton John – Billy Joel concert at the Giant Center. 

“You just have to pick up the tickets at the box office when you get there,” Dion added.

“Thank you, because this is going to be awesome.” 

The next card was from our sons.  I opened it and we read what they’d written inside, and then Noah offered a few words of explanation.  “There was no musical playing the weekend you were going to be there, but we thought you’d like this just as much.” 

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to see them perform too.  I hear they’re incredible.  Thank you very much.”  The boys had given us tickets to see a performance of the Cirque de Soliel show Volta, which would be performed at the Hershey Harrisburg Theater. 

“It will be held at the same place that Uncle Dion and Uncle Trey saw the musical,” Ryan added. 

“Yes, we noticed that, and I’m interested in seeing that building as well.  Uncle Trey made it sound incredible when he told us about it.” 

“I think you’ll find it as fascinating as we did,” Trey offered.  “They don’t build theaters like that any longer.” 

“No they don’t, and we’re both looking forward to seeing it for ourselves.”  Brandon was nodding in agreement.  “We want to thank each of you for doing this for us, and I know we’re going to enjoy our weekend away.” 

Now that I’d opened all of the presents, we helped Dad clean up the dining room and put things away.  Once that was taken care of, we told the boys we’d go to the family room and watch TV with them, but I pulled Noah aside first, so I could chat with him about another upcoming event. 

“Do you want to go with us to Elliot’s commencement?” 

“Yeah, I’ve always been close to him and I’d like to be there when he graduates.  I know he’s going to come to my graduation too.” 

“His graduation is on Monday, May 21st, which means I’ll have to call the school to make sure you won’t be missing anything important.  If not, we’ll drive there on Saturday and spend the rest of the day with Elliot.  We’ll have to get up early on Sunday, because Elliot told me there will be other events that will run from about 10:00 to 4:00.  Once those end, we’ll spend more time with Elliot, and after we attend the commencement on Monday, we’ll help him load up his car before returning home.  Since you’ll still be in school and it’s just before finals, I want you to bring whatever you need with you so you’ll be able to study.  You can do some of it in the car on the way there and on the way back, and you can also do some of it in the hotel room.” 

“Ok.  I’d rather just enjoy the weekend away and have some fun, but I want to graduate too, so I’ll do what you say.” 

“Good, and I appreciate your cooperation, but I was pretty sure you’d be willing to do that.”

Noah then left to join the others while I went to grab a drink.  Before I got to the family room, he and Ryan came out to speak with me.  “Noah said he’s going with you to Elliot’s graduation and I was wondering if I could go too.” 

“I don’t have a problem with that, as long as you’re also willing to take the things you’ll need with you so you can study along the way, since I’m sure you’ll be taking finals shortly after we get back.  Just like I told Noah, I’ll have to call the school first to make sure you won’t miss anything important on Monday, because we won’t be getting back until Monday night.” 

“Yeah, I know, and I agree to do that.  I’m really thinking about going to college now, and I liked the campus Noah’s going to, but I want to check out this one too and see what it’s like.” 

“You went with us to Yale when we visited Elliot before.”

“I know, but I don’t really remember what it looked like, so now I want to compare it to what I saw at Penn State.” 

“Ok, then you can go too, but we’ve only reserved a double room for both nights.  I hope you don’t mind bunking in with us or sharing a bed with Noah.” 

“Nah, we’ve done that before and we don’t have anything to hide from either of you.  We’ve all seen each other naked plenty of times already, and we promise not to look when you guys are having sex.”  He laughed after saying this.

“I doubt that will happen, but thanks for the offer anyway.  As I told Noah, we’ll leave on Saturday and return on Monday, so you’ll have to pack something nice to wear to the ceremonies on Sunday and something else for the commencement ceremony.  That’s in addition to your school books, laptops, and whatever other study materials you might need.” 

“Ok, not a problem.”

Once that had been taken care of, Brandon and I followed them into the rec room and watched a couple of TV shows with all of the boys.  Once the shows ended, we sent them upstairs to get ready for bed, and then we went up to tuck them in. 

“Thank you for letting us spend more time with Revin after church,” Tristan said after we entered his room. 

“You’re welcome, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.” 

“We did, and did you like the birthday party and your presents?” 

“Yes, the party was fantastic and the presents unbelievable.  We can’t wait to take advantage of each and every one of the gifts.” 

Brandon and I then kissed him on the forehead and went to say goodnight to Wyatt next, and then we headed to Benny and Joshie’s room.  “So we don’t get to go to Elliot’s graduation?” Benny asked as we approached their bed. 

“Look, we were only going to take Noah, because he was really close to Elliot and it will let him experience a little more about what college is going to be like.  Ryan came and asked if he could go too, and since he’s also getting excited about attending college, we agreed to let him join us.” 

“So can we go too?” Joshie followed. 

“It’s happening at the end of your school year and you’d have to take Monday off.  You boys will have to study for finals, and Ryan and Noah have agreed to study in the car and at the hotel, so we’re allowing them to go with us.  I’ve also told them I’d have to call the school first to make sure they won’t be missing anything important on Monday, seeing we won’t be getting back until late that night.  In addition to all that, another problem is that we’ve only reserved one room, a double.  That means Brandon and I will be in one bed, and Noah and Ryan will be sharing the other, so you’d have to sleep on the floor.” 

“That sucks,” Benny grumbled. 

“What if we agree to let you go with us to Noah and Ryan’s college graduation ceremonies instead?  Ok?” 

“Yeah, I suppose,” he relented, although grudgingly. 

We then kissed both of them goodnight, and then we went up to the third floor to say goodnight to Ryan and Noah next.  They both thanked us again for allowing them to go to Elliot’s graduation, and Noah also said he hoped we would enjoy their gift when we got to see the Cirque de Soliel.  We assured him that we would, and then we said goodnight and left his room. 

When Brandon and I turned in about a half hour later, Brandon had another present for me, but this one was of a more personal nature.  As soon as the door to our room had closed, he wrapped me up in a huge hug and gave me an extremely passionate kiss.  He was also pushing me backward, toward the bed, and as soon as my legs hit the mattress he pushed me until I fell onto it.  As soon as I was lying on the bed, he began removing my clothes and repeatedly kissed the area that had just been exposed. 

When I was down to my boxer briefs, Brandon removed those using his teeth, and then he did more than just kiss the exposed area.  He used his mouth to stimulate me to full erection, and then he hurriedly removed his own clothing and slowly sat down on my erection.  Since I slipped in easily, I assumed he’d prepared himself in advance. 

Brandon was extremely energetic and very passionate, and he spent a considerable amount of time giving me enormous pleasure.  I was thoroughly satisfied and quite exhausted by the time our love making session ended. 

“Happy Birthday, my love,” Brandon said as he gave me one final kiss before uncoupling.  “I hope you enjoyed the day.” 

“And the night,” I added, and then we kissed one more time before cuddling together and falling asleep.