The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3

A Trial Weekend

On Wednesday night, about an hour after we’d finished dinner, I got a call on my cell phone.  The number looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place to whom it belonged.  I answered it anyway.  “Hello.” 

“Dr. Currie, its Holly Reynolds.” 

“Oh hi, Holly.  I’ll have to add this number to my contact list.” 

“You can, but it doesn’t make sense, because it won’t be ours in another month.  My mother won’t be living here and my brothers and I will be with you by then, so none of us will have this number.” 

“That’s true and I hadn’t thought of that.  So what can I do for you?”

“The twins wanted me to call and see if they could come visit you again this weekend?” 

“Just the twins?” 

“Yes, I want to stay and spend time with my mom.” 

“Sure, and they can spend the weekend if they want, and if it’s all right with your mom.  We can pick them up after work on Friday, and then we’ll bring them home on Sunday.  Just let us know how they all feel about doing this.” 

“I’m sure the boys would love that, and I don’t think my mother will mind either.” 

“Great.  Then just make sure they have a change of clothes for Saturday and something nice to wear to church on Sunday.” 

“Ok, I’ll help them get their things ready, because Mom can’t do that for them any more.” 

“Yes, and I’m sure it must bother her too, but I’m glad you’re willing to help out.  Thanks for doing this for them and tell the twins we’ll see them Friday night.” 

“Thanks for letting them come to your house again, because they like having the other boys to play with.  They also like that there’s so much to do there.” 

“Yes, there is, and we look forward to seeing them again.” 

We then ended the call and I went to tell Brandon and Dad what I’d just agreed to.  After they had been informed, I went to tell the boys next.  Wyatt was the most excited about the news, and Tristan was a close second as they both looked forward to having the twins spend the entire weekend with us this time.  The other boys merely brushed the news aside, because it didn’t really affect them like it did the youngest two and Revin.  He’d be with us again this weekend as well, and I was convinced that Tristan would relay the information to him at school.  Now that everyone had been informed, we went back to what we were doing before. 

As soon as Brandon and I got out of work on Friday, we drove over to the Thornton’s house to pick up the twins.  After Holly answered the door, we went inside to say hello to Julie and she greeted us warmly.  

“Thank you… for taking… the boys.  They like… going to… your house.” 

“And we enjoy having them.  I just hope you don’t mind that we offered to take them for most of the weekend.” 

“No, and… they are… very excited.”

“We’re glad, because Wyatt and Tristan are excited that they’re coming to stay with us too,” Brandon added.  She smiled and we could tell she felt good about this. 

After the boys kissed her goodbye, I grabbed the small suitcase Holly had packed with their things and carried it out to the SUV.  Brandon opened the rear door so the boys could get in, and then I placed the suitcase on the floor next to them.

“Thank you for letting us stay with you for the whole weekend,” one of them commented as I was driving away.  I didn’t see who said it because I was watching traffic as I pulled into the street, and when I finally had a chance to look into the rearview mirror they were both grinning from ear-to-ear. 

“You’re welcome.  You’ll soon be living with us, so this will be like a trial run for you.” 

“And the other boys like it when you’re with us too,” Brandon added.  They didn’t say a word and merely nodded their heads as they continued to grin.

When we reached the house and pulled into the driveway, Wyatt, Tristan, and Revin came tearing out the front door to welcome them.  “We’re glad you’re here,” Tristan told the twins as they were getting out of the car. 

“Yeah, we’re gonna have lots of fun,” Wyatt followed. 

“We like being here with you too,” Hunter told them, and then they followed the boys inside while I carried their suitcase and Brandon made sure all of the doors were shut tight.  The boys went straight to the family room and began playing video games, so I set their suitcase next to the staircase in the foyer. 

“Where are the twins?” Dad asked when we went out to say hello to him. 

“They’re in the family room.” 

“Ah, I didn’t see them come in.” 

“They followed Wyatt, Tristan, and Revin directly into the family room.”

“I guess I’ll say hello to them later then.” 

The boys continued playing video games until we told them to wash up for dinner, and Wyatt and Tristan reminded them where they could do that.  When they were ready, they came to the table to join us. 

“I didn’t get a chance to say hello to you earlier, but I’m glad you two are here again,” Dad told them.  “I decided to have Manwich Sloppy Joe sandwiches, French fries, and corn tonight.  I hope you like those things.” 

“Yeah, we do,” Hayden confirmed. 

“We like them a lot,” Hunter added. 

“I’m glad to hear that, so sit down and dig in.” 

During the meal, Dad quizzed the twins about different foods to see which ones they liked, and by the time we finished eating he had a fairly good idea about what he could fix while they were here.  The twins also told us about the video games they’d played with the other boys and how much they liked being here with us.  Wyatt and Tristan told them they liked it when they were here as well and that they couldn’t wait until they were actually living with us permanently. 

Just as they were cleaning off their plates, I decided to tell them what we were going to do next.  “We’ve fixed up a bedroom for you and you can sleep in there tonight.  You’ll just have to decide who gets the top bunk.” 

“Uhhh, could we sleep together tonight?” 

“Do you mean in a big bed and not the bunk beds?” 

“Yeah, just ‘til we get used to sleepin’ here.” 

“Sure, that will be fine and we have an open bedroom with a big bed in it that you can use.” 

“Can I sleep with them too?” Wyatt wanted to know. 

“You’d better ask them.” 

“Can I?” he repeated, and the twins looked at each other for a second before they answered. 

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Hayden agreed after getting a little nod from Hunter. 

“Then all we have to do is to decide what you want to do until then.  You can play video games again, spend the time playing games in the rec room, or you can play board games with us.”  

“There are too many of us to play a board game,” Tristan pointed out. 

“There are two games, so one twin can play against Wyatt and me, and the other twin can play against Tristan, Revin, and Brandon.  Then tomorrow night the twins can play against the group they didn’t compete with tonight.” 

“Yeah, we can do that,” Hunter agreed, “and then we can go out to the backroom and play those games later.” 

I knew he meant the rec room when he said the backroom, but I didn’t correct him.  “Ok, that sounds fine, so we’ll clear off the table and set up the games.” 

I started out with Wyatt and Hayden and we played Candy Land, while Brandon played Chutes and Ladders with the other three.  When those contests ended, we switched games and played again.  After the boys had finished each game, they went out to the rec room without us.  When it came time, we went to tell them to get ready for bed. 

“Do you take a bath or shower?” Brandon asked. 

“Our mom used to give us a bath, but when she couldn’t do that any more we started taking showers and would help to wash each other,” Hunter replied. 

“Do you want to shower with me then?” Wyatt quickly followed. 

“Both of us?” Hayden asked, looking confused. 

“Yeah, we do that all the time,” Wyatt answered. 

“You just have to be careful when three of you are in the shower at the same time,” Brandon explained.  “If you’re careful then you can do it.” 

“Yeah, ok,” Hayden agreed after Hunter nodded at him. 

I carried their suitcase upstairs and we showed them to the bedroom they would be using tonight.  While they were checking it out I heard Tristan and Revin enter the bathroom.  I knew this meant the boys would have to wait a little longer before they could shower, because Benny and Joshie were probably in the other bathroom.  We told the boys to get undressed, and then Wyatt and the twins spent a couple of minutes checking each other out.  They were all circumcised and had very similar pre-pubescent penises, although Wyatt’s was slightly longer than the twins.”

“Your pee-pee is bigger than ours,” Hayden commented. 

“This is nothin’.  You should see my brother’s penis.” 

When I saw the twins’ reaction to what Wyatt had said, I made a comment.  “The boys see each other naked quite often, and being a doctor I make sure they use the correct terms for the different body parts.  That’s why Wyatt referred to it as a penis, instead of calling it a pee-pee.”  They seemed to accept my explanation, although they still might have been a little overwhelmed.  

“Come on and I’ll take you to the bathroom where they’re takin’ their shower,” Wyatt offered. 

Hayden and Hunter looked surprised by Wyatt’s suggestion, but they followed him nonetheless.  When they got to the other bathroom, Wyatt started to open the door when one of the twins spoke. 

“Don’t they lock it?” Hunter asked. 

“Nah, it’s just us boys.”

Wyatt then led them inside.  “Hey you guys, can the twins see your penis?”  A second later the shower curtain slid back and Benny and Joshie stood facing the twins without trying to hide anything. 

“Wow, that’s really big,” Hunter stated as he gawked at Joshie’s penis. 

“Why does yours look funny?” Hayden asked Benny, so he explained the difference to them and slid his foreskin back and forth.  “Neat, I’ve never seen nothin’ like that before.” 

Once their curiosity had been sated, Benny and Joshie closed the curtain again and finished their shower.  While they were doing that, the other three headed to the other bathroom just as Tristan and Revin were finishing up. 

“Do you guys walk around like that all the time?” Hunter wanted to know once he saw the other two emerging naked from the bathroom as well. 

“Yeah, when it’s just us boys.  We can’t do it when Grandpa Josh’s granddaughters are here though.” 

“And it’s why we gave your sister the bedroom on the first floor,” I explained.  “All of the boys are used to running around naked up here and I didn’t want to shock her.” 

“Yeah, that’s why we started takin’ a shower and washin’ each other, cuz we didn’t want her to see us with nothin’ on,” Hayden responded.  “She offered to give us a bath when Mom couldn’t do it any more, but we told Mom we didn’t want to do that.” 

“And we won’t tell her that none of you boys wear clothes up here,” Hunter added. 

“And we won’t tell our mom either,” Hayden confirmed. 

“That’s good, because some people might not understand,” Brandon told them. 

The twins seemed just as comfortable running around naked as the other boys, but that might be due to the fact that they’d always done it in front of each other, as well as in front of their mom, at least until recently. 

Brandon and I stayed in the bathroom while they were in the shower, just to make sure there weren’t any accidents, but we didn’t actually watch them wash one another.  We heard a lot of giggling, though, so they must have been enjoying what they were doing.  When they finished up, we handed each of them a towel to dry off.  After that, we led them back to the bedroom. 

“What do you boys usually wear to bed?” Brandon asked. 

“We always sleep in our underwear,” Hunter answered. 

“Don’t you get cold in the winter?” Wyatt asked. 

“Nah, cuz we wear long johns then,” Hayden clarified. 

“Ok, then let’s get a fresh pair out of the suitcase for each of you,” Brandon told them.  “I take it you share your clothes.” 

“Yeah, we both wear the same stuff,” Hayden confirmed. 

While they were putting them on, Brandon found a plastic bag with their toothbrushes in it.  “I’m glad Holly packed these too,” he said holding up the bag. 

“Mine’s the blue one,” Hayden said.  “The purple one is Hunter’s.” 

“Ok, so now you can go brush you teeth.” 

When they and Wyatt finished doing that, we told them to climb into bed.  “Wyatt, will you sleep in the middle so we can both be by you?” Hunter asked. 

“Yep.  It will be a Wyatt samich.” 

Wyatt then had to explain what he meant by that and it caused the twins to giggle.  “That’s funny,” Hayden stated. 

“And tomorrow night we can make it a Hunter sandwich,” Hunter offered. 

“Yes, you can take turns being in the middle whenever you sleep together,” I agreed.  “Now, we usually kiss the boys goodnight when we tuck them in, so would you mind if we did that to you?” 

“Nah, we don’t mind.  Mom used to kiss us goodnight when we got in bed too, but she can’t do that no more,” Hunter answered. 

“Yeah, I’d like it if you kissed us too,” Hayden confirmed. 

We then tucked the boys in, kissed each one on the forehead, and wished them sweet dreams.  “I really like it here,” Hunter said before we left the room.

“Me too,” Hayden agreed. 

“We’re glad, because it will make it easier when you move here for good,” I commented before I closed the door. 

When the boys woke up the following morning, Dad fixed them breakfast, because we’d already left for work.  Dad said they spent the morning watching cartoons, and when we got home we all had lunch together. 

“What are you boys going to do this afternoon?” I asked. 

“Can we play the bean bag toss game?” Tristan wanted to know. 

“Sure, I can set it up for you.”

“You guys will like it,” Wyatt told the twins.  “It’s fun.”

As soon as everyone was done eating, I got the game ready, and then I went inside and started doing my chores.  A short time later Tristan and Revin came inside to ask me a question.  “Is it alright if we play kick ball in the yard?”

“Of course.  The rubber playground ball is in the chest in the rec room and there are four plastic bases in the closet.” 

“K, but we got to see if Benny and Joshie want to play too,” Tristan added.  “Maybe I’ll ask Ryan and Noah too.”

“Just knock on Benny and Joshie’s door first if they’re in their bedroom,” I urged, and Tristan looked at me and grinned.  He understood my message. 

“Ok, I will.”

The boys played outside all afternoon and didn’t come in until we called them to eat.  They were giggling and chatting excitedly when they walked through the door. 

“Go wash up for dinner,” Brandon advised them.  The twins followed Wyatt and Tristan again. 

“What are we having?” Tristan asked when they returned. 

“Grandpa Josh bought some DiGiorno pizzas, so we’re having those and a green salad.  I hope you boys don’t mind having salad again,” I added while looking at the twins. 

“Nah, Mom makes us eat salad all the time,” Hunter answered. 

“Ok, we have several dressings for you to choose from, so you can use the same one as before or try something else.” 

While they were eating, Dad asked a question.  “What have you boys been up to?  I haven’t seen you since lunch.” 

“We’ve been playin’ outside,” Wyatt answered. 

“Yeah, we played kick ball, tag, and hide-and-seek,” Hayden added. 

“And Tristan showed us how much land you own,” Hunter followed. 

“So what do you think of the place?” 

“We like it, cuz there’s lots to do,” Hunter confirmed. 

“Yeah, and lots of boys to play with,” Hayden added. 

Since the boys had been playing all afternoon, we decided to watch a movie with them after we finished eating.  When the movie ended, we sent them upstairs to shower and get ready for bed, and this time there was absolutely no hesitation as they got undressed and headed toward the bathroom totally naked. 

“They beat us again,” Wyatt said referring to Tristan and Revin. 

“Let’s wait in the bathroom until they’re done,” Hunter suggested, and that’s what they did.  It’s a fairly large room, so it wasn’t a problem, and I think the twins wanted to do that so they could see the other two naked again. 

After they showered and brushed their teeth, they put on a clean set of underwear and climbed into bed, but this time with Hunter in the middle.  “It’s a Hunter sandwich tonight,” he shouted gleefully, causing the other two to giggle. 

We then kissed each of them goodnight and wished them pleasant dreams. 

The next morning as they were getting out the cereal, Wyatt warned them not to eat too much because we would be going out for brunch later.  The twins didn’t have a problem with that, and when they finished we sent them upstairs to get dressed for church.  Brandon went up to make sure they looked ok before he went to change as well.  Once we were all ready, we had the boys pile into the SUV.  Since we had more bodies today, Ryan and Noah rode with Dion and Trey, and Dad and Pop rode in Pop’s car.  We still picked up Becky, though, seeing Revin was riding with us. 

When we arrived at the church, many of the other parishioners asked who the twins were, so I explained they would soon be living with us.  The others took it in stride, seeing we did this a lot, and then Wyatt led Hayden and Hunter to his Sunday school class. 

The twins seemed to be in a good mood when they joined us for the church service, so I decided to ask them about it.  “What do you think of this so far?”

“It was pretty good,” Hayden answered. 

“And we liked that we were in the same class as Wyatt,” Hunter confessed.

We had those three sit with Brandon and me on one side and Dion and Trey on the other so we could quiet them down if they got carried away.  That didn’t happen, although they weren’t totally tuned in to the sermon. 

When the service ended, we went out for brunch, and the twins seemed impressed with what they saw.  “Doesn’t it cost a lot to feed everyone?” Hayden wanted to know. 

“It costs more than fixing it ourselves, but it’s a treat we enjoy every week,” I explained. 

“So we’re gonna do this every Sunday after church when we come to live with you?” Hunter followed. 

“Yes, we do this almost every Sunday, except when we’re having a special early dinner at home, like on Easter,” Brandon confirmed. 

When we finished up at the diner, we dropped Becky and Revin off at their place, and Revin thanked us for letting him spend the weekend with us again.  When we got back to the house, Brandon went upstairs with the boys to repack their suitcase and to make sure they took everything with them.  When they came downstairs again, the twins said goodbye to everyone and then I had them go out to the SUV so I could drive them home.  Of course, Wyatt and Tristan wanted to go with us, and while they were buckling up, Hunter asked a question. 

“Can we do this again next week?” 

“I’m afraid not, because we’re not going to be home, but you can spend the weekend after that with us.”

“K,” he responded, although I could tell he was slightly disappointed. 

I was glad the other two hadn’t said they’d still be home, because I didn’t want to put that responsibility on Dad, Pop, Dion, or Trey yet.  The twins could wait one more week, and then the weekend after that they’d be moving in for good

When we dropped them off, we went in to say hello to Julie, and she eyed her sons when they came inside.  “Did you… have fun?” 

“Yeah, we did,” Hayden answered. 

“It was even better than last time,” Hunter added. 

She looked at us and smiled before she spoke.  “Thank you,” was all she said. 

We stayed a little longer as the boys told their mother what they’d done, but they kept their promise and didn’t mention the bath time activities.  When they were done, I explained that we wouldn’t be home the following weekend, but we’d love to have the boys stay with us again the weekend after that.  We also mentioned that since that was Memorial Day weekend we wanted her, Holly, and Julie’s home health aide to join us on Monday for a cookout.  She tried to turn us down, but the kids weren’t about to allow that. 

“We want you to come and see where we’ll be livin’,” Hayden told her. 

“Yeah, you asked Dr. Currie and Dr. O’Hara to do this, so we want you to see what it’s like,” Hunter insisted. 

“But I’m… in a… wheelchair,” she objected. 

“We wouldn’t have any trouble getting you inside and showing you around the first floor so you could see what its like,” I offered.  

“And Holly’s room is on the first floor, so you could see where she’ll be staying,” Brandon continued.  “And you can watch the boys while they’re playing games.”  

“And then we’ll be eating outside, so that shouldn’t be a problem either,” I added.  “There will be plenty of food and we’ll be having hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbeque chicken breasts, along with a bunch of different salads.  Can you eat those things?”

“Not the… hot dogs… but I… can eat… the other… items… as long… as I take… small bites… and chew… carefully.” 

“It just takes her a lot longer,” Holly added. 

“Please come that day, Mommy,” the twins begged in stereo. 

“Ok… I’ll do it,” she relented, which caused her sons to cheer.

“Great.  I’ll give the directions to your aide when we pick the boys up that weekend, and then we’ll see you on Memorial Day.” 

Wyatt, Tristan, Brandon, and I all said goodbye and then we headed home.  The weekend had been a total success.