Rough Edges

Chapter Four: Sex and the Naked Tween

[Larry Sanders]

Although I arrived at the high school before classes started, I had no teaching duties to perform. Coach Fitzgerald, the athletic director, had arranged a substitute for me and for Coach Hart, who was the junior varsity coach as well as my assistant coach.

I chatted with my fellow faculty members in the staff lounge, taking in their good luck wishes. I knew that many of them would either be driving out to Pasco or taking the booster bus for Saturday’s game and would be staying over for Sunday’s if we won on Saturday.

After taking in as much chatter about baseball as I could stand, I decided to head for the gym and make sure all of our equipment was in order and ready to go. As I walked along the breezeway to the gym I ran across two players, Chandler and Korey. They were both seniors and arguably my two best players.

They were holding hands and smiled as I approached. “Hey coach,” Chandler grinned, “are you ready to collect another trophy?”

Chandler was my ace pitcher and would be starting Sunday’s game if we won tomorrow. I have received criticism for saving my best pitcher for the championship game while throwing my second best pitcher in Saturday’s loser out game. But, that had been my strategy my first two times to state—it worked and I’m sticking to it. In both cases I had total confidence in my number two man, although there had been a great deal of controversy surrounding the pitching choices on my second trip to state.

I would rank Chandler as the most talented pitcher I’ve coached, which is saying a lot considering the talented boys who pitched the Mustangs to two state titles under my tutelage. Rodney, Scott, Eric, Blaine, and Rich were each outstanding in their own way. Eric pitched a perfect game to win us our second title as he made state tournament history. Chandler was good, knew he was good, and had just the right amount of cockiness.

He was the son of Dean Ecklund, the Mayfield Middle School varsity coach. Dean was a very good friend of mine. Chandler was also openly gay, as was his boyfriend, Korey. The two had been friends since they started school, boyfriends since middle school, and out and in the open since they started high school. The fact that they could stand in front of me and their fellow students while holding hands is a tribute to the gay student-athletes who preceded them: boys like Eric, Noah, Korey’s twin brothers Kevin and Kraig, Lars, Hunter, Marty, and Rich, not to mention Mike the Donkey and his boyfriend Ryan the Dawg. I know, as much as we wanted to, Phil and I never stood in a main corridor of our high school holding hands. I wondered if these boys knew how good they had it.

Thinking of how many Mayfield baseball players came out in middle school and early high school as gay in recent years reminded me of my first fling with a boyfriend just before middle school started. Of course, neither one of us would admit to being boyfriends, but for all intents and purposes that is what we were, if only for a brief time. Looking back at it I would say I not only had a total boy crush on Q, but I may have been in love with him in my own innocent eleven-year-old way.

The weekend after the big circle jerk that led to some of us jerking off for the first time, or having a first orgasm, or being a part of mutual masturbation or group sex for the first time, Q spent Friday night at my house. We were happy that our basketball game wasn’t until two o’clock—it meant we didn’t have to get up early, which meant we could stay up later talking and doing other things.

“Perry’s spending the night at my house,” Jung had told us that afternoon at school. “We’ll need to compare our notes on Monday to see what we all did.”

“We will be playing games,” Q said.

“What kind of games is what we need to compare,” Jung said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Jung, just because you and Perry like to mess around doesn’t mean that me and Larry do it.”

“I know you’re going to do it, so don’t go hiding it.”

“I bet we do more than Jung and Perry do,” I said, already battling the boner in my pants.

“Good bet,” Jung said.

“Okay, I’ll bet,” Q conceded, “since Larry is so sure we’re going to win.”

“Aha, then you admit you will be messing around in bed tonight.” It didn’t escape me that none of us mentioned the word sex. Instead, it was all about messing around. Already we had the mindset that boys didn’t have sex together. That was something nasty and bad. Messing around, on the other hand, was simply something naughty that we did together just for fun. That was much different than sex.

“I admit nothing,” Q said.

“Mr. Richards said it’s called taking the Fifth,” I said knowingly.

“That’s right. I take the Fifth. But if me and Larry do mess around, and if we do more stuff than you and Perry, then you each have to get naked here in school.”

“That is very nasty,” Jung said with a grin. “I will have to ask Perry if he is willing, but I am willing since we will win.”

“Hey, wait, nobody asked me what I wanted,” I protested.

“Consider yourself asked,” Q said.

“Like I said before, I don’t see how we can lose. Let’s do it.” If I had known at the time how much farther Perry and Jung were sexually at the time I would never had made that bet. I mean I knew that Perry messed around with middle school boys, but I figured he and Jung had shown us everything they knew at the circle jerk. Boy, was I ever wrong.

“How are we going to know who won if it’s close?” I asked.

“That’s what Daniel’s for,” Jung replied. Q and I agreed to have Daniel be the judge if he was willing and if Perry agreed. Daniel and his family were visiting relatives in Tacoma. We’d see him at our Saturday game.

It could be said that the bet put the pressure on Q and me that Friday night, but that wasn’t the case at all. We simply were two ten-year-old boys who were learning about what it meant to be horny without being old enough to be engulfed by the unbelievable horniness of adolescence.

Q and I were ten-year-old kids all right. We spent time being polite and well-behaved (especially during dinner), we spent a little bit of time driving my parents nuts (but not enough to be really annoying), we laughed and giggled, we ate and played games, and we watched some basketball on television. My parents loved Q and his friendly demeanor, topped by his sometimes nonstop talking on whatever the topic of the moment was. I’m sure they had no idea what lurked underneath him, or underneath me for that matter. It was after we retired to my room that we shifted from typical fun-loving tweens to preadolescent horn dogs.

“What are we going to do?” Q asked once we felt safe from any last minute visits from my parents.

“Since when do you ask questions?” I replied. “You usually are shooting off a zillion different plans at once.”

“Well, this is different.”

“How is it different?”

“I dunno, it just is.”

We both knew why it was different, but like I said, even though we knew deep down that our messing around was about sex, we were not going to admit to anybody that it was about sex. Q was trying to get his point across without using the word “sex”.

“Well, I don’t think it’s different. I know what I want to do,” I said, taking charge from my friend.

“Cool. What do you want to do?”

“First thing is take off my clothes.” I proceeded to pull off my t-shirt, followed by my gym shorts, tossing them both on the floor. That had me standing in my white briefs and white socks.

“That was quick,” Q observed. “But you’re not naked.”

“I’m waiting for Mister Slowpoke to catch up.”

Q grinned and quickly stripped off his T and his sweats. That left him standing in front of me in a pair of green, blue, and red plaid boxers and white socks. I could see a bit of a tent in his boxers, and I’m sure he could see the serious tent in my briefs.

“Last one naked has to kiss the other guy’s balls,” I said. I quickly turned bright red when I realized what I had said. I had no idea why I’d said that, and I knew it was too late to take it back. I was ready for Q to call me bad names. Instead he looked at me with a smirk.

“That would put us ahead of Jung and Perry. No way they would go kissing somebody’s nuts.” With that he yanked off his boxers and sniggered. “Looks like you get to kiss my nads.”

“You still got your socks on,” I said as I quickly removed my briefs. But, it was too little, too late. He had both of his socks off before I could reach my first one. I should have kept my mouth shut.

“Damn, Larry, I thought you were smarter than that. Now you have to kiss my nutsies.”

I thought I was smarter, too, but at least I didn’t go around saying nutsies. Now I might have been a bit of a naïve ten-year-old, but I wasn’t living in a cave either. I mean I’d heard the terms blow job and cock sucking bantered about on occasion, but nobody was totally sure what it all meant. I was certain that anybody who said they sucked a cock was lying because nobody would do anything that gross. I thought for sure that I would never ever put somebody’s wienie in my mouth.

But now I had to consider the fact the Q expected me to kiss his balls all because I opened up my big mouth before I put my brain in gear. I decided that kissing Q’s balls wasn’t really gross like putting his dick in my mouth would be; after all nobody peed out of their balls. When I really thought about it, not only did Q expect me to kiss his balls, but I expected me to kiss his balls. After all, a bet is a bet is a bet.

“So, how are we going to do this?” I asked, hoping that Q would be as clueless as I was and tell me I didn’t have to kiss his balls because we couldn’t figure out how to do it.

“I dunno,” Q answered. He looked around him and then said, “I’ll lay back on the bed and spread my legs. That might work.”

“Sounds good to me.” What really sounded good to me was Q having a boner, which meant his dick wouldn’t be in my way and I could kiss his balls without my mouth touching his cock.

I got on my knees as Q dropped down on my bed. I shuffled in close to him and found myself looking at my best friend from a whole new perspective. I stared at his small, smooth scrotum, his balls just starting to drop some. I stared up the length of his erection and into the direction it was pointing—his smooth pubic area, his hard athlete’s stomach, through to the center of his pink, dime-sized nipples, and right to the center of his chin.

I breathed in deeply and took in his boyish smells. I could smell a touch of piss, a touch of sweat, and a touch of the sweet smells that seem to permeate a prepubescent boy. I found the experience to be heady.

Letting my breath out, I closed the gap to zero, placing my lips on his right testicle, giving it a quick kiss. I was surprised to feel the skin of his ball sac move as the testicle shifted on its own. I was even more surprised to feel his boner quiver and to hear him let out a hurried breath and a brief moan. The whole thing was so quick and easy it gave me a sense of confidence that replaced my feeling of dread.

“Kiss the other one,” Q whispered. “That should make it official for those guys.” He was referring to Jung and Perry, of course.

I couldn’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t kiss his left nut since kissing the right one hadn’t been horrid. I gave it a kiss and then surprised the shit out of me and Q by sticking out my tongue and licking it.

“Oh, shit Larry, I can’t believe you did that,” Q moaned.

I stopped my licking and looked up at him. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s epic. Lick me again.”

I liked licking my best friend’s balls, although I would never have been able to explain why. I just know it made me feel good inside, especially in my groin area where my newly discovered sexual feelings were housed. My sense of adventure or sense of horniness continued and I wrapped my lips around his balls and got them part way into my mouth.

“Damn, Larry, this is brilliant. This feels so good. I wonder what it would be like if you…”

I knew exactly where Q was going. I let his balls drop from my mouth and said, “Don’t even go there, Q.”

“I was just saying…”

“I kissed, licked, and sucked your nutsies.” I couldn’t believe that I’d just used his stupid word. “Next thing that happens is up to you. But, catching up to me would be pretty cool for now.”

“I feel like I’m close to busting a nut,” Q said. Perry had talked about his brother and his older friends busting their nuts, so of course we had to talk about orgasms that way as well.

I got up on the bed and lay on my back. “Then kiss my balls,” I said.

That was what Q did after he got on his knees between my legs. He kissed my balls, he licked them, and then he placed them in his mouth. He got more in than I did because my balls were smaller than his. He was so right, getting your balls kissed, licked, and sucked was, well, epic.

“I gotta try one more thing,” I said after he finished. “This is just in case we need a tie breaker.”

“What are you talking about?”

“This,” I said as I moved around to Q’s crotch and I licked his rock hard boner about an inch up from his balls, making sure to avoid his glans which I knew was the nasty part of a penis.

“I gotta hump you,” he said in a raspy, almost deep, voice I barely recognized. He sounded like some kid in a horror movie who turns into a zombie or something.

Before I could say anything he was on top of me, his boner digging into mine, then slipping off and rubbing against my hairless groin. I tried to roll him onto his side and he got the hint; we were quickly side-by-side, holding on to each other, humping each other, our cheeks touching. I had a gigantic urge to kiss my best friend, but I didn’t give in to the urge—this time. We went at each other like we had lost control of our actions. We grunted, moaned, squeaked, and held on to each other as our little asses pumped. We humped each other until he busted his nut, his fingers digging into my skin. His orgasm set mine off and I felt my body shake and quiver, my dick spasm, my entire being shudder as I had a first class dry orgasm.

We lay on the bed, holding each other, but not with the frantic need we’d just experienced. “That was brilliant,” Q whispered.

“Yeah. Felt totally awesome.”

“I want to do it again really soon.”

“Like now? Tonight?”

“No, I feel like crashing now.”

“Yeah, me too.” I could feel his breath blowing lightly against my cheek. I still wanted to kiss him. I knew I didn’t want to let go of him.

“You know what Larry?” Q asked.


“Ain’t no way Jung and Perry did as much as we did.”

“Yep, there’s no way at all.”

Our preadolescent ten-year-old bodies had reached their sexual pinnacle as far as we were concerned. No way could those two have gone any further. On Monday we found out differently. Not for the first time, Jung and Perry were going to be giving us a sex-ed lesson.

The next morning Q and I woke up surprisingly horny. We ended up jerking each other off before we each took our own shower. We wanted to shower together, but decided not to try it just in case my parents decided to play shower detective.

While the five of us were together Saturday afternoon for our basketball game, our minds were on hoops, not on sex, although we didn’t call what we were doing with each other sex. To us, it was simply “messing around”. We ended up having a tough game against one of the two other first place teams, a 37-33 win in overtime. That put us in a two-way tie for first. I led our scoring with 11 points, Jung had 5 assists, and Daniel worked the boards for 12 rebounds. It was a great team win.

While we were showering after the game, Jung took the showerhead next to me. He pointed to a kid from the other team. He was a little guy who played point guard for them. I knew exactly what Jung was going to say about him.

“His weenie is long.”

“Daniel’s is longer,” I said.

“Daniel is taller, so it should be longer.”

“Is that how it’s supposed to work?” I asked. I was genuinely surprised; I never thought of the two being related.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen enough naked guys to tell.”

“There’s a lot of naked boys in here now, but most of them have little weenies like us.”

Jung punched my shoulder. “Who are you calling little?”

“I was just saying us guys who don’t have boners are little.”

“Oh yeah, boners,” Jung said, changing the subject. “We have some comparing to do. Write a list of what you did with Q and I will write a list of what Perry and I did and we’ll give them to Daniel at school Monday. He will tell us who won.”

“How much did you do?” I asked.

“Hey, guys have ears.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Marshall, a boy on our team, asked.

“See what I mean?” Jung asked me. “Nothing important,” he told Marshall.

I thought Marshall was kind of cute and I was fascinated by his uncut penis. I wondered what happened to the skin when he got a boner—if he got a boner. I was also wondering, not for the first time, why I would think a boy was kind of cute.

Jung and I left the shower area with Perry, who was a few showers away, following us. “What were you guys talking about?” Perry asked.

“You know what it was,” Jung told him.

Perry grabbed his little appendage and rubbed it. “Yeah, I know and I can’t wait to find out what Larry and Q did.”

“You’re playing with yourself,” Marshall said to Perry as we walked past.

“At least I know what to do with mine,” Perry said somewhat sarcastically.

“You don’t need to get an attitude.”

Perry dropped his hand from his hardening penis and pushed out his hips. “You want to play with it instead?” he asked.

“Now you’re getting all weird.”

“I can show you what a boner looks like.” Perry was without a doubt the most sexually outgoing boy of our group, with Jung a pretty close second. That probably applied to the entire team for that matter.

Marshall turned and walked away, but we all saw him glance back at Perry’s rising boy tool.

“P, you are so funny,” Q said. Q had already finished showering and was almost dressed.

“Don’t call me P.”

“Well, you were showing off your pee pee to Marshall, so why not?” Q said, laughing at his own joke.

That ended our sexual chatter as we dressed to meet our waiting parents. We were ten and eleven, with only Perry being willing to put himself on exhibit. He hung out with and sexed with teens, and he knew how they acted around each other. While the rest of us were awakening sexually, we were still somewhat naïve and ignorant. That was going to change starting on Monday in school.

Q and I sat on the window counter in Mr. Snider’s classroom before school started writing out our list for Daniel. Daniel was in our class, but Jung and Perry were in Mrs. Caine’s class. Jung had already given Daniel their list.

“Well, who won?” Q asked.

“I’ll tell you at lunch,” Daniel said.

“Lunch? How long does it take to look at two lists?”

Daniel glared at him. “Lunch.” Daniel might not say much, but when he talked, everybody listened. Nobody messed with Daniel, just ask the centers on our opposing basketball teams.

As promised, Daniel declared the winner at lunch time. The five of us sat together like we usually did. I’m sure a lot of kids considered us to be a clique, but we were just a group of good friends. Anybody was welcome to sit with us, and many often did. This time we were happy nobody sat with us or we would have had to wait until we finished lunch and headed for the covered play area.

“Come on, Daniel, give us the winner,” Q said. “This is making me too nervous.”

“The winner is me,” Daniel announced.

“Huh? You weren’t even part of the bet,” Perry protested. “You said you were going to be at your cousin’s house Friday.”

“My cousin is thirteen,” Daniel said, as if that explained everything.

“But…,” I started to protest, but then I saw the grin trying to break out on Daniel’s face. “Oh, you’re kidding us.” I was still a few months away from saying, “Oh, you’re bullshitting us.”

“The winners are Jung and Perry.”

“No way,” Q and I said together.

“It didn’t happen,” I said.

“Never happened,” Q said. “We did everything you can do.”

“Yeah, and even things you can’t do.”

“The score was 18 for them and 6 for you,” Daniel said.

“Let me see that list,” I said.

Daniel handed it to me. Q and I perused it together. In Jung’s precise printing it said: “play with balls and cocks, lick balls and cocks, kiss balls and cock, 69 blow jobs, French kissing, rubbing butt holes, jerk each other off, 3 cums me 4 cums Perry.”

“You guys really did all that?” I asked.

Jung and Perry both nodded.

I pointed to the words blow jobs. “For real?”

“I been jerking guys off since I was eight and sucking them since I was nine,” Perry said. “I showed Jung how to do it.”

“What about us?” Q asked. “You never showed us.”

“You never asked.”

“Since when did we have to ask to mess around?” I asked.

“This isn’t messing around,” Perry said. “This is more like sex.”

That brought a long stretch of silence. I looked at Q and he looked at me and nodded. “Me and Q think it’s like messing around, so you can show us.”

“You don’t want to do sex?” Jung asked.

“Not with another guy,” Q said.

“Me and Perry do it.”

“Only because it’s really messing around,” I told him sagely; ten-year-old logic at its finest.

Suddenly all four of us looked at Daniel, who had sat quietly as usual. “Show me, too,” he said.

“Let me check something today and then we’ll do something,” Perry told us.

The conversation ended when Ray Duncan sat next to us. “Time to quit talking and play four square,” he said. We’d all finished eating our lunches and couldn’t find a reason to say no.

The only thing left to decide was when Q and I would pay off the bet. Neither one of us really wanted to get naked inside of the school—we were hoping that Perry and Jung would see things our way. Yeah, we had opened up our big mouths, but we were genuinely sorry we’d done so. We even went so far as to ask if getting naked for PE showers in middle school would count, but that idea was quickly nixed.

We finally agreed to the two of us getting naked behind the school on a weekend day. We would then swing naked in the swings for five minutes.

“You should do it before the weather gets nice,” Jung said. “That way there won’t be anybody hanging around the playground.”

Q and I were willing to pay off the bet the way Jung and Perry suggested and we agreed to do so before spring break, which was at the start of April.

It turned out that what Perry wanted to check out was if his thirteen-year-old brother Dean wanted to show us about sex, as in the art of the blow job. I don’t know why Perry and Jung couldn’t show us themselves, but Perry seemed to think we needed the knowledge and experience of an older boy, namely his brother. The way Q and I saw it, after we found out what Perry wanted to do, was that if Perry and Jung showed us about blow jobs, then it would be messing around, but if Dean showed us, then it would be sex. But our curiosity overcame our fear of the word sex, and so on Wednesday after school the five of us found ourselves getting naked with Dean and his friend Cayden, who had just turned fourteen. That was the afternoon that at ten-years-old I learned the difference between messing around and sex.

While things didn’t start smoothly, the afternoon ended up being fun as well as enlightening. The five of us walked to Perry’s house from school. Since middle schools had an earlier dismissal time than elementary schools, Dean and Cayden were already at Perry’s house. They were wearing nothing but boxers when we arrived.

“Fuck, Dean, these are little kids,” Cayden said as he looked us over. I felt like I was some kind of animal on display. “No way I’m doing sex with little kids.”

“I told you they were Perry’s friends. You been sexing with Perry for like two years,” Dean said.

“That’s different—he’s your brother.”

“What difference does that make?”

“I know him. I don’t know these dudes except for Jung.”

“He sucked you off once,” Dean reminded him.

“That doesn’t mean I liked it.”

I listened to the two of them banter back and forth, but I was not all that sure what they were talking about. What I was sure of was Dean’s boner sticking out of the pee hole in his boxers and the fact that the glans was wet and leaking stuff.

“You busted your nut didn’t you?”

“Yeah, after I almost raped a ten-year-old.”

“You didn’t do shit when you were ten?”

“Not with somebody who was fourteen.”

“I seem to remember some older kids teaching us shit,” Dean said.

“They were only twelve or maybe thirteen.”

“Fine, if you don’t want to do it, get dressed and go home. I’m gonna show these dudes what cum and sucking cock is about, just like somebody showed me.”

Cayden looked at Dean, then looked at us, and then looked at Dean again. “Okay, fine, I’ll help out.” He looked at us again. “But you better all swear on your tiny dicks that nobody, and I fucking mean nobody, ever finds out I was here.”

We all promised his secret was safe. After all, we didn’t want it getting around that we were sucking cocks, especially the cocks of big kids in the eighth grade.

In a seeming blink of an eye, we were all naked. There were no games, no truth or dare, no stripteases—we all got naked like we would in the locker room of a post-game shower. Dean was rock hard and was leaking what we learned was precum. For all of his protestations, Cayden was boned up and leaking as well.

Dean didn’t have much more hair than we did, which was none at all. He had some wisps of straight, dark pubic hair. His erection was probably 4.5 inches. His balls had dropped and orbs in his smooth ball sac looked full. Cayden had a thin bush of hair along the base of his teen boner, which was probably around five inches. His balls were descended and looked so heavy that they could have pulled his scrotum down even lower.

We watched while Perry gave Cayden a blow job, the older boy’s cock filling his mouth as Dean explained about covering one’s teeth, the use of the tongue, fondling the other boy’s balls, and jerking the base of the cock while sucking the head, and, when Cayden went past the point of no return, the manliness of swallowing the load.

“When you get sucked by your girlfriend, you’ll want her to swallow,” Dean explained, “so you should swallow, too.”

“Of course you babies don’t shoot any man juice,” Cayden sneered, “so it don’t make much difference what you do…but, when you get older, just remember the right way to do it.”

“Was it good?” Q asked Perry,

“I wouldn’t have it for breakfast, but I’m used to it so it’s not gross or anything. Not like snot or pee would be,” Perry answered.

“Would you eat his stuff before you ate a booger?” I asked. They both sounded gross to me.

“Nothing sexy about a booger,” Perry said matter-of-factly.

“So, who’s gonna suck me off and swallow his first load?” Dean asked. The way the question was asked meant it wasn’t going to be Perry or Jung. It was going to be either Q, Daniel, or me. The three of us looked at each other, using our eyes to dare the other guy to volunteer. I thought Q the daredevil would volunteer, I think he thought I’d volunteer since I’d licked his shaft once, and I’m sure neither of us expected Daniel to volunteer, which, to the surprise of everybody, is what happened.

“I’ll do it,” Daniel said, his hesitation saying he didn’t really want to do it and his hard, quivering cock, bigger than anybody’s in the room except the two teens’, saying just the opposite. Daniel, the only one of our group of five who had hit his eleventh birthday, was on the cusp of puberty.

Perry, Q, Jung, and I looked at each other like the world had turned upside down; Dean and Cayden didn’t know the dynamics of the group that well and were happy that one of us was willing to take the dare.

I have to give Daniel credit. He went to his knees and went right to work on Dean, taking the lessons learned while watching Perry to heart. Dean was so turned on Daniel didn’t even get his lips tired. He was taken aback by the unexpected force of Dean’s cum and pulled back, causing Dean to shoot his last wads over Dan’s face and chest. Daniel coughed and sputtered, losing some of what was in his mouth, Dean’s light crude dribbling down his chin and onto his chest, mixing with the cum already there. Still, he did swallow some of the emission.

“Next time I’ll get it all,” Daniel said.

“Time for the rest of you guys to pass your test,” Dean said. He was much more into the blow job lesson than Cayden was. Cayden had sat on the floor watching Daniel’s quick blow job of Dean, saying nothing while keeping his hand wrapped around his flaccid cock.

After some negotiating I ended up giving my first blow job to Perry, although I was hoping Q would be the recipient. After his dry cum Perry said I did a good job and Dean complimented me, too. I was surprised at the pride I felt from their comments. Q sucked Jung and got a taste of his little drop of clear juice. Even though he was a long way from eleven, Jung was the most mature of our group, what with his occasional drop of boy cum and the dark nubs of angel hair sprouting in his pubic region.

I wondered who would be getting me off, or if I would have to do it myself. Either way it was going to be quick. I was amazed when Dean had me lay back on an easy chair and he did the honors. When he put my little cock and balls into his mouth at the same time I think my squeals could be heard all the way to Seattle. I had discovered why guys loved having their cocks sucked and I knew I would never be able to get enough of it. I also knew that I enjoyed giving head almost as much as receiving it. When I had my dry cum in Dean’s mouth my little cock felt like it was bigger than Cayden’s and that it was going to rip itself right from my groin. I don’t care what we would end up calling it, for the first time in my life I did more than mess around; I had a sexual experience. At age ten I was growing up.

It wasn’t until I looked back on that day when I was a young teen that I realized what didn’t happen and what wasn’t talked about. Nothing was said about sucking a dick while fingering an asshole. Nothing was said about what a 69 really meant. Nothing was said about deep throating. Nothing was said about kissing another boy. And nothing was said about rimming or butt fucking. Of course by the time I looked back at it with my raunchy mind I knew why nothing was said.

By then Cayden had “outgrown” sex with other boys and was the straightest of the straight. Trading blow jobs was as daring as his boy sex ever got. Dean, on the other hand, while he started going out with a girl just after the sex lesson, never tired of sex with Perry, going all the way with his younger brother not long after our little orgy. He also messed around with Jung, as well as some of his peers for a long time after that afternoon orgy. While Q and I participated in some of that fun, as sixth grade started we both started going our own ways.

That afternoon at Perry’s house was a watershed for me. While I wasn’t yet old enough to say, “Hey, I’m gay,” I started to realize that boys were much more attractive to me than girls. My sexual fantasies and my sexual experiences all involved boys—except when I had to find out what was really true about myself. But that lurked a few years into my future.

Since this is the story of the love affair between me and my beloved I won’t go into detail about my life, sexual or otherwise, between that afternoon in January and the start of sixth grade. The five of us became more and more sexual even if Daniel, Q, and I went back to calling what we did “messing around.” Jung and Perry kept trying to convince us that what we were doing was sex, but we weren’t ready to be sexual beings, at least not until spring and summer came and the hormonal sap started to flow, especially in Jung and Daniel.

Q and I figured out the whole 69 thing by spring break. We thought it was the greatest discovery in the history of mankind and wondered why nobody thought about it before.

“Perry and I have been doing that since just after we did sex with his brother,” Jung said.

Q and I gave him our usual refrain. “Why didn’t you tell us about it?” we asked, forgetting that ‘69’ had been on Daniel’s scorecard when we had our contest.

We received our usual answer. “You never asked.” This time his answer made me mad and I was ready to say that we were all best friends and shouldn’t be keeping important things from each other when Jung went on. “Ancient Chinese saying says: The best things in life you discover for yourself.”

“Jeez, Jung,” Q said, “you’re Korean, not Chinese.”

“That does not stop the Chinese from having great wisdom.” Jung gave us a bow and we all broke up laughing. I also ended up sharing a 69 with Jung, eating his little emission. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted his cum.

Q and I paid off our bet on the Thursday of spring break. It was the best day for all of us to get together. We met at my house at ten in the morning then walked to the school. Q had spent the night with me and we both admitted to being nervous about getting naked on the playground. In fact we were both too nervous to do anything sexual that night, not realizing that a session in my bed would probably relieve a lot of the stress. Still, sleeping naked together didn’t hurt things.

“How do you want to do this?” Daniel asked as we stood in the covered part of the play area. The sky was gray and a light drizzle was coming down.

“As fast as possible,” Q said. “And Daniel should join us because he wasn’t around for the bet.”

I expected Daniel to refuse. Instead he just stood in front of us and grinned. I shrugged and took off my jacket. “I want to get it over with before some little kid shows up.”

“Like he’s going to come in the rain,” Perry said.

“I’m just saying, I want to get it done.”

“You did say you’d stay naked for five minutes,” Jung reminded us.

I ignored him as I sat on a bench and removed my shoes and Q started taking off his shirt. Then I noticed Daniel taking off his shoes. “You’re gonna join us?” I asked. He nodded.

“For real?” Q asked.

“Like duh,” Perry said as Daniel pulled off his shirt.

“It’s too fucking cold to not have a shirt on,” Q said.

“Oh, Q said a bad word,” Jung chided.

“I’m practicing for Middle school. It’s only a few months away,” Q unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. He was now standing in just his boxers.

Daniel was the first one to get naked and Q was next. I got my briefs off and was naked just a few seconds after them. Daniel had a hard-on, but Q and I were both soft. Q and I headed for the swings as agreed. They were out in the open air, but were difficult to see from the streets around the school, or the houses behind it. Daniel didn’t join us at the swings, saying that since he didn’t lose the bet he didn’t have to sit out in the rain forever and get soaked.

Q and I called him a wuss, but it was half-hearted. We both were pleased that he’d gone as far as he did. Perry and Jung couldn’t say much since they were fully dressed.

We sat in the swings and did what kids did on the swings, we started swinging. While the cold drizzle made us wet and uncomfortable, it did make us feel safer. It was not very likely that somebody would come to the playground in the morning in a cold drizzle, even to play in the covered area. The five minutes seemed to take forever and when Jung mercifully called time we dashed into the covered area. Q and I had actually done something smart and brought towels for us and we quickly dried ourselves. While we were drying we watched Jung and Perry inspecting something on Daniel’s crotch.

“What are you pervs looking at?” Q asked.

“I got my first hair a couple of days ago,” Daniel announced proudly. “That’s why I wanted to get naked.”

“Whoa, let me see,” I said and I joined my two friends in perving on Daniel’s pubic area. Daniel pointed to the spot where I should look, just to the left of center a fraction of an inch above the base of his boner. How he could be hard in the cold was beyond me, but there he was, naked and boned up and proud.

“I see it,” Q said and he placed his index finger just above the spot. “Very cool, Daniel.”

Now that I knew exactly where to look, I could see it as well. I got on my knees and inspected it closely. “Jung has more hairs, but yours is longer,” I observed. Daniel grunted in agreement.

I then did something that surprised the shit out of me—I put Daniel’s cock in my mouth and started sucking it. Here I was down on my knees in front of one of my best friends on the playground of my school. I was naked and cold and suddenly loving it. What I was doing was extreme naughtiness. I thought it was okay to be really naughty once in my life, not knowing that this was a harbinger of things to come after I hit puberty.

Q finished dressing as I continued giving Daniel his blow job, playing with his balls and with the base of his cock. I was pleased when Q placed my jacket over my shoulders.

“Does anything come out yet?” Perry asked Daniel.

“Not yet.”

Then he grimaced and announced he was close. I worked on him even harder, wanting to get dressed and get warm. While it took him longer to cum than it normally would have, Daniel was turned on enough to finally experience a shuddering dry cum. I felt his cock twitch and spasm and said a silent thank you.

“Shit, that was awesome,” Daniel said.

“For somebody who never says much, you sure do cuss a lot,” Q observed.

I got dressed faster than I had undressed and we started to leave the playground, thankful we didn’t get caught. We breathed a big sigh of relief when four eighth graders came around the corner on their bikes. They had a basketball with them and had come to shoot baskets in the covered area. They missed seeing me sucking Daniel off by less than five minutes. I had my moments when I fantasized what four young teens would have done if they had caught us. In my fantasies the four of them were always willing to join us. I also have my moments when I imagined they would simply kick the crap out of us.

The five us got to my house and headed in. My mom had taken the week off from work, but she wasn’t home. She left a note saying she and a friend were going out to lunch and shopping. It said she’d be back by three and that I could nuke some frozen pizza. I figured that my mom was a smart lady the way she knew the five of us would return together.

This gave us time to shower to warm ourselves up, even Jung and Perry who hadn’t gotten undressed. This time we all had boners, even Daniel. We shared the shower in many combinations; all five of us squeezing in together to finish. It was the first time all five of us had been naked together in a sexual situation since Dean and Cayden had taught us the art of the blow job. We came in the shower, we came after the shower; we jerked off, rubbed off, and sucked off. Being young and dry (except for Jung) we each enjoyed at least three orgasms with Perry and Q having four. We weren’t dressed until five minutes before my mom got home. It was a day for living dangerously, not to mention naughtily.

By the time August rolled around the five of us were eleven and either into puberty or on the cusp of it. We were horny tweens who had learned a lot through our experimentation with each other. When sixth grade started we thought our sexual connection would last forever now that we admitted it was sex. For a lot of reasons, that would not be the case, at least as far as the sexual part was concerned.

Our friendships would last through high school, we were too tight for them not to. But many things would occur to change the sexual winds. We all became hornier and hornier as we made our way through middle school. When we entered sixth grade of none of us would have predicted where our hormones would lead us.

My mind came back to the present as I watched Chandler and Korey walk down the breezeway to the main building. While the main building had a gymnasium, it was old and outdated, so a new one was built a few years ago. We often complained about having to go outside to get to the new gym, even though the breezeway was covered. We at least got to stay dry on the cold, rainy winter days. Thinking of that brought back thoughts of paying off the bet on the playground.

The cute asses of my two senior stars and gay boys disappeared into the building. I headed to the gym where I would meet Phil and Coach Fitz, the athletic director, to double check that everything we needed was ready to go. Well, we had doubled checked it all a long time ago. This was probably the quintuple check, an indication of how nervous we all were. You’d think we’d never done this before.

It was our third time going to state. For Korey and Chandler it was their second time as varsity players. For the rest of the team, it would be their first time. I was eager to get us all together and loaded onto the bus. I kept telling the players there would be few things in their lives greater than playing for a state championship. I wanted them to be able to start that experience as soon as possible.

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