Open Hearts

Chapter 14 - Waiting



Open Hearts Part 14 -

A familiar voice suddenly boomed through the house. My body jolted awake out of shock but I calmed down once I took in my surroundings. I was still in Bjorn's room lying naked on his chest. His head started to raise slightly as he awoke to the loud voice as well. 

The voice was coming from his father as he shouted something in Norwegian through the door. I only understood the words ‘I’, ‘home’ and ‘talk’. At least I think those were the right words; I have so much to learn.

"Helvete," Bjorn whispered under his breath. 

“That definitely means ‘hell’,” I thought to myself.

Bjorn has taught me a few curse words, which was my favorite part. 

He shifted in the bed and pulled himself up. I had to get up with him, but I wasn't sure where he was going. 

He grabbed his underwear and slipped them on so I decided to follow suit and do the same. 

"I'm gonna go talk to him real quick," he said, as he slipped on a pair of basketball shorts. 

"You can just stay here, I'll let him know you came over," he said before walking out of the bedroom and shutting the door behind him. 

It seemed like this was a conversation I wasn't supposed to be involved in. Either that, or maybe Bjorn was hiding me from his dad. 

He always spoke to him so coldly and harshly. He also acted annoyed whenever I mentioned his dad or asked questions. I don't think it's anything major, but perhaps Bjorn and his father just don't get along.

I took a seat on his bed after getting fully dressed. Instead of pulling my own shirt on though, I chose one of Bjorn's from his closet. 

It was slightly big on me but honestly I think he'll like it better that way. It was freshly cleaned so it didn't smell like him; but it did smell like his room and that was just as good. 

A few minutes later he walked into the room and glanced over at me on his bed. He seemed irritated when he walked in, but couldn't help but smile when he saw me wearing his shirt. 

"It looks good on you, but you still look better without a shirt," he said with a chuckle. 

"I would have stayed naked but your dad is here." 

"Ugh, don't tease me," he said in a disgruntled voice as he made his way to the bed. 

"You want to stay over tonight?" he whispered as he climbed in bed and crawled his way over me.

"But it's a school night," I said sadly.

"What? No it's not, it's Friday dork."

"What? Oh... oh yeah, it is." 

Since today was supposed to be the second day of school, I assumed it was Tuesday. I guess I forgot that school started on a Thursday, not Monday. 

"Well sure. I'll have to ask my parents but yeah I'll stay over." 

"Sweet, I'm cooking tonight so I'll have to make something special," he said with a beaming smile before leaning down and kissing my nose. 

"Jeg elsker meg," he whispered in Norwegian.

It was my turn to return the beaming smile. 

"I love you too," I whispered back. 

"Good! You're learning! Ready for some more practice?" he asked. 

I agreed happily and we started going over more words in Norwegian. 

It wasn't the grammar that was difficult; in fact, it was much simpler compared to English. It was the pronunciations that made it difficult. I imagine I'll be able to read the language in two months tops; but speaking it, well that's a whole other issue entirely. 

"Okay, now let's go over the basics again, what are you?" 

"Jeg er... en... gutt. Is that right?" I said nervously.

"Yep, you said it right. You are indeed a boy,” he said with a chuckle.

I was proud that I was able to remember the words, but I'm pretty sure I butchered the pronunciation as per usual. Bjorn was very understanding though and let me get by on a few bad "mis-sayings" that I'm sure he'll have to correct me on later. 

We continued going over some words and phrases for a while. During this, I texted my mother and got her permission to stay over. I'm sure she would have added a whole load of sarcasm to the conversation if we had called instead of texted. She knew what I came over here for and she'd probably tease me a bit for staying over. 

"Hey Bjorn, I know you don't like to talk about it much, but is there anything about Norway that you miss?" I asked nervously. 

"Ja, there is. Min Bror. My brother," he said with a melancholic tone.

"Your brother? You have a brother?" 

"Yes, well no and yes. He's not my actual brother. He's my fetter, my cousin. But we always considered each other to be brothers." 

"Oh. What's he like?" 

"Like me I guess. But he's a bit taller, a year older and a lot louder," he said with a chuckle.

"But besides him, I miss the snow. Don't get me wrong I love the weather here and the beaches and the heat. But... well... Norway is really pretty in the winter. Unbearably cold, but still beautiful. I actually can't wait for us to go back," he said wistfully.

I looked back at him with sadness in my eyes and then looked down at my lap. 

His hand took ahold of mine and his other hand moved to my chin where he lifted my face to meet his. 

"Hey, what's wrong babe?" He said with a puzzled look. 

"Nothing... it's just... well I didn't think you were going back. I didn't know you planned on leaving me."

Bjorn smiled at me and rolled his eyes at my comment.

"No dork. I'm not leaving permanently. I meant like a vacation. Me and my dad were thinking about going back for a week this Christmas. I'd only be gone for a week or so." 

His face softened a bit and then his eyes grew wide and suddenly he was beaming with excitement. 

"Wait! You could come with us! We can take you with us and you can see Norway with me, it'd be perfect! What do you think!? Do you want to come!?" 

I was suddenly trying to match his excitement after his offer. Going with Bjorn to Norway would be amazing! But... well there's no guaranteeing my mom and dad would let me. Also, what if Bjorn's dad said no? It's probably a good idea not to get too excited just yet. 

"Bjorn, I'd love to. But both of our parents would have to say yes and I don't know if mine will, let alone your dad." 

His expression started to sour and his voice got deeper. 

"You're the best thing that's happened to me since... well, you know. No matter what, I'll make him say yes. You just worry about your parents and I'll take care of him." 

I chuckled a bit at his response.

"It sounds like you're going to kill him." 

"If that's what it takes…” 


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. But seriously, I'll make sure he says yes. You just need to make sure your parents agree too," he said in a more serious tone.

"Well that's going to be tough. Especially if it's during christmas time. But I'll do my best, I promise." 

"Good! You'll love Norway, ah I can't wait!" he exclaimed excitedly.  

"Calm down dork, there's no telling what will happen. But hypothetically speaking, if we were in Norway, what would we do? Is there anything special you'll want to show me?" 

"Ja! The Nordlys! The northern lights I think you call it. It's amazing!  Oh and the fjords too! There's also this place... well I don't want to ruin the surprise so I'll just have to show you in person. Hypothetically speaking of course." 

I loved how excited he got when he spoke about Norway. I was afraid to bring it up at first, but it seems like I made the right choice. His face lit up every time he mentioned another place we could visit or person we could meet. He wanted to introduce me to everyone in his family that he could possibly think of. 

I tried my best to share his enthusiasm. There was still this grim feeling I had though. I was afraid that my parents would say no to me traveling halfway across the earth with my boyfriend at 14 years of age. I mean, if I was a parent I would probably say no too. This is going to be a hard case to sell. 

Once Bjorn calmed down a bit, we went back to learning more Norwegian words such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

"Tonight I'm gonna make Kjottboller for dinner." Bjorn said enthusiastically.

"Kjott means meat right? So boller... boller must mean balls right? You're making meatballs?" I stammered.

"Exactly! You got it right, I'm making meatballs," he said with a slight snicker tacked onto the end. 

"What's so funny? Didn't I get it right?" I said with a curious look aimed right at him. 

"Yeah you did, it's just... well it's the second time you'll be eating my meatballs in the past two days," he said as he erupted into a frenzy of boyish giggles. 

It took me a moment to get the joke and when I eventually did, I was too dumbstruck to offer any kind of clever response. I simply just rolled my eyes and pushed him away so that he fell back on the bed. He didn't stop laughing though and just kept giggling uncontrollably on the bed. 

"You're such a dork, you know that?" I said as I picked up the pillow and hit him with it.

In between his chuckling and gasps for breath he offered a weak response. 

"Yeah I know, but I'm YOUR dork remember?"  

"Yeah whatever dork. I hope they taste better tonight than before," I said with a slight snicker. 

"Hey! My balls taste fine!" He exclaimed loudly. 

I grabbed a pillow and leapt at him. I covered his face with it to keep him quiet as I sat on his chest.

"Shhh, stop yelling. Your dad might hear you," I said in a hushed whisper.

Bjorn tried to respond but all I heard were a few muffled cries through the fabric of the pillow. I lifted it off of his head so that he could speak freely again.

"I'll stop yelling when you say they taste fine," he replied with a slight grin.

"Fine, they taste fine, I guess. But uhm..." I said as my voice trailed off at the end. 

"What? What is it?" 

"Well, yesterday you got in the shower with me but didn't actually wash. And today I was the only one who took a shower after we... you know, did it." 

"And? What are you trying to say." 

"I can smell your kjottboller from here stinky boy," I said with a giggle. 

"I don't stink!" Bjorn replied in annoyed tone.

"Yeah huh. And if you want to sleep in the same bed as me tonight, you need to shower. Otherwise, you're sleeping on the floor,” I said in my serious voice. 

"But it's my room!" he cried out.

"Don't care, I'm taking your bed from you and you can't sleep in it until you're clean." I stuck my tongue out to seal my demands. 

Bjorn looked at me with a curious gaze as he sat up and folded his arms. He stared into my eyes for a moment and studied my face. I showed no sign of weakness and stared back with a triumphant grin. He gave a slight smile before leaning forward to kiss my cheek and then hopping off the bed. 

"You win, I'll shower,” he called out to me as he headed for the bathroom. 

“Score one for me,” I proudly thought to myself. 

I laid back on his bed and relaxed for a bit. A few minutes passed before I heard his dad call out for him. Soon, the large and imposing man named Sigve stood in the doorway and looked over at me. 

"Bjorn must be the one showering I guess," he said to me. 

"Yes sir," I responded timidly. 

"Good. I wanted to talk to you. Keaton right? Your name is Keaton?" 

"Yes sir."

The large man came through the doorway and took a seat at the foot of the bed. He stared off into space for awhile before finally speaking.

"My son, Bjorn, means the world to me. I can tell you mean a lot to him too. So tell me Keaton, what is my son to you?" He spoke in a quiet but hoarse voice.

"Well uhh... me and him are friends. Best friends I guess," I replied half-heartedly.

"So do friends sleep naked together now? My, how the world has changed," he said with a slight chuckle.

My cheeks must have turned a deep crimson at his comment.

"You can be honest with me Keaton. What is my son to you?" 

I was never a good liar and this was no exception. He doesn't seem to be upset so far so there's no point in hiding it. 

"He's my boyfriend sir," I said with a bit more confidence than my previous statements. 

"Ahh... boyfriend is it." 

Sigve grew quiet for a moment while he stroked his beard. Finally, he broke the silence in the room.

"Keaton, when I was your age, we beat up boys for even acting too feminine. Looking back now, it seems I have a lot of regrets. I can't personally apologize to every person I bullied as I kid; but I can do right by my son. He can be whatever he wants, love whoever he wants, and even hump whoever he wants." Sigve let out a deep chuckle.

"At the end of the day, he's my son, and I want him to he happy. I hope I'm not scaring you boy. I guess what I'm trying to say is, treat him right and he'll always do right by you," Sigve said softly as he reached over and ruffled my hair. 

Judging by how Bjorn reacted to his father, I had always assumed he would be mean. I expected him to be selfish, angry, or perhaps just grumpy. My expectations were clearly wrong. Sigve seemed like a caring father. In all honesty, he seemed to be more supportive than my own dad was. I can't understand why Bjorn seems so annoyed whenever his father is mentioned. 

"Yes sir. I promise to treat him right. Sir-" 

"Call me Sigve," He interrupted. 

"Uh Sigve... I have a question. Why does Bjorn get so grumpy whenever you two talk. Maybe I'm just imagining it or something. It's just... well... sometimes it seems like he's angry with you," I said weakly. 

It probably wasn't my place to ask and Sigve probably didn't even know Bjorn acted that way. It was a stupid question to ask. 

Sigve paused again. He slowly rose to his feet with a big sigh and headed for the door. Just before exiting the room, he muttered a few words. 

"Because... I'm not his mother." 

And just like that he left the room. His words continued to linger though. They created a certain weight in the room that I swear was physically bearing down on me. The words stung my ears as they left his lips. The worst part of it all, he was probably right. 

Bjorn interrupted my thoughts when he entered the room with a towel around his waist. He closed the door behind him and walked slowly over to me. 

"I've returned your highness! Only this time, much, much, cleaner," he said in a mock British noble accent. 

It took me a moment to snap out of it and leave Sigve words behind. When I processed his comment fully, I decided to play along. 

"I am graced by your presence, most loyal and clean knight. Now that your scent meets the standards of any king in the realm, I hereby grant you permission to bed me... I mean... sleep in the same bed with me of course!" I said with a giggle. 

Bjorn returned my laugh and let his towel drop to the floor. He stood there for a moment and let me take all of him in. I wanted to keep my composure and pretend that it didn't faze me; but we both knew that wasn't the case.

I couldn't make eye contact with him no matter how hard I tried. I scanned over his body intently. Bjorn took note of my hypnotic state and took ahold of my hand. He gently grasped it and brought it to his chest. 

"Are you ever gonna not stare at me like that?" He said with a grin.

"No, never. I'll never get tired of it; that would be impossible." I said as I traced my fingers over his body.

"I hope not. But, as long as I have your attention, I need to ask you something." 

"What's up?" I asked, still in my trance. 

Bjorn climbed into the bed and laid down next to me.

"When we go back to school, I'm gonna hold your hand in the hallways. Are you gonna pull away?" He asked softly as he stared at the ceiling.

I laid there for a moment and contemplated his words. It was pretty clear what he was asking and I already knew my answer. 

"No. I won't pull away." 

We both laid there for a moment and just enjoyed the company and presence of each other. Both of us were probably thinking of what to say next. 

"They might say things to us. They will probably talk behind our backs too. I won't always be next to you so-" Bjorn said before I interrupted him.

"I know. I'll be fine. Every time they say something, I'll just remember how lucky I am to be yours. I won't be ashamed of my own happiness." 

Bjorn rolled onto his side and looked into my eyes. 

"You're starting to sound like a grown man,” he said before sticking his tongue out at me. 

"I lost my virginity and I've had a boyfriend for like two weeks now. I'm practically an adult already," I giggled. 

Bjorn giggled too before adding, "That reminds me, your birthday is exactly one week from today right? I think I know what one of your gifts is gonna be." 

"One of them? Are you saying you're gonna get me more than one gift?" I asked. 

"Well duh, you deserve a lot more than one," He said pridefully.

"What if I don't want any gifts? What if I just want to go spend it with you?" 

Bjorn kissed my cheek repeatedly until it started to tickle. In between kisses he would utter one word.

"That's. One. Of. Your. Gifts." he said in between the tender pecks.

"Will your kisses be another gift because if they are, I'll be set for life," I said while smiling ear to ear.

"Of course they will be. I'll also cook for you. But as for tonight I've got meatballs to make and you're gonna be my right hand man." 

"But I'm a lefty. Well I guess I'll try," I said sarcastically as I reached over with my right hand and grabbed his tool. 

He nearly gasped at my touch but quickly laughed it off as he pulled away and climbed out of bed. 

"Very funny, but that's for later. Come on, let's go cook," he said as he grabbed some fresh clothes to wear. 

Once he was dressed, he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the bedroom. He took me straight to the kitchen and started to pull his ingredients out. 

His father offered to help but Bjorn declined and only allowed me to assist him. 

I fetched the ingredients for him as he requested. The meat, seasonings, bread crumbs and all. He explained why each ingredient was important and what it did for the dish. I think I was supposed to be taking notes, but I was just infatuated by his seriousness. 

Bjorn acted with so much caution and care as his hands moved about and mixed the ingredients together. It was cute watching him; he seemed passionate about the task at hand. I think he'll make a great chef in the future.

"Alright, now it's all in the bowl. Time to mix it up,” Bjorn said with excitement.

He gestured for me to move in front of the bowl. I looked around for a spoon or something to stir it with but didn't see one. 

"What am I supposed to use to mix it?" 

"Your hands, duh." 

"Ewww but it's raw meat and-" 

"Never stopped you before,” Bjorn whispered into my ear while showing a sly grin. 

"You're such a dork. Ugh... fine." 

I dug my hands into the cold meat and shuddered slightly. It was cold, felt gross, and sounded even grosser as I ran my fingers through the mix. I was a bit timid and sheepish to continue at first, but Bjorn encouraged me. I felt his arms wrap my waist and his chin rested on my shoulder. He watched me work the mix and held me tightly the whole time. 

It all played out like a dream. My boyfriend was holding me as we cooked dinner together. The rest of the world just seemed to melt away. I could imagine doing this forever. I could imagine it being in our own home, maybe even with kids. It's a stupid thought I know. Thinking so far ahead after so little time together; even the thought that we could have children is a far fetched one. But still, despite all that, it doesn't hurt to dream. 

We worked together to form the meat into the proper shapes and sizes. While they were baking, Bjorn taught me how to make the gravy for them too. It was all starting to come together and I was extremely satisfied with the results. It was fun cooking with Bjorn. It's the first time as a couple that we worked together to make something.  

Once the gravy was made and the balls came out of the oven, it was time to eat. He made mashed potatoes to go along with it. He apologized at least three times for not making then homemade like he usually does. It didn't matter if they were homemade or not, anything he made would be delicious. 

The three of us sat around the table and enjoyed "Kjottboller og potetmos." 

"It tastes great boys. Good job," Sigve said as he dug into the food.

I was wondering at first why we made so much. It's because Sigve eats enough for two men apparently. It shouldn't surprise me really; I mean the man is huge.

After dinner was done Bjorn took me back to his room. I liked being in his room; it was unusually clean for a 14 year old boy's room. It smelled like him too. I don't quite understand why I like his scent so much. I guess it's just familiarity of it. 

"So? What do you want to do now babe?" Bjorn asked and broke my train of thought.

"Well, we've already taken a nap today. We already ate dinner too. I don't really feel like playing video games either. And... well my butt is still kinda sore. So I have no clue, what do you want to do?" 

"Well you just shot down most of our options. Maybe we can just talk. Is that okay?" He replied.

"Sure, sounds good. We can even make a game out of it. How about truth or dare?" 

We both climbed into bed and sat up next to each other against the headboard.

"Sounds like fun," Bjorn said with a mischievous smile. 

"I'll start. Truth or Dare?" Bjorn asked. 

"Truth,” I replied.

"Okay, tell the truth now Keaton; don't cheat. If the cutest boy in school came up to you and asked for a kiss, would you give him one?" Bjorn asked cheekily.

"Yes," I responded plainly.

"Babe! What do you mean yes!?" Bjorn asked with shock in his voice. 

"I'm already dating the cutest boy in school, if he wants a kiss, he's gonna get one,” I said while grinning ear to ear. 

"You... your such a dork Keaty." 

"Yes but I'm YOUR dork remember."

We both laughed together until finally I took my turn.

"Truth or Dare?" 

"Truth," He responded. 

"Say we got in fight, and I won't apologize even though you know I'm wrong. What would you do?" 

Bjorn sat there and thought for a moment. He seemed to be searching for an answer inside his head. Finally, he gave an answer. 

"I'd tell you that I think you're wrong and should apologize. At first I was gonna say that I'd just take all the blame and apologize. But then I realized that I would be lying to you. And I can't lie to you, I've tried before but you can always get it out of me," he said proudly.

I giggled and kissed his cheek. 

"Good answer," I responded.

"Truth or Dare, Keaty?" 


"Ohh someone is feeling brave. Okay let me see... I dare you to take your clothes off." 

"I could have seen that one coming a mile away Bjor-"

"You didn't let me finish. I dare you to take all your clothes off and try to do a handstand," he interrupted.

"What? Why?" 

"Because I dared you to do it." He flashed a mischievous grin at me and folded his arms behind his head. 

I hesitated for a moment but eventually followed through with his demands. I stripped off my clothes and stood naked beside the bed. At this point, I was fine being naked in front of him. The handstand was a weird request but I can't decline a dare. 

I did my best to flip on to my hands and maintain my balance but it was harder than it looks. It took me three attempts and a little assistance from the bed to finally get my balance and hold a handstand. I was only able to stay upright for a few seconds before Bjorn attacked my exposed stomach and started tickling me. 

There was a slight thud as I fell over and hit the soft carpet. Bjorn looked down on me with concern as I laid there. He must of thought I hurt myself on the landing. I did my best to ease his worrying by hopping off of the floor and then jumping on top of him. I wanted my revenge for his unexpected tickling attack. 

I tried to return the tickling but Bjorn was having none of it. He quickly flipped me on my back and pinned my arms above my head. I laid there underneath him and looked up into his deep blue eyes. I was at his mercy and made no attempt to resist. 

He pressed his nose to mine and looked back into my eyes. He was smiling wildly and I could tell what he wanted to do just by the look on his face. His eyes burned like blue fire and pierced right through me. I melted into the bed like wax under a flame. He kissed my lips, then my chin, then my neck. Further and further south he went; until my toes started to curl and short gasps escaped from my lips. 


I woke up the next morning with my head resting on Bjorn's chest. His stomach was rising and falling in a steady rhythm. I looked up at his sleeping face and partially agape lips; they complimented his dreamlike state. I was overcome with emotions of happiness. I have to reiterate the fact that I am obviously the luckiest boy on earth. Bjorn is just so amazing and I can't imagine ever being happier than I am in this moment. 

It was still early in the morning so I think I'm going to rest some more. I stretched my neck out and kissed the corner of his lips before nestling back into his body. I was starting to fall asleep when I felt him shift a bit. 

I looked back up at him and into his sleepy eyes. 

"Good morning beautiful," he whispered in a hoarse and sleepy grumble. 

He had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was sticking up all over the place. His eyelids strained to keep themselves opened as he spoke. 

"Scoot up here, so I can hold you." 

I did as I was told and scooted up beside him. He rolled on his side and latched his body onto mine. Within seconds he was asleep again. I couldn't help but smile as I felt his soft breathing on my neck and his "morning wood" poking my back. 


When I woke up, I felt his soft lips planting themselves all over the back of my neck. I wiggled and squirmed as he tickled me with his morning kisses. He wouldn't let me pull away but I was able to flip myself over in place so that I can face him. We were still held in a tight embrace and Bjorn's natural phenomena was still prominently sticking out and poking my belly . What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't help him out with this predicament? As I kissed his chest, my lips moved farther and farther south until I disappeared under the blanket. 


Looking from the outside in, I'm sure someone would take offense to this. I'm sure many adults would relish in the opportunity to tell us we were not allowed to do these things. I know there are people out there who even condemn us for it. However, whenever I feel his skin make contact with mine, or his breath on my neck, or even his fingers tracing along my body; I'm reminded of the own little world we've created. 

We created this world for ourselves. When we are in each other's beds, the rest of the world doesn't seem to even exist. We're free; free to cuddle, free to kiss, free to love in any way we see fit. His body becomes mine to pleasure and mine becomes his. As long as we are hidden away in this little world of ours, we are free. 

Once I was finished "helping him out" I kept my face buried into his stomach and just laid there for awhile. Eventually, we both got up to pee after all the fun of last night and this morning too. Now it was time to find something to do today. 

We sat on his bed, crossed legged and opposite of each other. It was time to hash out a plan. 

"Okay, I don't want to sit inside all day today, we gotta figure something out," he said. 

"Agreed, but what do you have in mind?” 

"Well... there's always the beach." 

"Yeah but the last time I went there my shorts got taken by the waves. The time before that, I nearly got beaten up and you got into a fight. And then there's the time before that when I got hit in the face with that football. Overall I gotta say the beach hasn't been great to me," I said with some conviction. 

"If you think about it, that ball might be the reason we're dating. That fight was also the reason you came out to me. And last but not least, the whole shorts thing was just plain funny. I think the beach has been great to us," Bjorn said convincingly.

"Fine... maybe it's not all bad. If you take me to the beach today then I get to pick where we go tomorrow, deal?" 

"Deal," He said with a smile. 

Here we go, another day at the beach. I had to borrow a pair of boardshorts from Bjorn since mine were in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. He took the liberty of tying the drawstrings for me. I felt like a little kid having his parent tie his shoes for him, but he seemed to be enjoying it. 

After we were dressed in the proper attire, we grabbed some essentials such as sunblock and a beach towel. Bjorn said he'd prefer not to surf today, he'd rather just swim. This was fine with me; I'm happy as long as I'm with him.

We headed out the front door and embraced the summer sun once again. Bjorn was wearing a tank top that showed off his toned shoulders and arms. I was wearing one of his tank tops too but I don't think it looked as good on me as it did on him. 

We walked down the sidewalk and soaked in every bit of the sunshine. The birds were out and chirping in the cool breeze of the morning. It must have been no later than 9 am. Everything around us was so calm. The few cars that drove by seemed to produce no noise. No one decided to mow their lawns this morning either so the air wasn't polluted with the sounds of humming motors. Everything seemed to coexist peacefully today; maybe it's just a byproduct of my mood and not actually reality. But either way, I was happy. 

We made it to the beach and found our usual spot in the sand. Bjorn laid out the towel and set down the bottle of sunblock. There was a few people in the water and even fewer on the beach around us. 

There was however, two people on a towel no more than thirty feet from us. 

I paid the two no mind but Bjorn kept sneaking glances in their direction. 

I took my seat on the towel and dug my feet into the sand. I enjoyed the feeling of the warm sand passing through my toes. 

Bjorn sat down and did the same as I did, but he still kept looking over at the other two people to our left. I nudged his arm gently and got his attention.

"Who are they babe?" 

At first he seemed confused but I guess he realized that I had caught him staring. 

"Oh uh, I think it's someone I used to know." 

We both glanced over at the two people. They were both boys, older than us, maybe 16 or so. 

"The one closest to us, I think that's Simon," he said as he squinted and struggled to get a better look. 

"How do you know him?" 

"When I was a 6th grader he was in 8th grade. We sat together at lunch sometimes. Everyone thought he was gay and I think he sat with me because he figured a 6th grader would be too afraid to make fun of an older kid." 

The two boys looked happy. They were both smiling and laughing with each other. It was hard to see but I think they were sharing a lot of physical contact too.

"Maybe... maybe that's his boyfriend." Bjorn seemed to be thinking out loud. 

"I wouldn't doubt it; they seem to be very close,” I responded. 

Bjorn grabbed my hand, stood up, and pulled me to my feet. 

"Come on, let's ask," he said confidently. 

"What? No babe I don't think that's appropriate!" 

He wasn't paying any attention to my objections, he just dragged me along until we reached the other two boys. 

"Hey Simon!" Bjorn exclaimed suddenly. 

Both boys broke their eye contact with each other and stared up at Bjorn. 

Simon squinted a bit and looked at us curiously before his face seemed to light up. 

"Bjorn? Is that you? Well well well, look who hit puberty," he said with a large white smile. 

He glanced over at me, then his eyes trailed between us where our hands were. Bjorn was still gripping my hand tightly and Simon noticed. 

"And is this little cutie your boyfriend?" Simon said with a snicker. 

I blushed a bit and looked away but made no attempt to pull my hand away from Bjorn.

Simon was pretty attractive I have to admit. Him and the other boy both had prominent features: dark hair, brown eyes, and six packs that were visible even as they sat down. They looked like teenage Instagram models and I found myself a little flustered just looking at them; especially since there was a good chance they're also gay.  

"Yep, this is Keaton and he's all mine," Bjorn responded pridefully. 

"And is this your boyfriend too?" Bjorn asked as he gestured towards the other boy. 

"Yep. This is Grayson," Simon responded.

Me and Grayson made eye contact for a moment. We had a connection now; we were just "the boyfriends" since our boyfriends were the only ones that knew each other. 

It's kind of awkward just standing behind Bjorn and not being involved in the conversation like he is. I guess Simon understood this because he offered us a seat on his towel and seemed to point the conversation my way. 

"So Keaton, how did you snatch up this boy?" Simon asked.

My mind drifted to our first time meeting and I tried to find the best way to explain it. 

"His friend hit me in the face with a ball and he was my nurse." I giggled at my own response but I felt as though that really was the best way to put it.

Simon and Grayson both laughed. Simon looked over at Bjorn and asked him for confirmation.

"Is that true?" 

"Well... yeah pretty much.  Despite all the slight bruising and swelling, he had really pretty eyes and I just couldn't help it,” he replied.

Both of them cooed in unison at his response. 

"Aww aren't you sweet," Simon said. 

"Well me and Grayson met in class. He gave me a pencil, and I accidently chewed on the end of it subconsciously. When I apologized and gave it back to him, he just put his mouth on the same end and chewed on it while making eye contact with me. I asked for it back and used that same pencil to write my number down for him." 

Me and Bjorn both giggled. I guess everyone meets in their own weird way. Their story sounded a bit more romantic and bold compared to ours but I wouldn't trade mine for anything. 

"So, how ya been Bjorn? Enjoying 8th grade?" Simon asked. 

"Yeah it's good. So much better with  Keaton around," he said as he nudged my shoulder with his. 

"How about you? And high school, how's that going?

"Ah it's great. Middle school is tough for people like us. In high school... well most people just stop giving a shit," Simon said. 

It was relieving to hear that high school was a somewhat friendly place for him and us in the future. At the same time, it was scary to to think that 8th grade may not be so good to us this year. 

Grayson leaned over and whispered something in Simon's ear. Simon nodded in response and then turned back to look at us. 

"We're about to leave but do you two want to hangout sometime? Maybe go on a double date?" 

It seemed a bit odd for older boys to want to hang out with us like this. But I guess him and Bjorn were friends. Also, it's probably not everyday you get the chance to double date with another gay couple.

Me and Bjorn looked at each other for reassurance. I nodded my head in agreement and he smiled in return. 

"Sure! Maybe tonight if you two are available,” Bjorn exclaimed. 

We all ended up agreeing to tonight for dinner. It sounded like a good plan to me. 

"Before you guys leave, do you want to maybe swim with us for a bit? I bet the water feels great today,” Bjorn asked. 

The two older boys seemed to like the idea and nodded in agreement.

Me and Bjorn both shed our tank tops and laid them on their towel. They gave us approving looks and smiles once we joined them in their shirtless state. 

The four of us made our way towards the water until the soft sugar sand turned into a watery mush of ocean water and eroded minerals. Each of us held onto our partner's hand as our feet crashed against the incoming waves. The cool water surrounded our ankles and our knees soon after. 

I thought it was a romantic moment; holding Bjorn's hand as we both walked calmly into the sea. At least it was before Bjorn wrapped his arms around me, picked me up and tossed me into the water. 

When I resurfaced and found the faces of three giggling teenage boys, I knew I needed to get revenge. 

I gave him my best and most convincing smile as I crept my way forward. 

"Babe... come here for just one second," I said convincingly through my smile. 

He backed away slowly as I crept forward. He could see the vengefulness in my eyes as I neared him. 

"Keaton, calm down. There's no reason to start something." 

Once I got within three feet of him I leapt out of the water and latched onto him. There was nothing to grab onto but his board shorts; which just so happened to be my target. 

I pulled down hard as I could as I fell forward into the water. I felt his shorts give way and come down with me. 

Satisfied and excited by my swift act of justice, I raised my head out of the water to catch a glimpse of his expression. 

He was forced to bend over quickly to try and recapture his shorts. This gave Simon and Grayson a front row seat to his now exposed bare bottom. 

They both exchanged looks and giggled at his predicament. 

Bjorn was red-faced as he scrambled to pull his shorts back up. 

As he secured the drawstring and gave the waistband a tug to make sure it was tight, he looked down at my face with daggers in his eyes. 

His face softened from anger to embarrassment as he heard the other two boys laughing behind him. When he turned around, he got a good look at the giggling teens who were still enjoying the scene that had unfolded in front of them. 

"Ah don't look so embarrassed Bjorn. That's a cute bottom you've got there; Keaton is a lucky boy," Simon said in-between fits of laughter. 

I crawled towards him in a squatting position so that only my head was sticking out of the waist-deep water. 

"It is cute you know? Don't be angry babe, now we're even," I said to him in my sweetest voice. 

I didn't want to risk Bjorn trying to get revenge on me and make this whole situation worse. 

He turned around to find my head at his waist, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes and a not-so-innocent smile. 

He smiled back; it was a mischievous grin that hid his true intentions. 

He squatted down and sunk into the water until we were level and our faces were almost touching.

"Fine, I won't get you back now, but you're gonna pay later," he whispered before kissing my nose and then drifting away on his back. 

The four of us waded in the water for a bit. Occasionally, Bjorn would shoot me some provocative looks and brush his hand against me under the water. 

Simon and Grayson were a lot less subtle. They constantly grabbed at each other, slid their hands across the other's body, kissed and even groped each other a little bit. It was sort of mesmerizing to watch. 

Two boys, both equally hot, wrestling with each other's wet and shirtless bodies. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. 

Bjorn must of noticed this because I felt his finger hook into the back of my waistband and pull me back into his chest. 

I sat in his lap while his hands slid over my body under the cool Pacific waters. 

"You think they're hot, don't you?" he whispered into my ear. 

"Well... y-yeah... don't you?" I replied nervously. 

I had to be honest with him. They were both unbelievably sexy to look at. Every one of their muscles would flex with each small movement. Their bodies just seemed to flow together as they pushed and pulled against each other. It was almost like a dance between the two of them. They were completely entranced in each other and didn't even seem to notice our existence. Grayson climbed into Simon's lap and wrapped his arms around his head. They were both smiling wildly; completely lost in the eyes of their partner, they were in their own world. 

Anyone would envy these two. The love and passion they shared was on full display to anyone who was around. They didn't care who saw them though, they only cared about each other.

"Yeah, they are pretty hot. But they're nothing compared to you,” he whispered in my ear. 

I turned around and climbed back into his lap in the same way Grayson did to Simon. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck in a similar fashion and leaned forward to meet his lips. 

"No one on earth can compare to you, love," I whispered back. 

We spent a few minutes just sitting in the water. Small and gentle waves would come and go, picking us up and gently putting us back down. A few of the kisses we shared were interrupted by the small splashing of ocean water that occasionally got in our mouths. We didn't care though, we just kept at it. 

In fact, we didn't even notice when Simon and Grayson left. I guess we were just following their example and getting lost in our own little world. 

Eventually, we pulled ourselves apart from one another and made our way back to the beach. Since we forgot to put the sunblock on earlier, it's best to get out now before we both start to crisp up. 

We held hands the entire way to our towel. A few people stopped and stared at us. There was even a few kids who pointed and giggled in our direction but we paid them no mind. I guess Simon and Grayson both rubbed off on us in a good way. Seeing them so affectionate in public gave us a newfound confidence in our own P.D.A. 

"Simon will probably text me later babe, then tell us the plans," Bjorn said nonchalantly.

"But for now... I should really get you home," he said as he kissed my neck. 

It wasn't hard to realize what his intentions were. All the kissing and grinding in the ocean made me a bit horny too. We took one look at each other and knew exactly what we wanted. 

"After you, lover boy," I said with a devilish grin. 

His eyes seemed to light up with my agreement. I know how much it excited him when I shared his enthusiasm in things of this nature. 

After grabbing our things, we practically chased each other back to his house. Occasionally, we'd pinch each other's butt or grab the other's crotch just to tease them. It was all preparation for the main event. 

When we reached his house we had to hide our excitement as we passed his dad.

We walked in a hurried pace right past him with faces of stone. We finally reached his room and as soon as the door clicked behind me, he was all over me. 

I was pressed against the door and then soon after being carried to the bed. 

We kissed and giggled uncontrollably; his dad must of heard us by now. 

I put my finger to his lips to quiet him. He only accepted this as a challenge however because he then slipped my finger into his mouth. 

I was frozen with anticipation as he gently sucked it from tip to knuckle. His hands were busy undoing my drawstring and slipping my board shorts off the entire time. He kissed my palm gently and looked back into my eyes with his. 

Soon his eyes disappeared along with the rest of his head. My eyes were shut tightly but I couldn't keep my mouth closed. Little noises just managed to escape my lips every time. My stomach twitched a bit when his lips pressed against my navel. He chuckled at the response and kissed all along my abdomen. Soon, I was melting into the bed once again, lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Being inside him was always such a surreal feeling, I doubt it will ever get old. Even if it was just his mouth, it was still bliss. And who knows, maybe I'll get to be inside him in a different way soon enough. 

We interlocked our fingers and held hands the entire time. It was the only thing that kept me from running my hands through his hair and involuntarily pushing his head further down. Not to say he didn't enjoy that, but I had to pretend I had some self-control. 

"Bjorn... stop... let me do you too,” I moaned. 

If I didn't say anything, he'd never stop. 

In truth though, he still didn't stop. He deserved to have a turn and feel the same pleasure as me but he just kept going at it. This made me feel a bit guilty. Even more so than that, it made me feel a bit insecure. Maybe I don't do it right, maybe Bjorn doesn't like it as much when I do it. 

"Babe... come on... let me do it." 

Bjorn pulled his mouth off for just a moment to look up at my face. 

"Why babe? Just relax and let me do it." 

He went back to sucking and ignored my request. 

I sighed deeply and laid my head back down. I was a bit annoyed that Bjorn wouldn't let me do it too. On top of that I guess I just felt vulnerable in the sense that I couldn't please him the same way. 

He must of noticed that I wasn't moaning anymore. In fact, I was struggling just to stay hard. He pulled off and crawled up beside me. 

"What's wrong Keaty?" 

"Nothing, I'm fine," I said with a sigh. 

I rolled over onto my side so that my back was turned to him. It was a clear indicator that I was upset. I had no desire to fight, but I also had no desire to pretend either. Maybe I was acting childish, but it was the only thing I felt like doing. 

"You're not fine, tell me what's up. Did I... was I doing it wrong?" 

"No. You were great... just tired," I sighed. 

This was another lie of course. I wasn't lying about him being great at it, but I wasn't really tired. 

"Keaton... why are you lying to me?" he whined.

"I'm tired. Let me sleep." 

I'm really being a jerk now. I don't know why, but I can't stop myself from acting like this. Whenever I'm annoyed, even for the smallest reasons, I can't bring myself to do anything but pout. I know I'm going to have to be the one apologizing when this is all over; I just can't do it now. 

I felt him shift and get off the bed. He came around to my side and laid a pillow on the floor. 

"Oh come on Bjorn not this again. You can sleep in the same bed as me, it's your bed anyways," I growled at him. 

"I know I can. But you weren't letting me see your face. It's a bit uncomfortable down here but at least I can look at you." He said with a soft smile.

God damn it... he did it again.  

I wanted to pout and be angry but how could I? He made me smile and made my heart melt like no one else could. 

"Get up here... please."

Bjorn hopped back into the bed and threw his arm over me. 

"As you wish my prince. Now what do you want me to do?" he whispered into my ear. 

"Tell me why you don't want me to... you know... suck you," I asked weakly. It was best just to get it all out now. 

"What? What do you... oh... I see. Keaton, I wasn't saying I don't want you to, I just wanted to take care of you first."

"Yeah I get that. But you've only asked me to do it like twice. If I'm not doing it right then I hope you'll tell me. I know I'm not great at it-" 

Bjorn cut me off before I could say another word. 

"You ARE great at it though. I love it. The reason I don't ask you to do it more is because... well..."

"Well what?" I chimed in. 

"I don't want you to think you have to. I mean I just want to make you happy; you don't have to do anything if you don't want to." 

I rolled over so I could face him. 

"That's stupid. I want to make you happy just as much as you do. And we're boyfriends now so... we like... share our bodies right? I mean you can do whatever you want with mine, I can do what I want with yours. If one of us doesn't like something all we have to do is say it. I already know I don't have to do anything, I only ask when I want to." 

When I finished my little rant, Bjorn just stared at me for a moment. He crinkled his nose as he contemplated my words. 

"So... we just do whatever we want with each other unless the other one says no?" 


"Okay that's fair." 

"Actually there's something I wanted to ask," I said quietly.

"What is it?" 

"Next time we do it, can I be the one... you know... pitching?” 



"I'm just kidding dork, of course you can do it. I was actually gonna ask you the same thing soon." 

We both giggled and kissed again. I'm not sure what the result of that conversation was; I think all we did was reaffirm the obvious. But at least we agreed to change things up next time we do it. 

Bjorn's phone vibrated on the nightstand closest to us. It was Simon sending him a text. At first 6:30 pm he would come pick us all up. Bjorn told him where to go since he hasn't been here before and then the date was all set. 

"Well? We got awhile until 6:30... you wanna give it a try?" Bjorn mumbled. 

I was a bit surprised this was coming up so soon. I had prepared to maybe do this in the next couple days but I guess there's no better time than now.

"Uhh... yeah... sure... do you want to shower first?" I responded in a slight panic. 

"Yeah I will, be back soon love,” he said before heading out of the room. 

I was still panicking a bit after he left. I was about to have sex again, but this time I'm gonna be the one on top. Well maybe not the one physically on top, but still. I don't know what I'm doing in the slightest. I just learned how to be a jar and now I've got to be a pickle. 

I guess the concern was still on my face when Bjorn returned. 

"You alright Keaty?" 

"Yeah... I'm fine, just nervous," I said in a hushed voice. 

"It's not really hard. I mean you're a little bit smaller than me so it shouldn't really hurt." 

"It's not small!" 

"I know, it's perfect. Now come here." 

Bjorn crawled into bed and pulled me on top of him. We spent a few minutes grinding our bodies against each other to heat things up. 

Only seconds later and we were both hot and very bothered. 

"What position do you want me in?" Bjorn asked through heated breaths. 

I wasn't exactly sure we've really only done one position before; maybe it's time to try a new one. 

"Uh... the one where you're on your hands and knees would be nice," I said nervously. 


We both giggled at the name.

"Yeah that one... please." 

He did as I asked and got in the position. The reason I wanted to try this position was mostly for the view. I'm not ashamed to admit the Bjorn has the better butt. It's just so... It's just so perfect. 

When he arched his back and pushed his body back into mine, I nearly fainted. 

I grabbed the bottle of lube as quickly as I could. Bjorn must have been right about my size, I slipped in pretty easily. I was afraid it was too quick and bent over to make sure he was okay; he just smiled and said to keep going. I really hope I'm not too small for this sort of thing. 

I have to say it was a weird feeling being inside someone. It wasn't as sensational as I imagined it to be. I expected it to be even warmer and maybe softer but there wasn't nearly as much feeling as one would expect. I think it makes up for it when you look down and see yourself inside of your partner. The connection you get is unlike anything else I could imagine. 

I didn't have to be as gentle with him like he was with me. He could handle my size pretty well and encouraged me to go faster and harder. I definitely enjoyed it when Bjorn was in control; but this feeling of masculinity that I got when I was on top made me feel strong and empowered. Maybe we can switch positions like this every once in awhile; I think I enjoy both sides of the coin. 

He asked if we could switch positions so he could see my face. I assumed he wanted to go back into missionary but instead he pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist. 

It took some fiddling around to line it up right but eventually Bjorn had me back inside of him. 

He tried moving up and down but I was just sliding out of him too much. He then decided to do something a bit different. He rocked his hips back and forth across my body. It almost felt like I was watching him belly dance on top of me. It was mesmerizing just watching him move his body like that. 

"That's just... wow," I moaned. 

I wasn't sure what was better, the feeling or watching the way his body moved.

I guess today was the day to try everything we could. Soon Bjorn was inside of me again like last night; only this time, we were trying new positions. 

Anything we had seen in porn before, we tried. Cowgirl, or should I say, cowboy. Reverse cowboy. Doggystyle. Missionary. Mastery. Crab. I didn't know most of these by name, I just knew I had seen them and was eager to try them. 

We both took turns being the pitcher and the catcher today. By the end of it all, we were so spent and exhausted that we had to cancel our date with Simon and Grayson. We told them that I didn't feel well and we would have to do it another time. They probably would have believed the lie if Bjorn wasn't still panting the entire time. 

We laid there in a bed of our own sweat for a while just cuddling each other. We were both hot and sticky and needed to shower but I also needed to head home before it got too late. 

"Today was... amazing," I said while still catching my breath.

"Yeah. We really got to try a lot of... stuff," Bjorn responded with a big goofy grin on his face. 

When I finally got dressed, Bjorn offered to see me out. His dad gave us both an awkward glance when he saw us enter the living room. I don't think there could be any suspicion of what we did by now. The fact that I had a slight limp and Bjorn was chugging a bottle of water probably proved any possible assumption that we were having sex all day long. Luckily, he didn't mention anything to us. 

When I walked out the front door of his house, the sun was just starting to go down. The cool breeze was a welcome breath of fresh air. Bjorn kissed me on the cheek as he said his goodbyes; after that, I made my small trek across the street. 

Today was a weird day. It was a fun day, but weird still. We tried a lot of new things today; some of them were amazing, some were just awkward or uncomfortable. It felt like more of a game then "making love." 

I guess we were just testing the waters and trying to find out what makes the other one tick. Truthfully, I prefer the intimacy of yesterday more than what we did today. Today, well, it felt more like we both just blew off a lot of steam. 

The next day was Sunday; a very, very boring Sunday. Bjorn was gone with his dad most of the day and I was stuck at home going over the first homework assignments. Yes, some teachers gave homework on the first day. 

Tomorrow will be my second day at school and the start of my first full week. I had to make up any work I missed on Friday too, so I was in the hole from the beginning. 

To make matters worse, I had that dream again. Fortunately, I didn't end up on the floor screaming like I did before. However, it definitely made me a grumpy mess come Monday morning. 

I chose once again to keep this fact from Bjorn. I didn't want him to overreact or think there's something wrong with me. Instead, I just sucked down my coffee, grabbed my bag and went outside to embrace the morning air. 

He met me outside my house and once again he insisted on carrying my bag. I didn't resist at all this time, mostly because I was too tired to think. I only started to liven up when he began a conversation. 

"The bags under your eyes are pretty cute." 


"The dark circles under your eyes. Most people think they're ugly but you look pretty cute still," he said with a completely serious tone. 

I couldn't help but smile now. 

"Normally I'm the one who looks like a zombie in the morning. Are you feeling okay?" he asked with concern in his voice. 

I grabbed his hand and leaned on his shoulder as we walked. 

"I'm perfectly fine now babe," I whispered. 

We walked hand in hand until the bus stop was just around the corner.

This was the moment of truth. Do we keep holding hands or let go before they see us? I looked to Bjorn for reassurance, he gripped my hand tightly in response. I guess that answered my question. 

We approached the group of kids; Michael was there, the group of girls from before and a 6th grade boy as well. 

We might as well have been standing on a stage in front of the entire school with the way I felt. All eyes were on us, the two gay boys holding hands. 

The girls seemed the most shocked. I swear Grace's jaw was on the floor when we approached. The 6th grader just kept staring us then looked away with embarrassment. Michael on the other hand, looked up from his phone, smiled, then looked back down. His response was probably the most reassuring. He didn't care all that much, he probably already knew from the first day we met. 

We greeted Michael and leaned up against the transformer that he was sitting on. The girls all huddled together like football players and discussed the news of our impromptu coming out party. 

Eventually Grace came up to us and gave her two cents. 

"Hey Bjorn! Hi Keaton!" 

We both offered a quiet "hey" in return.

"I just wanted to say... you both look really cute together." 

I blushed and looked down at the ground but Bjorn couldn't resist this opportunity. 

"Damn right we do! But you don't have to spare my feelings, we both know it's because of Keaton," he exclaimed. 

I just looked down at the ground and pinched the bridge of my nose while mumbling under my breath. 

"You're so... damn... embarrassing," I mumbled. 

Everyone that heard him laughed a bit, I tried not to but I still had a big dumb grin on my face. 

Homeroom was kind of similar to the morning. We held hands occasionally. Bjorn even kissed my cheek when the teacher looked away. Some of the girls giggled and nodded approvingly. Most of the boys just looked away. Some of them would stare with wonder or maybe even envy; some of them acted like it was the grossest thing they've ever seen. The class was a mixed bag of reactions but overall I'd have to say it was going good. 

The only reaction that seemed to be the most unsettling was this one boy who occasionally looked back at us. When he would stare, he'd do so with a blank, emotionless expression. 

I didn't know his name, but he was definitely a scary kid. He sported a black T-shirt, black jeans, a thick chain and had long black hair. He was taller and bigger than everyone in the class and had a scraggly, ugly neckbeard. He looked like the early bloomer kid who tries to be the toughest one in class for whatever reason. I guess this made it all the more unsettling to see him staring at me. 

Luckily the class was soon over and me and Bjorn could escape. When we made into the halls I whispered into his ear. 

"Who was the big guy with the black hair in that class." 

"Hmm... oh you mean Ryan? The emo one with the facial hair? I don't know him too well. He's just a quiet kid really." 

It was hard imagining Ryan as a "kid" considering the fact that he looked like he drove himself to school. 

"Oh okay," I responded quietly.

School was pretty boring so far without Bjorn. When I finally saw him at lunch, I was elated. I was less excited though when he asked if I'd sit with his friends at lunch. We'd be surrounded by a bunch of boys who might not like us with this new information out and about. Word was spreading fast about me and Bjorn, I was getting plenty of odd glances in the halls already. 

When we sat down at the table I noticed Chris, but he was the only recognizable one there. The other boys were apparently Bjorn's friends but I hadn't met them yet. I looked down at my tray of food and avoided most of their gazes the best that I could. At one point though, everyone at the table became quiet when the boy across from us, named Julio, spoke up.

"So uhh... Bjorn. Some people were gossiping about you today." 

"Oh yeah? What'd they say?" Bjorn asked with a stone-faced expression. 

"They said you were kissing a dude in homeroom," Julio said while still stuffing his face with food. 

Oh god, here it comes.

"Oh yeah, that. He’s my boyfriend," Bjorn said as he nodded towards me. 

"Oh I see," Julio said quietly after swallowing a mouthful of rice.

He looked over at me for a moment and then back at Bjorn. 

"You're cheating,” Julio said in a serious tone.

"What? How am I cheating?" 

"We had a bet last year to see who would get laid first. You got a boyfriend; that's cheating,” Julio fired back. 

"How is that cheating!?" Bjorn retorted. 

"Because all boys want to have sex! It's harder to win if you're trying with girls!" 

This was by far the oddest conversation I've ever heard before. I had no clue it would go in this direction. 

"Well I think it counts! And since it counts... well... I've already won!" Bjorn said with a proud smile.

Now I was truly embarrassed. 

"Bjorn! Shut up!" I exclaimed as I pinched his arm. 

"Ow! What's wrong with that babe? You're a part of my success!" 

I gave him the stink eyes, the evil twin of my puppy dog eyes. He could tell I was unimpressed with his victory and the subject of this conversation. 

He turned back to Julio and decided to give in. 

"Fine, go ahead, disqualify me. But we all know who the true champion is." 

"Yeah uh huh, sure. Hey Keaton, you're kind of quiet. Am I being too annoying? Or did Bjorn pay you to say you're his boyfriend?" Julio said with a chuckle. 

I offered a weak smile to his joke. 

"Nope, neither, just surprised. That's all." 

"Surprised? At what?" 

"That you didn't make fun of us for being... you know... together," I said nervously.

"Oh yeah I see. My older brother fucks dudes too. He also fucks girls. Hell, he fucks anything that walks!" The table erupted in laughter at Julio's comments.

"Listen bro, most guys don't care if you're into dudes. Just don't grab someone's dick unless they ask you to and you'll be fine in this school. Last year, a kid got suspended 10 days just for saying the word faggot. I doubt anyone will give you hate here," Julio said sincerely. 

Maybe he's right. It's obvious not everyone is going to like us for who we are. But perhaps there's enough accepting people here to drown out the hate. If enough kids accepted it, then it would be uncool or frowned upon whenever the bullies spoke up. Maybe this won't be so bad afterall. 

Lunch was pretty normal after that. We all ate lunch and laughed as a group until it was time to go to class. 

Info tech was boring but at least it was easy. Now it's time for science... the dreaded science class. Another day of sitting with David, wooh.

I think I'll try to stall the inevitable by going to the bathroom first. 

There wasn't anyone in the boys bathroom when I came in so I just picked the urinal to do my business. 

Right after I started to pee, another person came in. They wasted no time in moving to the urinal next to mine. It was a large figure wearing black. I couldn't help but glance over and see the person in more detail. It was the kid from earlier, Ryan. 

This is an odd coincidence. Of all the people, it's weird that he'd show up like this. I hope he didn't follow me here. 

I immediately looked forward and stared at the wall. I wanted to ignore him but then he started speaking to me. 

"Hey, you're Keaton right?" He said in an almost smug kind of tone. 

"Uh yeah... that's me." 

"I heard you're with Bjorn, you're lucky, he's cute." 

We both finished, zipped up and headed for the sinks. 

"Yeah, thanks... I guess." 

"No problem. I guess he's lucky too. You're pretty cute yourself." 

I was really starting to feel uncomfortable now but I didn't want to seem rude.

"Thank you... uh... Ryan right?" I responded in a flat tone. 

"Yeah that's me, hey man, I actually wanted to ask you something." 

"What is it?"

Ryan looked at the door quickly. He then grabbed me by the arm, pulled me into the stall and slammed it shut. 

"I wanted to know if you could do me a favor. Don't worry, we'll both enjoy it,” he said with an evil grin.

He unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to his ankles. There was a large tent in his boxers. 

I was truly terrified now. I needed to get out of this situation but he was still blocking the stall door.

"No! I mean... I'm sorry, I can't do this. Can you please let me out!?" I cried out.

"Come on Keaton, we're just gonna mess around a bit. I'm not going to hurt you, we both know you like dick so what's the issue?" 

"I don't! I mean... I'm with Bjorn and-" 

"So!? Bjorn would probably suck me off if he was here too. It's not like you're boyfriend and girlfriend, we both know what you two like." 

This asshole thinks I want him just because I'm gay. He thinks me and Bjorn are just sex fiends and not actually in a relationship! I need to get out of here fast. 

I tried pushing against his arm but he wasn't budging. He placed a hand on my neck and forced me to my knees. I started to cry profusely at this point. He let his boner spring from his boxers and rubbed it on my face. 

"Stop the crying Keaton, we both know you want to suck it. I promise I won't tell anyone, just do it." 

It was when I started yelling for help that he started hitting me. He punched me in the face and tried forcing his way into my mouth. If I screamed, he'd stick it in my mouth. If I closed my mouth I couldn't scream for help. If I let him stick it in but then bit down on him, he'd beat me senseless. There was no way out of this dilemma. 

In my mind I screamed for Bjorn. I wanted him to come rescue me once again. I prayed over and over again that someone heard me. 

He held my face firmly in place with both hands as he placed the tip on my lips. This was it, I had to give in or else it would only get worse.

I'm sorry Bjorn, I'm sorry. 

The next thing I felt was someone grab my ankles from under the stall and pull me out. I was so scared that I just covered my head and got into the fetal position. I heard the stall door open and then a shuffling of feet. It was followed by large banging sounds and a bunch of voices yelling. I opened my eyes slightly to try and figure out what happened. Three boys came into the bathroom and all of them were jumping Ryan. 

After minute had passed, it all grew quiet. One of the boys came out of the stall and knelt down close to me. 

I looked up at him. I expected Bjorn's beautiful blue eyes to be staring back at me. But they weren't Bjorn's blue eyes... they were brown. These eyes belonged to someone else I knew.

They belonged to David.